Flatbush Misdemeanors (2021) s02e01 Episode Script


Kev is new to Flatbush.
He's just an honest, struggling artist.
Motherfucker, you know how much
that shit cost?
Fuck you, I just did three racks.
You got three racks on you?
- What he doing here?
- Do you know him?
Yeah, that's my teacher.
You gonna do what I tell you to do
until I'm done telling you
to do it, all right?
Hey, that art world could be cold.
You just drew that?
It's dope. It's really dope.
You keep complaining about the nigga,
let him defend himself.
Bro, Drew is not that bad.
He is that bad.
He's a dangerous drug dealer.
And to be honest, I'm worried about
bigger shit, too.
I'm giving Zayna A's, I risked my job,
I'm scared of this guy.
Her uncle Zayna's right.
I've met him a couple times,
he can be aggressive.
- We family.
- No.
You broke up my actual family.
The only reason we "family"
'cause you feel guilty
for getting my pops
knocked for what you did.
I just have to report
to the rubber room indefinitely.
It's like a teacher detention.
What the fuck were you
even doing over there?
I'm facing trouble at school,
the fucking day after
an ACS case opens, an agent gets shot.
I'm at the game
and I look up in the stands
and see you sitting with him
like you're best friends.
Dan, you got to stop
with the pills, man.
It's It's a lot.
I want to help you, son.
I love you, and I'm-a get you clean.
- Wait, where you going?
- Uh, I'm going home.
If I stay here, we won't be cool.
It's just gonna be more of the same.
Trust me, man, it's better if I leave.
I feel like there's
no hope for humanity ♪
I just want my moment, Linsanity ♪
Before it's all over ♪
I try to get through
this, no profanity ♪
My daughter's watching,
my heart is hopping ♪
My art is popping,
I'm sick of knocking ♪
I'm kicking doors, I'm independent ♪
'Cause they dependent
on getting yours ♪
But I'm resilient
and shout-out to Aiden 24 ♪
That's where I
get it, okay, I get it ♪
A different animal, the same beast ♪
I need to speak with Dan Joseph.
When did you last see Drew?
I haven't seen him since the
Child Services agent was shot.
All right? This is the fourth time
I've been asked this in three months.
Are you objecting to questioning?
No, I-I was just I was just counting.
I was sure it it was more than that.
Officer. I don't know
what you want with my stepson,
but he's a sober man now, thanks to me.
I mean, yeah, he cheated on his taxes,
- but hasn't everybody?
- Kareem, come on, settle.
Well, what is this, then?
Is this reverse racism?
I-I doubt it's reverse racism.
If you have any leads
on Drew's whereabouts,
let us know.
We got leads if you got leads.
Fun chatting.
Son, did you even try
to sell that cop a bike?
No, I'm not trying to sell a bike
to Officer Jango Jenkins.
You know what? Here, look.
Here's another chance
- All right?
- Okay.
Go get 'em, son.
Yo, Mr. Joseph.
- Yo, Oz.
- What's going on?
What's up, man? How you doing?
- Chillin', man.
- Yo, Kareem.
This is Oz. I was his basketball coach.
He's gonna testify at my teacher
reinstatement hearing tomorrow.
Oh, that's actually why
I stopped by, Mr. Joseph.
- Can't make it tomorrow.
- What do you mean?
The new basketball coach
who replaced you?
- Yeah?
- Yo, he got me
a recruitment visit
at St. John's at the same time.
The new coach did?
Yeah, he's turned my life around.
Is he a better coach than me?
Nah. I mean, just different.
- Like
- Right.
You know, you were really nice,
and he's made us good at basketball.
Meh. It's apples and oranges.
I'm sorry, Oz, like,
student testimony
is the most important thing.
Like, you said you'd do this months ago.
- Like, I need your help.
- I know.
- But this might be my only shot.
- Is there any way I could,
like, talk to your new coach, maybe?
You know, like coach to coach?
Like, honestly,
St. John's is not as good
as they used to be.
Even college itself is kind of a scam.
- You got loans
- I just can't.
I'm sorry, Mr. Joseph.
Okay, uh
Okay. All right.
- Good luck, man.
- Thank you.
Remember to stretch.
Stretch the muscles.
The Yeah, yeah.
And if the pedal
breaks, like all bikes, just use
your feet, like the Flintstones.
No extra charge.
Whoop, gotta go.
I'm fucked, man.
I don't think I can find
another student.
Hey, man, it's okay, son.
Quit teaching. Come work full time
at the bike shop with me.
You don't even offer full time.
Well, I meant part time,
where you enjoy it to the fullest.
All right? Picture this.
"Kareem and Sons."
How proud would your mama be?
No. Yo, Kareem, it's nice
you let me work here
for a couple months,
but I do want to teach again.
Well, then, let me come
testify for you, then.
Okay, look, I-I can have adults,
but you feel like a wild card.
Well, then, let me come
for moral support.
Okay, fine. But no testifying.
- I got you. Okay?
- You promise? All right.
Okay. But wait, wait.
What about that square-head boy
who used to sleep on your couch?
- What about him?
- Oh, Kev?
Yeah, him.
No, I Nah, I don't think I could.
I mean
I mean, Kev's barely responded
since he left the city.
I don't know if, like
I think maybe seeing the dude get shot
kind of fucked him up. I don't know.
That contractor didn't fix
this pipe at all.
Oh, you're not listening? Okay.
Huh? Wha You were saying something.
It had words in it, right?
I mean, maybe maybe I could ask Kev
if he could FaceTime in. I don't know.
Then ask Kev! Listen,
if he could sleep
on your couch for months,
he could vouch for you to get
your job back. That's for sure.
You're right.
I'll-I'll pitch it to him like that.
Yeah. Pitch it.
You do that.
At the tone, please record your message.
Hey, Kev.
Um, so the cops aren't looking for you.
Um, I just talked to them.
It's only Drew they're after.
sorry to bug you on this,
but, um, I'm trying to get
my teaching job back,
and I need, like
like, character witnesses.
Um, it's tomorrow at 5 p.m.,
if you could FaceTime in.
Um, I know, uh, I know you
haven't hit me back in a bit,
so I'll-I'll stop bugging you
after this,
but I just just wanted to, um,
to throw that out there.
Oh, it's Dan, by the way.
Aight. Goddamn.
After all the pipe I laid,
now I got to fix one?
It's ridiculous.
When'd you get a ladder?
Damn, girl, you finna
go to the Met Gala?
You must really love this nigga.
We just get along, like,
really just friends.
'Cause a lot of these niggas,
all they wanna so is just,
like, fuck and shit, but nah.
I can tell he for real like me.
See? I knew y'all was gonna
fall in love.
Amaya! Ain't nobody falling in love.
I just think he cool.
- Yo, you did good, Zay.
- Hmm?
You went and got yourself your own crib
- by yourself.
- Wait for it
You don't got to go to school,
and you're on top
of your own shit
with the jewelry business.
These is fire, bro. Let me hold one.
That one I'm renting out
for 200 a month.
Two U.S. doll Oh, no.
You living your best life, though.
Not I, sir.
- My pockets can't afford it.
- Yep.
Manifestation is real.
Ooh, hold up.
Bitch, what are you doing? Girl.
Shh. Relax.
- Hey, Desmond.
- What's up?
Why you didn't text us?
We could've came outside.
But I got to use your bathroom.
Is that cool?
Yeah, of course.
Take your shoes off.
Papa, scoot in.
Damn, my bad. Shit.
Didn't know I was coming in an airport.
Not you having to train him.
- Shut up.
- What's good, Amaya?
- You don't like me no more?
- Nigga, you owe me some weed.
- That's what's good.
- Shit.
I thought you was the landlady.
I threw my blunt out the window.
I ain't, I ain't mean
for that to happen.
Yo, Des, pay her no mind.
You know she just be chatting.
Chat to mi back. Chat-chat to mi back.
Yeah, she
We getting lit tonight.
How I look?
You bitches be running
then running your mouth ♪
Your mouth, you bitches be ♪
Running your mouth ♪
So, thank you again for meeting with me
last minute, Dr. Flowers,
and-and doing a home visit?
That's unnecessary and-and nice of you.
Oh, no, it was very necessary.
Something's going on with my Zelle
and I got to collect my cash in person.
Plus, I don't want you to know
where I work or live, so
Well-well, welcome. Um
Yeah, so I was hoping you could,
uh, give me a referral
so I could get a prescription for Xanax.
My-my doctor won't
prescribe me any more,
so I've been spacing out my last dose,
but today's been really, really crazy,
so I-I'm out right now.
I keep telling you I'm a psychologist,
not a psychiatrist.
I cannot prescribe you medication.
No, no, I-I know. I know.
That's why I'm asking for a referral.
You getting nasty with me?
No, no, no. I mean,
I-I was just clarifying.
- I was just clarifying.
- What, you think I'm some type
of fucking PEZ Dispenser,
popping out pills?
No, no, no. You're a doctor,
and-and the best one I know.
Dan, I actually have expertise,
all right?
So why don't you talk to me?
'Cause I'm charging your ass anyway.
No, I'm-I'm talking to you.
The-the pills are the issue right now.
Okay, well, I'm kind of
I'm-I'm stressed about
I have my teacher reinstatement
hearing coming up today,
- if-if you remember that.
- Vaguely.
Okay. So, um
I'm talking about it most weeks.
Um, anyway, so, I lost my only
student character witness,
and I need testimony, but
I-I'm going through withdrawal,
and-and it's fucking me up
from finding a replacement.
So I don't even know
Maybe there's other students
whose lives I've touched?
I, uh, I don't know.
If I were you, I would refrain
from putting the words
"touched" and "student"
in the same sentence.
Oh, my God, are you crying?
No, I'm not crying,
I was just rubbing my eyes
in-in frustration,
- because like I said, I'm going
- Uh-huh.
Through withdrawal
and I'm just feeling stuck.
Okay, okay, Dan, Dan, Dan,
please, please calm down.
- Okay. Okay.
- All right?
Last thing I need you to do
is write a manifesto.
I'm not writing a manifesto,
I'm-I'm speaking with passion.
Dan, don't say another thing, okay?
I will come to your damn trial
and I will speak on your behalf.
- You happy?
- Yeah? Just to be nice?
No, it'll be nice
to get paid, all right?
- Plus, my court fees are double.
- Right.
Triple 'cause you got
on my nerves, all right?
And you gonna reimburse my Uber.
Dan, look at me.
- I want an Uber, okay? Uber.
- I gotcha. I gotcha.
Not some nigga you know
down the street named Uber.
- No.
- Okay? Uber.
- Not a Lyft, all right?
- Okay.
Unless it's three niggas
lifting me up in an Uber, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- And I also need lunch.
Yelling at you, I done lost five pounds.
Okay. Do you want me to make it?
- Or you want me to order
- I Nigga, would I
- Oh. Sorry, sorry. Sorry.
- want you to make it?
Your dirty house, you looking
dirty, everything dirty?
I'll die before I even get
to the damn trial.
- Okay. That's fair.
- Yeah.
- It is fair.
- So it's at 5 p.m. tonight.
I'll be there 5:30.
Okay, so a late lunch.
You came in late again last night.
Sorry, Miss. It wasn't that late.
You keep this up, you're gonna
ruin this good thing
your Uncle Drew set up for you.
I-I was just hanging out
with my friends.
It's not like I was out
breaking the law or anything.
Look, my grown-ass son is
still going to a pediatrician.
Is it breaking the law? I don't know.
Definitely wrong, though.
Drew ain't paying for this apartment
for you to be out there doing whatever.
You go to school, I keep ACS
off your back. Remember?
When the ACS finds out
you skipping school,
they gonna drag you
into a real group home.
Is that what you want?
I get it. I'm sorry, Miss.
I'm-a go to school now, okay?
And if you gonna smoke weed
in your room, save some for me.
You can't be uneducated and stingy.
I got you.
You know where the school is, right?
Oh, my God, Miss V
She just gonna be cute and dumb. Mm-hmm.
Uh, I don't want no mixtapes, bro.
- It's me, son.
- Mitch?
Yo, my nigga.
Yo. Why you out here dressed
like The Undertaker, Drew?
Nigga, you know I'm hot.
Don't be saying my fucking name.
Ooh, can I call you Bernard?
Nigga, stop playing.
Where the bread at? I got to move.
- Man.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Bro. You're welcome.
The fuck is that?
Ooh, I was looking for this.
Man, you wasn't lying.
This a month's work?
I can't do shit with this.
Yeah, bro, it's slow out here, man.
We need another plug.
What's up with them niggas in Philly?
Oh, them niggas stingy with they shit.
Fuck nigga gonna tell me
he ain't gonna front me
till my beard connect.
- Connect?
- We got to find someone
- around here.
- I'm on it, bro.
- How's Zayna?
- I don't know, bro.
I was following her around
for, like, a bit, man,
but that shit got kind of weird,
following a little girl around.
Plus, man, I was getting tired,
man. You know I got flat feet.
This nigga, man, I swear.
Yo, good luck, bro.
I tried on, like, three different
phones, bro. She not picking up.
But she do be on the Ave
around this time every day,
bargain-shopping, man,
you probably find her there.
You tell her "Get back in school"?
I tried, bro. After you left,
she wasn't fucking with none of that.
Yeah, I'm-a dead all that.
Yo, you should hit that white
boy teacher up to talk to her.
The junkie? Man, fuck that nigga.
He the reason we in this shit now.
Yeah, but he could probably finesse her.
Nah, I'll talk to her.
You just hold it down
till you hear from me, okay?
Damn, man.
I'm-a go watch Book of Eli.
This can't be $250.
I know they cost less
at the Garment District.
It's $250.
But these aren't even Swarovski.
Yo, why you trying to upcharge
these bootleg-ass crystals?
Listen, I'm-a give you
$100 flat, and I can pay cash.
- Hmm?
- Ma'am? Ma'am.
It's $250.
Go to the Garment District
if you think you can get it cheaper.
That's why nobody come
to this bum-ass store.
- Zayna.
- Nigga!
- Back the fuck up!
- It's me.
- Drew?
- Damn.
Yo, why you even dressed like that?
You know I ain't supposed
to be out here.
Yeah, but why you look like
you about to kill werewolves?
I'm killing this drip,
that's what it is.
I'm a drip slayer.
Anyway, what are you doing here?
Why you not in school?
You haven't seen me in months,
and the first thing you ask me
is why I'm not in school?
You act like it's a good school.
They got walls, don't they?
Zay, you knew I couldn't come back
Yeah, because of what you did.
Sh Damn. Calm down.
I got you what you always wanted, right?
- Your own space.
- Hmm.
- Just go to school for me.
- Oh, my God.
Why you stressing me for?
- I'm turning in my homework.
- Yo, don't feed me
that loophole shit.
It ain't about making it
to the next grade.
You need to actually be in school.
That's important to me,
that's important to your pops
Yo, don't talk to me about my dad.
First of all, we not even supposed
to be talking. You is a fugitive.
And you being here
is putting me at risk.
No, you putting you at risk.
The money ain't what it used to be.
You need to stay in line.
We cannot afford another fuckup.
All this shit cost more
than I thought it would.
So you saying that you broke?
No, what I'm saying is,
I need you to behave
until I get back on my feet.
And then I can buy you mad yarn,
spools on spools, all that shit.
- Just go to school.
- Typical.
See, this is why I can't go to school.
'Cause I need to make my own money.
I need to take care of myself.
Yeah, it's mad simple. Bye, Drew.
Kanye got you niggas
wearing anything.
- Dan. Dan.
- Hmm?
Help the customer.
Okay, yeah. Can I leave
after that, Kareem?
I just have the hearing later
and I'm fucked,
and I'm just not feeling well.
Wait, you know what? You do look bad.
In a new, different kind of way.
You can leave, but only after
you help Bootleg
the Vampire Slayer over there.
- Okay?
- Okay.
I'm-a go drain this pipe. I'll be back.
Hi, welcome to
Kareem's Larry's Bike Shop,
the best bike place
on the planet. Shit. Drew?
- Yo, what are you doing here?
- Listen.
Yo, you cannot stay here, man.
There was a cop just in here
looking for you.
He was asking about you. You got to go.
They was in here? What you tell them?
I didn't tell them anything. What, I
I didn't know what to tell them.
And I haven't seen Kevin, either.
Man, I ain't come here for that.
I need to get Zayna back in school.
Okay. Wh-what can I do?
I'm not even teaching right now.
Dude, that shit got me suspended.
I can't run around for you anymore.
Yo, I shouldn't even
be talking to this nigga, son.
- Who you talking to?
- Can't believe I let
this goofy-ass white boy
fuck my life up.
I fucked up your life?
Drew, you shot a guy.
All right? That was you.
You fucked up my life,
Kevin's life and Zayna's life.
- Enough, man. No more.
- What?
You fucked that girl's life up
not bringing her back to me.
You did that,
and you gonna fix it, okay?
How am I gonna fix it?
She doesn't listen to me.
She likes you.
- She does?
- Yeah, man, look,
I don't know why, either,
but if you talk to her
about her future, she'll listen.
Do you know where I could find her?
Just to talk to her about
what you want me
to talk to her about,
nothing-nothing on my end.
She still go to the school
to turn in her homework.
Her friends probably helping her.
Go up there and you if find
Oh, shit, um
Yeah, so, I'm-a need one with 28 speeds.
Or 28 with one speed.
Either-or, I'm flexible.
Just let me know when you get it, okay?
- All right.
- Don't forget.
Thank you, Congressman.
He's gonna get us a new bike lane.
Maybe two.
Yo, anybody been asking for me?
No. Why would
I know that ain't who I think
it is, wobbling down the street.
- Mr. Joseph?
- Mr. Joseph in the hood.
Zayna, Amaya.
Reunited and it feels so good, huh?
Yo, you can tell Drew
that I'm not coming
- back to school.
- No, no, that's actually not
why I'm here, although, yes,
I did get that ask.
Look, Zayna, I would
love for you to testify
at my reinstatement hearing today.
You going to jail?
- Shut up.
- No, I'm not going to jail.
No. I'm trying to teach again.
The opposite of jail.
- Oh.
- Look,
I'm really sorry to be asking you this,
but I need student testimony,
and I know last year was a mess,
but I always really
tried to help you out.
Amaya, we never really
clicked like that.
But Zayna, I got your belt back,
I-I gave you A's in science,
I-I feel like we've had
some-some laughs and
also learned a thing or two.
What's in it for me?
What do you want?
Well, guess you don't need me, then.
- He ain't talkin' money, we
- Anyway, so let's talk
about this weekend.
- Right.
- Right? Girl.
'Cause I don't know
why he not talk about money.
I'm not gonna be blackmailed, Zayna.
Hmm? Oh. Oh?
I'm not going to be blackmailed, Zayna.
I don't sound like that.
When the balls drop.
Look, all right, stop laughing.
All right? You guys are very mean.
- I'm sorry, what I meant to say
- Wow.
Was I value your opinion.
The hearing is in one hour,
at school, okay?
Show up, say five nice things about me,
and you'll never have to see me again.
Amaya, you can help her
with the five nice things.
It's like a group project.
Yeah, for $250.
Okay, fine.
Oh, he got money.
Here's $140. I'll pay you
the other $110 after you show up
- and after I
- Mm-hmm.
borrow money f-from somebody.
You bet. For $250, I'll say
one nice thing about you.
Not five.
No, three nice things.
Mm, for three nice things,
that's gonna cost you $300.
Okay, that seems fair. That's a deal.
You got to say
three different nice things,
not one nice thing three times.
- No loopholes.
- That's fair. That's fair.
- Whatever.
- All right. It's in one hour.
Also, hey, Drew told me
I was your favorite teacher?
He lied.
- Yeah, I figured.
- Niggas ain't real, they cap
Hey, although, if you do see Drew,
just tell him I did try
to get you back in school.
That I gave it, like,
a good-faith effort,
and-and that I've sort of taught you
to consider learning in a whole new way.
I can throw in another ten for that.
Amaya, keep it real.
Mr. Joseph, bye.
- That's a weirdo, that one.
- Oh, hell no.
Yo, he going through withdrawal.
- How you know?
- You know, jittering, sweating,
scratching his face. Look at him.
I've seen that look
from a lot of different dudes.
- He tweaking.
- Mm-hmm.
That's what they say about him,
why he got suspended.
He a pill-popping crackhead.
Are you sure
- you want to help that guy?
- Mm-mm.
Now, look, Dan is exactly
what these kids need to see,
you understand?
- Now, he's not no white savior.
- Mm-mm.
He's a white failure.
And that's inspirational,
'cause he keeps trying.
You know what Whitney said,
"the children are the future,"
all that shit? This nigga know that.
- You understand?
- I do.
- And he failing at it.
- Okay, well
Kids want to come in every day,
they go, "You know what?
I got hope, oh, boy,
there's a nigga that's losing.
- Well Well
- Oh, I'm doing better than him."
You know what I mean?
It's inspirational.
- Okay. All right
- That's what I'm trying to say.
No, y-you That was great.
- Thank you, Dr. Flowers.
- Got it?
- Yeah, thank you so much.
- Okay.
- That was great.
- All right.
I got this outfit from Fashion Nova.
You know, sis, if you want
to call me about something,
- you need to style.
- Thank you, Doctor
She's a doctor,
so everything she said, just
- They know I'm a doctor.
- double it, yeah.
Yeah, I'm done.
He ain't pay me enough to be here.
Are you okay, Mr. Joseph?
Yeah, sorry, I was just
getting comfortable with my phone.
Okay, well, if there's
no more witnesses,
- we do have other cases
- No, oh, uh,
I'm sure we can find someone.
We're just
Wait, wait, Your Honor, I'll testify.
No, no, no, not-not that someone. No.
- Kareem, Kareem.
- I got you. I got you.
Don't worry about it.
Kareem. Dan's daddy.
Ya Honor, my son's been
a model citizen in my bike shop.
After y'all stripped him
of all his glory.
But ever since I have conducted
rehab out of his apartment
- Jesus fucking Christ.
- he's been cured
- of all his dope fiend demons.
- No, no, you're saying
- You're saying too much, Kareem.
- No, that's enough.
- Thank you, sir.
- And-and
- No more, no more.
- And hold on.
We have a sale at my bike shop.
That's right. For all city workers.
And five percent off all kickstands.
Y'all should stop by.
You're marketing now?
- Jesus Christ
- Mr. Joseph.
- Mr. Joseph.
- Yes. Sorry.
Yeah, I'm No, I'm okay.
I-I didn't ask that, but now
you have me wondering
- Right.
- Look, do you have
any student testimony, sir?
- Yes.
- If not, we can end this.
No, yes, I do. Um
Uh, can we take, uh,
can we take a recess for the
The main concern is not one student
has come to support you.
It's just your therapist
and your stepdad
- who tried to sell me a bike.
- That was at a discount.
Okay, look, can I speak on my behalf?
Yes, I violated rules of protocol,
but there are grey areas.
I was doing the best I could
under the circumstances.
Maybe better than anyone's ever done.
Do you have student testimony, sir?
Yes, I do.
She should be here any moment.
It's busy season for homework.
Your Highness, I'll testify again.
Sir, you can't testify again.
- Look, he's just trying to help.
- Let me explain to you
How this works: I ask questions
Based on the facts you're
presenting, I don't know what
Sir, I'd like to call
Zayna Bien-Aime to the stand.
This is not a court.
She can just sit down and talk.
Well, I-I call her
to sit down and-and chat.
Here's Zayna.
State your name.
Zayna Bien-Aime.
And your relationship to Mr. Joseph?
- Ew.
- You know what I mean.
- He was my science teacher.
- I was.
Can you describe
Mr. Joseph as your teacher?
He was a good teacher.
He has nice hair.
Mm, oh, and he never tried to touch me.
That's true.
Can you elaborate?
Oh, she doesn't have to elaborate, th
It would help if she did.
That was three things. Okay, I don't
I don't have more money for more stuff.
Mr. Joseph is not my favorite teacher.
Actually, he's not a very good teacher.
He doesn't even make the top 30 percent.
I've had gym teachers
teach me more science.
- That's troubling.
- I know.
But he he cares.
One time, a parent threatened
to beat up a student
and Mr. Joseph stepped up to stop it.
He helped me get my belt back
from a girl who stole it.
And, um
he helped keep a student safe
who didn't want to go home once
'cause of their toxic family.
So yeah.
Is that enough? Can I go?
Is there any reason to believe
that Mr. Joseph is not a fit teacher?
Thank you.
Mr. Joseph?
Yeah? What's going on?
Our schools are understaffed.
We need teachers.
Y-Your student evaluations
were positive,
and there's no reason to believe
you're a danger to your students.
In fact, most of your witnesses
emphasized how weak you are.
- Oh, he is weak, but
- Brittle.
- That part.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
And now all of them have
emphasized how weak you are.
So, it is New York City
Department of Education's
conclusion of your hearing 3020-A
that we will reinstate you.
- All right.
- Oh, man.
Thought that would go the other way.
But we will be instituting a fine
of half your salary,
which is already very little.
So v-very little,
now is cut in half? Okay.
- So
- I don't accept checks.
Oh, this is just allergies here.
Um Hey, thank you again
for coming, Zayna.
- It really means a lot
- No, you don't deserve to teach.
Well, I-I agree I'm not top 30%
of teachers, but probably 35.
I know you're still tweaking, bro.
No, tweaking's subjective.
Everybody knows you're an addict.
That's probably why nobody
from class showed up.
No, I-I didn't want them there.
I-I only wanted you
- 'cause you're my best student
- You need help.
- Can you just pay me already?
- Yeah. Sorry.
Thanks, Zayna.
Somber, ambient music
Hi, my name's Dan and I'm an addict.
Oh, we're actually not, um,
doing intros yet.
- Oh, sorry about that.
- Yeah, we're going to, um,
I guess restart that moment of silence,
uh, for Steve, uh, starting now.
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