Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 7
Here, hit me.
As much as you got hit, hit me until your
anger subsides; hit me as much as you want.
Could it be?
Could it be that, that woman
is also doing that part-timer thing here?
Of course, since she is my wife.
Is that so?
Very well then,
I'll do this too.
[Eun Bi Food Stall Hiring Part-Timers.
Will provide housing; Unlimited Ramen!]
Why would you?
So with this,
Don't call me a part-timer.
Call me intern instead.
Or if you like
You can call me oppa.
Cha Chi Soo!
Hey, Chi Soo!
Dog Chi Soo!
Why? Why are you doing this?
What do you mean, Yang Eun Bi?
Why would you work part-time?
Why in the world?
I always wanted to try
working part-time
as a type of management experience.
You can't do it.
If you want experience,
do it somewhere else.
Anyway, just know
that you can't do that here.
And what right do you have?
[Part-time contract]
And what right do you have?
[Part-time contract]
Now we're both interns.
I'll see you tomorrow,
are you doing this to me?
What did I do that was so wrong?
Why me?!
At least I've got one great wife.
Ahjussis! Please have this refreshing drink!
You are working really hard.
Of course I am.
I was relieved because
I heard there would be several men
but it's several times harder
than other places!
Miss! Here, here, move this pillar.
Yes, yes which pillar?
This one, this one.
It's getting in the way of me working.
He looks pretty normal.
Excuse me. Excuse me!
Sir you should sleep at home, right?
No, no, no. I can't do that.
I can't leave the site.
Is Park Chi Soo here?
Wow, great job everyone.
Be careful.
Excuse me.
Who is he? The owner?
A part-timer.
Our part-timer
The sign is going up!
Flower boys, my butt
[Flower Boys Ramen Shop]
[Episode 7]
[Flower Boys Ramen Shop]
What are you thinking?
Are part-timers weeds?
Why did you just pick them like crazy?
You should have some sort of standards.
Are you going to ruin the shop?
Why did you pick Cha Chi Soo?
No way
Did you see him at the construction site?
He was showing off,
ordering people like he was the owner.
How can a kid like him work part-time?
Are you trying to ruin the whole shop?
Are you listening to me?
So this is nagging.
You're definitely my wife.
Cancel Cha Chi Soo's part-time employment.
And what's the reason?
Are you really a pillar?
I'll passionately list the reasons
Those are reasons
I should consider as the owner.
Your reason.
Your real reason why
you can't work with Park Chi Soo
I don't like Park Chi Soo.
It's not Park Chi Soo, it's Cha Chi Soo!
So I and Cha Chi Soo
I don't want to, I don't want to!
Why do I have to share the same room
with Woo Hyun Woo?
Is there a special reason
why brothers share the same room?
Why are we brothers?
I was hoping I wouldn't hear
that sibling nonsense.
Anyway, Hyungnim
I'll just use Chul Dong ahjussi's room
by myself.
Okay. Then we have no choice
but for me
to move in my wife's room.
Just share!
You guys are in the same class!
So what? We're in the same class
but we're not close!
Being with that, that, that
That kid is freaking awkward!
Hyungnim! Change my room!
Change Cha Chi Soo!
You'll catch a cold.
Hey! Why did Cha Chi Soo come here?
Class President!
You know something, right?
I said you'll catch a cold.
How can you do something like that?
If I'm going to get Cha Sung,
I need management experience anyway.
Take care of it this way.
I can't do stuff like an MBA.
Cha Chi Soo
Are you doing this because of that teacher?
Didn't you go to Min Dung San
because of her too?
Why do you keep doing that to that teacher?
You said you're okay here now.
Now my eyes hurt instead of there.
Eyes? Eyes? Why do your eyes hurt?
Well it's just something!
Don't ask!
You know I hate questions!
Hey, hey, hey!
Did you look into it?
When the shop opens tomorrow,
Chi Soo will be entering
a 4,400 won per hour,
no insurance,
temporary part-time position.
Although the contract benefits
or overtime terms have not been confirmed,
seeing as how the pay is only slightly
above minimum wage,
it is best to assume
that the general work conditions
are intense.
I have prepared security
in case of any unforeseen accidents.
Good job.
But then
He said this is okay,
but what's wrong with his eyes?
Could it be because he lost face
in front of that teacher?
But, Sir, there's one strange thing.
Strange thing?
- That ramen shop is
- Yes?!
Is the shop across our building
that Cha Sung attempted to buy out.
Teacher Yang is the
snack shop owner's daughter.
What should I do?
That shop is going to be ours eventually
so let Chi Soo do
whatever he wants
so that he can get back the face
he lost to that teacher.
You're back again?
Don't come near me, Cha Chi Soo.
You're really petty.
Must you go to this extent?
Intern, this is a misunderstanding
This, Kim Ba Wool
Here. Hit me.
As much as you got hit, hit me until your
anger subsides; hit me as much as you want.
Let's take this as far as it goes.
Yang Eun Bi.
[Flower Boys Ramen Shop]
[ If it's Eun Bi, she can do it. ]
[ If it's Eun Bi, she can do it. ]
Everyone's here early!
You do know something.
That's why I knew I should
[Under Construction - Do Not Enter]
Now shall we start?
We're the Flower Boys Ramen Shop!
Would you like premade or handmade noodles?
Whatever you like.
Handmade is fine too.
Yes, thank you.
Sweatpants every day?
We're going to a shop opening.
Hey, I changed from blue to white!
Then wear this properly!
I'm in a hurry.
Wear it properly and hurry up.
We won't be waiting in line
because we're late so don't worry.
Chul Dong hyungnim barely covered
gas fees through his regulars.
He's not even there anymore,
how will they have any business?
But Sunbae said the new owner
just lies down whenever.
Is he sick somewhere?
He just finds it troublesome
to even breathe.
Sunbae just has terrible luck with men.
She got dumped by an army dude,
she made a mistake
and messed with Hwanung,
and now she has to go around
tending to a sloth.
Yes, Honey.
Have you eaten?
Ah yes.
I thought I would just eat a simple salad
I'm dressed.
Are you crazy? Seriously?
- Enjoy!
- Welcome.
Thank you.
We didn't come to the wrong place, right?
Oh, women
- Hey.
- What?
What is Cha Chi Soo doing over there?
Eat a lot!
Your beauty mark is pretty.
Your hair is so pretty.
Your one-piece is so pretty.
Why did Cha Chi Soo think to go there?
Isn't it so obvious?
Of course he came
to get revenge for getting hit!
You look pretty today.
What's up, Cha Chi Soo. Move.
Yang Eun Bi. You dare to hit me
and hide here?
I'll give you as much as you want
so crawl back into your position
as an intern.
What a joke.
How much will it take?
How much will it take?
So corny!
How old is that drama?
- Shall we go again?
- Cut!
Oh, geez! What a generation gap.
Then what, what, what, what, what?
What do you have?
He's still a chaebol of a food corporation.
He's going to approach her
very carefully and with class.
You look pretty today.
Cha Chi Soo, what's up with you?
Did you play sports in a night club?
You're not going to work?
I should.
Starting today, I'm taking over this shop.
So carry more.
Is this even enough?
Your arms should carry 100kg at a time.
Really? You really
This arm isn't the type of arm
that you think it is.
An artisan hit it one slap by one slap,
to harden her pain resistance.
This arm is Choi Hong Man
and Jang Mi Ran to me!
Let go, you punk!
Since when did you have such a temper?
Since I was born, why?
My father said I didn't cry when I was born.
I just had a temper! A temper!
Really? Why do you keep hitting me?
Get your phone.
Your awesome honey sent you a text.
What are you scheming now?
I just want to look.
To see what you're like in real life.
Are you thinking about which part
you should focus your attack on?
Or are you going to throw me
in a burlap sack?
You really think that?
Oh, am I wrong?
Or are you going to give me a couple more
of those pretty beauty marks?
Is that as far as your imagination goes?
That's not it.
If I'm going to do it,
I'm going to make you turn this yellow
and call me oppa again.
Oppa, some more radish please!
Here, here!
- Here!
- Oppa!
- So loud!
- Oppa! Here!
- You're so good-looking!
- Oppa!
Some more radish kimchi please.
Hey. Where's Cha?
Isn't that Cha over there?
That's Cha?
Thank you!
Some more radish please, Oppa.
Thank you!
Oppa, one more radish please.
Thank you!
Radish oppa!
Give a lot at once!
Don't make me have to walk over again!
Who am I?
And where is this place?
From far away, someone
is calling me.
Oppa, more radish please!
Where's radish oppa?
Chi Soo's radish incident has spread widely
among the business world.
Our PR team barely managed
to stop an article
that was planned to be released
by our competitor, CK Group.
What was the article about?
Cha Sung Group's Crown Prince's
True Identity Revealed.
Not Hwanung
(a god),
He's Dangun
(human founder of Korea).
An abbreviation for danmooji gun.
(radish, man)
Why did Cha Chi Soo even go there?
The bodyguard team has been watching
but they say they haven't seen
anything special.
Hey, Cha!
We're going to Hee Gon's concert today.
You're coming, right?
I can't.
Why, it's my first concert?
Hey! What's wrong with you all?
- Our Cha is so busy.
- Oh, right.
Our Dangun needs to go to work.
May you
spread the
word of radish!
Those guys!
Are you okay? Dangun?
Woo Hyun Woo, you too?
Why don't you be honest with the teacher?
About what?
You went there
because you wanted to see her.
They say you should clear things up
even if your finger gets sprained.
I didn't go because I wanted to see her.
I went because I can't not see her!
Because I'm sick.
That's the same thing.
How is that the same thing?
Woo Hyun Woo.
I think you think I fell for that woman
at first sight
but this is just treatment.
I saw something
so traumatizing, that I got shocked.
Curly hair, body odor,
sweatpants, glasses
You know I don't treat women
with these things as women.
And I
Saw a woman with Hwang Bi Hong hair
(Korean title of Once Upon a Time in China)
and jumping around
while smelling like sweat.
How shocking could that have been?
If I want to get over the shock,
I have to keep seeing her constantly.
This is treatment, okay?
I don't think so.
Go ahead.
I'll go a little later.
My father's debt totals
270 million won so rounding up
- Give me 300 million.
- Where's your dad now?
I haven't seen him for over a year.
Hey, you.
Everyone, come out.
I know President Cha put you up to this.
Hurry up and come out, I'm busy.
In addition to watching me,
starting today, watch this store too.
If there are guys in black suits with
dirty expressions hanging around
while bothering someone or looking like
they're trying to get money,
beat them half to death.
Got it?
Why no answer, do you wanted to get fired?
Yes, Sir.
Jang Gu hyung.
Now we seem like a real gang
instead of just thugs.
Be quiet!
It's the Flower Boys Ramen Shop.
If we don't want to bring down Hyungnim,
we need to dress up at least this much.
- Right?
- That's right.
- That's right.
- Obviously.
- Sister-in-law!
- Sister-in-law!
Hi, Ba Wool's friends!
- Hello!
- Hello.
Are you going to see Hyungnim?
No, to see Chi Soo.
I'm going to see Ba Wool later.
- I see.
- I see.
You're as cool as I've heard.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Sister-in-law!
- Sister-in-law!
Sister-in-law, are you okay?
It's okay, sorry for scaring you.
- We'll hold you up.
- We'll hold you up.
- Thanks.
- Be careful.
It's chicken curry ramen.
Wow! Oh, yeah!
Park Chi Soo, you want a bowl too?
but strangely addicting.
It's time to take my medicine.
My wife really is sexiest
when she's showing off her strength.
Did you come to get something?
Can you taste it for me?
It's sweet.
The taste of the broth is intense.
I made the broth by grinding up
chicken and pine mushrooms.
Then I mixed in soybean paste
with scallions and peppers.
I'm thinking about putting it out
on the menu today.
Tie it tightly.
You have to wrap it at least three times.
Cha Chi Soo!
Why did you come in here?
You look so childish and obvious.
But why
why do you keep
Cha Chi Soo, you punk!
Now you're yanking her by her hair?
- I'll help her!
- Oh, are you all right?
Hey! It's heavy.
- What?
- Watch where you're going.
Let go! I'll hold your bag.
What are you doing?
Be careful!
Please be careful.
What are you doing?
Watch where you're going!
What the?
What were you going to do
with Noona's hair?
Going to do?
Cha Chi Soo.
Did you think we'd be scared
because you're here for revenge?
If you touch a single vessel on her arm,
I'll grind you up!
Is that it?
Cha Chi Soo
Is that really why
you came here?
That's not it
What do you think?
Yang Eun Bi?
Is that what you think too?
Hyungnim! Ba Wool hyungnim!
- Hyungnim.
- What's this?
What is this?
Ba Wool.
Yoon So Yi, are you okay?
Are you hurt?
I'm okay, but your friends
Who are you?
Which group are you with?
We took care of them like you said, but
It was easier to subdue them
than we expected.
And they were saying strange things
about the bible
I got it, just go.
Take Yoon So Yi safely home.
Ba Wool!
There's a misunderstanding,
Kim Ba Wool.
You told me to see Yoon So Yi!
You said it would be a fair open bid
and you acted like
you were so cool and awesome.
But now you use this shady technique,
you sleazy jerk!?
That's not it, I
Where's your dad now?
I haven't seen him for over a year.
What's that?
Hurry up and pay back
your dad's debts with this.
Why are you suddenly doing this?
Hurry up and take it,
I feel like my head's going to explode.
Cha Chi Soo, that
I'm about to get angry!
I said I'll pay back the debts,
why are you getting mad?
Why do you all get so mad
no matter what I do?
What the heck do I need to do?
The reason we get mad
Do you know what you have to do
to get one of these?
A minimum salary of 40 million won,
a permanent career,
and you have to have worked
more than three years too.
There's no one here
who fits those qualifications.
A runaway,
a kid running from debt collectors,
a jobless woman in her twenties
who got fired as an intern
For us, this is our only workplace.
The only place
where we can get recognized and paid.
If you want to play around with something
like this, you should go to your playground.
A child in an adult's workplace is
a burden.
I see.
Now I see what I should do.
I'll leave.
Eun Bi.
Jae Ho
Hey, Yang Eun Bi!
This is why I don't like you,
I really don't!
I'm not the kind of woman you think I am.
Honestly, there's a man I've been seeing.
You're Eun Bi's boyfriend, right?
You must be working here with her.
It just ended.
and that woman.
That woman
The water balloons were
I work with my honey.
I hate being away from him
for even a second.
Right, Honey?
Of course!
If I don't see you for a day,
you keep showing up in front of my eyes,
My Pretty Thing!
We even
live together.
In proper terms,
Right, My Pretty Thing?
How are you Noona's boyfriend?
Why is Noona your pretty thing?!
Ask My Pretty Eun Bi.
Why did you call me?
Well so
I'm tired today,
why don't you speak quickly?
So I
The thing is
I'm falling asleep while standing.
Just text me later.
I need you, Cha Chi Soo!
keep up the act for now.
Only when he comes
What kind of act?
Oh, the honey act?
Then, what is your role?
Forget it if you don't know.
P Pretty Thing!
Honey and Pretty Thing act?
No problem.
T Thank you.
Th Th Thank you
is not necessary.
Instead, there's a Terms of Use.
Terms of use?
I get to see you whenever I want.
Intern! Hurry! Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Pretty Eun Bi is here!
You're trying too hard
considering it's a joke, Cha Chi Soo.
My noona likes that kind of thing.
Hard Core
You were more than a girlfriend to me.
My wife's man of the past
[I still]
How much should I forgive?
Is there still dot, dot, dot
written on his homepage?
Are you feeling shaken?
I'm feeling shaken.
I feel like my head's going to explode.
So get out right now!
Your temper flares
whenever Chi Soo comes up.
I can't bear the jealousy.
He keeps calling me, poop poop!
Wife, poop has feelings too.
Do you know how dangerous and hot
of a woman she is?
Don't cry.
Let's start again Eun Bi.
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