Fool Me Once (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[ominous music plays]
[people cheering]
[cheers loudly]
Who invited all those people anyway?
I love you.
[Joe] Can't get a moment's peace.
- [man 1 screams]
- [man 2] Faster!
[automatic gunfire]
- [music fades]
- [gunshot echoes]
[knocking at door]
[ominous music plays]
- What's happened?
- It's Robby.
He's been watching me.
I made a terrible mistake
giving you that nanny cam.
- ["Inside" by Chris Avantgarde plays]
- I can hear your voice ♪
I can feel you cry ♪
No matter what you do now ♪
Don't dare to close your eyes ♪
The end is drawing near ♪
I'll tell them that you tried ♪
Shed a single tear now ♪
Time to say goodbye ♪
Time to say goodbye ♪
[song ends]
Is it too early
to put a shot of whiskey in that?
[Maya] Eva, talk to me.
Oh, gosh.
[breath trembles]
- I've just messed it up.
- Why? Why?
So, I I couldn't sleep.
The kids, they're at a sleepover,
so I I got up early,
and, um, I, uh
I just, uh, checked my emails, and
But look.
What the hell?
That's, uh That's Benjamin.
We met online. Robby sent me these.
He used the nanny cam.
- The same one that I gave you.
- [ominous music plays]
[sighs] Like, I I know Robby's not
always been a good guy,
especially some of that stuff
he pulled during the divorce, but
I never imagined
that he would do something so disgusting.
He must have hacked the Wi-Fi
to get into the camera.
Maya, I am I'm so sorry.
It was meant to keep you and Lily safe,
not put you in danger.
So, someone can hack the nanny cam.
If it can be hacked,
does that mean someone could upload
something to the camera?
Like, plant footage?
Wait, what do you mean, "plant footage"?
Has something happened?
I saw Joe.
- Oh, it's all right, love. I can do it.
- No. I've got it.
- No, honestly.
- Hey, I've got it. I've got it.
- Thank you. Cheers.
- Thank you. Thanks.
- Hey. Hello.
- [Kierce] Ah. Hey. Wow, you're early.
- Yeah, I thought there'd be traffic, but
- Good. Yeah, nice.
- Uh
- Hi.
- Yeah, uh
- [Marty] So
Marty, Molly. Molly, Marty.
- [chuckling] Hi. Hi. Finally.
- [chuckling] Hi. Of course.
- I've heard all about you.
- Oh, really? All good I hope.
- Oh, I dunno.
- But dang, wow.
And you have a beautiful home as well.
- Wow, that's a lot. Yeah.
- Oh
I don't know
what you're complaining about.
- I don't know.
- He's lovely. I like him.
- Not sure. Yeah, fine, he'll do. Yeah.
- [chuckles]
- Babe, hurry, come on.
- Yeah, sure. Sorry. Yes.
Do you want a hand?
- We're good. I've got it. Cheers. Thanks.
- No, he's fine.
So he told you about this afternoon, then?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, he has, yeah.
Oh, I'm going to have to be
on my best behavior. Are you married?
Oh, me? Uh, God, no. No, not even close.
[both chuckling]
Yeah, so, I think I misunderstood that.
So, uh, what's what's this afternoon?
Oh, right.
Well, he's dragging me off to meet
some florist he fancies for the wedding.
- Right.
- Yeah.
- What did you think I meant?
- Yeah. Come on, let's go.
- [Molly] I thought you said he was early.
- Let's go.
- Lovely to meet you. See you again.
- Come round again some time.
[Kierce] Yeah, lovely. No, he won't.
And don't eat the chili crisps. Thank you.
- All right. [chuckles]
- [all] Bye.
- She's lovely.
- Yeah.
- You're punching.
- Yeah.
You have told her about your test results
this afternoon, haven't you?
- Let's go, walk this way. Come on.
- Why wouldn't you
Oh my God.
She doesn't know you're ill, does she?
Look, it's, um It's not that simple.
Not that simple? She's about to walk
the aisle with you. You have to tell her.
All right, and I will,
once I know what the situation is.
And for the record, Marty,
none of this is any of your business.
- Got it.
- Good.
I need to talk to Maya Stern
about the kid and the motorbike.
Then let's go and see why Eddie Walker's
lying about his alibi. Got it?
[tense music plays]
It just doesn't make sense.
It does if someone's
trying to screw with me.
[pensive music playing]
As far as
psychological warfare goes, this is
[chuckles dryly] It's pretty effective.
Yeah, but who would do that to you?
Let's forget about Joe for a minute.
What are we doing about Robby?
Yeah, well, got rid of the photo frames.
I'll forward the email to my lawyer.
I don't know what else I can do.
- Well, you can stay here.
- No, it's my bloody house.
I'll not let him derail
my life with one email.
Well, listen,
if you need anything, you call.
And, um, what about you?
If you have been hacked,
what are you going to do?
[indistinct conversations]
[phone chimes]
[ominous music plays]
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm going to Alfie's.
Any replies yet from the DNA website?
Oh, no. Nothing yet.
[music continues]
[door opens]
- [music fades]
- [gasps] It's Uncle Shane, isn't it?
- Who you gonna call?
- [Maya] I don't think she's seen that one.
- No?
- No. Didn't like that.
All right.
Let's see if we can find
some gremlins in your cables, shall we?
[softly] Thank you.
Eva gave you this thing
in the first place, right?
It wouldn't be Eva.
I trust her the same way I trust you.
But if the cameras can be hacked
[Shane] Then
[grunts]whoever it was
didn't need to step foot inside here
in order to do it.
Your suspect pool just got
a hell of a lot bigger, Maya.
As if I'm not paranoid enough.
You know, I think I think Dr. Wu
has a pill for that.
I spoke with Wu.
Didn't make any difference.
[sighs] Huh.
- You're clean.
- Oh.
[clicks tongue] You haven't been bugged.
So I searched for listening devices,
full security treatment.
Your home and your nanny cam,
Wi-Fi logs, all look normal.
Just you accessing the Wi-Fi,
like usual, a lot on your phone.
- No setting changes or weird IP addresses
- [knocking at door]
[Maya sighs]
- Just give me ten minutes.
- Yep.
[closes case]
[Maya] So, you've arrested someone,
whose name you can't tell me.
Don't know why.
And since then, you've let them go. Great.
It's about the level
of progress I've come to expect.
I just thought
you'd like to be kept up to date.
- Oh.
- Also
I'd like you to take a look at this.
Do you recognize that man?
- It could be one of the men from the park?
- I can neither confirm nor deny that.
Well, it was dark.
I mean, they were wearing masks.
It could be. I just I'm not sure.
Right, worth a shot.
And another thing.
Do you know anything about the Burketts
sponsoring a local football team,
the Winherst Pumas?
Oh, uh, that was Joe
being the supportive uncle.
[eerie whooshing]
- The Pumas are my niece's team.
- Uh-huh.
- Can I?
- Oh.
[uneasy string music plays]
- You all right?
- Yeah.
- Fine. Fine. Groovy.
- Yeah?
I just, um I just
I'll keep you posted.
Yeah, you just keep jangling.
- Hey. All okay?
- Yeah.
You're not staying here
driving yourself crazy all day.
We is getting out of here.
Yeah, come on you, you little munchkin.
We're getting out of here.
I don't think we need the star.
[Maya] No, you don't need that.
- Okay?
- All right.
Come on. Let's go have some fun.
[upbeat music plays]
[girl squeals happily]
Maya, it's Judith Burkett.
I understand you and I
haven't seen eye to eye recently,
but I miss my granddaughter.
I'd just like to see her.
Please don't make me beg.
Call me, Maya.
[Shane] Here, last bit. Isn't it?
- Put out your hands.
- [Lily] So cute.
Put out your hands like this.
- [Lily giggling]
- [goats bleating]
[music ends]
[knocking at door]
- Kids not at home, then?
- No, they're, um
They're out. Sorry, what's this about?
We know you weren't at the gym
the evening Joe Burkett was murdered.
Show him the photo.
This photo was taken at 8:50 p.m.
on the 12th of April,
the evening of Joe's murder,
when you claim to be at the gym.
So, Eddie,
why would you lie to police
during a murder investigation?
I didn't mean to lie.
I did go to the gym that night,
but when I got to the car park,
she's there, this woman, and
[exhales]she starts flirting with me.
I haven't been single since I was 21,
and suddenly, you know
Her name's Sasha, and she's funny,
she's smart, and we hit it off right away.
And that doesn't happen often.
- And that night, her car had broken down.
- Oh, engine gave out just as you arrived?
- Don't make 'em like they used to.
- That's what she said.
She was having car trouble
and could I give her a lift back?
And then she invited me in.
So she can confirm
you were there that evening?
No. Because I wasn't.
I barely made it through the front door.
I stepped inside.
She fixed me a drink, and I just
I just couldn't.
I kept thinking about Claire.
[tense music playing]
I left, and I haven't spoken
to Sasha since.
I just drove around town,
and I ended up in a pub.
I should have told you right away,
but I didn't want the kids to find out
and to get the wrong idea.
We need a contact for Sasha
and the pub to corroborate your story.
[ominous music plays]
[Abby sighs]
- Hey.
- Oh, hey, Louis.
Sorry, I'm just heading off.
I was actually meeting someone.
[phone chiming, buzzing]
[ominous music building]
It's me from the website.
I'm your half-brother.
I know this is weird, okay?
This isn't how I imagined this moment.
What do you mean? It can't be you.
You work with my football team.
That would be an insane coincidence.
Or did you get the job to watch me?
Yeah. A job came up
at the sports center, so I thought
- [softly] Oh my God.
- I know it sounds bad, okay?
I was scared.
I didn't know how to tell you,
and I really liked
hanging out with your mum.
She told me about you guys,
but after she died,
I didn't know how to introduce myself,
and then a job came up here,
so I thought I could just see.
What do you mean,
you were hanging out with my mum?
Just that.
We were trying to get to know each other.
We met at a café the first time.
Then, after that, the school,
which was odd.
No, I would have known if my mum
was talking to you at my school.
Not your school.
It was this strange posh school.
She got me to pretend
I wanted to be a pupil there.
- We did the tour and everything.
- Why would she do that?
I don't know. It was weird.
It was like we were on some kind
of secret mission or something.
I was going to ask her more about it,
but that was the last time I saw her.
She was killed the next day.
[dramatic sting]
[music fades]
[Judith chuckling happily] Oh! Oh.
[imitates kissing]
My little one, look.
[imitating kissing]
Darling. Oh, my Lily.
- Darling.
- Lily.
- [Judith] Yeah.
- Lily, here.
Why don't you go in the playroom,
and your grandma will be in soon?
- Good girl.
- Come on, darling.
[Maya] There you go. Have fun.
- I knew you'd see reason.
- [Maya] Course you did.
That's why the last time I saw you,
you strongly implied I was going crazy.
I was acting out of concern.
One could hardly describe
your recent behavior as stable.
I'm perfectly stable, Judith.
You're on edge,
showing all the classic signs.
Withdrawal from loved ones,
troubled sleep,
not taking the usual level
of pride in your appearance.
Can you just stop with the mind games?
- Mind games?
- Yes.
I've been a psychiatrist over 40 years.
Longer than I've been in this family.
I am not being shipped off
to a psychiatric unit like Caroline.
Any more psychological insights,
me and Lily will be out that door.
We won't be coming back.
Let me see about getting us some tea.
[phone ringing]
Hi, Abby.
Auntie Maya, hi.
Don't freak out, okay?
I found him. Mum's other son.
- What?
- [dramatic sting]
- Where?
- It's kind of a long story.
Oh my God.
Well what's he like?
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
But listen, it sounds like Mum
was up to something odd.
He says that the two of them
went to this posh school together,
pretending he wanted to enroll.
They spoke to the headmaster,
did the full tour and everything.
And then, the next day, she was killed.
- It doesn't make any sense, right?
- Does he know the name of the school?
No, only that it begins with an "F,"
like Frederick or or Frank something.
Auntie Maya?
Does that mean anything to you?
[tense music playing]
Um, I'm not sure.
Um, look, I think
you should call your dad about this.
[sighs] Okay.
I will. Bye.
All right. Bye. Bye.
[dramatic music plays]
I thought you were in the hospital.
[music fading]
[floor creaking]
- [object thuds]
- Caroline?
[ominous music plays]
[music fades]
[disorienting music plays]
[tense music plays]
Franklin Biddle.
Okay, sweetheart. Are you going
to be a good girl for Grandma?
- [Lily] Yeah. Grandma!
- Yeah? Good girl.
Okay. Uh, she can stay this afternoon.
I'll be back to pick her up later.
[Judith gasps] Please.
- [door slams]
- Ooh!
[both giggle]
Let's hope you take after your daddy.
[suspenseful music plays]
[music fading]
[Louis] I always knew I was adopted.
My mum told me when I was just a kid.
It's just been the two of us all my life.
And that's enough for me, really.
I love my mum.
But I guess I was curious.
So a few months after I turned 18,
I joined the DNA site,
and straight away I found Claire.
Finally getting to know her
after all this time wondering.
I still don't know
about my biological dad.
He might not want anything to do with me.
But without Claire, I wouldn't even know
where to start to find him.
I just wish I found her sooner.
I hardly got to spend any time with her.
Why didn't you tell the police?
You said you were
with my mum days before she
Before she died.
If you cared about her so much,
then why didn't you go to the police?
I didn't think I needed to.
She died in a burglary, right?
That's what it said on the news.
I thought about
reaching out to you and Daniel,
but I didn't think you'd want
to find out about me then, not like that.
Don't talk to Daniel about this, okay?
And don't message me. I need to think.
[Louis] I I get it.
But maybe we could hang out again,
once you've had time?
Bye, Louis.
[disorienting music plays]
[music fades]
[sniffles, exhales]
You should've brought Molly.
They're running late.
What do you think that means?
I don't think it means anything.
So, am I in?
Ebony's tenth birthday extravaganza?
I'm working my magic.
Might have to upsell you a bit.
- Oh.
- [both chuckle]
How good are your balloon animals?
Anyway never mind all that right now.
- Deep breaths, yeah?
- Yeah. Yes.
[breathes deeply]
Right, you should, uh
You should go. I'll ring you later.
But right now, I just need to
prepare myself.
[Kierce] I know. Look, just go.
Call me.
[exhales, chuckles softly]
[tense music plays]
- [woman] Sami? Can you come through?
- Yeah?
[ominous music plays]
[music fading]
De Degenerative.
It seems as though your brain
isn't working as it should,
and I'm concerned that your symptoms
are progressively getting worse.
Your, uh Your MRI scan
and your EEG are both
showing signs of damage to the brain.
And what we haven't
been able to identify yet is
Was this me?
With my drinking. Did I do this to myself?
At the moment, we we don't have
enough evidence to be able to say.
[sorrowful music plays]
[muffled] Because things aren't behaving
in the way that we would expect them to,
it's difficult for us to say the speed
at which we think
this is going to progress.
I wish I had some better news
- [voice fades]
- [disorienting, gloomy music building]
[normally] Sami?
[suspenseful music plays]
[music fading]
[tense music plays]
[ominous sting]
[music continues]
Hello there.
[school bell rings]
[thudding in distance]
- [footsteps approaching]
- Shit. Shit.
Good Lord.
Headmaster, I'm I'm sorry
for just barging in like this.
I was, um I was hoping for a word?
Well, standard practice is to wait
on the other side of the door.
- It's my mistake.
- It certainly is.
Apart from anything else,
I'm extremely busy today
and not taking any meetings, Mrs
Burkett. I'm, um, Judith Burkett's
- Perhaps you remember her?
- Well, of course.
Judith Burkett remains
one of our most generous benefactors.
Yes. Well, uh, she sends her regards.
Nice to meet you. Maya.
Neville Lockwood.
Your husband
Joe. Joe Burkett.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Your husband was
one of our most beloved students.
If you were interested in us setting up
a memorial prize in Joe's honor
I'm actually here for another reason.
I wanted to ask you
about a lady called Claire Walker.
She visited you with her son
a few months ago.
[sputtering] Yeah, I'm sorry.
What is this regarding?
- Do you remember talking with her?
- I don't.
Well, if you just cast your mind back.
Mrs. Burkett, I'm headmaster
of one of the most
prestigious schools in the country.
Parents are falling over one another
to secure a place for their boys.
I meet with dozens every month.
Claire wasn't interested in sending
her kids to some stuck-up boarding school.
She wanted to know something.
And I'm pretty sure whatever that is,
you'd remember having that conversation.
I'm afraid I don't know
what you're talking about.
- I think you're lying.
- I beg your pardon.
I think you know
exactly what I'm talking about.
Claire was my sister. She was murdered
the day after she visited this school.
So whatever information you gave her,
whatever it was she was looking into,
is a reason why she's not at home
with her husband and kids right now.
I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
I'm not leaving
till you answer my questions.
[Lockwood chuckles]
I'm under no obligation
to indulge your curiosity, Captain Stern.
- [ominous sting]
- [chuckles dryly]
Yes, I know who you are.
[tense music playing]
Remind me
wasn't it Burkett money that paid
for your new science wing last year?
Me and Judith are very close.
I could suggest
that she stops donating altogether.
All I want is answers,
and then I'll be gone.
Your sister visited late last year.
At first, she pretended
she wanted a place for her son.
But she soon moved on to other questions.
About a former pupil of ours.
Theo Mora.
Do you have contact details
for Theo Mora now?
It's very important
that I get in touch with him.
That'd be challenging.
Theo died when he was still a pupil
at this school over 25 years ago.
[ominous music plays]
I'm surprised your husband
never mentioned him
given they were friends.
[eerie, disorienting music plays]
[uneasy music plays]
[indistinct conversations]
[woman laughs]
[Kierce clears throat]
- [sighs]
- [woman] Yeah, and that's a similar
- Ah, that's quite nice.
- Yeah.
- Oh, here he is.
- Oh!
- [chuckles]
- Come on, then.
- Hiya.
- You all right?
- Yeah, good.
- Yeah, good.
So I was just saying to Molly it's rare
that I have the groom call me up
to organize the meeting.
[Molly laughs] Yeah.
Anyways, it's lovely
to have you both here.
When we spoke on the phone,
- you had some very specific ideas
- [groans]
Sami. Sorry, excuse us. Sami?
Hey, what is it?
- Babe, what's wrong?
- No, I'm all right. Get off. Get off.
What is it?
- [groans]
- Sami, you're scaring me.
Please. What is it?
Get away. There's something
There's something I need to tell you.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Do you not want to do this?
- No. Of course I do. I just need to
I just need to say something, okay?
- Okay.
- [clears throat]
So, what? Sami, you're scaring me.
Please, please. What?
I can't do this.
- I ca Sorry.
- What?
What do you mean you can't do Sami!
How did Theo die?
If I told you I'd prefer not
to share that information,
can I assume you'd respond
with more clumsy financial coercion?
For the sake of the boy's family,
if I tell you, can you promise me
the information goes no further?
Theo died of alcohol poisoning.
- [ominous sting]
- What, he drank himself to death?
[inhales deeply]
The football team had a big win.
Spirits were high.
Of course, they all wanted to celebrate.
- [boys] Theo!
- [Lockwood] There was drinking.
[boys chanting] Chug!
[Lockwood] Young boys away from home.
Things went too far.
Theo must have become
separated from the group.
They found him the next morning.
It was a terrible shock.
The eighth of June, 1996.
[ominous music plays]
Eighth of June
That was six weeks
before Andrew Burkett died at sea.
Did you not wonder
about two pupils dying so close together?
- You think that was a coincidence?
- No.
No. Before I was headmaster,
I was a maths teacher,
an expert in bivariate data,
linear regression, standard deviation.
Which I daresay gives me a better insight
than most into the laws of probability.
Of course it wasn't a coincidence.
So what do you think happened?
The odds that two students
from an elite all-boys school
die within months
of each other are very slim.
The odds that those boys were
in the same year, slimmer still.
The same football team
[chuckles dryly]well,
we're past the point of coincidence.
But it's when you add
the final factor into the equation
that the possibility
of all that being chance hits zero.
And what is that?
Theo Mora and Andrew Burkett
were best friends.
So you think Andrew jumped
because of what happened to Theo?
I do.
Now, will that be all?
Or did you have
any more tawdry threats to make?
Do you remember who else
from the team was on the boat?
Well, Andrew and Joe, obviously.
- [Maya] Yeah.
- A boy called Christopher Swain,
and probably a few more boys
from the team as well.
Mrs. Burkett,
what happened to Theo was a tragedy,
not a mystery.
I understand that you
must be grieving deeply
and perhaps finding patterns
where there aren't any.
Down here on the the battlefield
of higher education,
there's no hidden enemy
or elaborate subterfuge.
Just boys being boys.
Leave the military comparisons
to the poetry professors, hey?
They just make you sound like an idiot.
[suspenseful music plays]
- [phone ringing]
- Oh
- Now isn't the right time.
- Do you know where Abby is?
She lied,
said she was going to a mate's house,
and now she's not picking up.
Daniel says he's got no idea.
She called me a couple of hours ago.
Well, did she say what she was doing?
Maya, I am her father.
[smacks lips]
She said she'd tracked down Claire's son.
- The one she gave up for adoption.
- What?
Where? How did she find him?
- Right, look
- Did you tell them?
- No. Listen, Eddie, the most important
- Fuckin'
[suspenseful music continues]
[ominous sting]
[music continues]
[music fades]
- [sighs]
- [door unlocking]
Hi. I'm I'm so sorry to disturb you.
My name's Maya Stern. I was hoping
to talk to you about your son's death.
And why would I want to talk
to a stranger about that?
No. My My husband was a Burkett.
- You have a beautiful family.
- Thank you.
That's Theo and Paul.
Adam. He's a surgeon.
- [Maya] Oh.
- Mm.
And Javier, my husband.
He passed away a couple of years ago.
He worked as a gardener.
Mr. Lockwood was one of his clients.
- Mr. Lockwood, the headmaster?
- Mm.
- Please.
- Thanks.
It was Lockwood's idea, you know,
scholarship for Theo.
They wanted a more diverse student body,
and I knew it was too good to turn down.
But you know, even when Javi
first mentioned the idea, I
I was scared.
- You felt like an outsider.
- I was an outsider.
But that's not what worried me.
I didn't want Theo
to feel like that, you know?
I didn't want them to to pick on him.
- Is that what happened?
- No.
He flew at that place.
[chuckles softly] So popular.
He did well in his lessons,
best at sports.
And I felt silly,
you know, for worrying at all.
[gentle music plays]
And then
a knock at the door.
Nothing prepares you for it.
Uh, said it was like an overdose
from alcohol.
I said, "Theo doesn't drink."
And they just looked at me
like I was some foolish mother.
My husband always said
that there must have been something else.
And I knew at that funeral, you know,
seeing all the boys in blazers,
all staff lined up, heads down.
The rich protect each other.
Did you ask the other boys about it?
Like Joe or Andrew?
I liked Andrew.
He wasn't like the others.
He actually cried at the funeral.
Him and some, um, other boy.
- Christopher some
- Chris Christopher Swain?
That's it.
Oh, I, uh
I heard about Andrew dying on the boat.
Burkett family says it was an accident.
Yeah. Other people said
it was because of Theo,
that it was grief.
But grief doesn't send
a boy jumping into the sea.
Guilt does.
[ominous music plays]
[line ringing]
- Hi, this is Abby. Please leave a message
- [sighs]
[phone ringing]
[disconnected tone beeps]
Ugh, there's got to be a better system.
[music fades]
- Hi.
- [Corey] Yo.
[Maya] I got your call.
Does anyone know you're here?
You weren't tailed or anything?
Well, not now
you've stopped following me, no.
[Corey scoffs]
What's all this about?
- Well, you were right
- [intriguing music plays]
about Tommy Dark going missing.
He's fallen completely off the grid.
But [clears throat]a month ago,
he failed to make a payment
on a storage space that he hires.
[Maya] Storage space?
[intriguing music playing]
- For what?
- Exactly my question.
[line ringing]
This is Kierce. Leave a message.
Kierce, it's Marty.
Neither you nor PJ Dawson
has shown for this interview.
Yeah, which in his case, I'd say
makes him an official suspect now.
But you you said
you'd be back by now. Okay.
I mean, I hope everything's all right.
I hope you know you can always
call me if you want to talk or,
you know, I don't know, grab a beer or
And I won't order
a protein shake, I promise.
[Marty chuckles]
I know you said this is
none of my business, but I'm worried.
Look, I'm I'm going to find PJ,
check his flat, go around his dad's house,
drag him down here
by the ear, if necessary, so
Yeah, uh, I'll let you know.
[uneasy music plays]
[music fading]
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
- No, I promise,
I just I just want to chat.
I'm, uh [clears throat]
- I'm sorry about that.
- Oh, are you now?
Was there a reason you decided to show up,
punch me in the face, and walk away,
or did the mood just take you?
I found out that you met
with my daughter behind my back.
I know you spoke to her,
that she came to your apartment.
I'm here now because my daughter
is currently off somewhere with your son.
I mean, I'm presuming
it was you that told her about him.
And while, to be frank,
that is bang out of order,
it's on me because I'm her dad,
and I should know where she is. So just
tell me what you told her, please.
I didn't even know I had a kid until your
bloody kid cornered me and let it slip.
I've no idea where any of them are.
It's a boy, then.
So you've just found out
you've got a child,
and you haven't done anything
to find out about him?
To do what?
Turn up at his doorstep and just say,
"Oh, nice to meet you"?
More or less, yeah.
It's easy for you to say. You've got kids.
You You know how it all works.
All what?
Look, I didn't even know
he existed a week ago, all right?
I'm not good with people
at the best of times.
The only person
I've ever really clicked with is Claire,
and that was years ago. I can't just
Wouldn't know where to begin.
Whoever he is, he's a grown lad
with a family and a life of his own.
He doesn't need me barging in
- and disrupting it all.
- [phone rings]
Abby, where are you?
No, no, I'm not mad, chick.
I just want to know that you're safe.
[suspenseful music playing]
[sighs] All right.
All right, I'll see you back home.
I love you.
Found her.
[music continues]
You might be less conspicuous
without your shades and your hat.
Well, forgive me
if I don't take stealth advice
from someone whose MO
is to chopper in and blow shit up.
Ah, nice.
I prefer to conduct my illegal activities
from behind a screen.
[Maya grunts]
[ominous sting]
[Nicole] Sami.
[tense music plays]
I got your message.
[siren wails in distance]
Give me one good reason.
Not to drink or not to jump?
What did they say?
[sighs] God.
I'm sorry, Sami.
There's, uh
There's no cure.
[voice breaking] It's just
more and more of this until I'm done.
How can I start a family
and do that to them?
- But Molly's a strong woman.
- She shouldn't have to be strong!
It should be me. I should be the one
[sputtering] You know? Uh
Fucking hell. Of course,
I was finally getting it right, you know?
I fucked it up for so long.
And I was finally getting it right.
And now, I just
Can't do that to her.
[pulsing, ominous music building]
[suspenseful music plays]
[music fading]
Why do I feel
like you're holding something back?
[tense music plays]
Come on, Corey.
Secrets don't suit you.
I'm in this now.
And I need to know
exactly what Claire knew.
What haven't you told me?
[ominous music plays]
We're talking criminality
across the entire
Burkett pharmaceutical division.
Joe, Judith, Neil,
the whole board would have known.
A boy died in India.
Three years old.
I don't know the exact details,
but I know he had
an infection, got a fever,
and then was treated
by Burkett company antibiotics.
And by the time they realized
they weren't working,
it was too late for him.
That boy is just one casualty.
There's more deaths.
Problems with addiction.
Horrible side effects.
All from Burkett company meds.
Now, even if if half of that was true,
it should bury them.
Only it won't,
because the Burketts know they can just
hide behind money and lawyers
and point the finger somewhere else.
But whatever secret
Claire stumbled across,
it's different.
It's big. It's bigger than drug tampering.
And somehow,
it has been tied to Tommy Dark,
and I think it could bring their whole
rotten empire crashing down.
Come on.
[dramatic music plays]
[line ringing]
[siren wailing]
[phone buzzes, chimes]
[Phil] It's Dad. Call me now!
[dramatic music continues]
[music ends]
[ominous music building slowly]
[frost crackling]
[dramatic music building]
[dramatic sting]
[disorienting sting]
[dramatic music continues building]
[music crescendoes]
[intriguing synth music plays]
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