Followers (2020) s01e05 Episode Script


Thank you.
- I'm here! - Gosh, Mr.
- Happy birthday! - Thank you.
- Hey, Saiki! Get over here, Saiki! - Yes! - Goodness! Wow! - This is Limi, you know.
I know! I'm so happy! A friend of a friend of mine is the younger sister of your middle school classmate's friend.
Amazing! Then we're friends.
Oh, right! Can I get a photo with you? - Sure.
- Let's get a photo.
Yay! Got it! - Look at this.
- Limi.
Let's go over there.
- The photo looks good.
- Excuse us.
- Sorry.
Excuse us.
- Okay.
- A VIP wants to meet you.
- I'm tired.
What are you talking about? Grab this chance! - I'm Mr.
- Oh, Mr.
Masuda! - Nice seeing you.
- Thank you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIMI Limi Nara, can we get a photo together? Oh, sure.
What? Tamio? You sure look exhausted.
- What are you doing here? - What? I'm here to whisk away the bored princess.
What? Let's go this way.
He's not following us.
Let's go.
I've never looked at it this way.
This kind of birthday can be nice too, right? It's the best.
But you know Why in the world did Yuruco like my post that day? What? He did that for me, I think.
You see I know it's a little late for me to tell you this.
I want to have a baby.
I really want a baby.
Well I mean, now I'm confident I can raise one even while I'm working.
Actually, Limi I understand what I'm saying is very selfish.
The truth is that time is running out for me.
Actually - I won't ask you to marry me.
- No, it's I'm prepared to raise it alone.
But But, well, you see if you want to, Tamio, we could raise it together.
I think that would be great.
Well, actually, you see eight years ago, I caught malaria in Africa and barely avoided dying.
At that time, the doctor said I wouldn't be able to have children.
So, you see, I can't make children.
That's the reason for my divorce.
Oh, thanks.
- Okay, there you go.
- Okay.
- Here's the salt.
- Salt.
- Here's the pepper.
- Thanks.
- There.
- There you go.
- Okay, here goes.
- Let me get this.
Thank you.
What is it? Well - You want to come over here? - Yes.
The temperature today - There! - Go ahead.
is 34 degrees at 1 p.
It's going to be - very hot and muggy.
- Here goes.
It's time for another happy day of weather rock-paper-scissors! - Let's go! - Goodness, it's perfect! - Is it? - Weather rock-paper-scissors! Go! Those three seconds are important for cooking eggs.
Have a great day again today! Mommy.
No matter how much I crawl or sleep, I don't get wet at all.
Don't you worry, Mommy.
- Remember long ago - Yes? We always used to fight about the yolk being overcooked.
You didn't come home for three days.
- I didn't? - That's right.
- Really? You're kidding.
- No, it was four days.
You've sure matured though.
- Both of us have.
- Yeah.
We saw how this famous entertainer's social media account blew up.
Horie, I'm sure she never intended for this to be posted.
Well, she's an amateur.
She's not used to this at all.
Stuff ends up getting posted where it was never meant to be seen.
Conversations with friends get copied and pasted into a post and exposed to the world.
We're terribly sorry about what has happened.
I'm terribly sorry.
You just have to realize that if things are getting posted to social media, they're going to be revealed to the world.
As a professional, you can't say things like this.
- Right.
- If I were in a commercial for this brand, - Right.
- I'd die before doing anything like this.
did you print what we need to show to Limi? Red or blue? - Red.
- I'll choose whatever.
I've never done just "whatever.
" Use the usual.
NYLON MODEL GROUP (6) - Excuse me, Limi.
- Yes? Can you check this print? Let's bring up the brightness overall.
How about the stylist, hair, and makeup for the Numero shoot? Shihata for the stylist, Coco for makeup SHE CAN'T TELL WHAT NOT TO SAY and Shinya for hair.
Yes? Excuse me.
- Let's do it in black and white.
- I'll add two lamps.
- Make it three.
- Three.
I'll order pizza.
Do you prefer tomato or gorgonzola? Tomato.
Which eye color do you prefer, blue or brown? - I like blue.
- Okay.
The recommended toppings are jalapenos and thick bacon.
- That's fine.
- Okay.
I'll go for blonde hair, okay? Yeah, okay.
What? Harvard graduate.
No history of a disease.
Sperm viability A+.
He even has nice handwriting.
A guy with good handwriting is also good at foreplay.
Hey! What is that? The most popular sperm bank in the US.
You can get high-quality sperm for just a thousand bucks.
It's very cost-effective, right? - Should I buy it? I think I will! - Hey, hold on a second.
Did you prefer an Asian? - That's not the issue here.
- This is so unlike you.
Mocchi turned you down, right? Then we have to move on to your next choice.
Excuse me.
- Excuse me, miss.
- Yes? Which of these is the most organic? - The most organic? - Yeah Well, let's see.
Well, they're all very organic.
- I see.
- Yes.
What? You turned down National Geographic's invitation? Yeah.
But isn't that why you went through all that trouble last year to photograph that polar bear mother and cub? What's with you? Well, you know Mothers are great beings.
What does that mean? That doesn't make any sense.
What's so much more important than your lifelong dream? I guess you could say I'm older now.
What're you talking about? Last year you were gnawing on a goat's head, man.
It's a total waste, man.
I wonder if they'll send me the job you turned down.
They will.
Tell them to.
I will.
I'm serious, man.
It's a total waste.
You can have these cigarettes.
Throw away my trash for me.
You're quitting smoking too? Isamu! Limi! Sorry.
I'm so busy preparing for this event.
It's okay.
Sorry to bother you while you're busy.
That's all right.
How beautiful.
Oh, right.
About your text the other day Oh, dear.
I'm sorry.
That was a really weird request, I know.
Just forget about it.
I'll do it.
What? For you, Limi, I'll do it.
What? How come? "How come?" Long ago when I was totally poor, you always treated me to curry at Cocoichi.
Oh, come on.
I'm asking for your sperm, you know.
That's totally different from asking for a bite of my katsu-curry.
- So, what'll it be? - What? Do you want it to-go? Well, I'm actually bi, so I can have sex if I try.
Hold on.
Hold on a second.
Are you sure? - You understand what this means, right? - Yeah.
Well, I mean I'd be happy to have your child, Isamu.
You know, I'd like to see what my genes produce.
In this country, they still don't tolerate my kind having children.
Thank you.
But to be honest, things have been going pretty well with my ex-boyfriend I ran into again.
I love this! That hurts! TAMIO MOCHIZUKI Excuse me.
Yes? If you're finished No, no.
Do you have anything between their ages? I'm sorry.
That's all that we have.
- Really? - I'm sorry.
I doubt this will work.
I can't see any at all.
Doctor, can't you look a little closer? Isn't that moving? I've quit smoking and improved my eating habits and I'm doing yoga too.
I also bought one of those pillows for sound sleep.
And look at this.
I wear a crystal bracelet too.
Isn't there anything else that I can do? Well Malaria, was it? Yes.
Isn't this moving? What are you up to? Let me see.
Instagram is incredible.
WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET? Our president saw your works on Instagram, Sunny, and wanted you to have a solo show at this gallery.
A solo show? Here? Yes.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- It's nice to meet you.
- I'm Sunny.
We'd like you to make some new pieces for a solo show.
You haven't painted lately, have you? It must be nice.
Hey, let's get a photo.
Good idea.
Let's get a photo.
Get in the middle, Natsu.
Pride comes before the fall.
It's probably best that she fell quickly.
There it goes! Sunny! Are you drinking? Let's make a toast.
- Cheers.
- Cheers! - Natsu.
- Yes? Did you congratulate Sunny? - What? - Don't, Nori.
Sunny's finally going to have a solo show.
It's not for sure.
I just got an offer to do one.
If world-renowned artists see your works, you could collaborate with Vuitton and stuff, Sunny.
You'll be one of them too, Sunny? What do you mean? You said you wanted to remain rebellious, but have you forgotten your outlaw spirit? Are you letting the big shots boss you around? Getting affiliated with a gallery is the first step to becoming an artist.
You mean you can't become an artist without belonging to some gallery? What about you? Are you just hiding until the fuss over that post dies down? You get drunk every day and ramble on.
What's your problem? Come to grips with your own sadness.
You just keep running away from it.
I am not running away from it.
Quit avoiding it.
Let it hurt you.
Some things you can only feel when you let them hurt you.
How can you not face up to those things? Why are you sad? How did things get this way? Shouldn't you be taking those things to heart now, Natsume? What are you doing? Are you lecturing me now because you've found success? - No, of course not! - I'm out of here.
Hello? Sorry.
I was in the elevator.
Can you apologize to the client like that? But then it will be too late.
We need her to hold a press conference to apologize directly.
I'll call you back.
- I can't believe this.
- What? What's wrong? What? - Oh, hello.
- Oh, dear.
- Oh, sorry.
Thank you.
- No problem.
What? I'm interested in this pot.
Let me see now.
- Cooking Pro.
- Cooking Pro! "This huge number-one hit in England has finally come to Japan.
It cooks eight different ways.
" Right, that's what they say.
I saw the ad so many times, I memorized it.
Just add the ingredients and with the push of a button, they're cooked in a tenth of the time.
That's a miracle! I was impressed by the posts on a review site too.
But you can never tell unless you eat it though.
Would you like to try using it together? Pardon? If you'd like, why don't we have dinner together? - What? - I mean, if it's no trouble.
Can I? Sure.
Okay, then.
How about in two hours? Sure.
I'll go and buy something to drink.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
See you in a bit.
- Okay.
- Oh, here's this.
- Thank you.
- I almost took it with me.
- See you soon.
- Okay! - Thanks.
- Sure.
This is really delicious.
I'm glad you like it.
It's been a while since I had such a leisurely dinner.
I'm glad to hear it.
Well - Go ahead.
- Okay.
How about coming to my place next time? Pardon? Next week, I'm having some satsuma chicken delivered from my hometown.
- Satsuma chicken? - Right.
It's cooked very slowly at 61 degrees.
It's perfect with natural white wine.
That sounds delicious.
- I'd love to.
- Great.
- Good night.
- Right.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
No way! Damn it! This guy is too good.
2U30 TEKKEN Shit.
Seriously? This guy's top-ranking in the world.
Hey, do you know where Eriko is? Probably at work.
Oh, I see.
Oh, by the way, don't you want to know how I got to where I am? No.
I couldn't care less about my mom's love life.
She may look tough, but she actually has her weaknesses.
I told you But you know what was incredible? Coming at me from below when I was getting up! I mean, I wasn't ready for it! Will you cut it out? Do you really think a kid wants to hear that stuff about his mom? That's What? 2U30 is ranked first in the world.
You mean, you're SUEO? I'm awesome in 2D.
And I'm awesome in 3D.
- I'm tough.
- Darn! What the fuck? What? Hold on! Hey! Wait! Hold on! Sunny, you ought to face your own feelings too.
That girl She just doesn't see it.
If you're so troubled that you can't even paint, then tell her how you feel.
To be honest, I envy you.
I mean, you have someone you love.
What? Oh, Sunny! Nori, thanks.
COME AND WAIT INSIDE WHEN YOU ARRIVE Okay, we'll quit shooting for today and all play tag together, okay? I'm it! I'll eat you up! I'll get you! Watch out! Here I come! You're it! Right! Here goes! I'm it! I'm it! You'd better run! Yes! Nice! Okay! Okay, everyone! Gather round! - Let's gather round in front of the apple.
- Come over here.
- What? Oh, right.
- Let's gather round, - Okay, Over here.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Can you do it? - Can you? - I can't.
Can you do it with others? - You can? - I can.
You can? Okay, then come over here.
Okay, into the middle.
Okay! Here we go! My camera.
Here we go.
Nice! You're all great! That's so great! Everyone.
- Nice! Yes! - Give me a nice smile.
- Nice! Very nice! - Smile at the camera.
That's it! Very nice! How cute.
- Amazing! Nice! Very nice! - Smile.
What a nice smell.
What are you making? It's a secret.
Really? What? What? I was thinking it might be nice to live with you, Tamio.
You know Life without children I guess that kind of thing might be all right.
To be honest, I might have been a little afraid.
I wonder what I would do if I lost the creativity within me after having a child.
If I lost all my own time and I wasn't myself anymore and my photos If they were no longer my own, what would I do? I doubt we can live together.
What? Actually, I got a job with National Geographic.
Really? So, I don't know when I'll be back.
Well You did it! It was always your dream.
So, you too, Limi If you want something, go and get it.
You don't have to give up for anyone's sake.
Listen to your own inner voice.
Even if you do have a child Even if your photos are different from how they have been until now You're certain to find a new vision, Limi.
Maybe so.
I know you will.
That's the way.
Louboutin? I mean, I think you look great in them.
Are you going to shoot in those? Louboutin isn't about functional beauty.
It's a way of life.
Do they get you anything? I don't expect them to get me anything.
Hello? Isamu? Remember what we talked about the other day? Yes.
That proposal is still valid, you know.

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