Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

If Its Eun-bi

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 5
Don't you have another towel?
The cupboard, first drawer
Who might you be?
Wow, this is upsetting.
You don't recognize the man
whom you've been with
for 4 nights?
Four nights?
W who are you?
How long have you been here?
How long?
So the first day I got here was
We drank a lot of alcohol and we
Thinking about our first night
so early in the morning
First night?
I'm getting excited.
good communication is needed
in order to have a healthy
- couple relationship.
- What?! You!
- The pole that I saw at school!
- Yup.
What are you?!
A stalker?!
Are you a stalker?!
But we came in here,
holding hands,
and we even did love shots together.
This kind of "ohayo" is upsetting.
(good morning in Japanese)
Held hands Love shots
So really, who are you?!
Okay, then
How we came
to be a married couple is
But wait.
This towel is really
It's soft like silk,
and fluffy like a feather.
And this delicate scent
is my scent.
Oh, I love my smell so much.
Oh, my smell I love my smell.
Ah A good smell
A good smell
A good smell
So you're saying
that you are the son of Yu Jin,
who was my father's friend.
And you are now the owner of this shop.
And my father left this store
to the son of his friend,
not to his own daughter,
but to his friend's son?
[PS. You can have my daughter too!]
[Live happily, understanding each other!]
He also said to have me?
Wow! How do you know everything
that I was going to say?
They do say that
married couples think alike.
That's because
you have been lying over there
for the past 3 hours
not saying anything!
Since we're up,
why don't you just be my wife?
Oh, yeah!
Kim Chi Soo stopped by.
- Kim Chi Soo?
- What did you just say?
Even an onion has a scent,
but you don't Park Chi Soo.
What are you talking about?
What scent?!
The scent of home,
the scent of food
The scent of a mother
Park Chi Soo
Do you even eat?
One blathering intern is enough!
And my name
is not some Park Chi Soo.
It's Cha Chi Soo!
Kim Chi Soo
Park Chi Soo
Is that really important?
Of course it's important.
Kim Chi Soo and Park Chi Soo
are just names,
but Cha Chi Soo isn't.
Then what?
Manhattan, Paris, Berlin
Is English too hard for you?
Republic of Korea, Seoul,
Dong Dae Mun, Nam Dae Mun,
the Han River,
the Tripitaka Koreana,
Cha Sung.
You still don't understand?
Cha Chi Soo
is a proper noun.
There's the brand name "Cha"
in front of it.
So you should definitely
call me that.
I guess you didn't study any grammar.
All names
are proper nouns.
And that brand, "Cha "
From what I think,
it's a fake.
Hey, you simpleton, check this.
Should I spell this out
for you to understand?
My name is Dok Do.
(island in dispute between Korea and Japan)
If you mess up even one letter,
(They say if you utter its Japanese name,)
you're banished from the Republic of Korea.
(you'll be banished from Korea.)
You got it?
It must have been painful.
Kim Chi Soo.
Park Chi Soo.
Cha Chi Soo!
What's wrong with him today?
- I don't know.
- He was so cool!
He's so awesome!
Yesterday, Chi Soo's car had a flat tire.
He must be pretty upset over that.
You look cool today.
Especially there,
where you got hit
You smell really nasty.
He's probably better than you.
Better than a high schooler who
only smells of perfume.
Cha Chi Soo!
Seriously I gotta hold back,
it's not worth it.
You're holding back because you're scared.
Stop. He's already mad
that he lost unfairly
That's enough, Pal.
Oh! Chi Chi Soo!
Cha Chi Soo came all this way
just to return this?
Why? Why? Why?!
If you pick up an item it's one's duty
to return it to the owner.
That punk's not a person
who knows about duty.
If it's Cha Chi Soo!
If it's Cha Chi Soo?
That jerk
knows nothing about duty!
He doesn't even know this kind of duty!
(duty=dori, dori=a person shakes head)
Dog Chi Soo, that jerk!
Well, either way,
he's not the type to do that.
Hyu Hyun Woo
Take this off.
Take what off?
There's nothing there.
Then why does it feel suffocating here?
I feel like something's stuck.
- It's that woman.
- Who?
That woman
That woman's arm is taking control of me,
right here!
Until I can check this out,
stay right here.
Don't even think about
running away with the shop.
Why would I run away
with the shop?
It would be a different story
if I was to run away with you.
Look! UFO!
If you keep trying to get
closer this way
[Student Teacher
Name: Yang Eun Bi]
Why do you have this?
I picked it up while cleaning.
But instead of doing that,
I think it would be more fun
if you became my wife.
Think about what I said
one more time.
But hey
That other night,
we didn't do anything, right?
Truthfully, I don't really like that thing.
It's sort of annoying.
It's annoying having to take off
my own clothes.
So, to take off a girl's clothes as well
Stop right there.
But with you,
it would be different.
Are you okay?
Hey. Do you think after that hit
from Intern, he has lost his wits?
It's not like he's a toilet.
What's he talking about getting
something stuck?
Have you even been hit by that woman?
Not one single pimple in my whole 19 years,
then she plants a mark on me!
That woman!
The woman who got hit by her
ended up with a flat nose!
With arms like hers,
she could block a manhole cover.
If it's her, she can do it!
It would be different
if it's you.
Even if it all becomes annoying,
I think we can do it together
if it's with Yang Eun Bi.
[Episode 5]
[Episode 5: Eun Bi Ramen] ("Yang Eun Bi
Ramen" means "If it's Yang Eun Bi")
So you're saying
this is real?
According to my honey,
this contract is completely valid.
Is your "honey "
really a lawyer?
My honey
works at Korea's number 1 law firm!
And to add to that,
your father even had it notarized
seven years ago!
That's strange
He didn't even leave
his only daughter a cent,
and then he gives away
the only thing he has to someone
- who isn't even blood rel
- Seriously! Why?!
You really disliked the shop.
Remember how you'd avoid looking at
the 'Eun Bi Food Stall' sign and you
There isn't a single person
in this world I can trust. Not one!
Why do you trust people? Why?
The only things you can trust in is money
and the source of your income.
How many times do I have to tell you?
How many?!
You have no man to lean on,
no source of income,
and now you've even lost your house!
Where will you live now?!
There's still my room at your house
Kang Dong Joo.
Are you
- getting marri
- Yes! You're right!
Will you
congratulate me?
Where I live right now,
is not important.
Our Dong Joo is getting married.
Right, Coach?
Okay, Dong Joo. I will even sing you
a congratulatory song!
What am I going to do,
if you leave me all of a sudden?
What am I going to do?
How I am supposed to live
without you?
I can't believe it,
the words saying that
you're leaving.
I will not hear it,
the words saying good bye!
What do you mean,
"What am I going to do?"
This is all Cha Chi Soo's fault!
Okay, I will refreshingly
flush this all out
and refreshingly
wash him away as well!
Cha Chi Soo!
What's this?
You look like
you're going on a country singing contest.
If you're here to pack up,
then leave with style.
I can't leave quietly because
it feels like my pooping session
is being interrupted!
Position your butt!
Position what?
- Are you crazy?!
- Yes, I'm crazy!
Do you know how long I studied
to be a teacher?
But, because of you,
all my efforts are wasted!
Come here!
Why should they?
Why should my efforts all go to waste?
I'm a teacher!
And you're a student!
I'm a teacher!
And you're a student!
I'm a teacher!
And you're
What did Dr. Yoon say?
Well, looking at all the symptoms
that Chi Soo has
Loss of appetite, disturbance of sleep,
Dyspnea (shortness of breath),
and especially,
a suffocating feeling in the chest,
there's a possibility it could be
a sudden change in his levels of serotonin.
Looking at all the medical possibilities
after many tests,
such as an MRI, Electrocardiogram
and blood tests,
the illness that Chi Soo has right now is
That illness is?
Due to repressed anger
Cha Chi Soo, where are you going?
Why are you asking?
You're sick.
You can't go out.
You should eat.
I'm not sick.
I'm going out.
I'm not going to eat.
Loss of appetite!
Dr. Yoon said,
you shouldn't be moving around much.
And, I'm also banning you
from driving for now.
Take away his keys.
Don't you dare.
Chairman Cha.
This isn't a problem that
Dr. Yoon can solve!
That woman's arm
is holding me tightly,
right here!
(delusion about one's power or importance)
I don't need you anymore.
I'm going to solve this
on my own.
Do you want to get hurt or fired?
Give him some medication
and put him to bed.
And to make sure he doesn't catch a cold,
tuck him in.
Let me go! I said, let me go!
And make sure
he doesn't go anywhere for now.
- But
- Oh! Why are you guys so strong?
- Instead of saying his stomach hurts
- I'm not playing around!
why is he saying it's his heart?
I have to meet her!
That woman!
Oh! Ohayo!
It's a good idea for you to find a lawyer.
Although you have ownership of the shop,
it's a different story with the house.
After talking to a lawyer
who works at Korea's number 1 law firm
How about we eat first?
That's a good idea.
Don't you want to live with me?
So what I was saying was
As the former owner's daughter,
I have the right to live in my own house.
If you don't like that,
then hire a lawyer and
- let's go to court and battle
- Live here.
You got fired
from your teaching internship
and have nowhere to go.
It's a bad habit to use separate rooms
as newlyweds, but let's figure it out
one step at a time!
Look here.
How can I live with a man
whom I've only just met?
Listen carefully.
The shop is yours.
The house is mine.
That's fair. Okay?
W what?
You don't even know me
yet you're entrusting the shop to me?
- That's because the contract
- Does this shop really
mean nothing
to Yang Eun Bi?
This shop
means nothing to me.
That's probably why
my father gave it to you.
Because if it was mine,
I would have sold this tiresome shop
You keep the house.
And I will sell
this tiresome shop.
Kim Ba Wool!
Wait, walk with me!
Would you, if you were me?!
What? Cha Chi Soo is sick?
So he can't pick you up?
So you call me instead?!
That's the reason we are together now.
I'm hungry.
What do you want to eat then?!
Oh, this is strange.
I'm sure
there was a really tall man in there.
- Where did he go?
- I have to go.
It's time for my lesson.
You're not going to eat ramen?
I don't eat that stuff, remember?
Then why say you wanted ramen?
So I could be with you longer.
I'll be going now.
Oww! What the?
Enjoying yourself?
When did I do that?
This is really awesome!
Back then,
they were your age group's SHINee!
Put it back, Kim Ba Wool.
What's wrong?
Why are you like that to me?
What about you?
Why do you always catch the pebbles
she tosses your way?
Don't you know she's only toying with you?!
Do you not have any sense of shame?
Because it's Yoon So Yi.
If it's Yoon So Yi, I'm okay with
whatever she tosses my way.
I don't care about the shame
if it's Yoon So Yi.
If it's Yoon So Yi Ramen
What a load of
They better not have ramen like that
or I'll smash it to pieces.
This is such a jackpot!
What are you?
You still have this?
Noona, when you wore this
you were so cool.
You know, I'm only saying this
because you were fired.
But, when you turned up in school,
wearing a suit,
I was really shocked.
You were so awkward!
Kim Ba Wool
You're attacking me
while laughing?
Am I not allowed to wear a suit
and get a steady salary?
Am I not allowed to wear suits and heels,
maybe meet a decent guy,
and live happily just like other people?
If I had just let go
of that Cha Chi Soo incident,
- I could have lived like other people
- You can't live like that!
Especially you
Because you're Yang Eun Bi!
If it's Yang Eun Bi,
you have to live differently
than other people.
Even without a lot of money,
you have to live a cool life,
retain your pride and dignity,
and have attitude.
If it's Yang Eun Bi.
Why are you
yelling at me like this?
Instead of begging Cha Chi Soo
in your nice suit,
you were so much more awesome
when you wore this
and flew everywhere.
If Yoon So Yi is a goddess to me
then you are
my hero!
Do you understand?!
I understand.
Are you really going to sell the shop?!
- Well?
- Seriously!
Just stop it now!
[Yang Eun Bi]
I will remember this kindness
in your performance evaluation.
Here are your keys.
You're pretty.
He said I'm pretty.
It hurts.
Ah! Seriously!
Hey, Intern!
I know you're in there.
Do you think you can avoid me?
What now?
Hey, Kim Do.
I told you to watch Inter..
You saw Intern?
Wow, long time no see
Your father used to collect
those yellow rubber bands,
saying that you needed them for practice.
But, why are you suddenly?
Don't worry and play hard.
Even if it's Cha Sung High,
this is my territory.
If someone bothers you,
just page my beeper.
So, you fearlessly came to a picnic
in the tiger's den?
I will settle this right now.
Hey, Intern!
Wh What's this?
Intern, what are you doing over?
Yang Eun Bi's spike kills!
Athlete Yang Eun Bi
is giving us a great performance.
[Ma Sung Women's High School]
She's really impressive.
At last year's President's Tournament,
she won the Triple Crown.
Where does athlete Yang Eun Bi
get her incredible spike?
It's from that arm!
Those bursting biceps and lean triceps
You could say that they're the source
of Yang Eun Bi's powerful spike.
That's correct.
Thanks to Yang Eun Bi's performance,
Ma Sung High is tied.
If they score from this serve
then it's a win!
The serve goes in,
they received it, and get it over.
Setter Kang Dong Joo tosses,
Yang Eun Bi spikes!
Ah, what's this?
Yang Eun Bi spiked the ball into the crowd.
What's just happened here?
- Yang Eun Bi, are you crazy?!
- I'm not sure.
- What the hell are you thinking?!
- When a player
intentionally spikes into the crowd
you could just say
she's plain crazy.
Yes and so Ma Sung Women's High School
absurdly loses the win for Nationals.
And the championship for the 2005
National Woman's Volleyball Tournament
goes to Dong Yeh Women's High School.
Let's go
Cha Chi Soo.
She knew I was here?
When did you know
I was there?
Answer me.
You did that
knowing I was there?
Knowingly did what?
Did what?!
You don't know?!
You tied your hair strangely,
huffing and puffing
your body glistening with sweat
kept twinkling in front of my eyes!
So, Intern
You still don't get it?
You still don't get
why I'm here in front of you?!
You probably came to eat me up
because I'm your prey.
Because of you
I've got this disease
unexplainable by modern medicine!
The uncivilized
"anger management disorder. "
Me this Cha Chi Soo!
Is that true?
Should I introduce you to someone I know?
There's someone
called Madam Kim in Noryangjin,
she even predicted that I'd get fired.
Are you kidding right now?!
Intern, your arms
are stuck right here.
My heart is suffocating to death
and I can't even sleep at night.
Doctors, medicine, counseling
They're all useless!
I had no idea it was
that hard on you.
I must really not deserve to be a teacher.
For hurting you here,
I'm really sorry, Cha Chi Soo.
My arms really aren't much.
So you'll get better soon.
Live well, Cha Chi Soo.
Just like now
Like you've got the whole world
in your hands,
keep living like that.
I'm sorry for crossing the line.
We won't see each other again.
[Student Teacher
Name: Yang Eun Bi]
What can I get you?
Constipation medicine
Constipation medicine
Oh, yes, yes.
[Cheongnyangni to Gangneung]
Why are you going to Nakgoldang?
I have to say my final goodbyes
to Boss before I leave
and to apologize.
To say sorry for not keeping my promise.
Sorry, for not saving the shop.
Sorry, for not being able to be
with his one and only daughter.
Sorry, for not being able
to persuade that one and only daughter.
That one and only daughter
who sold off
her father's final inheritance
so she could live selfishly,
that ungrateful daughter
Sorry for all of that.
But, how did you hurt your hand?
Boss was too heavy.
I scratched it when I piggy-backed him.
Then the person
who found him at the hospital
Yeah. It was me.
I'm cool, right?
What was your relationship with my father?
It's strange to say,
he was just a friend of your mom
This kind of relationship.
After his mom died and dad left
a kid who used to sleep all day
came back to life after eating
your father's ramen.
He said that boiling ramen
was like boiling a
person's heart.
He said that I could do that.
That kind of relationship
If it's Yang Eun Bi,
you have to live differently
than other people.
Even without a lot of money,
you have to live a cool life,
retain your pride and dignity,
and have attitude.
If it's Yang Eun Bi!
Live accordingly to what your heart
tells you to do.
Even if you lose a little,
you'll not live like a coward.
Live like your father.
Excuse me.
The shop
don't sell it.
I'm saying, let's cook ramen together.
Take good care of me.
Yang Eun Bi!
Cha Chi Soo!
Wh why are you?
Are you crazy?
I said are you crazy?!
Park Chi Soo!
What's with you?!
What's wrong with you?!
What's this?
Oh, blood?!
Put pressure on this, okay?
Cha Chi Soo, are you crazy?!
You're the one who's crazy!
Come get me. Right now!
Ahjussi, are you a beggar?
Why did you go there?
Barefooted, wearing only slippers?
You went there to dance barefooted?
You're special, Yang Eun Bi.
We will live happily together, Boss.
I told you I'd disappear from your sight.
Where are you going?!
You wanted that, that much?
Try tying up your hair.
Don't you have a yellow rubber band?
What a crybaby.
You're as tall as a pole.
And you're cute too?
I have to see that woman
with my own eyes.
Cha Chi Soo
Don't toy with people's feelings.
And Park Chi Soo.
From today onwards,
[Hiring Part-Time Employees]
you will be my kids.
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