Flatbush Misdemeanors (2021) s02e05 Episode Script


My boss wanted to call
the cops on this guy.
I didn't want to stop him.
What inspired you to apply
to No Negro Left Behind?
I'm a fan of some of your alumni.
- What was your name?
- Arsema.
It's like a relationship, you know?
I don't like those, either.
Are you in one?
There's something
I should probably tell you.
There's that whole mess
with Drew and Zayna,
and I did something I regret. Uh
This coming from that 12-step thing?
Bro, just focus
on your sobriety. You're good.
"Reggae Rockers" by Nicodrum & Friends
Do you need some help, or no?
No. I've been I've been tying
my shoes for for months.
Um, you've had better shares.
- Today wasn't really your day.
- Oh.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
And what would you have done differently
if you were in charge, then?
I would've said different words.
Oh, you would've said different
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Okay. I didn't think of that.
Okay, good to know for the next time.
- I just Not to critique, but
- Yeah. No, please, I appreciate
your feedback, obviously.
You've been here for so long.
You have so much experience.
I'm giving you a fresh perspective.
- Oh.
- It was just kind of
It's like,
"Drugs never solved my problem.
They just let me ignore them."
It was just, like,
- a little dull, you know?
- Oh, perfect quote.
You remembered it word for word.
Sounds pretty memorable.
I know, 'cause I wanted
to tell you to, like, tweak it.
- Thank you.
- Um, I didn't know
- you were a runner.
- Oh, yeah. I run
or ride my bike every day.
Otherwise, I'd kill myself.
- Don't do that.
- Okay.
You know I work in a bike shop, right?
I thought you were a sex ed teacher.
No, I'm a jack of two trades.
I can't imagine you riding a bike.
Why would that be a thing you'd say?
'Cause it's just it's a bike ride.
It's, like, a lot of,
you know, strength, activity.
You're kind of more like a
like a sigh.
Uh, I'm not a sigh. I coached my
high school's basketball team.
Yeah. Coaches sit
on the bench, and they, like,
wear suits and dress shoes.
'Cause they-they played so much
until then.
- You know? Yeah.
- Uh-huh. Yeah. Hey, um,
are you gonna be
at the meeting next week?
Do you want me
to be at the next meeting,
or do you want me
to not be at the next meeting?
- No, don't, please don't come.
- Okay. Um, yeah.
Don't even don't even be
in the city, if possible.
- Then I think I have a thing.
- Okay. No, no.
I-I, uh I'm a year sober next week.
- Oh, congratulations. Yeah.
- Thanks.
So, yeah, I don't know.
It'd be nice if you were there.
Um, sure.
How does that how does that work?
Is it like a party kind of thing?
Do you have, like, balloons, or
- Uh
- Uh, do I bake a cake, or
Do you bake?
Yeah. No, I bake, yeah.
- Really? Huh.
- Sure. Yeah, yeah.
- Great.
- Who-who doesn't? Yeah.
Yeah, okay, great, then yeah.
- I'd love that. Cool.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, but, yeah, also, would you
be down to share at the meeting?
It's, like, cool for a newcomer
to speak at these things.
Oh, sure.
Yeah. Um speak about my baking,
- or about about you?
- No.
You know, ever since
your brief share the other week,
where you were talking to everyone
about ratting out that guy
Yeah, yeah. Okay.
Yeah, yeah. No, I-I got it.
- Yeah. There's no need to, um
- I'm just telling you.
There's no need to say it aloud.
I thought it was good.
Like, it was brave,
but we don't even need
- to remember what I said.
- Okay.
Um But, yeah, okay. Cool.
- Yeah. So, I'll-I'll
- Game plan.
- Okay, so
- This is not
this is not what I wanted to do.
See, this is
You're not a sports person.
I was putting my hand in.
- Oh, I gotcha.
- You coached basketball.
Sorry. So, I'll-I'll share
instead of baking.
No, bake and share, Dan.
I want the cake.
All right.
Do ducks have any significance
in the community that I'm unaware of?
- Mm. They fly south.
- Mm.
We all know what happened in the South.
Hmm. Also, notice the moon is out.
Why would you have a picnic at night?
If you aren't allowed in the park
- during the day.
- Mm.
I can almost feel
the "whites only" fountain
as if it's right out of frame.
Man, I'm painting ducks because
Oh, oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Just, you know,
- yeah, pretend we're not here.
- Yes, continue.
We're just observing.
- We're invisible.
- Yeah.
- Just Yeah.
- We don't exist.
We're just here to watch you do you.
Yeah, I-I still
I really don't get it.
Maybe that's the point.
Maybe we aren't supposed to get it.
Ah, ah.
Are there any picnics of notoriety
that-that we aren't thinking of?
All I can think of is Mad Men.
- Oh, love that show.
- I mean,
rewatched it
and then rewatched it again.
You know, it's kind of hard to paint
with you guys talking
over my shoulder like this.
- I feel ya.
- We feel you.
We see you. We hear you.
- We are you.
- I just think
we were looking for something more
- Oh, like Black?
- Ooh.
Oh, no. No, no. No, not-not Black.
No, I think I believe
the word you're looking for
is "ancestral."
Uh, Nance,
I-I think we mean "authentic."
- That's what I said.
- Authentic.
- Huh.
- You know,
- channel your roots.
- Yeah.
We really want to feel the history.
You know, maybe put
some bad guys in there.
All right.
Uh, I'm-a go grab more white paint.
- Oh, great.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, be right back.
- Uh-huh.
Fuck, man.
Fuck these white people, man.
Like, at least wait
until we finish the painting
before you start talking, like, damn.
Maybe you should learn to paint faster.
Word? You like painting
underneath they microscope?
They can't even say the word "Black."
What the fuck is "authentic"?
Doesn't bother me.
Maybe you're too sensitive.
Maybe. I don't know.
Oh, shit.
- Ooh.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I did not mean to interrupt.
I just came to get paint.
Oh, looks like you're stealing.
You're funny.
Um, uh, uh
I'm a big fan of your work.
Yeah. I almost didn't even join
this fellowship,
but then I saw your name
on the alumni list.
So then I was like,
"Oh, shit. Nneka Stevenson."
That's crazy.
I've got to be in there,"
and now we're here together.
It's, like, really cool.
- Cool.
- Yeah. Yeah.
All right.
Um Hey, do you
- Prefer working in silence?
- Um
I'm just gonna leave the paint
here for you,
'cause you look like you need it.
I-I do. I'm a painter.
- Uh-huh. All right.
- Bye.
- I love you.
- What?
Mr. Hill.
I've worked out the terms of your bail.
You cannot leave the state.
I'm local with it, that's cool.
And you can't possess a firearm.
Yeah, they wouldn't give me a gun.
And you are subject to
random alcohol and drug testing.
- Both?
- Yeah, both.
You got them cigarettes I asked for?
Come on, son. The fuck is this?
- I said get me some menthols.
- Those are menthols, Mr. Hill.
Yeah, for Russian bitches.
I can't smoke this shit.
The last thing on your mind
should be bitches.
- It is, though.
- Listen, man.
Your sobriety is the most
important part of this case.
We're gonna claim that
you were under the influence
at the time the shooting occurred.
- A'ight. I like that.
- Huh?
Huh? And it helps
that you have no priors.
Though you did shoot
a government employee.
Yeah, in the leg.
They acting like I killed the nigga.
He walking, right?
Let me be the lawyer, Mr. Hill.
This is an uphill battle, man.
I came up with a few ideas
that I think might help us out.
Community service?
- Yeah.
- Self-imposed curfew?
What is this, pre-prison?
And why can't I own a pet?
Wait, that's on there?
All right. Don't pay
attention to that, man.
That's my last client.
Nigga fucked a goat.
Let me get these Caprice, man. Shit.
After I pay this bail
I'm-a be tapped out.
How I'm supposed to make money
if you got me running around
cleaning sidewalks and shit?
I just want to remind you
how serious this is.
You couldn't even get me
the right cigarettes.
So how I don't know you're just
stringing me along for the bread?
Fake-ass Cellino and Barnes-ass nigga.
Mr. Hill, any lawyer would tell you
that you have to look favorable
in the eyes of the court.
You want them feeling,
thinking and believing that
not only are you remorseful,
but you are gonna rehabilitate yourself
without them making
your Black ass do it.
Come on, man. You can do this.
Let me get that lighter real quick.
So, you're not gonna give me a Newport?
Nah, man, these are
for my Russian bitches.
Svetlana love these.
This nigga here.
I could've swore
this pipe was working last week.
Yeah, 'cause you didn't pay
the water bill.
That is correct.
Holy dad of a dope fiend.
What the fuck?
- Oh, it's just flour.
- Oh, flour. Oh.
Thank goodness.
Gotta make sure you stay sober,
since my rehab cured you.
Bro, you look like an ashy albino.
Yeah, had to bake a cake
for my NA friend's sober anniversary.
Can you just try it
and tell me if it's all right?
It's not about how it looks.
It's more just about how it tastes.
Yeah, this ain't it.
Yeah, I know. Fuck.
I can't bake, but I said I could bake,
so now I spent the last
three hours baking trash.
- She asked you to?
- I offered. I-I don't know.
When you like somebody, words
just kind of come out sometimes.
Oh, you trying to
Stop, stop, stop. Stop, stop. Stop.
No, no. You're not supposed to
date the first year of recovery,
but I want to bake this cake
so we can date
in our second year, and then
and then do all that stuff.
A'ight, make sure you use some
almond milk or something, man.
You don't want her farting on herself.
Okay. Almond milk. Yo, Kareem?
Hey, what's up, son?
Um, could I skip this shift?
I just got to
head home so I could try again
to bake this thing.
But why?
Uh, it's my friend Sydney.
- It's her, uh, birthday.
- Hmm.
- Son.
- Yeah?
My taste buds just killed themselves.
Told you.
I don't know
why you don't ask me for help.
- Yeah.
- See?
'Cause you know I know recipes.
You ever had
peanut butter crawfish cake?
That sounds gross, man.
You haven't even heard the ingredients.
I just heard two of them. Yo, can I go?
No, you got to work.
Listen, if you want to bake,
you can bake next to the wrenches.
You know? I got a microwave,
I got a sink,
and I got a baby oven
just for emergencies.
I didn't know you had the baby oven.
Man. Fuck. Damn, bro.
This fellowship, man.
- It's not fun?
- I don't know, man.
They just want me
to make some bullshit, man.
- I don't know what I'm finna do.
- Can't you just ask someone
who really knows the program for advice?
It's been going on for years.
Somebody knows.
- Yeah, I guess I could.
- Yeah.
Why you don't ask for help?
You know what I'm saying?
What, you-you think you're too cool?
You guys ain't me.
Bro, you need help.
You can't even fix the pipe.
Why don't you call Larry and ask him
how he used to fix the pipes
when he owned the shop?
Damn, Kevin,
that is the best idea you had
since you told me to stop
paying Dan time and a half.
That was you?
A'ight, I'll see y'all later.
- The boy's a genius.
- You owe me a lot of money.
Why would you
Son, he owes us all money.
He does, son.
Damn, Zayna keep hitting my jack.
Yo, so pick up.
And say what? She's back in school,
holding up her end of the bargain.
Meanwhile, I'm out here and can't
make the money to pay her rent.
Bro, she can stay here with us.
Nigga, I don't even want
to stay here with us.
I'm just trying to problem-solve.
Son, I can't even take my jacket off
'cause your heater don't work.
Bro, why I need
a heater and an oven, man?
That shit redundant.
Yo, I'm not taking nothing else
away from Zay.
I promise. We got to
figure out our business.
Listen, man,
wasn't nobody fucking with us
before you got arrested.
What you think it's gonna be like now?
I don't give a fuck.
We don't have a choice.
We can't be out here lacking.
All right, bro. Listen,
I'm-a check with a connect.
You do that shit on the list
your lawyer gave you?
Man, I'll get to all that shit.
Bro, that shit's serious.
You seen what happened with
Ducky from Coney Island, right?
His lawyer told him to wear
a suit at the arraignment.
He didn't listen.
You see how that shit turned out.
That crazy motherfucker was up
on seven charges of grand larceny
and came in a bathrobe.
- The fuck, he Ghostface?
- It was a kimono.
- Nigga, this ain't the same.
- Listen, you end up like Ducky
or your brother, it's all good, bro.
Zay can stay here with me.
I got mad Pop-Tarts in the back.
Ah, don't touch that shit, bro.
Chun-Li wins.
- What are you doing?
- Oh, shit. Yo. Fuck.
You scared the shit out of me.
I thought you was Nneka.
You trying to steal her paintings?
Nah, I'm just trying to get inspired.
What you think of this?
I like it. I I think it's different.
I like that she's trying
to do something new.
Really? I'm not into it.
What's so funny?
You've been getting the worst reviews,
and you're critiquing someone
who actually won the fellowship?
Shit, I got to be myself
if I'm gonna win this thing, so
Maybe you're better off just copying me.
- Mm-hmm. Whoa
- Or me.
Oh, shit. Hi, um, sorry.
We-we were just, you know what?
We was about to leave.
It's fine. I was taking a break.
What you think about that?
I like it.
Uh, I
I don't like to judge before it's done.
I-I respect the process.
I mean, it's basically finished.
Yeah, but still. Like, you know, I
I just paint. You know?
I'm not a critic.
Nigga, everybody's a critic.
Unless you're scared
I'm gonna shit on you
if you say you don't like it.
Uh no.
- No.
- Then tell me what you think.
I like your old stuff
a little bit better.
The fuck do you know?
Dressed like a task rabbit.
If you're going to shit on my art,
I'm gonna need you to give me
a better reason than
you like my old stuff better.
I'm gonna go kill this bottle
of wine. Y'all coming?
Oh, yeah. Time for a sale.
- How you doing?
- Hey. Hey, good.
I'm-I'm actually,
I'm looking for Dan. Is he here?
Are you a cop?
- What? No, no. No. I
- Hey.
- Oh!
- Hey, I'm here.
Oh, my gosh, speaking of. Hey.
Kareem, this is Sydney. Sydney, Kareem.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Hey. How you doing, darling?
- Happy birthday.
- Oh, my
- Thank you.
- It's your birthday.
Yes, it's my birthday today.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
I was telling Dan I love biking, so
Oh, yeah? You should come by
our Tricycle Treasure Hunt next month.
Nobody ever finds the tricycles I bury.
You bury the tricycle?
In the ground?
It's a hell of a hunt.
- He's actually my stepdad. Yeah.
- Oh, shit.
- Okay.
- Yeah, Daddy's here.
- I love that.
- So, uh
Where did you two know each other from?
- Oh, we're friends.
- We're
- We are friends
- Yeah. Yeah.
from the same book club together.
- Mm-hmm. Book club.
- Yeah.
Son, let me talk to you
for a minute, okay?
Okay. Um, you know, Sydney,
you can look at
- Oh, thank you.
- the wheels and stuff.
- Okay, yeah. Will do.
- Uh, listen.
Where do you really know her from?
'Cause ain't no man in their
right mind discusses a book.
I just know her from around.
I don't know, just
Around? Come on now.
You go to school,
you come to this bike shop,
and you sit your sorry, sad ass at home.
- It's not sad and sorry.
- Come on, man.
Where you really know her from?
I met her
I met her in NA. I'm in NA.
NA? When did this happen?
A month or two ago. I don't know.
Why didn't you tell your daddy sooner?
Because you worked so hard to cure me
with that at-home rehab a while ago,
and I didn't want you
to think you failed.
I would never think I failed.
I think you failed to accept my cure.
Okay, well, you kind of failed.
I can't believe this. NA.
This is a lot to process right now.
Go, process it. Yeah.
Where is this place at?
Where-where are you dope fiends
meeting at today?
Where are the "dope fiends" meeting?
Yeah. Where y'all be nodding off at?
Okay, look. It's on Tilden at 5:00.
- Hmm. Hmm.
- It's just a normal thing.
You cannot tell anybody
I'm in the meetings, okay?
It's a secret. It's anonymous.
That's the whole thing.
I got you.
Okay. Ready to go?
- Yes. Great to meet you, Kareem.
- You, too.
- A pleasure.
- You're damn right.
- Love your shop.
- I know.
- Good vibes.
- All right.
Helmets could be, like,
a little bit cheaper.
Yep. Tell that to inflation.
You doing anything at midnight
for your anniversary?
No, it's not like New Year's Eve, Dan.
I could throw this fucking cake out,
- if you're not
- No, no. Thank you.
- Thank you for making it.
- We are ready.
- Okay.
- Is that cake?
Yeah, but it's for Sydney,
so you shouldn't
- Oh, that Well
- Okay, well
Mmm! Almond milk. Very good.
You could tell
it's almond milk from that?
I know my cake. You bake this, Dan?
Yeah. I did, actually.
- Can you bake every week?
- Uh, I have two jobs.
- I don't think
- It'd be great if he did.
Honestly, I'm so bad at it.
You should teach me.
Uh, yeah, no. I think
I could actually, yeah.
- Yeah, for sure. For sure
- Yeah? Okay, cool.
I have two jobs but need a hobby. Yeah.
And remember,
one tie, you're a clown.
Two, you're Lance Armstrong.
- Yo, 'Reem. What's up?
- Hey, yo, Drew, what up?
Damn. You got grease all over my shit.
Yeah, well, you got
crime residue all over me.
- How you been?
- Just got out.
But listen, man, I need some help.
Hey, man, anything. Whatever you need.
If anybody ask you,
you tell them I work here.
Oh, that I cannot do.
Look, if you buy a bike,
I'll throw in a pump
with a kickstand on it.
- But other than that, that's it.
- Damn.
What happened to all that pro-Black shit
you used to be on?
That went out the window
when I married that white woman.
See, I'm pro-Black when it's convenient,
- like Nike.
- Damn, bro.
I don't know
how I'm-a do half this shit.
Yeah, let me see that. Come on.
Damn. They act like
you shot the president
while he was holding a baby and
the baby was holding a puppy.
I'm saying! They want me
to get a job, a curfew,
join a drug program and shit.
Drug program? Hmm.
You know one?
Yeah, but I can't tell you who's in it,
'cause, um, it's anonymous
and I'm sworn to secrecy.
Nigga, I don't need to know who's in it.
Just give me the address to the meeting.
Hmm. You right.
You know what? It's on Tilden,
and it's happening right now.
Yo, 'Reem, you that guy.
- Hey, man, I know. I know.
- Yeah. Appreciate you, 'Reem.
Your savior. You know we go way back.
- I got you.
- Oh, my God.
That man's going way back to jail.
And I'm so grateful for this group
for helping me reach that year sober.
I-I couldn't have done it without you.
I mean, my sponsor Andrea,
thank you so much.
You know, sobriety is easier
when things are going well.
It's trying to continue
when shit hits the fan.
You know, it's hard to believe
that a little over a year ago,
I was stealing tramadol
from a vet clinic.
They fired me since they had
a "no stealing" rule,
but they also say employees must
wash hands and let's just say
I've seen some dry hands. Okay?
My low point, I made eye
contact with this pigeon
in the park. He was cooing at me,
but to me, the cooing meant,
"What are you doing, Sydney?
You're better than dog pills.
Become a paralegal. Join NA."
So I did, but it took me a long
time to be vulnerable here.
I was so impressed with Dan.
I mean, Dan's really new here,
and he was able to just come in
and-and be so brave,
and-and vulnerable and honest
with your share the other day,
- when you opened up to share
- Oh, so, um
Uh, you're done, right?
There's no more words, yeah?
- Oh. O-Okay. Yeah.
- That was the intro, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, sure, fine. Okay.
- Everyone, Dan. Dan. Dan.
- So, um Yeah, okay.
Sober Sydney, everybody.
Huh? Um
Well, I just came up here to say
Oh, first of all, my name's Dan.
I'm an addict.
You guys, obviously, addicts yourselves.
Um, so what are we doing here?
We're here because we want
a clean slate.
Whatever we've done,
whatever we've shared
Certainly whatever I've shared
Let's forget it.
"Forget about it."
All right?
That'll help us turn the page,
and let's make it official.
Let's raise a glass of water, obviously,
and, uh blessed be those who forget.
To forgetting.
- Congrats, Sydney.
- Okay. Thank you, Dan. That's
Many more years. Many more years.
Thank you so Okay, sit down.
That's great.
- Thank you. Uh
- Okay.
Wow. Uh, yeah.
Let's just go ahead
and forget that, immediately.
Um, Franklin, you want to say something?
Yes. Congratulations, Sydney.
- Thank you.
- Amazing to watch you grow
over this year.
- Thanks, Franklin.
- And, uh
Hey, everybody, thank you for coming
to share in the celebration,
and now it's time
for some cake.
Uh, Drew. What-what are you doing here?
Man, I swear you're like a bad omen.
Man, I knew I shouldn't have
trusted Kareem on this spot.
- Kareem.
- Damn.
I fucking knew Kareem would say
some shit. Jesus fuck
So, you a fucking crackhead
teaching my niece.
Ain't this some shit.
No, first of all,
every teacher is high. Okay?
That's how they get through the year.
And also, it was pills.
I'm not a crackhead.
I was, but not for the last 15 years.
This program saved my life.
You must be a friend of Sydney's, huh?
Sydney? Nah. I'm here 'cause,
uh, I got into some, uh,
- legal trouble, um
- Oh.
Who can sign my papers?
Well, I'll make you a deal.
I'll sign your papers,
but first you got to stay for cake.
Our man Dan made it.
- He did?
- That's right.
It ain't no pills in there, is there?
You know what? Maybe we should check.
- Come on.
- Yeah, let's do that.
What was it like when you were in here?
I mean, it was probably the same.
They still do that thing
where they make you
explain your painting
like you're talking to a baby?
No way. They made you do that, too?
Ugh. Girl. "Uh, this shadowing
draws focus to the foreground.
Goo, goo, ga, ga."
I just said my baby was deaf
and started using sign language.
Ugh, such a rebel.
Let me guess,
they don't like your paintings.
I mean, it's not
that they don't like them.
It's just
It feel like they don't want
anything original here.
Oh, it's like, "They don't get me."
Yeah, I mean, they don't.
- I don't know why you
- That's bullshit.
If you keep this attitude up,
you ain't gonna make it far.
But if I keep doing what they want,
I'll never find my voice.
Like, you know,
my art teacher always says:
"It takes a long time to learn
how to paint like yourself."
Yo, your art teacher is a thief.
He stole that from Miles Davis.
He did? Huh.
So, what was, what was you saying?
Sometimes in life you got to compromise.
- You mean sell out.
- Ugh!
Oh, God. Are you a hotep?
What? No. I'm not a hotep.
I-I just don't want to paint
what white people tell me to.
Like, I want to do what I want to do.
Oh, really? Do you?
How very original, all right?
The first Black person that's
wanted to do their own thing.
Call it selling out if you want to.
I say I bought in.
I wasn't in love with
everything they made me do here,
but I needed to get my kidney back.
Your kidney? Damn.
Uh, when you won the LACMA prize,
did you know it was gonna happen?
- Yeah. Duh.
- Shush.
I gave them what they wanted,
and I got what I wanted.
Then my life changed.
- Hey, hotep.
- Hmm?
You really know sign language?
Yeah, if the other person doesn't.
Looking like you're doing the Macarena.
That is fucked. Show me your work.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Oh, shit. A'ight.
Hurry up.
This the one,
this the one that got me in.
- Huh.
- Yeah.
- I don't hate it.
- You don't?
Man, I don't even want to be here.
Fucking lawyer's
got me doing all this shit.
If you don't want to be
here, maybe I can find a way
that you don't have to come here.
You know I don't want
to be here. The fuck?
Good morning.
It's night.
Anyway, if you don't want to show up,
maybe I can sign you in every week,
so you don't even have to come yourself.
How can you sign me in?
I'd just write your name down
in cursive.
Son, you a bozo.
I couldn't trust you
to get Zayna to go to school.
How I'm supposed to trust you
to sign me in?
I might not come back 'cause of you.
You're like a black cat or some shit.
You know what? I agree with you.
You should not come back because of me.
Okay. Here's what I could do.
I could find another group you can go to
in the neighborhood, or Franklin can.
I mean, I would love to
just help, like
Why all of a sudden
you all eager beaver
trying to help me out?
Well, I just
I feel bad about
the whole Zayna situation
and that you were arrested,
and, you know
Are-are we okay?
Son, I don't think about you.
That's fair.
What's up with Kev, though?
He ain't hit me back
since shit went down. Where's he at?
Uh, Kev, um
I don't I-I haven't
I haven't seen him in a bit.
Um, anyway, if you're serious
about not coming back,
I can find some other place
in the neighborhood,
- or maybe make a spreadsheet
- Dan. Thanks for sharing.
- Oh, yeah, no problem.
- Huge mistake I made asking you,
but you know what? I'm gonna own it.
You're so unappreciative.
You get one year sober and get so rude.
- Yeah, huh.
- Um, oh, uh,
Sydney, this is Drew.
Uh, Drew, Sydney. Yeah.
Hey, Drew. You guys know each other?
Uh, Drew Uh, no.
I just met him. Uh, first meeting. Yeah.
Oh, hey, congrats.
Sobriety is the best thing
I'm already sober, shorty.
I'm just here for court.
Oh, shit. Okay. Well, hey,
if you have legal issues,
you know, I work at a legal aid society
right here in Brooklyn,
so I can help you out.
Refer you to someone. Whatever you need.
- I'm good for now.
- Okay.
He's good for now
and for later, I think.
- He's covered for life.
- Hey, there you go, as promised.
So, we gonna see you again?
You gonna come back?
Will she be here every week?
Oh, yeah. She just went
through a breakup, so
- she's not going anywhere.
- Bet, bet.
- Yeah.
- Cake here every week, too?
As made by Dan. He volunteered.
I mean, we'll see what happens.
And she misses meetings
sometimes, but, you know
- A'ight.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I'll be back.
- That's good.
- Cool. Nice to meet you.
- Y'all be easy.
- Be good.
- I'm gonna go try the cake.
- What?
- Okay. Yeah.
The chocolate really my favorite, boo.
Word up.
Oh, yeah, he's definitely an addict.
Aw, so beautiful.
It's magical.
You aren't supposed to say
"magical" anymore.
What? Says who? Magical's a nice word.
- It's offensive.
- It is?
Yeah. You know, like the whole, like,
magical Black person thing.
Bagger Vance.
Who doesn't like magic?
I am a magical nigga.
You heard what they said about me?
- Kevin?
- Hmm?
How you come to work late and slow?
My bad, man. The review went
long at the fellowship.
They finally liked one of
my paintings, though.
- What you think?
- Ooh!
What in the Black-trauma-porn
fuck is this, man?
I can't hang that in here.
White people come in here.
I mean, what happened to
the ducks having a picnic in the park?
- Now that was good shit.
- I don't know
what you're talking about, man.
This shit is revolutionary.
It's magical.
Hmm. Magical, huh?
I'm-a hang it in a magical place.
In the bathroom, so it can scare
the shit out of everybody.
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