Flesh and Blood (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Of course, I've known the family for years.
I've watched the children grow up.
And I can honestly say they've been the perfect neighbours.
They've been no trouble at all.
So, I can't believe .
Anything like this could happen right on our doorstep.
Listen, they've had their ups and downs.
Who hasn't? But I never, ever dreamt .
It would end like this.
Well, they moved down from London, er .
Over 40 years ago now to start a family.
Mum, Dad, three kids.
Well, it's the perfect place for kids to grow up, isn't it? Vivien was pregnant when they arrived and .
Even then, she managed to look good.
And she worked, too.
She had a hairdressing salon in town.
Of course, she had to give all of that up when Terry got ill.
And over the years, we've become well, not just neighbours, but friends.
Hi, Mary.
So, Helen is the eldest child.
And the cleverest.
You always knew Helen would do well.
How are you getting on? Finished the back wall? Yeah, almost.
It's going to need replastering, though.
'Is Lily back yet?' Yes, she's just walked in.
- Say "Hi".
- She says "Hi".
'Did you get something for tonight?' Yup.
Yeah, I got the wine.
You didn't forget my stuff? And the dry-cleaning.
Can you take my shirt out of the drier, please, and hang it up straightaway so it doesn't get creased? Yeah, straightaway.
- Thanks, bye.
- OK, bye.
Two, three, four and lunge.
Into side.
One Jake was born four years after Helen.
Oh, he He was a naughty little boy.
But deep down, he had such a good heart.
You could forgive him anything.
And he's turned into a lovely dad.
Come on, push.
Hold the butt.
Three Natalie was the baby of the family.
First, she was going to be a dancer.
And then an actress.
And then an artist.
But it all came to nothing.
And she ended up in just an ordinary office job.
Yeah, he's busy at the moment.
Can he call you back in ten? Great, OK.
Oh, Christ How do you do that? Yeah, well, don't worry about me.
Who was that on the phone? Your wife.
Mmm, these are good.
Did you make them? Mary next door.
I mentioned that you were all coming over and, suddenly, she appears with a plate of - Ah, finally! - I'm sorry we're late.
- Like London buses.
- Oh, you look nice.
Sorry, my fault.
Crazy work day.
Hi, Mum.
I would much appreciate it if you would all clear your rooms of everything that you want to keep because I want to - How's work? - OK, thanks, although a bit - Stressful, yeah.
- What are you head of now? I'm acting CEO.
CEO, what does that stand for, Chief of Eating Out? Oh, here we go She is in charge of three hospitals.
No, you're right, you're right, that is quite a big deal.
Do you want to tell us about that? Well, I've been brought in to turn round this Trust, which is failing so badly.
Ok, ok.
- Thank you, very funny.
- Now, just stop it.
Because I want to tell you something.
Wine, or are you still on the wagon? Er, no, still rolling along.
- Stop it, please.
- Make it a large one.
Just stop it.
Now, there's something that I want to tell you all.
I have met a new friend.
A man.
As in a? A boyfriend? Well, yes.
- What? - Bloody hell, Mum, you dark horse! - Hey, why didn't you tell us? - Well, I'm telling you now.
I, you know, didn't want to say anything until I was sure of my feelings.
So, you mean, you're in love? - Nats, for God's sake.
- Shush, shush for the minute.
Who is this person? What's his name, this lover boy? His name is Mark, and he's a retired doctor.
A surgeon, actually.
- Dad's only been gone a year.
- It's over 18 months.
You expect her to sit around mourning for the rest of her life? - No, that's not what I'm saying.
- Dad wouldn't have minded.
Well, he's not here to say, - is he? - No, we just want her to be happy.
We only scattered his ashes in March.
- Oh, Jake, shut up.
- Why should I shut up? Dad would be perfectly OK with Mum I don't care what your father would have thought.
God, he was no angel.
What's that supposed to mean? Nothing, nothing, nothing.
It's just that Look, this is not about your dad.
It's about me.
- Hello! - Oh, my God, that's him.
- What? - What? It's Mark.
What, he's coming tonight? - Up here! - Oh, he's got a key! - Mum, what the fuck is - Mark! Sorry I'm a bit early.
Would you? Would you like a biscuit? Er, no, thanks.
Did Mark's arrival in the family cause any rows or upset amongst the siblings? Well, they .
They'd not long lost their dad.
And they'd plenty going on in their own lives.
So they were you know, they were rattled.
Do you think she meant Dad had affairs, then? He was on a dating website for widows.
I don't like it.
I just think he's got a really strange hold over her.
It's way too soon.
Is it? I mean, she's known him for six months.
It's not Six months? Six months is not a long time.
How could she trust him after six months? She knew Dad for 45 years.
Turns out she couldn't trust him, either.
That's not fair, is it? We don't know what Dad did, and he's not even here to defend himself any more.
- Are you saying Mum's lying? - No, I'm not saying that.
I'm just saying we don't know all the details, do we? You know, I don't want to think about it.
But it could be something, you know, like a fling, sex, just Oh, and that makes it all OK.
No, but it makes it more forgivable cos men can do that sort of thing all the time and there's no feelings involved.
It doesn't take away from the love of your wife.
There's always more to it than just the physical.
God, you're both so cynical.
Look, people do fall in love.
It does happen.
I liked him.
I'm sorry about the kids' behaviour last night.
I really should have told them about you before.
My fault for being early.
They were fine.
No, they weren't.
They were frosty.
They were protective of you.
My daughter would be the same.
And all those questions.
As if you were applying for a job.
They'll get used to the idea.
They're adults.
Well, they don't act like it sometimes.
Especially when they're all together.
Don't worry about it.
Are you not a bit hot in this? A bit.
I could do with a summer one, really.
I think the last ten years of Vivien's marriage were Not happy ones.
But she wasn't one to complain.
I don't think the kids realised.
They were so full of their own lives.
Which I gather were in some turmoil.
Well, I don't like to say.
But I do know Jake and Leila were having yeah, a bit of a tough time.
Mum, Dad's taking us to Disneyland! We're going to Paris! I'll be in in a sec.
I hope you can deliver on that.
Yeah, well, they deserve a holiday.
I'll get the money.
This is the rest of your stuff From the attic.
- I'll see you Monday.
- Leila, please Can I just come inside and talk to you? Please, just Just a chat.
Not now.
Put your size four boot up Connor's arse and get those corrected drawings ASAP, yeah? So, anyway, before he arrived Mum said Dad was no angel.
And that can only mean he had affairs, can't it? There's never been any hint of this before.
I mean, he was away a lot travelling for work, but But it just casts Dad in a completely new light.
Are you listening to me at all? We've all got secrets.
Look at us.
It doesn't make him any less of a father, does it? Everybody lies.
Even your mum, probably.
Do they? Were there any family feuds that might have had a bearing on what happened last night? Well, I mean, all families row, don't they? But, no, nothing.
I mean, not to the point of such a terrible tragedy.
Thanks for the cheese straws, Mary.
Oh, my pleasure.
- How did it go, then? - Oh, a few sticky moments.
- But they'll get used to it.
- Of course they will.
- Are you off on a trip? - Yup, just a couple of days.
- Back Sunday night.
- Oh, where to? I don't know, actually.
It's a surprise.
Oh, well, that's That's lovely, isn't it? I'd better go.
I'll keep an eye on the house.
Have a great time.
But I worried, after Terry died, that Viv would get very low.
So I suggested we go out on a few outings to cheer her up.
But, well I should have known a woman like Vivien wouldn't be single for five minutes.
"Good for her," I thought.
One more.
Keep it up.
Very good.
Oh, a cheeky bonus.
Well done.
Very, very good, lady.
How do you feel about once more around the park before we head home? Oh, God - All right, then.
- Yeah? Go on, then, I'll catch you up.
- Come on! - Coming! Of course, I take this report very seriously.
And I want to apologise, on behalf of the Trust, to any patient who has waited too long for treatment.
As you know, there have been some significant resignations on the management team.
And my task now is to get this Trust back on track.
Helen "Significant resignations"? What about "Brutal dismissals"? Oh, Meera, I I don't think you're supposed to be in this building.
I was pushed out of my job because you needed a scapegoat.
Come on, Meera, your department was consistently failing.
After years of hard work, my professional reputation is destroyed .
like that.
How do you sleep? Oh, did you book that trip for your kids to Disneyland? Yeah.
Yeah, I did.
Thank you for that.
You must miss living with them.
Well .
I'd better be off.
Oh, it's in the drawer.
Thanks, Stella.
That's very generous.
My pleasure.
What? What's this? You don't have a fear of flying, do you? Er, no.
But where are we going? Oh, just a short-hop flight over the Channel to Le Touquet.
You told me you went there once as a teenager.
I thought you might like a revisit.
It's just a tiny plane.
Half-an-hour trip.
Viv .
Why don't you say something? I haven't got my passport.
Ta-da! Er, I found it yesterday when you were getting ready.
You were looking through my things? Oh, dear.
I wanted it to be a surprise.
It's OK, I'm sorry, I It's just - Just a bit of a shock.
- Good.
Let's go.
I can't believe you remembered me telling you about that trip.
He's just so different from Dad, though, isn't he? And? That's what I couldn't believe.
I mean, so I don't know, gentlemanly.
Dad was gentlemanly.
Oh, not like that.
Mark couldn't stop looking at her.
Filling her glass, touching her arm, smiling at her.
Are you jealous? No.
I'm perfectly happy with George.
You? No, I'm very happy on my own, thanks.
He's wet.
He's too wet for her.
I mean, Dad was a force to be reckoned with, wasn't it? He had character.
He was no angel.
That Oh, I think that's nothing.
I bet that was just, like, one-off.
Some one-off event.
Look, you know, the most important thing is that they stayed together, didn't they? All those years, over 40 years, they stayed together.
That's bloody impressive.
Hey, come on, you'll get Leila back.
Of course you will.
The thing is that I got pregnant with Helen Before Terry and I got married.
So, it was more a marriage of .
Necessity than choice.
Well, I don't think that Charlotte and myself had the perfect marriage.
Not by any means.
But I'd always wanted to be part of a team.
Someone by your side rooting for you.
And I hope that, one day .
We can be a team like that.
What? Oh, is that what all this is about? A proposal? Because, Mark, nothing could be further from my mind, at this moment, than marriage.
A square.
- A TV! - OK, Maddie, what else? Large - Climbing.
- Up the stairs.
- Growing up.
- Good.
James And The Giant Peach! Don't look at me like that.
You haven't said anything to Helen, have you? No.
No, of course not, but Oh, I don't know, I just hate to think of you hanging on like this for a man who might .
Might not come through for you.
Thank you.
But I can look after myself.
I know, I know.
But you could so easily find a great guy who adores you.
- Please, George.
- And wants to have kids, like you do.
Oh, Jesus I shouldn't have said anything to you.
I'm sorry, I didn't Beauty And The Beast! - Jack And The Beanstalk! - Yay! Well, it's your go, then, Maddie.
Up you come, yes, yes.
Guys, guys, right, wave to Grandma.
Get a photo! - Wave to Grandma! - Cheese! Hi! I reckon that was the first Sunday lunch Vivien had missed since Terry died.
I mean, family traditions are important, aren't they? Then she began spending .
All that time with Mark.
I think that's when things started falling apart.
Oh, hello! Did you have a good trip? Where did you go? Oh, just over to France.
Yes, it was lovely, thanks.
Everything OK? Yeah.
Sorry, I can't stop, Mary, I'm off to get my hair done.
- I'll catch you later.
- OK.
I knew Vivien about as well as anyone.
I mean, you can't live next door all those years and not get to know a person, can you? We always helped each other out whenever we could.
Oh, hello? She's out.
- But I can take it for her.
- Oh, great, thanks.
- Thank you.
- Cheers, bye.
But although we'd been neighbours for so long, we didn't live in each other's pockets.
No, I kept myself to myself.
Always have done.
It's just who I am.
So, what do you think? Oh, good God, we're not going to knock this down, are we? - It'd be a crime.
- Stables.
Four-car garage.
Six beds.
A billiards room.
Well, what's this about? Us.
You and me living here.
I've been on the lookout for ages.
I haven't found anywhere I thought you'd like.
Until now.
So, you're actually finally going to leave Carla? And this is for us? You've been so patient, Nats, all this time.
If you like it .
I'll put in an offer on Monday.
I promise.
Mum Mum Hi, darling.
Have we got any photos of Grandad from when he was in hospital? I don't think so.
Why? I'm doing a post on death.
- What? - It's for my followers.
I should have taken one of him just after he died.
That would've been cool.
Yeah, no, that would have been incredibly disrespectful.
Well, you didn't respect him.
You were always arguing with him.
- No, I wasn't.
- You used to shout at him all the time.
Just like you shout at Dad.
You're always angry.
I am not Lily people argue all the time.
It doesn't mean they don't love each other.
Yeah, right.
I just I want our little family back.
I want you back.
And the money? Look, I'm working all the hours God made.
Leila, I'm paying back the debt week by week.
When will you be clear? Six months or so.
It's going to be quicker, if I can.
A lot can happen in six months.
I don't really want to discuss it until you've paid back every penny.
Jake No.
I've been thinking about that conversation we had in France.
Me, too.
And I realise it was far too soon to mention marriage.
It was stupid of me.
- No, it's OK.
- I'm really sorry.
I messed up.
It's just that .
After a lifetime of looking after other people, I .
I like the independence I have now.
I understand that, of course, completely.
It doesn't mean that I don't love you.
Can I just ask .
Does this mean that marriage is out of the question for you - .
Forever? - No, no! But we've got years ahead of us, don't we? Do we? Well, hopefully, yes.
It's just I wouldn't like to think you'd rule it out completely.
Come on.
Hi, darling.
- Hey, Natalie.
- Hey.
Ruby, come on! - How are you? - Oh, yeah, great, thanks.
Time for a cup of tea, or a glass of something? - Oh, no, I've got to get back.
- Aw Well, we haven't seen you properly in ages.
Even the girls are asking after you.
We should have her round for dinner one evening, shouldn't we? Yeah, yeah, that would be lovely.
We'll arrange something.
- I'll email you some dates, shall I? - Oh, yeah, lovely.
I know what you're doing, Natalie.
And you can never win.
Bye! Jake, I'll see you downstairs.
One of my rentals is due to come vacant soon.
The top floor flat.
That might work for you.
Yeah, well, it sounds lovely, Stella.
It also sounds very expensive.
And I'm trying to save every penny I can at the minute, thank you.
Emm, actually .
I thought you could have it rent-free in exchange for the personal training sessions and the odd .
Evening here.
I mean, we could do away with all of this.
Well, bloody hell.
I don't think I can accept that, Stella.
I mean, it was just an idea.
I thought I could kill two birds with one stone.
But no pressure.
I totally understand if it doesn't feel right.
I'll see you Thursday.
See you Thursday.
Oh, God Mark's on his way over and he's bringing some supper.
We're going to watch a film.
Why don't you stay? He always makes far too much.
No, no, I'll leave you two lovebirds alone.
But, erm, before he gets here, I wanted to ask you something.
I've been thinking about what you said about Dad.
"No angel.
" Does that mean He had affairs, didn't he? Just the one.
But it went on for some years.
Jesus But you didn't leave him.
Why not? I said that, if he gave her up, then I promised I wouldn't tell you kids.
And he did.
Do you know what happened to the other woman? No, I don't know.
- And I don't care.
- Yeah.
Look Why don't you pop in again soon, hm? And we can talk properly.
You really like him, don't you? Mark.
You think he's all right? I think he's great.
Really great.
Because he makes you so happy.
All right, bye.
So that's a no, then, is it? I'm just near the end of the chapter.
Or you're in the middle of a chapter.
Or the start of a chapter.
Or you're You're very stoned or Don't, Helen, please.
Well, it comes to something when your own mum's having more sex than you.
You never initiate anything.
That's because you're the initiator, aren't you? You're the boss and I'm just the employee.
If I'm not performing, well, we'll have to get tough, won't we? Oh, come on I'm not a project for you to manage.
Sex isn't like that.
And it doesn't respond to demands.
Hi, Mum.
This is late for you.
Is everything OK? Oh, Helen.
It's Mark.
I'm calling from the hospital, I'm afraid.
Oh, my God, what? What's happened? It's your mum.
She's collapsed.
Ah, she's awake.
How are you feeling? Fine.
Actually, I slept well, Doctor.
Your pulse is regular.
Drink this.
You need to keep your fluids up.
And you might want to take one of these.
What are they? It's a very mild tranquilliser, just to get you through lunch with the kids and everything.
It's up to yourself.
Only take it if you're feeling the need.
You're being so thoughtful.
But I think I could run to a nice slice of toast without burning the kitchen down, if you felt up to it.
Yes, please.
You're going to be fine.
I promise you.
I mean, it was the oddest thing.
One minute, I was fine, and then Then she collapsed.
But you were fine when I left here.
So, what is it, then? Well, we can't be certain, but I'm sorry, I'd like to hear from my mum, please.
Oh, well They're not sure if it's just a one-off thing or a symptom of something serious.
- I mean - Oh, God.
They've done a raft of tests and now we just have to wait for the results.
Well, look, I think we should set up a rota system.
One of us coming in every day.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
I can do that.
that, just to keep an eye on you.
Yeah, we'll cook a meal or something.
It's no trouble.
No, no.
No, no, it is trouble for you, so Well, actually Mark has very kindly said that he'll come and stay for a bit.
Here, in our house? Just for a week or two.
You know, just till the results come through.
And I'll be in the best medical hands.
So, none of you need worry.
But, Mum No offence, Mark, but we don't know you very well yet.
- And naturally we - Well, we don't know him at all.
And, Mum, that is our job.
Look, let's calm down.
I don't want to tread on any toes.
Look, and if there was another episode, then Mark would know exactly what to do.
I could monitor the hospital tests, make sure they haven't missed anything.
- Well, that is important.
- Oh, come on.
We can do that.
I'm sorry if you feel uncomfortable about that.
No, no, no.
Look, what is important is that Mum's happy.
Isn't it, Jake? Thank you.
And I am, hundred percent.
And then Vivien suddenly became unwell? Yes, and that was so .
out of the blue.
How did the children react to their mother's illness? Well, you know, they all rallied round.
- A large gin and tonic.
- Thanks.
So, that's two drinks here, one at Mum's.
That's almost six units of alcohol.
You're just jealous because I can hold my drink and you can't.
No, you think you can.
That's what alcohol does for you.
- Oh, stop it, you two.
- Anyway, back to Mum.
I hope you're not considering driving home.
We don't really know her financial position.
You were the one helping her with it all after Dad died, weren't you? Surely you've got some idea.
Yeah, well, I know she owns the house outright and there are some savings.
But most of what Dad left is in shares, which she said have been doing well, so she's certainly She's loaded.
You don't honestly think that he's only after her for her money, do you? You only have to look at them to see that they're in love.
Oh, come on.
They hardly know each other.
It's infatuation.
He can't get his hands on her money anyway, not without her permission.
What are you talking about? Of course he can.
You know what Mum's like with security.
He's probably already got all of her PIN numbers and passwords.
Yeah, one of us should have power of attorney in case she has another one of those episodes.
For God's sake, you two.
Look, this is about two people being in love.
We should be cheering them on, not obsessing about the money.
Money might mean nothing to you because you haven't got any dependents.
You think nothing of spending 1,000 on a handbag.
- Oh, she doesn't pay for those bags.
- What the fuck do you know? You don't go short on anything, either.
That's not fair.
Wages in the public sector And you've got George at home waiting on you hand and foot.
I've had to work bloody hard for where I've got.
What, and I haven't? As I recall, Dad gave you the deposit for your flat.
- Did he? - Yeah.
Whereas Jake and I had nothing to get us started.
Oh, for fuck's sake, that was ages ago.
- Anyway, it was only ten grand.
- Ten grand? Do you want me to divide it all up and write you a cheque now? - Is the money really that important to you? - It's not the amount, - it's the principle.
- It's the amount.
Yeah, I will have a cheque.
Oh, you two are unbelievable.
Sorry, Dad gave her ten grand, you knew about it and you didn't tell me? Fuck it.
We should all get ten grand, shouldn't we? What, so you can spunk it all on a horse at the bookies? You really are such a little bitch, aren't you? Do you know who I pity? George.
Hi, I can't come to the phone now, but if you leave a message, I'll get right back to you.
Hi, I can't come to the phone right now, but Hey, you.
Listen, I've been thinking about your, er your offer.
Of the flat.
If it still stands, erm It will be temporary.
Of course.
Yeah? Yeah, that's great.
That's It's perfect.
'Nats, what the hell are you playing at?' I need to talk to you.
Well, I can't talk now.
I've got ten people at dinner.
Are you OK?' I've, er I've done a test and it's positive.
What? I'm pregnant.
Jesus, Nats, what are you? Look, I I can't talk now, OK? It's not the right time.
I'll see you on Monday.
We'll talk then.
' Thank you for being here.
Most men would have run a mile in the scenario.
No question of that, Viv.
I'm yours.
This is it for me.
Your .
question still stands, then .
about marriage? Of course.
Of course.
Whenever you're ready.
Thank you, Mrs Bennett.
We'll be in touch regarding a more formal statement at the police station.
Formal statement? Yes.
- A person is fighting for their life in hospital.
- But - But it was an accident.
- Maybe.
Maybe not.
But if it's not and the news from the hospital isn't good then it's murder.
Oh, thank you for the tea.

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