Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) s01e16 Episode Script

The Heart Boils Over

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Final Episode 16
But, where did Teacher go?
She said she was going to look at dresses.
Dong Joo, it's pretty.
Then I'll choose this one.
You are not going to try on anymore?
No, it's all right.
Sunbaenim, your dress looks kind of big.
Do I need to wear this?
Then what? You're going to be my bridesmaid
wearing a volleyball uniform?
You just have to wear it and stand still.
The measurements
have to be slightly altered.
Director Go,
are you thinking about
the same person as I am?
Madam was always like that
always in her room.
I'm going to eat two ramens!
It's my choice.
I won't make them.
It's my choice.
T Teacher what are you doing here?
I'm making broth.
Why are you making broth
in the middle of the night?!
I haven't developed a recipe yet.
Why didn't you turn on the lights?
I didn't turn on the lights?
hasn't Teacher been working hard
like a workaholic?
Noona reminds me of someone.
Eun Bi's father.
He was always like that
after her mom passed away.
Even after putting things,
why is it so bland?
This is not the taste.
Why is it so salty?
[Episode 16: Boiling Heart]
Order of one soybean and one chili ramen.
One soybean and one chili
Our Wife, your hair keeps falling, that
My sexiness is overflowing too, right?
What is this?
Why is this ramen like this?
What are you talking about?
This ramen is zigzagging!
Ramen usually zigzags.
There's no such thing!
Anyway, I can't pay after eating this!
Sit down when I'm telling you with words.
Excuse me
You guys are dead now.
I'm sorry.
The ramen was zigzagging,
I'm sorry.
Just leave.
This is really not going to work,
Yang Eun Bi.
Today's business ends here.
Everyone gather around the pillar.
So, you're saying that Cha Chi Soo left
so we could keep this store?
It's not this store.
He left Teacher to protect this store.
No, why would he?
Ah, really acting cool by himself.
Cool Chi Soo told me not to tell,
but I couldn't just stand by and watch
because someone keeps losing her mind.
I see.
All right, I got it.
Is that
Thanks to that,
everyone went to their rightful place.
All because of one Cha Chi Soo,
the store can't fail.
We're going to be late
for Dong Joo's wedding.
Everyone, get ready.
are you going to be like this?
About what?
Are you only going to smile,
just like So Yi?
Aren't you going to look at it?
I looked at it I'm really okay.
Come out.
She's smiling again.
Her sexiness disappeared disappeared.
Ow, I can't breathe.
Her sexiness has disappeared.
[To: Onion -- No Problem -- Cha]
It's stuck again.
Why has Noona been like that lately?
She doesn't lose her temper or get mad.
I can't get used to this.
Even when I ask her what's wrong,
she says nothing's wrong.
Do you really think that nothing's wrong?
Why won't it clear up?
What's stuck in there?
Hey, Intern!
Stop there, Intern!
Intern, stop there!
Hey, Intern!
Intern, your arm is stuck here.
Doctors, medicines, and other tactics,
they all don't work!
The doctor said I've fallen for you.
And since I'm like this,
you're going to fall for me soon too.
So, don't go touching other poop.
All the best, the most delicious,
the most comfortable things
I'll give you.
When lions eat grass,
or when caviar is eaten with rice,
I know how disgusting and stupid it is,
I want to embrace it.
Eun Bi.
Teacher, we're going to be late.
Noona, Noona, are things not going well?
Wife, what's wrong?
Are you all right?
Do you think I'm all right?!
If it were you, do you think
that there would be nothing wrong
after sending away Cha Chi Soo like that?
I couldn't even comfort his feelings
I don't know where he's living,
what he's doing,
or if he's even eating properly.
I'm so worried that it feels like
it's exploding and I'm going to die!
Do you think I'm all right?
You're back, Noona.
Finally our noona is back.
At last you're like my wife, it's sexy.
If you're planning to go, please hurry up.
Chi Soo is leaving for the States today.
- What?
- What?
So Yi,
why are you telling me this only now?
Dong Joo, I can't be your
maid of honor or celery today.
I'm going to go snap that rose
even if I get blood all over.
Teacher, you should leave the plunger!
But, is Cha Chi Soo
really going to the States?
No, it's a lie.
It's been a long time since Ba Wool's
girlfriend did something good.
I should try going.
Hey, Ba Wool, wait for me!
Sunbaenim, fighting.
C Coach.
[Kang Dong Joo, everyone says
you're the perfect bride, but]
[Points out areas of her face
where she's had plastic surgery]
[I know that five years ago,
during summer, you did plastic surgery.]
[Before surgery]
[However, since then, you've]
[However, since then, you've]
[been the perfect girl for me.]
[Be happy.]
Yeah, that's as far as I can take this.
Nothing happened.
There's really nothing?
Taxi! Taxi!
Wait, Ahjussi, wait!
Oh Noona!
Hey, aren't you guys going to the wedding?
Ramen house?
Oh my, how many has she seduced?
What's up with them?
- Let's try following them.
- Yeah, let's go.
Let's go.
Can I call you that?
I think you misunderstood a little.
Will you date me, Oppa?
I'm just going to go out with you.
Yang Eun Bi!
No matter how hard the world gets,
you're supposed to eat sitting down.
No matter how cool the world gets,
love's never supposed to get cool.
Don't cry in front of me over another guy!
You told me I have to know
how to cook ramen if I want to date you.
You can live not seeing me?
I can't, Yang Eun Bi.
I can't not see
Cha Chi Soo,
you don't have to do this.
You're not alone, we're five.
The troubles you caused,
with your own eyes,
see what consequences it will bring!
We object! We object!
Guarantee the homes for the people!
Guarantee them, guarantee them!
Guarantee them, guarantee them!
Like how Cha Sung destroyed our homes,
let's destroy Cha Sung too!
G go.
Our reinforcements have arrived!
Now, let's go!
Other foot
Up till now, you were my wife,
but from now on,
woman Yang Eun Bi, you have to
go through everything on your own.
Wife, are you ready?
Eun Bi, why are you here?
By any chance, do you still?
Shut up!
Cha Chi Soo,
are you going to continue being like this?
What did I do?
It's not like
it's the first time you've dated.
You can find someone better and go on.
Hey, do you want me to get you a new car?
No, it's all right.
No matter how the world changes,
there are things that must be kept.
Even if you change cars,
you're not supposed to change love.
No matter how cool the world gets,
love's never supposed to get cool.
is done from here.
Stay there!
What about the protestors?
Yes, they're being taken cared of.
And also, I can't keep Cha Chi Soo here.
Immediately get him on a plane
and send him to the States.
Cha Chi Soo! Chi Soo!
Miss Yang!
Chairman, if I keep seeing Cha Chi Soo
will you get rid of our shop?
Yes, I'll get rid of it.
And you'll kick Cha Chi Soo out of Cha Sung?
That's right,
I won't even give him a penny
and kick him out with an empty pocket!
Yang Eun Bi.
Cha Chi Soo.
All right.
Then I'll take care of that empty pocket
Let's go.
What kind of?
Eun Bi. Eun Bi.
What are you doing?
Why did you come here?
Chairman Cha will destroy the store.
And you can't even be a teacher.
And where would the kids live?
How about you?
What about you, Cha Chi Soo?
Can you live without eating ramen?
Can you live
without seeing me?
No, I can't do that
As expected,
I knew it was just a silly dream.
[Out of Business]
I know there's still time until the day
when your recipes should be revealed,
but as you all know,
the store is out of business,
so we'll do it today.
So, Angel
The Ba Wool ramen I made
is big sujebi ramen. (made from flour)
Ba Wool gets hungry really fast,
so it must be made abundant like this.
And after he's done eating,
you have to give him rice.
Wow, just by hearing it, I'm full.
Now, you, Runaway.
I tried making steamed egg ramen.
Go Hyun Woo
has weak teeth,
so you must cut everything
into small pieces.
That's cool.
I don't have a ramen.
Cha Chi Soo can never become ramen.
Taking Cha Chi Soo just the way he is,
is my recipe.
And you, Brother Boy?
I don't have one either.
Yang Eun Bi, just being the way she is,
is my one and only ramen.
You two, really
Are you kidding me? You drove the
store down and you guys are flirting!
Because of you, Noona and Cha Chi Soo,
it looks like we have to live
out on the streets!
W what is this, Director Go?
It's as I've said,
it's a notice of enlistment.
I know. But why do I have to go there?
To the army?
The Chairman, by losing Chi Soo's guardian
rights, gave up your U.S. citizenship.
eat well and see you in 2 years.
W why?
The army?
You want me to do that again!
S sh!
Where are you going to go?
I have to go back home.
My foster father is still my father.
How about you?
I'm going to request to live in a dorm.
I'll probably get a full scholarship
and get in.
We probably won't see each other again,
Do you want to see me?
No, why would I want to see you?
You knitting-boy!
Oh, yeah.
I have to give you the scarf.
Ah just sleep!
I'll give it to you tomorrow morning.
[Army Enlistment Notice]
Boss Choi!
How can you just leave like this?
Because a hero always leaves
without saying anything.
Boss Choi,
About Boss Choi
That is
Boss Choi
I know, Wife.
It's all right Wife.
And thank you
I've had my heart boiling,
and I've liked you,
so it's all right with just that.
It's a memory
that I can keep looking back to.
It's all right with that.
It won't be easy to forget.
When I'm eating,
when I'm cooking ramen,
I'll remember.
At those times,
I'll just have some ramen with soju.
When you're lovey-dovey with Cha Chi Soo,
I'll be drunk with other girls,
and I'll grow old as a bad boy
while I curse you forever.
Boss Choi
Where are you going?
To cook ramen.
Good-bye Pillar.
How can you sleep?
Did Onion leave well?
Did you give him a hug?
You can't do that anymore
Onion is not your husband anymore.
he's my hyung.
You're right.
You'll come to see me
when I go to the army, right?
I have to go
You'll come every day, right?
Even if I go every day,
you can't get out.
And you can't stay out overnight
when you're a just a private.
W what?
Stay out overnight?
How would you know that?
You even stayed overnight
with that water balloon?
Your relationship was that deep?
No that's
Since we were dating,
of course I went to go see him.
That's not what I'm asking!
Did you stay overnight or not?
No that's
Why are you asking that all of a sudden?
This kid has gotten weird
since he's going to the army soon.
Why can't you answer me?
Did you? Or did you not?
What are you doing?
Why are you getting fresh?
Hey, did you spend the night out or not?
What are you two?!
Really, you guys are doing all sorts
of things! Hurry and stand that up!
Teacher, when are you
going to unclog the toilet?!
I want to go to the restroom badly!
I was crazy.
Why did I even think of enlisting
in the army together?
Cha's not even here!
But, why did he even think of going there?
He went there because
he didn't have to cut his hair
and because the uniform is the coolest.
Hey, hurry up and dig. Hurry up!
You guys are so out of shape.
You guys have to work at night.
Isn't it going to snow?
Yeah. They say it's going to be
a white Christmas.
Hurry and dig!
There are lots of different
types of ramen in the world.
[Flower Boy Ramyun Shop]
What on earth is this on Christmas day?
Without making reservations beforehand?
That's why I told you to go somewhere
on the outskirts of town,
- but we came to Kangnam instead
- I'm going home.
There's the bland ramen, where the amount
of water can't be properly controlled.
Yoon So Yi!
Oh! Ba Wool, what are you doing here?
Oh, it's really Yoon So Yi.
You, I told you to stay right at home!
And that I'll pick you up
after my part-time job!
Ba Wool, it's not something
to be overreacting about.
Even on a day like this, when you're
so busy, you ended up seeing me.
It's the same thing.
I get to eat dinner here and see you here.
Don't you think?
What? What?!
There's the boiling salty ramen
because the fire is too high.
Are the stocks and books under Cha Chi Soo
all taken cared of?
Yes, I took care of them.
Good work.
You can leave. It's Christmas night.
You can leave now.
There's the ramen that's bloated
because it was over-cooked.
Gosh, I'm never going to do anything
like work with Ba Wool ever again!
W what are doing? Who are you?
Why are you doing this?
There's ramen that's under-cooked
because it just started boiling.
It's Christmas day
and we're stuck here studying.
It's unfortunate.
No, to me everyday I spend with you
is like Christmas.
Did you guys not come here
to study but came as a pair
to ring the disgusting jingle-bells?
Today is not Christmas,
it's D-183.
There are still 183 days till
the teacher certification examination!
Who are you?
Do you know her?
No, the you two Merry Christmas.
Then, there's the cup of ramen
that's eaten alone.
How are you, My Pretty Thing?
What's important is not which ramen you eat.
Ah, Dong Joo
When you eat ramen,
the most important thing is timing.
At that moment,
if your heart is boiling
because of a certain someone
This Man, have a drink.
Your eyes are pretty reindeer-boy.
then that moment is the greatest moment.
Did you really go to the army?
I'm Cha.
Do you think I'd wear a military uniform
that is not chic while meeting you?
I mean, why aren't you saying anything?
Didn't you miss me?
Why didn't you keep in touch?
Why didn't you reply?
Why didn't you call?
If I heard your voice, I'd want to see you.
If I saw you, I'd want to hug you.
If I hugged you,
I'd want to nag at you.
You really
Are you telling me
that's your excuse, Dog Chi Soo!
Other things don't really matter.
Ramen just tastes the best when it's eaten
at the moment it's boiling over.
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