Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

Scent of a Man

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 4
Don't go. Don't go.
What's up that you've come all the way here?
Go Hyun Woo.
About Intern
Is she a married woman?
Teacher Yang Eun Bi?
No way!
According to the rest
she doesn't even have a boyfriend.
That's ancient history.
If somebody's someone dies,
then that someone's somebody
cries while hugging someone else,
what is the relationship between
that somebody and someone else?
Because Intern's dad died, she was crying
but then if some guy comes and hugs her,
what is their relationship?
But rather than it
being some kind of relationship,
wouldn't it be considered consoling?
Conso consoling?
I'm fine.
I slept really well.
No, it's okay.
I'll go to work from here.
Yes, to write a repentance letter.
Nowadays, it is prohibited to hit students
and on top of that,
you didn't hit just anyone, but Cha Chi Soo.
Just think of it as saying sorry.
All things considered,
this is a light punishment, right?
Okay, I know.
Don't worry, I'll do it.
No, I'll do it myself.
This time, the noodle restaurant concept
that we'll be launching is fusion and luxury.
From a graduate of the most prestigious
culinary academy Le Cordon Bleu,
the new innovative ambitious fusion noodle
- Dad!
- One can taste the dad ahem!
By any chance
Do you know how to do something
like consoling?
W what kind of consoling?
You know, like when someone dies
or something.
During times like those, you should send
a condolence donation or flowers.
No no, not that kind of thing.
Rather than that,
more like doing and saying
warm and kind things.
In that case, you should double
the condolence donation
and send the best flowers.
- Why are you asking about this?
- Eh?
Nothing, I'm going to school.
Director Go.
That teacher is coming back
to work from today onwards, right?
I've spoken to the school
and she has been reinstated.
Ahh recharged.
Good morning.
Mr. Chi Soo.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
You must be headed to work.
Yes, you must be headed to school.
There is a smudge, Noona.
Representative Yoon,
you struck lottery today!
So lucky!
Cha Chi Soo?
Episode 4: Scent of a Man
[Teacher: Yang Eun Bi]
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
About what?
It must be hard on you dealing with Chi Soo.
I'm really sorry.
Ms. White Lily,
why are you the one apologizing for that?
Excuse me?
For what Cha Chi Soo has done,
why are you apologizing?
If I have offended you
I'm sorry.
Your apologies seem to come very easily,
Ms. White Lily.
By any chance, have I done something
to make you dislike me?
Yes, I don't like you.
Truthfully, the issue with Ba Wool
is one thing,
the way you are apologizing now
is also another.
Why? Ba Wool's problems
are not your problems
and as for the apology,
you can just accept it.
What is the problem?
It worries and frightens me when I look
at Ms. White Lily and Cha Chi Soo.
It is like you both don't know
what is wrong and right in the world.
In that case, why don't you
take the police force entrance exam?
I'm sure you did not take the teachers
exam to meddle with these kinds of things.
Isn't it because being a teacher is a stable
source of income for the rest of your life
that you are putting up
with this probation period?
I heard about
how you had to give up volleyball,
so you should know how hard life can be.
This is why I like Chi Soo. Chi Soo
has the ability to make everything easy.
So I think it is better for you
to go and apologize to Chi Soo.
He is not someone you can hit as you wish.
For having to say such things to you
I'm really sorry!
Here you go. But who are you going to give
this condolence to?
Thank you.
Now all you have to do
is apologize to Mr. Chi Soo
for making him look like a dumb ass.
Dumb ass?
About that
The director specified a clause
stating that,
"I am sorry
for making you look like a dumb ass. "
Mr. Chi Soo.
It is good that you are here.
Ms. Yang is looking for you
because she has something to say.
You see, about that
Here you go.
What is that?
Just accept it.
What is this?
Condolence funds.
Condolence funds?
Well your father died,
so that's why I'm giving it to you.
It's like giving an employee condolence.
Con so ling.
You can accept it.
Take it back, Mr. Chi Soo.
Is it not enough?
Then again, it wasn't the whole stack,
so I guess it is insufficient.
Look here, Mr. Chi Soo.
I'm sure you did not take the teachers
exam to meddle with these kinds of things.
Isn't it because being a teacher is a stable
source of income for the rest of your life
that you are putting up
with this probation period?
Well Chi Soo,
I always
All you have to do is live
as your heart tells you to.
When you do that,
even if you are judged,
you don't have to live like a coward.
Like your father
For making you look like a dumb ass,
I am sorry.
Here you go.
Sorry my ass!
Woah! Amazing!
When referring to an elder,
it is not "died,"
but "passed away. "
Do you understand that?
Stop right there, Intern!
Intern, the first time was an accident;
the second time, you're fired.
Do you really want to get fired?
Who is getting fired?
Before that happens, I'm quitting.
Intern Why in the world
are you acting like this?
I accepted your apology
and consoled you.
Then why again
Did I hit you?
Are you only now curious
as to why you are getting hit?
I am curious! So tell me right now!
The reason you are getting hit
Do you think
I will tell you?
Of course I won't tell you why.
Live your whole life curious to your death.
Even if I were to say it,
a thing like you still wouldn't understand.
If all that is in this world is poop
and soybean paste,
you won't know what is morally wrong.
A person like you
Intern Yang!
By the way
You look cool today.
Especially there
where you got hit.
You are freaking awesome!
As expected
of Ma Sung Girls High Silver Pot
Eun Bi's spike is not dead!
Now I am
What am I going to live on, Dong Joo?
Just closing your eyes once and
apologizing once would have solved it.
Saving yourself by throwing away your pride
just once
Why couldn't you do it?
Why my eyes didn't close, I also don't know.
Eyes that normally close so well
What am I to do now?
What, how?
Just go to another school
and do your probation there.
Here, here.
A teacher that got fired
during her probation,
which school would accept
that kind of teacher?
Even if she got accepted,
what is she going to do till next year?
What are you going to live on now?
Aunt! Aren't you going
to give us some burnt rice?
What about Cha Chi Soo?
Yes. Since his discharge from the hospital,
he's been going back regularly.
What is he doing in the hospital?
As Mr. Chi Soo has always been quite
sensitive, one treatment would not suit him.
It seems that he will have
to undergo a few more treatments.
Even so, I'm glad the absence is treatable.
Excuse me?
The absence of a woman's presence
is something that follows you forever.
Yang Eun Bi.
[1st - 4th year PE major. Confident
in all subjects except English and Math]
[Contact if PE grades are lower than a B.
PE is the root of all learning.]
Yes, yes, this is Yang Eun Bi.
Ahh You are a father of a student.
Right now?
No, no, of course that is possible.
I will be right over
at the speed of an arrow.
Thank you for flying over like an arrow
as you said.
You've suffered quite a bit
because of our Cha Chi Soo, am I right?
But why did you want to see me?
Have some tea first.
This is Pu'er tea.
It has a wonderful fragrance.
Go back to work from tomorrow onwards,
Ms. Yang.
Are you hurt?
No, I'm not hurt.
But that cup
Don't worry about it.
Sit down. Sit down.
The repentance letter,
we'll count it written.
The apology for the humiliation,
So that solves everything, right?
Take a rest this weekend,
and start work next week.
If I am allowed to give you my reply first,
I do not want to.
Why? Why is that so?
Cha Chi Soo.
I mean Mr. Chi Soo.
Did he ask that I be brought back to school?
Me walking out of it on my own accord
insults him, so he wants to fire me himself?
I no longer want to play along
with Mr. Chi Soo's games.
Then about that teacup,
either way I look at it, it seems precious,
so I will compensate you for it.
You don't have to worry
about that kind of thing.
No, I don't think that is appropriate.
Excuse me.
How much does this teacup cost?
Yes, even during the sale period,
it was 3.58 million.
3 million?
Don't be frightened,
we have plenty of cups in this house.
There is no need to be frightened by that.
But rather than that teacup,
in this house,
there is only one thing
that cannot be broken
Cha Chi Soo.
Even if everything else were to be broken,
our Cha Chi Soo, not only his head, but
not even one of his fingers can be broken.
That precious Cha Chi Soo,
you, Ms. Yang, have already
hit twice and caused distress.
So that our Cha Chi Soo's anger
will be abated,
Ms. Yang you have to come back to school.
Then for that,
I can repay you as much as you want.
How are you going to do that?
I came out looking for a tutoring position.
Can you help me?
Will that do?
How much would be enough?
How could you reject the offer?
How could you?
He asked how much would be enough.
He'll even get you reinstated as a teacher.
Hey, Yang Eun Bi!
What are you going to live on from now on?
Lend it to me for a bit. Lend it to me.
Why are you being like that?
She rejected it?
Chairman Cha, are you
really going to be like that?
Bring her here.
I said just bring her here!
You don't think you can do it?
How can that be?
Where in the world, is there a thing that
Chairman Cha can't get done. Where?!
Hel hello.
To indicate interest and preference
in an object we use the terms
want, wish.
Crazy Chicken!
The lead role will go to
Chae Young.
[Cha Chi Soo]
Goodbye, So Yi.
Hyung-nim! Hyung-nim!
There is a call for you!
What? Who is it? Who?
It looks like it's our sister-in-law.
I've already pressed the answer button.
You kid!
What's up, Yoon So Yi?
Just go to the point.
Cha Chi Soo is not picking up your calls?
That's why you called me
To come and pick you up instead?
My God, I'm really dying here.
What am I your shuttle bus?
You better not call me ever again.
From now on I'm going to put
your number under spam calls.
In fact no
I'm going to change my number!
Director Go.
Contact my uncle and investigate Intern.
I want to see her immediately.
If I knew where to begin looking for her,
why on earth would I be calling the police?!
She doesn't even have much abilities.
She's either going around
looking around for tutoring jobs
or just sitting
in front of a convenience shop.
Eating cup noodles probably
3, 2, 1 ready!
Hey, Noona!
How can you hog this big table to yourself?
Because of you,
we have to stand around with our popsicles.
If you're only eating something like ramyun,
you should just stand there and do it.
What do you mean something like ramyun?
Noona is in the middle
of the first meal of her day,
so eating something like your popsicle
just stand anywhere, finish up, and leave.
Wow, this noona is all tough.
In that case, Noona,
mind getting us some cigarettes?
If you don't want to get hurt,
you'd better get your face out of mine.
If you bunch meet me in school one day,
know that you'll land in detention.
Wait. Noona, you're a teacher?
I'm about to be a teacher.
So just quietly go on your way.
What is this?
Just a bloody tutor What are you
going about ordering us around?!
Take it and leave.
They're the expensive ones.
They are premium brand.
Noona, your boyfriend is awesome.
What did you just do?
You don't need to thank me.
I did it because I don't want
anyone else touching my mosquito.
So you left school and ended up
doing something like this?
How could you buy cigarettes
for a bunch of high school kids? Seriously!
Ugh! Damn!
What are you doing?
Just stick to your popsicles.
Hey, my cigarettes! My cigarettes!
You bunch of high school punks
You! You!
You there!
Intern, up till the end you
Till the end
you're still going to behave like this!
What are you, that you go around
distributing cigarettes to kids?
What, you want to brag
that your father owns a cigarette factory?
Why are you so naggy?
By shutting them up with cigarettes
they would have just let you go.
What is with all the nagging?
You're really strange.
Because it is wrong
Because you cannot do that
Listen closely, Cha Chi Soo.
I'm only going to say these once.
Students cannot smoke cigarettes.
Money cannot be used to console a person.
playing with a person whom you don't even
have feelings for by throwing money at them,
getting hit for that is not even enough.
In the end, it boils down to that?
The person who hit me wasn't Intern Yang
but Yang Eun Bi?
The person who hit me
was not an educator but a woman?
That's it, isn't it?
Because of the way I play with you
You are nervous, grieved, and hurt.
Because to you I am a man, therefore
Because of the way I play with you
You are nervous, grieved, and hurt.
Because to you I am a man, therefore
smell really nasty.
If you are going to hit on this noona,
change your perfume first, High Schooler.
You're really fearless now,
aren't you, Intern?
For someone going around
looking for a tutoring position,
what are you relying on?
You've caught a man that allows you
to not worry about the rest of your life?
Then what was that thing
you were hugging in the dark?
Wasn't it a man, or was it a doll?
Feelings, love?
Even in your late twenties acting all naive
but now that your facade
has been uncovered,
you must be embarrassed, aren't you?
Fine, even though I don't know
who that man is,
even so, he's probably better than you.
Better than a high schooler
who only smells of perfume.
You have continuously
Do you even know what kind of perfume
this is that you are talking about?!
There is even a name for this kind of smell?
Is something troubling you?
There is something troubling me today.
What is it?
Can't you hold me for a while?
I'll give you a kiss.
Yoon So Yi, is the scent of my perfume
that strange?
You said to come pick you up,
how come you weren't at the dance studio?
Since you came back just fine on your own,
that's enough.
I'm leaving.
It's Ba Wool.
This is Ba Wool's scent.
Young Chairman Cha.
This fell on the floor.
Like he said, a person who has will always
have, a person who doesn't, never will.
I don't have the key and
not even a hole I can squeeze in through.
What are you going to do?!
What are you?
Even though I don't know who that man is,
even then he's probably better than you.
Better than a high schooler
who only smells of perfume.
It wasn't you?
Then some young man came by?
I don't know.
When I came home, the table was set.
There's even Dad's scent to it.
Coach said it wasn't him, either.
No, I'm not eating it. Do you think
I have gone crazy from not eating?
I don't even know what kind of person
made this food.
What would I be doing
putting it in my mouth?
Yes, don't worry.
I've thrown it all away.
I'll go and change the locks tomorrow.
After she quit working at the school,
she has been living alone in the shop.
That is why you should make the trip.
You're the class monitor.
Well, that is not difficult.
But I'm on the night shift tonight;
by the time I end, it will be dawn.
Go at dawn then.
This is a big problem.
She can't sleep outside
just because she's locked out.
Just now, I heard that tonight
it would go down to zero degrees.
If she sleeps outside on a night like this,
she will freeze.
But does Intern really live alone?
Doesn't she have an oppa or someone?
Nope, she's an only child.
But, what is in that vinyl bag?
I fell asleep again.
Has Eun Bi come home?
Hey, Intern.
Is Intern around?
The wife is currently
in the middle of her rest.
Your wife left some things behind
Pass it along.
And if what you believe in for the future
is that ratty sock and this shop
it would be better for you
to come to your senses now.
If she doesn't come back to school
she will never be a teacher in Korea.
Pass that along to Your Wife!
What a pitiful fellow
W What?
What did you just say?
Just as I guessed, you have no scent.
Even an onion has a scent,
but you don't, Park Chi Soo.
What are you talking about,
what scent?
The scent of home, food, a mother
Park Chi Soo, do you even eat?
One blathering intern is enough!
And my name
is not some Park Chi Soo.
It's Cha Chi Soo!
What do I do
What do you mean what do I do?
All this is Cha Chi Soo's fault.
Cha Chi Soo!
Hey, Intern! I know you're in there.
Do you think it is possible to hide?
Don't you have another towel?
The cupboard, first drawer
What are you?
A stalker?
You're saying my father
handed this shop down to you
And handed me too?
Don't even think
of running away with the shop.
Why would I run away with the shop?
I might, if it was you I took
and ran away with.
This is obviously a valid contract.
Why in the world?!
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