Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

The Legend of Hwanung

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 2
How expected of a hwanung.
(Korean Mythical figure)
Early in the morning and
he's already taking care of women.
Isn't that the cutie
from the donut shop just now?
She has already fallen for him.
Do you want to date me, Oppa?
Or not, whatever
Hey, Cha! The bell rang!
I like the 'oppa' part
but not so much the dating.
[Cha Chi Soo]
Let's go.
By the way, you're looking pretty today.
Hey, who is that?
Someone you know?
Something like that, a piece of poop
that I met yesterday.
But why were you hugging poop?
What was I to do, she called me Oppa?
That was an incentive.
But I've never seen that uniform before.
I wonder where it's from?
Hey, let's run, we're already late.
Hey, Kim Do Hyun! Have you ever seen
an owner run around in his company?
Just because the others are running,
do you think I will run with them?
Come back to formation.
These are the teachers,
who from today onwards will be
performing their internship at
our prestigious Cha Sung High.
Then to you seniors, these society's
young teachers filled with youthful dreams
Me? I'm undecided.
It's not that.
Wow. How did you know I
have to prepare for the exams?
Exams! College entrance exams!
My Chinese zodiac is the rooster.
He isn't a 1981 rooster, but a 1993 rooster!
Sunbaenim, is something wrong?
Why do you keep putting your fingers
in your mouth? It's so dirty.
Hey Kang Dong Joo,
how many students are there in this school?
- Huh?
- Go in, it's time for class.
There are a total of 1209
students in Cha Sung High.
Calculating, that would make
the possibility of seeing him 1 in 1209.
That is nearly impossible, right?
I can't possibly
Wait a minute.
In every Year there are 11 classes,
in all there are 3 Years.
Calculating, that would make
the possibility of seeing him 1 in 33.
The possibility 33 in 33. Oh!
Year 3 Class 3. 3-3.
What are you doing not coming in, Ms. Yang?
This is the teacher that will be
- performing her internship here,
- Pervert emitting bell sounds
Ms. Yang Eun Bi.
So all of you will cooperate
with her during this time.
We will.
Ah! He's not here!
Thank you, God. I will work very hard.
Ms. Yang Eun Bi, please introduce
yourself to the class.
Hello, I'm Yang Eun Bi.
Ah these cuties! Okay, I will
fulfill your damsel in distress fantasies.
It is my first time
so I am still very lacking but
Ah, it's poop.
so with your help
Ah, poop.
we can have enjoyable time together
that would be the best.
The Year 1's have such soft mannerisms,
so adorable.
Ms. Yang, how are your students?
My class?!
My class
Mr. Chi Soo.
Mr. Han, have you been well?
Of course, of course.
Are your kids growing up well?
Of course, of course.
Did you make your way to school fine?
Climbing up the hill must have been tedious.
Exactly, why does the bell ring so early?
Can I be here, in Year 3 with the boys?
Of course.
Hello, I'm the new student, Cha Chi Soo.
Don't be uncomfortable, just call me Cha.
If not Oppa?
Ms. Yang.
How are the students in your class, Ms. Yang?
They are adorable, right?
Adorable, of course.
So adorable, I want to bite them.
Ms. Yang, your lips are bleeding.
Is Cha Chi Soo that powerful a dude?
Not a dude, a sir sir.
He's the only son of the Cha Sung Group.
Cha Sung? The one that makes Cha coffee
to hamburgers that Cha Sung Group?
Why are you asking when you know?
This Cha Sung High also
belongs to that Cha Sung Group.
You came here not knowing even that?
Did you think
his nickname is Hwanung for no reason?
(son of Hwanin-The Lord of Heaven)
The Hwanung that appears
in the mythological books?
Yes, Son of The Lord of Heaven, Hwanung.
From the moment he was born, his father
owned our country's No. 1 consumer brand.
From the moment he was born,
he was blessed with outstanding looks.
From the moment he was born he had everything,
what else is there to do but just to enjoy
and take life as it comes?
So, during your internship just be careful.
Extremely careful.
I mean serve him with two hands.
Sunbaenim, there's blood again.
Teacher, hello.
Teacher, do you have a boyfriend?
Of course I don't have a boyfriend.
Is that so, why, why?
While concentrating on my
studies I had no time to meet anyone.
Even so,
hasn't anyone asked you for a date?
I mean teacher you're so pretty.
Teacher he likes you, he wants to date you.
Ya! I'm going to kill you.
Kids will be kids.
Will you date me, Oppa?
You idiot, die die.
A high schooler is a high schooler,
don't be nervous.
You are a student and I am a teacher.
You are still young and I am an adult.
Excuse me, Mr. Chi Soo.
Some amazing kind of fate, isn't it,
that we meet like this again?
You don't say, I didn't know
you were an intern at our school.
Probation teacher.
Is there something you wanted to say to me?
Yes. You see you asked a very good question.
I think there is some misunderstanding between
you and I that we need to clear up.
I think we can clear up this
misunderstanding very neatly.
What misunderstanding?
Ahh, mistaking me for a university student?
Or for calling me Oppa?
Or if it is neither of those,
for asking to date me?
Yes, that
if you have to describe it in detail.
Don't worry about it, there will definitely not
be any rumors going around.
It's not that big a deal. I'm not a kid,
why would I go around talking about that?
I definitely don't talk about the past.
A boy as cool like the wind
So don't worry about things like that,
just complete your probation period well.
Apparently nowadays it is difficult for
a teacher to become a permanent employee.
It is, it's already difficult to make it past the
probation period on top of that to be selected.
Cheer up teacher, isn't our
school an amazing place?
When you do your best in your given position,
the opportunity will definitely come.
Thank you, Mr. Chi Soo.
No problem!
Then work hard!
Yes, I will. Thank you, have a good day.
What is this light-hearted feeling?
Either way, everything turned out well.
No problem.
I thought you were fired as the volleyball coach,
but I see you got rehired as
the physical education teacher.
Don't try to be funny kid,
I am a physical education teacher in name only.
All this is your fault!
Why is all this my fault?
If it wasn't for you, I would've been able to slap
Coach Orser.(he'd have more fame)
What would a volleyball coach be doing slapping
Coach Orser?(Figure skater Kim Yuna's coach)
You were the Kim Yuna of volleyball,
no one had a more deadly spike than Eun Bi's.
Why bring up the past?
Are you really not going?
You've already come all the way here.
Go and visit your father at least once.
So, how was your first day?
Is there anything that has bothered you?
Well, not much.
About the car, I think Mr.
Chi Soo driving to school
would not agree with the other students.
My personally driving to school would be
a little unsightly to the others, wouldn't it?
Yes, so
But, you see my car doesn't use a chauffeur.
Even in the traffic hell of Manhattan,
I personally drove my car you see.
But well you see it doesn't look good
for a student to be seen driving a car.
Is that so? If it were the chairman
driving would it be all right then, Principal?
T the chairman?
When I graduate in May,
I might immediately come back as the chairman.
To drive as a youth is very important.
It is unimaginable to get around without
a car in Manhattan.
Isn't it so, Principal?
Class monitor.
Is the Crazy Chicken absent again today?
That kid, this time I won't let it go.
You bastard!
Here, stick this.
See, why did you come and bother me during
when you know I get violent when I'm hungry?
That will probably leave a scar.
- Amen!
- Amen!
Thank you for the food.
Don't just stuff yourselves with
ramen, have some rice too.
Did you get into a fight with them today?
Go bring them in.
I don't want to, it hurts my image.
The beating was given by your fist, why
are you taking it out on sinless stomachs?
Still not bringing them in? Get moving.
Either way, I don't think this is right.
We'll make a move first.
Hey Where are you going, Kids?
The ramen is going to get soggy.
For today, we'll just go to the
convenience shop to eat, Ahjussi.
You bastards! Aren't you going
to quickly sit down properly and eat?!
Thank you for the food.
Is ramen a cigarette?
What are you doing standing up and eating?
You there, aren't you going to eat properly?
I will.
You, are you going to continue
picking out the spring onions?
Crazy Chicken belongs to the Spirit gang,
frequently runs away from home,
involved in violence and fighting,
revengeful, and destroys public property.
In conclusion, he's a dark figure in our school.
Recently it has been so quiet, but today included,
it has been three days since he came to school.
Oh, no
So today after school, Ms. Yang, you will go and
catch the Crazy Chicken and bring him back to school.
Bring him back by tomorrow, if not it
will be reflected on your evaluation.
You can start at the food stall
in front of the school; it is his regular haunt.
Food stall
Kim Ba Wool is a regular here, isn't he?
Is that the first thing to say to your father
after not seeing him in five years?
How is it in five years?
I see you at the memorial every year.
That is at your mothers memorial site. It's
been five years since you came to the shop.
Why would I come here? The reason I moved out
was because I was so sick of the smell of ramen.
I heard from Coach So
that you are teaching at Cha Sung High.
Where is Ba Wool?
He ate his ramen and left.
Are you a school or a teacher? Hiding and feeding
runaways, you should stop doing that already.
Kids that come to eat ramen
what am I to do about that?
Whether they are runaways or gangsters,
they're customers, customers.
When kids stomachs are filled
When kids stomachs are filled only then
will they go home and go to school, won't they?
You know that well.
In an age where ramen is prepackaged, how
are things here still the same as years ago?
Other than Mom not being here,
things are exactly the same.
How is your mother not here? Your mother is here.
Why are you acting like that, Dad?
Are you watching too many dramas?
Would a person who has Mom living in here leave the
house the moment he wakes up to go and make ramen?
You don't have Mom living in here,
perhaps soggy noodles.
This probation period is very important for me,
it has the power to change my life.
So don't make it hard on me, Dad.
Go to the Jae Hwa Junkyard, he will be there.
In the Bible there is a saying,
To give to the people that are hungry
and sick is like giving to me.
Matthew 25 verse 34
Like you said the ramen is the problem.
People who know the taste of the ramen
at that shop will find it hard to eat elsewhere.
So what are you trying to say?
Forget about going to other shops to eat,
comfortably go and eat there. Therefore
Therefore, Eun Bi Food Stall is neutral territory,
shared territory JYP. You understand?
JYP It's JCA, you ignorant fool.
What did you say?
It's the same thing, you bastard.
You used to pretend to be a thug as a kid,
but now you really grew up to be one.
What are you staring at, Kid?
I don't like hitting girls.
Let go of me.
Eun Bi noona?
Noona, Noona Yakult.
(cultured milk drink)
Spirit gang is not that bad but
what is with the name Crazy Chicken?
What's wrong, why are you acting like an amateur?
Ma Sung Girls High's Eun Naem Bi.
(A play on her name sounding like cooking pot.)
The terrifying Yang
Let's bury those stories, yes.
You promised me,
you'd obediently come to school tomorrow.
Of course I will be there,
look at whose orders they are.
But Noona, you've gotten a lot prettier.
Your hair is longer and you even wear skirts.
Just sitting there, you look like a girl.
Thank you. Really, thank you
for being able to recognize a girl, you bastard,
a kid who can't even comb his hair.
Why wouldn't I be able to recognize a girl?
I even have a girlfriend.
Oh is she pretty?
Prettier than this Noona, you bastard?
Ouch, it hurts, it hurts it really hurts.
Are you trying to kill someone?
Sorry, I still can't control
the strength on this thing.
Seriously what do I compare?
Is she prettier than you?
She, she is beyond the description of pretty.
Ba Wool, you are blushing.
She is like a lily, a white lily.
Let's go.
Excuse me. Attention.
Can't you see we are in the middle of class now?
I can see that.
What? What is?
Collarbone, your collarbone is pretty.
When did you come back?
You look pretty.
Has it been about a year since
we last saw each other?
Did you put on makeup?
You didn't, right?
No, I didn't.
Still superior I see, Yoon So Yi.
Aren't you going to ask if I have a boyfriend?
Well, I'm not really curious.
Why does it have anything to do with me?
You're still the same, I see.
Why are your lips so shiny?
Did you apply lip gloss?
No, I didn't.
Look at this lip chapping.
Oppa told you to practice in moderation,
didn't I?
Of course Oppa.
Our 100th day anniversary present from you
was to call me Oppa, remember?
You like being called Oppa that much?
Just by you calling me Oppa like that,
I can mow the entire hill
behind the school in one day.
- Really?
- Yes.
So if I call you Oppa,
you would do anything I ask?
Of course.
We're good friends, right?
That's right.
Chi Soo came to see me today.
- He was sitting there just moments ago.
- What?!
From now, on I'm going to date Chi Soo.
What? What? What?!
Let's continue being good friends.
This doesn't make any damn sense!
I called you Oppa but you're still angry, I see.
I'm going to be late for my lessons.
I'll make a move first.
Yoon So Yi!
Yoon So Yi!
Who is this?
Who are you calling at this damn time?
You're going to die calling me at this time.
Who did you say?
Cha Chi Soo?
Is an intern a gum, for him to stick here
and there as he pleases?
Chasing a runaway student and sweeping the gym,
now even preparing his lesson hand outs!
What does he think I am?!
What's wrong with this?
You can't be like this now respected printer,
please come back.
I see you have left.
It'll be better if I hide it.
Hey Kim Ba Wool, is this how you greet a friend
whom you've not seen in two years?
If you are my friend then I
really am not the Crazy Chicken.
I'll be crazy ball crazy ball, you bastard.
Shut up and take off your jacket.
You hate getting your clothes dirty, right?
Today I will break you into a million pieces,
so hurry and take off your jacket, you bastard.
Until when are you going to
live so recklessly in the moment?
I'll recognize your Spirit gang,
remove those honorifics you hate so much
and of course sponsor snacks,
so just come back to school.
You need to graduate to be able
to get into somewhere next year, don't you?
What nonsense are you talking about?
Stay away from Yoon So Yi!
Was it you? The dude who dated Yoon So Yi?
No dated, dating. Yoon So Yi is mine.
Yoon So Yi?
Is she prettier than you?
She, she is beyond the description of pretty.
She is like a white lily.
If you want to challenge me, wait for three years.
Compared to a person like you who has money
and connections, the amazing you;
the me who doesn't have anything,
I will definitely lose.
Three years from now when I have
made some then come and challenge me.
Three years from now
Will anything change in three years?
In three years time when you
start making something of yourself,
I probably won't even have enough time
to be concerned with your shit.
So even as you die trying to run and play catch up,
I will already be flying.
Even if you work yourself death,
with luck you will be a manager.
And the money you will make
won't even be enough to buy a house.
When you are manager I will be president, when
you are renting a house I will be living in a villa.
Therefore, if I am being delicate
I really didn't want to go as far as this.
Even more so.
Even more so
The gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger.
A person who has will have till the end,
and a person who doesn't will not have till the end.
That unfeeling trash idiot!
You cheap ass beggar bastard!
Chi Soo is not hurt.
You've worked hard, Director Go.
But President, there are two things
I need to report to you.
And what are they?
First of all the food stall in
front of Cha Sung High is still not budging,
and secondly Mr. Chi Soo driving to school
is becoming an issue within Cha Sung.
The food stall will soon budge.
And as for Chi Soo's car, leave it alone.
I don't think that is a good idea, Sir, in front of the school
there are many of Cha Sung Group employees
and if what happened today gets leaked out
it is bad for the company's image.
I think it is better to forcefully
take the car away from Mr. Chi Soo.
We can't do that.
The car is Chi Soo's most beloved item,
if I take it away he will not like me.
I don't like that boy not liking me.
I'm afraid of that.
Send my regards to your father.
If I remember I will do that.
Are you all right?
Are you hurt anywhere?
No, I'm not.
Why aren't you asking Kim Ba Wool that?
I thought you are dating.
Are you all right?
Let's go.
You can't go.
I am still jet lagged, so I'm tired.
Whether you toss it and come
or step on it and come,
it's your shit, so do as you like.
Ba Wool
Please stop making me a bad person.
I'll be going now.
That terrible girl, that's your white lily?
Yea, my white lily
Why aren't you asking?
What about?
During the time that you were in America,
I was dating Ba Wool.
So what?
Isn't it already over?
Do you feel that it is
a waste to let go of Kim Ba Wool?
If so then continue dating him.
No need to worry about what I think.
By the way your hair looks pretty.
That slimy eel, anchovy like thug
Stealing a friends girl furthermore, so arrogantly in front of him like that
You thick skinned kid!
Noona, do you know how I finally
managed to date Yoon So Yi?
Every single day for a year, I carried
her bag to school, to the dance school.
I'm not saying that it is something incredible,
but it was so hard I was going to die.
Not missing one day, everyday at the
same time and place, waiting for her.
I know how hard that is.
Waiting and marking each day off on the calendar. That's almost like dying. That's something Noona
How difficult it is, I think I can guess.
Here, here
But that bastard appearing,
and my year worth of effort
just disappears in one day.
It's been like that since middle school.
Even so, what do you guys know about relationships?
You're a bunch of high school kids.
High school kid, that would be me.
That guy is a hwanung.
A hwanung that a regular
human like me can't touch.
Even so, Hwanung ended up
marrying a bear, didn't he?
How dare you drink to my face.
(considered disrespectful to elders)
Ouch it hurts.
It hurts! I'm going crazy, it hurts.
Hey Does it hurt a lot?
If you're gonna hit me, say something first.
President Cha!
President Cha, w what is this?!
W where have my tires gone to?!
Your tires have been
removed and safely taken away.
"Don't worry."
Those are your words, aren't they, Kid?
How am I supposed to get to school?
Take a bus, or a taxi.
If you take that car to
school others will only curse you.
What is this about all of a sudden?!
Since when have you cared this much?!
I'll be cursed at and still live for a very long
time, so put back my tires immediately!
My stomach hurts, my stomach!
I'm going crazy! If I'm late today, points
are going to be deducted!
That cursed stingy Kang Dong Joo.
Even if her sunbae is dead asleep
she should have carried me to school.
Taxi! Taxi!
Taxi taxi!
That guy is a hwanung.
This is not something you should be
concerned with, Yang Eun Bi.
Don't get worked up or emotional, be cool.
You really need to see your
probation through to the end.
You aren't driving to school today, Mr. Chi Soo.
It turned out like that.
That is very mature of you. As your teacher,
I am very happy with your way of thinking.
So with the other students
There are some problems with it,
but I will have it tomorrow.
Is that so?
But why don't you carry a school bag, Mr. Chi Soo?
It crumples clothing.
I see.
But why do you keep doing that?
Excuse me, what?
Ever since you got on the taxi,
you've been staring at me, very burdensome.
About yesterday
The girl who left with Mr. Chi Soo, from what
I understand, is our Ba Wool's white lily.
White lily girl?
So in other words, Ba Wool's girlfriend
And so?
You can't take off with
your friend's girlfriend just like that.
Why? Why, you say
I guess because it is a matter of
human rationale, loyalty, and friendship.
So what I'm saying is to give Ba Wool and
his white lily time to meet
They are meeting. She is seeing both Ba Wool
and I. That solves the problem, right?
Thank you.
Mr. Chi Soo, Mr. Chi Soo.
Will you have a short talk with me?
What is this about?
Well you see
Your change
Intern Teacher, you can keep it.
It will distort my pockets, you can just take it.
But it is quite a lot.
In that case, thank you.
So what's up?
Well, what did that mean when you said
she's seeing both Ba Wool and you?
So that white lily bitch
I mean girl is two-timing and
you know and approve?
Can you not use such an old-fashioned term?
Open relationship,
isn't that a nicer way of saying things?
What do you mean by open relationship?
Is love some marketplace?
So what I am saying is, while
Mr. Chi Soo is young and might not know this yet,
but matters of the heart are not that simple.
The heart does not have a swinging door
that people can easily enter and exit.
That is right, Mr. Chi Soo is young
and still might not know this yet, but
What is the matter, Mr. Chi Soo?
The last time when you asked me to date you,
what did it mean?
That that was a mistake.
I don't think it was a mistake.
Do you know your beauty mark is really pretty?
Did you see your heart's feelings?
It's easy and simple, isn't it?
Our intern teacher, who hasn't been dumped
for more than a week by water-balloon guy,
is already doing this with me, aren't you?
Having feelings!
That's the easiest thing to have in this world.
If you just close your eyes once, it will open.
Not opening like a swinging door but like a carousel.
It's something that every one can share and enjoy.
Chi Soo!
What are you doing to a teacher?
So if you bother me one more time
Then I'll really!
Just date you
I can't act like this because
that kid played a trick on me.
Are beautiful boys the trend these days?
It's possible that we can say hi
as we pass one another once in a while.
Well, I'll be going.
You have to play with us, Teacher.
Your arms are thick,
but your waist is definitely a woman's.
Don't take it too seriously,
the kids are joking around like that.
Who the hell are you, Ahjusshi? Jeez!
I can overlook the first time as an accident,
but the second time, you're fired.
There's a ramen that makes
your body wake up with just one sip of it.
From now on,
don't you dare do anything in front of me.
It'll be difficult if you do this to a woman,
especially to my wife.
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