Flesh and Blood (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I have met a new friend.
A boyfriend? You don't honestly think that he's only after her for her money, do you? You were looking through my things? When she began spending all that time with Mark, I think that's when things started falling apart.
I was pushed out of my job because you needed a scapegoat.
Sex isn't like that.
- Come on - I'm not a project for you to manage.
I want our little family back.
I don't really want to discuss it until you've paid back every penny.
Oh, it's in the drawer.
Thank you, Stella.
That's very generous.
- Who was that on the phone? - Your wife.
- I'm pregnant.
- What? It's Mark.
Is everything OK? It's your mum.
She's collapsed.
I just think he's got a really strange hold over her.
And you might want to take one of these.
It's a very mild tranquillizer.
Someone is fighting for their life in hospital.
- But it was an accident.
- Maybe.
But if not, then it's murder.
I never, ever dreamt it would end like this.
Wha? Mary? What the hell's going on? You can't believe it, can you? But she's only just got out of hospital.
So, your mother's decision to sell the family house Did that cause any tension in the family? Is, is this really relevant? A human life is hanging in the balance, Miss Haleford.
Everything is relevant.
Mum just felt the time had come to move on, and we all supported her in that, 100%.
But you love this house, you always have! - So do we! - Yeah, and the kids love it here.
Yes, but it's so big just for me.
Yeah, but this is our house too, Mum.
Do we not get a say in this? None of you have lived here for years! Yeah, but we're always visiting.
Look, the thing is, that I am going to be doing a lot more travelling.
I've always wanted to see more of the world, and so does Mark.
- Right, so this is his idea, is it? - Jake, please.
No, no, no! - Well, it certainly sounds like it.
- Don't start.
No, it's just something I've been thinking about for a long time, ever since your father died.
OK, well, look, how about, what if I came and I looked after the whole place while you were away and then that way you don't have to sell it What about Jake? I mean, he's homeless at the moment.
Excuse me, I'm not homeless, Helen! What are you talking about? I've just put the rent down on somewhere else.
- I'm not some homeless tramp on the street.
- Have you? No, listen! Listen, all of you! You're not listening to me.
I've had enough of this house and I want to make a fresh start.
Next week, we're going to Spain for a few days to meet Mark's daughter.
She works out there as a doctor.
- What's her name? - Sophie.
And when I come back, I want you to have all cleared all the stuff out of your bedrooms.
Er, well that doesn't give us much time, does it? I would like to find the whole place tidy before we go off to India - because the estate agents - India? Mark and I, we've booked a six week trip to India for my birthday treat.
Bloody hell! Mum, you've just been in hospital.
What about your health? And that is exactly why I want to go now! All right, but Mum, what if you have another attack? I would rather collapse and die halfway round India than live another 20 years sitting here in a chair! You've never mentioned travel before.
Why this sudden need to go travelling? Yes, I have! You don't listen, do you? We're trying to protect you, Mum.
From what? From living a life? From being in love? From having adventures? Oh, for God's sake, I do not want to end up like Mary next door! I have always been at the beck and call of my children, of my husband, of my work.
I would like, before I die, to have some purely selfish pleasure! Is that such a crime? Really? That's the last of it.
Here you go.
That's very kind of you.
Are you not having one? Oh no, I have to get back to work.
Er, there are your keys, your inventory and your contract.
Give them a read and I'll swing by at four to sign and collect them.
Contract? Yeah, we have to know where we stand if things go pear-shaped, don't we? It's a six-month contract with an option to extend, a month's notice either side.
Payment is three personal training sessions a week and two massages.
You prefer alternative wording? Er, no, no.
That's fine.
Erm, well thanks, Stella.
I could never've afforded anything like this, and the kids are going to love it.
I'll see you at four.
See you at four.
I want security to be on high alert.
You really think she's dangerous? I think she is very threatening in her manner.
And then when I saw her in the pub, well, I'm sure it was no coincidence.
What's her background? She'd been with us six years as Head of Customer Services.
Single parent, three kids.
Widowed two years ago.
Looks like she went through a tough time afterwards.
Well, I didn't have much choice, did I? Her department had been seriously under-performing for years.
The board wanted redundancies, she was the obvious candidate! Yeah.
Helen, how are you doing? What? It's a big step up for you, this job.
And you've had to let a lot of staff go.
That can be highly stressful.
I'm fine.
Well, I'll make security aware, then.
Look, I'm sorry I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have told you on the phone, I should have waited.
I shouldn't have put the phone down on you.
So, how are you feeling? I er, yeah, OK.
A bit scared.
OK, hear me out.
I know you're going to have it, whatever I say or do.
I just, well, I know you.
So, Nats .
Can you give me a week? A week for what? I just need to sort myself out, make some big decisions.
Carla, the girls.
My head's a mess right now.
I've got I've got to do the right thing .
By the kids at least.
And by our kid.
Take a week off work.
Just sit tight, that's all I'm asking.
Let me sort myself, Nats.
OK? Yeah.
Yeah, here we go.
Are you all right? Careful! Careful.
Da-da! Do you like it? It's fantastic, yes.
But why is it here? It's your birthday present.
Mark, I, I, I can't accept this.
Oh, my God, it's Why not? Well it it, it's just too much! It's just Oh, God, I haven't gone too far again, have I? Mark, I can't accept a car! But Viv, why not? It's only money! At my age, all you can do is spend it .
On making someone I love happy.
OK, let's go for a spin! Mark, Mark, it's just that it's Come on, come on, come on.
You're going to enjoy this.
Or, not love it.
I'll drive, shall I, to start with? Yes, you drive! It's the perfect day for a drive and I found a great little place for lunch you're going to love.
Let's go, let's go! What was your relationship with your neighbour, Mrs Bennett? Erm, well, Mary had lived next door to us since forever.
Yoo-hoo! Vivien? She'd had a baby boy years ago around the same time that mum had Jake.
But .
He died, unfortunately.
And then when her husband walked out on her, we did our best to include her in our life.
When we were kids, she looked after us when mum was at work.
You know, cooking meals, helping us with our homework.
That, that kind of thing.
So she was more than a neighbour? More like part of the family? Yeah, I don't know what we would have done without her, actually.
Which is why she was with you on the night of the, er, on the night of the celebration? Yeah.
She's just like one of us.
Hello! Just getting out the crabgrass before it takes hold.
- Dreadful stuff.
- Oh, right.
Thank you, Mary.
It's quite something, isn't it? It's lovely! Yeah, it's, erm, it was a present, way too extravagant.
She deserves to be spoilt, doesn't she, Mary? Yeah.
Yeah, of course she does.
I didn't realise that Oh! I, I meant to mention it to you, I'm I should have said.
Darling, we're late already.
We should get going.
- Yes, all right.
- Why don't you drive this time? We'll chat later.
Top floor.
It's open, come up.
Yeah, Leila and I have been pretty good, actually.
She's started talking to me again, which is progress.
Yeah, it's good.
Hey, this sofa isn't yours, is it? Er, no, no.
It comes part furnished.
Well, don't let the kids ruin it.
Well, they're not animals! - Happy housewarming! - Hey! Bloody hell, this is amazing! Must have cost a fortune! - That's what I said! - Well, it doesn't, so Mates rates, apparently.
Yes, it's a friend at the gym who's away for few months.
- Course.
- No George? He's down the pub, he's in a mood.
He's not in a mood! He just fancied a quiet hour with the papers.
We're not joined at the hip.
Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here? Er, yeah, yeah.
It's just a bit noisy round there.
- No problem.
- Thanks.
Hi, Mum.
It's open, come on up.
- Did she tell you about the car? - I know! It's unbelievable.
I mean, at least we know he's solvent, I suppose.
Yeah, but it's a bit OTT.
Yeah, I don't like it.
Showering her with gifts and foreign trips? Not normal.
Well, maybe he just wants to spoil her? It has been heard of.
No, it's too much.
I mean, what is he after? Hi! Hey! Hey! Welcome! - Would you say you were a close family? - I think so, yeah.
Oh, thanks for the champagne.
In times of trouble, you'd all stick together? Yeah.
Well, erm, that's what families do, isn't it? Jake, can we have a word? Ok.
Look, I'm aware that we didn't get off on the right foot the last time we met, so I just wanted to say Yeah, I know.
It's nothing personal.
We just don't want Mum to rush into anything.
Dad's only been gone 18 months.
Yeah, I know that.
And I wanted to reassure you that your mother is under absolutely no pressure from me.
But you did just buy her a flash car and move into her house so you can play doctor.
Moving in was her idea.
And it's only a temporary measure, to make sure she recovers her health.
And the car? The trip to Spain? We're going to see my daughter! And the car isn't a flash car, it's just a fun thing.
And selling the house we've lived in all of our lives? Oh, come on! She is an individual, you know.
She doesn't exist just to parent you lot! Is that so? - Dad! - Yeah? Mum was on the phone.
Can she collect us now? She's on her way back from lunch.
Yeah, sure.
With a man! What? You idiot! What man? Oh, wow! That's amazing.
Well, when I've finished with the ground floor, I'm going to move upstairs, where I'm going to rip out an old bathroom, create a sort of open plan master suite.
Wow, that's impressive.
I mean, that sounds like the work of a professional builder.
Oh, no! No, no, no.
All self-taught, but, er, you know, you pick things up.
You can Google almost everything these days.
Yeah, yeah, I even, er, even rewired the place myself, so - Really? - Yeah.
It's quite an achievement.
I mean, to renovate a whole house singlehandedly! Oh, I mean, I don't know, it's, it's Can I get you a-another? - Same again? - Thank you! What about your private lives? Is it fair to say they're in some turmoil? OK, girls, lunch is ready.
Out you get! Right, first one to swim to Dad.
Caught a fly Well, my brother and sister were having marital problems, if that's what you mean? And you? - Me? - Swim to Daddy.
Oh, no.
No, no.
No-one special.
Shit! Well, fortunately, being single, for me, life's a lot less complicated.
It could be a physical problem or an emotional one.
You see, our relationship with our libido, it's a very complicated thing.
Can I ask you, George, do you ever masturbate? Er, well, you know, occasionally So, then there can't be anything physically wrong with him, can there? Is there anything, erm, George, on your mind right now that you might think accounts for your lack of desire? Er, well, erm, well, Helen's out at work all day, often late home.
I'm working on the house, looking after Lily.
I guess we've just drifted apart.
Yes, you see, in my experience, it's about intimacy.
It's about communication.
Isn't it? Right, so, erm, what I propose is that we take sex off the agenda and start talking to each other.
Is that acceptable to you? - Helen? - Yes.
George? Yep.
The thing is, kids need to feel that their parents can be trusted, don't they? Relied on, united.
What are they going to think if their mum starts dating other people? Well, yes, we had an agreement.
Yes, it was a six month break.
Yes, but there was only a break so I could get the money together to pay her back.
There was nothing about seeing other people.
Look, if you want her back, it's really simple.
Is it? Go on.
Well, firstly, apologise.
I mean, men never apologise enough when they've fucked it up.
Then say how that you understand how awful it must have been for her.
You know, express real, abject remorse.
Then ask her how she's feeling.
And listen, you know, even if it takes all night, you listen.
You just listen, you don't interrupt With your full attention, OK? For as long as it takes.
Bloody hell.
Then tell her you miss her.
Not the kids.
Just her.
Really? What, and that's it? Yeah! More or less.
Come on! Hi, I can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave a message, I'll get right back to you.
Hey! I know I shouldn't be calling you, but I just wanted to just wanted to say hi.
Anyway, erm, only a few days to go.
All right, mister.
What the fu Fu Oh, my God! - Hi, Mary! - Oh, hello! - How are you? - I'm all right.
How're you doing? - Fine! - Oh, come on, let me give you a hand.
Oh, thanks! Mum wants all our stuff out of the house while she's away.
I can't believe that she's selling up after all these years.
Yeah, I know.
She wants to do more travelling.
India, she says! Oh, well.
I suppose she's going to go with Mark, yeah.
He's a, he's a doctor, isn't he? That's right.
Retired surgeon.
Well, it's lucky, isn't it? It was lucky he was right on the spot where she was taken ill.
Yeah, I guess Ah no, I've got to dash.
I've got something on the stove.
- Look, I'll see you soon.
- OK.
All right, bye.
- I can't believe your wife followed me! - Are you sure it was her? Positive! All right, she, she came right up behind me.
She nearly ran me off the road.
I mean, it was lucky I could pull it round.
Christ, Nats.
I'm so sorry.
You didn't tell her about the baby, did you? No! But, I mean, God, you could have lost it.
Are you sure everything's all right? Have you been to the doctor's? No, I've got an appointment next week.
But I think I'd know if anything was wrong anyway.
OK, Nats.
Look, be strong.
I'm going to be out of there within the week, I promise you.
Five years I've been waiting for you, all right.
How much longer do I have to wait? Until your wife kills me? Nats, for God's sake! Then you'd never have to tell her you were leaving her, would you? Would you describe your family as hot-tempered? No.
Not especially, no.
I mean, we, we have differences of opinion, obviously.
And on the night of the incident .
Had there been a difference of opinion? No.
Not that I can recall.
You know, I mean, it was a celebration.
Night, Mum.
That's awful, that's awful.
Well, look, you'd better go now.
Er, I'll talk to you, I'll talk to you as soon as I can.
You mind yourself, OK? All right, lots of love.
Bye, bye, bye, bye.
What is it? What's wrong? She's not able to make it.
There's been a train crash.
All doctors to remain in the hospital for the foreseeable.
Oh, no.
She's really sorry, she was so looking forward to meeting you.
Well, I mean, maybe tomorrow? We're here for a couple of days.
She's on a 48 hour call, God love her.
Brutal, isn't it? And bloody annoying, too.
We've come all this way! Come on, she's saving lives.
A little more important than meeting her dad's new girlfriend.
But I so wanted you to meet her.
It's fine.
More sightseeing, long lunch Siesta? We'll have a lovely time.
And tomorrow You know, we're quite close to Gibraltar, you know? I'll er, I'll set the alarm for seven, shall I? The book says it's a two hour drive.
Are you sure about this? Absolutely sure? It was my idea! Just wait there.
Stay there.
Stay just like that.
Lily, will you get up, for God's sake! You're going to make us all late! You're going to have to go in there.
Lily? Come on, will you get up? Lily? Shit.
She's not in there.
- She's not downstairs.
- Lily? - Lily? - I said, she's not downstairs.
Oh, for God's sake, George! Do something! All right! I'm calling her phone.
Shush, listen! Answerphone.
Hi? Knock, knock.
Hello! Hey, Mary.
How are you? All right.
Erm, could I leave these with you for a few weeks? Course you can.
How are things? With, with Leila.
Er Yeah.
I think we're getting there.
I think.
I always said she's very lucky to have you.
Well, I don't know about that, but, er, there is quite a few more of those It's fine, it's fine.
Such a shame though, that your mum's moving, isn't it? Yeah, but it's not done yet, Mary, cos we've still got time to turn that ship around.
I don't know about that.
Not if her new car's anything to go by! He's obviously done well for himself, hasn't he? It's a bit too flashy for my liking.
Although I suppose he could have bought it on credit, I suppose, couldn't he? What? Well, people do, don't they, these days? Buy now, pay later! Whereas we always had to save up for things.
Anyway, get your bags, I'll put the kettle on.
OK, well, thanks.
Yeah, right, thanks.
Nothing? What do we do now? She's not at school.
She's not at Cassie's, not at Bella's.
Christ Almighty! OK, look, we need to just try and stay calm! It's all very well for the police to say she's low risk, What do they know? We need to get out there ourselves, just start searching.
Let's get in the car, start searching the streets.
Nats? Oh, oh! Thank God! Is she all right? Just Can I talk to her? Actually, Helen, she's asleep now and she wants me to talk to you first She's fine, she's fine, she's just well, she's a bit upset about something, and she's asked me to talk to you about it.
Well, we're on our way over.
No, no, no, not George.
Just you.
- Not George? - Not me? Why not? Just you.
- Call you later.
- Bye.
Now, I think you should actually go and get some sleep now, sweetheart.
Right? Leave this to me.
Have a nice day.
Ooh, sorry! - What are you doing here? - I want to talk to you.
What about? Us.
I don't think I ever apologised enough for what happened.
And, erm .
It must have been awful for you when you found out .
About the money.
And I wanted to say that I'm really sorry about that.
And I want it to go on the record just to state that officially.
So, how are you feeling? Erm, I'm still pretty angry, to be honest.
Ah-ha, yep.
When you find out you've been lied to systematically for years it's incredibly hurtful.
God, Leila, I never wanted to hurt you.
Maybe, but that's what it feels like.
Thousands and thousands of pounds, gambling.
I mean, never mind me, Jake, but how could you do that? How could you do that to our kids? Make them homeless No, they're not they're not homeless! Thanks to my mum, Jake! It's the worst kind of betrayal.
It's even worse than you having an affair.
What, like you are? What? The kids said you are seeing someone else.
Oh, my God! And we told them that this was a temporary solution and that we would be getting back together eventually, didn't we? You told them that, not me.
Who is it, Leila? It is none of your business! I think I'd better go.
No, no, no! It is my business, it is my business who my wife is sleeping with, OK? Get off me.
If you ever lay a finger on me again And I miss you.
Who is she? The woman who posted it? Lily's got no idea.
It was just one of her followers, Beachgirl189.
No photo.
I'm so sorry.
I really am.
Shit, what a mess.
Poor Lily.
I think she was frightened that you'd be furious, and that it would lead to a God almighty row with George which she didn't want to witness.
And she didn't want you to be angry with her for telling you.
- She still doesn't.
- God, I'm not angry with her! Not with her.
With him, yes.
Jesus Well, steady on though, because you don't know all the facts yet.
You're taking his side? Because you two get on so well, obviously.
No, no.
Look, I'm just saying you two obviously have to talk.
OK? And so I've said to Lily that she can stay with me for a few days.
As long as it takes.
Oh, piss off! You know, it makes perfect sense, now I think of it.
Of course it does! I need a drink.
Excuse me.
I mean, what kind of woman does this to another woman? What kind of bitch? Maybe he didn't tell her that he was married? Oh, he's got a fucking ring on his finger! Do all men lie? I mean, do they? First Dad? Now George? look, if you're going to go and talk to him, maybe best without a drink? You're right.
Excuse me, a large glass of house white, please.
I'm not going to talk to him now.
I need to think it all through properly first.
Lying bastard.
I told you to piss off Oh, it's Mum.
Wh? Have you just seen Mum's text? - Yeah.
- Oh, God, what has she done? I cannot fucking believe it! Holy shit! Yeah! Let's see what we can get out of this! - Please take care, Mark! - It's good, isn't it? - Can you slow down a bit, please? - Don't worry, it's fine.
I can't believe she got married the day before Dad's birthday.
What was she thinking? It's a kick in the teeth.
She was perfectly healthy before she met Mark, wasn't she? Yeah, super healthy.
And he was right there, with her, when she collapsed.
Yeah, he cooked her dinner that night.
Yeah, he could have slipped something into her food.
- No! Oh, come on, no! - What, no? Really? He could have done.
I don't trust him.
Is he even a doctor? Well, I checked him out on a database at work.
He's completely legit.
A highly respected orthopaedic surgeon with absolutely no complaints.
All right, all right, fine.
But what about outside of work, hm? Er no, excuse me! Well, we don't know anybody who can vouch for him, do we? His friends are all up North, his wife's dead, and his daughter's in Spain - and that's if she even exists.
Er, do you mind? What do you mean, if she exists? Well, come on, they went all the way to Spain to meet her, and she didn't show.
Why would he lie about having a daughter? Why would he lie? To get Mum to Gibraltar for their spur of the moment wedding! Why else? - Yeah, but she said the wedding was her idea.
- Yeah.
Yeah, but who gave her the idea? He's been on the charm offensive ever since he met her.
And now they're married, he stands to inherit all of her money! Yeah, he'll get everything.
I bet she doesn't realise that.
I bet he does.
Just enjoy it! It's great! - I'm doing my best! - Come on! Yee-hoo! Hello! Hello! Please do George.
So, how have things been since last we met? Helen, why don't you start this time? Thanks, Jon.
Erm, well, it's been an interesting week.
our daughter ran away from home on Tuesday - went to stay with my sister, and refuses to come back.
Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry to Yeah, the reason she ran away, and George doesn't know this yet, because I've been waiting for a good time to tell him, is that someone sent her a picture of her dad.
Someone who says he's her new boyfriend.
- What the fuck? - Yeah, that's right.
George, my husband, who claims to have no interest in sex anymore yeah, his lover contacted our daughter to expose the whole affair.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! What is all this? Helen, maybe I should suggest So is it true, George, that you're having an affair? Yes or no? No! It's utter bollocks! Well, that's, that's funny, because I've got a photo here of you in the pub on Sunday, taken by her.
Isn't that you, George? Helen, I really don't think Well, I mean, yeah that's- yes, that's me.
But I can assure you, I'm not having an affair! What do you think, Jon? True or false? Can I trust him? Well, look, I think we should just I mean, we'll never know, will we? Cos at the end of the day it's her word against yours, whoever she is.
All I did was chat to her! Oh, really? Just, just chatting was it? I mean, who is she? - Look, if we just take a deep breath - Oh, shut up! - I have no bloody idea! - Oh, really? So the whole thing's just a figment of her imagination? And you're just an innocent bloke having a chat with an unknown woman in a pub? - Yes! Helen, for Christ's sake! - All right, then, prove it! Bring me the woman who sent this picture and let me hear her tell me that she's never slept with you! Has Mummy seen her new friend again? Last night.
Oh, right.
Have you met him? We saw him in the car.
He waved.
Ah, he waved.
Ah, that's nice, that's nice.
Was Mummy wearing her lipstick? She was? Right, I'll catch you up.
Mary? Can I just ask you a favour? It's about Mum.
Is she, is she all right? She's still in Spain with her boyfriend, isn't she? Yes, er, only he's not the boyfriend anymore.
- He's now the husband.
- What? Yep.
They just got married in Gibraltar.
I know.
We all feel the same.
Look, do you mind just keeping an eye on her when she gets back? Erm, we're all just a bit concerned because it's happened so fast.
Course I will.
Of course.
Yeah, just, er, call me if-if anything's not quite right.
Thanks, Mary.
All right? Yeah.
Natalie? I was just wondering, what did his first wife die of? - I messed up with Leila.
- I'm sorry.
I haven't had a drink or laid a bet for nine weeks now.
And I'm working all the hours I can to pay her back, and still .
still .
I can't quite get it right.
I love my kids.
They're my world.
Do you know, that's why I started gambling in the first place? Because I wanted more for them.
It's just God, it's so fucking stupid.
Anyway, ah.
You don't need to hear all this.
This is not why I'm here.
This is work.
Er, look, I've been hurt before.
Oh, and I have fucked up badly, believe me.
I mean, that's why these days, that I I pay for sex.
But, look, I completely understand.
It turns out, Gibraltar is one of the few places where you can just get married these days.
Luckily for us.
It's all down to the India trip, really.
I mean, if there was any kind of emergency when we're away, then it would just be easier if we are each other's next of kin.
So if any decisions need to be made about our health or anything, they can be made straight away, without the delay of trying to get hold of our kids back in Europe.
I mean, we might be in some remote part of the country, so it just it's a practical solution.
And a little bit romantic too.
And a little bit romantic too.
OK, I'll go and get the steaks and start cooking.
- What were you thinking? - I thought you were anti-marriage? Well, you might at least have discussed it with us first! Yes, why didn't you tell us? Well, it was just on the spur of the moment.
Right, but do we not have a right to know? - This is a huge, huge decision, Mum.
- Yeah.
It may be a big decision for you, but not so much for me.
I mean, it's not even a lifetime's commitment.
I've had most of my mine! Look, I'm nearly 70, and I've had a health scare, so, I mean, you know, why not? All right, but why did you have to do it the day before Dad's birthday? Yeah! Oh, I Oh, I'm sorry.
I'd completely forgotten.
Oh, right, OK.
You forgot.
After 45 years of marriage? What about your independence? You said you you were loving being free at last.
He's talked you into this, didn't he? And now you're just back where you were! And you hardly know him! Are any of you just the tiniest bit happy for me? Are you not yet at an age when you might just be a little bit gracious and think about how I am feeling and not how everything, EVERYTHING is about you? - Oh, Mum - Oh for God's sake! Vivien! Come quick! Your car! It's on fire! - What? - Oh, my God! Jesus! What the- Mum! Stand back, get well away! - Mark! Please leave it! - Get further back! And Mark Kinneally had only just bought the car for your mother when it was set on fire, is that right? Yeah, that's right.
Just kids, we think.
Get back! Get back! It's going to blow! - No, no! - Come on, dear God! But none of you actually saw any kids on the beach that night? No.
Sorry to interrupt, sir.
A message from the hospital.
They've gone into surgery.
Excuse me.

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