Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e13 Episode Script

Gloomy Sunday

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 13
can be hot-tempered.
Go and eat some ramen.
Wait, Boss Choi!
Talk with me first!
Are you going to try to hit me?
Chi Soo!
Cha Chi Soo.
I'm your hyung.
And that woman is my wife,
so she only sleeps with me.
If you're saying you're my hyung,
then, you mean
in Japan?
I'm that.
To be exact,
the son of the man your mom loved
before meeting your dad
Cha Chi Soo!
Open this door!
Cha Chi Soo!
You really shouldn't do this.
Noona, what are you doing?
That's not the bathroom.
Ba Wool! Hyun Woo!
Come here and open this door.
The thing is
It's all my fault.
Two men
are fighting because of me!
You're talking about the main characters
of that old-time story.
Then you
are the son that
the love of that century gave birth to?
Chi Soo. Cha Chi Soo.
Child, open the door!
After hiding it for so long,
Chi Soo!
why are you suddenly revealing everything?
- Before
- Boss
- Boss Hey Chi Soo
- I had no reason to hide or tell anyone.
But now I can no longer
I can no longer take it!
Let's call the police!
Move aside!
One Two Three!
Are you okay, Cha Chi Soo?
Chi Soo, are you okay?
Are you okay, Boss Choi?
You are so loud
that Cha Chi Soo and I cannot talk.
We are going to talk outside,
so you all go to sleep.
Chi Soo, are you going to be okay?
Do you want me to come with you?
This is between me and Onion.
Hyungnim! I'll go with you!
Should I call the gang?
No. This requires talking.
There's no need to cause trouble.
- But still!
- But still!
Just forget it.
Yeah. Don't make such a big deal about it.
Since this is adult business,
Ba Woo and Hyun Woo, stay out of it.
The three of us will figure this out.
- You stay it out of it.
- You stay it out of it.
Out of all of us
You are the loudest.
How can you eat ramen right now?
I'm asking you.
Why are Cha Chi Soo and Boss
fighting over you?
That's because
both of them like me.
Are you bragging right now?
What did you do with Cha Chi Soo?
What happened to your code of conduct?
You're being a little harsh.
Kim Ba Wool.
Teacher's not even the boss's girlfriend.
Why does she need to behave properly?
Why can't she do anything with Cha Chi Soo?
What's she going do with a high-schooler
who's 6 years younger?
They like each other.
What's age got to do with it?
And after this year,
we're going to be adults.
This isn't just about age!
This is about Noona, who can't survive
without chicken feet and soju,
and Cha Chi Soo, who's all about
bread pieces and slicing steak.
What are they going to do with each other?
Then what about you?
What about you and Yoon So Yi?
You don't even know how to spell
"bal" in ballet!
What do you mean,
I don't know how to spell "bal" in ballet?!
It's spelled the same as "bal"
in "bal" smell. (foot)
I never knew you were such
a closed-minded person.
I liked that you were so careless and free.
- I'm so disappointed!
- I never knew you could be so clueless!
And you paraded around
pretending like you were so smart.
I'm the one who's disappointed,
Go Hyun Woo!
Seriously, Yang Eun Bi.
If you were going to be closed-minded,
you should be completely closed.
If you were going to be easy,
then be completely easy.
What the heck are you doing right now?
How can you be eating ramen?
What is it you want?
You were probably hoping
it would be a complete shocker,
but sadly, it's not.
In my world, everything's written
in the instruction manual.
Secret children, black sheep children,
children who should not be named.
It's natural to have
at least one of those kinds of kids.
For you to procrastinate this long
to reveal it,
the price will go up higher than usual.
You really are above my expectations.
Cha Chi Soo.
Yeah, well.
How much were you thinking?
It's because you're like this,
that my heart keeps screaming out.
Telling me not to lose my woman
But I've been holding back
because you were my kid brother.
Did anyone tell you to act cool?
That's why you got Yang Eun Bi
stolen from you.
That's why your mom left your family.
Because the selfish Cha family doesn't
know how to take care of a person's heart.
That's the difference
between Chairman Cha
and your incompetent father.
A selfish man who has wealth and abilities
is more appealing
than you people who have nothing
and fight with only innocent romanticism.
So if you badmouth Cha Sung again,
you're seriously going to get hurt.
I don't care if I get hurt,
but if these innocent people
get hurt as well,
I'll blow on their wounds.
As you know,
Wife is very old-fashioned.
If she finds out,
she's going to hide or run away.
So, this conversation
I know Yang Eun Bi way better than you.
So tacky and obvious
Don't act so smart,
and watch your own mouth.
Yes. The two went outside
and haven't returned yet.
What is happening?
Just enjoy it, Sunbaenim.
How can you tell me to enjoy it
in this situation?
I'm so worried
that I can't even go to sleep!
Why I like a girl like this
Cha Chi Soo!
Do you think I'm some meat
at the butcher's shop?
Are you okay, Cha Chi Soo?
What happened last night?
You're asking really early.
In that kind of situation, you can sleep?
I seriously didn't sleep
But when did I fall asleep?
Either way, I was waiting for a phone call.
Who's phone call?
Why are you hesitating?
Well, I
Why do you keep getting mad at me?
Like I owe you something.
Isn't it obvious?
Now, this is mine.
Are you thinking that I'm yours
because you kissed me once?
Of course.
If I kissed you, you're mine.
You even said it yourself last night.
Your heart is boiling because of me.
What? Kiss?
You guys kissed?
Already there?
- Teacher!
- Yeah That's what happened.
There's a problem!
What are you?
Good morning!
Why are you taking down my door?
How can I just leave the door on like that?
I don't know when my easy wife
will cheat on me again.
Today, this door
will be taken by me.
[Episode 13: Gloomy Sunday]
Are you trying to brag?
[Episode 13: Gloomy Sunday]
No. It's not bragging,
But it feels like a big tsunami of things
are coming that I won't be able to control.
Don't control it.
Just enjoy it.
How can I enjoy it?
I can't even go to the shop
because it's awkward.
Why should you?
Really, why?
If there's a love triangle, why does
the girl always have to cry and worry?
Why is it when a campus couple breaks up,
the girl has to take
a leave of absence from school?
Why is it
when you're dating in the same school,
the female teacher gets all the blame?
You're right
Oh, yeah.
Where did you disappear off to
the day we made kimchi?
Coach also suddenly disappeared.
I was, of course, meeting my honey.
As for Coach,
he was probably sleeping in the corner.
- Where were you?
- Where were you?
I was relaxing, because I had a headache.
since we're closed tomorrow,
let's take time to recharge ourselves.
Yes! Noona, do you want
to play baseball with me?
No, Intern's going on a date with me!
Why are you going on a date with my noona?
Wife was planning on going on a date
with me.
- Boss! Chi Soo said it first!
- Hey!
Go Hyun Woo, is Noona a leftover item
on sale for anyone to claim her first?
That's unfair! Chi Soo
also has a right to go on a date!
That's right, my rights!
The right as a guardian is still with me!
The right to date is with him!
Why are you ignoring a teenager's rights?
- Are you ignoring it?
I can no longer take it.
This type of love triangle
doesn't suit me at all.
So Man #1.
Man #2.
I will date both of you.
Things are getting fun.
I know.
My wife is amazing, right?
It's because she's bold that I selected her.
Don't expect too much.
Although she doesn't
want to come to me so easily,
she's just playing hard to get.
Don't you watch dramas?
Girls always end up
going with the wealthy bad boy.
Like Cha.
That's the skill '93 roosters use.
'81 roosters haven't used that
in a long time.
Good luck, '88. ("double eight":
"double" also used as a cuss word)
But until she decides, no skinship.
Man to man
You worry about yourself.
Love is like shopping.
You have to try something on
to see if you like it.
Do you want to trust your heart,
then end up being dumped again?
I don't want to do that anymore
try it on yourself,
to see if it's your clothing or not.
I'm going to try it on.
It's Sunday.
What are you doing today?
Do you want to go shopping?
I'm meeting with Dong Ho.
What about you, So Yi?
You don't have anything, right?
Kim Ba Wool and Cha Chi Soo
have both been quiet recently.
Yeah did you become poop
somewhere in the middle?
Wait a second.
Ba Wool!
Come to the church right now.
I'm hungry.
[Ba Wool]
[My White Lily]
You can't answer it.
The number you dialed
cannot be reached
Kim Ba Wool
Is it Yoon So Yi?
Is it okay for you not to answer?
It's playing hard to get.
In order to be a bad boy,
I have to ignore her a little bit.
And what if you just become a bastard?
Don't you have any friends to meet
on the weekend?
Are you Santa?
Why are you always knitting red scarves?
None of your business.
Are you ready, Wife?
Man #1 is a chef.
[Man #1][Name: Choi Kang Hyuk][Age: 31]
Man #1 is a chef.
[Occupation: ramen shop owner]
To fulfill a promise,
[Specialty: Japanese nationality]
To fulfill a promise,
[Body Size: a pillar]
he came to the ramen shop,
[Kiss success rate: 1 attempt, 1 fail]
but ended up falling for Yang Fatale.
Shall we go?
Did you go home safely the other day?
Did you?
I drank so much that night
that I can't remember a single thing I did.
I don't remember anything either.
What? What? What?
It's Eun Bi!
Do ramen chefs come to ramen shops
on their day off too?
Why you
Why? Did I come somewhere
I wasn't allowed to?
How dare you come here,
my father's secret child?
I should be saying that, you prick
who messed with my little brother!
What? I guess being lucky twice
wasn't enough for you!
Sun Woo!
Why did she come all the way here
to show off her strength?
She said she was on a date.
It's another disaster!
Do you want to go drinking?
How can you play a joke so seriously?
Birth secrets are more fun
when it's serious.
As a grand opening gift, I'll give
a portion of myself to your restaurant.
Hey, who is she?
You have to let me know before you go.
She's soon-to-be my girl.
Man #1 is a very famous chef in Japan.
I know she's a girl
You must have done sumo.
Your arms are
I did volleyball.
Oh, really?
Where are you from?
Tokyo? Chiba?
I'm from Bong Chun.
You're Korean?
You're not Japanese?
What makes you think that?
Even if you close your eyes, I look Korean.
That's surprising
What is?
He never dates Korean girls.
You're the first girl from Bong Chun.
Cha Chi Soo.
It's Sunday.
Where are you going?
I'm meeting Hyun Woo.
Of course!
What are you watching?
This again?
It's awesome, right?
Why did Mom go back to Japan?
It's because her heart hurt.
Before she died, she wanted to go back
to where she was from.
What I mean is
Why didn't she like you until the end?
If I knew, would I be like this?
I don't know about other things
but her pickiness
She struggled a lot
because she was a picky eater.
She said everything that I liked
didn't suit her.
When we fought,
do you know what she said to me the most?
That's rubbish, like a lion eating grass!
She said that the most to me!
That's rubbish, like a dog eating grass!
What? Sumo?
'75 Rabbit?
How can I look like one?
He said that?
When he's in shock, he says weird things.
It's because he's surprised.
It's because you're the first girl
I brought to him.
Okay, then
But according to him,
you don't like Korean women.
Because my mom was Korean
She gave birth to me, then left,
because the family really opposed her.
After my mom left, my dad died.
And while I hopped around
from one relative's house to another,
your dad and that guy were my family.
Considering the great love
that my parents shared,
it was too hard for me
after being left alone.
I decided I would never love a Korean girl.
It must have been hard.
I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry, Wife?
it's just the two of us,
and I'm Korean and you're Japanese.
I'm just sorry.
What I meant was
I wanted to comfort you,
but I'm kind of weak in that department,
so I have no idea what I'm saying right now.
It's just the two of us here,
so can I be a man and you be a woman?
Can you not be sorry,
and can we just like each other?
Is that not allowed?
This is why it's so hard to resist
you, Yang fatale.
That's breaking the rules!
Man #2 is a high-schooler.
[Man #2][Name: Cha Chi Soo]
Man #2 is a high-schooler.
[Age: 19][Occupation: high school student]
In order to cure his anger disorder,
[Specialty: heir to conglomerate C group]
he came to work at the ramen shop,
[Kiss success rate: 3 attempts, undefeated]
where Yang Fatale captivated him.
You said skinship was not allowed.
Let's go, Yang Fatale.
What are you thinking?
You can eat dinner at a hotel you know.
I know.
Let's go slice some meat.
Man #2 is a high-schooler.
What did you eat with Onion?
He must be aging backwards.
It was good and warm.
Stop now.
I just started.
Stop playing Yang Fatale.
That's enough playing hard to get.
I'm not playing hard to get.
For the first time in my life,
I'm doing my best to follow my heart.
I'm trying to figure out
which man I really like.
That makes no sense.
The man you like is obviously me.
Why is it obviously you?
Because I like you.
I kissed you and even made you ramen.
So I have to like you?
Of course!
This Cha did all that for you!
Seriously, wow.
Yang Eun Bi,
you rescued a country in your previous life.
Why don't you realize that?
Quit the ramen shop.
And get out of that house immediately.
I'll arrange a job for you at Cha Sung
and also a place to live in this hotel.
get out immediately.
What are you talking about?
You have to quit that job
in order to wake up.
Because you're stuck with that place,
you don't realize the luxury
you could be in and being like this.
This meat is just not working for me.
Things are different
from when I used to just follow you around.
If you leave like this, I won't
see you.
Chi Soo
If I
were to tell you to leave Cha Sung
and live in my house
Would you be able to do that?
Why would I?
Your house doesn't even have a bed.
Then why
can you ask me that so easily?
That's because
working at Cha Sung has more advantages
than working at a ramen shop and
compared to that tiny room of yours,
the hotel rooms here are a 100 times better.
just want to make things better for you.
Since I have more money than you
I can do much more for you.
You have a nice heart.
I couldn't see that
and just kept getting angry.
I'm sure you'll just stay this way.
To let go of everything
and only see your heart is
too much for me to handle.
If you just go like this
it will really be the end for us.
I can't
hold on anymore.
I can't stay there anymore, Yang Eun Bi.
So you come out of there.
Things that are better, more delicious,
and help you be more comfortable
I can give you all that.
Stop saying a load of nonsense.
Is she taking a tour of Seoul today
or something?
Why did she come here?
I have no idea.
I think Eun Bi looked like she was crying.
You remember, right Coach?
Of course.
If it were you, wouldn't you remember?
I'm sorry.
Today, I will just go in by myself.
Stop saying a load of nonsense.
You're a lion
but why do you keep trying to eat grass?
If you keep that up
you'll get indigestion.
My darling
My Pretty Thing's lover.
When you get angry,
I get even more attracted.
Strangely, it is so pretty.
You already knew, didn't you?
You coward, Yang Eun Bi.
But you still did well.
If you didn't do it now
when would you ever play Yang Fairytale?
Is that true?
Because the shop got a new owner,
I did a background check on him.
His mother's name was Choi Yeoh Jin.
Is that Yeoh Jin
really my Yeoh Jin?
As you can see.
Where's Cha Chi Soo?
He still hasn't come home.
Until she makes up her mind,
there is to be no skinship.
Man to man
Kang Hyuk
Why are you here again instead of sleeping?
The Onion was here?
Hey! Cha Chi Soo!
What are you doing here
in the middle of the night?
I checked on Cha Chi Soo's
little question homepage.
They said that lions can eat grass too.
What nonsense are you talking about
in the middle of the night?
Hey. Before the kids come, get out!
What are you doing?
Do you really want to get beaten up
by Kang Hyuk and Ba Wool?
Today, I
am going to sleep here.
Are you crazy?
Yeah, I'm crazy!
This is the first time since I was born
that I'm going to sleep on the floor.
I know
You just hit the jackpot.
Crazy Yang Pretty Thing
Then why are you doing
all this nonsense stuff?
Hey, let go.
Let me go!
Seriously, let me go!
Cha Chi Soo!
Are you okay?
Are you crazy?!
That's Cha Chi Soo's voice!
Seriously, why are you doing this?
We agreed to just end all this.
Are you able to do that?
Can you
live normally without seeing me?
I can't do that, Yang Eun Bi.
I don't know why I'm being so clingy myself.
But I need to see you.
Whether the lion eats grass
or you mix it into rice
I know how pathetic
and idiotic this is, but
I don't know much about anything
I just want to hold you
Eun Bi.
Isn't your arm going numb?
No No
Are you crazy?
You said you were just going to hold me.
My hand just
What about you?
You touched my chest twice too.
Why can't I?
Hey. Do you think men and women
are the same?
What's the difference?
Between your chest
and my chest
Now, I'm really
holding you.
Were you happy?
What are you two talking about?
Get Cha Chi Soo out of there!
Why didn't you say anything?
Yang Eun Bi, I'm also a guy.
My Eun Bi and I plan to go eat grass.
Why is it that you like my wife so much?
She's the first person
who looked pretty while crying.
Yoon So Yi!
When you thought I was crying
Are you really going to be so childish?
If we really end up dating
like you wanted
things are going to be harder
than they already are.
They said that they're going to redevelop
Cha Sung's enlistment area.
If Chi Soo won't come out,
then I have no choice
but to do everything I can.
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