Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e15 Episode Script

Nothing Happened

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Episode 15
Princess! Princess!
- Come up with haste, Princess!
- What?
Make haste!
I cannot go any further!
Prince, please help me!
I cannot, Princess.
If I run, my clothes shall wrinkle.
What? Prince!
Hey, Cha Chi Soo!
Chi Soo! Chi Soo!
Chi Soo! Chi Soo!
Chi Soo! Chi Soo!
What is this?
I have to exchange you for this shop.
What kind of prince is like that?
Noona, where did you go like that?
Teacher, are you feeling okay?
I'm okay now.
Have you seen Chi Soo?
We're out of the store so start explaining.
Why do you have this?
Because your father gave it to me.
It's the scenario that you're imagining.
If you don't leave Eun Bi,
he's going to get rid of the store.
Typical President Cha
He goes hard my dad.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of it.
So you were worrying about
a little thing like this?
I was worrying
about a little thing like that.
That's why you can only cut onions.
That's nothing to be ashamed of.
Why do I
have to worry about you too?
Cha Chi Soo?
I heard you were very sick.
I heard from Dr. Yoon.
I'm okay now.
You are going through
a lot of emotional pain.
I called you
to make things easier on you.
I'll give you a spot
in Cha Sung High School.
When you finish your teacher training,
come in right away with a contract.
You'll see when you read it
The contract terms
and retirement options
are exactly the same
as a permanent employee's.
You can call yourself a special case.
Why all of a sudden?
You should know exactly why.
A person
must be in a stable position
in order to make clear decisions
about the little things.
Once your career is stable,
you won't have to work at the ramen store.
And you won't have to date my Cha Chi Soo.
[Cha Sung High School Employee Contract]
President Cha.
Yesterday, I had a dream.
It was a really funny dream,
but it was a sad dream.
That kind of dream is a dog dream,
called a dog dream. (BS dream)
I woke up from the dog dream
and Cha Chi Soo was gone.
So I've been looking for Chi Soo
since this morning.
What about Chi Soo?
Did Chi Soo crack somewhere again?
Of course not.
I'm the one who has cracked.
But even in my dream,
Cha Chi Soo didn't lift a finger.
was scared.
Chi Soo wasn't next to me,
so I was scared
that I will never see him again.
Excuse me!
You have to pay the cab fare!
Can I use stocks or bonds?
Assistant Yoon!
I guess you really have grown
attached to Chi Soo.
I don't think this is an attachment.
Then, what is it?
I don't know what this is.
having personally held what I must give up,
I'm positive about one thing.
can't push away Cha Chi Soo anymore.
I want to throw myself at Chi Soo.
Dating Chi Soo
I want to do it, President Cha.
[Episode 15: Nothing Happened]
Boss Choi!
President Cha!
Boss Choi.
Are you hungry?
Boss Choi.
Should I make you ramen?
Your hand is so warm.
So honestly, I didn't want to let go.
I'm not just saying you're a good person.
were a man to me.
My heart fluttered.
I thought I'd never meet
a man like you again in my life.
So I wanted to grab you.
I really felt that way.
Cha Chi Soo is magma.
When I touch him it's so hot.
I'm nervous because
I don't know when it'll explode.
It's so obvious
that it'll be difficult like fire
that I thought I never wanted to
meet a man like that in my life again.
I can't help it.
I must be Cha Chi Soo's silver pot.
No matter how much
I cool down again and again,
I heat up again.
If it was a fire pit
instead of just boiling,
what would you do?
If you would burn up from going in,
would you still want to go in?
I want to try.
Cancel the redevelopment thing,
President Cha.
when are you coming back?
What's wrong, President Cha?
I guess you're trying to scare me
But are you really
going to be cheap like this?
I'm just going to date Intern a little
What's wrong, President Cha?
How long
are you going to keep on calling me
President Cha,
you rascal?!
When you were very young,
the reason I had you call me President Cha
instead of dad
wasn't to give you an attitude.
You rascal
It was to remind you every day
that you are the heir of Cha Sung Group.
This punk must have lost his mind
from always smelling ramen in that shop.
From the very moment
you walked out of Cha Sung,
you betrayed the Cha
that was in front of your name!
Dad Dad.
Watch carefully
what results will occur
because of your actions!
This is my final duty.
Please return quickly.
If you don't,
everything will burn in the fire.
I was hoping we wouldn't have
that darn tree this year.
You like it.
Please stop.
I'm so sick of those jingling bells.
I am.
Oh yes, I'll go now.
Where are you going?
Oh, yeah.
The egg man is here,
so I'm going to get eggs.
- Let's go together.
- No, no, no. It's cold.
I'll go alone.
You guys work on this.
We have to do it together with Chi Soo!
It was dumbfounding.
I came out to check on the situation
and he started a fight about why
he was the only one who couldn't get in.
And before that, he kept yelling something
at the security camera.
What was it again?
Oh, right.
I'm I'm Chwa?
Hey, man
You should have said "open sesame"
or something.
What, Brother Boy?
When you do that,
what happens?
Do you want the answer for minors or adults?
When you do,
everything becomes clean.
Old buildings, roads,
things like walls too
Because they're exchanged for new ones.
the adult answer?
Of course, everything becomes clean
because nothing remains
and everything is swept away.
Don't tell Wife
about the redevelopment project,
Cha Chi Soo.
she might give up on you.
You are worrying about me, right?
Why would I worry about you, man?
I'm worrying about Wife.
I'm worried she'll end up like my mom.
You, don't tell her either.
That I took the subway
for the first time in my life
It's embarrassing.
Cha Chi Soo.
You went through a lot of trouble
because of me, right?
But don't worry anymore
because I'm yours!
Aing! Bbooing bbooing!
Cha Chi Soo
That isn't it.
If I suddenly do that, he'll definitely
Are you crazy?!
Respond like that.
[Friends I'm trying to throw myself
on a man, what would be the best way?]
[ An IU song will end it with one hit ]
An IU song will end it
[ An IU song will end it with one hit ]
with one hit?
I like you, Oppa!
One, two.
I'm in my dream!
Why are you singing
in the middle of the night?
Are you feeling okay?
But where are you coming from?
Buying eggs
Why is that on your head?
Oh, this? To hold my bangs
when I wash my face later.
Cha Chi Soo.
Later on do you have some free time?
You're back, Cha Chi Soo!
No phone, no car,
you disappear all the time,
then you always come in freaking late
when it's important,
and we couldn't even decorate
the lame tree because
you weren't even around for that dumb tree!
Let's go and decorate the tree.
We couldn't
because we were waiting for you.
Cha Chi Soo is missing!
Give me.
It looks freaking identical.
Excuse me
Excuse me, Cha Chi Soo.
Let's talk later.
Oh, it smells!
Why are you?
How can you leave stockings off the tree?
I'll put presents in here too
so look forward to it.
When I was young and woke up on Christmas,
there was a car in my stocking.
Toy car?
A car you ride around the room
Christmas for me,
was always getting dragged around
to sing or do musicals
so I couldn't even meet Yoon So Yi.
I thought I wouldn't get to see
a tree this year
but now I'm glad to see it.
This is the first time
I've put up a tree here since I was ten.
After my mom died, we couldn't
really think about things like this.
Everyone's so sentimental.
Is this your first Christmas tree?
It's because we're happy.
If it wasn't for the store,
I would have been caught by the loan sharks
and had my liver and kidneys cut out
in some surgical room.
I would have been sleeping somewhere
like the Seoul station,
being dragged off unbeknownst to anyone
and sold to a Chinese circus,
with all my arms and legs cut off.
You punk!
How can you say that?
It's possible!
- Cha Chi Soo.
- Cha Sung Group's
new food town redevelopment project
- Take it.
- new food town redevelopment project
- Take it.
- has begun
their official initial construction.
- Cha Sung?
- their official initial construction.
- Cha Sung?
- Cha Sung's redevelopment project
has obtained the larger area
surrounding Cha Sung High School
When they have redevelopment,
they really demolish like that?
I guess.
It's winter now.
Where will all those people go?
I thought Pastor Kim
was the scariest person in the world.
But your father is no joke.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Whoa!
Everything was almost destroyed,
Cha Chi Soo!
If it wasn't for Boss,
we would have been in big trouble.
Where the heck did he go?
I need to buy him a cell phone or something.
It's because we're happy.
If it wasn't for the store,
I would've been caught by the loan sharks
and had my liver and kidneys cut out
in some surgical room.
[What I Gain If I Date Intern: - Yang Poop]
[What I Gain If I Date Intern: - Yang Poop]
[What Must Be Given Up If I Date Intern:
- Antoinette; - Louis 16th; - Paris Hilton]
[What Must Be Given Up If I Date Intern:
- Car; - Phone; - Go Hyun Woo]
I would have been sleeping somewhere
like the Seoul station,
being dragged off unbeknownst to anyone
and sold to a Chinese circus
Because I like you
as much as I like Wife.
[What Must Be Given Up If I Date Intern:
- Kim Ba Wool; - Onion]
You can't stop it?
What is there
that you can't do?
There are exactly three things in Korea
that I can't stop.
Natural disasters, North-South unification,
and Cha Sung.
Noona! Noona!
Take this!
If you get a hemorrhoid from this,
you won't be able to get married, Teacher!
What are you talking about?
I'm here.
Cha Chi Soo!
Did you catch it too?
When President Cha is your opponent,
it's a 100 percent guaranteed loss.
Return to the castle.
Princes who leave their castles
are a burden to everyone.
The great Cha Chi Soo called me
because he didn't have bus fare?
They don't even pay you?
My pay got taken.
I can't borrow money from the guys
because Intern might find out.
Yoon So Yi,
why did you date me?
Well, nice car, nice clothes,
and nice presents
I liked that.
If I was just a high-schooler with nothing,
would you have dated me?
Then why would I date you?
I would have only dated Ba Wool.
Are you scared that Teacher Yang won't
like just Chi Soo instead of Cha Chi Soo?
No, now
I'm scared she will like me.
Forget it.
I got a lot of free meals from you.
In Intern.
You avoid me
while meeting your ex-girlfriend.
Cha Chi Soo.
Come to the gym later.
I have something to tell you.
Yeah, Yang Eun Bi.
Go for it in your style.
Cha Chi Soo.
Just wait.
I'm going to make sure you're moved today.
Nosebleed, bam!
[Teacher: Yang Eun Bi]
The president ordered
that you make a decision now.
Who are you guys?
Why are you all dressed in black
and blocking the store?
We're closed now.
I said who are you guys?
You look like pros.
Cha Chi Soo, who are they?
Did you come to eat ramen?
You made reservations, right?
I'll make ramen for you.
Come in.
I'll be back soon.
Come in.
You came?
I have something to show you, Cha Chi Soo.
A hwanung can't love humans?
No, he can't!
has to like fairies or angels!
Wake up, man!
Eun Bi's not even human, she's a bear!
I'm worried about Wife.
That she'll end up like my mom
Watch carefully
what results will occur
because of your actions!
What are you doing right now?
Showing off your strength?
Is that what it looked like?
Cha Chi Soo.
Do you know how long you have to practice
in order to spike this ball like that?
I started in middle school
so about five years?
I had calluses all over my hands
and reeked of Icy Hot all over my body.
You have to live in this body as a non-woman
for five years to hit like this.
Why are you telling me this now?
Because I wanted to tell you the reason
why I still couldn't give up
and had no choice
but to keep playing volleyball.
When I grab the ball,
my heart beats.
That's why
I'm going to grab you now.
In order for us to fit perfectly like this,
it might take longer than five years.
Like volleyball, our gloomy future
could get harder as we age.
But now
I'm going to grab you.
This man who's so hot,
even when I just hold your hand
How can I let you go?
Sorry, Yang Eun Bi.
That's not what I came here to say.
I came to end things with you.
What do you mean by that?
It's exactly what you heard.
I want to end things with you now.
- Why all of a sudden?
- Like you said,
we have a gloomy future
that could get harder as we age.
I don't know anymore why I should do that.
You told me to think about
what I have to give up.
There were so many things.
But what I can gain
from giving up all those things,
Yang Poop.
It's just you.
Taking the subway and bus
just to gain you
I don't have the confidence to do that.
One second, Cha Chi Soo.
But this is so sudden
Now I really know what's here.
This isn't it Cha Chi Soo.
You're still
hot here.
Listen carefully, Yang Eun Bi.
You're not it for me anymore.
Nothing happened here.
And nothing will happen again.
So wake up!
And go back to your place.
[Teacher: Yang Eun Bi]
Cha Chi Soo
You don't need to do this.
There are other solutions.
What other solutions?
Holding picket signs in the street
while going on a one person strike?
You're not alone.
There are five of us.
- Then somehow
- Am I crazy to do that?
I'm Cha Chi Soo!
If I stay here, I'll turn into poop.
I'm leaving because I don't want that.
Then what about your other poop?
What about Yang Eun Bi?
What about that poop?
You clean it up.
Why are you doing this?!
You honestly,
don't care about the store.
Then what about you?
Why didn't you fire me?
You don't care about me either!
Are you the only one who knows
how to be cool?
I know how to do it too.
So don't write a stupid drama
with useless information
and keep your mouth shut.
If you
don't want to turn Yang Eun Bi into my mom
who cried her whole life.
something happen?
Something what?
Did something happen to you?
Nothing happened.
You're here.
Cha Chi Soo.
Nothing happened, right?
Then nothing happened to me either.
Who's this?
It's my pillar husband.
It's your pillar husband.
Did you
hear how I got dumped by Cha Chi Soo?
Yes, I did.
Honestly, it feels good, right?
I got punished for dumping you.
It feels great.
You know, I had a dream.
Cha Chi Soo was a prince
who lived at the top of a mountain.
stretched out my hand for him to come down,
but he said he couldn't.
Because his clothes would wrinkle.
It was really freaking,
freaking, freaking unbelievable.
How Cha Chi Soo-like.
I should set up a tent
next to Noryangjin's Madam Kim.
How could that dream be so true?
Today, I
stretched out my hand like this
to Cha Chi Soo.
he really
pushed my hand away.
I felt
like this was tearing me apart.
am flipping out
because this is still alive for me.
But that jerk said
nothing happened.
Nothing happened.
Chul Dong ahjussi.
Ahjussi was exactly like that too
after ahjumma passed away.
Madam was like that too.
Cha Chi Soo left the store because of us?
And you?
Can you live without seeing me?
Put Chi Soo on a plane
and send him to America.
The bride is coming out.
Wife, here.
Do you think I'm okay?!
Chi Soo is leaving for America today.
They say even if you swap cars,
you shouldn't swap love.
They say no matter how cool the world
becomes, love shouldn't become cool.
- is done here.
- Chi Soo!
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