Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e12 Episode Script

Yang Eun-bi and the Flowers

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 12
Absolute taste?
What is that?
It's an ability that only a person
who is going to become a chef can have.
Is that so?
Is that a good thing?
I also have absolute taste, you see.
Choi Chi Soo.
I said I'm Cha Chi Soo.
That absolute taste thing,
if I have it,
does it mean I can cook ramen well?
Not only ramen,
but anything you want to cook, you can.
Oh, is that so?
It's that great having absolute taste?
Cha Chi Soo, your tongue
is not one that just anyone can have.
That is in a chef's blood, you see.
Having that blood is of no use to me then.
Having this superior blood alone
is enough for me, you see.
So what do I do after this?
Let's see.
But, why all of a sudden
do you want to learn to make ramen?
I told you I will take your wife, didn't I?
What's up with him acting pissed off?
And here I thought I was the only one
you gave the tongue to.
But you gave that kid everything too.
What's this?
Chi Soo, why are you leaving this early?
Because I can't be late.
I'll be back.
What did that kid just say he can't be?
La-te, he said.
That kid is really not in his right mind.
Hey hurry, let's go now.
We'll be late.
You aren't having breakfast?
We're late.
Hey, have you forgotten
your duty as children?
Even if you skip other meals,
you cannot skip breakfast.
Sit down.
This looks lovely.
Cha Chi Soo, what are you doing here
this early in the morning?
What do you mean?
Of course I'm here because I missed you.
I missed you all night long.
Why didn't you pick up your phone?
Since I've seen you, it's all good.
If it's not too difficult, have something
with less smell for breakfast.
What's with the soybean paste
so early in the morning?
What the crap are you saying?
Where is there soybean paste here?
It's definitely soybean paste.
There is nothing with soybean paste here.
Could it be?
I mixed it in rice yesterday you see
for rice balls.
No way, how can that kid catch that smell?
He's not even rice-ball king.
He could.
Because "Tongue" Chi Soo is taste king.
Absolute taste?
No way!
How can Cha Chi Soo
have that kind of ability?
A kid that can't even cook
a proper bowl of ramen
If it was something you could buy
with a credit card then maybe.
It is possible
if he was simply born with the gift
or if not
he inherited it from someone.
Speaking of which,
I have something to show you.
Looking totally cool again, am I?
Your mom and dad.
From time to time,
my dad would talk about it.
As if it was not sad enough to be alone
in unfamiliar Japan,
your parents were like joined at the hip
so he felt his loneliness even more.
Is that so?
The moment he got to Korea, Dad just lost it
and totally went for it with Mom and
created a beautiful life.
I'm sure that my wife's sexiness
is inherited by blood.
He should have given me something
like your ability to cook ramen,
but instead all I got was his temper.
That's why our children will be perfect.
Now that I think about it,
we're both adult orphans.
When did your mom pass away?
When I was 15.
Even then, she held on for a long time.
The doctors said
she wouldn't make it through a year.
After coming to Japan,
she lived about 3 years.
Coming to Japan?
Where was she before that?
You're calling me out later than I expected.
You must be busy playing around
with Hyun Woo nowadays.
Noona said that if I fought with you
one more time
she'd really be angry,
so I'm putting up with you.
What are you putting up with?
Because of this you have Yoon So Yi
all to yourself, don't you?
Cha Chi Soo.
What are you thinking?
With what intentions
are you doing this to Noona?
If you are pranking her, stop immediately;
if it is for revenge, stop it right now.
I'm not thinking of pranking her,
nor am I taking revenge,
I just have no thoughts now.
If I don't see that woman
my head goes blank and I can't do anything.
But then again, when I see that woman,
my head also goes blank
and I can't do anything.
Because of that woman,
now I don't think of anything.
What is this?
That's the same thing that happens to me
when I see Yoon So Yi.
Go to the hospital.
I've already gone.
Apparently, now I'm at the 5th stage.
The stage of acceptance
So, I'm really going to do my best,
with Intern.
Are you crazy?
Come to your senses, Cha Chi Soo!
You're a hwanung, aren't you?
Can't a hwanung like a human?
Of course not!
You see a hwanung is well something like,
umm a maiden or an angel.
That is the kind a hwanung should be like.
Come to your senses, Kid!
Eun Bi noona's heart is not even human,
but a bear.
Why can't I?
Even this Crazy Chicken
can like a White Lilly.
That is why you can't.
It's so hard you could die.
Because I am Crazy Chicken
I can pretend to be crazy, but you can't.
Nope, I am going to do it too.
This kid is really becoming
abundantly strange.
Fine, if you think you can do it then try.
My noona is not the type
to just accept you because you do that.
Because you are definitely
not my noona's style
I wonder
This is already something that goes beyond
the style of guys she goes for.
She's also not my usual style,
even so I am in this state, aren't I?
Whatever it is,
you are definitely not the real deal.
I'm sorry, it's cold and you all
had to come all the way here.
What are you saying?
This is nothing.
Even if it is cold we must come.
Of course.
Your father be it snow or rain,
would come to our soybean factory
and cook ramen for the kids.
- Thank you.
- Teacher!
Oh, Hyun Woo, you're back early.
Because we're making kimchi today,
so I came back earlier.
You were preparing for your teachers exam,
weren't you?
When I was doing my teachers training,
he was my class monitor.
Oh, Ba Wool.
You have a younger brother, too?
No, it's not that; he's just
a younger brother I know who lives with me.
You got married?
No, that
I'm offended
you didn't invite us to the wedding.
I'm sorry, somehow or another
we all ended up living together.
Could it be that there is a baby?
That must be it, your stomach looks bloated.
- Darling!
- It's not
And who is this guy now?
My darling, My Pretty Thing's lover.
So you mean, an ex-student,
a younger brother you know,
a husband and your lover
are all living together?
All in your house?
Shall we say
that we are a new generation household?
You guys!
- Noona!
- Darling!
Move it!
They decide everything by themselves!
Even so, she sleeps only with me.
[Episode 12: Yang Eun Bi's Flower Boys]
Just go with the flow.
What's so serious?
Go with the flow?
There are other freaking things
I should flow with.
If I am Crazy Chicken,
Cha Chi Soo is a sick chicken.
That guy is totally forgetting he's a bird
and is seducing Noona.
Ba Wool, that teacher
is just a temporary pit stop for Chi Soo.
Like those slippers
Someone who wears heels is momentarily
wearing slippers to take a rest.
What are you saying?
Ba Wool, just about anyone
can wear your slippers, right?
But my ballet shoes is not something
just anyone can wear.
It's the same thing.
Do you think Chi Soo can go very far
with a teacher who is like slippers?
He won't go far before he takes them off.
Chi Soo is someone who wears shoes
that fit perfectly to his feet.
He's different from you
who jumps and runs around in these.
I'm dying here.
So you're saying if that guy comes back,
you'll take him back or what?
You know it too,
that Chi Soo belongs on my left.
What? What?!
Yes, Noona.
I know, I'll be right there.
Who is that?
Eun Bi noona.
Noona says she's making kimchi
and to hurry over.
Kim Ba Wool.
So you're leaving me here alone
and going to that teacher?
You, what are you doing now?
You, do you like that teacher?
Yes, I like her.
What about you?
You like Chi Soo and you like me.
What about me, can't I do the same?
That "Right" Ba Wool, "Left" Chi Soo thing
you talk about all the time,
I'm doing the same thing.
"Front" Eun Bi and "Back" So Yi
I walked out on Yoon So Yi.
Yoon So Yi gets angry
the moment Noona comes up.
Due to Wife coming across as an easy woman,
the ahjummas have left.
So all of these
have become our responsibility.
To make kimchi, we must have
the cabbages and the seasoning teams.
The most fair way to do this
is to play for it with Rock/Scissors.
I'm not doing it, so leave me out.
In that case,
there's no need for Rock/Scissors.
Just Wife and I on one team
and you two on the other.
I don't want to.
- Noona and I will be on one team.
- Rock/Scissors!
Let's do it, Rock/Scissors.
What is this, Cha Chi Soo?
How can you change to scissors,
you obviously went for rock.
Rock Chi Soo, is that true?
Did you really change to scissors?
You obviously put out rock!
No such thing.
I only put out what I wanted to.
If you are complaining, we can go again.
Well, fine.
In that case,
the scissors will take care of the cabbages
and the rocks do the seasoning.
Although the scissors are short one person,
you and I can work
really closely together, right?
Am I right?
Shall I help?
W what are you doing here?
I wanted to make kimchi too.
That's good,
then Lil' Bit will join our team.
Lil' Bit?
Isn't her name Lil' Bit?
And her surname Ch.
You know how Wife always goes around
calling her Lily Bit Ch.
When did I do that?
Dong Joo.
It really is a field of flowers.
What are you going to do?
Which flower are you going to pick?
The sunflower
or the rose?
Of course the sunflower!
Women should meet men
who will only look at them alone.
What a rare occasion
that we feel the same way.
We're saying you must be a Cinderella,
that's possible in reality, Sunbaenim.
If you pick the rose incorrectly,
you will bleed.
How far have you really gone
with the sunflower?
What nonsense are you saying now?
We've held hands, but I don't know.
Although I feel jittery, it's not a tsunami.
Shall I say like a beach side wave?
If it's a wave then it's good enough.
Even if you grab like this
and no feelings come,
then it's fine.
She where?
Kang Dong Joo, what's wrong with you?
Have you only held a man's hand
once or twice?
But why can't I breathe properly?
Do you want to grab a drink?
Is it sour?
I don't really know.
I can't really tell.
Is it salty?
I don't know.
I like it.
Ms. White Lilly, can you?
No, thanks.
More red pepper powder must go in.
Here, you eat it all.
The red pepper powder
Why did you give Onion the radish kimchi
and not me?
I was right beside him,
why didn't you give me some?
You gave it to Go Hyun Woo and Kim Ba Wool,
why did you only not give me radish kimchi?
- I'll give you some when we go in.
- I don't want to.
Give it to me now.
I think it needs more salt.
Why can't I breathe properly?
This is strange.
Recently, I've not reacted like that
over that kid, why is it happening again?
And why did my face get so hot?
Come to your senses.
Anxiety pills
Anxiety pills. Anxiety pills.
Oh, my seriously.
With this, are you still going to deny it?
You want to say that you're not a woman,
but an old fogey?
That it wasn't your heart, but your head?
What are you saying?
Do you have to see more of my daring?
Do you have to see more of my daring?
Look at this, you're heating up.
Hey, why are you kneeling?
My leg, leg
What is this, Wife?
Why are you pleading with Park Chi Soo?
I have to go and lie down for a bit.
I'm sorry, but it's my turn now.
This is great.
This is it, this is what I'm talking about.
This doesn't seem like the right thing.
Stop playing around with Ba Wool's heart.
What are you talking about?
It's enough that you have both Chi Soo
and that boss on each side.
There is no need for you
to hold Ba Wool, too.
Ms. White Lilly,
did you finally realize how hurtful it is
to maintain and retain two people
at the same time?
At that age, innocence
Just on that alone, at that age,
even if you don't eat,
you can live on innocence alone.
So what has happened to that innocence now?
It is not by your side now, is it?
I, too, carry Ba Wool in my heart.
It's just that my heart
is wider than yours, Teacher.
Either way, even if you go on
about first love and innocence,
when you age,
you're going to consider qualifications,
register at an agency,
and attend match making sessions.
the fact that you're rejecting Chi Soo
means that you're considering
qualifications, right?
Because he has such burdensome
high qualities
You want qualities like moderately wealthy,
have a moderate age gap,
and moderately stable
because you want that moderate guy.
Don't hold out for too long.
If you do that,
it will hurt your complexion.
You should go out first now, Grass Chi Soo.
(wilting grass from overheating)
It is you who should go out first,
before you become a cooked onion.
since we're going to hold out like this
Man to man, the person
who holds out the longest gets Wife.
What do you think?
What are you talking about?
Yang Eun Bi is mine regardless.
Even if I lose, she's mine
and if I win, she's mine.
You have the same ability as I
to drive people speechless, I see.
Where on earth does that rule exist?
It's a Cha Sung rule.
Whatever Cha Chi Soo wants,
Cha Chi Soo will take.
It's Cha Sung's basic principle.
Then, have you lived your life
getting everything you wanted?
Of course.
If I didn't, I wouldn't have Cha
in front of my name.
What about you mother?
I heard that you grew up without a mother.
She passed away when I was young.
I see.
There is no need to look at me so pitifully,
having my dad is enough for me.
Since a long time ago,
I've not needed something like a mother.
There is no such thing as a child
who doesn't need their parents, Cha Chi Soo.
That is for kids who lack in material
or financial things,
I have everything,
so now all I need
is to get Yang Eun Bi.
Got it?
Why does it not go away
even after all the scrubbing?
Did you come from the swimming centre?
No, I came after scrubbing dead skin.
Dead skin?
Dead skin?
You mean kids nowadays scrub that?
Mr. Chi Soo probably scrubbed too,
we went together you see.
You mean the two of you
already have that kind of relationship?
Chi Soo was in the men's bath
and I was in the female bath separately.
The rascal doesn't even bathe with me.
When dead skin scrubs off,
it means you're healthy.
Old people like me are dried out,
dead skin won't scrub off even if we want.
But the other day,
Chi Soo went out and got himself something.
It was you.
Excuse me?
What do you mean by that?
A girlfriend
Did it break?
Is it broken?
No, there is probably a misunderstanding.
There is no such thing.
Chi Soo is still young,
so he probably doesn't know too well.
It's not because he is young,
but because we are caviar.
Either way, if you can end it,
please put an end to it as soon as possible.
The longer it goes on
The only result is someone will get hurt.
Thank you for worrying,
but I don't get hurt
with that kind of thing.
I'm not that naive.
It's not you, Ms. Yang, who will get hurt;
but Chi Soo who will get hurt.
Again, you nearly broke that again.
It is expensive.
I know women like you, Ms. Yang, very well.
Once every two months, you will
go to the sauna and scrub off dead skin,
play around, then cook food and eat it,
then if you're hungry again,
cook a pot of ramen.
Warmth, ease, little things in life
Women who grew up eating that,
woman like you, Ms. Yang,
we tend to like you.
Why is that so?
Because us caviars
haven't been to those warm places.
We have to always be refrigerated,
and when we're eaten,
we have to be eaten by a delicate spoon
like ourselves.
Unlike ramen,
if your chopsticks are used on us,
we go bad, Ms. Yang.
I understand what you are trying to say.
And I don't fancy caviar.
Excuse me, Director Go.
Yes, Ms. Yang.
Why does the chairman
live above the company and not at home?
Because the company is home.
Other than the company's work and staff,
there is nothing to do and no one to meet.
So, Cha Chi Soo has also lived
in the company since he was young too?
Yes, that's right.
While other kids memorized multiplication
tables, Mr. Chi Soo memorized ranks
and instead of his mother's account books,
he grew up
looking at the company's finances.
Where is Cha Chi Soo's mother?
She passed away, in Japan.
In Japan
Where did My Pretty Thing go
that she's only coming back now?
What is this?
Where have the rest gone?
Your boss and the kids
have gone to get some nutrition,
from some smelly meat stall.
What, meat?
Without me?
- Those little!
- Wait.
Where are you going?
We have to taste other things.
If you keep acting this way,
I have no choice but to defend myself.
What is it that you want?
I thought you said to date you,
I have to know how to cook a bowl of ramen.
It's hot!
I have fallen for you,
so from now on,
don't go around touching just any poop.
A waste of time?
It's not for me, it isn't.
Do you think I've only kissed
once or twice before? But
for the first time, because of you,
it has become strange here.
Fine, like you said,
maybe I'm drawn to you or something,
but my gut is twisting and turning.
Where did you let your mind
wonder off again?
Do I need to show you my daring again
for you to regain it?
Hurry and try it.
Where are you going?
Go home, Cha Chi Soo.
I'm so full,
I don't think I can eat anymore.
Yang Eun Bi.
Go in and eat it.
I said I am full, so I can't.
Even so, how can you leave
without even touching it?
Do you know how much effort
I put into making that?
Can't you see the sweat on my clothes?
I hate the smell of sweat on my clothes
So why did you do it?
Who told you to cook ramen so seriously
while sweating?
You even hurt your finger,
so why did you continue cooking ramen?
You Why are you avoiding it?
It's not that you are too full to eat,
but because you are too afraid to eat it.
What are you talking about?
Let go, let me go!
Cha Chi Soo, let go!
What are you doing now?
I'm checking
if you are a statue or a woman.
Follow me.
Let go.
Get out.
Aren't you getting out?
Yang Eun Bi, why are you such a coward?
Where did the fiery tempered
Yang Eun Bi I know, go?
If you eat it,
you will know
that I am not a cup of packaged ramen,
but that I might be real ramen.
That's why you can't eat it, isn't it?
Because I might really boil up your heart,
so you're afraid and that's why
you can't eat it. Right, Yang Eun Bi?
Fine, I am so scared,
I could die.
From the very beginning you said
your gut was twisting and turning, right?
But it's not the same for me.
I've already been through that.
How maddeningly hot it is,
how dangerous it is, I already know.
And I know myself very well.
Because I am Yang Silver Pot,
I boil up faster and harder than others.
So now I want to stop being a silver pot
and be an earthen pot instead.
Suitable for my age,
slowly and safely like an adult date
But you keep making me Yang Silver Pot.
You really make me boil in here,
so I am scared.
I am so scared, I could die.
I know.
I know, so be still.
When you get angry,
I get even more attracted.
Strangely, it is so pretty.
When did you last wash your hair?
You can't let out what we ate.
I pass!
This way!
- Seriously!
- That's right!
- Hit it!
- All right!
I'll do it.
What kind of girl walks around
without properly drying her hair?
That's why your hair smells.
When you meet me in the future,
make sure you properly dry you hair.
I am a man who is sensitive to smell.
- Didn't you hear absolute taste?
- I told you I had no time.
The moment I came out of the sauna,
your dad
My dad?
Wife, are you asleep?
- Lie down, lie down, lie down!
- Why why why?!
Why why why?
Wife, Wife
You're going to sleep already?
The kids are making some ramen,
aren't you going to eat some?
I am quite tired today,
so I'll go to sleep first.
Is that so?
Well, then me too!
I am really tired today.
Dream of me.
Will she dream of me
while sleeping with Cha Chi Soo?
Why do I have to hide?
And what,
do you really sleep with Boss Choi?
- Is that so?
- Do you want to get caught?
If you and Boss Choi get into a fist fight,
Ba Wool will kick up a fuss
then White Lily will come running
in the middle of the night.
What did Hyun Woo do wrong
to get stuck in this?
When you say it like that,
you sound like a really popular woman,
Ms. Yang Eun Bi.
Well, that is quite true now, isn't it?
So, you're going to see
the daring of Boss Onion and myself?
Why, can't I?
Open relationship!
Fine, do it that way.
In that case
What? What? What? What?
I too
will get hot-tempered.
Go and eat some ramen.
Are you going to try to hit me?
Cha Chi Soo, I am your hyung.
And that woman is my wife,
so she will sleep
only with me.
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