Followers (2020) s01e03 Episode Script


I will now announce the winner.
The Best Photography Asia 2003 award, FIFTEEN YEARS EARLIER the 13th in its history, goes to the photographer of Photograph, Tamio Mochizuki.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- You were the only choice.
- I appreciate it.
For a long time, photographs lost the dignity that made them look like proper photos.
But then your photos came along.
That's a huge compliment.
Your photos, Nara, look too much like photos of a girl, although they don't totally lack dignity.
Don't get me wrong.
I don't care if you photograph naked men.
But, I just think that you need to date a real man.
If you're a girl, that is.
- You need to date a man like Mochizuki.
- Sir, you shouldn't With all due respect, even if all of that were true, you just want me to be like Mr.
What's more I'm not a little girl.
Yeah, even if all of that were true "I'm not a little girl!" Hey! Quit exaggerating! You make me sound like an old man! I was really holding back! Your nostrils were flaring like this! That's so mean! Tamio, you see, he taught me what you need when working with pros.
After I won that award, I became a pro, but I had no idea how things really worked.
But when he moved from fashion photographer to wildlife photographer, that was quite a leap, wasn't it? He'd had it with our society of consumerism.
- I have something! - That's right.
- Yes? - I found him.
- What? - Ta-da! It says he's in the Amazon.
What? He works for Amazon? No, not that Amazon.
The jungle! I know.
So, what's his status? MARRIED I guess he got married.
The best men are all married.
Why on earth does everyone want to get married? What? Didn't someone here get married three times? Yes! That would be me! If you don't get serious, Limi, there'll be no one left but married or gay men.
- You're gay.
- Damn right.
Yes, sir! Roger! - I'll get out there and look for a wife.
- Do your best! - I will.
- Do your best.
Get out of here.
You've got one.
You've got Sueo.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Natsu! - Editor, this is Natsu's first day.
- Morning.
- I'm Natsume Hyakuta.
- This is the photographer, Mr.
- Good morning.
- Nice to meet you.
- You'll get your makeup done here.
- Okay.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
This is my first time doing modeling work.
Just act normal.
All you have to do is be yourself, Natsu.
If you release your inner feelings, the expressions will come out naturally.
My inner feelings? Natsu! Relax! Just relax! Loosen up! - Good morning.
- Good morning.
Oh, I'm Natsume Hyakuta.
It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Okay everyone, do your best.
- So cute! - Yeah.
You're all cute.
Why don't you act a little cross? Show me your cross attitude.
Yes! Nice! You're all looking cute.
You're cute too, Natsu.
Nice! Nice! Can you get in the middle, Natsu? Stay there.
Let's try it again like that.
Yes! Yes! That's what I want! Nice! Very nice! That's what I want! This is it! How is Natsu doing? Yeah, pretty good.
- She's got the sense too.
- Let's make the next special.
That idea you mentioned before, I'll go ahead and write it up.
- You want me to cum inside you? - That's right.
That's impossible.
No way.
Why not? Well Just a little is enough.
Are you crazy? You want me to do what? Yes, I know that I'm crazy, but Just a little - Are you thinking of marriage? - No, we don't have to marry.
No, I can't do it.
I just need the material.
You know that goes against nature.
I don't want you to feel any responsibility.
None at all.
Well, I did this kind of thing right after becoming a star, but after that, there was a lot of trouble.
What kind of trouble? You know what happened.
No, I don't.
What was it? What trouble? - I've had - Yes? enough of romance.
Hey, it's been a while.
- Yes, it has.
- Here.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
So, Nao.
Yeah? What is it? I want to ask you for a favor.
A favor? Like what? Give me a "yes" or "no.
" I'm basically a "yes" guy.
- Yes? - Yeah.
- Really and truly? - Really and truly.
What is it? Tell me.
- I want a child.
- Really? Are you serious? Like I told you I want your child, Nao.
Goodness! That's right.
They all turned you down? Yuji and Yonce and Andrew Reiji, Kosuke, Jun, Enon and even Nao wimped out.
How many were there? They don't have to acknowledge the child.
They don't have to live with me.
I don't even need them to help me raise the child.
It's nothing more than semen.
But it's still semen.
Damn! - You know, with women like us - Yeah.
who are gorgeous and beautiful and have a career, most men would shrivel up.
Shrivel, shrivel.
Men wither and droop when the woman makes more than they do.
Basically, being capable at your job and popularity with men are inversely proportional.
It's not like this.
It goes like this.
You know, this plan is a bit too much for the creatures called men.
- Hey, that's right! - What? What? We have some semen right here.
What? Don't be silly.
- You've got some, right? - Quit laughing.
Yeah, I do, but - Hey, you! - He has some! Hey, cum for us a little.
You must be nuts! Hey! Get off! That hurts! Cut this out, dammit! Ouch! That tickles! This looks good on you, Eriko.
- Me? Really? You think so? - That's right.
I like you in that.
- Oh, really? Then I think I'll take this.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
I think I'll try this on.
- Yes, try it on.
- Okay.
Is he a natural-born gigolo? You know, I only date supporting characters.
What do you mean? I only date supporting characters.
I have no interest in men who want to be a hero and in the spotlight.
Because you're the main character, Eriko.
- Yes.
I hate people like me.
- What? Boys in their 20s don't know the hardships of the world.
They're overconfident and saucy.
It's awesome! So, it turns you on when boys like that look down on you or treat you roughly.
I mean, everyone flatters me all the time.
I love it when he talks down to me and treats me rough.
Anyway, my rule is to release anyone with a future while they're still in their 20s.
I really think that we need a society where we have more freedom of choice so you can go out and have children on your own and raise them alone.
That's what I'm hoping for too.
We would seriously die for our work and our children.
There's nothing better than having two things that we're willing to sacrifice our lives for.
I want women who want kids to have as many as they can.
But I've always put work first, so I can't really lecture anyone.
But you, Limi, I think you could do both.
You can work like mad and be a wonderful mom at the same time.
Thank you.
How's this? It's so cute! Turn around.
- Okay.
- That's perfect for the gym.
I'll wear it every day.
Every day? What a cutie.
Do you like this? Let's buy it.
Tajima, thank you again.
How very inexpensive.
Thank you.
You look great in that.
I guess you look good in that.
It's cute.
Good morning! Morning! - Morning.
- Good morning! Greetings are the key to success in society.
Give them properly.
Have a smoothie.
Sorry, but I'll be late again tonight because I've got dinner with some old men.
You're old too.
What? Whether you're old or not has nothing to do with age.
It's a lifestyle.
You're not old if you're constantly updated.
What's with that outfit? Fashion is like an armor.
People judge your looks when you meet for the first time.
It's an effective way of expressing yourself to show them instantly what kind of person you are.
Rui! Come on.
What a pain.
It's time to recharge.
Come on.
Hurry up.
Oh, come on now.
Yes! - Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, President.
- Morning.
President Soeda wants your opinion about co-sponsoring a charity event.
At 1:30 p.
we have Julian from Isabelle, and at 2 p.
the final review with the new branch's planning team.
- I'll contact President Soeda myself.
- Got it.
- Good morning, President.
- Morning.
About the Nike collaboration, they liked our presentation and want to move forward.
Tell the team handling it to charge ahead without hesitation.
Tell them we've got a story that'll win and to be confident.
Got it.
Oh, wait.
Make sure you always keep Director Yazaki in a good mood.
- If he's pleased, we're doing well.
- Got it.
Don't forget the mamedaifuku from Matsushimaya.
President, we got a call from the new branch in Shanghai.
- Now it's time for us to choose a candy.
- It's time! - I'll put this in your mouth.
- Shall I open my mouth? - What is that? - That made a cool sound.
- You'll get scolded if you do that.
- You're so serious.
Let's go for the tenth Yocchan Ika.
We're going to give our comments.
No, we aren't.
- Whatever.
Let's stop.
- Stop? What are they doing? - You know those YouTuber types? - Yeah.
How much do they make? The ones that have pretty good recognition, they earn about seven to eight million a year.
- Seven to eight million? - Really? Gosh, I'm so jealous! Making money just for fooling around like that? What an easy job.
You seem a little upset today, Natsu.
You know what? The other day, I met the worst YouTuber in the world! The worst? He was like, "People who work hard are the least appreciated in today's society.
Unsuccessful actresses are there just to be taken advantage of.
" He sounds pretty much spot on to me.
It sounds like you get along with this guy.
Hey, you two! Whose side are you on? I'm always on my side.
I'm on your side, Natsu.
I mean, just look at this.
How do they live so well just by posting videos? Let me see.
The world is so unfair.
Now, Hiraku's What? You met Hiraku? - What? You know him? - You bet I do.
You don't, Natsu? What? Even you, Sunny? Is this guy really that famous? Ready.
- How come, Hiraku, open sesame - How come, Hiraku, open sesame - Chi-chin pui-pui chin-pui-pui - Chi-chin pui-pui chin-pui-pui - How come, Hiraku, open sesame - How come, Hiraku, open sesame Oh, I know that.
- Abracadabra cadabrabura - Abracadabra cadabrabura This thing.
- Oh, right.
What is that? - This thing.
Oh! I've got it! That genius child actor Hiraku! - That's him! - Yes! Didn't his parents fight with his agency over money? He was in a real quandary over what to do.
- He went through quite a lot as a kid.
- Yeah.
After eating this much, you can tell.
It's good.
It's really, really good.
SUPER POPULAR SHOW! HIRAKU I'm going to choose a place I'll always use.
Let's do this! Oh, shit! Gosh! I found a nice telephone pole.
What are you doing in front of my house? You've been here a while.
- You're creepy.
- Well How do you think this looks to people? Do you have a telephone pole fetish? THAT LADY SCOLDED ME THE TELEPHONE POLE! What are you doing? That's so stupid! That's so stupid! Mommy! And the camera! Get that.
- Hey! What're you doing? - The camera? The tripod and everything.
Get it.
Run! - Hey, hold on! - Hurry up! I'M DOING A ROUGH CUT ON CENTER GAI WHERE ON CENTER GAI? "ROYALE WITH CHEESE" I'm surprised you found me.
"I didn't go to a Burger King.
" You really are a movie freak.
Same to you.
Well I'm sorry.
I didn't know anything about you but acted like I did.
It's okay.
I'm sorry too.
You don't work in entertainment anymore? No.
When I changed from a cute child actor into just a handsome boy in middle school, I quit the entertainment industry.
Now I'm Hiraku, a YouTuber popular with kids.
"Just a handsome boy"? Cut that out.
Don't point that out.
Cut it out.
Are you free tomorrow? - No, I'm not.
- Hey, you liar! I know you're free.
I'll be very busy tomorrow lounging around in bed.
That's what's called "free.
" Welcome to - Cute Monster Cafe! - Cute Monster Cafe! Hello! How cute! Let me show you to your table.
- This way, please.
- Okay.
This is your milk stand.
- This is it.
- This is it.
But you're totally looking.
So, Natsume, why do you want to be an actor? Well, you see I'm incredibly ordinary.
There's nothing that I'm terrible at and there's nothing I'm really good at.
I never had any idea what was missing or what I wanted or what I wanted to do.
"You just shut your mouth.
Don't you know who I am?" What's that? My line from the school play.
It was just a tiny part.
But even after the curtain went down and I returned home and after I woke up in my bed the next day, I kept thinking over and over how I could have done it better.
- You know what I mean, right? - Yeah, I do.
That was the first time for me.
I'm not simply ordinary.
There is something special about me.
That's what I thought.
Next is your turn.
Now it's your turn, everyone.
I want us all to have some fun shaking it on the dance floor! Please show me your twist and shout! I know this song! Welcome to the Cute Monster Cafe.
Good evening.
- Seriously.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Watch out! - Sorry.
Subtitle translation by Brian Athey
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