Flatbush Misdemeanors (2021) s01e10 Episode Script


- What about Zayna?
- ACS will be by after school.
And they'll do an investigation
into her living arrangement.
Then you just, like, go in the system
till they figure out
what to do with you.
I ain't letting them
put me in no system.
Then what you gonna do, Zay?
Oh, shit. You're a legend. Thank you.
Oh, this is Oxy. That's okay.
Bro, you got a problem.
You pop a Xanny to wake up
in the morning.
That's a lot of pills.
Oh, yeah, it's, like,
allergies and stuff.
I don't want to live with you!
Excuse me.
What the fuck?
What the fuck are you doing in my crib?
Yo, who the fuck is this?
- I'm with ACS, man!
- Oh, man.
Why you fucking shoot me?
- Oh, my God, man.
- What the fuck?
You fucking shot me.
Bro, what the fuck?
Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck.
I'm really bleeding.
- Shit.
- Oh, damn.
Bro, what the fuck did you just do?
Damn, damn, damn.
- Bro.
- Nah, bro.
- Yo.
- Nah.
You fled a crime scene.
Bro, I fled when it became
a crime scene.
I didn't commit a crime.
Fleeing a crime scene is a crime.
So what, I'm supposed to just
sit in a crime when a crime
happen? That don't even make sense.
You led them on a trail
directly back to this apartment.
Nobody's coming here, all right?
- He on the run.
- On the run?
What the fuck are you talking about?
What the fuck were you
even doing over there?
If you hadn't tried to hide Zayna,
we wouldn't even be in this mess.
I told you hanging with Drew would lead
to some fucking thing, didn't I?
Did you think I was being paranoid?
You met, and he tried to kill you.
That was his hello.
Do you get how serious this is?
Of course I get it!
You think I'm fucking stupid?
- I don't know, because
- A nigga could be dead.
I looked down at a man
who could be dead.
I understand exactly what's going on.
Dude, I'm already linked to Zayna
from that child services case, okay?
I'm facing trouble at school.
Kev, the day the fucking day
after an ACS case opens,
an agent gets shot.
What the fuck did you think
was going to happen?
I don't know. I don't know.
I'm fucked, too. Damn, it happened.
Shit, what you want me to do about it?
Do nothing! I'm just saying,
look where we are.
That's all. I'm just saying,
look where we are.
Bro, I got bigger problems than
hearing your shit right now.
- Hearing my shit?
- Yes, hearing your shit.
I don't need your complaining.
I don't need your help.
I don't need your "I told you so."
Shut the fuck up.
This isn't sustainable.
This shit isn't it's not good,
you being here.
You should
You should start looking for a place.
I'm not saying leave right now.
Nah, bro, you got it.
You said that I'm gone,
I'm gone. Fuck it.
You can't help me no way.
What the fuck am I gonna do?
Zay, come on, bro, you good.
My parents gone.
You good, my nigga. Come on.
I got you some food.
This all we got. Don't make that face.
You can't get me
no sandwich and nothing?
Girl, I'm tired of eating
all this African food.
How you hiding at my crib
and you demanding shit?
It's not working like that.
You don't need a spoon or nothing?
No, you just dip it
in the soup, and you eat it.
You sure it's cool I'm here?
Um, for now, yeah.
I mean, like, we still got a few hours
before my parents get home.
Yo, bro.
How you have a whole
free crib every day
- I know.
- for 12 hours,
and we ain't
never take advantage of it?
Bro, if they found out you was
here, they'd beat my ass.
You should be used to that by now.
Don't come for me.
You ain't shit.
That's not funny.
Nigga think he slick
calling me from his burner,
- like I ain't save that shit.
- Adults be so fucking stupid.
- Answer.
- God.
Yo, bro, you can stop calling me.
Why the fuck you not
answering your phone?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I'm not coming home.
That's why I been calling you.
Whatever you do, don't go home.
- The crib is hot.
- Wait.
What what are you What happened?
What are you talking about?
Cash out on Forex and
meet me at Hudson Yards,
7 p.m. bus to Philly.
Bring all the shit you got with you
'cause we not coming back for a minute.
Wait, what's happening?
I can't say this shit on the phone.
Just meet me there, Zay.
Zayna, you got it?
I-I heard you.
Zay, everything's
gonna be good, all right?
You just got to trust me.
You trust me?
You good, bro?
I don't know.
Are you actually gonna
You're not really gonna go.
- Where are you gonna go?
- Home.
What about Georgia's?
Bro, let it go. You don't
want me here, I'm gone.
Stop being so fucking dramatic.
Stop switching up.
I know what you're doing.
You're trying to avoid feeling guilty.
You said what you said.
Now stand on it.
- Stand on it shut the fuck up.
- All right.
Yeah, you got it. I'm already gone.
Yeah, fine.
You can take the Street Fighter
blanket if you want.
I just need my shit.
Who cup is that?
It's mine.
I don't think you own any cups.
What's good, gentlemen?
- What the fuck is that?
- It's yours.
You said you broke your bike, right?
Yeah, like, a couple months ago.
Well, I was waiting for you to come by
and pick it up from the shop.
But, uh, as I was cleaning out
for my grand reopening,
I figured
- What's going on?
- I'm moving out.
Oh, God damn.
Actually, this is the perfect time.
Your cousin Tremaine from Macon
is moving up here,
and he needs a couch to stay on.
I'll tell him yours is now available.
I don't have a cousin Tremaine.
He's my cousin.
So he's your cousin or second cousin.
I'm not taking in some guy
I don't know, Kareem.
I just told you who he was.
He's family.
Now you can ride off into the sunset
and think about all of them
couches you gonna sleep on.
Come on, let me show you the features.
Look, got a little bell.
You can ring that
as many times as you want
Once, twice.
Now, it also has a basket.
I could have swore there was a basket.
Bro, I don't I don't need it, man.
No, we gonna get you your basket.
Look, y'all come down to the shop now.
And, also, I can show y'all
my awning with the new name
Kareem's Larry's Bike Shop.
Keeping community while putting
myself front and center.
It's been real, bro, but I'm out, man.
Fine. Skip my reopening.
Dan, you coming by, right?
'Cause I need you to help me
unscrew the training wheels
off the child's bikes
so I could sell them for adult prices.
Yo, Dan.
Yo, Dan! Dan!
Oh, no!
I had a nightmare about this, man.
Hang in there, my dope-fiend son.
You hang in there!
We got to get him to a hospital, man.
Oh, no, no, no.
You can't trust them doctors.
They just want a paycheck.
Look, don't worry.
I know exactly what to do.
Boom, shaka-laka.
Boom, shaka. Boom, shaka.
Yo, this shit isn't working, man.
You tried, like, five things.
Got any bark?
No, bro, enough with alternative shit.
The bowl is empty, man.
What are you doing?
We got to get him to a hospital.
Fine, but call a car, though,
'cause them ambulances is a scam.
Uh, can you do it?
I got banned from Uber.
You bring nothing to this emergency!
Damn, man. You on dope, too?
God damn.
You think I should link with Drew?
What? No. Why?
Bro, if you mad at that nigga,
why would you go back and see him?
'Cause he the only family I have.
If I stay here, where I'ma live?
I can't hide in your crib forever.
I mean, you're right.
But say I do go with him.
Then what my life gonna be like?
This nigga don't even know
where we're gonna be living at.
He just told me what to do like
I'm a fucking child.
You're right about that, too.
Yo, D, you know how much I love Drew?
But I knew I was gonna get
this call like this one day.
"Yo, pack your shit. We running."
And that's
that's actually the good version.
You know how your mom say
she can't sleep
until she know that you home at night?
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm like that with Drew.
How I'm ever supposed
to have a normal life
if I'm always worried about
this nigga getting knocked?
Normal? Bro, your uncle
been selling lean,
like, basically your whole life.
That nigga is always
about to get knocked.
It's nothing normal
about your life, bro.
Okay, I'm wrong for that, yeah,
but I'm right about that, bro.
You know that shit.
Fuck it.
I'ma just stay.
I can take care of myself.
Is that my Mom?
Oh, fuck. Come here, Zay.
No, no, no, come.
Shit's fucked up.
Hey, Mommy.
- Where is the boy?
- What?
Dami, I heard somebody talking
from the hallway, my friend.
Where's the boy?
No boy, Mommy.
Oh, and you're feeding him.
I was hungry.
Oh, so only you ate
two plates of food, shebi?
Hmm? Make I find someone
for this house
Oh, Ma
We She's not a boy.
I feel like shit, man. I knew
he was taking too many pills.
I sh I should've tried to stop him.
You didn't make him take that shit.
Ah, but I've gotten him pills before.
Like, he'd ask
and I'd get them from Drew,
but even Drew said he's a fiend.
My boy been more stressed lately?
He always stressed.
He can barely hold it together
when nothing going on.
I think I just pushed him
too hard this time.
Well, God damn.
Then you are responsible.
I'm seeing this now.
Maria said when you two were kids,
you was a good influence on Dan.
But now look at him
damn dope fiend.
Now that I think of it,
ever since you came around,
his life's been a mess.
It's a damn shame.
Listen, while I got you here,
you work at that roti shop.
Yeah, I got fired, though.
Well, you still know people.
I got to run an idea by you.
What two things
do people in Brooklyn love?
Caribbean food, bikes.
Put them together fusion shop.
Let me show you how we do it.
We get the bikes,
and you get some beef patties,
and then you ride through
the hood with the beef patties,
and you throw it
through people's windows.
That's how you promote, but
You even listening?
What? I'm sorry.
What were you talking about?
I'm saying you take my small business,
plus your small business,
put them together, boom,
that's big business.
Kareem, your son is unconscious, man.
Can we talk about this later?
Yeah, Tremaine.
Fifty percent chance
you get the bedroom.
Ijeoma, we cannot just
throw her into the street.
- What about her uncle?
- It's not safe for her.
I promised her mother
we would be looking after her.
Is it me or her mother
that you married?
There's no room for her, Wilner.
What little money we have,
you want to invite
another mouth to feed, eh?
And the girl can eat.
She really gonna say
that like I'm not right here?
Bro, pretty much.
That's what she do, bro.
Yo, that's so disrespectful.
I'm tired of everybody
telling me what to do.
If you gonna stay here,
you gonna have to get used to that.
Hi, ma'am. I'm Sylvia Bates
with Child Services.
Can I come in?
For what?
Uh, well, have you or
your daughter been in contact
with a Zayna Bien-Aime
in the last few days?
Maybe your daughter, uh, Dam-ee
can help.
- Can I speak with her?
- Her name is Dami.
Ma'am, I just need to ask you
What is your job, hmm?
To separate small children
from their families?
You people came to take my own pekin.
Now you are coming for another one.
Are you okay?
Or you're just working your way
through the whole school?
No, ma'am, Zayna has an open case
that has recently escalated.
So, if you have any information
about her whereabouts,
please give me a call.
You too. If you find her, eh, call me.
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh,
shut your teeth there.
Hey there, Dopey.
You alive?
Yeah, I'm okay, man.
Yeah, man, I was, uh I was
worried there for a minute.
Dan, you got to stop
with the pills, man.
- It's it's a lot.
- Oh, good.
- You alive, son.
- Yeah, I'll cut down for sure.
No, not down.
You need professional help, son.
You need to go to drug rehab
or a general rehab
with a drug sub-focus.
I-I don't need rehab, Kareem.
Look, I made a mistake, but
I'm not at, like, rock bottom.
This sure ain't rock top.
That's a fact.
Look, I-I was lucky
that you guys were there,
so, um
thank you both.
You make sure he get home, all right?
And, you, I'll see you soon.
Professional help.
I'm not sorry for what I said,
but I wouldn't have said it
if I knew you was gonna O.D.
Like, I just saw a guy get shot, man.
Maybe I shouldn't have yelled
at you, but I don't know, bro.
- It's been a long day, man.
- Yeah, I'm really sorry, too.
I can't go through
what I'm going through.
Yeah, man, 'cause it's, like,
we can't keep doing
Hey, there. How you feeling?
eh, same as usual.
Thank you.
You overdosed, so we're gonna
need to keep you here
a few more hours for observation.
Make sure he doesn't get up.
Uh-huh. All right.
We're we're okay, ma'am.
Thank you. It's just been a long day.
Okay, Mr. Koularmanis,
there's a police officer here
to get a statement from you.
I want to go home.
I want to see my family.
I know. It'll be quick.
Sit tight. I'm gonna get the officer.
What's going what's going on?
Psst. Here.
That's the dude that Drew shot.
What if he recognizes me?
- Just get out of here.
- He might remember me.
What the fuck are you doing? Sit down.
I'll stop jacking off
if you get me out of here, bro.
Hey, um, I overheard you were shot.
- I'm sorry about that.
- Oh, thanks.
You know, I don't get it.
I just work for the city and, uh
What department do you work for?
- Child Services.
- Right, okay.
Yeah, continue.
I didn't think I would be
entering anything dangerous.
It was supposed to be routine.
And then it just got crazy.
You okay?
Oh, yeah, I, uh I-I overdosed.
Um, it it felt like the right dose,
but I guess I went over.
Oh, sorry to hear that.
Where do you work?
I teach at a public school
or I used to.
I'm on suspension now
for a for rule violations.
Yeah, terrible.
City workers, man
You go into it
because you want to help,
but then it grinds you down
until you don't realize
why you went into it
in the first place.
People telling you do this, do that,
but they're not seeing
the stuff that you deal with every day.
It's not one size fits all.
Yeah, that's that's how I feel.
And that's why we have
to bust the unions.
Well, I wouldn't go that far,
but, yeah, it's something to debate.
Anyway, sorry this happened, and, uh
thanks for asking if I'm okay.
- Thanks.
- It's from Kareem.
I'll see you around.
- Yo, your mom is a fucking G.
- Nah.
Nah, she just don't like people
telling her
what to do in her crib,
'cause that shit was crazy.
- Like
- Crazy.
Not taking that shit, bro.
Okay, Zayna.
Move your feet.
Okay, Zayna, you may stay with us.
But if you are going to be
living in my house,
you have to follow my rules.
Answer me.
What is it?
Oh, sir. Sorry, sir.
Yes, this is Felicia. How are you?
Mrs. Johnson?
Yes, I gave her 815 milligrams
of Glucophage
this morning with breakfast.
Drew blowing you up?
Nah, I'm gonna just stay here.
I just don't want to, you know
What don't you want?
I don't want to be homeless.
Bro, no.
I'm for real.
Well, you got a crib here.
- I'll be right back.
- Dami, lola
Coming, Mommy. Coming.
We're sorry.
The number you have dialed
is not in service.
Please check the number
and try and call again.
What are you doing here?
Well, I told your mother
we got 30 days.
Welcome to rehab.
This guy's funny, man.
Sorry, what are the words
you're saying here?
I said, you need
professional help, right?
Now I'm that professional.
I've helped many people out of ditches.
Your mom was first,
and now you'll be the second.
Look, you got the same genes.
It can't be too different.
Kareem, I-I don't need you
to help me get clean.
Where did you buy all this stuff?
All this shit is recommended.
Home-based drug treatment
is cheaper and more effective,
according to NPR.
Okay, you've never cited a fact before,
so I'll I'll buy that one.
Listen, I want to help you, son.
I love you.
And I'm gonna get you clean.
- Some urine screenings.
- No, no, no, no, no.
And some GPS tracking maybe.
Oh, we'll have you done
with this shit in a second.
Kareem, you're not tracking me.
Or you can have your mama
come down here and cry
until you go to real rehab.
- You want that?
- No, of course not.
Mom shouldn't worry.
Okay, then let me come
over every day for 30 days
and get you clean.
Shit, you're already dressed for it.
Kareem, t-this is nice of you
sincerely, but I'm an adult.
I can handle myself.
What the fuck you think you can handle?
You always trying to fix
every goddamn thing,
from the school to the basketball team.
And you ain't fixed shit!
Give it up, man.
Let somebody help you.
Let me help you.
Fine. Okay. All right, fine.
All right.
First treatment Epsom salt bath.
No, you're not gonna give me a bath.
No, I'm not gonna give you a bath.
You gonna give you a bath.
Kev gonna give you a bath.
No, I'm not.
Wait, where are you going?
Uh, I'm going home.
Wait, Kareem's not staying
for good, dude.
I think he'll just make
brief house calls.
I don't care about Kareem. I just
I can't stay here anymore.
But we talked it out, like
Well, I want you to stay.
Like, we'll be better.
Look, bro, if I stay here,
we won't be cool.
It's just gonna be more of the same.
Trust me, man. It's better if I leave.
That's what you want,
right, though, to be friends?
Yeah, of course.
All right, cool.
Then I got to go. Like
You good, man.
You got your family here.
We got a humidifier and a dehumidifier.
They cancel each other.
I think I'm gonna return both
of these motherfuckers, yeah.
Do you need an Uber or something?
Nah, I'll be fine. I'll figure it out.
But you're barely taking anything
Your your paintings.
I guess that's all you have,
but your paintings
Throw them away.
I don't need them.
No, I'll keep them.
They'll they'll be worth
something someday.
All right, I'll see you, man.
Later, man.
All righty, I'm gonna see y'all.
See you on the next couch.
Don't worry, son.
You gonna have a lot more fun
when your cousin Tremaine gets here.
I ain't gonna lie to you, though.
He is kind of weird.
About to about to
You're always about
to be doing something.
I'm going to wash them.
Okay, please, because
I'm not anybody's maid.
If your friend's going to stay,
they have to also chip in.
She will.
I can't be working 12 hours
and come back and stand in the kitchen.
It's bad enough
you're not cooking anything.
I cook, you wash plates
that's the deal.
Yes, Mommy, I know.
Okay. Listen, don't start with me.
I'm talking, you're talking.
I get final word.
I said when you finish,
clean the kitchen.
You and your friend think
I'm your maid, shebi?
If she's going to be living here,
she better be helping you.
Officer Rhonda McHassen, NYPD.
Officer, I am
a licensed rehab professional.
I assure you all this is legal.
I even got paperwork I can print.
I just need a printer.
No, we're looking for Kevin Biobaku
in conjunction
with a shooting this morning.
You're Daniel Joseph, yes?
- Yes.
- Do you mind
if I come in
and ask you some questions?
We can go downtown, too.
Mr. Joseph, are you all right?
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