Fool Me Once (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[mysterious music plays]
[phone ringing, buzzing]
- Marty.
- It's Maya Burkett.
- What about her?
- She's been found with a dead body.
[suspenseful music plays]
I'm on my way.
- ["Inside" by Chris Avantgarde plays]
- I can hear your voice ♪
I can feel you cry ♪
No matter what you do now ♪
Don't dare to close your eyes ♪
The end is drawing near ♪
I'll tell them that you tried ♪
Shed a single tear now ♪
Time to say goodbye ♪
Time to say goodbye ♪
[song ends]
[tense music plays]
[Maya] Yes, I got a call.
He didn't say who it was.
It was man, but he was using
a a voice changer thing.
I mean, it could have been anyone.
He told me if I came down here alone,
I'd see Tommy Dark.
He didn't say anything about a body.
- Uh, Maya was
- Yeah, I heard. Can I see your phone?
The call was to my landline.
You have my number.
It'll take longer to check your landline,
but you knew that.
Why were you looking for Tommy Dark?
He runs a security firm, is that right?
Listen, all I know,
Claire was trying to find him.
I thought maybe if I speak to him,
it could shed light on why she was killed.
You think this
is connected to your sister?
- You heard this where?
- I've told you everything that I know.
All right? I've been here all night.
I just want to go and see my daughter.
- I'm sorry, Maya, you just [groans]
- Whoa, hey!
- Don't touch me like that again. Ever!
- [Kierce] You need to warn Wait.
You need to warn somebody
if you're gonna touch them.
- But she
- All right? Wait.
- So, she can leave?
- [Kierce] Yes.
But just don't go booking any holidays.
We need to keep in touch. Go.
- Go.
- Sorry, you, you
[Kierce] Move! Move!
Use your head. She's a Burkett.
Without solid proof,
that family's lawyers will tear us apart.
We need to run a deep check
on this Tommy Dark.
Uh, see where the connections are.
Okay. Starting with her sister, Claire.
What do you think she has to do with this?
[groans] I don't know.
Let's find out.
You've not changed your clothes.
So there is a fashion police.
- Kierce, have you been out all night?
- Yes, yes, yes. I was at a rave.
A rave?
- You can't come through.
- What do you mean I can't?
- I need my car.
- It's all right. I've got this.
- He's back.
- Your car's linked to a crime scene.
- We're gonna need to keep it
- Right, whatever. I'm not bothered.
You keep stumbling over dead bodies.
[tense music plays]
Don't you, Maya?
All right, fine. Fine.
I killed Tommy Dark.
I shoved his body
in a freezer in his storage unit.
I waited a while,
went to check in with his wife,
came back today for another look,
and to firmly implicate myself,
I called the police to come and join me.
[chuckles] Yeah,
I am I am a master criminal.
Here, go on. You got me. Got me.
How about for my sister's murder?
Oh, no, no, wait, wait. I was away.
I was overseas when that happened.
Even you couldn't pin me for that.
I'm not trying to pin anything.
I'm on your side.
- You're on my side, are you?
- Yes, and I'm trying to help.
Then why are you taking bribes
from Judith Burkett?
Nine thousand pounds
into your Monktons bank account.
Tenth of every month.
- It's sweet work if you can get that.
- [alarm beeping]
Fucking hell.
- Right, I'm going to get us a lift.
- Us?
Yes. I want to show you something.
Come on.
Come on!
[clears throat] Just a minute.
[music fades]
Yeah, come in. Come on.
- Are you getting married?
- Hey? Yeah, and a kid on the way.
But that's not why we're getting married.
That's just a bonus.
Here's what I'm looking for.
Look. The tenth. And, look.
Streamers, canceled. Gym, canceled.
And, look. My own personal phone.
Cheapest one known to man,
and cheapest contract to go with it.
Now, does anything here
point to a man currently being bribed?
- Yeah.
- What?
You've told me you're broke
with a baby on the way.
That just screams
that you're open to be bribed.
Do I look like I'm being bribed?
I earned about 50p last year,
and that was before tax.
- [alarm beeping]
- And I I found this on a bus.
I'm allergic to the strap,
and it doesn't stop beeping.
All right, Maya, look, why don't you
ring up the police complaints?
I'll give you their number.
That should trigger a deep dive
into my affairs, but I warn you,
it's more likely to result
in a whip-round.
Go on. There's the phone. Go on.
- I'm not dirty, Maya.
- Why did Caroline Burkett tell me you are?
- Caroline Burkett? I don't know! Uh
- Yes. Why? Why?
Loss does funny things to a person.
I'm a murder suspect, right?
Bringing me into your home
isn't normal, is it?
Well, I think you're holding back,
and not for the reasons
my colleagues think you are.
Because they think
I'm guilty and and you don't?
Well, maybe I need
a little more convincing than they do.
But just a little bit more, mind.
That body in the storage unit
moved the dial.
And not in your favor.
[gentle music playing]
All right.
Tommy Dark, I heard
that he had been bribed as well.
- If you're innocent, Maya
- I am innocent.
Well, if you're innocent,
you need to tell me everything.
[sighs softly]
There's nothing more to tell.
Oh, um
- Boy or girl?
- What?
Your baby.
Oh, um
Or girl. I I don't know.
- [watch alarm beeps]
- Oh, shut up.
- [speaking indistinctly]
- [door opens]
[Maya] Hello!
- [gasps] Who is it?
- [Maya gasps]
- Hey!
- Hi, darling. Hi.
Did you have a nice sleepover
at Uncle Eddie's?
Yeah! Thanks for going out there.
I really appreciate it.
To "Castle Farnwood"? No problem.
Makes sense though, 'cause this one's
a little princess, aren't you?
- Are you a princess? Yeah.
- [laughs] Yeah, you are.
Next time, though,
let Judith know I'm coming.
Looked like she was gonna release
the hounds. She did not wanna let Lily go.
Well, she can't always get what she wants.
Oh, I'd like to add your name
to the pickup list at Lily's nursery.
Is that okay?
- What does that involve?
- Picking her up sometimes, when I can't.
Nah, sorry. Sounds too hard.
- [laughs]
- [gasps] No, that's not fair, Uncle Eddie.
Here. Here it is.
[gasps] Ooh. Here.
Has Abby spoken to you
about her, uh, brother, Louis, yet?
[Eddie] Half-brother.
[water running]
She doesn't know that I told you
that she went to see him, does she?
We haven't really talked about
anything, not properly.
The same with Dan.
[sighs] I can see
that they're in pain, Maya.
But Claire,
she's who they always
went to for everything. Not me.
It has to be you now.
But what if I'm not able? Like
I see Abby throwing herself
into keeping this place together,
and I want her to be
the kid that she is, but that'd mean
Talking about Claire?
Accepting the fact
that she's never coming back?
What is that?
Oh. Non-alcoholic.
[Eddie] Uh-huh.
Can hardly tell the difference. [groans]
- [both chuckle]
- If only I'd known.
So, what's going on
with you, Maya? Really.
The captain of the Burkett yacht
at the time when Andrew died
was a guy called Tommy Dark.
Yeah, and for some reason,
Claire was trying to track him down.
- But he wasn't talking.
- How come?
Because someone killed him
and shoved him in a freezer.
Another murder?
Yeah, and I'm connected
to every single one.
[tense music plays]
Did Claire ever mention
the name Christopher Swain?
He was a school friend
of Joe and Andrew's.
No, but what the hell has Joe
and his brother's childhood
got to do with Claire?
[chuckles dryly]
I actually don't know.
But Swain's name keeps coming up,
as well as Tommy Dark's.
I know Claire
was digging around asking questions.
I'm running out of time, Eddie.
What do you mean?
Well, if I get arrested, then
You got a photo of him? This Swain?
Yeah, I have.
This is his profile picture.
Hang on.
Only one part of the city
has a view like this.
- Where?
- One of our clients owns this building.
- What?
- I went there for a Christmas party.
It was, like, stupidly posh.
Hard to forget.
- Let me see.
- Look.
It's called Crawmond Place.
[dramatic music plays]
[music fading]
Where's Kierce?
He's not been answering his phone.
[sputtering] Uh, Kierce, yeah,
I think he just popped out. He
- Oh, he's got you, has he?
- Huh?
With that puppy dog grumpiness
that sorta wins you over
whether you like it or not.
Don't be a fool, Marty.
It's only a matter of time
before he pisses on your leg.
No, I think he, um
he actually said something
about his, uh his phone was
low on battery and he's just gone out to
Look, please, stop.
Just, uh Just tell me this.
Whatever he's doing, it's, um
It's nothing to do with drink, is it?
Drink? No. Was that a problem once?
After his first fiancée was murdered.
- Murdered? What happened?
- [gentle music plays]
She was a copper too.
We were all in the academy together.
And she was killed in the line of duty.
Bloke that did it
has been behind bars for years.
Kierce is the one that put him there.
He never got over it,
and that's when he started drinking.
Heads up, Marty.
He won't wanna talk about it.
Sami being Sami,
he blames himself for what happened.
[dramatic music plays]
- Mrs. Somers? Your groceries are here.
- [buzzer sounds]
Miss, you can't go through there.
I'll call you back.
[suspenseful music plays]
[card scanner beeps]
Excuse me, Miss
[elevator dings]
[Maya] Mr. Swain?
My name is Maya Stern.
I'm Joe Burkett's wife.
You're too late. Shame, you're his type.
Excuse me. Have you seen Mr. Swain?
Not since that last party.
Um, what party?
The one he always throws
before he goes away.
However, this one
was louder than usual, I can tell you.
- Excuse me? Okay, um, goes where?
- Where he always goes, of course.
He parties, gets wasted,
and they ship him off to [scoffs]
The poor would call it a loony bin.
The rich call it a retreat.
[suspenseful music building]
- Hello, George.
- Good morning.
What brings you up here?
[music crescendoes]
[music fades]
[music resumes]
[music ends]
[Eddie] That smells good.
I don't suppose there's
any left over for me?
I'm not your wife, Dad. I'm your daughter.
Yeah, I know that. I didn't mean
The grill.
You don't like mushrooms.
I've not been a good dad lately, I know.
It's just, um
It's so hard.
I went to see Louis.
My brother. Half Half-brother.
He's coach assistant at the sports center.
- He what?
- It's okay.
I know it's weird,
but I I think that he was just
trying to see what we were like before he
I don't know
committed something.
Right. Uh, why? I mean,
why did you go looking for him?
- First, it was 'cause I wanted answers.
- Answers?
Doesn't make sense to me the way Mum died.
Oh, love, no.
[hesitates] Whatever happened,
I'm sure it had nothing to do with him.
[gentle music playing]
Did he say something
to make you think that it did?
How about I reach out?
See if he wants to come and
[clears throat] meet us all properly?
I guess. I mean
[inhales] it didn't feel completely right
meeting him the way that I did. Yeah.
- I think that'd be a good idea.
- You met him? Without me?
Dan, I didn't mean to. I'm sorry. Dan.
[tense music playing]
- Dan!
- [door slams shut]
[man] I miss it.
[music fades]
But I know I would miss this so much more.
Thank you.
- Sami?
- Yes?
Would you like to speak?
- Yeah.
- I think it's time.
- [watch beeping]
- Yeah. It's time.
[beeping stops]
[clears throat]
Hello, my name is Sami.
[men and women] Hi, Sami.
And I'm an alcoholic.
It's been three years,
six days, and nine months
since I've last had a drink, and, um
[breathes deeply]
honestly, these last days
have been the hardest.
I've had some
I've had some difficult news to take in.
[breathes deeply]
I know if I did drink again,
it'd probably kill me.
Which is, uh
- [gentle music plays]
- [chuckles]
Which is funny.
I mean, it's it's it's not funny,
but it's, um
'Cause the thing
that I'm most scared of is
Not dying, but, uh
dying on someone.
Leaving them
with all the shit that goes with
losing someone you love, you know.
That's it. Thanks.
[group applauds gently]
That was honest.
But talking to strangers
is not the hardest part.
You know that, Sami, don't you?
[sniffles, clears throat]
["Dancing in the Moonlight" playing
on karaoke machine]
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
See you next week.
- Bye!
- Bye!
So you decided to show, then?
Love, what's wrong? Sami!
What do they mean,
they don't know what it is?
How can it be serious
if they don't know what it is?
It's serious because of what
it's doing to me, these, uh [sniffles]
these blackouts, and they're
and they're doing tests and
Is that why you ran?
- [sighs softly]
- [Kierce] Just
I, um
I don't want this for you, Molly.
Not for you.
Not for our child.
What are you talking about?
You're going to be a dad, Sami.
Whether it's five minutes or five decades
our child is going to be
all the better for having you in his life.
You have to let me in.
You need to let me help you, love.
That's how this is
supposed to work. Please.
[gentle music plays]
Well, I just [clears throat]
Just a question, which is serious, so
[clears throat]
You just said, um
You just said "his" life, so
What I'm trying to say is, have you
Did you find out any more info
- Oh
- or is it a feeling?
[chuckling] You're just saying
it's a feeling? I just want to know!
You're such an idiot. Such an idiot!
Uh-oh. Oh.
- [laughing] Such an idiot, stop!
- You happy?
I love you.
I love you too.
[softly] There you go.
["Rock-a-Bye, Baby" playing faintly]
[shushing gently]
Close your eyes.
Good girl.
[phone buzzing]
I saw him, Maya.
I saw Joe.
[ominous music plays]
He told me to tell you he's
[line disconnects]
[line ringing]
[raspy breathing over phone]
Who is this?
[ominous music building]
[music crescendoes]
[music fades]
[sighs in relief]
[ominous music plays]
[locks window]
[gunshot echoes]
You don't get it, do you?
Death follows you, Maya.
[stifling sobs]
[tense music plays]
[music building]
[sinister music plays]
[music fades]
Dan, please.
You can't keep freezing me out, Dan.
[object rattling]
Mum's favorite!
At least, her favorite
of the two things I can do.
I tried calling you guys before.
You must've been on the pitch.
Why did you need to call us?
You weren't at practice.
No. When your dad invited me round,
I didn't want to wait another day.
Afraid if I did, I'd chicken out.
So I came straight over.
What's going on? Dad?
This is Louis.
Yeah, from the sports center?
It's him, Dan. He's our half-brother.
[gentle music plays]
I'm sorry. I didn't do any of this right.
I hope I can fix things.
[exhales deeply]
[tense music playing]
[music softens]
[pills rattle]
Sarge? Test results.
These are the blood results
from Maya Stern's car.
[chuckling in relief] Ah. Yeah.
All right, thanks.
[ominous music plays]
Oh, fucking hell.
Hey. You know you can't just
switch your phone off, right?
Look at this.
Look, I don't care how many steps
you've taken today, all right?
Ha-ha. It's CCTV from a petrol station
en route to Tommy Dark's lock-up.
And that is Maya Burkett's car.
Look there carefully.
[Kierce] She said she went alone.
- Maya lied to me.
- We need to bring her in.
[sighs] I know.
[ominous music continues]
[gasps softly]
- Aren't you coming?
- Mm-hmm.
[music fades]
So, Captain Proctor.
You guys go way back, right?
[Kierce inhales deeply]
What did Pam tell you?
She told me
that your first fiancée was murdered.
I can't even imagine how horrible
that must have been for you, um
I'm really sorry. It's just
[sighs] Well, have you ever thought that
everything that's happening with you now
I don't know,
maybe it's somehow connected?
I mean, you're getting married again,
maybe it's dredging stuff up,
and, I don't know, your your body
might be reacting badly to something?
Are you comparing the death
of the woman I loved to eating carbs?
- [sputtering] Oh, no. Oh my God. That's
- No?
Uh, look, sorry, I shouldn't Proctor did
say you wouldn't want to talk about it.
Well, thanks.
- [Lily] One, two, three
- Right, come on.
We're going to be late. Quick!
Go on. Good girl.
[car beeps, unlocks]
[eerie music building]
Lily, where are you? Come on.
- [Lily] Dada!
- [music intensifies]
No. Lily, Lily, come here.
You'll get all muddy.
[Kierce] That Joe's?
[Maya] Hmm?
Joe's car, right?
- Well, you still have mine, remember?
- I remember. I haven't forgotten.
What are you doing here?
You might need to make other plans.
Come to the station with us.
- Yeah, well, I can't.
- Whoa. This time, you've no choice.
[tense music building]
[music crescendoes]
[music fades]
[Kierce] This was recorded yesterday
when you found Tommy Dark.
Who's that in the car with you?
Your anonymous tipper?
If you're asking me
to give you a name, I can't.
- If that's the reason you brought me
- Not the only reason.
[tense music playing]
You told us yesterday was the first time
that you were at that lock-up.
The first time that you laid eyes on
Tommy Dark, both dead or alive.
How do you explain the fact we found blood
in the boot of your car, type AB positive?
So rare that only 4% of the population
have it. One of that 4%
being Tommy Dark.
[ominous music plays]
You're lying, Maya.
Been lying to us all along, haven't you?
- Hmm?
- [Kierce] Who's the man in the car, Maya?
Who are you covering for?
- [pounds table]
- Come on, Maya. You need to tell me.
Corey Rudzinski.
The man in the car is Corey the Whistle.
The hacker that that leaked
that that video about you.
- The one that got you turfed out
- [Maya] He was working with Claire.
He convinced her to feed him
information about the Burketts.
- What information?
- I'm not sure.
This potential scandal involving some
of their pharmaceutical products.
Claire discovered Dark
was being paid by the family.
That's why she went to look for him,
to find out why.
I'm sure if you spoke to the widow,
she'd say Claire has been round
asking about him, just like I did.
Right, Corey told me
that Dark's lock-up contained clues
about where he might be.
That's what he said.
Look, I went round to see
Tommy Dark's secretary and then his wife.
Why would I do all that
if I knew where he was?
It just doesn't make sense.
[tense music playing]
Look, you know that I didn't do this.
You know that I didn't
- Then who did, Maya?
- Him! Him! Corey.
He's been in my car. He could've easily
have planted blood in the boot.
It's obvious he's trying to frame me.
He's not a fan of me, is he?
- Or the Burketts! Think about it.
- [Kierce] All right.
Well, there's only one way
we're going to find out, isn't there?
You need to tell us
where we can find Corey the Whistle.
[Marty] Corey's woodland hideout
is further out,
so let's try the, uh the arcade first,
and if he's not there, we can double back.
Are you expecting trouble?
He's a hacker. What's he gonna do?
Turn us off and on again?
We need to find him. I want this craziness
wrapped up as fast as possible.
Marty, go to the arcade.
Sami, go to the hidey-hole. Makes sense?
- Makes sense.
- [Marty] Ma'am, I was
Christ, Marty. Just call me boss.
I'm not Angela bleeding Lansbury.
She was in Duran Duran.
The band.
Thank you.
Uh, ma'am Boss
[Proctor] Not now, Marty.
I've got a meeting.
Come. Come on.
- Come with me.
- All right, get off.
What're you doing?
I don't know why
you're giving Maya so many chances.
I don't trust her.
Maybe you've got your reasons.
But one thing is for sure.
You are not driving anywhere.
- [chuckles]
- [sputtering] I'm serious. Deadly serious.
- Okay?
- All right.
Well, all right, come here.
Oh my God, just
Look, I know you don't want
to talk to me about this, but
Are you okay?
I don't know.
[clears throat] But, um
I spoke to Molly.
I'm glad I did, you know, and
- You were right. So, yeah.
- [sighs happily]
- Right? I was.
- Yes. No, no, no, it's okay.
- That's really
- We d Yeah.
- Come on.
- No.
- Bring it in.
- No.
- Yeah, come on in.
- No, no, no. Oh, God, why?
Get off. Right, stop.
Stop it. Just get off.
This is the real reason
we don't carry firearms, all right?
Yeah, sorry.
[siren wailing]
I know about Tommy Dark.
Cops think you did it?
For fuck's sake!
Fucking hell.
- Are you done?
- [sighs] Done.
So what have you found out
about Christopher Swain?
No, Maya, that's not how this works. This
You can't keep me in the dark like this.
I did you a huge favor.
Oh, okay. All right. So your favors
come with strings now, do they?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Maya, but if you're
not going to tell me what's going on,
then the best I can do
is give you a lift home.
Okay, fine. Fine!
[honks horn]
[Maya sighs]
Not telling me everything
isn't cool, but outright lying to me,
that's harder to come back from, Maya.
Shane, I won't lie to you.
I promise.
[mysterious music playing]
Right. Go on, then.
Swain got pulled over
a week ago by local police.
He was intoxicated, well over the limit,
and not for the first time, either.
Kind of like a pattern
for him every 12 months or so, the
[inhales] The thing is, and this is
- This is the strange part.
- What?
No record of any jail time. Like, ever.
All right, so
Right, if Christopher Swain
was sent somewhere,
and it wasn't prison,
it must be a condition of his bail.
Probably some rich boys' rehab.
Trouble is, the finer details? Sealed.
I think I know someone who can help me.
Whether they do or not,
that's a different matter.
[music fades]
[Louis] Sorry.
I, um I didn't mean to disturb you.
It's okay.
I'm doing it again, aren't I?
Being weird.
I've never been comfortable around people.
[gentle music plays]
"Tiny Fingers."
She wrote this for you?
Well, that's what we thought.
But now I'm I'm pretty sure
it's about you, Louis.
I suppose she she didn't
have you for long, but
she obviously never stopped
feeling like you were part of her.
[knocks gently on door]
Uh, about what you said earlier,
Louis, about your dad
I've been thinking, um,
I'm pretty sure I know
how to get in touch with him.
If you'd like me to do that.
Maybe check and see if he'd like to,
I don't know, pop over some time?
I'd like that very much. Thank you.
- What have you got?
- Uh, have you seen this?
A woman spotted it, and it looped back
to Claire Walker's file.
One of the bullets from her murder
was booked out
for a few hours a few months ago.
- Booked out by who?
- The, uh, detective on duty.
Looks like he was following
the official request
from military police.
[dramatic sting]
Okay, that stinks.
You need to talk to that duty detective.
Find out who exactly made that request.
Shane Tessier. It has to be.
[phones ringing]
- [computers beeping]
- [officers chattering worriedly]
- [Kierce] What the hell?
- We've been locked out.
What's going on?
[officer] We've been hacked.
The whole system's down.
[Proctor] Shit. I
- Put out a memo.
- [Kierce] What sort of memo?
[Proctor] Thought there might be
chatter online.
Something that might help us
nail the bastard.
"That bastard" being Corey the Whistle.
He's bricked our whole system.
[suspenseful music plays]
Hey, this is Marty.
Please leave a message.
Marty, Co Corey knows
that we're onto him.
He set traps for anyone looking for him
online from a police address.
He won't be at the arcade,
but he still might be in the woods.
Call me back when you get this. Hello?
[snaps fingers] Hello, the car.
Can I have the car, please? Yes.
Thank you.
Oh, for fuck's sakes.
[music continues]
[phone ringing]
So the arcades are claiming they've never
heard of Corey, which is a lie.
But without a warrant,
that's all we can do.
So I'm going to go
and try the other place,
and Kierce, where are you?
Are you driving?
I had no choice.
Corey knows we're on to him.
We need to get to him now.
- [music intensifies]
- [horn blaring]
[music fades]
- Be with you in a moment, Maya.
- Okay.
- Take the rest in, Luka.
- [tense music playing]
And please be careful.
They're very delicate.
- Yes, Mrs. Burkett.
- I still want to talk to Izabella.
- [spray hissing]
- [gasps]
[screams] Ow!
She's been avoiding me.
She doesn't want
to talk to you Ms. Stern.
Maya? Come on.
[music fades]
Thank you.
I need the name of the most exclusive
rehab you can think of.
- Do you
- Oh, no. Not for me.
Someone like you. Someone who
doesn't care how much things cost.
Someone who will pay anything
to keep their private life hidden.
Maya, who are you looking for?
[inhales deeply]
Very well.
If discretion is paramount
this is most likely the place.
I'll let them know you're coming.
You'll need my name to get in.
Thank you.
- May I be blunt?
- When are you not?
[Judith chuckles]
In that way, we're alike, you and I.
Well, in many ways we're alike.
We both married into the family.
We're both widows.
We both speak our minds.
[inhales deeply]
So speak it.
I think your problem
What's my problem, Judith?
You're not sharing anything with anybody.
I can tell.
Joe could be like that.
I always sensed he had
some secrets within him.
Perhaps he shared them with you,
but I don't think so.
Did you feel you knew him, Maya?
Really knew him?
I'm not insisting you talk to me,
but you came to me for help,
and I've given it.
So trust me when I tell you,
you should talk to someone.
Christopher Swain.
That's who I'm looking for.
Swain? I know the name, but
- Wasn't he
- The same school as Joe.
And And Andrew.
- May I ask why you want to see him?
- It's complicated.
Maybe it's connected to Claire.
I don't know.
Thank you.
[gentle music plays]
Be safe, Maya.
Believe it or not,
I don't want to lose you too.
[dramatic music plays]
[music continues]
[doors lock]
[pills rattle]
[ominous music plays]
[phone ringing]
Hey, got some beers. You wanna
Oh, I can't meet, Shane.
Uh, I can't talk at the minute either.
Where are you?
[tense music playing]
I'm at home. About to go out and meet Eva.
It's kind of a, um, girls' night thing.
Maybe tomorrow.
Tomorrow. Sounds good.
- [woman] Hello, can I help you?
- I'm here to see Christopher Swain.
- Judith Burkett said I
- [gate opens]
[dramatic music building]
- [tires squealing]
- [siren wailing]
[music fades]
[ominous music plays]
Thank you.
[music fades]
Christopher Swain?
How did you find me?
Who are you?
I'm Maya Stern.
Stern? I I'm sorry, I
I, uh I was married to Joe Burkett.
Joe Burkett is dead.
[ominous sting]
I was told he was dead.
Yeah, he is.
[tense music playing]
I wanted to ask you about his brother.
I need to know
what happened that night on the yacht.
What are you afraid of?
[ominous music plays]
- [gasps softly]
- [imperceptible]
What do you mean?
Joe killed Andrew.
[dramatic sting]
Your husband
he murdered his own brother.
[sinister music building]
[music fades]
[intriguing synth music plays]
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