Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 1
Good morning.
Good morning.
How long did you live
in New York?
About 3 years.
Where in New York?
Really! Where in Manhattan?
Upper East Side.
Oh my gosh!
I was there, too.
Do you know this Italian restaurant
called Bella Blu?
The pasta there is heavenly.
And the bistro
I love the music there.
If you were in New York for 3 years,
you must know a lot of good restaurants.
Did you not understand me?
How pretty.
Your lips are pretty.
I'm getting off
at your house.
Oh, you're awake?
Where are you going?
Thanks for letting me sleep.
You're leaving?
You're really just going to
sleep then leave?
I asked you to let me
sleep over.
You're asking because you
really don't know?
You can't do that with me.
You'll get in big trouble.
It's me.
Yeah, Cha Chi Soo.
Forget it.
Chairman Cha
sent out some punks.
Yeah. Let's meet up.
Hey, don't worry about it.
Don't worry it's my treat.
Let's go and play.
Dang, Cha Chi Soo's at a low.
Is that the first thing you say
after all this time?
What are you worried about?
You're worried you have nowhere to go?
Just come to Gangnam.
There are offices all over Gangnam.
Want to go to Hongdae?
Our band's rehearsal studio?
All the company's clients are there.
- Itaewon?
- Hey!
I just got back from America and you want
me to go to a Yankee neighborhood?
You don't even have a
bed in your room.
Then go to a hotel.
I can't.
He has already scoped out
all the hotels.
Isn't there somewhere
he would never find me in Seoul?
But where's Hyun Woo?
Why isn't that jerk's phone working?
Oh, Hyun Woo!
You can go to him.
Yeah, Noryangjin.
What 'jin'?
The mecca of civil service students where
50,000 of the nation's civil service students flock.
[Recruiting Teachers]
In order to become a teacher here,
you must beat the odds of 158 to 1.
The Great Noryangjin Survival Test
in order to obtain
the precious metal food tray
of a teacher.
Yes. I am a
civil service student!
- I know.
- It's our 1000th day!
Of course.
You two came to Noryangjin
not to study but to fool around?
Today is not your stupid 1000th day,
it's D-167 days.
167 days until the 2nd round
of civil service exams!
What are you doing?
Do you know her?
May your love
be beautiful.
The only things you can trust
is your hard work and your butt's strength.
Will I pass?
If you work hard in your
fields of study this year
And keep your temper in check,
things will be fine.
It says although maybe not this year,
there is potential for next year.
No, I have to pass this year!
You'll fail if you
lose your temper.
You chose the 'ringing bell' card.
What's that?
It's a card of fate.
Miss, have you kissed before?
Must I answer that now?
So you haven't.
You've heard the saying about
hearing bells during a kiss, right?
This is that exact card.
The card that says you will hear bells
when you meet your soulmate.
This is a very rare card.
Why did you pick this card?
You're supposed to tell me that.
Just as there are flukes
in go-stop,
there can be mistakes
with tarot cards.
I have a boyfriend.
You don't.
I said I do!
He's in the government.
You mean in the army,
not the government.
It's been a while
since you've seen him.
He's being discharged soon.
I'm going to see him.
I said you'll fail
if you lose your temper.
The bells of fate.
Who believes nowadays
in that sort of thing?
Was she saying anything
because I'm a student?
That ahjumma is running
such a poor business.
[Yang Eun Bi]
What the? Who are you?
Why are you doing this?
Sorry, sorry.
Stay here with me for just a moment.
- Just a few seconds.
- W what do you mean?
There's a men's bathroom next door.
Use your toilet!
I'm in a rush.
Just a few seconds.
Please shut that mouth and
share the stall.
Got it?
You pervert, did you
lose your mind while studying?!
Hey! It doesn't matter
how hard it is to study.
Jerks like you get sponsored to
pass the exam, go to salon bars,
and go around
doing perverted things!
Hey. Are you sure he
came this way?
Hey, you pervert!
What room are you in?!
I'll make sure you never step
in Noryangjin again
How pretty.
This beauty mark is pretty.
I guess I went into the
wrong bathroom.
But why did you close your eyes?
Episode 1:
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Ringing bells?
Does that even make sense?
Why bother asking?
That fortuneteller is a fraud. A fake!
So, everyone who kisses at Christmas
are soulmates?
It's jingle bells and
ringing bells everywhere!
But the thing is
What if I met a man randomly
and I heard bells ring?
How would you explain that?
Did you meet a pervert
in a Noryangjin bathroom?
That pervert must still be at it.
You know him?
Yeah. He's been there since
I was a student.
He only picks about 2 people every year.
How did you end up as one?
It seems you really have no luck
when it comes to men.
Isn't it better to read your books
instead of wasting time
with a fortuneteller?!
Kang Dong Joo, 24 years old.
High School English Teacher.
Called the god of all teacher positions.
She receives respect from society
and a paycheck from the government.
I'm a teacher.
The top candidate in the
dating market.
She has already thrown away 7 rings.
First rate marriage material
in the blind date market
I am crazy jealous of you.
And so it begins.
Sir. They said they lost him.
Somewhere tomorrow,
life and death switch places.
Then go catch him again.
And make sure he doesn't get hurt.
Why is he here?
They say 'flower boy' beggars
are all the rage in Seoul these days.
Is that what he is?
Hey, buddy!
Oh, thank you!
How much do you get here?
You definitely get insurance and
paid by the hour.
Are you guaranteed severance pay
if you quit?
What part time worker gets
severance pay?
But what about you?
Why did you come back?
I don't know why I'm back.
Go Hyun Woo
should I give you money?
My father's debts are
270 million won.
So rounding up
give me 300 million.
300 million?
Where's your dad now?
I haven't seen him for
over a year.
I was looking for him up until
last month, then I gave up.
At first I was really worried
but now I hate him.
Humans are so sly, right?
Now that things are hard,
my hatred outweighs my concern.
I'll give it to you 300 million.
Arrogant bastard.
So, don't hate your dad.
If you do, who will your dad
live with?
Go home, Chi Soo.
You can't sleep here.
But what kind of place is this
that all the women are so unbelievable?
I heard Seoul girls are pretty
but I shouldn't have come.
It's cold.
Well sunbae-nim.
Yesterday, I was a bit harsh
- Sunbae-nim!
- What?!
Did someone hit you?
I can't be bloated today!
What? Are you
23rd 24th
It's the day of the jerk's discharge?
You're going to meet that
jerk today, right?!
Ramen is the problem.
Why did I eat ramen?
How truly precious!
It's that difficult to let it go?
Oh?! You can't forget him?
Did I or did I not tell you that
that jerk is a bad guy?
Kang Dong Joo.
That's already the third time you've called
your sunbae's boyfriend a jerk.
Do you or do you not know
that I'll only
let it slide 3 times?
Don't wear my clothes.
If you dare wear my clothes
For other things perhaps, but
for that jerk
I mean
I don't have clothes to lend you
to wear when you meet him.
Oh, my! Which clothes?
Should I wear a fluffy white top,
a fluttering ballerina skirt
and frilly lace socks?
Would I go through all that coyness
just to meet a man?
Me? This Yang Eun Bi?!
Hello? I'm here.
You can't see me?
I'm here. Here.
You went home?
We can see each other tomorrow.
Yang Eun Bi, 25 years old.
At 15 I wrote that this is the
Christmas cake age.
It's an age where I know
that love is not always sweet
and that you don't hear bells
when you kiss.
But I still trust my heart.
The easily swayed heart, my heart.
Eun Bi.
That's right Yang Eun Bi.
You waited for that moment,
then his army service,
can't you wait one day?
It is just my imagination,
so why am so flustered?
Yes, for your heart to flutter
even after two years, is true love.
This beauty mark is
Why is that civil service pervert
that cool jerk
in my precious memories?
I've returned, Father.
Director Go.
Drag him out
and put him back on a plane.
And this time, shove him in the dorm
and put a guard on him
so he can't sneak out.
I'm not a child anymore.
I live my own life.
And what kind of life is that?
You said you wanted to do music,
but the band I put up for you
can't even sign with anyone
because of you.
I heard they're going around
performing at 60th birthdays.
And then!
You said you didn't want to enlist in the army
so I sent you to America.
So why did you come back here?
This is my way of life!
Not this time!
You take responsibility
for what you've done!
Let go.
I can't let go, Dad!
Do you know how scary
that place is?
It's hard enough to order a
hamburger in English.
They want me to write in English!
Read English!
To study English!
You didn't know that?
Let go, let go.
I didn't know!
I thought if I just go,
it would just pour out of me.
That's how it is in dramas.
Let go.
Let go. Let go.
What's wrong?
What's wrong? What, what?
Dad, my stomach hurts.
Your stomach hurts?
Then, what are you going to do
about school?
I'll go.
To my school.
Then you're going to study and
take the tests?
No problem.
I think your English did get better.
I think I'm definitely
a more domestic person.
After coming to Korea,
my mouth just opened up!
Did you find Yoon So Yi?
School Festival?
It's me. You're not picking up.
We said we would come
to the school festival.
You promised to do
my favorite water balloons.
I'll be by the Moongwa University tavern
so call me when you hear this.
For sure, sure, sure.
What the?
- Are you okay?
- I'm sorry, are you hurt?
I'm sorry. I should have watched
where I was going.
Well then.
I'm sorry.
I should have seen you while
you were on the phone and avoided you.
What do you mean?
I was in the wrong.
Oh no, I should have seen you
and avoided you.
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- I'm really sorry. I'm sorry.
- I'm the one who bumped into her
- What the?
- What's wrong with her?
What the?
She has made me look so bad.
Have a cup of makgulli! Makgulli!
(rice wine)
Makgulli! Makgulli!
Unni, we have makgulli.
Oppa! Oppa, Oppa, Oppa! Oppa!
You're so good looking, Oppa!
- Oppa, makgulli, makgulli!
- We're selling makgulli.
Come sit. Sit here.
It's that man.
Pervert. Cool jerk. Bells.
This beauty mark is pretty.
Are you ready to order?
A bottle of sprite.
Oh, so you go to our school?
Is he ignoring me, scared of me or
putting on a show because he's shocked?
That's right. Only now do you
recognize me.
The woman that you hit on
for being pretty.
Here. The pretty beauty mark
that you pointed out.
She's mixing soda with makgulli.
This punk. He doesn't
remember me at all.
Wow! Pretty good.
That's just child play.
For that you need to raise
the angle of your arm up like this.
And you use this power to
throw it down!
Which department are you?
Me? Liberal Arts, of course.
When does he have time to go around
kissing, while studying?
It's hard preparing for exams, right?
Yeah. How did you know
I have to prepare for exams?
Oh Cheers.
Are your studies
going well?
I'm just doing them.
Because my family and society
tells me to.
You're lucky. I have to pass
no matter what this year.
Next year's the year of
misfortune for the rabbit.
I have to pass this year.
Otherwise, it's 3 years of bad luck.
You believe in things like that?
"Things like that"?
You know how important they are?
What sign are you?
I'm a rooster.
Rooster. If you're rooster
That's a relief. You'll miss the
3 years of misfortune.
If he's a rooster
6 years age gap? 31?!
You're incredibly baby-faced.
I've never heard that before.
You two
What are you doing?
Water balloons?
Are you cheating on me?
And in my territory?
Are you going to date,
are you dating now, or
were you dating before?
Number 3?
Then that day too?
When you used a vacation day
without telling me?
When you ignored my letters
and rejected the collect calls even then?
Have fun.
I'm sorry, I should have
cleaned things up sooner.
It's okay, Oppa.
I don't care about things like this.
But she's chiller than I thought.
You said she was very clingy.
You know me, right?
I'm your sunbae,
Physical Education department Yang Eun Bi.
I'm not sure.
We saw each other at the retreat.
You were making a big deal
about being the prettiest in your class
and gave out all the shots I gave you
to boys.
You know that I'm your sunbae.
So what?
You're going to play your role
as a sunbae?
Yeah. I am.
You'll hurt your wrist if you
throw the balloon like that.
Give it to me.
The ball
You grab it with all 5 fingers
and then
1 2 3!
Are you okay?
Oh, my nose!
- I only just got it done!
- Are you okay?
Hey, Yang Eun Bi!
This is why I don't like you.
I really don't.
Because I'm like what? Because I'm strong?
Because my arms are thick?
Is that why you dislike me?
She gives me jitters.
But you
all you give me is pressure.
How can you only look
at me for 2 years?
A guy that's in the army
How can I only look at you?
Is that something you have
the right to?
You must've have misunderstood.
I'm not the kind of woman
you think I am.
Honestly, there's a man
I've been seeing.
Can it be that he's from our faculty?
Would I date a
useless student again?
Ah water splashed on
my cashmere.
Excuse me. Don't ask or complain,
let's just leave the school.
- Hurry, hurry!
- Hey!
Hey! Where are you going?
Pay for my nose!
Hey, you.
- Say something!
- Okay.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I was wrong!
So, you're getting angry
at me right now?
No, I'm apologizing.
But I have a lot of emotions
left over from just now
so I can't control my temper.
So just wait a little, just a little.
You're not from the stone age,
why so dramatic over a breakup?
I'm from the stone age.
I stupidly waited for him
I'm ignorantly struggling
with my studies
and my cellphone model
is now discontinued.
But, there are things in life
that should be followed.
My friend said
that no matter how tough life is,
you must sit down to eat.
She said even if you upgrade phones,
you shouldn't upgrade people.
No matter how cool the
world becomes,
you can't love cooly.
Love is
It happens here.
Are you crying right now?
You're crying?
No, I'm okay.
What do you mean you're okay,
you are crying!
I said I'm okay.
I don't need tissues.
Get out.
You know what I hate
most in the world?
Getting stuff on my clothes.
And crying women.
You are doing something
really unbelievable right now.
A woman who got something
on my clothes is crying.
So get out.
- I
- I said get out!
That cool jerk might be right.
It's not the Stone Age anymore.
At a time 11 years after the year 2000,
is it wrong of me to be unable
to forget my first kiss?
Honey, I love you so, so much also.
Honey! One moment.
My mom is calling.
This cool era where people two-time,
three and even five-time others
I who clung on tightly to my first love.
Me, I am the mistake of this era.
Kim Jae Ho.
My clingy first love
Pure love? Feelings?
Ringing Bells?
Take all that
And feed it to the dogs.
The beginning of your teaching probation today
is the turning point in your life.
Passing the teaching trial is 1 point.
The civil service exam is 1 point.
If you get those 2 points,
your life will change.
Then with the title as a teacher
you will meet
doctors, prosecutors, lawyers, accountants,
men, men, men, men
You'll meet all the
employed men in Korea.
But I have something
I've been curious about.
The title helps too but Hey!
How do you seduce all those men?
You're so old-fashioned.
What do you mean seduce them?
If they're over 90 points,
you just toss them a line.
"Do you want to date me?"
"Or not, whatever"
Hey! When did you become so cool?
After I quit volleyball.
Sunbae-nim. Should I put in
more pepper paste?
No, I'm fine.
I'll just have a bagel and coffee.
Then, I'll see you in school.
Yes. This is the cool city.
A cool morning starts with
a different kind of part time student.
Is that the breakfast
of professionals?
It truly is a beautiful morning!
Yes, Yang Eun Bi, 25 years old.
Today you're reborn as a
cool modern woman.
Just wait. I'll become a teacher
and only meet men who
wear a suit and drive a car to work.
Yeah, sure.
Excuse me, I'm sorry
about yesterday.
I made lots of mistakes
right off the bat.
It's fine.
I don't think about the past.
Oh, yes.
You must be going somewhere.
I'm going to Cha Sung.
Cha Sung?
It's a good place.
So while you're there you're
preparing for exams?
You're really so great.
I need to go in order to
get gas money.
How would I get it
if I just fool around?
It figures.
A stable businessman in his thirties
You've already been in
the army, right?
I don't do places like that
because I'm made in the USA.
Excuse me!
You really helped me
a lot yesterday.
With what?
You see, your I mean
Oppa, after listening to your views yesterday
I rethought the way I live.
You're 6 years older than me,
I can't keep calling you "you."
Oppa! I can call you that, right?
There must be a misunderstanding.
Ringing bells. Bells again.
Are you okay?
No. I'm not okay.
You just toss them a line.
Do you want to date me?
Or not, whatever
Do you want to date me, Oppa?
Or not, whatever
Hey, Cha! The bell rang!
I like the 'oppa' part
but not so much the dating.
[Cha Chi Soo]
Let's go.
By the way, you're looking pretty today.
Not Cha Sung Corporation
Cha Sung High School?
And not a 1981 rooster
but a 1993 rooster?
A high school kid?!
- Do you know her?
- Just someone.
Some poop I stepped on yesterday.
Hello. I'm Yang Eun Bi.
- Hey it's the poop.
- The poop.
Chi Soo.
Have you been well?
Cha Sung?
This is Cha Sung Corporation's
Cha Sung High School.
Once you do your best
in the position you've been given,
you will definitely get an opportunity.
Goodbye. Go ahead.
Chi Soo's back.
Let's go.
Your friend didn't come again?
- I'll take over the Spirit Gang.
- What kind of bullshit is that?!
What are you glaring at? Punk!
You're a student and I'm a teacher.
You saw our hearts?
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