Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e09 Episode Script

You Insulted a Man Like Me

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 9
I also thought I was over it.
But whenever I hear this song,
I can't help but remember
the moments from then.
As I walk past a place,
I can't help but stop,
what am I supposed to do?
I can't help that this song
isn't just another song anymore.
Welcome to Flower Boy Ramen Shop!
Did Eun Bi go somewhere?
Yes, she's not here right now.
Where did she go?
Can you help me out?
I really need to meet her.
You should try the mart at the intersection.
Thank you.
Thank you very much!
Excuse me, I want to find a song.
Yes, go ahead and tell me which song.
Ah, well
Something like that?
Instead of singing it to me,
can you just tell me the title?
I totally sang it perfectly.
I have no idea what that is.
Either way, thank you.
By the way, you're very pretty.
Do you know how hard it is
to be the man standing beside you?
But she's different,
even if she goes out in hot pants,
it looks so regular and normal
that I have no worries about other men.
Excuse me.
Can you help me find a song?
Yes, Sir.
What kind of song are you looking for?
Your face is very small.
(considered a compliment for Koreans)
Even if she goes out in hot pants, it looks
so regular and normal you have no worries?
Are you sure
you ever went out with this woman?
If this woman goes around
in hot pants with a ball,
Do you even know how dangerous
and hot that woman is?
- What is this?
- Intern.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
in front of me!
I also know how hot this woman is,
but she is not the kind of woman
you can do this with in the restroom.
Come out!
Excuse me, Mr. Pillar.
Boss Choi.
Choi Kang Hyuk.
Excuse me
This hurts too much.
Oh, oh.
Did it hurt a lot?
Are you okay?
I'm okay but,
are you okay?
Go ahead.
I have somewhere to be.
The person you are calling is unavailable.
Please leave
Why isn't she answering?
Did you call Hyungnim?
He's not answering.
What's going on?
Where did everyone disappear to?
What about Cha Chi Soo?
Chi Soo's phone is completely turned off.
Wh what?
You're going to catch a cold.
Wear warm clothes.
What are you doing?
Where is everyone?!
Don't cry.
I told you
not to cry!
I told you
in front of me!
Why did he tell me
not to cry over another man?
I didn't even cry in front of him this time.
I just wanted to cry over an old lover
by myself but he's the one who rushed in,
breaking the bathroom stall door
Why did he get angry?
Really, why?
Ah! Hot!
I also know how hot this woman is,
but she is not the kind of woman
you can do this with in the restroom.
And where did Pillar come from
all of a sudden?
When did he come to the restroom,
and why did he suddenly hit Cha Chi Soo?
And what's with that word?
Ah! Hot!
It's hot!
Can I get some ointment for a wound?
One that won't leave scars
Here it is.
And that medicine too
Hey, Cha!
Why didn't you go to sch
Hey, what's wrong with your face?
- What's wrong with your face?
- Move.
Hey, you saw that too, right?
He was bleeding here, right?
He also smelled a little funny.
What smell?
A bathroom smell?
Dog Chi Soo
Do you maybe?
Maybe you too?
No way
Could it be that they me?
[Episode 9]
[You've Insulted a Man Like Me]
[You've Insulted a Man Like Me]
Can I get one rice cake ramen
[You've Insulted a Man Like Me]
and one cheese ramen?
Got it!
You and I (You and I)
Yeah, You and I
To say it simply, are in this
and that kind of relationship (relationship)
Yeah, that kind of relationship
One seafood ramen.
And dumpling ramen.
Where did you go?
Were the three of you together?
Why is Cha Chi Soo's face like that?
H How am I supposed to know?
This is seriously twisted.
He didn't even go to school, but
he shows up here with that kind of face
Can I get some yellow radishes?
You and I (You and I)
Yeah, You and I
To say it simply, are in this
and that kind of relationship (relationship)
Yeah, that kind of relationship.
It might be weird to say
Aren't you going to take it?
To say it simply,
are in this and that kind of relationship.
Yeah, that kind of relationship.
Pa Chi Soo, why don't you come and wash
some pa with us? (pa = scallions)
No! No!
Shouldn't those two
be totally awkward around me?
It's those two,
who said I was hot and totally dangerous,
and grabbed my wrists and came onto me!
But why am I being self-conscious?
What is this feeling
that I've become a dog chasing a chicken?
(forever out of reach)
What is this feeling of being treated
like nothing because I'm doing nothing?
Why do I suddenly feel victimized?
I have something to ask you.
What is it?
Where are the yellow radishes?
Yellow radishes?
We're all out of yellow radish.
It's over
Do you even know how dangerous
and hot that woman is?
The yellow radishes?
Over there
In the refrigerator.
I don't want to
say this so straightforwardly, but
You have red pepper stuck in your teeth.
I see
No problem.
Thank you.
You were just saying I was hot
and now, red pepper?
If you were going to pelt red pepper at me,
why would you say something like that
and bother the heck out of me?
Oh, my! Oh, my!
Do you not have any hands?
I have hands!
Right here!
That's not what I mean
Please knock before you come in.
You don't even know what I might be doing
for you to pop in like that!
That's why I just pop in here!
Listen here, Boss Choi!
I also know how hot this woman is,
but she is not the kind of woman
you can do this with in the restroom.
Boss Choi
If you keep coming into a bathroom
with just a girl inside,
it could be troublesome
W Wife.
Are the kids sleeping?
I seriously
can't hold it back.
I didn't want to do this
with my own two hands.
Oh, my!
How torturous it must have been,
for you to stand
in that number two kind of position.
As your husband,
I will always be supplying these.
Now, go ahead and solve your problem.
To your heart's content
I hope you whooooosh it out of your system.
It was a good idea to prepare it in advance.
Good job, Hyuk!
That's right. Hot
What does it mean?
It means it's warm or spicy.
Kang Dong Joo, do you think I'm an idiot?
I also graduated from high school!
I know. I even got you a bouquet
at your graduation.
Why are you asking that
all of a sudden?
No, not the literal dictionary definition,
but the connotation
when you use it on an adult woman.
It means very wild, sexy.
Do you mean that sort of connotation?
It means that, right?
Not like, H.O.T.'s fan or anything, right?
What the heck?
Why is she suddenly asking?
I don't know.
You are sort of so hot, wearing that outfit.
I know, right?
I paid some attention
because I was meeting my honey
Then why don't you ask your rich honey
to buy you some pig skin instead of me?
How can I eat this with my honey?
You stuck it on beautifully.
I thought you went home already.
I have leftover work to finish.
Is this
a love letter?
It's my medical report.
I got it from my personal doctor,
so read it carefully
and transfer the money to my account.
I was hoping to see
an exploding double nose bleed.
You sure hope for a lot.
But I don't use my fist recklessly.
This isn't a fist, but an enterprise.
But haven't you already used it a lot?
For Wife.
Lee Chi Soo.
What's your reason
for using your very precious fist on Wife?
It's a carrot at the end of a stick.
You have to provide both carrots and sticks
to prey.
Because of a personal illness,
I temporarily need your wife.
I guess you can call it medical expenses.
When this certain illness is treated,
will there be no more reason
for you and my wife to cross paths?
Most definitely not.
I'm glad.
Then what's the real reason
you're doing this?
You're not her boyfriend
or her real husband,
why do you keep acting like her guardian?
Because I made a promise.
I made a promise
to her father and my mother
that I'll protect her.
among other things
A promise?
Because of a mere promise,
you're doing all these things?
Yak Chi Soo
(yak sok = promise, also, yak = medicine)
A promise made about a woman is
something like my heart.
It must be in your DNA to be so cheesy.
If you have time to keep
mere promises like that,
Make sure you pay the written amount
by the due date.
Was it too cheesy?
I thought it was cool.
My Band-Aid is so much prettier.
Hey, Cha Chi Soo.
Is there something wrong lately?
Dr. Yoon said
that you went into a bathroom and slipped!
That you were bleeding
and that you really smelled bad.
It's as you heard.
I just fell.
Why would you slip in the bathroom?
You don't even go to the school bathroom.
I I just did.
Because I was curious about it.
Why all of a sudden, are you going to
weird places that you normally never go to?
You went hiking in Min Doong Mountain,
then you started working part-time
at a ramen shop.
How long are you going to work part-time?
I'm quitting soon.
Ah, turn it off.
I'm going to sleep.
No, I'm going to listen some more.
If I hear it,
I can see your mom,
and then I can sleep better.
Is today some special day?
What's wrong with you?!
This is Mom?
How can this insignificant thing be Mom?
A song is just a song.
A promise is just a promise.
How can it become something else?
When you start loving a woman
When you start loving a woman,
that woman becomes liquor.
That woman becomes the moon.
That woman becomes a song.
And soon,
she becomes the world.
W What are you talking about?
You'll understand
when you meet a woman like that.
When you see that person,
her song will come down
and rest on her shoulders.
Like when I first met your mom
[Woman? Woman?]
[Woman? Woman?]
[Liquor = Club]
[Moon = Rabbit, Radish]
Let's say that some of these happened
due to culture shock.
And the other day
[Song= ???]
And the other day
A song?
A song There is no song.
it's going to be okay.
Don't cry.
Are you crazy?
Are you crazy?
It's not like you don't have
any girls to kiss, so why her?
It's me! Cha! Right?
What are you lacking?
[Kim Kwang Suk
Story of Songs, Story of Life ]
Why did I buy this?
Why did I buy it?
Yoon So Yi.
You like me, right?
When you see me,
does a certain song come to your mind?
Are you listening to me?
Sorry, I was listening to music.
What did you say?
When you see me,
is there a song that plays in your head?
What I mean is,
is there a kind of song
that automatically rests on my shoulder?
Chi Soo, what are you talking about
all of a sudden?
What are you listening to?
Oh, this?
This is a new application I downloaded.
If you do this,
it chooses a random song for you.
Do you want to hear it?
I don't know about anything.
Please don't come close.
Isn't it cool?
Yeah, this is cool.
By the way
Why haven't you been
wearing cologne lately?
Did anything happen?
Why won't you tell me?
Nothing happened!
Why are you so curious?
Because that bastard Cha Chi Soo
is being weird!
About what?
What I mean is
why would a guy who visits the hospital
just for a mosquito bite,
come to work with a bloody band-aid?
For someone who skips school
if his shirt get's stained,
why is he dishing out yellow radishes,
smelling like a bathroom?
Maybe he just really likes yellow radishes!
Do you think
it's something other than yellow radishes?
Instead of yellow radishes,
is it that he likes you?
Maybe not?
What's that?
Like an American Yangjangpi?
(Chinese dish)
A new recipe invention project
Starting today we will pair off in twos
and try to create a ramen
especially for your partner.
A ramen for your partner?
You must understand your partner
and make a ramen
that will make your partner's heart boil.
Forget you.
You guys do it.
Taking care of radishes
is more than enough for me.
Yeah, forget him. Forget Cha Chi Soo.
I have dibs on Noona!
I decide the pairs
through a very democratic
and quite scientific method.
[New Menu Invention Project]
What's that, Hyungnim?
You're like an elementary schooler.
Then who'll start first?
I'm screwed!
[New Menu Invention Project]
[Ba Wool - Eun Bi - Hyun Woo - Chi Soo]
[Hyun Woo and Ba Wool - Azalea Team]
[Cha Soo and Eun Bi - Forsythia Team]
Your favorite color?
Are you on a date right now?
The boss said we need to get to know
each other before we start cooking.
Forget it!
This is a new application I downloaded.
If you do this,
it chooses a random song for you.
- Does that color even exist?
- It does, it does, it does!
What color?
I like all colors of the rainbow!
I like you.
I like you so much.
I want to give you everything.
Hey, this is no joke.
Your favorite season?
Summer! Let's stop now.
Seriously, come on.
Why do you keep asking?
- Your favorite food?
- Let's stop. Stop, stop, stop!
- Let's stop, I'm sorry.
- Forget it! Forget it!
Forget those lessons!
- Wow.
- That's enough! That's enough!
Now I just want to play!
Every morning at 7:30!
You corral us into a small classroom!
In the minds of 9 million children!
You teach the same stupid things!
No way.
Stuffy, stuffy, stuffy everywhere!
Stuffy, stuffy, stuffy everywhere!
Tree Tree
Tree that sleeps standing
What?! What the?!
What? What?
You're not going to do the recipe invention?
Things you like?
Antoinette, Louis the 16th, Paris Hilton.
What's that?
The names of my cars.
Is there anything
you can't or don't like to eat?
There is.
Yang Eun Bi.
Yang Intern.
Yang Poop.
Stop joking around and answer properly.
We're working right now.
And if I'm not joking?
I need to find out
why I keep looking for things I can't eat.
Three things you would like to take
on a deserted island?
Yoon So Yi.
Yoon So Yi.
- Spirit Gang.
- Spirit
The Spirit Gang has five people.
You have to pick one.
The Spirit Gang is one!
Like Flashmen! (how the Power Rangers
are called in Korea and other countries )
Did wife go somewhere?
What is this?
I don't think this is a place
with pleasant memories for either of us.
That's why we're here.
The chain of events that happened
at this ridiculous place
Why do they keep happening?
Why do you keep appearing in front of me?
Did I dance an old-school wave
in the club again?
Why don't you just claim
that I'm making rice cakes on the moon?
Did you bring me here
for more ridiculous pick-up lines?
What if it's true?
What are you saying?
Ridiculous events have already happened.
And I'm doing ridiculous things.
And while we're at it,
I'm going to believe a ridiculous song.
What are you saying?
Say it so it's understandable.
I won't understand if you twist your words.
So, Intern!
I need to know how I feel about you.
What are you saying?
Say it so it's understandable.
I won't understand if you twist your words.
So, Intern!
I need to know how I feel about you.
It's really unbelievable
but let's try it, Intern.
Let's see what my song for you is.
The song that will play
is how I feel about you.
It's giving me a headache
so that's what I decided.
You insulted a man like me.
It's too late to blame myself.
Wow, it's still a relief I told you.
Called you drunk a few days ago.
Well, I was a fool to be tricked.
You insulted a man like me.
It's too late to blame myself.
So, this was it.
This was it.
This is how I feel about you, Intern.
You're the first person
to ever insult me in my life
so it was culture shock.
It figures.
It's the first time
I've ever felt that way in my life.
You insulted a man like me
are you done?
Where are you going?
Eat it on your way home.
It's a boiled egg.
If this woman goes around
in hot pants with a ball,
Don't try to be funny.
Do you even know how dangerous
and hot that woman is?
I told you
not to cry.
over another man
in front of me!
Yang Eun Bi.
What were you expecting?
You insulted a man like me.
It's too late to blame myself.
I was worried for no reason.
Called you drunk a few days ago.
This is what I was going to say.
You're the infamous manager
of poor relations.
No, that's not it either.
I was the start of your two-timing.
No, I imagine it could be worse than that.
It means you're living up
to your prettiness.
But what are you going to do?
Your main boyfriend is caught too.
His love life's just as dirty as yours.
Well, then you might just be forgiven.
We're here, get out.
Eat it on your way home.
It's a boiled egg.
Shall I?
You insulted a man like me.
It's too late to blame myself.
Is that thunder?
Is it going to rain?
You're late, Bad wife.
It's cold, why are you outside
and not sleeping?
My wife went out with another man.
How can I sleep?
You keep your husband on his toes.
My wife sure is a hot wife.
Excuse me.
I know how you feel about me but
you don't need to do this.
You know how I feel?
How do I feel?
I know you promised my father
that you would act as my guardian.
But I'm a grown adult too.
I don't want to be a burden or obligation
to you, so
You don't have to do this.
I see.
So you're saying
I don't have to feel a responsibility
to you as a guardian?
Is that so?
What are you suddenly doing?
You're really weak to this kind of joking.
(vulnerable, men hitting on her by joking )
Then how can you say you're an adult?
Move, I'm getting down!
Can I really
stop being your guardian?
I can really do that?
That's what I said.
I don't think I can hold back.
Can I
really stop holding back now?
I think I have to go in and sleep now
or it'll get dangerous.
Do you really?
Why? Did you fantasize it?
Could it be that you're jealous
of Teacher and our boss?
Are you crazy?
Don't you wash your neck?
I'm jealous?
Seduce him.
Oh, my goodness.
What the? What's with Cha Chi Soo?
Does he like Eun Bi noona?
Then you'll ask him,
"Do you want to date, Oppa?"
I'm going to do it love.
If you're just messing around
and having fun, stop it.
Where's Intern?
She went to watch a movie with Boss.
Just thinking about it makes my eyes
feel like they'll explode.
Hey! Dog Chi Soo!
Am I to be taken as a joke?
How much of a joke
must you regard me that
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