Flatbush Misdemeanors (2021) s02e06 Episode Script


Nah, I can tell he for real like me.
Got me out here looking crazy.
The whole time you outside
with some boy?
- Hey, bro, just chill out.
- Yo, back the fuck up, son.
You gonna be at the meeting next week?
Do you want me to be
at the next meeting?
Yeah, I don't know.
It'd be nice if you were there.
Ever since your brave share
the other week where you were
talking to everyone
about ratting out that guy.
Whatever we've shared
"forget about it."
What's up with Kev, though?
He ain't hit me back
since shit went down.
They can't even say the word "black."
I believe the word you're
looking for is "ancestral."
You've been getting the worst reviews.
I just don't want to paint
what white people tell me to.
It was Kareem who told
Drew where my NA group was.
He told him the exact time.
He told him the exact place.
And I told Kareem, "It's because of you
now I'm stuck seeing Drew
every week in my group."
Damn. What Kareem say?
Kareem said I shouldn't tell him
who's in anonymous meetings.
I mean, I-I can't go back, right?
Like, it's fucked-up. Drew's only
staying so he can try to pick up girls.
Aren't you going
to talk to that one girl?
I mean, yeah, but just the one.
I don't know, man. Maybe Drew
just need help getting clean.
But he's not even an addict.
That's the thing.
Like, he's only there
as a condition of his bail.
Wait, Drew got arrested?
Yeah. He, um
Yeah, he didn't really get
into it, but, um,
he did ask about you, though.
He asked about me? Was he mad?
- Yeah, he's always mad.
- Fuck, bro.
If he got arrested for the shooting,
he probably think
I had something to do with it.
Why? Why would he blame you?
Or or anyone?
Bro, think about it. As soon
as I get back to New York,
Drew get caught. If I'm him,
I'm thinking
I had something to do with it.
I got to go talk to him
and make sure we good.
No, no, no, no. Come on.
Don't-don't start with that. No.
You don't want to go down that.
Bro, you just said it.
He asked about me.
Drew is not stupid.
Everything he does is intentional.
So let's just stay away, okay?
I'm gonna go to NA tomorrow,
- and then I'll be done
- Fuck all that.
I got to go see that man
before he kills me.
He's not gonna kill you.
He just wanted to say
Oh, hi, um
I don't want it to be a race issue,
really and truly. It's just that
I feel like,
when it comes to white people,
everyone else has to change
their whole everything
just to cater to them.
So, as you all know,
No Negro Left Behind's mission
is to support POCs.
And as a P with no C
I, uh
I am committed to learning and
listening to your communities.
Yeah, Shareef?
Uh, I think I speak
for everyone when I say,
you doing a great job
and you look amazing.
Thank you. Thank you.
You can find me on Instagram.
- It's just a black square.
- Okay.
Um, okay, so, the next assignment
is going to be to paint
something that says, um, pride.
Or, um, no. Um, what did we say?
What did we say? Oh, uh, defi-defiance.
Something that says defiance.
So do your best to be
a voice for the voiceless.
To quote our national anthem,
"Lift every voice and sing."
Every voice.
No, no, no. Come on.
Don't do that here. Don't do that here.
- Oh, God.
- No. Come on.
- Come to the cookout.
- I can come?
Yeah. You're a strong white woman.
The fuck is he doing?
- Oh, that feels good.
- He's just playing the game.
Yeah, but have some couth.
Like, come on. The fuck is
you talking to her
You should be taking notes.
- She's not even cute.
- Couth don't pay your bills.
Fucking tripping.
You don't get it. You don't get it.
Yo, Arsema, you were right.
Karaoke last night with Nancy
was the way to her heart.
Yeah, I told you.
- Next time, yoga. It's over.
- Yeah.
She was talking about
some heart chakras and stuff.
- Mm-hmm.
- She's gonna eat that shit up.
- What're y'all talking about?
- Dawg.
We went out and got drinks
last night with Nancy.
I told you to come.
Wait, you went?
Yeah, I'm trying to win this
thing. Why didn't you come?
'Cause I'm not trying to
serenade white women, bruh.
Like, this is about our art.
You shouldn't have to go out
with her to win.
- Well, if you say so.
- Yeah, I mean,
how do you even hang out with
her knowing how fake she is?
- I get high.
- Really?
Yeah. It helps me socialize.
Cocaine helps me talk.
Cough syrup makes me cool.
Molly helps me fuck.
I can pretty much get
anything you want if you like.
Nah, I'm good, bro.
- I don't really do drugs.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- I-I only smoke weed.
- I got a guy.
He can get you anything you want.
Man, I got a weed guy.
Everybody got a weed guy.
I could get you weed.
But can he get that Purple Urkle?
Ooh. He can get that?
Let me know.
Are you high right now?
Define "high."
How's rehearsal?
It's good.
I mean, it don't look good.
'Cause the school can't afford
any of the set pieces,
so it look like shit.
But I'm honestly just using this
as an opportunity to, you know,
showcase my crowns,
get my brand out there.
Yeah, that's dope.
Niecey-pooh doing plays now.
Keep it up. You'll be the next Viola.
Yo, I'm really glad
that you out, though,
'cause, I don't know,
I felt like it was all my fault
- and shit, and, like
- Zay, Zay, Zay.
You're not responsible for nothing.
That was on me and me alone. You good.
All right?
Just let me know if you
need anything for that play,
'cause Uncle Drew is back to attack.
Actually, I'm good.
Desmond, he's been helping me, um,
pay for a lot of my supplies,
so, you know
And I plan on paying him back
as soon as everything sells.
Hey, look, look, I'm not trying
to fight with you,
but come on.
Told you I don't want you
to hang around that dude.
Yo, Drew, why you trying
to control me for?
Like, damn.
You always bringing up Desmond.
Do I say anything about any of
the girls that you be dating?
Oh, I ain't tell you? I'm celibate.
- Word.
- Spell "celibate."
- S-E
- You see, no.
- You're wrong automatically.
- That is how you spell it.
- That's not how you spell it.
- Yes, it is.
But we need to get
some of that cake, too.
I didn't make it, no,
but I-I inspired it.
- Hey.
- You know what I'm saying?
Hi. Why were you so late?
Oh, I had some work stuff to do.
You missed the last meeting, too.
Um, no, I'm-I'm I'm thinking
about leaving the group.
What? What's wrong with our group?
Um, I guess I'm just not really
feeling the-the vibe, I guess.
Or, like, some-some of
the new people, um
But no one specific,
- just really anybody. Hmm?
- What? Come on.
This group, compared to other places
I've been, this is, like, spectacular.
Um, what'd I miss in the meeting?
I shared I'm dreading going to someone's
stupid birthday drinks thing
tomorrow night.
But you're not gonna drink, so
Yeah, that's why I don't want to go.
Let's hang out instead.
- Dan. You're not supposed to
- Yeah?
Go out your first year in recovery.
- Period.
- We're not going out.
I'm inviting you over, to come in.
- Okay? Also,
- Uh-huh.
You've been sober for a year.
Congrats again, by the way.
- Thank you so much.
- Terrific accomplishment.
And so, your year, plus my two months,
we're talking 14 months, so it's fine.
Oh, you're just breezing
through the curriculum?
It's very easy. Yeah.
- Name a step.
- "Accept a god."
- I took care of that.
- Oh, you did that one
- right away?
- Well, yeah, you don't even
have to sign anything, you just say it,
- and then you move on.
- You just Wow. Okay.
- And then, uh, powerlessness.
- Mm-hmm.
That was easy. I've never
had power in my life.
But nothing I'm saying matters,
because it's not a date.
Oh, well, you should've
just led with that.
Oh, okay, it's not a date. Perfect.
- Right.
- What would we do?
We I'll cook.
I've cooked twice
since I started baking for meetings.
One time, it even went well.
- Yeah. Okay.
- Yeah? Okay.
- As long as it's, you know,
- It's not
- it's not a date.
- It's not a date.
It's just a smaller meeting. Yes.
- Smaller meeting.
- Yeah.
Nah, see, 'cause I be fucking
with the confectioners' sugar.
That granulated ain't really my style.
Aw, this nigga.
Uh, y-yo, bro, uh, I heard
- I heard you just got out.
- Yeah, and I got
a bone to pick with you about that.
Yeah, see, that's what I came here
to talk to you about, bro,
just face-to-face.
I ain't talk to nobody
about what happened.
So however you got caught, bro,
it don't got nothing to do with me,
and I put that on Dan life.
Son, you don't got to explain yourself.
If you didn't run to the boys
when I was trying to kill you,
the fuck you care about an ACS dude for?
Yeah, so so,
what's your issue with me?
Nigga, why you ain't post the
"Free Drew" hashtags on your page?
That's what you're mad at?
- Oh, okay.
- This shit's real, nigga.
I'll post it right now.
- Don't I
- Nigga, I'm out.
- Right. My bad.
- Shit, man.
Uh, next time I'll post it, though.
What's happening with your case, though?
- What's it looking like?
- Ain't worried about that shit.
Need to make some money, though.
Fucking plug ran off on me.
Shit mad slow.
Brother got a parole hearing coming up.
He get out, that's another bill.
On top of that, Zayna fucking
with this kid giving her money.
I need to make something happen
before she end up in a bad situation.
Yo, actually, um,
there was this dude,
he in my fellowship.
He was talking about
getting drugs today.
I don't know where he get 'em from,
but he's saying they have a lot.
You know, I could ask him for you.
That's a good idea.
Or maybe I could talk to him myself.
Aw, nah. I don't know.
I don't know if that's a good idea.
You know, I just got in the fellowship,
so I don't really want
to start no problems.
Nigga, what problem?
I'm a people person.
Motherfuckers love me.
Yeah, yeah, I hear you. I hear you,
but it's just a number,
you know what I mean?
I could get it for you. It's not that
You could, but I want to talk
to the guy about his plug
so I know I'm not walking
into no bullshit.
Fuck, man.
A'ight. A'ight, look,
but you can't come inside.
Just wait out back, and
I'll have him meet you there.
Say that. I'll be in the back
like an alley cat, my nigga.
What do you want as the code this week?
Hmm. Make it 2456.
That's the year
my psychic said I'll die.
Are you coming to your mama's
house tonight for dinner?
You know, Maria's making
salmon en papillote.
That's salmon on paper.
- It's my favorite.
- Yeah, I can't tonight, Kareem.
I'm hanging with my friend Sydney.
Whoa, listen. When I was
prepping for your home rehab,
they said you are not supposed
to date while in recovery
for at least a year.
You got to cancel that date.
Kareem, it's not even a date, okay?
She's gonna come over, we'll, like, have
dinner and watch a movie or something.
Here's my fear, son.
Dating causes stress.
You don't handle stress well.
Matter of fact, I've never seen
someone so thrown by everyday life.
I can't fix this. This won't reset.
You got to get
a new fucking security thing.
- Everyday life.
- It's broken. It doesn't work.
Hey, bro.
My friend waiting for you outside.
Whenever you get some time
to sneak out back
and go holler at him, all right?
Oh, no. He-he right behind you.
What the fuck are you doing here, man?
What happened to waiting outside?
Bro, you should've knew
I wasn't gon' listen to you.
- You Shareef?
- Yeah, what's good, man?
- Nice to meet you.
- Word.
Yo, what's your plug like?
He a Virgo?
This on some bullshit.
Yo, this man gonna get me
kicked out of here.
- Who is that?
- Oh, hey, um
- Oh, no.
- Uh, Shareef, I got
a little too much,
uh, rasta pasta at Footprints.
- So do you want some?
- Damn, Footprints?
I'll take some.
Yeah, hi. Uh, I don't think
- I've-I've met you. You're
- Oh, no, I'm-I'm
I'm Kev's cousin Drew. And you're
I'm Nancy. I'm one of Kevin's admins.
- Interesting.
- Drew, don't you got to, uh,
go, uh, get your eyebrows
threaded, right?
Nah, I'm finnin' to get
on this rasta pasta.
You order jerk chicken with it?
- Uh-huh.
- Bet.
Can I get some? Uh, you mind?
- POC.
- Bet.
- It's okay, Nancy.
- Thank you.
I'm-a share it with Shareef.
You want some?
Uh, I'm good, man. You go ahead and eat.
- Oh, all right.
- I only eat when Nancy eats.
So what's this, like,
an art plantation or some shit?
I don't know,
but Nancy's nice to me, so
Oh, a'ight, she cool, like
He Black. Mm-hmm.
You know, my ex-husband used
to bring strange men home, too.
And I didn't like it then,
and I don't like it now.
So don't fuck with me, Kevin.
So, what are you making?
It's, uh One sec.
Don't interrupt the chef's process.
I'm making, uh, salmon with paper.
You're supposed to use parchment paper,
but I do not have that.
So I'm just gonna use
scrap paper from the school.
- Delicious.
- Yes.
Oh, that's been locked since I moved in.
Um, I asked the super to fix it,
but the super said it would be
much easier to not fix it.
Oh, so true. So true.
So that's what we've been going
with for three years.
- Got it. Okay.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- So, Dan.
Why are you really thinking
about leaving our group?
- You don't have to tell me.
- Okay. I won't.
But I'll keep asking,
so you might as well.
No, I mean, it's just,
it's a little, like, cultish, you know?
That's not the problem with it.
It's a problem with it.
It's not yours.
Um, no, it's, honestly,
it's the new guy, uh, Drew.
Um, I've had some run-ins
with him before.
What kind of run-ins?
Um, it started when my friend,
uh, knocked over,
uh, Drew's lean that he was selling.
- Yeah. I'm familiar.
- You know, lean is a drug.
And it spiraled into
a shot-but-not-killed city employee,
and that's the legal case
Drew's fighting, so
Drew did mention the shooting
when I referred him to that guy
- at my legal aid job.
- Yeah.
Didn't mention he sold.
Did not know that.
But I'm responsible
for some of that mess also,
so it just feels easier
to not go back, you know?
- That share at my one-year
- Oh, my God. Why are you
Because. Where you mentioned
the guy that you ratted out?
Is that Drew?
And that's why
you don't want to come back?
- 'Cause you don't want to f
- How do you know it's?
I've lived a rich life.
It could be anybody. You know?
It could be.
I mean, if we're connecting dots.
- We're connecting them.
- Just in time.
What the fuck are you doing here?
How did you get in? I changed the locks.
I had the super cut me a key.
And I talked to him about that window.
- Oh, that's good.
- It's insane. Okay.
- It doesn't open.
- Look, this is Sydney.
You met her. All right?
Look, we were talking about
Look, I'm not here
for motherfucking pleasantries.
I'm a man on your mama's mission.
Great to see you, too, Kareem.
Kareem, can I talk to you for a second?
- Sure. Mm-hmm.
- Yeah? Yeah?
What are you doing here?
I said I got it.
Well, your mama been calling you,
and you ain't been answering your phone.
So she sent me over here
to check on you
to make sure you're safe.
Now, you trying
to hook up with this girl
can jeopardize your sobriety.
I can't let you put me, your mama
or your cousin Tremaine
through this shit again.
Okay. Cousin Tremaine doesn't care.
Also, you need to leave right now.
I'm sorry, son, but I watched you OD
right in front of me.
So if you think you're gonna
lay down with Sally,
huh, that's gonna be over my dead body.
And are you willing
to kill your dad over that ass?
I mean
Like, what do I even tell her
you're doing here?
What you tell your friends
in the privacy of your own home
is none of my business.
Okay. Thank you.
That's very generous of you.
I don't think that's true.
You don't think Desmond,
a man, wants to have sex?
I just don't think I need to
fuck him in order to keep him.
I mean, shit,
you let me know how that works,
'cause celibacy been calling
a bitch name, okay?
Yo, he said he don't think he can come.
Hmm. Niggas.
Yo, what is he doing?
Girl, who cares what he doing?
Send him a picture of
your voluptuous booty,
and he'll come running
like a track star.
I'm not sending him
a photo of my ass, girl.
Besides, what if his mom would,
like, see it?
Tell shorty pull up, too.
No, I'm joking, I'm joking.
- Okay, so then
- Yeah, no.
Text him something sexy. Be like,
"Miss Thickums is waiting for you."
That's not really sexy, though.
- Who? What?
- When, where?
Girl, I don't know.
You got to send him something.
I got it. I'm-a text him,
"I got a surprise for you."
Okay, Grandma.
But anyhoo, mm-mm, get up.
Come on, get up.
It's time to loosen up.
Alexa, play "Hot & Steamy" by Boidingo.
Bitch, ain't nobody got no Alexa.
Wow. This is defiant.
Yeah. This is defiance.
- Aw. Proud of you.
- Your boy.
Wow. That is so defiant.
And this one.
Okay, well, I mean,
talk about missing the assignment.
- Whose-whose is this?
- That's Kev's.
Yeah, that's mine.
Okay. Well, the assignment,
Kevin, was to paint defiance, not to
- you know, to paint a dude.
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
- I thought I was doing that.
- Well, sorry. Okay.
- Um, this one
- No disrespect, Nance,
but I think you're wrong.
Okay, I'm sorry, why are you still here?
'Cause I'm still eating.
This shit is banging.
But I'm saying, I don't think
he's just a dude.
To me, he is defiant.
You can see it in his eyes. He's like,
"I'm standing here
because I belong here,
and ain't a motherfucker living
can tell me different."
You feel me?
It's a nuance white people
can't detect, no disrespect.
When I was locked up,
mad dudes looked just like that.
You were in jail?
Aw, fuck. They about
to kick me out of here.
No. No, no, no, look. Look.
This is the kind of authenticity
that I was looking for.
This is what No Negro
Left Behind is all about.
Wow. That was incredible.
That was such a fresh and-and real take
that's so authentic and true.
And so, thank-thank you for that
for that authentic take, so authentic.
- Mm-hmm.
- What?
He didn't even have to suck up to her?
Um, so, um, Drew, we love
to give back to the community.
And, uh, this year, I've
proposed that the fellows create
a BLM mural on some school playgrounds.
What are your thoughts on that?
To keep it a buck, Nance.
It's mad typical and lazy as fuck.
- Damn.
- Kids gon' run all over
that "Black Lives Matter,"
and it's gonna say "Black Lies"
in a month.
Huh. Well, so-so
so, what do the people need?
Lay me. Lay it on me.
What y'all should do is
provide an actual service
to these kids in need.
Like, my niece goes to Delaney.
They can't even afford set
dressing for they school play.
Wow. Okay. I mean, a-again,
just the-the raw,
real authentic authenticity of this man.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm just Okay.
We're gonna call the principal,
and we're gonna get this done.
- It's lit.
- Thank you, Drew,
for your authenticity.
And thank you. Yeah.
Oh, you have a you have
a little piece of pasta.
Oh, what?
- You get that for me.
- Can I
- Appreciate it.
- Um, okay,
so, uh, thank you, Drew.
And thank you, Kevin,
for bringing Drew to me, to us.
Uh, I am going to frame
this exceptional and authentic painting
in my office.
Which is open.
Mm. Might come right on through.
Uh. You thought I was gonna
fuck your shit up, didn't you?
- You I did, bro.
- Told you
- I'm a good people person.
- Good shit, bro.
- Got you.
- Good fucking shit, though.
That's crazy, man.
Man, Amaya down for whatever, bro.
She funny as fuck, too.
What's up with Zay?
Man. You know, she
See, see-see, I knew
she wasn't the one, man.
She ain't it.
Man, that is my girl, bro.
- You know?
- I feel you.
Yeah, just calm down on that one.
Oh, shit.
The fuck?
Yeah, I've been meaning
to holler at you.
That shit with my niece,
I need you to dead that, kid.
- Look, Drew
- 'Reef lied
like a motherfucker, too.
I know your lil' ass ain't the plug.
Yeah, my cousin Junior do all that shit.
Who this?
Zayna's uncle.
This the nigga that shot a fed
and was on the run, right?
- Yeah, that was him.
- Son.
Y'all trying to talk business
or talk about my business?
Man, I ain't trying to do no business
with a nigga as hot as you.
You lil' niggas think
y'all got the game on lock, huh?
Shit, I ain't the one here
asking for help.
Look, bro, he cool people. I mean
he helped take the rap
when I almost got booked,
so he might be a lil' wild
and old, but he solid.
You sure? 'Cause if shit goes wrong,
it's on you.
- A'ight?
- A'ight.
So, y'all niggas finna kiss now or what?
It's all good, OG. Got you.
Cousin say you cool, we cool.
- We can do business.
- A'ight, then.
- A'ight.
- All right.
Black people working together.
I like that.
Get the fuck out of here with that shit.
- Bam!
- Come on.
That's three for three.
How'd you get so good at Crazy Eights?
Well, my parents
never let me play Spades.
So I got good at all the games
white people played.
Like microaggressions.
Mm. We are good at that.
- Yeah, we are. Knack for that.
- That's our game.
I know I have some Yahtzee
over here somewhere.
- Ooh, let's play Yahtzee.
- I don't know how to play.
- Wait a minute.
- You can teach me?
What the hell is this?
It's just, it's old wine. I don't know.
It was, like, a gift.
We're not gonna drink it.
You're damn right, you're not.
Two addicts alone with wine?
Not on my watch. I'll handle this.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
Ah Mmm, that is good.
I see why y'all have
a problem with this.
- It's more pills. Yeah.
- Well, it's more pills
that's our issue, but
Thank you for staying
despite all the weirdness.
Oh, no, please.
I'm here for it.
I've been way more of a mess, you know?
This kind of weird is fun.
Yeah, you don't seem like you're
that much of a mess, you know?
- Like, you're sober.
- True.
- And you have a-a job
- Mm-hmm.
- doing legal stuff.
- Yeah, I am. Yup, yup.
- Not a lawyer. No. Yeah.
- No. Close. Near them.
- Ballpark.
- Yeah, no, it's good.
I'm grateful.
Well, what's wrong?
Just tonally, something's wrong.
No, I mean, it's,
you know, it's just, like
- like this last year.
- Mm-hmm.
It's been great, of course.
I'm sober. I'm in control,
but I had to, like, you know,
lose all my friends.
Not do the thing I like to do.
Spend a lot of time alone.
You know, it's just kind of
it's isolating.
- Wait.
- Mm?
- Uh, it's, um
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- I have a room.
- Oh, you have a room.
- Yeah.
- Oh, that's great. That's great.
Go. Yeah.
- Mm.
- This isn't a date.
No, I know. Dates usually go worse.
- Are you a smoker?
- No.
- I was gonna ask if you were.
- No.
No? Okay.
I smell smoke in here.
Yo, wake up, Kareem!
Oh, my God. Kareem, up! Kareem, wake up!
Oh, fuck. Dan, this place is
a fucking death trap.
I know, but the rent is good.
Kareem, get up!
Kareem. Fire. Kareem, up.
Ow! My back!
Fuck, I just pulled something!
- Dan? Ow, my back. Ow! Dan!
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, sorry.
No. No, I got him.
It's all right. I got him.
- I got him, I got him. Sorry.
- Ow.
I'm sorry. Go outside.
Go outside. I got Kareem.
- I'm going. I'm going.
- I got Kareem.
Okay, Kareem. I got you.
- I got you.
- Ow.
Just a three-floor walk-up. We got this.
Hey, you. You want to partner up
on this project?
Uh, sorry, I already have a partner.
Oh, okay. Whatever, man.
Hey. W-Were you talking about me?
I mean, yeah, if you if you want to.
Yeah. Yeah, that'd be cool.
You know, if you actually went with him,
I was gonna poke holes
in all your paintings.
- That's all right.
- I'd still win.
All right. Sure.
Um, so what were you thinking?
What you want to do?
I'm sorry about your back.
And for such a bad night.
- Stop apologizing.
- I mean
- Sorry.
- I had fun,
until, you know, most of
the things that happened.
- Sure. Things were bad.
- Of course. Yeah. Yeah.
It wasn't boring, though.
You were tired of boring.
It wasn't boring.
Yeah, it wasn't boring.
That's true. Ow.
- You okay?
- No, I'm fine.
I'll hug you not on your back.
- Yeah. It's
- Can you go to the doctor?
Do you want to go now, or
Ow. Don't make me laugh. Um
Hey, we
Maybe we shouldn't do this
again, you know, hang out.
Especially if you're not
gonna go back to NA.
That might that might enable me.
Well, then I'll go back to NA.
Well, then we shouldn't date.
- That feels like a no-win
- I know.
- Either way, it's not
- Yeah.
It'd be no good, Dan. You know?
I'm messed up, you're messed up.
That might be good, though, you know?
Like, okay, like, the last
person I was really into
- was my boss, right?
- Mm-hmm.
And it felt like I was always trying to,
like, act more put together than I was.
But, like, like, meeting in this context
where we're both fucked-up
and-and, like, owning it
I don't I don't know.
- Not fair.
- Why is it not fair?
It was a good argument.
You're good at arguing
for bad ideas, you know?
Text me if you ever have
a good one or something.
I'd like to see you again.
Yeah. You know where to find me.
Stale coffee, bad cookies, you remember?
- Bye, Dan.
- Night.
Oh, hey.
You probably shouldn't
have cooked with scrap paper.
- I did have that thought.
- That might've been the thing.
- I did have that thought.
- That might've Yeah.
The reason the thing burned.
Next time. We're learning.
- Live and learn.
- Yeah. See you, Dan. Bye.
- Takeout next time.
- Ow. Hi. How are you?
You good?
Yeah. You're welcome, son.
- I saved your sobriety.
- Thank you.
'Cause otherwise, this night
would've been a disaster.
I know I make you nervous
Wh-What's up?
Hey. I missed you.
I missed you, too.
Damn! You look good.
Well, sit down. Don't be weird.
So, how was your day?
Uh, just was working.
Yeah. Just trying to be a child of God.
The fuck? Child of God?
Well, um
you, uh
you sure about that?
Wait, wait. Hold on, hold on.
- What?
- Nothing.
I mean, I just thought
you wanted to wait.
I mean
I don't know, I do, but
I also want to make you happy.
Well, you do.
Where you getting all this from?
I was just talking with Amaya,
you know, and, like
Oh, man.
Don't talk to her about us, man.
Whether we fucking or not,
just know, like,
don't no other girl got shit
on you, Zay. For real.
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