Followers (2020) s01e01 Episode Script


There are moments when I can't take a single step, as if my legs are frozen solid.
Every time that happens, I ask myself "Did I do my best to believe in myself? Did I overcome my fear and stay until the end"? And this phrase saved me every single time: "Follow thy own road and let the people talk.
" That looks like a photo shoot! - No way! Where? - Seriously? - Who is it? - Take a photo! - Goodness! - It's Tina! - Limi, it's about time we - Forget it, Yagi.
Turn around for me.
Thank you! - Thank you.
- Good job! Out of the way! Why? Cut! - Okay! - Okay! That's a wrap! That's all for today's shoot, everyone.
Next location - Thank you.
Nice work.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- How was that? - You were absolutely perfect.
All right.
Got it.
The lines Oh, shit! I am going to be late for work.
- Look this way, please.
- Please smile at us.
I can't believe I'm seeing this with Limi.
It's all so mysterious.
I can't believe it's been ten years.
"Let's experience a world that I can't experience alone.
" That's how you persuaded me, Limi.
It's been the best to be your manager.
Even if you see any celebrities, don't you dare post it on social media.
Don't tell anyone anything you hear or see here tonight.
Give the best service possible.
Check this out, Nori.
What is it? Natsume.
"I fell to my death.
" She's covered in blood.
Here you are.
sayo, look this way too.
- Look this way.
- Move your hand.
Look this way.
- Look this way, please.
- Please look at the camera.
sayo! Can you comment on your relationship with Andrew? Are you from Entertainment Weekly? - Right.
- I'll remember this.
That's the next president of Star Up, the very capable agent, Akane Gunjo.
Akane Gunjo? What about the new store in Shanghai? It's on schedule.
What about the merger with Parks Company that was announced this afternoon? I told my lawyers to put together a report.
And our deal with Meguro Garment Right.
We need to finish that before it's too late.
Tell them that.
Right now.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Gosh! Are you okay? That was close.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
You know, you're pretty cute.
Pardon? I was going to hit on you, but you beat me to it.
Silly you.
By the way, I'm Sueo.
Please watch your step.
Shall we? It has started.
Limi! Look this way, please! This way, please! Look this way, please! Thank you.
- Congratulations, Limi.
- Thank you, Akane.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, Eriko.
I love this road We both still often run I really do believe It will continue forever Can I have one? - Here you go.
- Thank you.
Rest in peace.
It's still all over your face.
Was it suicide today? Or murder? A high school girl who committed suicide.
Your forte! Why do I only get to play corpses? Good point.
But you know, I like how you play corpses, Natsu.
What do you mean? Well, maybe it's because your corpses exude sadness.
I mean, they tell a story.
Thank you, Sunny.
No problem.
I have good news for you, Natsume! This is the list of guests.
How did you get this? What? Sofia Coppola is coming today? Yes! There are also Takashi Murakami and Hiroshi Fujiwara.
Chitose Abe and even Virgil Abloh might come.
The time has come for us to use these cards! - What? - Ta-da! - What's that? - I made you some too, Natsume.
Let's hand these out and be successful together.
Through the connections I make here, Justin Bieber just might want to buy one of my paintings for 100 million.
But if anyone finds out about this, we'll lose our jobs.
Besides, nobody here will pay any attention to us.
Stop finding excuses to not do things.
Given once every two years to brilliant women who have impacted the world, the final recipient of the Women of the Future Awards is the photographer, Limi Nara! Good evening.
I'm Limi Nara.
I know it's only to be expected, but I won't give up on either of my work or finding happiness as a woman.
My attitude has brought me this far.
When I was young, I swore to become one of Japan's greatest photographers.
I was still a nobody when I settled on that dream.
It seemed so distant that it made me tremble in fear.
But never run away from it.
No matter how small your dream is, you must start taking actual steps.
Living anonymously without doing anything is easy.
However if you decide to make a name for yourself, you must be prepared for anything.
Back then, the actions I took while I was so frightened have brought me to where I am today.
I thank you very much for this.
Good job.
It's the first time a photographer got this award, right? It must be.
We worked really hard.
You always carried around a backpack full of files.
- Get me a napkin.
- Oh, where are they? - Forget it.
A tissue is fine.
- Quit bossing me around.
Gosh, I'm so sorry.
Okay, one more time, congratulations on winning the Future Award! - Thank you.
- Limi! Just look at Limi now.
She's still in her Givenchy dress, gobbling down supermarket natto rolls.
Her followers would hardly ever believe it! Summit's natto rolls are really good.
Look at this.
Today's posts are all about Limi.
Thank you very much, MeetTheMikey.
There was a ton of people I didn't recognize.
You can't tell one guy in a suit from another.
I can't help it.
They all look the same.
- Jeez, I'm exhausted.
- Akane! Good evening.
Good evening.
I'm so tired! What's the matter? Even my mascara feels heavy.
- Cheers! - Cheers! - Enjoy.
- There was so much drama after it ended.
- Really? - Really? sayo threw a tantrum.
She said nobody was listening to her song.
- Akane.
Right here.
- What? Your forehead will stay wrinkled permanently.
- Smooth it out! - Oh, dear! You should have made yourself stand out more.
I just don't get it.
That was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, right? It'd be rude to bother the director while she was listening.
That's your problem.
You just don't want to be disappointed.
People say not to worry about how many followers you have, but it's hard not to.
Well, there's always someone with more, you know.
We're living in an era when your value is quantified.
People a few years ago had it easy.
It was probably a lot easier to believe in yourself.
We're drowning in information now.
Right now, this difference in numbers is like the difference of our success in life.
Hey! Quit being so damn afraid! Make use of me! Stop.
Keep it down.
We have tons of talent! - Come on.
Notice us! - Come on.
Quiet down.
- Notice us! - Please! - Both of you, quiet down.
- Take notice! How long have you been single? Eight years.
Eight years? - You're brave.
I couldn't do that.
- You saw the Olympics alone twice? - Fuck off! - That's mean.
So what if I did? - I don't need a man.
- Really? I mean, I can work all I want.
I can cook what I want, read what I want, watch whatever movie I want, and buy what I want.
Everything I have is mine.
Got it? I can use all my time just as I like.
- Know what I mean? - Yes, I do.
- Here we go! - Watch out.
It's dangerous.
- Watch out.
The light is changing.
- What? Was this boy there? Let me see! I thought he worked for a production company, but he's a personal trainer.
- Gosh.
He's hot.
- Isn't he a cutie? - Gosh! - Look at this! - V-cut! - You mean this? - V-cut! - Nice and tight.
Good and tight! See you! - See you! - See you! - Bye! Good night! - See you! I can't believe them! Here's one.
- Yuruco.
- Yeah? What's coming up on my schedule? Let me think.
There's your monthly Elle spread, right? After that, you have shoots in Paris and Dubai.
Then there's Taiwan, Hawaii and Iceland, I think.
I see.
You have to fly long distances, so I booked the flights on JAL.
Did you want ANA? No, it's okay.
I was just wondering what was coming up.
- Is that right? - Yes.
Oh, so you're 21 now.
But 21 is old for an actress.
You know our agency does contract renewals every three years, right? I hate to say it, but you should go to school and get some kind of certification.
That'll help you lead a much better life than what you're doing now.
Does that mean you're firing me? If you get a part by your renewal date, of course that'll change things.
But it has to be a part of a living person.
Saki! What's the matter? Saki! Okay.
That's enough.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Okay, next.
Natsume Hyakuta.
I'm Natsume Hyakuta from Office Enfant.
It's nice to meet you.
Okay, let's do this.
- Okay.
- Good.
Girls from the Creative Club are chatting in front of Eimi and Kazuhiko's wedding welcome board.
Well, I see.
She's not just jealous Hello.
No problem.
Yes, sure.
There you go again.
Why don't you start over? - Okay.
- Good.
Well, I see.
She's not just jealous of me - Okay, that's enough.
- What? But Okay, let's see the next one.
Thank you.
I'm Mirai Okoshi from Egg Company.
Oh, you're the one from Egg Company.
- Yes.
- Oh, right.
- Get the producer back in here.
- Oh, okay.
I see.
Can you turn around slowly for me? That's right.
Like that.
Oh, nice! Nice! Very nice! Good.
- Sorry, but can you turn slowly? Okay.
- I need to fix something.
Oh, it's done.
Is that better? You're much prettier now.
- Thank you.
- Very pretty.
Let's go with these shots.
- Okay.
We'll change outfits now.
- Okay, thanks.
- I'm going to the bathroom.
- Okay.
- Are you okay? - Sorry for taking so long.
Limi, you were taking forever.
Screw you.
Give me the camera.
Are you ready? How beautiful.
Can you stop here? Mommy.
What's the matter? Where's your mommy? - What? - What? What's your name? Kai.
Kai? How old are you? - I'm three.
- Three? Kairi! I'm Limi! I love your stuff.
- Mommy.
- I'm sorry.
What were you doing? Don't you know who your mother is? Come on, let's go.
Don't do that kind of thing.
Let's take a photo.
- Come on.
Take one.
- Take one.
Take one.
I have something to do today.
I'll text you.
I'm not sure it's good for an actress to post this kind of thing.
Did you fail another audition? What's worse is that if I don't get any more parts, the agency will fire me.
I see the cherry blossoms bloom every year then almost instantly start falling.
I thought about how many people say how beautiful they are.
But then they disappear in almost no time.
It reminded me of young actresses.
But at least they get to blossom.
If I don't blossom I can't even fall.
They're so beautiful.
There's nothing you can do about a first-trimester miscarriage.
It happens when there's a problem with the baby, like chromosomal abnormalities.
Chidori Is it possible that this will make me prone to have more miscarriages? Stop blaming yourself like that.
Your miscarriage ten years ago isn't related to this in any way.
What? You're still here, Yuruco.
Why don't I get you some tea? - I got some sweets - Limi There's something you're not telling me, isn't there? I see I can't keep anything from you, Yuruco.
Once I was in the second trimester I was going to tell you first.
I see.
Until just a little while ago, it was right here.
I see.
Yuruco I'm sorry.
I'll be better tomorrow.
Excuse me.
Uber Eats.
Hello? Yes? Natsume.
Get over to Toho right now.
You're covering for a girl who's sick.
What? Now? - Sorry, but I'm working - She canceled out of the blue.
Anyone can do it, so don't worry.
Excuse me.
Hey! Who ordered Uber Eats? - No.
- What? I'm Natsume Hyakuta from Office Enfant.
Oh, you're the stand-in.
Hey, the stand-in is here.
Show her what to do.
Yes, sir.
Go on.
- Come this way, please.
- Okay.
I can see her ass.
- Flash.
- Okay.
Natsumi, a little more to the left.
Stage left.
No! The other way, dummy.
"Stage left" means your left.
Could you act like you're enjoying this? The client is watching, you know.
Goodness! Who sent us this amateur? - Good morning.
- Good morning.
Who are you again? Hey, come on! Don't act like that.
Just kidding.
Good to see you, Yamada.
Actually, it's Hamada.
- Morning.
How's it going? Looks good.
- Good morning.
Oh, yeah.
Don't be nervous.
We're just checking the lighting.
We couldn't care less about your acting.
Not a single person here is looking at you, Natsumi.
In fact, you won't even be photographed.
Understand? Give us a smile! Give us a smile.
What? What's wrong? You're just a nobody.
Anybody else can do your role.
- Can you do that? - Sure thing.
What's wrong? What? What are you doing? Okay.
Erika Sawajiri will go on stage now.
- Good morning! - Good morning.
Nice to be working with you.
Who said you could eat it? - Oh, Limi! - It's been so long! Long time no see! It's been so long! I love doing shoots with you.
It's always so much fun.
I see you've learned how to flatter.
You've really matured.
Okay, let's begin.
Hey, come on.
- Okay, let's begin.
- Okay, let's go.
KURITA PHONE MESSAGE Natsume! What the heck is your problem? You're fired! What? Natsume NATSUME HYAKUTA 158 FOLLOWERS 13 LIKES #BEAUTIFULANGER #LIVETOEXTREMES Yuruco.
Sorry, but can you add something to next year's schedule? What? Like what? Having a baby.
So, you've made up your mind.
I want a child too.
What about your work? Of course I'll still work.
I made up my mind.
I'm not going to split up my 100 percent between work and my child.
I'm going to give 100 percent to both my work and my child.
I'm increasing my capacity to 200 percent.
That's the invention of the century, Miss Greedy.
Unless I'm greedy, I'll never get anything done.
But you know, I think you're forgetting one important thing.
What? You - don't have a partner.
- I don't have a partner.
I'll hurry up and find one.
I see you've planned it perfectly.
- Help me out, okay? - Let's start! Help you? I'll do whatever it takes.
- Sorry for making you wait.
- We're starting! - We're ready, Limi.
- Okay.
- Let's go, Limi.
- Thanks.
??? STARTED FOLLOWING YOU - Hello? - Did you see it? This is you, right, Natsu? What is? On Instagram.
Limi posted a photo of you on her Instagram.
Really? 1206 LIKES LIMI NARA STARTED FOLLOWING YOU You used to be cute, but now you're quite ladylike.
- Do you think so? - Yes.
The light will reflect off the bar.
Lower it a little.
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