Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

Return of the Hot-tempered Woman

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 3
Chi Soo.
What are you doing to a teacher?
So if you bother me one more time
Then I'll really!
Just date you
Cha. What were you doing in there?
I had something to do.
Let's go.
What are you doing here?
Dong Joo.
What do I do now?
What do you mean?
You have to go to the hospital!
I look strange to you too, right?
I need to get treatment, right?
Which hospital
should I go to first?
What are you talking about?
Ahjussi fainted.
He's been taken to the emergency room.
Father. Your father!
Ahjussi. Ahjussi. Ahjussi, wake up.
Ahjussi. Ahjussi. Ahjussi.
Ahjussi, wake up. Ahjussi. Ahjussi.
Noona, what do we do?
What do we do about Ahjussi?
Ba Wool my father
Yes, Noona, your father!
What do we do about your father?
It's not my father, you punk!
You're here?
New York or Tokyo
I'm sick of traveling on my own now.
Money success things like these
what's the point of them?
I'm lonely in here.
It doesn't feel as warm as it used to.
Excuse me
Your lips
My lips are pretty?
You're all the same.
The only things you guys see
are looks and chest size.
Your lips are warm, rather than pretty.
Why don't you stop drinking and eat
before your food gets cold?
Couldn't they make the sauce
a bit more exciting?
But it was a car accident,
doesn't he need an MRI done?
You think he'd take one?
That stubborn, pig-headed gramps?
I already threatened him.
That if he doesn't get checked out properly,
I'll cause trouble again.
Sunbae-nim, is something wrong?
You've been a bit strange
since this morning.
Dong Joo.
Have you ever
had something happen
to you in school?
"Some thing"?
Like, a fellow teacher hitting on you
or the worker in the cafeteria asking to eat
a bowl of sea snails together after school
or, perhaps even
one of the students
"One of the students "
Did one of the them ask you out?
You're so blunt!
You straightforward girl
Don't take the kids' joking
so seriously, they're just playing around.
You have to act cool about it
or you can't be a teacher
at an all-boys high school.
I'll go buy more.
What the?
Where are you looking?
I'm sorry.
No, I'm
Thank you!
A joke? It was a joke?
Everything was just a joke?
Maybe jumping on me,
but the kiss?
That was a joke too?
No way, his gaze was sincere.
I'll just date you.
Then what? Would you really date him?
What about the 'White Lily' girl?
What the? Then I'm the other girl?
No. According to age, I'm
Wait. Then why did he give
me that change?
You can have it.
He meant for me to take it
and scram?
Miss! You'll break your arm with that.
You're really the best!
Who is that woman?
What are you doing?
You're so embarrassing!
I told you not to
use your strength in public!
Let's go! Hurry! Hurry!
- I have one more turn!
- Hurry
Episode Three:
The Return of the Hot-tempered Woman
Excuse me.
Yes, how can I help you?
I'm looking for a patient?
A patient?
Yes, of course.
If you give me his name and information
I'll tell you where he is.
- His information?
- Yes.
The notepad with his information
is here somewhere.
Then I have to get it out
from the inside pocket.
Then I have
to open everything.
Oh, what a hassle.
It's such a hassle.
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Are you okay?
Excuse me!
Nurse Lee! We have an
emergency patient!
You jerk
Your boss is dying
and you show up after 13 hours?
Did you forget the contract?
Based your voice, it seems you'll be fine
not for 13 hours, but for the next 13 years.
I couldn't die because I had to ask
why you were late.
Stop saying that you're going to die.
I'm the one who almost died.
I was going through
security at the airport.
They told me to take off my sweater
and backpack
and then afterwards told me
to put it all back on.
Wow! It took me an hour
to put on that outfit.
Boss, when I think about that
It annoys me to death.
Get up, punk!
You're as tall as a pole
and always lying down.
Oh, right
You need to meet that person
while you're here.
Speaking of which
How is my wife doing?
Does she still have that sexy temper?
Don't take the kids' joking
so seriously, they're just playing around.
You have to act cool about it
or you can't be a teacher
at an all-boys high school.
That's right!
I can't be like this
because of a kid's joke.
What's a kiss these days?
It's even used as a passing greeting!
Life's so easy now that I'm so cool.
Near Hannambong?
Not there,
somewhere else.
Oh, my. Look at these ants.
They're so hard-working.
Teachers, good morning.
- Ah, yes. Good morning.
- Ah, yes. Good morning.
Oh, is today a special day?
Why are you so beautifully dressed?
Today is our first day of class.
We have to look good
for the students.
But isn't today your first day
of gym class too?
It is. But I'm going to dress
like I normally do.
It's not the day before a special trip,
so why buy new clothes?
That's not cool.
What's this?
An outfit to attract the
Hollywood paparazzi?
I'm teaching gym class.
So, I put on a tracksuit.
- There's no class today.
- What?
What seniors would take gym class?
Just have study hall.
Ah, but it's my first class
of my teaching trial!
I prepared a lot, too.
I just bought this outfit!
I'm going to give this class!
Is this everyone, Class President?
Everyone else said they'll have study hall.
- Teacher.
- Yes.
I can't play basketball.
You're going to play basketball, Teacher?
Let's begin, Teacher!
Yes. So what if it's just 4 students?
Cha Chi Soo didn't come
so I'm happy with that.
- I'm a bit late, right?
- so I'm happy with that.
It's not so bad taking a break
to play basketball.
It will be bad.
I'm going to make it very bad,
Cha Chi Soo!
All right!
Today will be a fun basketball game
among friends.
And now I'll be going
You need to play with us, Teacher.
The numbers are uneven.
Pass, pass!
Block him!
Slam dunk!
High five! So good!
Teach, I must be a masochist.
I want to be choked by your strong arms.
I must be a sadist, Teach.
Do you want to scratch my washboard abs?
Abandon them
and come into my arms, Teach. Huh?
Your arms are strong but
your waist is that of a woman's.
How did Masung High School's
Yang Eun Bi, end up like that?
She's just about to become a person,
don't stop her.
What a strange thing to say.
So she wasn't a person
when she played volleyball?
Of course!
She was worse than a bear.
Eat breakfast, loose temper.
Lunch, loose temper.
Dinner, loose temper.
The legendary hot-tempered woman
who would hit a spike (powerful
overhead attacking shot in volleyball)
even at a brown bear.
You're the one who became a person.
Cutting, and raising, and shaving
Kang Dong Joo
That's not plastic surgery,
it's architecture.
And a charity home too
Hey, off you go
Coach Shut your mouth!
Teacher Yang
Having gym class for seniors
You've got some guts.
Yes or no?
No, I don't think so.
What's so bad about having gym class
during gym time?
So, what are you going to do if the kids
get hurt during gym class?
Will you take responsibility
if the parents complain?!
Yes or no?!
Just go and clean the gym.
Then if not gym during gym time,
should they take a bath instead?
It's not the other kids
you worry about being injured, but 'Hwanung'.
(son of the ruler of heaven)
You're worried about the state of
your position and status,
not parent complaints.
Why don't we become a bit more honest,
Teacher Han, Chief Foreman!
Seriously! Seriously!
Oh, my!
Oh, my. Oh, my!
Oh, really
Hey, what happened?
You hate the smell of sweat
but you wanted to go to gym?
Are you
interested in the gym teacher?
What's going on, Cha Chi Soo?
Do you really?
What is it?
Are you still getting texts from her?
The girl keeps bothering me
since she got my number.
Looks like you got unlucky.
You stepped on some poop, huh?
That's what I mean.
It's annoying me to death.
Tell her she's pretty.
What do you mean tell her she's pretty?
I was totally tricked by the club lighting.
Eyes, nose, mouth,
there's not a single decent thing.
Then tell her that
her beauty mark is pretty.
No matter how unbelievable
her looks are,
most beauty marks are pretty.
If you tell her something is pretty,
she'll be quiet for about 5 seconds.
Then, what do I do after 5 seconds?
Give her a kiss on her forehead.
Then she'll be quiet for about a week
because she has been unable
to sleep at night.
But why kiss her on her forehead?
You can just do it on her lips.
On the forehead!
It seems sincere that way.
As expected from Hwanung-nim.
I'm so jealous.
That's what I should have done.
Then what do I do?
Stop right there, Cha Chi Soo!
It's great that you're passionate
about teaching
but volleyball too?
I'm a bit tired today.
Cha Chi Soo
I'm going to take this off
and count to 3.
And then I'm only going to hit you once.
So, clench your teeth tight.
Don't move a single finger
in front of me ever again.
And don't even step on my shadow.
Got it?
You, stop right there!
Doing that to a woman
will get you in trouble
Especially to my wife
W wife?
Move! Move! Move!
Chi Soo. Is your head okay?
Are you hurt?
Sunbae-nim. This hand,
'shut down'!
- Owww, it hurts!
- You punks
Go to class now!
- It really hurts!
- What did you do?
Hurry up and go inside!
It's a hassle, such a hassle.
Everything is such a hassle.
Excuse me
You can't lay down here.
Why's that?
Because it's the hallway.
Who are you?
The hall monitor.
Hall monitor Hall monitor
Then I should get up.
The hall monitor is the most
holy position in the school.
Who was that
rice-cake-looking kid earlier?
Rice cake?
Cha Chi Soo?
Cha Chi Soo?
Look here, Teacher Yang.
What era is this
that you can hit a student?
What if the kids had video recorded that?
You would have been the top hit item
as "Hot-tempered Woman. "
The woman who abandoned all common sense
Principal, yes or no?
I think it's best
you go home for today.
Teacher Yang
I'll let you know what we hear
from human resources.
[Teacher: Yang Eun Bi]
According to the MRI scan,
there is no problem.
But since he got hit
by a professional volleyball player,
he might experience some after effects.
It'll be best for you to rest
in the hospital for now.
Excuse me
Instead of "got hit",
please use the term
"got in an accident. "
Oh, yes. Yes, I'm sorry.
Well, then.
But, where did he get hit?
I can't tell.
Move your head,
turn your neck.
- O Over here?
- No.
He got hit over here.
He got hit with a baseball?
[Got Hit]
He got hit with a baseball?
No, he got hit with a volleyball.
[Got Hit]
No, he got hit with a volleyball.
- It's a relief it wasn't a baseball.
- Yes.
It's probably the first time he's been hit
since he started growing hair.
Will he be okay?
It's not just his first time being hit.
[Got Hit]
It's not just his first time being hit.
And he didn't just get "hit",
[Got Hit]
And he didn't just get "hit",
he got really "hit" hard.
Where are you going?
Cha Chi Soo!
Why are you asking?
Cha Chi Soo?
What about that teacher?
Should I fire her?
No! Don't ever fire her
without my permission.
Don't ever say "got hit"
in front of me again.
Cha Chi Soo, he's mad.
He's mad, right?
Instead of being mad,
I think he's humiliated.
I heard you got fired.
Who said that?
I said I left early.
What did I say?
I said being a teacher doesn't suit you.
You boil up like a Yang Eun Nem Bi,
how can you be a teacher? (silver pot)
- If you had just kept hitting spikes
- And if I had,
would that feed me with rice or food?
I told you that I'm not going to eat ramen.
I'm going to eat rice through
the life time guarantee of food
by the civil service exams.
have a wrinkle there.
You're getting old.
You don't have money for Botox,
so why do you wrinkle your face so much?
Relax a little and be yourself.
Stop using your head!
You have to live according to what your
body says, what your heart tells you to do.
Even if you lose a little,
you'll not live like a coward.
Like your father
You've hardly eaten.
Aren't you hungry?
They use the same sauce for everything!
I just wish.. I could have
some ramen.
Forget it!
Ramen in the hospital?
Are you going to get that
student teacher fired?
Why would I fire her?
I'm not a kid.
Did you eat?
What should we eat?
If you don't like hospital food,
I was thinking of buying a lunchbox
Why are you asking
so many questions?
It's not like you,
acting like other girls.
I was just trying it out.
You're prettiest
when you don't talk.
Did you shorten your uniform?
Oh, it's Ba Wool.
Ba Wool!
Good timing.
Go play with Kim Ba Wool.
You're a bit burdensome today
so leave me alone.
Should I?
Ba Wool, do you want to eat together?
Ba Wool must still be mad.
I'll get going now.
Who's that?
Your girlfriend?
Oh Yes.
Wow, she's really pretty.
Of course, that's why
she's dating me.
But how can you send off your girlfriend
without eating with her?
Why should I?
She'll probably take care of it herself.
What? What are you doing, Ahjussi?
This kid is trash of all trash.
Do you know why guys like you are tall
but empty on the inside?
Your chest is as big and bulky
as Kwon Sang Woo's
but do you know
you're as bare as a desert inside?
It's because you only grew up
on cold food.
You need to grow up eating some hot stuff
so that it'll boil up in here
Oh, jeez! Seriously!
What's wrong, Ahjussi?
I must be dying.
What do I do?
I felt off today.
I'll I'll go call a doctor.
Forget the doctor.
Something else
Something else
Ahjussi, do you have medicine?
Yes, I have medicine.
What that is
If you go to my house
open the second cabinet,
on the first shelf,
in the Yang Eun Nem Bi
(Yang Silver Pot)
If you eat one chopstick full,
your heart will become firm
If you drink one mouthful,
your whole body will heat up
My ramen
A guy like you needs to eat it.
If you eat that,
you'll become a person.
What do you think?
Craving it, right?
I haven't been able to eat it
so I've been feeling so stuffy,
right here since yesterday.
Let's go! Let's go and
you have a bowl, too.
If you want to put on a show,
do it in front of the hospital.
Then they'll have you checked out
and put in a closed ward.
Let's say the first meeting is a mistake,
but not a second one.
Don't run into me ever again.
No matter what you do or where you work
you'll be fired immediately.
Ah, what a waste.
He's the first empty-head
that I've wanted to feed in a while.
Where did he go?
haven't eaten?
That rich guy didn't even buy you a meal?
Eat some real food.
Don't just eat grass.
I have to watch my weight.
My show is coming up soon.
I'm ruined because of you.
Ba Wool, let's date again.
What about Cha Chi Soo?
I'll date Chi Soo, too!
Hey, Yoon So Yi!
You think that makes sense?
In the end, it's for you.
What?! How is it for me?!
If there's a fork in a river,
what would happen if you block one stream?
The dam would burst.
It's the same thing.
We need to keep Chi Soo open
in order for us to flow smoothly.
Dating Chi Soo is the only way
for me to not lose you.
[Eun Bi Snack Shop]
Oh, that old gramps.
The only thing he wants to eat
is ramen again?
Why isn't this coming down?
It's going to get soggy.
Oh, my neck! My neck!
You came sooner than I thought.
But what do I do?
Oh! Oh, my neck.
I'm not in the mood to accept your apol
What the?!
What? You're not going to apologize?
You didn't come to apologize?
You mean where someone
who did something wrong
acknowledges it and
asks for forgiveness?
Then you should be the one
apologizing, not me.
Me? Why should I?
I'm the one who got hit.
Why do I have to apologize
to the intern?
You don't even know
why you got hit, right?
No. Do I need to know all that?
No, you don't.
Because it won't matter if a Hwanung like
you doesn't know for the rest of his life.
Look here, Intern Teach.
You must be doing this now
in order to regain some pride
but I don't plan on starting trouble
with my school's employee.
If you apologize,
we can wrap things up.
What the?
Where are you going?!
- Let go.
- Intern, I'm talking right now.
Let go of me!
What the?
[Eun Bi Snack Shop]
You turned your back on me?
And what's this? Seriously
Hey! Crazy Chicken!
Did Intern send you?
Good timing.
Go give this to her
and tell her that
if she wants to settle things,
to come apologize personally
and then I
Now what's this?
That little!
What? Why is he there?
If you go to my house
open the second cabinet,
on the first shelf,
in the Yang Eun Nem Bi
My ramen
Here. Take this.
I was going to just throw it out
but it smells strange.
So take it.
Throw it out.
Thanks to you
he can't eat it anymore,
so throw it away.
Eun Bi.
Eun Bi, wake up.
We have to go now.
This isn't mine.
Everything's ready.
[Eun Bi Snack Shop]
[Eun Bi Snack Shop]
[We'll treat you with care]
That's not it, Kid!
Look. Like this!
Like that!
You have to chug it in one go
with an expression
like you've got everything
in the whole world!
Try it.
[Eun Bi can do anything]
You rascal!
You can't write on here,
it's a dining table!
"Eun Bi can do anything."
Aigoo You little rascal!
What's this?
I said, what's this?!
A girl who wants to be an athlete!
Ah am I a girl?
Am I even your daughter?!
If you were poor, you shouldn't have had me.
And because you were poor,
it killed mom
Don't go.
Don't go.
Don't leave our father alone.
Then he'll be so lonely.
When the door shut,
were you always standing there
alone like that?
I wasn't there and neither was Mom.
Were you always here
alone every night?
I thought only I missed Mom.
I thought only I
was alone.
You were alone, too.
But I didn't realize.
I'm sorry, Father.
I'm sorry.
You didn't go?
I was wrong.
I won't drink soju that much anymore
and I won't graffiti anymore.
those weren't my cigarettes.
They were Dong Joo's.
I just lost my temper again
that's why I was like that.
So, please don't leave
me alone.
I was wrong.
Don't leave me alone.
I won't.
I won't leave you.
Father, I'm sorry.
But when did you get so muscular?
Are you really my father?
I'm not your father.
I'm your husband.
About intern Is she married?
Do you know how to comfort?
Sorry for humiliating you
Sorry for humiliating you
You've completely lost it, Intern!
Now what will I live on?
Wifey is currently sleeping.
I said bring her here!
Come back to work starting tomorrow.
So you snagged a guy where you won't
have to worry about working ever again?
Your smell really reeks.
I'll kiss you.
Does my cologne really smell that weird?
I'm leaving.
It's the Ba Wool smell.
Even onions have a smell
but you don't, Park Chi Soo.
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