Followers (2020) s01e06 Episode Script


I bet you think I got what I deserve.
What? You think I got overconfident and carried away and was acting like a big shot.
Don't say stupid stuff like that.
I feel like a total idiot.
I can hardly stand myself.
STAR UP YOKOYAMA You won't answer? They probably just want me to quit my role.
Answer it.
Who cares about that role? It makes no difference who plays that role anyway.
What are you talking about? Isn't it your job to turn it into a role that only you can play? Don't you have any idea how few people there are who get to be on TV? Do you know how many people work their butts off - to get on TV for a second? - Yes, I do! No, you don't! No matter how tiny the role you've got may be, someone will be watching you.
But if you're going to be an actor who doesn't leave an impression, then just quit.
I'm leaving.
The one second you act on-screen will be one second in someone's life.
Hiraku! Hiraku! Wait! Help me practice.
Please help me practice.
"Who cares about love and romance? I'm on your side because of what you said before, Kazu.
There you go avoiding the topic again.
Think more about my feelings, would you?" "Who cares about love and romance? I'm on your side because of what you said before, Kazu.
I'll go and do it.
" "But I really have no idea what I should do.
How can you say that kind of thing? "Why didn't you tell me about this before? "The songs on this abum The songs on this album.
" "Listen.
The song on this abum" It's "album"! "The songs on this album are awesome.
Okay, I'll go and do it.
" "That's insane.
That's insane! What's the point of everything you've done?" There's nothing to explain this part.
So I was thinking about how I can convey it best.
"Please! Don't say you're going to quit now!" That was good.
- One more time.
- Again? Okay, again.
- Shall we see our fortunes? - Yes! "Good fortune.
" "Middle good fortune!" "Your worries will eventually disappear.
Your life will become joyful and filled with cherry blossoms in spring and the colors of the changing autumn leaves.
However, pray to God for assistance, calmly strive hard to accomplish the work you've been granted - and be virtuous.
" - That's pretty good stuff.
"How can you say that? You're always giving up!" Good night.
Director, can I ask you something? Yeah.
Coming through.
Director, excuse me.
- Yes? - Ms.
Hyakuta is here.
Excuse me.
About these Dr.
Martens Thank you.
Can I wear these on the way home? I'm sure Midori's character would wear the same Dr.
Martens as her favorite band member every day.
So, I'd like to make these seem well-worn.
Take them home with you.
Thank you.
I was only thinking about myself.
I mean I wasn't thinking about the people who would be watching.
I don't know if I can change quickly.
But I know I need to change.
Thank you.
No problem.
Watch out! #BEAUTIFULANGER Are you okay? It's about to start.
"Scene 37, in the greenroom.
Takumi enters the greenroom where the other band members are.
" "Where were you?" "Don't you have anything to say to us? We were all looking for you.
" "Let's not go on tonight.
A show like this is just pointless.
" "That's insane.
What's the point of everything you've done? "This is none of your business.
Butt out.
" "You're right.
I'm merely a fan.
But we all love your shows.
We all want to see you sing one last time! Don't say you're going to quit now!" Okay.
It ends there.
Yes? This isn't the real thing.
Why don't you relax a little? Sorry.
No, there was nothing wrong with what you did.
- Next.
- Okay.
Okay, that's it for episode two.
Next, let's start from the top of episode three.
Read with me one more time.
Again? You've already memorized it.
What? Why not? One last time.
"Who cares about love and romance? I'm on your side because of what you said before, Kazu.
" "Did I say that?" "Yes, you did.
" How was that? You've memorized it.
Well done.
Thank you.
Let's go.
I'm hungry.
Really? What do you want? Curry! Curry rice! - Pokke, can you get my computer? - Okay.
I'll put this here.
Are you feeling sick? I'm just sleepy.
- There you go.
- There you go.
- Okay, let's get to work.
- Right.
Okay, I'll get to work.
Of course I want to climax together! What? What's going on? She suddenly said that she wants to climax together with him inside her.
Really? Not just faking it? No, of course not faking it.
- Now, Akane.
- Yes? Have you ever climaxed with a man inside you? Yes, I have! At least I think so.
- What? - Maybe.
Then you definitely haven't climaxed.
You know how Helen Keller exclaimed "Water!" when she felt it? That's how obvious it is.
This is what it's like.
- Water! - That's crazy! - What? - That's so sour! You squeezed too much lemon into it! You're sleepy and you crave sour things? Limi, it just might be time for a celebration.
Here! Strike while it's hot! Two bars mean you're pregnant.
- What? - Please do it.
- Go! Check! - Go! Come on, you guys.
Let's all calm down.
- Really? - What does it say? - What does it say? - Hurry! It's moving! - Is it positive? - There's one bar.
You're pregnant.
I'm so happy! It's about five millimeters now.
Five millimeters It's tiny.
You must be happy.
CHANGE IN BODY DURING PREGNANCY WHEN DOES MORNING SICKNESS START? What? How long have you been here? Almost an hour.
What's that? Well, you can probably tell, I couldn't hold onto these any longer.
You should have gotten my attention.
- But you were so focused.
- You waited for a whole hour? Well, to be accurate, I waited for a month and 18 days.
Really? I haven't seen you for that long? Is this the Hyperbolic Time Chamber? What? What's that? If you don't know it, then forget it.
It's not worth explaining.
LAST EPISODE Some nights I can't help Wanting to listen to your fancy voice I aim to go where there's no - My scenes were cut.
- Logic or law or religion Fancy! Fancy! The tears that fascinate me! Fancy! My Natsume I'm all right.
I gave it my best shot.
But When you're treated like you don't even exist It really hurts.
You know, life is a lot easier if you don't fight and hold your desires inside.
I mean, nobody wants to get hurt.
Hiraku With your help, Hiraku I gave it my very best shot.
Thank you.
But you know I really am just an ordinary nobody.
The client your scandal on Instagram was about was involved in the NM Television Anniversary Show for this fall.
So the station's executives decided to cut you from the show.
You're kidding.
They didn't want to incur the wrath of a big sponsor.
They're basically protecting themselves.
Sit down.
What's worse is that it's influencing other TV stations.
Really? TV stations nowadays don't have the influence to use any actors who've blown it once.
Also NATSUME HYAKUTA AFFAIR WITH GENIUS CHILD ACTOR HIRAKU What the heck is this? Didn't I tell you to lie low? You've got it all wrong.
This is Once they've got photos, no matter how much you insist, it's pointless.
Let's film an apology right now.
Show your sincerity officially to the world.
That's the only way to solve this.
And deny that you're seeing that guy.
What? If you do that, everything will be fine.
Don't you realize you have no other choice? Come on.
Hurry up and get changed.
You want to be an actor, right? I won't do it.
I won't make any apology.
I also won't deny that I'm seeing him.
Are you insane? Do you have any idea how many people you've troubled with your thoughtless actions? I'll apologize to the client for as many times as I have to.
But have I caused any trouble for society? That's the kind of industry this is.
If you want to work in this industry, you have to lie or do whatever it takes.
You have to show you're sorry and say, "I apologize for what I've done.
" That way of doing things is wrong! No matter what you may say you have to officially apologize.
Why do I have to apologize to people who criticize me from behind a wall of anonymity? Don't you think it's insane to apologize to people whose faces you can't even see? Wait.
Hold it right there, Natsume! If I have to apologize for something like that, then I quit.
Wait Damn it! Ever since the time I found you I've poured my everything Into you Hold on.
This totally isn't working.
I can't sing at all.
Are you okay? Do you want to go again? Okay, we'll start again from the top.
Okay, here we go.
Ever since the time No! I told you, I can't do this! Sorry about this.
Let's take a little break, all right? Okay.
I'm surprised sayo's not in studio one.
The agency said to tell her studio one can't be used due to technical troubles.
What? Why? Because studio one is expensive.
It's a harsh world.
I don't think "harsh world" fits the context.
What? You don't? sayo.
What is it? As for studio one you don't have to arrange things like that behind my back.
I'm sorry.
I don't think I can sing today.
Good morning.
Morning, Eriko.
Did that feel good? ARIMIDEX - Can I talk to you? - Yeah.
- You know - Actually Sorry.
Go ahead.
This won't budge.
Rui? Let me have that.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Rui? What? What's happened to you? From now on, Sueo and I are going to work out together.
Did you hear that? Can you drink it? It's pretty awful.
You can do it.
Hold on a second.
Quit ringing it so much.
I hear you.
- Hey.
- Come on.
- If you're coming, - Honey.
- at least tell me.
- Now, honey Limi has always been like this.
Remember when she went to middle school? She joined the basketball team and started wearing contact lenses.
And then she submitted an application to art school without asking if she could.
Then after that, she became a photographer.
And then she got appendicitis.
"I'm pregnant.
I'll raise the child alone.
" Damn it all, honey.
- Yes.
- She always tells us after they happen.
I couldn't do anything about the appendicitis.
Oh, dear.
Gosh, I wonder who she takes after.
What the heck are all these? Yellow goes in the southwest.
Southwest be over there.
- Yeah, over there.
- Over here.
- Hold on.
- It's all right.
- I'll put it right here.
Isn't that cute? - Do something, Dad.
Just let her be.
Next is red.
Red goes in - the east.
- Right.
- Over there.
Okay, put that in there.
- Okay.
Got it.
Next Next is the dragon.
A dragon statue.
The dragon, it goes in the entry hall.
I'll go to the entry hall.
Hey She may not seem like it but your mother is very worried about you.
Dad Wait Isn't this That? That's from the sacred bamboo planted by the veranda.
Didn't the sacred bamboo plant used to be by the front door? Your mother keeps moving it around.
Really? She says moving the sacred bamboo "diverts calamity.
" She moved it when you left and every time you do crazy things.
What is it? Here.
Okay? I hope you safely get to the second trimester.
Okay? Oh, Mom.
I want to see your handsome son.
We still don't know the child's gender.
You're right.
You two sure are alike.
- What? - What? In your mother's time, no matter how much you studied or how talented you were, a woman could only choose either being a housewife or working.
If your mother was born in your time, Limi, I'm sure she would have worked like mad just like you do.
Like mad.
- Like mad! - Like mad! That's right! I'm a little worried about you two.
- We're just fine.
Just fine.
- We're fine.
Hello? Hello.
Can you talk now? Sure.
Actually, there's a small problem.
What? What is it? It was time for sayo to leave, but she wouldn't come down.
She's not at her place either.
What are we supposed to do now? She has a live broadcast today.
When I edit my photos, they say I've gone too far.
Then what am I supposed to do? I'm criticized no matter what I do.
The older I get, the more I'm treated like a criminal.
When my music doesn't sell, they say it's obsolete.
When it does sell, they say I force it on people! There's nothing I can do! sayo! People only flatter me when things are good.
But when sales are down everyone abandons me! If I knew it would be so painful, I wish I'd never been successful! I wish I'd never made it to the top! I quit! I can't stand this work! sayo sayo sayo Why do you only listen to the people who know nothing about you? Why don't you listen to the people in your life who love you? Your voice Your singing has saved many, many people! You were blessed with a gift from God.
You made it to the top.
Being onstage is your duty.
It's your destiny.
No! No, it's not! Yes, it is! Every single day I listened to a mountain of tapes that were sent to me.
When I found you When I heard you sing I burst out shouting! "Yes! This is it!" It's all right.
It's all right.
Akane You run that far every day, Sueo? Yeah.
Actually, five times that.
- Five times? - Yeah.
We're back.
Working? Welcome back.
Where did you two go? We took a lap around the area.
- You went running? - Yeah.
I'm going to take a shower.
- What's with you? - He's all sweaty.
What's this? This? It's a present from an overseas business partner.
You get presents from overseas? And it's from England.
- This is from New Zealand.
- Right.
New Zealand.
Wipe off your sweat.
I'll get you a towel.
Oh, thanks.
Where's New Zealand again? To the lower right of Australia.
To the lower right.
What's it famous for? Aussie beef? RELATED: BREAST CANCER Aussie beef is from Australia.
Do you know the kiwi, the bird? CANCER TREATMENT INFORMATION CENTER Eriko what's all this? Hey why didn't you tell me? Is our relationship so shallow we can't talk about important things like this? Are you all right? Eriko We don't need to talk about it if we're breaking up.
What? What are you talking about? I'm saying that we're breaking up.
What? Thank you.
It was fun.
Hey You don't mean that, right? You're not serious, are you? I just grew tired of you.
It's about 12 centimeters now.
The size of an apple.
Have a look.
This is the head and this is the heart.
Can you see it beating? Do you want to hear it? You're in the second trimester.
My little apple.

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