Followers (2020) s01e07 Episode Script


1 - Here it is! - Wow! It looks amazing! - It's so extravagant! - Here's layer number two.
- It looks delicious! - And layer number three! - The spread is great this year.
- Right? - Yeah! - Thanks.
- Right? Look at this temari sushi! - Wow! Isn't it pretty? Muscles said, "Can you believe that about the bubble tea imperial era?" - Bubble tea? - So we broke up.
What? You broke up with Muscle Boy? If the hottie has a future, I give him the boot while he's in his 20s.
- It's how I roll.
- Wow, you're so cool! I thought you loved young men's bodies.
I'm surprised by your resolve.
Hey, you make it sound like I only care about the body.
- Sueo's personality is cute, too.
- Yeah.
If that's the case, it sounds like you still like him.
- Is there any point in breaking up? - No.
No, it's over.
- Right? - What! What? - Sorry, what'd I miss? What was it? - Come on So, anyway, you're worried your hot boyfriend might cheat, aren't you? What? Sorry to disappoint you, but your concern is unnecessary.
Hey there, little buddy.
- Having an ugly mommy like this - What? - must make you uneasy.
- What do you mean, little buddy? - Do you know the gender? - Well, in the ultrasound, they said that they can see a small shadow.
What shadow? I'm going to invest in Limi's kid.
That's great.
- Thanks for your patronage.
- Damn, I wish I could've drunk Krug with Limi's child! - You can! Let's drink.
- Hey, you're fine! Nowadays, the average lifespan of a Japanese girl is 87 years! - Wow.
- What? - There are only old ladies around now.
- That's awful.
At this rate, I'm going to bring down the average life expectancy.
I have stage three breast cancer.
I've been worrying about if I should keep my breasts or extend my life, but I decided on getting surgery.
What? If you get the surgery, you'll be fine, right? Well, I'll probably be fine.
I mean, I'm usually really lucky.
Oh, no, don't make faces like that.
Everyone here will die eventually.
The world keeps spinning because everyone dies as they should.
And a new life is born, just like this.
Okay, then.
Starting tomorrow, I'll only have gross hospital food.
So today, I'm going to eat as much as I want, and go in with a hangover.
Okay, cheers.
Let's have a toast.
- Cheers! - Cheers! The red wine's good too.
I wonder if Eriko is okay.
She's probably in shock.
Yeah, probably.
But Eriko once she makes up her mind, she always follows through with it no matter what.
How are you doing, Akane? Well I was told, "Akane, your way of doing things is wrong.
" By whom? Natsume Hyakuta.
The girl whose photo you posted.
I see I mean, she's right.
Building up sayo, to me, personally, was an overwhelmingly successful experience.
So I got really set in my own ways and now it's hard for me to break free from them.
Why don't you take a break from being in charge of sayo? I can't do that! She can't do anything without me around.
I need to protect her.
- Akane.
- Yeah? Sorry if this offends you.
What? Akane, aren't you the reason why sayo can't do anything herself? Even if sayo and that girl end up regretting it, maybe they need their own time to think and worry, and a chance to make their own decisions, too.
To prevent those kids from getting hurt, you end up wanting to kick away every obstacle in their path.
But then they'll never grow up.
I mean, it's something I do a lot, too.
Goodness What? Come on! That hurts Hello! Akane? I'm coming in! Akane? Are you okay? What? Oh, so this is the thing that won't open.
Let's take a look.
May I? Right.
Then, for now, let's sit you down on a sofa.
- Okay.
- Okay, can you stand? Oh, you can't.
Then - Then, hold onto me.
- Okay.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
Three, two One! Okay.
- This is nice.
- We're moving, now.
- You're giving me a piggyback ride.
- Yes, I am.
- One, two.
- He's giving me a piggyback ride! Okay, I'm putting you down now.
Oh, are you okay? - Okay, I'm putting you down.
- Please be careful.
- Akane, I'll bring you some water, - Okay! - so please wait here.
- Okay.
What is it? Can you get me some water? - I'll go and get it.
- Okay.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I opened your fridge without asking.
Oh, that's fine.
Do you like miso soup? Yes, I love it.
That's a relief.
What ingredients did you use? I put seitan in it.
- Seitan.
- Is that okay? I love Seitan.
Did you use my Kayanoya soup stock? I did.
Hello? Natsu? How's the packing going? The movers just need to come and pick them up.
I see.
Natsu, are you really moving back in with your parents? It's not like we can't see each other anymore.
I see.
Hey, Nori.
Yeah? Thanks for everything.
I don't know what I'm doing anymore.
Is it really all for nothing if I'm unable to be somebody? I'm scared that things will turn bad if I don't start doing something just like everyone else.
Maybe you're having a hard time because your goal is to be someone.
Natsu, let's go on a date right now.
What? The person you need most right now is over there.
It's you, Natsume.
Your magnificence inspired this painting.
Your magnificence inspired all of the paintings here.
I wanted to tell you for the longest time, but I couldn't.
It felt like everything would come to an end and disappear if I told you.
So I decided to paint.
Because painting is all I can do.
Rather than being hated by you or making you feel grossed out, my desire to paint was stronger.
I I like you.
I guess there's nothing to be scared of if you're true to yourself.
I'm scared.
Really scared.
I'm scared of exposing myself and being hated.
Getting rejected is even scarier.
Every time I get fewer likes, and every time I lose followers, my worth goes down more and more.
I start hating myself more and more.
I get insecure.
If your likes go down by one, then I'll tell you one good quality about you.
If you get insulted 100 times, I'll find 100 good qualities for you.
I like your acting, Natsume.
Like your role at the bento shop in Orange Life.
- "I can't trust anyone - "I can't trust anyone - who doesn't eat every bite.
" - who doesn't eat every bite.
" Hey, don't cry.
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Were you able to tell her? How are you feeling now? Like this, I guess What? Gosh! - Did you really do it? - I did! Sunny! Don't do that! NATSUME HYAKUTA TODAY’S SHOOT.
I'll fix this.
What? Okay.
NARALIMI LIKES YOUR POS "Follow your own road and let the people talk.
" FOLLOW YOUR OWN ROAD AND LET THE PEOPLE TALK No matter how small your dream is, you must start taking actual steps.
Maybe you're struggling because your goal is to be someone.
- Why do you want to be an actress? - The one second you act onscreen will be one second in someone's life.
I like your acting, Natsume.
Excuse me! Yes? I finally found you! Weren't you moving back? I changed my mind.
I thought you had no regrets? I have one.
What? I'm thinking about making a movie.
- A movie? - Yeah.
With this book.
That's Hiraku, you'll be the director.
What? "Follow your own road.
" Those words made me think.
I said that I wanted to be an actress, yet I haven't done anything until now.
Joining an agency and just doing the jobs given to me isn't enough.
You can't get what you want by just sitting around.
You need to reach for it yourself, or else nothing will change.
Hey, Hiraku.
There's a world we can't reach on our own.
Let's go together.
If it's with you, we can get there.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Give the doctor my regards.
- Sure.
- You all cared for me wonderfully.
We'll miss having you.
- Going straight to the office? - Yes.
It's awful.
No matter how much time passes, we're still so frugal.
They just can't make their minds up if I'm not around.
- Must be tough.
- See you.
- Goodbye.
- Yes, bye! Thanks again! Can I get everyone's attention? I want to decide on the main dress for this season's exhibition.
Could you all show me the patterns you have now? - Okay.
- Okay.
Oh, this is nice.
Try it on.
- How's this? - I'll check it out and send it to you.
Thank you.
- That helps.
How's it going right now? - You know, that project right now Yes.
- Yeah? - About our image for the event It's not bad! Get this ready by 3 p.
Thirty copies.
You can send them by e-mail.
Okay, got that.
Limi! It's been a while.
Welcome back! It's good to be back! - Are you almost due? - Yes.
- I'm nervous.
- I can't wait to see him.
And you? How are you feeling after surgery? You know, my balance is off.
If they're messing with them anyway, I should've had them put silicone in.
It's fine.
Don't push yourself like that.
Nothing gets past you, Limi.
Nice, I got a compliment from Eriko.
I might be in some trouble, as one might expect.
Yeah? On the day that I was discharged, I went to the company.
I thought that the company would be a mess without me around.
But you know, the company was running just fine without me around.
The young ones had much more life in them than when I was around.
Knowing when to quit is really hard.
Yeah? When I looked at the older generation, I decided that I'd never become some old lady like that.
But I guess it's hard to accept that now that I've become old myself.
Everyone was having fun working, right? Yeah.
If that's so, then there's your answer.
You properly watched over the young ones, and properly listened to them.
That's why the company runs smoothly.
Eriko, you raised all of them.
I wonder if that's so.
I've never met a lady this cool before.
A lady I'll look up to forever.
And also, Limi, I have a favor to ask of you.
I don't know how long I have left to live.
But in order to accept this body and continue living, I want you to take photos of my figure, as it is so that I can unconditionally love the new me.
- Congratulations! - Seriously? If your belly feels tight Yes! Hey, stop the car! Here's some water.
Nice! Okay! Here.
A prayer from the Kishimojin Temple for easy childbirth.
And here.
A talisman from a Buddhist temple.
This, too.
This was passed down from an Amazon tribe - it's a protective charm.
- What? And this is a cross that I bought in Mexico.
Give birth to a healthy baby! - Thank you! - Limi, take this too! Isn't this better? Limi.
Good luck! - Good luck! - Good luck! - Breathe in, breathe out! - Breathe in, breathe out! - Come on, it's a C-section.
- Breathe in, breathe out! I'll be off, then! Limi! Keep that pose! Taking the picture now! Okay! I'm so nervous! I wonder if it's going okay Is it still not over? Not yet.
Nothing yet.
What? What's this? They're cutting.
That must hurt.
Is it over? I can't hear anything.
It's out! Congratulations.
It's a healthy baby boy.
Yes! Congratulations.
He's healthy.
Nice to meet you.
I can't wait for our future together.
He's so cute.
And small Ready? - Limi! - Limi! - Congratulations on your new baby! - Congratulations on your new baby! Hey, what's with those outfits? - Wait, I can't believe you guys! - Congratulations! - I'm so glad! - He's so tiny! Thank you! Welcome to this world.
Being alive is the most interesting and most wonderful thing ever! He's so cute! He has so much to look forward to! He's a national treasure.
Isn't this great, Towa? - Towa? - Towa? I thought of it when I saw his face.
Oh, Towa! - Towa.
- That's a great name.
Right? Towa.
Are you Towa? Hey, while we're here, let's take a photo! Let's take a photo! Ready? Say "cheese"!
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