Flesh and Blood (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

But you love this house! I'm going to be doing a lot more travelling.
Mum, do we not get a say in this? Mum, you've just been in hospital.
What if you have another attack? I do not want to end up like Mary next door.
Would you describe your family as hot-tempered? No.
Not especially, no.
But what about your private lives? Well, my brother and sister were having marital problems if that's what you mean.
Our daughter ran away from home.
Someone sent her a picture of her dad.
Someone who says he's her new boyfriend.
Mum on the phone.
She's on her way back from lunch.
With a man.
What man? It is my business who my wife is sleeping with, OK? Get off me.
I'm pregnant.
'What?' 'And you?' 'Being single for me, life's less complicated.
' Shit.
We are going to Spain for a few days to meet Mark's daughter.
She's really sorry.
She was so looking forward to meeting you.
'Have you just seen Mum's text?' BOTH: 'Yeah.
' Holy shit.
'Did she tell you about car? It's unbelievable.
' No, it's too much.
He could have bought it on credit, I suppose, couldn't he? What? Get back! Get back! Leave it! It's gonna blow! BOOM And now they're married, he stands to inherit all of her money.
And he was right there with her when she collapsed.
What did his first wife die of? Congratulations.
Natalie told me you got married when you were away.
I had no idea.
Congratulations! Oh, yes, snap decision.
I was coming over to tell you, Mary, and I Oh, that's all right.
I'm so pleased for you.
Oh, sorry about the car.
How's Mark taken it? Well, he's reported it to the police, but they're not sounding very hopeful.
Oh, dear.
But you're feeling OK? Your test results are due back tomorrow, aren't they? Yes, yes.
And I feel fine.
I mean, great for a woman of my advanced years.
Oh, come on, 70 isn't old these days.
Are you having a birthday party? Oh, no, no.
We're off to India the next day.
No, I expect we'll just, you know, raise a glass of champagne, just the family.
And when you get back, you'll be concentrating on moving, I suppose.
CAR HORN TOOTS End of an era.
We'll stay in touch, Mary.
Of course we will.
I'd better go.
JAKE: Why am I still here? Can somebody please tell me what's going on at the hospital? The patient is still unconscious, I'm afraid.
The next 24 hours will be critical.
And we're still waiting for toxicology reports.
So, when your mother married Mark Kinneally, your father hadn't been dead very long, had he? No.
Erm 18 months.
Were you close to your father? What? Yeah, of course.
Yeah, he was a great dad.
SCHOOL BELL RINGS Hey, hey! How are you? Good.
How was maths? Good.
English? Good.
Well done.
That's good, isn't it? Hey.
What are you doing here? I thought we could collect them both together today.
Can you get your bags? I pick them up on Tuesdays.
Let's just stick to the plan, yeah? Where's Daddy going? He's, erm He's busy.
He'll be back tomorrow.
Who wants fish and chips? BOTH: Me! Let's go.
I can't get her to pick up the phone.
She's not replying to messages.
She's just totally blocking me.
Helen, she's fine, I promise you.
Just give her a bit of space.
Back off from my own daughter? You don't know what it's like.
She's never been away from home for longer than a night at a time since she was born.
Helen, she's 17, not seven.
It's only for a few days.
'But' If you just leave her be, she'll be back home by the end of the week.
'We've actually had some really good, long chats.
' I mean, she's worried about you and George, obviously.
How's it going? Well, he's gone quiet.
He won't talk to me.
'Have you told Mum?' No, no.
I don't want her to worry.
Don't say anything.
Or to Jake.
Not yet.
Just let me sort it.
Er, Nats, I'll call you later, OK? What? So, I'm going to go.
Er, I need to think.
So, you're going to her, to be with her? No.
Cos I've told you, I don't even know who she is.
Why would a woman say she was sleeping with you when she wasn't? We've been over this.
Is she pretty? Blonde? Helen, for God's sake.
Younger than me? Yes, actually, she is younger than you.
She's Indian.
Very pretty.
Used to work for the NHS.
Are you happy? Shit What? It's Meera.
Who the fuck is Meera? God, I'm not having this.
She She can't do this.
I'm going to get on to HR.
This is all some kind of revenge thing.
Of course you're not sleeping with her.
What if I had? Part of me really wanted to.
Yeah, but you didn't.
That's the point.
Look, I believe you now.
RINGING TONE Oh, come on.
Helen, this doesn't actually change anything.
Come on, come on, pick up.
I've spoken to my sister.
She said I can stay there for a few days.
There's no need now.
Yes, there is.
Do you? Do you think he was conceived here in this flat? Maybe.
Do you still love her? Carla.
HE SIGHS For Christ's sake, Nats.
I love you.
All right? You.
I've got to go.
I can't do Monday.
I promised I'd take the girls out.
Maybe Friday.
Leave it with me.
DOOR CLOSES And how did you feel about your mother's marriage to Mark Kinneally? Er, it's not really any of my business, is it? If she was happy, I was happy.
So, you weren't concerned that she had placed so much trust in someone she hadn't known very long? No.
'Not really.
' I went to a car dealership today.
I had a look at one of those MGs that matey boy bought for Mum.
Nine and a half grand.
That is some birthday present.
I was thinking, you could just bung most of that on a credit card.
Then, if something happens, say the car burnt down, for example, by kids or vandals, you could just claim it back on insurance.
And then you still get to act like the big hero.
"Stand back, everyone!" You know, that sort of shit.
You actually think he set fire to it himself? It's possible, isn't it? Well, possible.
But probable? Have you got to go back to the office? I thought we were square this month.
On the house.
VIVIEN: Thanks for organising this.
Oh, I'd forgotten what a blissful spot it is for a picnic.
Ah Look at the sea! Isn't it glorious? I thought of it because of the hospital appointment tomorrow.
I know you're worried about it, so You think it might be bad news? Well, in my professional opinion .
absolutely not.
THEY GIGGLE I'm going to cook supper tonight.
You're always making supper for me.
Hm? So, drop me off in town, and I'll, erm .
I'll pick something up and surprise you.
Really? I can cook, you know? HE CHUCKLES It might only be three things, but I do them Come on! .
extremely well.
I'll race you to the top! Come on! You know .
over the past five years, I've dated a lot of women.
But you've shone out.
You're so generous and .
thoughtful and gorgeous.
I knew, from the end of that first cup of coffee, I knew.
So .
even if it's bad news tomorrow I'm not going anywhere, Viv.
Oh, Mark, thank you.
I got your message about Meera Kapoor.
I'm so sorry, Helen.
So, what are we going to do? I mean, she's no longer an employee.
It's a police matter now, isn't it? Well, hold on a minute, I'm not sure that this is really a criminal offence.
What? It must be an invasion of privacy.
I mean Or some bloody thing.
She can't just fuck with people's lives.
I would just advise that we take a moment to think calmly, Helen.
You wouldn't be calm if it was your family at stake.
Well, do you really want to go public with something like this? I think this will be the end of it.
And anyway what's the most important thing here? It's not to punish Meera, is it? But to put your family back together.
Go home.
Take the rest of the week off.
Get your life back.
DOOR CLOSES MARY: Yoo-hoo! HE GROANS VIVIEN: Hello, Mary! Hello.
I just wondered how you got on at the hospital? Oh, good, fine.
Clean bill of health.
Oh, thank God.
So, what was it, then? Oh, a sudden drop in blood pressure, apparently.
Not uncommon.
We'll just have to hope it doesn't happen again, then.
Oh, I got you this.
I found it down the back of the sideboard the other day.
Aw! Natalie's imaginary cat.
Yes, Ginger.
She was always doing pictures of him, wasn't she? Such a vivid imagination.
Oh, can I hang on to it? I'm sure she'd love to see it.
Yes, yes, no, keep it.
She can pass it on to her own kids one day.
Well, I wish.
Oh, don't worry, she'll find someone.
She's still got time.
She'd make a lovely mum.
She would.
Are they all OK? I, er Yeah.
I think so.
Well, of course you worry.
It's only natural.
But they'll come round.
Give them time.
Anyway, I won't keep you.
Are these bags for the charity shop? Oh, yes, I meant to take them and I I can take them down there cos I'm going there later.
It's no trouble.
Oh, thanks.
All right, I'll see you later, then.
Bye, Mark.
She's always popping over, isn't she? Well, I don't mind.
I would.
She was great with the kids when they were young.
She kept an eye on them for me after school.
I tell you, she helped me a lot.
STELLA: And then I think we should end I understand that, while we're both separated .
it is none of my business who you choose to see.
it is none of my" What? No, she'll appreciate that.
Trust me.
But that doesn't mean I don't care.
I do.
And I hope, with all my heart ".
with all my heart"? I wouldn't say that.
I hope, with all my heart, that we can put our marriage back together.
marriage back together.
" Er ".
" OK, that's good.
That's really good.
I love you.
Hang on, hang on.
back together.
" What was that? I love you.
"I love you.
" Jake.
" Kiss, kiss, kiss? Er Two kisses? Three kisses.
Well, that's good.
That's brilliant.
That's genius.
OK, I've got to get back to the office.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
What are you doing here? You're? You're moving? Yeah, that's right.
I can't afford the rent, now I'm unemployed.
So, I have to uproot my girls.
And they were just getting over losing their dad.
So, you're You got me back.
An eye for an eye, is that it? Just leave us in peace, will you? INSPECTOR: I understand your mother had always enjoyed good health.
Mum always kept herself fit as a fiddle.
So her collapse .
I mean, that must have come as a shock.
Yeah, it did.
'She made every effort to get better, but it wasn't like her.
'So, yes, of course we were concerned.
' Great.
Have you got it? Mm-hm.
So How are things with you and Leila? Yeah, it's up and down, Mum.
But I've started talking to someone.
That's made a bit of a difference.
A therapist? Er, yeah.
Yeah, sort of.
Oh, great.
Yeah, she's making me see things from a different point of view.
You know, from a woman's point of view.
Oh, Jake, that's amazing.
Well, you know How are things going with Mark? Look I know that things have happened, you know .
really quickly, from your point of view.
I didn't plan this, though.
Yeah, I know, I know.
Of course.
What's his daughter's name, the one who lives in Spain? Sophie.
Sophie, yeah.
Have you spoken to her? I mean, in person.
No, why would I? Well, I don't know.
I just thought I mean, have you seen a photograph of her or? Oh, Jake, for God's sake.
Stop being so suspicious.
I can look after myself, you know? Yeah, I know, Mum.
But I'm just worried about you.
Aw! Right.
MARK: This trip to India is going to be wonderful.
Have you looked at it? I mean, it's sensational stuff.
Shall I talk you through the itinerary? Can we do it tomorrow? Yeah, of course, of course.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Yes, I'm fine.
Just thinking about the kids.
It's funny, you know .
I have never gone away anywhere for six weeks before.
And now, it suddenly seems a long time.
THEY CHUCKLE I think they'll manage all right on their own.
Hm? Yeah, I know.
I know.
But you can't stop worrying about them, can you? I had a .
a bit of a chat to Jake today and .
I haven't talked to the girls, not properly, for ages.
Something doesn't seem quite right about them.
There's always going to be .
some drama or other going on, isn't there? Mm.
Try not to worry about it.
Don't you worry about your daughter? No, not really.
She's a very capable woman.
Do you have a photo of her? Not in this new phone, no.
I couldn't work out how to transfer the photos across.
Come here to me.
SEA BIRDS CRY LEILA: That letter must have taken you ages.
I know how much you hate writing, so I was really touched.
And listen, you know, about that guy.
I've seen him twice.
But, well, erm .
twice is enough, shall we say? He's a lovely bloke, but, erm .
he has breath issues.
I couldn't quite imagine kissing him.
I'm sorry.
HE CHUCKLES You seem a lot calmer, these days.
Do I? Well, I am.
I've been .
seeing this therapist sort of a person.
It's helped me a lot, actually.
Really? Yeah.
And I've stopped drinking.
It makes a difference.
Jake, that's, erm Wow, I'm really pleased for you.
Hm, thanks.
Yeah, it's I feel like Well, I mean, I know it's early days and I've got a long, long way to go, but, er .
yeah, I do, I feel like a different man.
PHONE RINGS VOICEMAIL ALER 'You have five new messages.
' TONY: 'Natalie, pick up the phone.
You've gone quiet on me.
'What's going on? Call me, will you? 'Nats' Hello.
What's all this, then? Oh, just smartening the place up a bit for when the estate agents start showing people around.
First impressions are very important, aren't they? They are.
It smartens your place up a bit, too.
You're always doing things for us.
I thought I'd return the favour.
Well, that's very kind.
This must be .
terribly stressful for you.
What? Well, you've had the car destroyed, Vivien being ill, the kids being so hard on you, feeling you're stealing their mum away.
You mustn't mind what they think.
I don't, actually.
That's the spirit.
And don't worry about me, because I can always get in round the front.
Look I know I haven't been a good mum to you recently.
I'm sorry.
But this new job .
has been hard.
So was the last one.
The thing is, I .
I really care about the job I do.
You know, it's taken me years .
to get where I am.
And now, finally, I'm in a position .
where my experience can hopefully make these hospitals work better.
But .
my job is not more important than you.
Darling, please come home.
What's going on, Nats? It's the baby, isn't it? What happened at the doctor's? I haven't been to the doctor's.
Well, why not? Because I'm not pregnant.
I was never pregnant.
I lied to you.
I know, it's beyond the pale.
It's horrendous.
You see, I, er I came off the pill on New Year's Day and I just thought I'd get pregnant straightaway and you would finally leave Carla.
And I kept thinking that I was pregnant and I kept hoping, I was really high every month.
But I wasn't.
Because, you see, five years is just a hell of a long time to live your life as if the most important thing in it, you, doesn't exist.
And it made me crazy.
The secrecy and the sneaking around.
It made me the kind of person who lies to literally everyone.
And I can't take it any more.
I'm sorry, I love you, but I can't go on like this.
I'm sorry.
JAKE: 'Hey, lady.
' It couldn't have gone any better with Leila.
That's, erm That's wonderful.
Listen, I'm going to be finished soon.
Well, I'm finished now.
So, I could be with you in ten minutes.
You know what? I've got a huge pile of work to get through for a meeting in the morning, so Yeah, of course.
Oh, yeah, absolutely, you're the boss.
You're the boss.
Er Well, sleep well.
'OK, thanks.
' SHE HANGS UP Have you heard from him? Dad? Yeah.
What did he say? Just that he misses me and loves me and everything.
Did he say when he was coming back? I would have mentioned it.
DOOR OPENS DOOR SHUTS Jesus, Nats What's happened? Can I talk to you? I'm such an idiot.
Hey, come in.
MARK: We've an appointment with the solicitor.
Mr and Mrs Kinneally.
WOMAN: Please, take a seat.
I'm not used to it yet, Mrs Kinneally.
Would you prefer to use your old name? I don't mind.
Especially if it'd keep your kids happy.
What do you mean, keep them happy? Well, they're not exactly mad about the idea of me being your husband, are they? Oh, Mark, that's not necessarily Mr and Mrs Kinneally, I'm sorry to keep you.
Do come through.
INSPECTOR: Was your relationship with Stella Tisdale a close one? No, she was just someone I knew from the gym.
She came to a couple of my classes and I gave her a few PT sessions a week.
And would you say you were friends? Friends? Mm No.
Not really.
It was just a work thing.
Well, it wasn't until I saw her old married name that I thought, "It's It's your mum.
" JAKE: 'Jesus.
What did they come in for? Not their wills?' Look, I can't tell you.
That's confidential.
She's given him the lot, hasn't she? I can't discuss this.
Erm, the thing is .
they brought in the papers and on his wife's death certificate it says, cause of death, overdose, self-administered.
'Were you aware of that?' Er, fuck, no.
Dad! Sorry.
'Well, that's what I thought.
He hasn't told her that.
' His whole story could be a pack of lies.
'Well, let's hope not.
' Jake, you cannot .
you cannot tell them that you got this from me, OK? Yes, Stella, I get you.
I get you.
No! No! CAR HORN BLARES Oh, what are you doing? Well, the whole thing's been a massive wake-up call for me.
Because I feel like I've been sleepwalking through life the past few years.
I'm switching it off.
Go ahead, George.
I mean, what's the end goal? A prosperous retirement.
I mean, what if? What if we don't live that long? Or what if we do but we've got nothing to say to each other cos quite frankly PHONE BUZZES .
although we're living in the same house, we're not really .
Helen's always busy with work.
Lily's got her own friends, another year, she's gone to university.
And I just feel, I just feel .
It's all right.
Take your time.
That day in the pub, when I met that, er .
it was the first time in ages that I actually felt, you know .
PHONE BUZZES I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to take this.
Literally, two minutes.
What is it? Is she OK? What, suicide? How do you know? Are you sure? Look, the more you dig around, the worse it gets.
Jake, slow down, for God's sake.
Have you double-checked this before we get all? George? George! George talks about communication, you know, but he's the one, he just clams up.
It's like a passive-aggressive thing.
See? Still nothing.
Do you know what? I've had a crush on him for years.
George? What? No, I don't mean in that way.
I just mean what he represented.
Like, he's so lovely and kind and solid and so committed to you.
I was jealous.
Bloody hell, I knew you two were close, but I didn't realise He told you about me and Tony, didn't he? Oh, well, you know, not really.
He just let it slip one day and No, it's fine.
It's as it should be.
You're not supposed to keep secrets from each other in normal relationships, are you? That's the whole eff-ing point.
Sorry, it was the onions.
Here And just me always wanting what I can't have.
Aw, Nats And me never appreciating what I've got.
Yeah, you idiot.
DOORBELL CHIMES DOORBELL CHIMES RAPIDLY All right, I'm coming, I'm coming! OK, this is dynamite.
We have to tell Mum.
Er, what is it? Oh! Hello.
Oh, Mary I just wanted to say I would love you to join us for drinks on my birthday.
I know I said it was only family, but, of course, you are family.
God, I don't know how I would have coped all these years without you, Mary.
So You'll come? Yes? Of course.
Yes, thank you.
So, we'll see you then.
About 7:30? 7:30, it is.
JAKE: Well, you read it, then.
"Local doctor's name cleared at inquest.
"The inquest into the sudden death of Charlotte Kinneally, "wife of local surgeon Dr Mark Kinneally, "was interrupted by a woman contesting the coroner's verdict.
" What is this? It's from his local paper.
The Durham Evening Echo, 2013.
Where did you get it? A solicitor mate of mine found it online.
What solicitor mate? What do you mean? Does it matter? Just keep going.
"A Mrs Claire Fitzgerald, who claimed to be a friend "of the deceased, told the court that Charlotte Kinneally "had not been depressed before her death, "but had seemed perfectly happy and well.
"Mrs Fitzgerald also stated "that Dr Kinneally stood to benefit financially" ".
financially from his wife's death.
" What? Oh, Jesus So, she's implying that he murdered his wife.
There you are! You've been ages.
I was beginning to get worried.
Oh, no, I'm all sweaty.
You haven't overdone it, have you? No, I popped in on Mary and invited her for drinks on Friday.
Oh, you know .
I'm going to miss this place.
The beach and everything.
End of an era.
The start of a new one, though.
A whole new life.
Maybe you should lie down for a bit.
Have a rest.
I just need a shower.
I'm not an invalid.
Sorry, sorry, don't listen to me, I'm SHE SIGHS Just a wave of nostalgia.
There's no rush to sell.
Let's go to India and decide when we get back.
I'm going to make you a cold drink.
Something delicious.
Mm SHE CHUCKLES There you go.
I'll leave you to have a few minutes on your own.
INSPECTOR: On the night of the incident .
what was the mood of the evening? JAKE: Er, good, good.
We were all there to make an effort for her.
NATALIE: Welcome to the most awkward birthday drinks in the history of the world.
Yeah, it's not funny, though, is it? Have you been drinking? Why, have you? INSPECTOR: There were no arguments or rows? No, everyone was having a good time.
So, here's to you, Vivien.
Yes, happy birthday to the best mum.
Thank you.
Here's to you, Viv.
INSPECTOR: And when it all went wrong .
did you try to help the victim in any way? Yeah, of course I tried.
Of course I tried.
It just happened really quickly.
We were all in shock, weren't we? What happened to your hand? Er Shit, I don't know.
I just I don't know, I don't know.
I just must have banged it on something.
Urgh! Hmm.

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