Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e10 Episode Script

A Streetcar Named Desire

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 10
Fine, Intern.
With this, I'm now sure,
the feelings I have for you
is that of humiliation.
It's because
I need proper pay back for this, Intern.
Why I ought to!
I'll see you after a bath, Intern.
Can I really stop being your guardian?
That's what I said.
Can I really stop holding back now?
Oh, my how?
What do you mean how?
You should go in to sleep
before you catch a cold.
There you go.
Good night.
Where is it?
Noona, are you looking for something?
Ba Wool, where are the anxiety pills?
Ba Wool, is it there?
Why are you taking that instead of
laxatives? Did something shocking happen?
It seems a tsunami will hit soon.
107, 108, 109, 110, 111
Why are you suddenly exercising
in the middle of the night?
112, 113, 114
Ahjussi, this is a no parking zone,
so you can't park your car here.
I know.
I wasn't parking my car.
Ahjussi, you need to move your car.
You're saying you won't even remove it,
am I right?
Ahjussi, shall I call the police?
Do you want to get a ticket?
Not here.
I'm telling you to give a ticket over there.
You're special Yang Eun Bi.
But I think you will be
a different kind of special in the future.
The moment we talk about Dog Chi Soo
your temper rises,
making me all jealous
I also know how hot this woman is.
Do you really Me?
Can I really stop holding back now?
I can't catch a cold now.
Now, really
I really can't stand it anymore.
Boss, you have to bear it.
Eyy, you, seriously
Are you trying to kill us?
Ba Wool!
Ba Wool, you'll be quick, won't you?
Even in the morning, my wife's so pretty;
it causes a traffic jam.
So pretty it causes a traffic jam?
I didn't even wear makeup.
If even like this, he says I'm pretty
You Why are you here so early?
It's the weekend, isn't it?
That recipe,
or shark's fin thing
Aren't we doing it?
Arranging the problem by these four events,
and putting them through
the SPSS software analysis,
the results of the testing in each event
revealed that
the common factor is that woman.
That woman?
Yes, it's Teacher Yang Eun Bi.
So you're saying all this happened
because of Ms. Yang?
Yes, that seems to be the case.
Cha Chi Soo has gone out
to do that part-time thing again today?
Yes. Even if he doesn't go to school
he will definitely go out to the shop.
Thanks to that, there are positive results
on his image marketing.
It seems to be going well.
For now, let's just let it be.
We might still need Ms. Yang
when we take over that shop.
Your face is puffy.
It seems you didn't get
a good night's sleep.
Is that so? I stayed up studying
till quite late last night.
It seems you must have been studying
really hard last night.
That's right.
I'll start then.
I was thinking of doing it
with a cheese base that you like.
Cheese is good.
You like that kind of thing too, right?
The "cheesy" stuff
That's right.
Because we have to cut the cheesiness
I was thinking of adding onion
- and red pepper
- Onion?
Onion and really hot red pepper will go
very well together. (Kang Hyuk, Eun Bi)
And lastly,
I was thinking of using black pepper
- to bring out the sharp taste
- Black pepper?
I don't think we can do that.
If that happens, what would you do?
What's wrong?
Are you imagining something?
You are usually high strung, but why
are you behaving like this all day today?
Did you eat some twisted donuts?
Twis Twisted donut?!
It's probably you
who ate the twisted donut.
Just because
Did you have a fight with my wife again,
What is it that you want to say?
I hope that you will stop hating my wife.
And why is that?
Whether I hate or want revenge on Intern,
what has it got to do with you?
Intern You must really like her.
If you ask me such a direct question
so early in the morning
I'll get embarrassed.
My face can't turn red.
My face is becoming red, isn't it?
A blush is forming already, isn't it?
My face can't turn red.
What is this? Seriously?!
Don't just lie down!
I am going to make cheese ramen.
I am going to have to order a special apron
for you, My Wife,
because your waist is so tiny.
Where are you going?
To wash my hands!
Don't you wash your neck?
Why do you keep scratching it?
So dirty!
What was that?
It seems something just passed by.
I wonder.
It seems something really hot passed by.
[Episode 10: A Streetcar Named Desire]
(cha = car in Korean)
[Episode 10: A StreetCHA Named Desire]
Hey, did you go to the Han river
to wash your hands?
What's wrong?
You suddenly ditched work
Did you have a fight with Teacher again?
Go Hyun Woo, you know
If you see someone and someone else
stuck together and your eyes are on fire.
What is that?
On fire?
Did a customer spray black pepper on you?
That's why I told you to be friendlier.
It's not that!
You know
When you see someone
and someone else together,
then your crown starts heating up
and here, it feels like
like a train is crashing through.
What is that?
They call it jealousy.
There is a common factor
somewhere here definitely.
Where are Chi Soo and Ba Wool?
Ba Wool has gone out to buy something.
Cha Chi Soo said
he was going to wash his hands
but did he go all the way to Nan Dae Pyong
River or something that he's still not back?
Whom did you come to meet, Ms. White Lily?
Cha Chi Soo?
If not, Ba Wool?
Whomever I see first.
I see.
Eat up.
How long have you known Cha Chi Soo,
Ms. White Lily?
Probably for over 10 years,
since I first met him in elementary school.
In that case, you've probably cried
in front of Chi Soo a number of times then.
Cry in front of Chi Soo?
That has never happened before?
About Chi Soo
If on your birthday,
you ask for a Louis Vuitton bag
or even date another person,
he can stand it.
There's only one thing you can't do
Cry in front of Chi Soo,
you definitely cannot do that.
What happens if you cry?
That woman from that day on is poop.
So, what I mean is, from that day on,
Oh, Dong oppa. Hello.
Go in.
We'll go and have sherbet next time.
Okay, bye.
Who are you?
I am Yoon So Yi's lover,
husband, darling, honey.
Who are you?
An oppa she knows.
An oppa she knows?
What is this?
Who is this guy
who looks like a cotton swab?
What, cotton swab?
Why are you dating this kind of crap?
I'm going.
Okay, Oppa, go safely.
Ba Wool, when did you get here?
Yoon So Yi!
Who is that jerk?!
Just an oppa I know,
why are you getting angry?
Why am I getting angry?
Shall I also play around with another girl
in front of you?
Then we'll see how you feel.
I don't think I'll get angry.
Wow! What is this?
Is it mine?
It's mine.
From today onwards, it's my girlfriend!
Ba Wool! Bye!
What is this?
She asked me to come,
but where has she gone to again?
Jea Jea Jea
A feeling of hatred and envy
towards someone who is better off than me?
Onion is better than me?!
Seriously, as if!
Between husband and wife
or people in love
What are you doing here?
Oh, you said we should work.
You told me it was hell training,
Ah, I also went to wash my hands
by way of Nak Dong River.
Where to?
I thought you said we were coming up
with that recipe thing.
Even so we have to eat to do it, don't we?
Could it be that you're jealous
of Teacher and our boss?
What jealous?
What nonsense are you saying now?
If you don't see that person,
you go crazy.
You can't stand seeing her
with another person.
If she meets eyes with another and laugh,
you're filled with deathly hatred.
Oh! That's right! Exactly right.
I must hate Intern so much
and that is why I am feeling this way.
Stress disorder, culture shock
and humiliation all stuffed together
making me hate Intern so much I could die.
That's why I did that jealousy thing, right?
No, it's the opposite.
The chicken feet is served.
- Enjoy.
- Thanks.
This What's this?
can we have a serving of rice balls here?
Are you really a girl?
How can a girl eat this kind of thing?
If you're going to come up with a recipe
you need to at least know my tastes too.
I mean, there's drumsticks or wings,
even grilled gizzard;
why are you eating the feet
where there is nothing but bones? The feet.
Well, that is the beauty of chicken feet,
you see.
As usual of course,
because you give me this kind of humiliation
that's why I develop
these strange feelings for you.
Are you developing stress disorder again?
Intern, you
and Onion
Wait, no
Boss Choi,
what is your relationship with him?
Wait, no
Boss Choi,
what is your relationship with him?
Well, just an oppa I know.
An oppa you know?
O oppa?
Of course oppa.
If not, what kapppa?
(well-built guy's pectorals)
For how long have you known him
that you call him "Oppa"?
Then you'll ask him,
"Do you want to date, Oppa?"
Well, that could be the case.
Wow, Yang Eun Bi has become really cool now.
Who was it who said
even if you swap phones you can't swap love?
That love is done using this.
I'm going to love.
As always with this here.
But not like last time.
No longer will I let my heart
get dragged along to wait.
If someone attracts my heart
I will make the first move.
I no longer want to eat cup ramen by myself
at the convenience store.
Ramen is delicious
only when you cook it together and share it.
You're going to cook together with Onion,
then share it?
That person, is a real man inside.
Not like someone who thinks using his heart
is letting a machine decide his feelings.
Is that so?
Eat and share plenty then.
If there is anything to share over there,
with only an A-Cup
An oppa I know?
When was it
that she just called me "Oppa"?
An oppa she knows?
When was it that she just called me "Oppa"?
What's that?
What's with Cha Chi Soo?
Him acting like that reminds me of someone.
Who is it?
It's me, isn't it?
Did I get indigestion?
I wonder if there is any laxatives left?
This heavy thing is so bothersome.
Oh, Bam Chi Soo.
What are you doing here
at this time of the night?
Are you trying to get overtime?
I'm here to give you a warning.
Even though it is none of my business
Onion, about your wife
If you're just messing around
and having fun, stop it.
Why is that?
She's the kind of girl who can't tell if
it's real or fake, poop or soy bean paste;
and decides with her heart first.
Mushy, there is no such poop like that.
If you take a wrong step,
She's that kind of girl.
Are you being concerned for me now?
Well, myself also being a man
Shall we say it's because I find it a waste?
Don't worry.
From now on, I am thinking
of really becoming Wife's "Pillar."
So, can't you also get along with my wife?
Why should I do that?
Because as much as I like my wife,
I like you, too.
I'm touched.
This is so freaking suspicious.
There is nothing here
typical of Cha Chi Soo,
when there obviously is something.
Class monitor.
Could it be that Cha Chi Soo
likes Eun Bi noona?!
Cha Chi Soo.
About you and Ms. Yang
Ms. Yang?
You know that probation teacher
who hit your head that time.
Do you like that probation teacher,
Ms. Yang?
What are you saying?
Why is everybody asking me that?
If you don't, then I'm relieved.
But why are you relieved?
Can't I like her?
Of course not.
I met Ms. Yang once.
She smelled of home cooked rice
and that's why you can't.
Cha Chi Soo.
You are this caviar.
Do you know what happens
when you mix this caviar with rice?
What happens?
It becomes ridiculous.
Like your father
Women who smell of home cooked rice,
don't like men who smell of money.
It always ends
with everyone going back to their own homes.
Don't worry.
I have no intention
of mixing chicken feet with caviar.
That's right, Dog Chi Soo.
So this is pay back
for the humiliation you received from me.
Does he know how insulting it is to an A-Cup
to be told that she is an A-Cup?
You're an A-Cup?
But, Pillar
I mean
Boss, how old are you?
Do you really need to know that?
No, it's fine if I don't know.
In today's world, does age matter?
But, how old are you?
Only if I know your age
will I know how to address you, right?
Fine, because I'm old fashioned
something like age is important to me.
Rooster year.
By rooster year
I'm a rooster.
By rooster year, you mean '81 or '93?
'93 can I pull that off?
Seriously, they say when you fall in love,
the eyes go first.
If you're already wearing love goggles,
what will happen in the future?
I wonder if my physical strength
can catch up with your passion.
Although married life is a bit worrisome
What are you saying?
Roosters nowadays are raised well,
pullet or a chick. (hard to tell how old)
Don't worry,
because I am a very healthy rooster.
Therefore I will have to go and sleep now,
if not
it will probably be dangerous.
Good night.
Good night.
Oh, my. What is this, what's this?
Your boss?
Your boss is hitting on you?
No, rather than hitting on me
Seduce him!
This girl, seduce
What am I going to seduce?
It's just that we have
some fondness for each other that's all.
But actually,
we're going to the movies today.
- Look at that.
- You kid.
I'll take out your hair.
Congratulations, Yang Eun Bi!
But do you know
who Dong Joo's first love is?
A feeling of hatred and envy
towards someone who is better off than me.
Between husband and wife or people in love,
when the person they love
likes someone else,
a feeling of strong resentment?!
What kind of dictionary is this?
Which company made this?
Me, jealous?
What is this?
Why are you here on our day off?
I came to meet Intern.
Where is she?
Why are you looking for Noona on a weekend?
Because of the recipe, why?
Cha Chi Soo, is that really the reason?
Answer me!
Is that the real reason you came here?
Why did you come to meet Noona?
Go Hyun Woo.
Where is Intern?
She went to watch a movie with Boss.
Just the two of them?
Get out of my way, Kim Ba Wool.
My eyes are freaking on fire.
Just thinking about it,
my eyeballs are about to burst.
What are you thinking about, you kid!
A dog like you, how dare you to my noona!
Hey, is there no ramen today?
Where are Chi Soo and Ba Wool going?
Where are you going?
To take care of business.
Since I caught hold of your hand now,
I consider your heart caught too, all right?
- Welcome.
- Hi.
Whom is it for?
My girlfriend.
Did someone order jajangmyun?
What are you doing, Cha Chi Soo?
Why did you come here?
Let's go.
Let go, let go!
Kim Ba Wool.
Let go!
Aren't you going to let go, Cha Chi Soo?!
Let go!
Dog Chi Soo, I will really!
What are you doing?
What's wrong with you again?
I have to wait for Boss.
My hair! My hair! My hair!
It's caught in my hair!
Dog Chi Soo!
Am I to be taken as a joke?
How much of a joke
must you regard me that?
I'm not done yet.
I came to confess properly.
You don't see me.
In your eyes now, you only see yourself.
Cha Chi Soo did?
He fell for you, Sunbaenim?
It looks like the one
who is playing hard to get is you, Wife.
Noona, you really don't have any feelings
for that jerk, right?
She is hurting.
Because of you it is all strange here,
from the very beginning.
This late at night,
what are you looking for?
Could it be me?
What am I going to do?
Don't you have any feelings for Cha Chi Soo?
I hope you won't fool your heart.
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