For All Mankind (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

The Bleeding Edge

All right, Wubbo.
Let's take a look here, buddy.
- Okay, follow the light for me.
- You're good.
I took shelter in the lava tube
right next to base camp.
Okay, Wubbo. Let's take a look.
Muller, take care of Molly for me, okay?
I tried to reach Wubbo over the comm,
but there was no response.
And that was when the storm hit.
Molly, you okay?
Step up. Step up.
Do me a favor. Put some
Molly, okay?
I've never seen anything like it.
It was like the regolith was boiling.
All right, Wubbo. Let's see
what we can do here, huh?
All right. Come on.
I knew Wubbo was in trouble,
but, uh, it wasn't safe to proceed
with the rescue until
the storm was over.
So I waited.
Two hours, 45 minutes. I waited.
You made the right call, Molly.
Will he be okay?
There aren't really any tests
that can tell us how much radiation
passed through his body
during that time.
But his dosimeter badge
measured 200 rems.
What does that mean?
It's more than the maximum dose
any person should get in a lifetime.
He will almost certainly develop
cancer in the next few years.
I'm moving my return trip up to tomorrow
so I can get him back to Houston.
And I'm taking you back with me as well.
What? The hell you are.
My badge was green. I I
have two more months up here.
That lava tube gave some protection,
but it wasn't ideal cover.
The approved amount of radiation
for a six-month tour is 20 rems.
- Your dosimeter's at 90.
- Come on.
I'm almost finished mapping
the southern ridge of Stafford.
I know there's lithium there.
I'm sorry. My decision is final.
We leave at 0900.
That's so easy for you to say.
You can't wait to get off this rock
and start your cushy new desk job.
Nothing about this is easy, Molly.
Once you're recovered,
you'll come back up.
Six months, a year tops.
And Wubbo?
He's never coming back.
The Reagan administration
continues to defend
its decision to go to DEFCON 3
during yesterday's solar storm.
The escalation led to
the 4th Bomber Wing's
deployment near Soviet airspace.
Soviet premier Andropov
criticized the actions as provocative
in a speech to the Duma earlier today.
Administration officials claim
it was simply a cautionary measure.
But a growing number
of critics here at home
are questioning that rationale.
If that's true,
why'd they rush the president
onto Air Force One?
A solar flare brought us
to the brink of war,
thanks to the saber-rattling policies
of this administration.
And how's the power
situation holding up?
Solar's picking up most of the slack
while we're getting the
nuclear reactor back online.
What about life support systems?
Got a lot of people up there.
Life support should be fine,
but ice mining output's been affected.
And the advanced development
operations for the Mars program
will have to be put on hold. Again.
And that's not all.
During the scram, the
fuel rods were damaged.
We're not gonna get more than another
couple of months out of the reactor,
if we're lucky.
Okay. We'll have to send up
more plutonium.
It'll be tight,
but I think the next Sea Dragon launch
should get it there in time.
Certainly safer with an unmanned flight.
Mm-hmm. I'll alert Guam to implement
nuclear transportation guidelines.
That'll have to be approved
by the Pentagon first.
That'll take weeks.
We'll miss the launch date.
I don't want Jamestown stuck
in the dark because of red tape.
Well, I don't want that either,
Margo, but it is protocol.
And we may be back to DEFCON 5,
but we still need to remain vigilant.
Good morning. I come bearing good news.
We could certainly use some.
So, uh, after this storm fiasco,
the president thinks it's prudent
to ease tensions with the Soviets,
show Americans he's a man of peace.
Sticking missiles on Pathfinder
is probably not the best way to do that.
I know. I know. That's on hold. For now.
But I do want you to put together
a proposal for a new mission.
An American astronaut
and a Soviet cosmonaut
coming together to show
our common purpose
with a handshake in space.
I'm sorry.
A handshake?
You dock the two ships, open the hatch,
they shake hands on live TV,
Bob's your uncle.
Ed, I'll need some ideas on the crew,
people that best reflect
what our country is all about.
Strength, freedom, maybe, uh
maybe a young face in
there for the MTV crowd.
Yeah. I'll see if Madonna's available.
There is no way I'm allowing our shuttle
to dock with a Soviet craft.
They'll have access to our most
classified technologies. We can't
Margo, relax. It It
won't ever get to that.
We reach our hand out in peace,
and when the Soviets smack it away,
we come out smelling like roses.
And they look like the aggressors.
It's a win-win.
Tom, I'm not sure if you've noticed,
but we've got a lot
on our plate right now.
So planning a PR stunt
that's never gonna happen
isn't exactly high on my priority list.
You'll figure out something.
It's what you do.
It's what you do.
Bet you're pretty excited
to get down here
and join all the fun, huh, Ellen?
Yeah, can't wait.
Signing off.
How we looking?
Ah. LSAM's prepped for launch.
Guess it's about that time then.
This is gonna be your
last time up here, right?
Gonna miss it?
Four tours, 723 days. I've, uh
I've had my fill.
Anyway, I think I can
have more of an impact
on the program down there.
Maybe start with getting us
a working dishwasher.
I can't do the impossible, Al.
- Well, should we, uh
- Yeah.
I hereby relieve you as
commander of Jamestown.
I stand relieved.
Good luck down there.
Foster. Thank you.
Take care.
Price. Keep up the good work.
Fassi. Thank you.
- Geller.
- Thank you.
Good. Don't be too good to him.
- Jonway.
- Thanks.
Oh, and, uh, almost forgot
the most important thing.
What are these for?
The liquor cabinet.
All right, ADI is to inertial.
- Check your errors and rates and medium.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna kick off the maneuver.
Item 27. Execute. All right.
Cobb, time to strap in.
All right.
- Engine mode 202.
- 202.
Come on, you little
alien bastards. Yes. Yes.
You might as well give up.
You're never gonna get it.
Bullshit. I'm almost there.
You're cheating.
No, I'm not. It's called hunting.
- Jimmy showed me.
- Proud of you, Gordo.
I was right there.
- Right there.
- One day.
One day you'll get it, buddy boy.
You think she'll show up?
We'll see.
"And when he came to it,
he found nothing but leaves,
for the time of figs was not yet".
I didn't really know him that well.
Certainly had his demons.
Ah, some guys just never
get free of it, you know?
It's like they're still over there.
Poor Dani. Can't imagine
what she's going through.
Mm. It's gonna take time,
but she'll get through it.
Yeah. Just seeing her at
the funeral, that was like
- Hey, there she is.
- Hi, Bob.
- Hi, Bob.
- Hi, Bob.
Sorry I'm late.
The I-45 was jammed.
Uh what the hell is that?
- Plants in a bar. What's next, huh?
- I tried telling her.
- Oh, what'd she say?
- She said it freshens up the place.
Oh, please. The place was
fine the way it was before.
Come on, it was a dump.
Sure, it was a little rough
around the edges,
but, I mean, it was ours.
- You know, it had character.
- It had roaches.
- Roaches have character.
- Mm.
- I miss the pool table.
- You never played the pool table.
I loved the pool table
and the old chairs.
Oh, I loved those old chairs.
The way they would
wobble ever so slightly.
Yeah, you sure wobbled
out of plenty of 'em.
How you holding up?
I'm okay.
- I just miss him.
- Yeah.
Day by day. You know?
Day by day.
Wh These last nine years,
they they were just so hard.
And Clayton, seeing
him struggle like that,
and he was in so much pain.
I just
You okay?
I'm fine.
Really, I'm just I'm trying
to get back to my old self.
Which is why I, um
I wanna go back.
- Back where?
- Jamestown.
It has been nine years since I've
since any of us have
been up there, and, uh
it's time.
Mm-hmm. I I wanna
see how it's changed.
I wanna see what it's become.
Well, you know what it's become. I mean,
you helped design the damn thing.
That's not the same thing.
I wanna see it. With my own eyes.
I wanna suit up in the morning.
Put my boots in the moondust.
See the sun rise over Shackleton again.
Don't y'all miss it?
- Come on, Ed.
- Mm.
You're telling me you don't
ever think about going back?
I mean, we were there
before there was a "there". Th
Don't y'all wanna see what we started?
- Mm, not really.
- No.
Well, I do.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I
I love sitting here in this formerly
shitty bar with y'all every few weeks
having a few laughs,
but I'm tired of talking
about the good old days
when we were astronauts.
We're still astronauts.
No, we're not.
There's more to being an astronaut
than going up in space, Dani.
I don't regret a minute of the time
I spent here with
Clayton these last years.
But I will not spend the rest of my life
just sitting around saying,
- "- You remember this?
- You remember that?"
Okay. Um
I'll put in the paperwork tomorrow.
Thank you, Ed.
- To Dani.
- To Dani.
Now raise your visor. Yeah, there we go.
All right. Can you raise your arm now?
Yeah, just show us that watch.
Okay, okay. Now give me
that million-dollar smile.
Little bigger.
Guess that's good enough.
Okay. We're done here.
Ah, thanks for rolling with me, babe.
I know that took a while, but
those last few are really gonna pop.
Your pretty face is gonna
be all over Times Square.
Well, I think you mean
that pretty watch.
Oh, thank you, Angie. I'm
fucking boiling in this suit.
Hey, baby.
Jamestown was just
a single room back then.
You know, barely enough space
for the three of us to
live and work together.
Not like the Taj Mahal that
they've got up there today.
Don't even get me started on the food.
Might as well have been
eating cardboard.
Yeah. It was the pioneer days.
Frontier. The Wild West.
We were the settlers,
and the Russians
well, they they were the Indians.
Welcome home.
Thank you, everyone,
for all the work you've done
to bring us back to Earth safely.
There is no such thing
as a small part to play in this program.
The work of every person
here is valuable
to the greater mission of NASA,
and we are very grateful.
Thank you.
Babe. Babe.
- You okay?
- Yeah. Fine.
- Let's get you outta here.
- Yeah.
Yeah. Come on.
- They won't even notice.
- Yeah.
Kelly, breakfast!
Kelly, come on!
- Kelly! Breakfast.
- Coming.
Protests continue to grow out of hand
near the Panama Canal Zone
after the Reagan administration declared
the reelection of Panamanian
president Omar Torrijos invalid,
alleging widespread voter fraud.
Torrijos, who has recently
embraced socialist policies,
vowed to stay in office,
while peace activists here in the US
are voicing opposition
to the administration's policies.
If Ronnie Reagan thinks peace
is a cliché from the '60s,
that's his problem.
Peace is forever.
Come on, Nancy. Tell your husband
to come back to bed and grow his hair.
Oh, 6:20.
- Time for me to go. Bye.
- Bye.
Well, Ellen, it was very
nice to meet you.
You too. Sure I'll see you around.
Yeah. See you around.
in the United States,
it is estimated that more
than three million people
have openly demonstrated
against the Reagan administration
Wow, you've trained him well.
Oh, yeah, he's great. Always on time.
Goes through the back
so Mrs. Williams won't see.
He even parks his car two blocks away.
- Impressive.
- Mm-hmm.
Larry Wilson, is this serious?
I mean not really.
I I like him, but I don't know.
Anyway, what about you?
Now you're back down here for good,
you gonna make up for lost time?
I have too much on my plate right now
with the new job and everything.
Uh-huh, right, right.
Uh, I better get to the office.
Hey, uh, did they agree
to your raise yet?
"While you are a valuable
member of our team,
Boeing only considers
additional compensation
during our annual employment
reviews in December".
- And I thought NASA was bureaucratic.
- Mm-hmm.
Maybe I should just go back
to bed like John and Yoko.
I should get going too.
Oh! I almost forgot!
For your first day,
Deputy Administrator.
- Larry.
- Hmm?
You don't like it.
No, it's beautiful. I just, um
I don't know.
Is it me?
You're gonna be hobnobbing
with congressmen and
cabinet secretaries.
You gotta look the part.
Just remember why you
took this job to begin with.
- The way to Mars isn't through Houston
- Right.
It's through Washington.
That's my girl.
- Have a great day.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
Very excited to have you over
on the administrative side, Ellen.
Looking forward to it. Hear you
got the good coffee over here.
Just don't go following
in his footsteps too closely.
She could do worse, believe me.
Well, I'm sorry your first meeting
as deputy administrator
is about something
as exciting as budgets, but
shall we get started?
Now that things are calming down,
we're gonna need to implement
a retrofit of Jamestown
to better protect
against future solar events.
Well, that doesn't sound cheap.
No, and unfortunately the only place
I can see to draw funds from, yet again,
is the Mars program.
We could kill the new Mars EMU.
Well, it's still early
in its development,
so I guess that makes sense.
- Great.
- But I'm sorry
Um, isn't there
I mean, we're we're five
years into the Mars program,
and it's already ten years
behind schedule.
I know I'm new to this part of it,
but there's gotta be another way.
Mars is what this program
is all about. Pushing forward
We have to pick our battles here, Ellen.
We can't just run to Congress
every time we need cash.
But I appreciate your passion.
We're gonna need it in the fights ahead.
Okay, now that we're agreed
on cutting the EMU
Now can we push ahead to this
overage in the Geology Department?
Do we really need all this money
for spectrometers?
Um, would you just ex-excuse me
for one second.
What What's this about?
Oh, uh, sorry, he was just
saying it was regarding
Al Aleida Rosales?
Should I have known who that is?
No, uh, it's just, um, someone
I knew from a long time ago.
Thank you.
the Soviets are not cutting
their reconnaissance budget at Zvezda.
I get it. But even with all the
new revenue from these patents,
we're still stretched thin.
Look, I'm open to anything.
I just think we have to
be smart about this.
Right, Margo?
Oh, that's right. There's
a new class starting today.
They don't know what they're in for.
What can I do for you, Trace?
Well, I got you something in LA.
Is that
His mug.
You stole Ed McMahon's mug?
I sure did.
Wow, oh, that's
that's really
Mr. de Cordova uh,
that's Johnny's producer
he had a great idea about, uh,
maybe shooting a few segments
while I'm up at Jamestown.
Yeah. I need you to be
less concerned with Johnny
and, uh, more focused
on the program right now.
Oh, it'd be great for the program, Ed.
It'd give kids a close-up
look at the moon
and all the amazing things
we're doing up there.
Yeah, that's all well and good, Trace,
but you launch in less than a month,
and you just missed
your third SIM, so
I know. I'm sorry, Ed. I, uh
I just got the schedule mixed up.
With all the celebrating that
Sam and I have been doing,
I've just been a little distracted.
Yeah. Saw that. That was
really something.
Well, guess I'll head over to SIM.
- Is there a problem, Ed?
- Nope.
You can't just be happy for me?
- Happy for you?
- Yeah.
You didn't have to announce it
on national TV, Trace.
All right, so this is about
Gordo, 'cause it always is.
He deserved to know.
I I don't remember
you being concerned
about what I deserved to know
when Gordo was fucking all
those Cape cookies in Florida.
Come on.
Yeah, you're right. You're right, Ed.
Yeah, tell all those new recruits
about them good old days.
- Yeah.
- Thanks a lot.
Take a seat.
Welcome to NASA.
You are, as of this moment,
officially astronaut candidates.
Affectionately referred to
from this point on as "ASCANs".
Now, this is a rigorous
24-7 training program
preparing you for space travel.
I'll be grading you as we go,
and everything you do will be graded.
Academics, pilot performance,
your character and motivation.
I'll be posting results
from time to time
in the hall outside.
If your name's not on that list,
- well, you're cut.
- you're cut.
Kill the lights.
All that practice in your office
really been paying off.
Yeah, it's my knee acting up.
Oh, it's your knee?
Try coming back from one-sixth
gravity to play 18 holes.
Drive gets a lot less
distance down here.
Oh. That's a nice swing.
Every time.
That's a really nice shot, Wayne.
Thanks, Ed.
All this for little old me?
Captain Stevens.
Get out of here.
Come here.
So good to have you back, Danny.
Come and say hi to your brother.
You're lucky he made an appearance.
Usually doesn't leave his room.
Hi, shit bird.
Hey, bird shit.
I got steaks going. You want a beer?
Come here.
- How you been?
- Good, you?
Oh, my God. Has my baby boy
grown that much since Christmas?
Oh, my boy.
Stop being weird, Mom.
I know, I'm just, uh
I'm just taking it in, is all.
Hey, baby. Mmm.
- It's the size of your whole hand, that.
- Oh.
Oh, come on, give me a break.
I wanna make a toast.
- Dad, no, you really don't have to
- No, no. Just
Just let me do this.
It's an accomplishment, sticking it out
that first year at Annapolis.
Hell, you even made it look easy.
So damn proud of you, Danny.
- We all are.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Ho-Hold on a second.
There's one more thing
that I wanted to say.
I'm happy for you. Sam
is a He's a good guy.
Thanks, Gordo.
Probably could have done a lot better,
but there's no accounting for taste.
There he is.
There he is. All right.
Ed Baldwin wearing reading glasses?
Will wonders never cease?
Oh, it'll happen to you too, Mol.
Twenty-twenty till the day I die.
Just like my nana.
So, uh, how are you adjusting
to life back Earth-side, huh?
I don't know. It's funny.
Sometimes I feel like
when I'm down here is
when I'm in outer space.
When I'm up there, everything
is just right, you know?
Till that fucking storm hit.
Yeah, it was a mean son of a bitch.
Hey, I read the incident report.
I've known you a pretty long time, Mol.
Spit it out, Ed.
There's no way you waited in that
lava tube for the storm to pass.
Not while Wubbo was out there.
So I just wanna know
that you're okay.
I'm fine.
Look, we say what we gotta
say to the docs. I get it.
Lie to a NASA flight surgeon?
That would not be
correct procedure, sir.
No, I mean, Molly Cobb would
never go against procedure.
- Never.
- Preposterous.
No way.
I'm fine, Ed.
What about you? Don't
you miss it, being up there?
Yeah, I miss it.
I mean, not as much
as I thought I would.
I mean, Pathfinder's your baby.
You're okay with someone
else taking her up?
I've had all the time
up there that I need.
Well, when I first met
the great Ed Baldwin,
he was the last person in Houston
I ever thought would
be fine flying a desk.
Yeah, you and me both.
I don't know.
The life you think you're gonna have
just sometimes doesn't
end up making you happy.
And I'm happy, you know,
being there for Kelly and Karen
and, hell, even those ASCANs.
It means something.
I know it
it's not pushing the envelope, but
sometimes it's just more important
to be with the people you love
than doing what you love.
You sound like a fortune cookie.
Is that what I think it is?
Just ignore it. They'll only deny it.
Oh, jeez.
No, I didn't want a soffit built,
and then the contractor says
to me with a straight face,
"It's gonna be two more months".
- Like, what? Two more months?
- Right.
Come on, I I just
- No, wait, you killed it.
- Oh. Shit.
Uh, let's just say I spent a night out
on the quad naked and hog-tied.
Of course you did.
That sounds terrible.
Yeah. Yeah, it was.
I mean, if you don't know
your Reef Points, I mean verbatim,
they get you.
They do it to all the plebes.
It's getting late, I gotta go.
Oh, come on, Trace. You don't have to.
It's It's barely 9:00.
Well, I got an early SIM tomorrow,
and I missed the last one, so
Well, you don't wanna
get on Ed's bad side.
No, you don't.
- This was really nice.
- Yeah, it was.
Um, do you need help with the dishes?
No, I got it. I'm getting
pretty good at it actually.
- Really?
- Mmm.
Let me see those dishpan hands.
Sheila's coming over
tomorrow, isn't she?
First thing in the morning.
- Good to see you, Trace.
- Good to see you too.
All right, boys, have a good night.
It's good to have you home, baby.
- Thanks again, Gordo.
- Night.
Night, Mom.
All right, boys.
Got a fridge full of beer,
and Cheez Balls,
and Sgt. Slaughter's on the tube.
Uh, Dad, we we were gonna go
hang out with some friends.
First night back and all.
Of course.
No, you go on and have a good night.
- You're sure? We could just
- No, no, no, really.
You You go on.
Your old man's got a bunch of work
to catch up on anyway, so
All right.
All right, don't wait up.
Come on, Jimmy.
Look after each other.
Negative pressure.
Thank you, brother.
So, does everyone
have to get that haircut,
or is that some kind cruel
punishment just for you?
No, no, we all get it. I mean,
except the girls, obviously.
Any cute ones?
Like you'd know what to do.
Are they as hard on the plebes
as they say?
It's not so bad.
Once you get through
the first month it's easier.
That's not what you said to Mom and Dad.
Shut up, shit bird.
Did you really get to ride
on an aircraft carrier?
What was it like?
I mean, you first stand
out there, it's like
like you're standing
in the middle of the ocean,
surrounded by nothing but water and sky.
- That's pretty cool.
- Yeah.
The best part is, uh,
seeing a Tomcat come in
for a landing at 150 knots.
You see this thing barreling
towards you, fast as hell,
and you're sure
that this thing's just gonna
skid right off the
other side of the deck.
But then, before you know it,
all of a sudden that tailhook
grabs on to that cable,
and it just stops. Cold.
Right there in front of you.
Never seen anything like it.
Hey, Ed. Could you come down here?
Why? What happened?
It's Gordo.
The sun in your eyes made
some of the lies worth believing ♪
I am the eye in the sky ♪
Looking at you I can read your mind ♪
I am the maker of rules ♪
Oh, shit.
Hey, can I get one more, please?
And I'm gonna get one for my friend
Darlene. And, um, uh
Hey, Eddie.
I'll get one for Ed. Hey.
- How you feeling?
- Good.
Wanna go get some fresh air?
- Ah.
- Go for a little walk?
- Just having a good time.
- I can tell you're having a good time.
I need to talk to you though.
Sorry, ladies, I'm gonna have
to steal him away from you.
My buddy. Ed.
Yeah. Oh, yeah, you
- Yeah, you've got those moves.
- Dance moves.
All right.
Look, I get the whole thing with
Tracy getting married is rough,
but you know what?
Fuck her.
I mean, you've been divorced
five goddamn years. You
You gotta move on.
She has.
You got a good job, your
boys are growing up strong,
you almost got all your hair left.
And all that stuff that happened
in the past, you just
Just leave it there.
I can't. I
I'm stuck.
You know? It won't
It won't let me go.
What are you talking about? Since when?
Where is all this coming from?
I left something up there, Ed.
Ever since we've been back, I just
it's like I don't even exist anymore.
Like I'm a shadow, or
a ghost maybe.
I don't know. I just
- I just
- Gordo.
I can't, uh
Gordo. Get your ass back over here.
Get off the damn road.
What's going on with you, man?
I don't know what the hell
I'm doing anymore, Ed.
You know, we were gonna lift
people's eyes up to the sky?
Now I'm just nothing.
You know, I know that
you had it harder than me,
you know, with Shane.
You just You found a way
to make peace with it.
In yourself.
In your family.
Shit, I don't I don't want
my boys to see me like this.
Your boys worship you, man.
You should have seen him, Ed.
In his summer whites.
Midshipman Stevens.
You remember your first year?
Yeah, as much as I try to forget.
Those were the best days of
my life, back at Northwestern.
And I was out on my own
for the first time,
and everything seemed possible.
It was like
it was all just there for the taking.
You know?
Now here I am.
Gordo Stevens.
American hero.
What a crock of shit.
It's all just shit.
It's shit.
Come on.
Hey. Come on, bud. Get up, get up.
All right.
Better get some shut-eye.
Night, Ed.
- Take care of yourself.
- Gonna miss you around here.
Hey, Wubbo.
Glad I saw you.
I'm, uh, heading back home
to the Netherlands, so, uh,
I guess this is goodbye.
Shit. Flight surgeons
pulled your ticket, huh?
That's not right, Wubbo.
They don't get to do that.
No. This was my choice.
I'm leaving the program.
You're leaving the program?
Fuck that.
I need to do what's best
for me and my family.
No, you're taking the easy way out,
that's what you're doing.
No, Molly. If I only have
a couple of more years left,
- I want to spend them down here.
- That's bullshit. You don't know that.
- Nobody does.
- Molly.
You don't give up, Wubbo.
You keep fighting.
I'm sorry you feel this way, Molly.
Thank you.
Mr. Stevens, this is Jane Markus at JSC.
The weekly staff meeting
has been moved up to today.
1100 at the astronaut meeting room.
I'm sorry, what?
1100. Thank you.
You look like hell.
I feel like a million bucks.
You know why they moved up the meeting?
Good morning, everyone.
Let's get to it.
Jamestown 81 crew debrief
will be held at 0830 in room 6600.
Attendance is mandatory
for all you rookies.
Also, we had a T-38 close call
last week at El Paso.
Even with our new inlets,
be sure to check takeoff data carefully,
especially while carrying a pod.
And I have a flight
assignment to announce.
Danielle Poole will be joining
the crew of STS-83 Romeo!
She's headed back to Jamestown.
So happy for you, Dani.
Thank you, babe.
Oh, uh, one more thing.
Captain Gordo Stevens
will be joining her.
Shit, man. Gordo's back.
- You must be flipping out.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Dani.
Great to have you back.
Congratulations, Captain.
I'm not going back up, Ed.
I can't. You know I can't.
Well that's not up to you.
I decide who goes up and when, remember?
You got this.
Son of a bitch.
Let's give the crew of
Jamestown 91 another hand.
Mind if I bum one of those?
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