Followers (2020) s01e02 Episode Script


NATSUME THE GREAT ACTRESS OF THE FUTURE 4,275 FOLLOWERS You know, you just might get an offer to do a movie or drama because of this.
I was fired from the agency.
- Really? - When you become famous, you can choose whichever agency you want.
Yesterday Yeah? I was a stand-in at a photo shoot Limi Nara was doing.
When the main girl Erika Sawajiri showed up, everything changed.
It was her aura or something, but everything was completely different.
Really? It just made sense that she's the kind of person who'd become an actress.
What? Hey, what're you doing? Post this on your Instagram.
A little snack.
Hey! - Did you get a comment? - I look like an alien! Let me see.
It says, "Natsu is cute!" They say your skin is beautiful.
But it's totally obvious this photo is edited.
Nobody is actually looking at the photos.
- They're all brain-dead.
- Yeah.
They just want to interact with you since you're popular now.
Thanks to Limi's post, your life has changed.
Are you going to go with the new flow or not? ??? LIKED YOUR POST.
Oh, right.
See you.
Yeah? Remember the part you had in the Orange Life bento shop commercial? I thought your acting in that was really great.
"Acting"? I only had a single line.
"I can't trust anyone who doesn't eat every bite.
" I care about what you do, Natsume.
Yeah, I know.
He can't be shorter than me.
He's bald! Ryunosuke? He went back to his hometown and started a soba restaurant.
What about Shuji? He's the second son, and doesn't he own a ton of land? Shuji! Oh, Mom! All better, right? - Yes.
Let's take a photo together.
- Okay! I can't stand a mama's boy.
- Limi.
- Yes? Have you forgotten your age? I'm 38.
Is there a problem? PREGNANCY RISKS WHEN OLDER This is the reality of being nearly 40.
Are you sure you can be so fussy? You're right.
Good point.
That's right.
Even if you do end up meeting a nice guy now, you'll go out to dinners, see movies, hold hands, watch sunsets and stuff, maybe go to hotels.
Even if everything in your relationship goes well, by the time you have sex exactly on the day you ovulate, - a million years would have passed, right? - Yeah, it'd take a million years.
I get it.
I'll stop being so picky.
Getting pregnant is the most important.
Okay, let's go over your requirements again.
- Most important of all is his DNA.
Right? - Right.
- And he needs to be tall - Right.
- And not bald.
- What? Not bald! Hey, hold on.
Is it really all that simple? - It sure is! - Really? - That's right.
That's it.
- Oh, I can't believe this.
Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Say, Limi.
Who is this girl? Who? PHOTO Oh, her.
She was the stand-in the other day.
- I see.
- Let me see.
Oh, that girl.
Was she so good that you posted her photo? She kind of reminded me of myself a long time ago.
Nobody understood me then.
Good morning.
I was angry at the whole world.
She had that same look in her eyes.
I see.
So, there was a time when you were like that, Limi? I always thought since you won some award when you were in university, it was smooth sailing your whole career.
You know, when she was in her 20s, - she was quite a sight.
- That's right.
She clacked along in heels this high and always exuded authority.
I was desperate back then.
I'm desperate now too.
I think I'll invite this girl to the launch event for my new line of cosmetics.
I see.
- Do you think you can transform her? - I think she's fine material.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Social media is the gateway to the world.
With just the right timing, you can be a star in an instant.
A lot of girls have jumped from Instagram to debuting on the world stage.
It's up to her whether she survives or not.
Pardon? What an unrefined outfit.
Come with me.
Hurry up! Do you have any idea how valuable my time is? Okay.
Who are you? Hello.
Can you choose something for her to wear? What? What about that? Pardon? Have whatever you like.
Would you like this? Yes, I'll take it.
- What? - I'll get it ready.
Try it on.
Well, I guess that's good enough.
Thank you.
Well What is all this? Little lady.
I bet you've never thought about how you want other people to see you.
You're right.
If you're even the least bit cute, you just stop trying.
There are tons of girls like that.
Have you ever imagined what kind of person you want to be? Excuse me? Only a handful of people can succeed just with what they were born with.
But I don't think I can wear this kind of thing.
It's okay to wear such revealing clothes when you're young.
But I get the feeling that it's too much for me.
Just wearing designer brands and using nice cosmetics does not make a beautiful woman.
Taking command of the things made by the best people makes a beautiful woman.
Stand up nice and straight.
Okay? Become a woman who wears whatever she likes.
Please, have one.
- Thanks.
- This is detox water.
Have as many as you like.
- Thank you.
Great! - No problem.
Thank you too.
Thank you, long-legged lady.
We'll apply some more as the color is so pretty.
This is the new highlighter.
Please try it.
Yes, certainly.
Apply it like this Have a look.
What do you think? Goodness.
I'm glowing.
It's very beautiful.
Okay, here goes.
- Three.
- Where did you say the camera was? I'm sorry.
The camera is here.
It's this part here.
- I'm sorry.
Can I do it again? - Shall we take it again? Okay.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're Natsu, right? - Yes.
- I'm a follower.
- Let's take a photo together.
- So cute.
- Let's take a photo.
- Let's go! Here goes.
Go! Nice.
- The eyes look so big.
- I want a photo too.
- That's right.
- Cool! Did you get it? This is great! How cute! How come my skin looks so white? Gosh, I'm tired.
Excuse me.
You're Natsume Hyakuta, aren't you? Yes.
Do you have some time now? Yes.
Here's my card.
What? No way.
That's amazing.
That's amazing, Natsu.
Are you going to model for Nylon? Well, yes.
What? How can you be so calm? Aren't you happy? Well, not really.
I'm happy that I was recruited by a talent scout.
What's that? But you know, I've never even thought of becoming a model.
- Here.
- What? - How can you be so naive? - What? This is A chance like this doesn't come along every day! Well I don't know why you're hesitating.
Don't you agree, Nori? Well, film lovers hate those who begin with modeling.
Listen, Natsu.
Considering the nature of the modern entertainment industry, when you look at the statistics of moving from modeling to acting Try that out.
you're more likely to succeed.
This is nice.
It's pretty.
By being in the public eye more and getting more chances at bat, you'll ultimately grow more and gain more experience.
In fact, becoming a model is the best path to achieving a role as a heroine.
This is great.
Adjusting position.
The chair will rise and spread your legs.
NO PHOTOS IN THE EXAM ROOM PLEASE Yes, it's looking good.
It's about 15mm now, so you should ovulate over the weekend at the earliest.
You can start trying to conceive anytime.
Do you have a partner? You don't? That's about when you should go for.
I've got a lot of work around that time.
A bell won't ring unless it's struck, you know.
Who will make that bell ring? - I will.
- Good.
Is this right? You don't need that.
- Fix it.
- Got it.
- How's it going? - Mikko.
- Oh, right.
- Mikko.
And here's this.
- Lift the overall brightness on this one.
- Brightness.
- And bring out the pink a little more.
- Got it.
The red is too strong in this one, so reduce it.
Well I think this better suits the image.
This one? Right.
This one is fine as it is.
Got it.
All right.
Can we talk? It might be a little hard to adjust the schedule as you asked.
Really? This, right? I can move this and this if I ask them to.
- Then move them.
- But that's not the main problem here.
I know.
The problem is that we don't have a man.
Then this is our only choice.
What? There.
Oh, what's this? Miyavi will be here soon.
- Hello there.
- Hello.
Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Thank you.
- Good evening.
- Hey, Limi.
How are you doing? It's been a while.
Yes, it has.
I've missed you.
Me too.
You need to have a private atmosphere now, so we'll all be going.
- Goodbye.
- Go ahead.
Have you been busy? Yeah.
I'm on tour now.
I go between Los Angeles and Japan.
Then just take it easy tonight.
Bye, Limi.
See you again.
Thank you.
Thank you.
"Bye, Limi.
See you again.
" Then he gave that killer wink.
You never came, so I thought you were messing with me.
A mature woman can be very busy, you know.
Beginner or intermediate? Don't you have anything tougher? Yeah, but I like the best in everything.
All right.
Actually, I can be really grueling.
Are you sure you can keep up? Of course.
I'm looking forward to it.
Tighten your muscles here.
That's the way.
On the return.
With your chest.
Your chest.
That's right.
You can't rest yet.
Twenty more.
Do you want to quit? - No.
- Okay.
You're getting too tense.
Your breathing is getting shallow.
I bet you always push yourself to the limit like this.
Life without pushing yourself to the limit is no fun.
LMAO They're saying I got plastic surgery.
Forget about that stuff.
They're just jealous of you, sayo.
So, about your next tour sayo! Which would you rather be, someone who's always jealous of others or the person they're jealous of? It's great that people are jealous of you.
Right? Here, a snack.
Not everyone can do what you do.
What's more, it looks like your new song will be the theme song for NM Television's Wednesday drama that airs at ten o'clock.
You know I don't want to do tie-ins.
People will just say it was forced on them.
Isn't that right, Candy? The screenwriter is a big fan of yours, sayo.
They said your music inspired them to write the story, so they really want you to do the music.
It's a love letter from the screenwriter.
I'll think about it.
What? What? Go away.
Cut it out.
Cut it out! Cut it out, dammit! - I'm telling you, cut it out! - Hey, let me tickle you! - Hey! - Hey, you there! What're you doing? Oh, shit! Dammit.
Hey, what? Gosh! He jumped! Hey, I know that T-shirt! - Shit! Run! - Hey! What're you doing? - Bring that! - What? You mean this? Yeah! And the camera! Get that.
Let's go! - Hey, hold on! - Hurry! This thing is heavy! - Hurry! - Hey! Wait! Hurry! - Why am I carrying this? - Watch out! That's expensive! - You're too slow! - Who cares? You're a YouTuber? Yeah.
I make an honest living by posting videos and earning money from ad revenue.
I was just doing a video for the Hiraku Infiltrates the Neighborhood series.
I dress up like different objects you find in a city and blend in so I can watch the neighborhood.
It's a pretty popular show.
Do people actually watch that stuff? That's pretty rude.
It may not seem like much, but I get over a million views for each one.
That's amazing! No wonder.
I thought I'd seen you somewhere.
Hey! Isn't that Hiraku? Hey, you guys! It's Hiraku! That's definitely Hiraku.
I swear! Come on, you guys! - That's Hiraku! - Hiraku! It's Hiraku! - Hey, dudes.
Yeah, it's me.
- It's Hiraku! - You'll never get me! - Hey! Here goes! This is scary! - Let me play! - Here it comes! Hey! Hey! - There it goes! - Hey! Hiraku! Here, Hiraku! - Hey! - Later! Yeah.
- Thanks for the autograph.
- Sure.
- I'll watch your videos when I get home.
- I'll subscribe, too.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Yeah, see you! - Bye.
- See you.
- Bye.
- Hey.
- What? Do you like that? That.
Oh, this.
Tarantino is revolutionary.
Dialogue in today's dramas are pretty much nothing more than copies of Tarantino's.
I know what you mean.
- You do? - I do.
- Right? - Right.
There's not even a speck of novelty about them.
And Japanese actors are just as much to blame.
They've hardly seen any movies and think they can act just by putting on a serious face.
But don't you think some of them actually try hard? No, they don't.
There's nobody like that.
But I don't think you can say they're all like that.
I'm telling you, they are.
When they live in that bullshit world of theirs, their brains turn to mush.
When I see unsuccessful actresses, I really wonder about their mental states.
Stop acting like you know everything.
What? Some of them are trying their best.
They're working seriously hard.
Gosh Sorry.
But I doubt those people will succeed.
The entertainment industry is built to exploit those who work seriously hard.
It's a microcosm of society.
Some guy killing time making money from niche videos has no right to say that! I'm one of those serious unsuccessful actresses.
At least, I call myself that.
How sexy! - Look at this.
- Photographers are so lucky! Hold on.
Miyavi is edging closer.
Miyavi is edging closer.
Goodness! He's out of focus now! That's when she put down the camera.
That's the last one! Yes! They did it! Oh, dear! Oh my god! This is incredible! I'm so happy for her! There she is! The hero! Give us your thoughts, hero.
Well? What's going on? Why are you pouting? It started.
- What started? What do you mean? - Sorry? My period.
Your period started! And I was so sure that if all went well, you'd get Miyavi's DNA! What a waste of Limi's lovely body.
- That's right.
- He should be a national treasure.
Praise the Heavens! So how was the hot night with Miyavi? That's a secret.
Damn! Come to think of it, how's your muscle-bound prince, Eriko? - Let me see.
- What? Oh, great! Holy shit! The other day he said, "You're a Romanée-Conti, Eriko.
" That's just another way to say "old lady.
" No, it's not! It's the finest brand that everyone wants to get their hands on.
- How old is he? - Twenty-six.
That's so young! You're really something, Eriko.
It must be nice to like younger men.
I mean, their numbers just keep increasing.
It's a ray of hope for our aging society.
Now you don't have to die alone.
Hey! Are you sure about this guy? He's probably after your money.
Yeah! I'll never get married.
You know what? I want a wife.
I totally agree.
If I had a wife, I could focus only on work.
That would make life so easy.
That's right.
Where's the wife for me? My wife! You know, with me, the last thing they always ask is, "Which is more important, work or me?" It's totally obvious.
Why do they even ask? So, Limi, what do you say? - "Do I have to answer?" - Nice one! You've said it right there! Is there a man for a woman like you, Limi? What? - A woman like what? - Like this.
Oh, I know! What about Mocchi? - What? - Who? Limi's ex-boyfriend, Tamio Mochizuki.
She dated him the longest.
Really? How long? About five years.
- That's long! - Five years? And in their 20s, at their prime! That's right.
- He was quite a catch.
- He was good.
- He took good photos.
- Yeah, he was a great guy.
Tamio? Louboutin? I mean, I think you look great in them.
Are you going to shoot in those? Louboutin isn't about functional beauty.
It's a way of life.
Do they get you anything? I don't expect them to get me anything.
That's the way.
- I can get catering.
- You do it often.
- Yes, I'm an expert.
Eat up.
- Right.
- Try the gazpacho.
- Oh, I will.
- It's delicious.
- It is.
Subtitle translation by Brian Athey
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