First Kill (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

First Severing

Our love story could be kind of gory ♪
Far from boring ♪
We'd meet at a post-apocalypse ♪
Yeah, I'd be slowly walking in a group
Stalking you ♪
You'd be the only one alive ♪
That I could not resist ♪
Then all of your friends
They'd try to kill us ♪
But only because they'd be jealous ♪
That our love is deeper
Than Edward and Bella's ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart, yeah ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart
'Cause I want you ♪
Maybe I'm wrong but maybe I'm right
I guess we'll see ♪
Humankind is connected
by a series of intimate experiences
that knit us together.

Nurture these connections
and they become the ties that bind us,
makeus whole.

But is it possible to honor these ties
thatbind and also befree from them?
I'll be the last woman standing ♪
Noah Harrington
was a star athlete at Lancaster Academy.

But last week,
he was brutally murdered here.

And sources close
to the investigation say,
"What happened in these hallways
was, by all accounts, unnatural.
Do not say a word in this meeting.

I'll do the talking.

Sit and look contrite
because you're contrite, yes?
- Very.

- Okay, be more contrite.

Sooner we get this over with,
sooner we'll be done with this school.

What? It's middle of the semester.

And your semester's over.

We're leaving Savannah.

Before you ask why,
I can list 1000 reasons,
but the only one that matters
is because I said so.

Don't you think it'll look suspicious
if I leave after Noah's death?
No, that's why we're gonna wait
a few weeks.

Your little fling
with that vampire is absolutely over.

You so much as mention her name,
I'll take you both out myself.


- What are you doing here?
- I assume we're about to find out.

Good morning, everyone.

Detectives, this way please.




Have a seat.

This angle shows Ms.
and Ms.
Burns in the hallway moments
before Mr.
Harrington was murdered.

Are you assuming
my daughter did something?

I don't even know what I'm looking at.

Is that better?
We have questions.

Well, Juliette won't be answering
any of them until her father is present.

- Sure you know him.

- Ms.
No one is under arrest.

Why am I feeling interrogated?
We wanna know
if anyone saw or heard anything useful.

You have no idea who killed that boy.

What we know is Noah Harrington's spine
was ripped from his body.
And your girls
Based on this footage,
you obviously have no idea.

What is this, amateur hour?
What is your badge number?


I heard screams.

I thought I could help.

When I got there, it was too late.

And you, Calliope?
What did you see or hear in that hallway?

Because I wasn't there.

- Mouth shut.

- Not a word.

No way they believe
we had something to do
What part of "mouth shut" was unclear?
And just in case you need to be reminded,
you are not to speak another word,
share another glance, take another breath
in the direction of Juliette.
You hear me?
I tried to let Noah in,
but Mr.
Porter stopped me
and now he's dead.

I didn't even get to say goodbye.

- You dropped your ring.

- Thanks.

Wait in the car.

You too, Juliette.

- I'm done.

- As am I.

Why can't you keep your child
away from mine?
- Young love's a powerful thing.

- Calliope's not in love.

- She's hooked like some kind of junkie.

- Talia.

You're right.

We have issues.

Family issues.

Until our families can come
to an agreement we can live or die with
Yeah, agreed.

- Any suggestions for a location? Hmm.

- My husband's office.

Public enough to be safe,
private enough to
Prevent everyone
from knowing their DA's a bloodsucker.

- Sure.

- Mm-hm.

Shall we say 1:00? And be a dear
and leave those nasty spear guns at home.

Keep your fangs in your mouth,
we won't have a problem.


We will always have a problem.

I remember what it was like.

Afraid to leave our homes,
- then we got rid of them and
- Yo, Theo, you seeing this?
These soccer moms are starting
their own monster hunting crew.

What are they gonna do when they meet up
with a zombie? Make it a meatloaf?
Plus, this makes me look bad to the Guild.

How am I gonna get promoted
if I can't do what I came to do?
- Not everything is about you, bro.

- Agree to disagree.

Dad said Cook's missing, but the Guild
doesn't want us to look for him.

- Good.
That guy was a dick.

- They don't trust us anymore, Apollo.

We lost Uncle Mike and Aunt Sarah.

We haven't done right by them.
Or Tess.

- As long as Legacies are stan
- As long as they're standing,
we need to move smart, not fast.

Thanks to that vampire,
- your sister is now a murder suspect.

- That's not true.

- Cal, sit.

- Murder, huh? Wow.

I'm gonna shut up and listen.

I've tried everything to convince you
to stay away from that vamp.

I've forbidden you from seeing her.

I've explained the dangers to our family,
but you still won't stay away from her,
which leads me to believe that you can't.

Mom, I will.

Just don't make me move again.

Everything out of your mouth
just proves my point.

Thank God your father's back.

Time for a severing.

We need to do it as a family.

The mayor and I
are taking all necessary steps
to ensure the safety of our citizens.

I would just ask that people
not make matters worse by panicking.

- I'll take a few questions.

- Sir.

Are you going to reopen
the Ashley Stanton case
to look for connections
to Noah Harrington's murder?
I'm not.
No reason
to believe Ashley Stanton's death
was anything but a horrible accident.

Will you be implementing
a monster task force?
I'm confident Savannah's law enforcement
is capable of protecting our citizens.

How? What's your plan
for protecting the city?
Two kids are dead.

That's a tragedy.

Bunny, our kids are best friends.

You know that my daughter
means everything to me.

- Her safety, the safety of
- Save our kids, kill those monsters.

Save our kids, kill those monsters!
Safety of all of our children
is my number one priority.

Hey, hey, ho, ho, DA Fairmont's got to go!
Hey, hey, ho, ho, DA Fairmont's got to go!
Hey, hey, ho, ho, DA Fairmont's got to go!
- Hey, hey, ho, ho,
- Thank you.
Good afternoon.

DA Fairmont's got to go!
Hey, hey, ho, ho, DA Fairmont's got to go!
Well, that went well.

One day, I'm gonna eat that woman.

Hey, hey, ho, ho, DA Fairmont's got to go!
Dad, can we please not do this?
You were bitten by a Legacy.

And we believe you're linked.

Severing is the only way to separate you.

I'm not linked to anything.

Theo, say something.

It'll be all right.
It's just
It's a ritual.

Kind of like a purification.

- This is crazy.
I'm not doing it.

- When a vampire bites a human,
it can create a psychic bond between them.

A severing breaks the bond.

Baby girl
please, sit and listen.

For me.

I underwent a severing
after my mother was killed
to make sure I wasn't connected
- to the vampire who killed her.

- The vampire who killed your mom
- bit you too?
- We don't know for sure.

But he underwent a severing
just to be safe.

Normally, it's performed under the Guild,
but we can't get to them right now.

Your brother's been trained
and he's gonna perform it.

I don't wanna be severed.

Their bites disappear, Cal.

Their blood paralyzes.

Who knows what is happening inside you?
Time to make sure
you're no longer chained, baby sis.

Elinor, you're hovering.

I wanna talk about this ridiculous truce
with the Burnses.

They tried to eradicate us.

They nearly killed you.

I know.
I was there.

Jack Burns put a spear
through my Armani tux.

So how can you sit
across a table from them?
- It's obscene.

- I'm a politician.

- Obscene is 90% of the job.

- Fair enough.
But I can't promise
I won't fang out
and drain one of those assholes.

And that is exactly
why you are not invited.

You wanna help? Find Bunny Wheeler.

Remind her that I'm not the enemy.

What a waste of my time.

On it.

We appreciate you
finding the time to meet.

Every time we get together,
a good time is had by all.

Oh, yeah, no argument here.

My husband impaling you
is the highlight of my week.

Okay, let's just assume
we're all exactly where we need to be.

Brass tacks.
Twenty-five years
of a monster-free Savannah
was good for us.

Actually, not monster-free.

You're Legacy vampires.

So we are.

We've existed for centuries
because we hide in plain sight.

We live among humans better
than they live among themselves.

Oh, you're impressive.

Is that what you'd like to hear?
Brass tacks.

We're hunters.

Good ones.
Last thing we need
is hunters thinking we're soft
- because a raid went sideways.

- Is that?
We have no interest
in that word traveling, either.

Monsters would think they're safe here
- and the more of them, the more of you.

- More of us, huh?
Then we're on the same page.

Which brings us back
to the elephant in the room.

That high school incident was a shit show,
complete with video evidence
of our daughters' involvement.

The memory card
with the video from the school's camera
may have found its way into my hands.

Trust us with it.

Just a few hours, max.

Our son's a programming whiz.

He can make that video tell
whatever story we need it to tell.

Without anyone realizing they aren't
seeing what they thought they saw?
He's that good.


Three hours.

And a commitment
to keep Juliette away from Calliope.


At a minimum.

We have a deal.

But we'll never forget the raid.

Neither will we.

To quiet in the town.

- Jack.

- I'm right here.

We're all here, Cal.


Baby, it's gonna be fine.

I love you so much, Calliope.

I pray you can find your way to trust me,
I know I'm doing what's best for you.

I'm scared.

The only thing to be scared of
is what happens if we don't.

You don't want some fanger stuck
in your brain and scrambling your eggs.

- Stop talking.

- I'm just saying.

- Drink this.
It's part sedative.

- What's the other part?
Colloidal silver
will enter your body through this tube,
counteract Juliette's venom.

Legacies release venom when they bite,
it's part of their binding process.

Since I've been severed,
I have antibodies.

- They'll speed your recovery.

- Will you be okay?
Big brother's always okay.

Intra lux, tenebras relego.

It feels really warm.

Relax into it.

Darkness to light, tarnished to purity.

Puriati Studentibus.


- I feel really weird.

- It's okay.

It's okay.

Hang in there, Cal.

You're doing great.

Darkness to light.

Tarnished to purity.

Puriati Studentibus.

Darkness to light.

Tarnished to purity.

Puriati Studentibus.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

- Therefore, we entreat
- Theo.

Good day.

Who's the best?

Oh, I ♪
Oh, I ♪
Oh, my God,
this is not happening.

What are you doing?
Trying to get your attention.

Wanna run away?
Well, I'll run too ♪
Mission accomplished.

Just one more night ♪
I'll be gone before you wake ♪
I can't stay long.

I'm just glad you're here.

The Secret Garden.

I loved this book when I was little.

Me too.
I was convinced
the world was full of places to hide.

Behind every wall was a paradise.

- Lie back.

- You're pushy, you know that?
Whenever I wanna get away, I lay here
and imagine I'm somewhere else.

I don't know.

I always wanna be wherever I am.


And Alaska.
And Tokyo.

I know my family's there for a purpose.

And as long as we're successful,
I'm happy.

The way you're confident
about who you are
and what your life is supposed to be,
I love that about you.

- I just wish
- I have to tell you something.

I'm listening.

This thing between us
it's over.

You don't wanna be with me?
I had to choose between you and my family.

I choose my family.

What about us?
Cal, I mean
Maybe while you're here in Savannah,
we're supposed to make you happy.

We're not supposed to be, Jules.

That's the whole point.

Theo performed a ritual to
sever this hold you have on me.

Then why are you in my dream?
Where did you get those?
I thought they were from you.

Must be from Mother.

Now and then she does have taste.

They're perfect for tonight.

- Tonight?
- Out.

I'm suspended.

Exactly what gave me the idea.

No school tomorrow.
Why waste
the opportunity to have a good time?
You, dear sister,
are in desperate need of an education.

You keep acting
like being a Legacy is such a burden.

All inconvenient bloodlust
and existential angst.

You haven't learned the important part.

- And what's that?
- How fun it can be.

Be ready at 8:00.

- Where's Theo?
- Went to lie down.

- Migraine?
- Probably.

You okay?
The severing was weird.

Like, at one point,
it felt like I left my body.

Now that I'm back in it, I feel like crap.

- Could you get me some ice cream, please?
- Can't.

- What are you all intense about?
- These vigilante monster haters.

This is about to be a real shit show.

Not bigger than
your mess at school, but still.

So you're catfishing bored,
middle-aged hunter wannabes?
If the Guild finds out
that MAAM thinks
it could do our job better than we can,
we've got a problem.

Can you please get me some ice cream?
Come on, I told you I don't feel good.

Oh, my gosh.

- Do you want mint chocolate chip?
- Please.

- We're out of mint.

- Vanilla's fine.

I love you,
but don't ask me for anything else.

Love you.

I'm in.
They let me in the group.

The woman on the homepage
is Bunny Wheeler, her son's in my class.

Questionnaire asked what's your favorite
libation, I typed in hers.
Rosé on ice.

Well, ladies, Apollo Burns is about
to rock your rosé-drinking world.

- You're welcome.

- Yeah.

Good morning.

Good morning, Benny.

- What do you think, son?
- That idea should not be bedazzled.

I would rent a plane and write it
in the sky if I could afford to.

Your first love was murdered
by one of those things.

Think you'd be with the program.

He wasn't my first love.
We don't
even know if monsters are really back.

They're back.

The lamestream media just won't cover it.

Not all monsters were violent.

You taught me that.

What if you can't tell
the difference between me and like a
nice vampire girl, for instance.

You get this
through your thick skull, Benjamin.

Monsters are nothing like us.

They feed off our bodies, our fear.

And the members of MAAM
refused to be scared anymore.

Now, how's that Gwyneth Paltrow smoothie?
It's not for me.

Here you go.


Let's dance.

Come on.

Before you did stuck up, stuck up ♪
Make sure you know
Who you a love up, love up ♪
My trust got messed up
From my ex in Texas ♪
I told you to drop it
Ya haffi listen ♪
Great, now pretend
you don't have a raging UTI.

All right, ladies.

I can't feel my face.

Okay, now time for a real drink.

Meet Mark.

Drunk, possibly high,
probably part of a bachelor party
that left him behind.

Translation: perfect bait.

- How did you know his name was Mark?
- It's not his real name.
Just follow me.


Not too big.

Just enough to give a preview.

Move slow, don't look back.

What did you say to him?
Why have a one-night stand
when you can have two?
- Sure you're ready for this, cowboy?
- Yee-haw.

This is your dream come true.

And you won't remember any of it.

Your turn, party girl.

Remember how good your first kill felt?
You've got this.

Wow! What is that?
That is what it feels like to feed off
a guy that did a nice amount of ecstasy.

Elinor, you make me so happy
I feel like my heart's gonna explode.

You're high, sweetie, but thank you.

Hey, wanna play
a drinking game Legacy style?
I take a sip and you take a sip.

- Okay.

- Ready?
Say it, spit it out
What is it exactly? ♪
You're payin'?
Is the amount cleanin' you out ♪
Am I satisfactory? ♪
Today, I'm thinkin' about
The things that are deadly ♪
The way I'm drinkin' you down ♪
Like I wanna drown
Like I wanna end me ♪
Step on the glass
Staple your tongue ♪
How do we know who wins?
I wanna end me ♪

You win!
Very funny.

I wanna end me ♪
He's dead.

You killed him?
We killed him.

I mean, it wasn't intentional.

We were helping you
get your training wheels.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

So, what now? Do we bury him?
Bury him? Are you nuts?
Burials are for amateurs.

Grab his legs.

One, two, three.

How can you smile?
We just killed a guy.


This is the best part.

And just like that,
Mark becomes Watermark.

Bye-bye, evidence.

I like keepsakes.

That man has a family,
people who love him.

How will they feel
when they realize he's never coming back?
This is who we are, Jules.

I go out and feed,
our parents go out and feed.

You're gonna have to stop feeling guilty
for doing what you need to do to survive.

You're right.
Mom and Dad go out and feed.

That's not what we did tonight.

We don't have to kill to survive.

They say it's quieter there
On the dark side ♪
Where you can reach the secrets
In your mind ♪
Yeah, you can see it all
With your own eyes ♪
Why don't you meet me there
On the dark side ♪
Oh ♪
With you ♪
So meet me on the dark side ♪


Seriously, Letty?
- What are you doing?
- Dropping by.

Get in here.

What's up with your hair?
My closeted sort of boyfriend
got eaten by a zombie.

So I'm gay spiraling.

I wanted Harry Styles,
but that didn't make me feel better.

So I went full BTS.

Now, let's see
what your psycho brother has to say.

"I know this decision won't come easy
because you're like me.
Okay, never.

"But you fell for a human.

You have the right to be human too.
What is he talking about?
Oliver says his witch girlfriend
can make me human.


There are witches now?

What if it's my only chance to be normal?
Can I be big spoon?
I want things
to go back to the way they were.

Back to when being a vampire
wasn't all there was to me.

Well let's think.

If you're not a vampire, then my mom's
group won't be trying to hunt you down.

Yeah, MAAMs.


I'm thinking
she should back off of the rosé.

Oh, elephant in the room.

The other thing you get if you go human
is the hot human.

You two are still a thing, right?
I think we're more than a thing.

So yes.

If you get a day crawler, what do you got?
Blood? Murder?
What do you have to lose?
I don't know.

My family.

I'm your family too.

Turn around.
Big spoon coming through.

Always ♪
Always ♪
I will love you always ♪
There you are.

I fell asleep
waiting for you girls to come home.

Blame Juliette.

She insisted upon dancing the night away.

One party animal in the family is enough.

No more nights out for your sister.

Juliette was supposed
to be on restriction.

Duly noted.

She's kind of a killjoy, anyway.

What's that?
It's customary
for the new Keeper of the Malkia
to present the new
Keeper-in-Waiting with a gift.

Also customary to present said gift
at a coronation ceremony.

Which we can't have since you,
your father, and I are the only ones
who know that
your grandmother is on vacation.

About that.
What's the plan
when Grandmother isn't appearing
at parties and Dad is still molting?
Your grandmother's absence
is only a problem if we allow it to be.

What did you whisper to Dad
before Grandmother saved him?
I told him where he goes, I go.

that you don't get to enjoy your moment
in front of all the other Legacy families.

Darling, real power
isn't about flaunting it
to prove to others that you have it.

Sometimes real power
is a piece of impressive jewelry.

Since the only goal is real power.

Thank you, Mother.
I won't disappoint you.

Snow angel.

Tree hug.

And drop, stake.

Well, that was titillating.

We just started
teaching the stake part at my gym.

Who's next?
Okay, ladies,
we'll have more Apollo later.

For now, we've got business to attend to.

I've got it.
Y'all have serious work here.

What are you doing here?
I'm on assignment,
but apparently, so are you.


So if you could just step aside.

We were about to plan a trip
to your father's office
and a couple of these ladies have guns.

I'm not saying you can't take them out
before they take you out.

But if the goal is to prove
there are no monsters in Savannah,
kind of hard for a roomful of MAAMs
to suddenly be found dead.

You know I could get past you
if I wanted to.

Yeah, maybe.

But without a plan,
I'm not thinking you want to.

Apollo, who's at the door?
Until we meet again.


Wrong address.

Fights and climbs.


How did you hear me?
I didn't.
But I knew you were here.

Um You have to invite me in.

You can come in.

You've seen my bedroom.

Only fair that I get to see yours.

In a dream,
I can't believe we're still connected.

I'm just happy we are.

And the stars align, I'll be fine ♪
Yeah, oh, precious blood of mine ♪
You were a Girl Scout?
Only way to get my parents
to let me use a crossbow.

I won't sleep tonight ♪
Are these
I keep something from every school.

I'm not in most of them.

We weren't supposed to stand out.

That way no one asks questions
when we're gone.

What's the longest
you've been in one place?
Few months.

Well maybe you'll break your record
here in Savannah.

We're out of here in a couple weeks.

What, seriously?
You have to find a way to stay.

Is this a dream?
Does it matter?
Pieces of my heart left at the door ♪
Shit, it's not a dream.

My brother said
he needs to talk to me.
It's important.

- If I don't go down, he'll come up.

- I'd better go.

I don't want you to go.

I won't be gone long.

- Hey.

- Hey, I need to talk to you.

What's up?
What? What's wrong?
This is gonna sound weird,
but during the severing, did you
see any flashes of my childhood?
Your childhood?
No, how could I see your past?
While we were connected, I kind of
got rocked by a vision from my childhood.

- Thought you said it wouldn't affect you.

- I know.

That's what makes it so weird.

Now I'm having dreams too.

About what?
My mom's murder.

They're so real.

It's like I'm back there and I can see.

I can see her holding my hand.

And I could smell the grass.

And I could see bite marks on her neck.

They disappear, Cal.

A vampire bit my mom,
and the bite marks disappeared.

And I remember squinting
so that must mean that it was daylight.


- No.

- Yes.

If my mom was killed
by a day-walking vampire, it was a Legacy.

You know how rare Legacies are,
what if it's one of the ones here?
No, I'm sure it wasn't.

That's too coincidental.

But I'm really sorry.

- I hate that you're having these dreams.

- Cal?
- I was looking for you in your bedroom.

- Why were you looking for me there?
I'm here with Theo.

I can see that now.

Your brother said you wanted some
ice cream, I was gonna get you some.

- Unless you wanna come.

- No.

Thanks, Daddy.

Just bring me back some?
Mint chocolate chip?
Got it.

- Hey.

- You're still here?
I heard someone coming down,
I jumped in the closet.

I'm just glad you didn't leave.

Sorry I took so long.

It's okay.

I actually had some time to think
while I was in there
and I just want to live my life.

I'm not really even sure
what that means for me, but
I know that I wanna
figure it out for myself.

- What?
- Nothing.

Nothing, I mean
I love the way
you're talking about your life.

Like it's your life.

Just makes me feel
like I'm supposed to be with you.

I'm supposed to be with you too.

How are we ever going to just be?
You know, if we really only have a little
time left I don't wanna sneak around.

Always worried
about our families killing each other.

We've faced everyone.

Monster and human
have tried to come between us.

Life is all about connections.

We got this.

If you nurture them, they get stronger.

But sometimes, severing connections
is the only way for you to get stronger.

The only way to freedom.

I know I may seem childish
But I'm still afraid ♪
To sleep alone
And night is coming soon ♪
So be light ♪
My little moon ♪
Thanks for coming.
It really means a lot.

We were just here for Ashley's memorial.

Now my Noah is gone too.

Noah was an athlete,
a wicked chess player,
and a really good friend.

Once, Ben was alone on Christmas.

Noah showed up late to my family's dinner,
so he could wish his buddy a happy

I remember running out
and buying Ben ear pods,
so Noah wouldn't show up empty-handed.


There you are, naughty girl.

Be smart today.

You're getting a lot of attention now.

Jealousy kills, honey.


Oh, shit.

What the hell?
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