Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e11 Episode Script

Can Love Be Translated?

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 11
Let's go.
What are you doing?
Let go!
Dog Chi Soo, I will really!
What's wrong with you?
I'm not done yet.
Hey, you.
Dog Chi Soo.
Why don't you say something?
Okay, I will.
I'm going to.
I will, so wait.
In this situation,
are you getting angry at me or something?
No, I'm not getting angry.
It's because I'm so surprised.
I can't believe what I did, so
Just wait for a second.
Why the motorcycle?
Are you filming a movie?
Like some old school thing
I became old school because of you.
Like an old school movie,
you keep showing up in front of my eyes.
When I'm walking down the street,
when I'm eating,
even when I go to a club with hot girls
You wear that childish volleyball uniform
and keep hitting me here with a spike.
She ties her hair strangely
like Hwang Bi Hong.
This woman
who wears tacky clothes like this
This lacking woman
who hasn't even removed a beauty mark
that looks like a black bean noodle stain
What's worse,
this woman who's uglier than me
She keeps showing up in front of my eyes.
stay by my side
until I regain my senses.
You're calling that
a confession, right?
I enjoyed the motorcycle ride.
Where are you going?
I don't know if you knew
but I was on a date.
You're going to Onion?
I've kept him waiting for too long.
Do you only see Onion?
Don't you see that my eyes
are burning because of you?
Then what about you?
Do you see me?
Hey, Intern!
How many times have I said
I only see you?
You don't see me!
In your eyes,
you can only see yourself.
What are you saying?
I just said I like you!
But what do I do?
Your confession
doesn't make me boil in here at all.
You're back?
Where I went was to be honest
You went to buy medicine, right?
I guess your internal management
isn't going well.
I understand.
Women's intestines
are more complicated than men's.
Even during internal management,
you need to eat.
Eat up.
It will get cold.
This is big.
Where are you going alone?
And what about you?
Where did you go?
And while I was watching too?
Well, that punk Cha Chi Soo
said he likes my noona!
And what does that have to do with you?
What do you mean
what does it have to do with me?
You weren't enough for that punk,
Cha Chi Soo, so now my Eun Bi noona
Ba Wool, I should be the only thing
who matters to you!
Why are you worrying
about that intern teacher?
She's not even your real sister!
Well that's because
She's a noona that I like
A noona that I know
A noona that you know?
You have noonas like that too?
So what?
You have a truckload of oppas you know
in every area.
But are you getting mad at me right now?
When did I get mad?
If we had different homes,
I would give you a goodbye kiss like bam!
Thank you for earlier.
For waiting and not leaving
Thank you for coming back.
Here comes the guy
I was hoping would come back.
You're wondering what's going on?
I came to make my confession.
I went to see my doctor.
He said I've fallen for you.
Why don't you say things like that
without your helmet?
I can't.
I have to say some more humiliating
and skin-crawling things.
While I'm this way,
you're going to fall for me soon too.
Don't go around touching any random poop.
[Episode 11: Can love be translated too?]
Cha Chi Soo?
[Episode 11: Can love be translated too?]
fell for you?
Does that even make sense?
Yeah it doesn't, that's why I'm asking you.
It doesn't make sense.
What is Cha Chi Soo lacking
to like a woman like you?
You're old, has no money,
and all you've got is your strength.
You were talking about me, right?
It sucks.
Try this one on.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Hurry, hurry.
How could something like that happen?
And that's why I'm asking you about it.
Playing Hard to Get Level 7,
Seduction Level 9,
Expert of Love, Teacher Kang Dong Joo.
I got it. I got it.
So this is what it is, Sunbaenim.
How pretty.
How pretty.
How pretty.
What's this, Yang Eun Bi?
Are you crazy?
What are you doing right now?
Shut up.
You're supposed to water flowers.
You're the first to treat me this way.
He hasn't fallen for you,
he's pissed off.
I guess so, right?
Of course.
What other explanation is there?
Are you a bagel girl like Song Hye Gyo
(girl with baby face but glamorous body)
or baby-faced like Gu Hye Sun?
How is it?
It's too dark.
Try this one.
You're getting married, not me.
Why did you suddenly say
you'll buy me clothes?
When you get married,
you're supposed to buy your parents clothes.
Am I your father?
You're really over coach?
And you?
Do you really not have any feelings
for Cha Chi Soo?
What feelings would I have for him?
He's younger!
He's a high-schooler!
What feelings should I have for a kid
who hasn't even taken his college exam?
While I'm this way,
you're going to fall for me soon too.
Don't go around touching any random poop.
Hey. Let go of me.
You're not going to let go?
Is that how you feel?
Why didn't you say so sooner?
According to my doctor,
I was in a stage of denial
about liking this kind of woman.
I needed some time
to accept this terrible disease.
Go ahead and try it.
If you're a much better man than me,
I'll accept it.
Why do I need your acceptance?
Because I'm still Wife's guardian.
And I'm also an employer who has
a responsibility to look over you too.
Which heart am I supposed to boil?
This is just too cruel.
Even if I'm a bit cool,
I'm not in the Romeo department.
Don't you think so, Mom?
And she's more likely to be Goliath
not the type to be Juliet.
[Special - Hot - Jealousy]
What is this?
He's sharing me that easily?
He said grabbing hands
meant grabbing hearts.
Go ahead and try it?
Am I that much of a joke?
Am I an easy woman?
I am easy.
You're an easy woman.
Merely easy?
You're loose.
You're a loose woman, Yang Eun Bi.
You scared me.
Look at this.
It's shockingly scientific, right?
Are you still going to ignore this?
- Cha Chi Soo, that punk
- Yeah, he likes me.
Then what are you going
To do about what?
I'm going to keep living
like I've been living.
You really don't have
any feelings for him, right?
You think I would?
Of course I don't.
Swear to God.
Here. Here.
Just try breaking this.
If you break this,
you'll fail the civil service exam,
cook ramen for the rest of your life,
- won't get married until 35 and
- You little!
How could you say that even as a joke?
Yes, So Yi.
What's up?
You're calling me first at this hour?
I'm with Noona.
Run out of here right now?
Don't go.
[Bathroom smell]
[Same expression as me]
[Dog Chi Soo]
[Yang Eun Bi!!]
Chi Soo.
What were you doing until this time?
I got myself a girlfriend.
What does that mean?
You got what?
You got yourself a girlfriend?
Isn't it that tall girl
who looks like a puppy?
I changed her today.
For who?
Did you listen to what I said?
I said you can't ever be with her!
You're caviar!
That woman's just rice!
I said she's ramen!
Don't worry.
Come on, I'm Cha Chi Soo.
You think I'll eat ramen?
Just wait and see.
I'll make that woman eat caviar.
What did Dr. Yoon say?
That he doesn't think
it's a disease he can treat.
So is it that disease?
What disease are you talking about?
The disease I got because of Chi Soo's mom.
Director Go, we must take action now.
[Training Children]
You all have worked hard.
But the most important stage begins now.
For you
who all overcame
the rough time of creativity,
I shall now
taste test.
For Ba Wool, who has lived his life
as a crazy chicken,
as my theme,
I used chicken as my main ingredient.
The tough chicken breast
[Chicken breast]
represents Ba Wool's violent tendencies.
[Chicken breast]
And the red pepper I've placed on top
[Red pepper][Chicken breast]
And the red pepper I've placed on top
represents the Spirit Gang's rebelliousness.
I see.
But what is this brown sauce?
Is it soy sauce?
I expressed Ba Wool's love for So Yi
with chocolate!
I tried to represent Woo Hyun Woo's
sleazy and idiotic smile.
But what's this?
Despite how it looks,
it tastes deliciously chewy!
Wife, open up.
Wow! What a hit!
Cha Chi Soo said he likes cheese
Cha Chi Soo said he likes cheese
so I used cheese as a base.
In order to decrease the saltiness
and increase the spiciness of the ramen,
I seasoned it with various vegetables.
Wow this is
It's that delicious?
Then me too!
Are you trying to kill someone?
So this is why Boss said to only make you
do things that require strength.
You really are an impressive woman.
Where is your ramen, Half Chi Soo?
Of course I don't have one.
You think I came in here
to really make ramen?
We're done with work today, right?
We're busy so goodbye.
Let's go, Cha Chi Soo.
You've finally opened your eyes to men.
Take Chi Soo.
You're snatching Wife away
in front of my eyes.
It's President Choi, right?
I'm President Cha.
Please sit.
You said he's the president
of the Eun Bi Food Stall?
The name has already changed.
To what?
It's the Flower Boys Ramen Shop.
Flower Boys?
It fits perfectly with my Chi Soo.
Why did you ask to see me?
Ah, yes.
I was thinking about taking over the shop.
Cha Sung is thinking of launching
a restaurant for the first time.
The store location is perfect.
That's why I asked to see you.
I see.
My answer is,
I'm not planning on selling it.
There's no need to answer so quickly.
When my Director Go comes by
with the contract,
you can slowly look over it
and slowly think about it.
You don't have to go through the trouble.
I am the owner but that store isn't mine.
It's not just a place that sells food,
it's a home where children eat food.
It's not just a restaurant, but it's a home?
You're as tall as a pillar,
but have poor business skills.
You'll only handle a pitiful couple of bills
by selling ramen like that.
It's not ramen that's cooked to make money.
And your son is in that pitiful little shop.
Oh, yes.
That's why I'm saying
How about you fire my Chi Soo?
He's not the kind of kid
to be working there.
I think his joke is getting a bit long.
Please just mercilessly fire him.
Our store does not just fire family.
And while he's in our shop, he's my child.
What a strange word?
Your child?
He's not the kind of kid
to play the role of a child.
If we're done talking, I'll get going now.
It's the children's dinner time.
- I'll get going now.
- What?
Excuse me, what is this?
Oh, caviar.
I guess I get to eat things like this
thanks to Cha Chi Soo.
It will be difficult
if you get surprised with just this.
While you're dating me, you're going to eat
even more unbelievable things.
What are you going to do
about White Lily?
White Lily?
I'm giving her to Kim Ba Wool.
White Lily wasn't anything to you?
I can keep being friends with Yoon So Yi.
I want to date you, Intern,
more than Yoon So Yi
so I have no choice.
Then you could give me to some other guys
and be friends with me later on too?
That's something we'll find out then.
Cha Chi Soo.
Do you know the group Shinhwa?
(means "legend" in Korean)
Is that a group of Greek gods
or Roman gods in the legends?
Then what about Kim Kwang Suk?
Kim Kwang Suk?
What is it that you want to say?
Cha Chi Soo.
You may have forgotten
because of our boring and plain history but
you and I are six years apart.
You're a student and I was once a teacher.
I know.
So what?
don't have time to mess around
with a high-schooler.
Dating might be a revolving door,
an open auction,
and a cup ramen for you
but it's past that time for me.
I don't want to eat cup ramen anymore.
From now on I'm going to eat ramen
made just for me
by one man.
So let's end this passing accident here.
Why are you suddenly acting
like an old fogey?
came to meet the woman Yang Eun Bi.
Although I hate to admit it,
I'm already an old fogey.
Holding hands once,
kissing once,
doesn't make my heart boil.
So let's not waste our time.
Waste time?
I'm not, I said I'm not!
You think I've only kissed once or twice?
But because of you,
it feels weird here for the first time.
Like you said,
I'm not sure if it's boiling or not
but I feel nauseous and sick.
You must have gotten sick
from the motorcycle.
Are you joking right now?
I'm saying this sincerely!
You're always like this.
Have you ever asked me
about something first?
According to how you feel,
according to your style
After doing that in the bathroom,
you rushed to figure out how you feel
from a dumb machine.
Have you ever asked how I feel?
That confession where you said you didn't
know why you liked a girl uglier than you
Yeah, that's exactly your sincerity.
It's pride and curiosity
that even you don't understand, Cha Chi Soo.
So what if it's pride and curiosity?
I'm saying I like you right now!
What's the problem?
This is why you and I won't work.
Why not?
don't know how to make ramen.
How can a man who can't cook ramen
make me boil inside?
What does ramen have to do with dating?
You're pretty even when you're upset,
Sad Eun Bi.
Why are you waiting here again?
Because this is the reason I came here.
Excuse me President Choi.
You might be trying to play the game
of pushing and pulling
but I don't know how to do that.
I'm not a tug-of-war athlete,
I'm a volleyball player
so I only know
how to play defense or offense.
So tell me if I'm supposed to block you
or hit you with a spike.
Don't confuse me and play games.
I think you're playing push and pull.
On the day you held hands with me,
you kissed with Kiss Chi Soo.
On the day you ate dinner with me,
you rode on a motorcycle with Boom Chi Soo.
Two hits in one day.
You sure are a volleyball player.
You saw?
Cha Chi Soo.
You're my son, right?
Why are you so random?
Aren't you a bit strange these days?
You don't throw temper tantrums
and you call a weird looking penguin
your dad.
And you're dating a woman
who smells like rice.
Pororo is just a friend.
And Intern
she's just passing by.
Are you positive?
Don't you know me, President Cha?
Call me Dad.
always remember what I said.
The only things in the world
you can trust
are money,
you, and me.
You don't know how to make ramen.
How can a man who can't cook ramen
make me boil inside?
Why did you ask
like you didn't know?
To seem cool.
You're already cool enough.
Too cool for a woman like me
What's wrong with you?
Well I
can't come to my senses even as I age.
I'm a can who gets hit by stones
thrown by a high-schooler.
I'm a dumb pot
who can't even grab a great man like you.
You don't have to try to grab me.
I'll always
be here like a pillar.
That's why the boss
passed down the store to me.
He said you'll always need
a place to come back to.
A place that will silently
cook you a bowl of ramen
He said there needed to be at least
one place like that left in the world.
That's why the store and I
will be here and never change.
you can push and pull all you want.
But I hope you don't fool yourself.
What does that mean?
Don't deliberately push Cha Chi Soo away.
I've never done that.
Why would I do that to Cha Chi Soo?
Cha Chi Soo and I won't work,
even if you just think about it once.
The heart's not a place you think, Wife.
It just boils on its own.
You can just wear that on your head.
Since it won't fall off.
Then what about you?
Yoon So Yi? Chocolate?
At least I tried my best to get to know you.
Your identity and personality
But rice cakes?
Are you looking down on rice cakes?
They're the best when you're hungry.
The more you chew, the better they taste!
Then your teeth hurt!
My teeth are weak.
So when I was younger,
my dad always
cut my food in small pieces with a scissor
so that it was easy to eat.
What a prince, a prince.
I was.
But that's all in the past.
Now I want to live with my dad again,
even as a beggar.
My goodness
I mean, I mean, you should have told me
if your teeth were weak.
Then I would have cut it with a scissor
so it's easy to eat!
That's not bad.
Not rolled into noodles,
but in pieces like soojaebi.
Stop right there!
Don't put that in!
My most hated food in the world is soojaebi!
- Why?
- What do you mean why?
The only food that Pastor Kim
knows how to make is soojaebi!
He was busy stuffing the kids' bellies
with it so I didn't get a single bite!
Who's Pastor Kim?
My adoptive father.
And who are the kids?
My siblings.
They're all kids that Pastor Kim picked up
from somewhere.
Like me
What's that?
That sleazy gaze?
- Are you pissed?
- Stop!
I said, are you pissed?
Come on!
[Incoming Call]
[Dog Chi Soo]
No one is available to take your call
Can you teach me
how to make ramen?
What kind of ramen is this?
It's soy bean ramen.
My dad was really good at making it.
Night Chi Soo.
Don't you have any ramen
that your dad used to make?
Nothing like that.
Our house doesn't have a kitchen.
Doesn't have a kitchen?
Then what about food?
We get it from the hotel.
My dad doesn't like the smell of food
in our house.
What the?
What the Onion?
Did you put something else in your ramen?
Does my ramen look better?
It's different!
What do you mean different?
There's more in your ramen.
What do you think is different?
Yours has a bit of a spicy smell.
I'm not sure but
I guess you could say it has the same taste
as something from kimchi.
You're right.
This morning, I cooked garlic in this pot.
Oh, really?
Hey, Cha Chi Soo.
I think you have perfect taste.
Perfect taste?
What's that?
A talent that only potential chefs have.
Oh, really?
Is that a good thing?
I have perfect taste too.
Choi Chi Soo.
Man to man, the person
who can last until the end gets Wife.
- Honey!
- Wife!
You're married?
You could say it's a new form of family.
When I'm not looking at her,
my mind goes blank and I can't see anything.
Why can't I breathe?
If you pick a rose incorrectly,
you'll get pricked by a thorn.
Where is Cha Chi Soo's mother?
She passed away.
When did she pass away?
If you keep going, he'll get hurt.
Why are you making ramen
while your hand hurts?
You're scared I might make your heart boil,
that's why you're scared and can't eat it,
- Yang Eun Bi!
- That's right! I'm scared to death!
I'm really about to boil here.
Let's check and see
if you're a fogey or a woman.
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