Flatbush Misdemeanors (2021) s01e08 Episode Script


Bro, what?
School is on lockdown.
So the people that love my shit
don't know shit about art and you do?
If you're not feelin' me,
somebody else will.
Not finna listen to a nigga
that don't even wear socks.
Thanks again, Dan.
Would you wanna maybe get dinner later?
Was that your answer, the spitting?
No, no, I'd get dinner.
I thought you knew, like,
my dad was there in the church
when your mom
was goin' through it, bro.
Flatbush is a place
where culture is created
and then regurgitated.
Well, it's very hard
to find Djon Djon here,
so, um, I have to go back
to the Haitian vendor,
and then we get Djon Djon.
Djon Djon is the black mushroom
that we make with our-our rice, so
I haven't watched it
since I made it in college.
It's awful.
Yeah. No. No.
That's what everyone in college does.
Everyone makes a bad
student film and gets HPV.
I did neither.
But, also, your film isn't bad.
It's not good
in the conventional sense,
but that's what makes it
so unconventional.
You should've finished it.
I should've just followed one subject
instead of a bunch of random people.
No, that would've been boring, too.
But it's good.
You-you showed
different people talking.
That shows community.
No, it was good and sweet
and thoughtful and very you.
I do like you.
Okay, you've gone
back and forth on this,
but it does feel like you do.
It's just weird because of our jobs.
Maybe, I don't know, we take it slow.
Yeah. I can do that.
all right, well,
I should head out, right?
You could come over
tomorrow if you want.
Okay, yeah. Yeah, um, yes, I do.
But we'll take it slow.
Yes. I'll slowly come over tomorrow.
Are you gonna make me
watch college a cappella
or improv tomorrow or just
- I hate you. Bye, Danny.
- I'm just kid-I'm just kidding.
You're-you're great. Like you.
All right, see ya around.
God, what was her story?
Mommy, why do we have to go there now?
I wanna go home and
watch Liv and Maddie.
- We aren't going back home.
- But why?
I told you, Zayna.
You're gonna live with Uncle Drew.
Yo, you want an omelet?
- When you start making omelets?
- Today.
I just scrambled more eggs than usual,
then mushed them together with cheese.
You wanna try?
Nah, I'm headed to work.
Ah, you can be late. Here, just try it.
You just gotta push it
all together so it's an omelet.
Why you so happy? You fuck Jess?
Nah, we hugged and kissed
a few times, and then I left.
I might make her dinner tonight.
I'm practicing with this omelet.
Well, you might wanna just buy it.
How'd the meeting
with the gallery owner go?
Did he like your art?
Man, that nigga was full of shit.
This nigga's
sittin' here talkin' 'bout,
"Aw, as a black artist,
you gotta have an original voice.
And as black artists,
we gotta whoo-whoo-whoo."
The whole time,
this nigga from New Hampshire.
Well, what was he saying?
Would you listen to him?
I don't know, he's, like,
an expert at looking at art.
And you sleep on a couch.
So you can try-try to hear him out.
I don't even know what he said.
- You can hear what he's saying.
- Yo.
Bro, why can't you ever just listen
to what I'm sayin' and agree with it?
Why you always gotta have
some other shit to say?
Like, if you don't believe
in me, then just say that.
Of course I believe in you.
I-I don't know, do you want me
to just mindlessly agree?
I'm just saying if a
professional criticizes you,
you don't just write him off forever.
You get better and
then write him off forever.
Why should I listen
to one man's opinion?
If one girl call you ugly,
you start thinking you ugly?
Yeah, of course.
But he's not even
calling your work ugly.
He's just trying to help.
I'm not trying to criticize.
I'm just
Yeah, but it sound like that.
I don't need his help.
I don't need him.
I don't need nobody, man.
I'll do this shit on my own, bro.
How? What are you even
I'll sell 'em at the roti shop.
Where you sell corn soup?
What you wanna watch?
I don't care.
You never seen Ghost Dog, have you?
Oh, I gotta show you this.
This Forest's best shit
after Jason's Lyric,
I'm tellin' you.
What's good with you?
Come on, what's up?
I just been thinkin' about my father.
What about? You wanna go see him?
No. It's not that.
It's just,
I been thinkin'
about how he got knocked.
And I was lookin' over his
charges, and it don't add up.
I mean, I told you.
He got caught
with some weight in the car.
Yeah, that's what doesn't make sense.
How much was he carrying?
Were y'all workin' together?
Why you askin' me this?
'Cause some people at school
told me a different story.
- Who?
- Does it matter?
A'ight, you wanna believe
some shit you heard
in the street over me, fine.
That's your problem.
Why you gettin' so defensive?
I'm just asking.
I know how you make your bread.
How come I can't know how he made his?
I see why your teachers
stay writing you up.
Ant wasn't makin' his
money the way I do.
He wasn't into all of that, a'ight?
End of story, damn.
So it wasn't his shit?
He took the rap for somethin'
that wasn't even his own work?
A'ight, look,
growin' up the way we did,
you live by a code.
Never tell on the next man
under any circumstance.
But he had me. And he had my mom.
And he let himself get
taken away 'cause of a code?
Why didn't you talk him out of it?
You might not understand it,
but your pops is a thorough man.
I know I'd be doin'
the same thing if it was me!
It was your shit, wasn't it?
You just said it. It was yours!
My father didn't sell drugs. You do!
How could you let him go
to jail for something you did?
Why would he do that?
Wh-what's wrong with the both of y'all?
Yo, see, this is why I
Look, I'm not the bad guy.
This is just what it is, a'ight?
You ain't shit without loyalty!
What the fuck are you talkin' about?
You sat there and said
that there's always
consequences to my actions!
Yet you let my father take
the rap for something you did!
Fuck outta here!
You don't even know
what you talkin' about.
I always been there for
your pops, whatever he needed.
Diapers for you, the rent, my car!
That's how any of this shit happened!
He borrowed my whip.
He was drivin' stupid, tryin'
to show off for your moms,
and got pulled over.
He didn't tell because
he was lookin' out for me
the way I always looked out for him!
This is you lookin' out?
Now he doesn't have his family.
Now I don't have my dad.
What's loyal about that?
I'm lookin' out for you, him,
and your moms!
That's what the
fuck's loyal about that.
Everything I do is so
all of you got what you need!
I never asked you for anything!
I don't need you for anything!
Hey, where you think you goin', huh?
You don't need that phone
or all them clothes?
You got everything figured out, right?
You're the reason
it takes me seven hours
to see my dad's face!
I hate you! You liar!
I wish my mom never left me with you.
Shut up!
Oh, my God, man.
Oh, man, yeah.
Hi. Hello. Hello.
Hey, brother.
Hey, Zay!
I told you I remember that!
Y'all want anything to drink?
No, I'm good.
It's too early for Hennessy.
- I have water.
- Hmm.
All right. Let's just do this.
Zayna, can you go sit on the couch?
Hey, Zay. Look.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You can take one of the menus, too.
- All right.
- Mr. Drew,
as you know, Sister Nadege
is being deported to Haiti.
Okay? Everything is here.
Oh, what's this?
There, the contact information
Okay, but, 'Dege,
I-I don't need a guide
to take care of my niece.
Yes, you do.
'Cause if you had any
guidance at her age,
we wouldn't be in this mess!
You see, you are irresponsible
and inconsiderate,
and the only reason
that we're here today
is because your brother
wants her to stay with you.
And she needs stability, but
What are y'all talkin' about?
Why do you spend so much time in church
if you can't forgive nobody?
I fucked up. Yeah.
But I move different now.
She's my niece.
And I take care of mines.
You see how I hold Ant down.
Let me do right by you.
If you need me to do all of this,
take her to church,
keep her away from thongs
and things like that, I'll do it.
Whatever you need, I'll do it.
Just don't up and change her
life because you're mad at me.
You'll do everything in here?
Including calling me every day?
I'll buy her her own phone
so you don't have to go through me.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Let us pray.
Dear Father, Lord in Heaven, we pray
O Lord, please guide Mr. Drew
in the right direction
because sometimes Satan will try
to shape and move him
in the wrong place.
But for this child's sake,
Lord, we ask You.
Amen! Yep.
- Okay, Amen.
- Amen.
Papio Boy, what bacchanal is this?
- It's my art.
- Oh, God.
I wanted to give the customers
something to look at.
And it can make us some money
if they wanted to buy it.
Kevin, people come in
the roti shop for two things
Food and boat ride tickets.
So anybody buying pictures
in my Trini tiny bone shop
is a cunumunu just like you.
Well, I'd-I'd buy that picture.
Sorry, darlin', you say
you want this picture here?
Yeah, the fancy dog
on the nice evening.
- I'd take that.
- Okay, right.
And I want my 25% commission.
Actually, I might could make you more.
I posted all these ads online
about having a mini event here.
I got 81 likes, so, you know,
people will probably show up.
You could sell them your food,
you know, you'll get more commission.
Hey, hey. Check him.
He think he big man now.
You know what I'm sayin'? I'm somebody.
I'm just doin' me, though, Miss Sherri.
All right, no skin
off your teeth, so
Okay, boy. Ooh, you say 81 people.
Miss Sherri gonna rake it up, boy.
I got some ideas for the menu, too.
You really turned her around quick.
Uh, here, let me give you the
money for the dog on that date.
Oh, nah, don't worry about that, man.
- It's all good.
- Okay.
Um, I just wanted to say sorry
for not letting you vent before.
That was, like, out of line.
That's cool, bro.
I mean, you was right.
You know, I gotta take
Bayano advice, you know.
I just need to sell this shit myself
'cause nobody gonna help me.
You think people will show up?
81 people?
I mean, they might.
I don't know, maybe.
I put it on my Hinge profile,
so, you know,
there's gonna be
a lot of listeners in here.
Jess just asked me to come over.
I should probably wait, right,
so she doesn't think I'm eager?
Dan, come on, man.
You don't got no game.
Text that girl back.
She know you eager.
I'll just tell her
I'm in the neighborhood.
Yo. Y'all seen Zayna?
- No, what happened?
- Damn, man!
I feel like I been all over Brooklyn.
Can't find her.
But, no there's no
point in lookin' at me.
I-I don't know where she is.
- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
You don't know any secret spots
outside of school they chill at?
No, that would be
really weird if I knew that.
No, I don't. Nobody tells me anything.
Yo, I didn't ask you
who tells you what.
I asked you if you seen her.
I have not seen her, Drew.
I-I said that to you before.
Yo, you talk a lot, you know that?
- No.
- And I don't trust people
who got somethin' to say
for every fucking thing.
Okay, look.
So what exactly are you sayin'?
I-I'm saying I haven't seen her.
Sorry. You're standing really close.
Drew, bro, he didn't mean
nothin' by it, dog.
He about to lose his virginity.
You know,
he not thinkin' straight, man.
She probably close by, bro.
Like, have you-have you
tried Find my iPhone?
- I don't know what that is.
- It's a feature.
You if you bought her a iPhone,
you can find her with yours.
Show me how to do it. She got a iPhone.
This a, um this a
it's not a iPhone.
It's an Android.
I would-I would need to do it
from a computer.
Come on, let's get a computer, then.
Uh, Drew, he can't just leave work.
Yo, hold on, bro,
I think it's just best
if I help him out.
Are you outta your mind? Dude.
Look, yo, you can't help him.
I mean, he's fuckin' crazy.
Look at him.
The fuck is you lookin' at, nigga?
Eric Benét-lookin' ass.
Yo, he just mad, man.
If I help him, he'll
probably treat us different.
I-I think you're wrong,
just based on every
interaction we've had with him.
Just also, your event.
You have your event.
I'll be back before
anybody show up, dog.
Just go see your girl, bro.
Hug the fuck outta her.
All right. Just text me?
Yeah, I'll text you.
Hey, Miss Sherri, I'ma go on my break.
Okay, be back in half an hour,
and we not on Trini time.
Oh, and bring me some toilet rolls.
All right, I got you. Yo, let's go.
A'ight, word.
Mom, he's such a fraud!
He won't even own up
to what he did and apologize.
Why didn't you just
take me to Haiti with you?
You know I wanted you here,
but at the same time,
I wanted you to have all
the opportunities I never had.
I'm sorry, baby. I am.
D-do you wanna come live with me?
No! I don't trust you either.
What did I do?
You're no different than him!
All of you lied to me!
I would never do my family like this!
Zayna, I know you're mad.
But you have to learn how to forgive.
Do you remember speaking Creole
Ma, I'm not trying to
hear that right now!
I'm sorry, I'm not!
You should've been took care of this!
Now it's too late!
Zay, God
Speaking Creole Are you crazy?
Oh, shit. Um
Yeah, my bad.
This is Dan's laptop, bro.
You know these bitches do this shit.
- How do I turn that shit off?
- Put it on mute.
- Damn, man.
- What the fuck?
Hold on, let me just there.
All right. All right, um, okay.
Where does she wanna retire?
Where'd she meet her spouse?
Ew, what the fuck
is this shit talkin' about?
I don't know why her
questions are so weird.
Hey. Who the fuck is this?
Yo, you found her?
Then why you callin' me?
Yo, don't come to Brooklyn
unless she with you, nigga!
Yeah, Miss Sherri, look.
I'ma-Ima be there real soon.
Just tell them to wait.
She can't be out there on her own, man.
If somethin' happened to her,
man, everybody in Brooklyn,
Queens, Harlem, fucking Yonkers,
everybody gonna know my name.
Fuck, bro. I gotta get her back, Kev.
I can't function, man.
I can't.
You mind if I, um
We gonna find her, bro.
I feel you.
Kevin, you rail stickin'.
How it is you're takin'
your sweet time so
and your event startin' soon?
I tell ya, better move your ass
and hurry 'cause I ain't able.
I don't know how to sell these things.
Huh? Oh, yes, darlin', it's a print.
- He print
- No! It's not a print!
Miss Sherri, it's not a print!
Tell them it's an original!
Look, little boy.
Miss Sherri Ann don't work for nobody.
You work for me.
So, if you want it done your way,
you bring your ass on time
and tell 'em yourself.
I told I'ma be there
in, like, 15 minutes.
I'm fuckin' up.
Just hold on, Miss Sherri.
Yo, you out?
Yo, it's my family, bro.
You don't need to
be involved in this shit.
Handle your business, man.
Wipe your nose.
Yo, I-I'm sorry, bro.
I just I really gotta do this, man.
Um, you can take the laptop
if you want.
And just keep tryin' to track her.
A'ight, so show me how to get
on that website again.
The, um what did I search,
iPhone, uh, detective?
Um, not-not iPhone detective, nigga.
- It's iP
- Kevin?
Yeah, uh, ho-ho
Miss Sherri, just tell 'em-
tell 'em to wait, please.
Tell 'em to wait.
I'ma be I'ma be there.
I'm on my way, okay? Look, just
All right.
- Oh, fuck.
- Come on, son!
I feel like you doing that
on purpose at this point.
- Harder!
- I bought this used.
Is it weird to you
to hang out with your boss?
I don't feel like you're
my boss is the thing.
Ah, so you're saying
you don't respect me.
No, that's-that's a trap,
what you just did there.
Um, wh-why do you like me?
because you seem very calm
and we're both
overwhelmed in this job and
I don't feel overwhelmed in the job.
But that's the thing, like,
I'm overwhelmed, and it can get to me.
But you just get beaten down every day.
Well, that
And it doesn't seem to get to you.
Why do you like me?
Um, you're nice to be around.
And I don't know.
I feel like most people I know,
they will sort of talk at me
as if they're my boss,
even though they're not.
- Mm.
- But you're above me,
but you never talk down to me.
And you ask my advice.
And you listen.
And you treat people well.
It's why you'd make
a-a very good principal
but a bad CEO.
- I'd be a great CEO.
- No, you'd be okay, but
- Great.
- I don't know.
Hang on.
Wait, um, will you tell me
what makes you feel good?
'Cause otherwise,
it's like a guessing game
- and I would just as soon get
- Take off my dress.
It's, like, double-knotted, I can see.
Let me help you.
Here. Let's lie down.
but be on top of me?
Sorry, uh, I-I-I just
I don't wanna direct you the whole way.
Could you, like, like, take control?
Like, do-do what I'm saying
but then, like,
take control while you do it.
Got it. Okay, I can do that.
Kiss my neck.
Uh, the other side, though.
Uncle Drew,
I don't want my mommy to leave.
I'm scared.
I'm gonna be honest with you, Zay.
I'm scared, too.
You don't look scared.
That's 'cause when
you don't look scared,
you won't be scared.
Here, let me show you somethin'.
Now you don't look scared.
Did she make this?
Huh? Oh, nah. That's some shit I made.
It's beautiful.
Yo, Drew, man, I really wanna
keep helping you look for her,
but I gotta get back to work.
What the fuck you doin' here, nigga?
I came back lookin' for clues.
What, you Scooby-Doo?
Yo, it's not even like that, son.
It ain't? A'ight, well,
c-come on. Come on.
Find me some clues.
Find some clues.
Where all you check, Jon?
Yo, I went to mad spots, son.
I went to the junction.
I went to the Laundromat, smoke shop.
You went to a smoke shop?
You think she wanna smoke some hookah?
Yo, this nigga been with me all
day, and I almost killed him.
What's your excuse?
- Son, I did this for us.
- For us?
Kevin, what happened to you, boy?
You tell me 81 people
was supposed to reach
inside here today,
and there's only, what, six I count?
Now all this food I cook up
had to waste.
I said I got 81 likes, not 81 people.
Hell you know? Mm-hmm.
You lucky I sold your paintings.
You sold-you sold my paintings?
- Mm-hmm.
- To who?
Two little white girls come in here,
say they won't try no food
'cause they're afraid it too spicy.
Anyhow, don't bother comin'.
I'm gonna close up the shop soon.
But hear me, come in
first thing tomorrow morning.
I sold my shit.
Niggas can't tell me shit no more.
Yo, I'm a real artist, bro. I
Man, forget your bum ass, nigga.
Get the fuck outta here.
You and your bum-ass brothers
better not come around here no more.
Find a new plug, nigga!
Uh, you want me to, um
you want me to leave, too?
Nah, man. You good.
Matter of fact, I'ma go look.
You stay here just in case
she come back.
All right. Got you.
I'm not really sure
how we should handle this,
in terms of, like-like, no one at work
- should know about us.
- Yeah.
I mean, I'd have my whole
professionalism questioned.
Of course, yeah.
I mean, yeah,
no one at school has to know.
Let's ignore. We can ignore.
Oh, God. Uh
Let me just
Zayna, wh-what are you
Yo, Miss B, I need help with
What is he doing here?
Oh, just school-school stuff.
Yeah, I was just
With a glass of wine?
choosing the textbooks
of tomorrow today.
You're gonna read
all these pretty soon.
Do your parents know where you are?
It smells funny in here.
- Are y'all datin'?
- We're coworkers.
Don't read into this.
Zayna, answer the question.
Miss B, I need you to cosign
on an apartment for me.
I called this number I saw on a flyer,
and the guy said that
if I have enough money
that I just need a credit check.
So you can help me with that, right?
What is actually going on here?
Is something happening at home?
I know you took Dami
to Planned Parenthood.
So you can help me
with this, too, right?
I mean, you're great and all,
but if Dami's mom found out
You took Dami to Planned Parenthood?
- I told you this already.
- No, you didn't.
I would remember something like that.
You were falling asleep.
Oh, so y'all really are dating.
It's way too early for labels.
I think it's going okay, though.
Look, Zayna, Dami's your friend,
and Jess obviously wanted to help.
You're really gonna
throw that in her face?
Is it really that big of a deal?
I mean, you've been
giving me fake grades
- all semester.
- He's been what?
That's not a thing
you should say out loud.
- Why would you do that?
- Why did you say that out loud?
Look, Jess, it's a whole thing.
It would take, like,
two minutes to explain.
We should focus on Zayna.
Okay, it's time to take you home.
- Come on.
- Wait, Jess.
You-you shouldn't go over there.
Wh-what do you mean?
Her uncle Zayna's right.
I've met him a couple times
at basketball games.
He can be aggressive.
She's telling the truth.
Miss B, I really don't wanna go there.
What's up?
I don't want to go back.
You there? What's good?
Just wanted to see how your event went.
Uh it was dope, man.
I, um I sold-I sold everything.
Yo, congrats.
Um, you get away from Drew?
Yeah, uh,
shit was fucked up, though, man.
Like, we couldn't find Zayna anywhere.
Let me know if you hear
anything from the school.
Y-yeah. Okay.
I-I'll talk to you later, man.
All right. I'll talk to you.
For how long?
Um, well,
it's just for tonight, Zayna.
And then in the morning,
we'll-we'll just figure something out.
Well get it straightened out, okay?
- Do you have Disney+?
- Yeah.
I wanna watch Liv and Maddie.
Go, go, go, go
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