Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e14 Episode Script

The Difference Between Makjang and Soonjung

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 14
Do you want to get caught?
He seems to go into
the ladies toilets perfectly fine.
You even like to crack sharp jokes,
Have you known all along
Yes, I have.
Do Chairman Cha and Boss Choi
know each other?
Did you know?
What about back then?
When you decided to marry my mother,
did you know that my father and I existed?
Even then, how could you
Why did you do it anyway?
Because even if it was so,
I wanted to live with her.
Even if it was just half of her,
I wanted to have it.
So, were you happy?
About half the time
that I have Chi Soo.
Where are you going?
What are the two of you talking about?
What are the two of you talking about?
Oh, Ms. Yang,
- What, Cha Chi Soo, why are you?
- Why did you come out of there?
We slept together,
tightly hugging each other.
I remember saying that there would be
no skinship till she has picked one of us.
Could it be
that President Choi likes Ms. Yang too?
Chairman Cha, you mean
- So, Cha Chi Soo and Boss Choi are both
- Both of them belong to wealthy families?
so Cha Chi Soo was born,
so Cha Chi Soo is your son, Hyungnim?
Where did you appear from all of a sudden?
You, where did you pop up from?
and they gave birth to Chi Soo.
So the two of you
are brothers with the same mother.
So what happens
if both of them like Eun Bi noona?
Are there any more kids who will pop up?
Are all of them here?
Teacher, are you okay?
in the middle of the night?
Why did you eat that?
Do you know how shocked I am
by what happened?
Of course not as much as Noona.
But, why did Chi Soo
come out from your room, Teacher?
What are you doing here, President Choi?
- Could it be you're here because of us?
- No.
The things you are worried about
will not happen.
It was my mother's last wish
for me not to appear in front of Cha Sung.
Eun Bi and the shop.
And, Chi Soo, what are you doing here?
to do what Chairman Cha is worried about.
It was going so well.
Why did you have to appear
at this kind of time, Dad?
Chi Soo, you boy!
Director Go!
Come down here and drag Chi Soo out.
It's expected of Cha Chi Soo
since he always does as he pleases, but
it's not right for Boss Choi
to act this way to me.
How is it possible to hide something
like that, as if it didn't happen?
Because I meant to hide it
as if it didn't happen.
Because I only thought of seeing once,
what kind of kid he was and then leaving.
Even so
Even so, you could have told me about it,
And if I told you?
How would I have to treat you then?
If I had told you, from then on,
I would no longer be a man to you.
How do I tell you that?
When I worked so hard to finally move
from just being a guardian to a man,
how do I tell you that?
Yang Eun Bi.
I, too, am a man.
do you still not get it?
Do you think Ms. Yang is the kind of girl
who can live in Cha Sung?
Or do you think you can live
in a place that doesn't even have a bed?
I mean,
who said anything about living together?
When you date,
you will not like coming home,
you will want to live together,
you will want to have everything,
that's how it is.
If not, how do you think I ended up
even thinking of marrying your mother?
That kind of strong woman
who only eats rice
with being strong and only eating rice?
That is not the problem.
Does Ms. Yang like you too?
Does Ms. Yang like you like you like her?
That you could die without her?
Well, that will be how it is in the future.
Chi Soo.
Lions like us,
for as long as we live, we will never know
how to live on grass and flowers.
It is not something you can learn.
like that President Choi.
Cha Chi Soo,
Ramen boss,
Good morning. You must have come
from the morning grocery run.
Yes. But the young men
seem to have not come out yet.
Oh, they are preparing for school.
Oh, is that so?
it seems we have misunderstood you.
- What?
- No
It's just that strange rumors
are going around
that you have gathered 4 men
and are living together in one house.
Even saying it is ridiculous.
Well, I guess that kind of misunderstanding
can happen.
All the housewives
are writing a morning drama
that you live with your husband and a lover
in the same house.
That's right.
It even came to the point that they said
two brothers were fighting over you.
Work hard.
you seem even prettier.
Cha Chi Soo.
Look at how sunken that face is.
That "I have nothing" face
looks even more like it now.
Chi Soo.
in that rich family runaway look?
- You, that look, could it be?
- What else could it be?
I came to live here.
To eat grass with my Yang Eun Bi
Episode 14: The relationship
between fervor and innocence
I will beat that onion
and get revenge for you.
Judging from this, even if we try
to block him, it will be pointless.
we have to block other things then.
I already told you what I was thinking
That I want to hug you to sleep
- Let us.
between Boss Choi and you.
And you doing this
will make your father very angry.
If that is what you wanted to say,
then forget it.
I told you not to turn into a statue
This is really hard on me. I have no idea
what on earth is happening now.
I get it.
I will not ask you whom you chose for now,
the onion or myself.
In exchange, let me stay here too.
To be fair, I have to be
Chairman Cha is angry now,
the runaway and angelic youth,
what about me?
Why not a younger sibling?
That's fine, little whiny Chi Soo.
I get it,
so stop grumbling and unpack your bags.
What the What is this, "Three Families
Under One Roof"? (MBC Drama, late 80's)
Hey, Kim Ba Wool, slow down!
How can I slow down?
Cha Chi Soo said
What kind of fervor is that?
for Chi Soo this is his innocence.
and sort the bean sprout.
- No.
- No.
Working that way, do you think you
will finish by end of this year?
You must be under
some kind of assumption here.
These are not sprouts
for fermented soybeans.
the chance to experience it personally.
What are you doing?
What, what is f fermented soybeans?
Does it mean feet odor in French?
Does it mean
that you have feet odor or something?
What will you do when you grow up?
- What are you going to be when you grow up?
- Do you really not smell ever?
Seriously, I am the only one
who is serious, only me.
But why has there
not been a single customer today?
For the people of Cha Sung,
We welcome you
to try the latest ramen products.
During this cold winter,
try our new spicy soup and chewy noodle,
our new product, which
we'll be giving away for free today only.
Are you crazy doing that in public?
How long have they been doing that?
I got there after work and the kids
have been flocking the place.
I was wondering what it was so I went,
and it turns out it is a Cha Sung thing.
But why is Cha Sung
having this kind of event all of a sudden?
that they never have sales.
latest development for a shopping district?
all the space in front of the school for it.
Will your shop be affected, Sunbaenim?
I understand.
President Choi has arrived.
Is that so?
Well, Director Go,
you should go and make your move.
Where are you taking it?
My brand new car!
Hey, hey you.
Where are you going?
Where are you taking it?
Wait a minute!
Hold on.
Be gentle, very gentle.
Gently please.
I guess even Cha Chi Soo
can be reduced to this because of a girl.
[My White Lily]
Wow, can you do that?
No problem.
What is going on?
now your cutting the phone line too?
Director Go,
are you really going to be so petty?
Not only the cell phone,
but the VVIP family card,
all the credit cards under your name
and cash from your personal accounts
have all been blocked.
All of it,
with not a smidgen left.
Then, that's it for me.
Hello, hello?!
Director Go. Director Go!
It has been tough on you
So I was thinking
if I should help you.
Chi Soo and Ms. Yang
are not a good match.
So, President Choi, could you help Chi Soo
return to his original place?
It seems that is something
I cannot do anything about.
and man at the same time.
Having someone like you standing
next to Ms. Yang makes a good picture.
If I too had realized that earlier,
Once innocence has passed,
it can become fervor.
People like us
I will do what I can on my side
so you do so too,
Do what you can, will you?
I will have no choice
but to take extreme measures.
New development Cha Sung.
Cha Chi Soo.
In our house there is only one thing
that cannot be broken,
Cha Chi Soo.
If you can end it as soon as possible
The longer it goes on,
the more it will hurt in the end.
How can that be?!
Wife, what kind of sport can you not do?
Let's see bowel exercise?
I admit that is true.
But where did you come from?
I went sightseeing for a bit.
Where did you come from, Wife?
I, too, went to buy some apples.
Thank you.
Wife, you thank me too often,
but just gratitude I guess.
What about Cha Chi Soo?
Cha Chi Soo
With Chi Soo, it is
I have to be a bit more of a bad guy.
Is there no toilet paper left?
Bidet, what is that?
Is it Kleenex?
What kind of a house is this,
there is no bidet and no bed?
As you can see,
the ramen shop is in the area.
If I want to,
I can leave out the shop from that area.
With the condition that you separate
Chi Soo from the shop and Ms. Yang.
Are you waiting for Wife?
Of course.
Who else would I be waiting for here?
How far do you think
your feelings for Wife will go?
What are you saying?
like Yang silver pot or is it a clay pot.
How would I know that?
I am Madam Kim from Noryangjin.
I think I go crazy missing her.
Do you know where Intern is?
How would an onion know that?
In front on the school
Baseball battling cages?
But, how do you know that?
Cha Chi Soo,
Whose hand are you trying to hold?!
People that are in a kissing relationship,
I am a woman who is about to get married.
It is troublesome
if you behave like this in public.
If you are going to be like this,
why did you kiss me?
Are you playing with my innocence?
and you in your thirties.
is something only those with nothing to lose
or be responsible for can have.
That terrible girl
What are you doing here?
Playing baseball.
What are you doing?
I still have a few rounds left.
Are you in a state of mind to play baseball?
Do you not think of how
I would be waiting for you at home?
Your mind is in a mess?
Why would it be?
so I moved in.
Because of you I even left my house,
got my phone disconnected,
and my cards blocked then my car taken away.
Because of you I gave up all that
and entered a house with no bidet or bed.
Do you see all that?
would have to give up at least that?
At least that?
What do you mean at least that?
Do you know how important
those things are to me?
I know.
But if we really start dating like you said,
things will get even harder than this.
Not only a bidet and bed,
but we may not even have enough for rice
and have to eat ramen three meals a day.
So when that day comes,
will you be this way?
have you?
Now I am thinking about this
very seriously, Cha Chi Soo.
The things I have to give up
I am thinking about them very seriously.
Ba Wool, can you get some medicine?
Make sure to take constipation medicine.
Yoon So Yi!
What are you saying?
Break up?
You told me to bring my sins before you.
While I dated Ba Wool, I dated Chi Soo
and then the other oppas I know.
And my biggest sin
was leaving my post at "Back" So Yi.
Please punish me.
- I'll break up with Ba Wool.
- No!
To you,
I answer when you ask what my sins are.
I pushed this person to the back position.
And leaving my post as "Right" Ba Wool
is my biggest sin.
I deserve to die.
Send me to die.
Ba Wool.
Kim Ba Wool.
What are you doing?
Why are you going up there
at this time of the night?
There is something I have to see Intern for.
What are you doing here?
I have the responsibility to check
if my wife has reached home safely.
That is my line, Onion.
- Hey, you.
- She has lost consciousness.
Move it, leave it.
You heard what the doctor said, right?
Teacher needs peace and quiet, so
the two of you better not go into the room.
Cha Chi Soo, are you sleeping?
Why do you like Wife that much?
Then, what about you?
How petty.
but I like that she is healthy.
Since I was young,
my dream girl has been a healthy girl.
A strong person
Ability to eat anything
- If only she is not always constipated.
- If only she is not always constipated.
who looked pretty crying.
Because of you,
Every night, mom would look
at a photo of you and your dad, then cry.
Even so, you got to have a smiling mom.
I, only got to have a sick mother.
So what? Are you saying
Do I look pitiful to you?
So will you give Wife to me?
Are you trying to be funny?
Hyun Woo!
- Wife.
- Intern!
Hyun Woo.
Teacher, are you okay?
Clear these things away.
They're heavy.
- Ba Wool.
Help clear these "hot" brothers.
You bunch of sickening
Ba Wool, why are you being like this too?
tonight is a very very beautiful night.
Why are you doing this to me?
What country did I save in my past life?
Chi Soo.
Sleeping with Cha Chi Soo,
If I want to,
I can leave out the shop from that area.
On the condition that you separate
Chi Soo from the shop and Ms. Yang
What is this?
I have to exchange you for this shop.
At first, this potato ahjumma
married a Japanese guy
and gave birth to the boss.
But because of family objections,
she came back to Korea.
But the scary looking guy from just now,
fell in love at first sight
with the just returned potato ahjumma.
In the end, seduced by the wealthy guy,
the married potato marries again
and gives birth to Cha Chi Soo.
But in the end,
the potato ahjumma falls ill,
and crying, realizes that money is not
everything and thinks of her son in Japan.
So she leaves Korea and goes back to Japan.
At this point, it becomes super clear,
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