Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e08 Episode Script

A Universal Song

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 8
How can I contact you,
when we ended the way we did?
We ended as lovers,
we did not end as people.
I know it sounds shameless saying this now,
but you are more than
just a girlfriend to me, Eun Bi.
Still, it has worked out well for you.
You, in that shop
with your boyfriend, right?
I wonder
I shouldn't have asked.
But, what does he do?
What kind of relationship
do you have with Cha Chi Soo?
Who shall we pick?
My Pretty Eun Bi?
Ulala Action.
Ula La
Noona, did you get something from him?
Biscuit, biscuit.
Since when have all of you
ever played around this way?
3 months.
Fine, somehow things got twisted
and you ended up pretending to be lovers,
but why?
Why are you being nice to that guy again?
Noona, could it be that there really is
something between you and Cha Chi Soo?
That, that
Noona, could it be because
by that ex-boyfriend guy?
Am I a baby?
I'm half 50! You think I'd be bothered just
because an ex-boyfriend came to see me?!
by something like that?
No, it just bothers me.
Sunbaenim, what are you saying?
Could it be, you still
have lingering feelings for him?
how can it possibly bother you?
As the saying goes, for an interest
in someone to die, you must keep killing it.
Do you understand?
or anything like that.
Hey, what do you think I am?
Why would I go visit that guys blog?
[I still ]
I still dot dot dot.
What does the dot dot dot at the end mean?!
"I still "
do ra amitabul?
(Buddhist chant)
If not, then is it naneun ajic
doruwang Lee Dae Ho? (stolen base king)
Knock before you come in
If you knock before you go into somebody
Up to what point do I have to forgive you?
Jae Ho.
What am I to you?
Hmm, ramen?
I can see you whenever I want,
wherever I go.
Like this song.
[Episode 8: A Universal Song]
Good morning, Dad.
Yes, good morning to you too.
at that ramen shop?
Of course I have to go, Dad.
That Cha Chi Soo
seems to be in a terribly good mood today.
He called me Dad twice.
That guy, who?
You know, that guy with the beak
and the huge round glasses, that guy.
Ah, yes.
It seems you have definitely beaten Pororo.
Do you want one?
- Yes.
- I have to eat two.
- Yes, I want the fried side
- Pass him the jam.
It's bland on its own.
- Eat, eat.
- Ah, yes.
How is it?
- The entire payment?
- Yes.
Even putting up a fake lover act
for a prank nowadays, Cha Chi Soo.
I might as well do it properly.
Why, does it bother you?
Why? Should I be bothered
by a probation teacher?
No, there is no need for that.
But then, if it is Intern,
maybe you should be a little bothered?
is she that unattractive?
Rather than unattractive,
she seems to be the tiresome sort?
Seriously, tiresome. Tiresome.
Yang Eun Bi
How could you stare all night long
If you stared at your civil exams books
with that kind of determination,
by now you'd be
the Minister of Education.
[Dog Chi Soo]
Thank you is not necessary.
Instead, there's a Terms of Use.
Terms of Use?
I get to see you whenever I want,
to see that childish, typical face of yours.
Why in the world do you want to see
this childish and typical face?
Why did you take so long to pick up?
Do you want to violate our terms?
I have to meet you immediately,
so come running now! Hurry!
Where are you?
Oi, Intern! Hurry, Intern.
Hurry, hurry, hurry! Hurry!
Pretty Eun Bi is here!
Intern, I only told you to come quickly,
did I tell you to come so weirdly?
Not Intern, Pretty Thing mode
You are younger than her?
And a high schooler at that?
It just turned out this way.
How did it turn out this way?
Eun Bi, has it been that hard on you?
When a man and woman are dating,
does age really matter?
With such an uptight outlook,
how did you enter Cha Sung?
Who is your supervisor?
How did you meet that person?
At this rate, your lunchtime will end
with you not having eaten.
What ramen shall I get you?
We met at the cram school toilet,
ladies toilet.
Ladies toilet?
My Pretty Thing,
was tempting me,
suggestively caressing my neck with
a roll of toilet paper with her name on it.
It was a short but unforgettable
first meeting.
How long How long
have you been seeing each other?
Not long ago it was our two two.
(22nd day together)
My Pretty Thing was wearing a volleyball
uniform dancing the wave in a club.
The exciting wave of the eighties
that I knew a night could be so short.
Wearing a volleyball uniform wave
Our noona, likes that kind of thing.
Hot, cold
Do you want to eat some ramen
before leaving?
What? Tempt you with a roll of toilet paper?
Dancing that cheesy 80's wave?
Hey, I asked you
to play the role of my honey.
When did I ask you
to make me into a seductress?
If you feel wronged,
terminate the Terms of Use.
W what?
Why do you keep coming into the house
Have you forgotten the Terms of Use?
When I want to, I can see you anytime.
Indeed I have to see you.
When I see you, I completely
come to my senses.
That, that, that
What are you doing?
Jeong Chi Soo and you, my wife,
danced the eighties wave together.
It's not like you guys are Chuli and Miae.
(song/dance duo from the early nineties.)
No matter if it is just an act,
Why are you still playing around?
What do you know?
Only your scent lingers, my love.
I think I know what you are hinting.
Is something wrong?
Why have you been so distracted?
Cha Chi Soo, that guy, is taking
why are you being like that?
Cha Chi Soo is leaving you behind and
playing the role of a lover to someone else.
Doing whatever he pleases
And that is also why I like Chi Soo.
And me?
What will you do if I meet some other girl?
Hey, just because I keep quiet you think
It must look like a chicken head to you!
Really, really, really dying.
Ba Wool, if Chi Soo is my left hand,
then you are my right hand.
Do you understand?
Left, Cha Chi Soo Right, Ba Wool.
My right hand
can't do something like this.
Because I'm right handed
Does she think
she is some kind of princess?
Right, Ba Wool Left, Cha Chi Soo?
But then again,
Yoon So Yi eats with her right hand,
and even digs her nose with her right hand.
No matter what,
you are the left hand, Cha Chi Soo.
Sunbaenim, have you ever gone to a club
in your volleyball uniform?
Hey, how can you
say such shocking things?
funny rumors are going around school.
You heard about it too?
I heard those rumors too.
Do you also, perhaps,
on your blog put up things
like your ex-boyfriends pictures or songs?
I have something I am curious about.
You went in!
You went to the blog!
Why? Because the title was "I still"
dot dot dot, so you are thinking about it?
You always ask questions
that she catches you with.
What am I to do otherwise
when I have no one else but her to ask?
And I can't figure out what to do by myself.
This dating moron
What's going to happen to you
when I get married?
You have a message.
I have to see you immediately.
Run to the shop. Right now!
Where are you going, Sunbaenim?
Are you going to meet that guy?
Leave her alone, Kid.
Is it so easy to forget your first love?
It can be forgotten just like this.
Huh? Who is your first love?
Ah! What do you need to know for?
Second round?
why is she still not here?
and eat me up this way.
Shall I really go to the mart tomorrow
and buy a fake lover?
At this time of the night What's up?
ruining yourself like this anymore.
I know you are pretending to date
that flower boy because of me.
What's your deal?
How can you say two things with one mouth?
not too long ago?
A girl who looks only at one guy for 2 years
is tiresome,
- is scary.
Come back safely.
Take care of your health.
Eun Bi.
The visits come alone.
I hope you come alone.
Because I think I'll want to see only you.
Only me?
Why only me?
Hey! What is with you?
Who are you to come
To go and receive this kind of sh,
you ignore my calls.
I clearly told you to pick up my calls!
Get out.
Why? Just because that water balloon
I feel like my head is going to burst,
so get out now.
How on earth do you learn?
After receiving that kind of treatment,
Listening to this kind of song?
This is not a song.
This is not just a song.
It's me and him together
for those 6 years.
I also thought I was over it.
But whenever I hear this song,
the moments from then.
As I walk past a place,
what am I supposed to do?
I told you not to cry.
If you sh,
Quickly come here and sit down.
What is this?
Chubby egg roll.
with Ha Chi Soo.
About that
- This
- This
This isn't just a song.
It's me at 20, 21, 22.
It's me and him together
for those 6 years.
Cha Chi Soo.
Are you going to have a soak too?
President Cha, this song
Never mind.
Do you remember?
This is your mother's song.
I was really born in the wrong era.
Why couldn't I have been born
in the cool 20th century?
If I was, I would have been the lead role
in scripts around the world.
bother you that much?
That guy goes around calling me poop,
The moment talk of Chi Soo comes up,
your temper shoots right up.
Seriously, making me jealous
Poop also has a kind heart,
your pretty heart.
Are you sick?
Is something stuck on your clothes?
Not my clothes, but somewhere else,
it seems something is stuck.
Go Hyun Woo, this song
What is the title?
This song?
to songs with lyrics.
Eun Bi.
What are you doing here?
I went to the shop and they told me
you came grocery shopping.
I missed you
so I followed you here.
You remember our song, right?
Jae Ho
What's more,
there is something shiny on top.
But still, the photo album
Because even if they are poop,
they are my precious memories.
What are you all doing?
Are you cheating now?
What more in my territory?
Without telling me?
A week ago? A week ago when?
Ah, when I went to a club in Itewon?
Or when I quit films?
called my phone and hung up 19 times?
All three!
All three things happened in one day,
who looks like spit out chicken feet?
A rice ladle who goes around
wearing sauna t-shirts?
Do you know how difficult it is
going out with you?
Even when you wear jeans,
all passing men keep staring at you.
Do you know how hard it is
to be the man standing beside you?
But she is different,
even if she goes out in hot pants,
it looks so regular and normal
that I have no worries about other men.
Hey, you, come with me.
What are you trying to do?
Today, you will get hit a little by me.
You, come with me.
What are you trying to do?
Today, you will get hit a little by me.
And who are you?
Release her hand
Even if she goes out in hot pants, it looks
so regular and normal you have no worries?
Are you sure
you ever went out with this woman?
If this woman goes around
in hot pants with a ball,
Do you even know how dangerous
and hot-blooded that woman is?
Darling, are you okay?
Oh, my but who is that man?
Do you know him?
Do you have his number?
- Intern, Intern.
- What is this?
- Intern!
- What are you doing?
What are you?
So dirty
Come out.
I said come out!
Why did you run away?
That fierce spirit behind that ball
you spiked at me, where did that all go?!
Give that bastard some of the same!
Proudly throw your sh in his face too!
This time, should I throw CDs at him?
to do that kind of thing again?
Do you think I have no pride?
I was happy.
When that man looked at me
like a woman again,
truthfully, I was disgustingly happy.
But this time again, I am not a woman
but the dregs at the bottom of a cup!
Not pasta, but ramen.
in front of me!
I also know how hot-blooded this woman is,
but she is not the kind of woman
you can do this with in the toilet.
Come out!
The weather
is becoming more and more gentle.
In this kind of weather,
chicken ramen is perfect.
In a broth made from chicken breast
and king oyster mushrooms,
stir in some soy bean paste.
Put in the cooked fresh noodles.
The star, chicken breast meat,
egg, chilli shreds and spring onion
Chicken ramen is done.
While sweet,
the soup's taste is very rich, like me.
If you come to our shop, you can taste
this ramen; it is worth anticipating.
Well, if you want, you can see me too.
Today, a wink is too bothersome.
Why did he tell me
not to cry for another man?
And where did Pillar appear from?
Could it be that they me?
Are you crazy?
Is there such a shortage of women to kiss
that you'd consider that woman?
I mean if you think about it,
To a person who was standing still, it was
the two of them who came in to grab me.
What is the real reason
What is the real reason
Can I really not be your guardian?
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