Flatbush Misdemeanors (2021) s01e09 Episode Script


You sat there and said
that there's always
consequences to my actions,
yet you let my father take
the rap for something you did.
Bro, Drew is not that bad.
If you hang around
bad people long enough,
bad shit is gonna happen.
Yo, y'all seen Zayna?
- Oh, God. Uh
[ZAYNA] I need help with
What is he doing here?
- Yo.
We couldn't find Zayna anywhere.
Let me know if you hear
anything from the school.
Y-yeah, okay.
I-I'll talk to you later, man.
[JESS] Hey, Zayna, you awake?
Uh, Z-zayna!
Okay. Dan! Get in here.
Dan! Zayna's not here. She's gone.
Are you sure? Did you look everywhere?
It's a one-bedroom, Dan.
I thought you stayed out here
until she fell asleep.
I did. Maybe she went to school?
Why would she go to school without us?
We're all going to school.
What, we're just gonna
walk her to school
like her chaperones?
Like, what was even the plan here?
Okay, I-I don't know
what the plan was, Dan.
Okay. Well, I wasn't sure either.
What was I thinking,
telling her she could stay with us?
Can you text her? Do you have her cell?
No. Faculty shouldn't
have a student's number.
Okay. I mean, that feels like
an arbitrary line
- at this point.
- [JESS] Dan.
Jess, don't panic.
That'll make me panic.
- This is all my fault.
- [DAN] How?
What if she left in the middle
of the night
and she's, like, lying dead
in a ditch somewhere?
No, no. Jess, Zayna was so upset
when she showed up last night,
and by the end of the night,
she was calmly watching TV, okay?
You helped, all right?
- Okay?
She's gonna be at school
by the time we get there.
I promise.
She's not here, but it's still early.
This is bad. I should tell
Principal Douglass
and just suffer the consequences.
No, Jess, Jess, don't risk your job.
Plus, that would raise
a million issues for Zayna
if she was reported missing
and she's not.
Look, she probably just decided
to skip my class.
She skips science a lot.
And yet you've been giving her "A" s.
[DAN] Okay, let's find Zayna.
That's way more serious
than me grading wrong.
Look, a lot of kids
skip the morning classes
and just show up by third period
when attendance is taken.
That's why I love
first and second period.
The calm before the storm.
Let's wait until third period.
Okay. Okay.
We'll wait until third.
Just text me when she shows up.
Of course. It'll be okay.
What are you doing?
I was gonna hold
your hand reassuringly.
- Don't.
- [DAN] Okay.
We can't let anyone think
we're involved.
That violates so many rules.
I mean, the Zayna stuff
is way more serious
than us hanging out, but I do hear you
in terms of, like, priorities
or whatever.
- Okay.
- Sorry about the hand-holding.
- Third period.
- [JESS] Mm-hmm.
[PERSON] All right,
I don't believe in the
In laws or the system
by any means whatsoever.
I try not to obey them at any time.
That's what I believe
in not believing in.
Yo, you ever watch stuck porn?
Dude, this 39-year-old stepmom
doing her laundry gets stuck.
Then in comes in
her 37-year-old stepson.
I didn't know I was paying all of you
to lime around and chat.
Yeah, I'll tell you later.
Hey, Miss Sherri, you got my money?
[SHERRI] What money?
The money for my paintings,
the ones that sold.
But what trouble is this?
So after I sit here now,
make a whole set of doubles,
macaroni pie, and callaloo,
and then I had to gather up
the strength
to sell your paintings in my shop,
meanwhile, you outside playing
with your little prick,
and now you wanna turn around
and ask me for money?
Ooh, God! Ha! This man real mad, boy.
You can't take the money
for something I made.
That's mine.
Like, what are you laughing at?
All right, partner.
So what happened to my meat?
[KEVIN] Your meat?
I don't know. Ask your doctor.
What you asking me about
what happened to your meat for?
What the fuck?
So the-the food from my kitchen,
it just, what,
grew legs and walked away?
Okay, you're talking about that meat.
I don't bro, I don't know
what happened to it.
Here why. 'Cause you see,
when I was making
the food for your people
for your big man ting event so, right,
I realized we didn't have
no goat, oxtail, nothing.
And your fast self
already thief from me once,
so why should I believe you?
Bro, I stopped after that one time
that you caught me, and even then,
I already paid you back. You know that.
I haven't taken from you since.
I wouldn't do that.
- I promise. Like, I'm
- Okay. Well, watch now.
Is either you, Dishes,
or some jumby ghost
thiefing from the shop,
so one of all of ya better talk quick.
You think I did it?
Toussaint, you have nine children.
- [KEVIN] Damn.
- You know what I say?
I say I does wonder how he does
feed all them pickney
with the little money I pay you.
- Toussaint?
- [SHERRI] Uh-huh.
That's your real name?
He was the Haitian Malcolm X.
What happened to you?
Hey, Principal Douglass.
You wanted to see me?
Yeah. I wouldn't say wanted to.
More like need to. Have a seat, Dan.
Um, I'll-I'll stand if that's okay.
I just I wanna keep
the blood flowing.
So what's up?
Zayna didn't come home last night.
[DOUGLASS] And it's been
brought to my attention
that she wasn't in your
classroom this morning either,
so we're just trying
to put together what happened.
What did you hear happened?
What can you tell me happened, Dan?
Okay. Yeah.
Zayna showed up at Jess' last night
because she felt unsafe at home,
so Jess let her stay at her place.
The fuck is you talking about?
I brought you in here
to just see what the buzz was
amongst the students.
Oh, my God, that was why
I hesitated for a second.
You remember that?
I paused, hoping
it would fill the space.
It's weird that you would just
volunteer such damning info.
I read that wrong.
Ms. Barreto, is what
he's saying is that true?
I'm sorry, but yeah.
Zayna was pretty determined
not to go home,
and I only wanted what's best for her.
[YELLING] How you know what's
best for my family, bitch?
Mr. Hill, there's no need
to yell and cuss.
One of the two will suffice.
[CALMLY] How you know what's
best for my family, bitch?
Yeah, it was late at night
when she randomly showed up,
and I thought it'd be safer
if she stayed with me.
Safer? Shorty, if your crib
so safe, then where she at?
I don't know.
When I woke up this morning,
she was gone.
[DOUGLASS] And you didn't
think to mention that
- when you got to work?
- [DAN] Don't blame Jess.
I'm the one who convinced her
to wait until third period.
Yo, these your employees?
Like, what kind of school
you runnin' here?
I do not make the hiring decisions.
I gotta work with what they send me.
- Dan, did you and Ms. Barreto
- conspire to keep Zayna?
- No, no.
- If you did
- [DAN] We did not.
then you are both responsible
for harboring a minor
without the consent
of her legal guardian.
[DAN] These are really serious
words you're saying.
No one conspired.
That takes way too much planning.
We just talked after, okay?
Zayna showed up at Jess' house
To my understanding, this
is the stuff that happened
Because she felt unsafe
with Drew Mr. Hill.
Yo, it's taking everything in my body
to stay calm right now
because I know where I'm at
and I'd be wrong if I slapped
the fuck out this nigga.
But if somebody don't find
my niece real soon,
I'ma slap the fuck out this nigga!
You would be wrong,
but I wouldn't be mad
if you did something like that.
No, no, no. Please say
you'd be mad if he did that.
Yo, Mr. Douglass,
I saved an actual p
What are you doin' here?
And where the hell you been at?
I went to go get my hair
braided and get breakfast.
Ms. B don't got shit
at her crib worth eatin'.
Zayna, you can't just
be taking off like that
when you feel like it.
Why? You do whatever you want
when you feel like it, don't you?
- We not doin' that here.
Well, uh, everyone's here and safe.
And I mean, frankly,
thank God for that.
Zayna, I'm gonna catch you up
on that lesson you missed sometime.
Um, it's awesome seeing
all of you guys.
- I hope to
- Dan, have a seat.
We're not done.
I thought her coming in
would let us be done.
I didn't take the meat.
I swear on both my families.
I'm a man of honor.
[SHERRI] Toussaint, tell me something.
Why you does always carry
two bags to work?
Because I go to my second job
after I leave here.
And what job is that?
I'm a nanny.
You yourself can barely take care
of your own children.
[SUCKS TEETH] You ain't no nanny, boy.
That's sexist. I could be a nanny.
I take care of my kids
right after I take care
of the white ones.
All right, man of honor,
open your backpack.
- What?
- [SHERRI] Open it, or I will.
- For
- [SHERRI] Oh, oh.
You think this joke I'm making?
All right. Here now.
Look at this, boy.
These children must be real grown, no?
I was borrowing it
for the baby's dinner.
I was bringing it right back.
Don't give me no cock-and-bull story.
No, the mark bus'll
take your raggedy ass on
and leave my shop. Now!
Miss, don't fire him.
- It was me.
- What?
[KEVIN] It was me.
I've been giving away food
for a while now.
I'm-I'm sorry. But Dishes is innocent.
You thief!
For true, Kevin?
You know it's I and I alone
you're hurting here, right?
I know, but you can keep the money
from the paintings I sold
and we'll call it even.
You're fired.
I'm fired?
You want me to say it again?
Move your ass. Move, move.
And don't bother
coming back here again.
[DISHES] Mm-hmm.
That's why you can't hire Black people.
Hush your mouth.
[JESS] I know it wasn't right,
but Zayna convinced me that
Mr. Hill was a risk to her,
and I should've followed procedure,
but I-I only wanted to protect her.
Protect her from what?
Yo, Zayna,
let's talk about this at home.
I ain't goin' anywhere with you.
[DREW] So where you goin', then, huh?
You think she gon' let you
stay with her forever?
You think this bozo
gon' let you stay with him?
Don't let these people get between us.
We family.
No, you broke up my actual family.
The only reason we family,
'cause you feel guilty
for getting my pops knocked
for what you did, period.
That's not true. You my brother's kid.
I'd be doing this regardless.
You know what I do for you.
You don't do much.
I can support myself.
I got my own business.
I get my own hair did.
I don't need you.
You stay be getting in my business
and then act as if you-you-you helpin'.
But no, you only use people
to get what you want.
Like how he made Mr. Joseph
take him to Will's crib.
Wait, what?
You gave away a student's
address to this man?
If I hadn't gone,
Drew would have beaten
the shit out of Will.
And you was gon' stop him?
I would have tried.
[DREW] I wasn't gonna beat up a kid,
especially after I saw his mom.
She bad. You saw his mother, right?
You lucked out
she was attractive. Otherwise
Yo, keep lying on me, son.
I'm telling you.
- See what I mean?
- [DAN] And we lucked out.
[DOUGLASS] Mr. Hill, Mr. Hill.
He mad violent.
Now he gon' beat up Mr. Joseph.
Thank you, Zayna.
Yo, don't be mad at him and Ms. B
for trying to help me,
'cause you'd be working
a regular job, too,
if it wasn't for
that little-ass amount of lean
you be selling, fake-ass Ghost.
Hey, Zayna, settle down.
Oh, you tellin' me
to settle down, Ms. B?
You the one who got Dami
birth control pills,
but you wanna play favorites?
Couldn't cosign on an apartment for me.
Why you tryin' to get an apartment?
'Cause I don't wanna live with you.
Ms. Barreto, are you just a slumlord?
You just takin' in kids?
No, no, no, no.
Zayna, asking a vice principal
to cosign an apartment
is a wild move.
That was never gonna work.
Okay. I'm done with all of y'all.
[SCOFFS] I'm pissed.
And these two, they be fuckin' raw.
[DREW] Zayna, come back h
- [ZAYNA] I'm outta here.
- [DREW] Zayna, come back!
that's a metaphor, what she said.
She wasn't being literal there.
It-it-it is wild that you're
still talking right now.
[DAN] I'm sorry. I just
Just just just, please.
Well, that got ugly quickly.
Had to call Officer Santos
to escort Mr. Hill out the building.
That's why I cancel PTA meetings.
Parents should never be
meeting the teachers.
What about Zayna?
[DOUGLASS] What do you want me to say?
You know the drill.
We call child services.
ACS will be by after school,
and they'll do an investigation
into a living arrangement.
Are you even aware of how many
different protocols you two broke?
[DAN] Um
a few.
I've broken more.
What you did,
that's grounds for dismissal.
You lucky I'm only
giving you the rubber room,
and then we're gonna
investigate to decide
whether or not you'll
ever be reinstated.
Thank you.
And you, Jess, you know better.
What was I supposed to do?
She showed up at my house.
You want me to kick her out at night?
[DOUGLASS] I'm sorry.
I gotta send this down to district.
Until then, you're on unpaid leave.
No. Sorry. No, that's unfair.
You both broke countless rules.
I'm sorry. These rules are bullshit.
We have kids here
with very real problems,
and if we ignore that, they're fucked.
We can't just teach textbooks
in a vacuum.
Drew was gonna go harm a student
if I didn't step in and mediate.
And Dami needed birth control
so she wouldn't get pregnant
and drop out of school.
And what happens
when we do follow protocol?
Like when you made Jess expel
White Marcus Bufkin.
He threatened to blow the school up.
Thank God none of my
science lessons resonated,
or we'd be dead.
Zayna felt she was in danger,
so we stepped up
because we care about the students
more than the city, more than the DOE.
We wouldn't have to cut these corners
if they weren't so stupid.
The corners are stupid.
you do make some fair points.
None of which matter.
Nice speech, though.
God damn it.
Rubber room for you.
Unpaid leave for you.
You know what's crazy?
Despite all this wild stuff
that's been going on,
Zayna's grades are pretty amazing.
She got a 100 in science.
- I should clarify that
- Uh, mm.
- That she's a bright girl.
- Sh yep.
- [ZAYNA] Yo, bro.
- [DAMI] Yo.
- Let me ask you something.
- Mm-hmm?
What ACS say to you when
you called 'em on your moms?
All kinds of shit, bro.
They probably just gon', like,
open up a case on Drew.
But with all that nigga got going on,
it's not gonna be open for long.
I know it's not.
Then what? They take me away?
I mean, yeah, then you just,
like, go in the system
till they figure out
what to do with you.
I ain't letting them put me
in no system.
I mean, they just gon' find you
at Drew's.
I'm not gonna be there neither.
I don't need that nigga for nothing.
Then what you gon' do, Zay?
Sorry you got fired.
But you sold your pieces.
That's progress.
I didn't get paid, though.
Baby steps.
I don't know what
I'm gonna do tomorrow.
How we both get fired on the same day?
Technically, I'm not fired.
I just have to report to
the rubber room indefinitely.
It's like a teacher detention.
Why'd they do that?
Just too many kids failing.
So you still get paid?
Yeah. It's a weird system.
They found Zayna, by the way.
She showed up to school today.
Word? Where was she?
Mm I don't know.
I-I just heard she was safe,
but I didn't get into the particulars.
- That's you.
- No, it's not.
[DAN] Fuck is that coming from?
You can feel it, right? Am I crazy?
Wait. Fuck?
Whose phone is this?
Bro, that's Drew phone, man.
Why would Drew's phone be at our place?
'Cause I told him to come by here
when we were looking for Zayna.
I thought you were at the roti shop.
Ah, we was over here.
- So now he knows where we live?
Bro, he could have followed us
home anytime.
We not hard to find.
What the fuck are you do
That's different than having
him inside our apartment.
Now whenever he gets mad
or loses his kid
or if he just wants food,
he just shows up here.
What do you think is gonna happen?
Yo. Yeah, I was
Wait, what?
Hold on. Say that again.
You cut out. Say it again.
[DREW] I said Zayna was with your boy
and some bitch that work
at the school last night.
And check it, child services
is opening a case on me.
Yo, if I lose Zayna
because of this dude,
I don't know what I'ma do to him.
You know where he at?
Yo, Kev, where is he?
I ain't seen him yet.
[DREW] Tell me when you do, man.
Matter of fact, yo,
bring me my phone right now.
All right, I got you.
Thank you for
Bro, Zayna was with you when I called?
Why the fuck you ain't tell me?
I just thought you'd tell Drew.
Yeah, 'cause that's his niece.
The fuck is wrong with you?
She said she wasn't safe.
Bro, now you not safe.
You sitting here talking about,
"Oh, he know where we live.
You brought him into the apartment."
What the fuck you think
he gon' do to you
for kidnapping his niece?
Nobody kidnapped her. Are you insane?
Are you?
Do you even understand
what the fuck you just did?
You lying to him
about something this serious
is gon' to get us both killed.
You're saying he would kill both of us.
You're admitting Drew's dangerous.
What the fuck are you
talking about, man?
[DAN] You're saying
he would kill both of us.
Do you hear what you're saying?
You're not even thinking
about what you're saying.
Yeah, okay. Run away again. Fine. Run.
Fuck off.
Fuck this.
It's like blap, blap, blap ♪
Who get shot? ♪
I know five years old where ♪
dreams don't get dropped ♪
Blap, blap, blap ♪
Yo, I'm telling you, bro.
They about to start charging $2
for loosies.
Shit, I'ma start selling those too.
- Yo, what's up, man?
- [DREW] Yo, what's up, fool?
Sit down.
Put that right there.
[KEVIN] What's up, Blue?
Yo, you play dominos?
Um, not really.
Well, kind of like cards, right?
You don't want people
to know your hand.
So when I play, I like to play stupid.
Try to lead niggas astray,
make 'em think I don't got
something I actually got.
That way, I could get 'em to do
what I want 'em to do.
Feel me?
Yeah, that makes sense.
You know how to play stupid. You smart.
I mean, I was in
the National Honor Society,
but I wouldn't say I was smart.
They let everybody
in that motherfucker.
Okay, you smart. I feel like I'm smart.
Blue, you smart?
Okay. So we some smart niggas.
Now, what I'm trying to figure out
is, how did you not know
Zayna was with the
motherfucker you live with?
bro, he never told me she was with him.
I-I couldn't
Nah, you smart. What's he in?
National Honor Society.
[DREW] So in my head,
your smart ass was
playing dumb, stalling me,
had me running around the entire city
the whole time your homey
tryin' to take my niece from me.
Nah, Drew, I swear
it wasn't like that, man.
He-he lied to me too.
I never knew where she was
If I knew, I would've told you, bro.
On everything I love.
I wouldn't even do you like that, man.
For real. It's not that way.
Like, the nigga was talking
to me the whole time
and he wait, yo, bro. Chill.
What the f
Man, fuck, man.
Bro, you know what?
Bro, if you not gon'
take my word for it,
then do what the fuck
you gotta do, man.
I spent all of yesterday helping you
and got fired 'cause of it,
so it really don't even matter, man.
The only thing I lied to you about
is that I knew where Zayna was.
That's it.
And I just went off on his stupid ass
for not telling me
where the fuck Zayna was,
but I never would have did that
or helped you
if I knew you was gon' be
on the same bullshit as him.
It don't even fucking matter, man.
Just do what you gotta do, bro.
Go ahead.
It's like blap, blap, blap ♪
Who get shot? ♪
I know five years old where ♪
dreams don't get dropped ♪
Blap, blap, blap ♪
For what it's worth,
I think you're full of shit.
But I don't really trust niggas
like that, except Drew.
He the realest nigga I know.
Bro, if he you wanted you dead,
you'd be dead, bro, so relax.
You want a wing?
Thank you.
- Surprise!
- Oh, hey.
- Hi.
- What
I-I could have I could have
come to your place.
Oh, no, I couldn't do
one more second there.
Too depressing.
Do people actually live here?
Oh, yeah. I-I-I just moved in.
I'm still getting settled.
Probably put some shelves in
tomorrow probably.
Do you wanna Do you have a cup?
Yeah. I-I don't have, um, glasses,
but you can I'm more a bowl guy now.
Yeah, you can, um this is clean.
[JESS] Let's do it.
- There you go.
- [DAN] Thanks.
- Just get some ice.
And I just wanna be drunk ♪
Cheers. [CHUCKLES]
Bittersweet defeat ♪
I'm sorry I blurted out
the truth to Douglass.
It was just I was trying
to read everyone's eye contact,
but there were too many eyes
to make contact with.
- That's okay.
- It's, like, eight eyes.
That's, like, two per person.
It was a lot.
- It's fine.
- Yeah.
No, i-it's probably for the best.
I mean, it helped me
come to a decision.
Yeah? I did too.
- Oh, I'll go first.
- [JESS] Mm-hmm.
Um, no, just talking about the kids,
it just made me realize,
like, I-I-I wanna teach
and help in some way, you know?
Like, I'm not great at it,
but I just want another chance
to be better and double down my effort.
I mean, the result, you know,
I'll probably still fail,
but-but my attitude will be better.
That's sweet.
But, um, what-what-what
was your decision?
I'm gonna change careers.
[CHUCKLES] It's just, I've
done this job every way, Dan.
I played by the rules,
and that was a mess.
I cut corners, and that all
blew up in my face.
Uh, it's just hopeless.
And I think it's okay to quit.
I mean, everything you said
to Douglass was true.
Because of what I said?
No, man, I wasn't trying to
discourage you with my speech.
What would you do?
I wanna do something selfish.
I think, like, travel,
then maybe go to law school.
And I really wanna smoke more.
You're too good a person
to be, like, a smoking lawyer.
I-I just don't wanna do this anymore.
I didn't like doing this. I'm over it.
- That's not true.
- [JESS] It is true.
No, you like doing this.
You're-you're just frustrated.
You're just frustrated right now
and you're doing that thing
where you're like,
"Oh, I never liked the thing
I loved anyway."
All right, don't tell me
what I like or don't like.
I'm-I'm not telling you anything.
I'm just saying your whole
focus has been on making
a difference, and I love that.
I wanna do that.
Okay, I'm not telling you
what you should be doing,
so why are you doing that to me?
I'm not telling you
what you should be doing.
You can do whatever you want.
I'm just saying, like,
those rule violations, like,
nothing you did was a problem.
I'm sorry. Can we just,
uh, change the subject?
I-I came here to escape today,
not get coaching or, like, a fix.
Okay. Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, let's we can escape.
Oh, um, that's my friend's
from when he visited once.
we can go to my room. Is that
You okay?
She still won't answer?
No, no, no, no ♪
I mean, shit.
You raised her to hold her own.
She'll be a'ight.
I hope so.
She will be, bro.
- Thank you, man.
- Mm-hmm.
This nigga really drink daiquiris.
Nigga, this the white women's
specialty, nigga.
- They put me on it.
You a trip, son.
Hey, yo. [CHUCKLES]
Yo, what's wrong with your man?
- This nigga allergic to ranch?
- He's out.
Bro, this nigga
Hey, bro! What the fuck?
Yo, fam.
Hey, fam.
What's up?
Yo, bro, where my money at?
[KEVIN] Oh, you don't remember me.
I made your album cover.
You never paid me.
- Oh, that's you.
- [KEVIN] Yeah, that's me.
- Yes.
- [KEVIN] Yeah.
You ain't believe in me.
You unfollowed me.
I got the app. I saw.
Nigga, give me my fucking money, bro.
I ain't got shit for you, boy.
Now, back off.
Actually, I just happened
to find some money right here.
So, uh, what we said, 100?
Nah, nigga, we said five.
- Five?
- Yeah.
- You got change?
- [KEVIN] You're lucky
I don't take all of that shit, boy.
You got a paintball vest on, bro.
Get the fuck outta here. [SCOFFS]
[MAR 10S] You left the gun
at home again, nigga?
- Crazy, bro.
- Grasshopper, I see you.
Oh. For what I owe you.
I respect it. You hold that.
You good with me.
- Word?
- Yeah.
- Order you some more daiquiris.
You know that's happening, bro.
Ey, yo, bartender!
Yo, let me get some daiquiris
for the whole house,
except for that nigga with the
Lucky Charms chains on, bro.
- [JESS] Ah.
- [DAN] Oh, sorry.
I just did laundry.
It's clean, so it's okay.
Sorry, it's two loads.
A lot of pants, you know?
That's a lot of pills.
Oh, yeah, that's, um, just,
like, allergies and stuff.
God damn, keys don't fucking work.
- What the fuck?
- [KEVIN] Come on, bro.
Yeah, I'm saying.
You was just saying some shit. [LAUGHS]
You seen Ghost Dog?
[KEVIN] Nah, what's that?
[DREW] Oh, you ain't see Ghost Dog?
Son, we gotta watch that.
I'm telling you.
- The Forest Whitaker joint?
- The nigga from The Butler?
[DREW] Yeah, that nigga. [LAUGHS]
[KEVIN] Fuck nah.
Yo, check this shit out.
And this gon' make it better.
Excuse me. ACS.
Anybody here?
- Excuse me.
- What the
[KEVIN] Yo, what the fuck
did you just do?
[DREW] Fuck!
You know? ♪
Do it! ♪
Sister Nancy's "Ain't No ♪
Stopping Nancy" playing ♪
Said there ain't, ain't no ♪
stopping Nancy, bang ♪
Bangadang! ♪
'Cause I've been DJ'ing ♪
From I was 15 years old ♪
Tell them! ♪
Heel them! ♪
Ain't, ain't no stopping ♪
Sister Nancy, bang ♪
Bangadang! ♪
'Cause I've been DJ'ing ♪
From I was 15 years old ♪
Tell them! ♪
Heel them! ♪
Ain't no stopping Nancy ♪
now ♪
Me lawyer say there ain't ♪
no stopping Nancy now ♪
I tell uh say my father ♪
is a farmer ♪
Every day him gon' plow ♪
Him nah lef' him razor, ♪
and him nah lef' him sow ♪
Him plant callaloo ♪
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