First Kill (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

First Goodbye

[theme music playing.]

Our love story could be kind of gory ♪
Far from boring ♪
We'd meet at a post-apocalypse ♪
Yeah, I'd be slowly walking in a group
Stalking you ♪
You'd be the only one alive ♪
That I could not resist ♪
Then all of your friends
They'd try to kill us ♪
But only because they'd be jealous ♪
That our love is deeper
Than Edward and Bella's ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart, yeah ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart
'Cause I want you ♪
Bury me deep ♪
[siren wailing.]

What is a monster?
The man who threatens to kidnap you,
forces you to fight for your life,
and ends up losing his?
The bigoted neighbor
who's so sure she's on the side of right,
she defaced your property
to prove your beliefs are wrong?
Or is a monster anyone oranything
youfear will harm you,
Keeping the victory to yourself,
of course,
so that you can live tofightanother day.

Do what you gotta do ♪
But don't let me ♪
Murder me ♪
Are you aware that a body was found
near Triplet Park?
Am I aware?
It's all anyone's talking about.

Are you not on TikTok?
There's an entire hashtag,
"tripletmassacre," which, come on,
one body does not a massacre make.

A few nights ago, police broke up a party
at the same location.

See anything suspicious?
Noah and I were uber focused
on each other.

Um, but, yes, now that I think of it,
a few people were acting sus.

It was a gathering.
A meetup with friends.

And why, exactly, were you there?
For the beer?
Um, do I need a lawyer now?
It wasn't my idea.

We found them.

- They suggested the bonfire.

- Tell me their names again.

Noah Harrington and Phillipa Calhoun.

It's Lancaster's cute, little "it couple.
- And what time did you leave the party?
- I'm sorry, am I being questioned?
- We're having a chat.

- It was Juliette Fairmont.

She was hooking up with the new girl.

I went to take a piss and I saw that.

Wait, don't write that.

Uh, makes me sound like a creeper.

I'm an All-League, All-State basketball
and track star who holds the school record
for the 100 and the 200.

Hooking up is not an issue for me,
but I don't kiss and tell.

It's tacky.

Where I come from, police can't question
a minor without an adult present.

But maybe the laws are different
in Savannah.

I've got an AP English exam I'm late for.

Of course.

So you know, I don't think you had
anything to do with the body we found.

The victim was exsanguinated.

- That means the body
- Was completely drained of blood.

I know what exsanguinated means.

You know he was killed by a vampire.

Or someone suffering
from Clinical Vampirism.

- An obsession with drinking blood.

- [clears throat.]
Good luck on your exam.

Murder me ♪
- You saying I can't take my own kid?
- You can.

All you'd have to do is sign here.

- I ain't signing nothing.

- Seriously, Dad? What the hell!
Get your things, pipsy, I'm taking you out
of this school for good!
They can't keep our kids safe.

The M.
's can!
We're taking back our schools
and we're taking back our city.

The police won't do it? We will!
No more vamps, no more ghouls.

[all chanting.]
No more monsters
in our schools!
No more vamps, no more ghouls,
- no more monsters in our schools.

- How many of those have you had?
You look a little sweaty.

I'm sorry, you did not get
Olivia Benson-ed for the last hour.

Y'all follow me on Facebook.

We're just getting started.

[chanting continues.]

- Okay, you need to talk to Bunny.

- I thought it was a phase.

She's making things dangerous.

Ben! Ben!
Yes, yeah, I'll talk to her.

Because I'm an amazing ally
and I love you.

I love you too.

[electronic music playing.]

Is it just me
or is Mr.
Myer extra annoying
for assigning group projects?
I mean, read the room.

That detective told me
they're looking for a vampire.

- What are you doing?
- Calling my dad.

I don't think
the cops are worried about justice.

Not with "Mothers Against All Monsters"
calling for heads to roll.

If they find out I killed Cook
Come home with me.

My parents will know how to protect you.

You want me to show up
to the Hunter family dinner,
tell them I'm wanted by the police, and,
"Oh, can you please pass the salad?"
First of all, there's no salad.

My dad's cooking,
not a single green on the table.

Okay, this is a fantasy, Cal.

- We don't have that kind of relationship.

- Hey, listen to me.

I'm not doing any more severings.

Who cares if they think it worked?
We're together.

Do you honestly think
they're going to accept that?
To accept me?
It's time to find out.

[door opens.]

Oh, you back to trying
to create your own comic?
"Theo Man.
" Wasn't that it, Theo Man?
One, I was 12.

And two, I came down here
for some alone time, so
Okay, somebody didn't have
their protein shake today.

[banging on door.]

What the hell?
Sit down.

And shut up.

[suspenseful music playing.]


I thought only Mom and Dad
could open that door.

I really just need you
to ride with me, okay?
[in Spanish.]
Paolo, my friend.

Everything all right?
[in Spanish.]
When there is no darkness,
everything is all right.

I'm sorry, I hate to bust up the reunion.

When did you learn Spanish,
and who the hell is this?
[in English.]
with the Guild Archives.

He's here to help me
with research on Legacies.

Research? Okay.

What's with the cases?
[in English.]
They're Faraday cases.

They block wireless transmissions
and keep the devices from being tracked.

Since you're here, you might as well help.

[hip-hop music playing.]

Yeah, I'm celebrating
I don't need a reason ♪
But this is my breakout season ♪
I'm leaving with a chip
I can guarantee it ♪
I need it like a drug, I'm feigning ♪
We need some bottles of the champagne ♪
Tell 'em bring it over to the tables ♪
We gonna keep it running
Like a campaign ♪
Because, baby, I'm ready and able ♪
Where have you been?

- I thought you were done.

- Get your room packed?
Not yet, but, uh,
there's something I need to tell you.

I need you to be cool.
All right?
Cal, what is it?
I brought someone home.

- Oh, hell, no.

- Stop.
I told her she'd be safe here!
[gun cocks.]

Well, you lied.

Cal, get out the way.

[dramatic music playing.]

Mom, she's in trouble,
she needs our help, okay?
Girl, I forbid you from entering
this home, you understand?
Dad it's too late for that.

- Late? Like, don't She's saying that
- She's been here before.

Obviously this is a lot
for you to process.

I'll give you a chance to let it settle.

Whenever you're ready to talk,
we'll be in my room.

- Okay.
I'm gonna kill her.

- Oh, my
- We don't know how, remember?
- I meant Cal.

Coming in my house, talking about this
vampire's been here before.
When? Why?
Telling me to calm down, I am calm.

She didn't actually say, "Calm down.
She did say that the girl was in trouble.

We could use that, right?
So let's think about this carefully.

Well, you're still alive.

It's only been two minutes.

[door opens.]

Calliope Antigone Burns,
you have crossed my absolute limit.

Closing a door when a girl's in your room?
It's not how it works in my house.

The cops think
a vampire killed that man they found.

- And you know something about that.

- [Calliope.]
Yes, sir.

The body
It's Clayton Cook.

Oh, my God.

And how could you possibly know that, Cal?
I killed him.

Of course you did.

Cal, you get away from that monster.

No, she killed him to protect me.

I wouldn't be here
if Juliette hadn't stopped him.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Did he hurt you?
- Touch you in any way
- No.

He threatened
to take me to The Guild.
So I ran.

He caught me.

I tried to fight him,
but he got the upper hand.

All of my training went out the window.

I know how to fight monsters
but not how to fight my own.

He never should have laid
a hand on you and you know that.

None of this is your fault, you hear me?
If he wasn't dead,
I'd kill the son of a bitch myself.

I owe Juliette my life.

We're not gonna let
the police come for her.

Please help us?
Baby, now I'm grateful as hell
that you're okay, but we can't do that.

We don't help vampires, ever.

["In Too Deep" playing.]

However, we don't want
to make her situation worse.

The police won't learn
who or what she is from us.

Build me with your love ♪
Ten minutes.

Say your goodbyes.

Then you have to leave, Juliette.

Let's get in too deep ♪
When you're here with me ♪
We go underneath ♪
I am in too deep ♪
Cal, sometimes I think that I'm in deeper
in this than you are, but
- I don't feel like that right now.

- What are you talking about?
I can't eat, sleep or think straight,
unless we're together.

["Man! I Feel Like a Woman!"
playing over speakers.]

Let's go, girls ♪
Come on ♪
[singing along.]
I'm goin' out tonight
I'm feelin' all right ♪
I'm gonna let it all hang out ♪
Wanna make some noise ♪
- Wanna give it a try?
- [music stops.]

Mom, what are you doing?
I'm making stakes.

The stabbier the better.

I meant, what are you doing for self-care?
You time? This M.
doesn't seem very healthy.

Protecting my family
sure feels healthy to me.

You weren't here the last time
they took over.

Schools, churches, everything was closed.

We lived behind locked doors,
because if we went out,
we could get taken right off the streets.

Brutalized, eaten alive.

Not every monster is a murderous menace.

Some are mild-mannered,
productive members of society
- who maybe drink a little blood.

- Oh.

I am proud that I have raised
a sweet, considerate, accepting boy.

But like I said, you weren't there.

What if I was a monster?
- Would you sic your M.
folk on me?
- No, Ben, of course not.

I'd take you out myself.

You understand?
- Mm-hm.

- [alarm wailing on cell phone.]

A shelter-in-place order.

Advising to stay calm and stay home.

Like a sitting duck?
The hell I will.

I bet this is Fairmont's idea.

Well, I will show him
what he can do with his order.

Clearly, the severing didn't work.

And it didn't work because Cal is
with her of her own free will.

That's why I wanted her out.

And I wanted her out immediately.

For a girl whose had
a lifetime of, "Yes, baby girl,"
"Anything you want, baby girl,"
from her girl dad of a father,
heh, of course she's gonna take
as long as she wants.

[knocking on door.]

- You expecting someone?
- No, but I'll get it.

I'll check on Cal.

[ominous music playing.]

You brought friends.

We know Clayton Cook was killed
by a vampire.

- Why are you bringing silver to my house?
- Because we know it was Cal's vampire.

- What is that?
- I don't know.

We got to get out of here.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

First, Cal doesn't have a vampire,
so you won't find one here.

Wherever Cal goes, the Legacy follows.

We're friends, Jack, but you're making it
really hard to support you.

My word should be enough.


Let us look around.

You have nothing to lose
but the Guild's trust if you don't.

Not exactly ride or die, Jo.

Cops only confirmed
that Cook's body was drained.

Kind of a big leap to accuse us
of harboring a vampire.

So don't state your theory, your hunch,
as fact, then watch my pupils.

We were trained
by the same Guild, remember?
Where's Cal?
Why don't you tell me, JoJo?
You're the one keeping close tabs
on my family.

Good evening.

I'm Arch McQueen,
and this pile of dust was a vampire,
which I summarily dispatched.

How did I do it?
I call this bad girl Saturday Night Fever.


This dipshit is so full of himself.

Glad we don't have anyone like that
in our family.

I'm confident in my abilities
with evidence I should be.
Big difference.

What was that?
I asked a question, what was that look?
You just need to focus, Apollo.

- You all right?
- I will be,
once I figure out
which Legacy killed my mother.

["My Sweet Demise" playing over stereo.]

Whoa! You almost left
the transmission back there.

Apollo would kill me
if he knew I stole his car.

- I thought we were borrowing it.

- We can't go back to my house.

The city's crawling
with vigilante housewives,
and no offense,
but your house is full of monsters.

So the only plan I've got is
to drive to get out of town.

And go where?
I think we need help figuring that out.

I couldn't move ♪
[line rings.]

My favorite sister.

You finally ready
to leave that bullshit life?
Not exactly.

I'm not even sure I want to be human.

- I wouldn't be any better off.

- You wouldn't.

Look, I'm not trying to be an asshole,
Jules, but I hate lies.

I hate liars.

Humans are like mades,
but only on this Earth
because it's their time to be.

Oliver, Cal and I need somewhere to hide.

And, no,
I'm still not helping you hurt Elinor.

But you're my brother
and I need your help.

Come on over.

I'm here whenever you need me.

I told you that.

Juliette's coming around?
My little sister's finally
seeing the light.

Open in love ♪
In your eyes I see ♪
My sweet demise
My sweet demise ♪
I snatched this off the hand of a Legacy.

Theo, check this out.

The symbol is unique to each bloodline.

Like a dazzling, deadly calling card.

More like an ugly ring.

If I figure out which bloodline
that symbol belongs to,
I can find the Legacy
that killed my mother.

- [door opens.]

- [suspenseful music playing.]

Theo, Apollo.

Hey, JoJo, what's up?
She's looking for vampires.

But suddenly, I'm much more interested
in what's going on here.

Faraday cases?
And I assume you're hiding
in plain sight, Mr.

How long have you
and your husband been in the Guild?
- [man.]
I'll take that.

- [JoJo.]
Let me answer that.

Too long for you and your boys
to be up to unsanctioned bullshit.

You like to tell me why your sons
are hacking into the Guild Library?
- We weren't.

- You're stressing out
our whole family with your paranoid,
finger-pointing show.

You have five minutes to get the hacker
out of your house before I report you.

[door closes.]

You have no idea what you've done.

Okay, left at the next light.

Sure this is a good idea?
Only met your brother once,
but he gave off serious unstable vibes.

Yeah, he's a little nutty,
but he's been through a lot.

- I don't really even know the whole story.

- [siren chirps.]

What is that?
No, no, no.

Okay, chill.

There's a shelter-in-place in order.

- Your dad know you're out here?
- Cal's just taking me home.

Good, you'll be safer there.

Hold up.

We got to test everyone.

Real silver.

[suspenseful music playing.]

Can never be too careful, right?
- Hey!
- [tires screech.]

Watch it.

Sorry, this is my brother's car.

I'm learning how to drive stick.

But we better get going.

Where do you got to get going to?
What are you hiding?
That she's a monster.

I'm taking her to meet my family.

I want to see their shocked faces.

That's funny.

A joke only the DA's daughter can make
while the town's got a real threat.

Yeah, we're all jokesters,
the whole family.

Why don't I escort you home?
Tell your dad how you kept me in stitches?
- You don't have to do that.

- Sure I do.

I need to know since when
we started lying to each other.

Mom, please do not put me
in the middle of this.

[door opens.]

Here's your brother.

[dramatic music playing.]

You breached the security door, Theo?
I'm not even sure what to say.

We can get through anything.

as long as we don't lie to each other.

Since the day you were born,
I told you that
- You weren't there the day I was born.

- Theo.

She wasn't.

I am in this by myself.

I still don't know what killed my mother,
and nobody in this house cares to know.

I misspoke.

- She didn't mean it and you know it.

- [Talia.]
No, it's okay.

Your brother has to deal with this
the way he needs to.

Can you just leave me alone?
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.


I can do that.

Come here.

I can do that.

I don't mean to be insensitive
but what you did today,
it doesn't just go away.

Come on, Apollo.

I didn't know you were feeling this way.

Or that you didn't think
you could talk to me about it.

After the severing,
I started having visions of my mother.

So I started searching the archives
and I still don't know.

We're gonna find whatever did this
to your mother and destroy it.

I got you, bro.

I think I know someone
who can tell us about this symbol.

[knocking on door.]

Officer Garvey.

Making sure these two got
where they're going.

- Thanks, I was getting worried.

- Figured as much.

You two, stay inside, stay safe.

[line ringing.]

I think I found our monster.

[indistinct chatter.]

[hip-hop music playing over stereo.]

Elinor Fairmont.

Yo, it was complicated.

- We got a vibe going.

- She won't give up information to us.

With that attitude,
all you'll get in that bar is a beer.

I'm supposed to trust the plan of the dude
who brought a Summoner into the house?
One day, you'll let that go,
see who I'm trying to be,
instead of focusing on the mistake I made.

All right, let's go.

But she gives us a name,
or she gets a stake in her heart.

It might not kill her,
but I'll enjoy watching the pain.

I'm gonna make an executive decision.

You stay here, I'll go in.

- No.
No way, no.

- You don't know Elinor like I do.

She's complicated, smart, sexy.

We're actually a lot alike.

Here we go.

Look, all I'm saying is, I get her.

And if you trust me,
I mean, really trust me,
let me do my thing.
I'll get what we want.

All right.

[dramatic music playing.]

I don't want to be here any more
than you want me here.

Juliette, what possessed you
to bring her into our home?
We'll go, as soon
as the overly helpful officer leaves.

You are staying home.

The police force is combing the streets.

They know that a vampire killed that guy.

We don't bury bodies.

We're smarter than that.

It wasn't Cal's idea.

Please, don't tell me that
that ridiculously asinine idea was yours.

- It was.

- [Margot.]
Well, it's dumb.

- Margot
- What?
- [door opens.]

- Wow, you're awful.


Looks like I'm in time for déjà vu.

What are you doing here?
I'm supposed to wait to be invited in?
Don't be ridiculous.

Oliver, so sorry.
I was on my way.

It's okay, I assumed.

You guys didn't show up, so I thought
I'd better come and rescue you.

Help me understand
why you were going to Oliver's.

She called me.
She asked for my help.

Come on, Jules.

Invite yourself out.

Or what? You're gonna excommunicate me?
You already played that card, Bash.


- Are they about to throw down?
- Yup.

Stop it, both of you.

Relax, Dad just wants
to roughhouse a little.


Didn't think you had it in you.

You don't want to play temptress
to what I have in me now.

Grandmother made you a ghoul?
Oh, you always wanted that,
but I can't believe she agreed to it.

Wow, Kim must have really puked
when she went inside you.

Elinor's gonna be so disappointed
if she's not here to see you kill me.

Let him go, sweetheart.


You still on that lie, huh?
At the point you take responsibility
for your behavior, we can talk.

Until then, get out.

Tell Jules she knows where to find me.

And I know where to find you.

[Oliver sobs.]

- [door closes.]

- [all chanting.]
Bring her out.

Bring her out.
Bring her out.

Bring her out.
Bring her out.

Bring her out.

Bring her out.
Bring her out.

Bring her out.
Bring her out.

- Bunny, what the hell are you doing?
- I told you, I'm keeping you safe.

You're being a bigoted monster-phobe.

That's not gonna keep me safe.

That's not gonna keep anybody
in this town safe!
You know who it is.

Do you hear yourself?
You're accusing your son?
You knew there was a vampire
at your school and you never told me.

Because she's a good person.

So it is her.
I knew it.

Anyone named Calliope
would have to be a vampire.

[R&B music playing over speakers.]

I'll turn myself in.

It's the only way to fix this.


Just wish I could go back.

Rewind this to the beginning.

To our first kiss.

We still would have ended up right here.

- [window opens.]

- [crowd chanting.]
Bring her out.

Bring her out.
Bring her out.

[window closes.]

If you're looking for your mom,
she's on the lawn out front.

I know.
I just tried talking to her,
but I don't even know, I
- I just can't believe it.

- She's making everything so much worse.

I know that.

She's my mom
and I don't even recognize her.

- Can't even be in the same house anymore.

- Maybe you can live here.

I already called my dad.

He saw Bunny on the news
and he wants me to come stay with him.

Threatened to take her to court
if she didn't let me go.

- This is crazy.
You can't go.

- It's crazy if you stay.

- They're putting up monster checkpoints.

- We know.

- With silver tests and everything.

- Oh, my God.

[dramatic music playing.]

- Maybe you should come with me.

- They'll just find me there.

No one's looking for you.

Those women are literally yelling,
"Bring out the monster.
Yeah, but the monster they want is you.

I'm sorry to bother you at this hour,
but, uh, Bunny Wheeler and her
Desperate Housewives are ruining my lawn.

Lights and sirens ought to do it.

Thing is, I'm off duty.

Hello, Sebastian.

- Bernice?
- You know it, Bash.

Bunny, just a few weeks ago,
I was grilling salmon that I had caught
and sweet corn that you had grown
on that massive pit that Margot decided
I had to have last Father's Day.

Maybe all we need to do is sit down
and share a meal to remember
who we really are.

I'll tell you who we are.

My husband will make a call
and you are going to be arrested
for terrorist threats against the DA
because law and order still matter
in this town.

My mama always told me
to put on clean drawers every day
'cause you never know what might happen.

Well, I guess today what happens is,
I'm going to jail.

You cannot eat her.

Call the chief and tell her to get
that crazy woman off my lawn.


But I liked my way better.

[man on TV.]
Here on East River Street.

As you can see behind me,
traffic has now been backed up for miles.

That congestion is partially
due to the fact that police
have now set up monster checkpoints.

My commute to work tomorrow
will be a breeze.

You could always take a sick day.

Call in with "monster fever.
- [bartender.]
What can I get you?
- onthisdevelopingstory
What she's got.

I'm reporting here, Ritvik Dhavale,
forSavannah's numberone
- Here you go.

- network for breaking news.

To not killing each other.

At least for tonight.

Who'd have thought Lululemon lunatics
would have pulled this off?
Got the whole city sheltering
in place tonight.

I don't know about you, but I don't have
anywhere else I need to be.

Don't turn me off ♪
Don't turn me loose ♪
I know the games you play ♪
'Cause I play them too ♪
Oh, the time looks good on you ♪
What is this guy doing?
Just Apollo being Apollo.

I'm not really in the mood
for taking things slow.

- What's this?
- A gift from my mother.

- [fly unzips.]

- What's this?
The symbol of your bloodline.

You know your Legacy lore.

Yeah, but do you know yours?
The symbols of the other bloodlines?
I could tell you.

But I'd have to bite you first.

Yeah, I'll pass on that.

But, uh, have you seen one
with a red crescent?
- Just curious.

- Be curious in another way.

- This is how you help me?
- What are you doing?
You set me up.

No, I wouldn't do that.

- That's not what this is.
Theo, walk away.

- I always fall for the stupid ones.

What the hell did you call me?
[intense music playing.]

Put her down!
Stake her!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to do this, I
Please, hey, just stay with me.

Just stay with me.

Our next first date will be much better.

Neither of you will remember
much of this one.

[door opens.]

- Time for her to go.

- With the M.
's outside? No.

I don't know how they got the idea
that she's a vampire,
- but it's out of my hands.

- Mom, listen.

You can't be together.

It won't work.

Let it go.

Your mom's right.

I should go.

Turn myself over.

Let them give me one of their tests
that I'll pass.

Then I suppose, they'll round up
my family, search my house.

- Do you know what they'll find?
- Mismatched furniture?


And the plans to attack
every Legacy vampire at your party.

How long do you think it'll take them
to break down your door?
When this falls on me and my family,
it falls on all of us.

[dramatic music playing.]

Do not leave this room.

[door closes.]

What's wrong?
You actually drew up plans?
That's part of the job.

"Whoever fights monsters
should see to it
that he doesn't become a monster.
Friedrich Nietzsche said that.

I know, but just hearing you say it
Well, it doesn't matter.

We still don't know how to kill Legacies.

One day, you'll figure it out.

In other words,
if you're a monster hunter
it's possible that your actions
make you a monster too.

Is my heart safe with you?

I need to warn my family.

What about the Guild woman?
If you call your parents,
she'll know you're here.

I'll call Theo.
He'll know what to do.

[keypad beeps, then line rings.]


It's me, Cal.

Something happened to Theo.

[theme music playing.]

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