For All Mankind (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Rules of Engagement

It's showtime, folks!
- Just give me some room. Ready.
- Ready.
- Ready.
- Ready.
[MAN] We interrupt
this program to bring you
the following special news report.
Here is Paul Michaels.
Good morning.
A dramatic situation is unfolding
in the Central American
country of Panama today,
where four US soldiers appear
to have been taken hostage
during anti-American
riots in the capital city.
We take you now to the Rose
Garden of the White House,
where President Reagan is expected
to give remarks any moment now.
Ladies and gentlemen,
yesterday's act of terrorism,
in which four American soldiers
were taken hostage in Panama City
by proxies of the Soviet Union,
was a horrifying reminder
of the enemies we face.
We will not allow the Soviet Union
to undermine peace and freedom
on earth or in space.
Let me be clear, the United
States will not be intimidated.
[MAN] Wish Houston would find
room on the next Sea Dragon
for some new rover springs.
My ass feels like a piñata.
[MAN 2] Pretty sure lithium mining
gear takes priority over your ass.
[MAN] Couldn't we have found the
mother lode closer to Jamestown?
[MAN 2] Quit your whining.
If the American taxpayers
wanted us to
What the hell? Hey, isn't that our gear?
[MAN] What's it doing way up here?
[MAN 2] I don't know.
Better go have a look-see.
Everybody, sit tight.
Keep your eyes open.
- Don, you're on me.
- Roger.
[MAN 2] Jamestown,
geo crew two, come in.
[WOMAN] Geo two, Jamestown. Go ahead.
We're on the south ridge
above 357 Bravo,
and we've got a situation over here.
[WOMAN] What kind of situation?
[MAN] Goddamn Russkies
took our mining site.
[WOMAN] Can you repeat that, geo two?
[ED] All our transmissions
are encrypted.
The only way the Soviets know about
the lithium content on the site
is they cracked our code.
Don't we change out the encryption keys?
[MARGO] Every month, per protocol.
Apparently the Soviets
found a way around that too.
I've just spoken with the president.
He's decided not to bring this
to the United Nations Security Council.
So, he's just gonna let the
Soviets take our mining site?
Uh, no, he's not gonna do that either.
He wants us to take it back.
As in
As in, go in, replace
their equipment with ours
and swap out the flag again,
but this time we hold it.
We hold it?
The National Security Council
debated every other option.
But the consensus was
that if the Soviets retain
control of 357 Bravo,
it would set a dangerous precedent.
We let this go, and then there'll
be nothing to stop Andropov
from moving in and taking over
all our other lunar claims.
I have to say I agree.
Hundreds of man-hours went
into finding that vein,
and if it's even half as rich
as these initial readings show,
it could be a game changer
for our energy storage at Jamestown.
Tom, just let me make
sure that I'm clear here.
You're saying that the president
wants us to confront
the Soviets on the moon.
No, no, no. Not confront.
The president's not
interested in a confrontation.
But, from what we can tell,
the Russians don't have the ability
to occupy the site continuously.
So, when they leave
for the day, we move in.
But this time we stay.
We could send out a team of astronauts,
two at a time, to monitor the site.
Wha How long can
two guys stay out there?
The recharge tanks on the rovers
can stretch the PLSS
backpacks up to ten hours.
So we could have three teams
monitoring the site round the clock.
So, you guys wanna have
a permanent security detail?
And this security detail,
they're gonna need weapons, right?
Weapons? Wait.
No one said anything about
sending weapons to the moon.
[CHUCKLES] Well, forgive me,
but what do you expect
these guys to do, exactly?
When things get hairy, I mean.
What, are they gonna ask
the Soviets to leave nicely?
Maybe hit 'em over the
head with a baseball bat?
Golf club, maybe?
Plenty of those up there.
Wait, hold on.
Are the two of you seriously suggesting
we send guns to the moon?
You're telling me the president
wants us to hold that site.
And I'm telling you that means
we're going to need security.
And security means guns.
No. That That is absolutely
out of the question.
- I know it seems extreme
- It's absurd!
There's gotta be another solution.
As in literally any other solution.
What about imposing additional
economic sanctions against Moscow?
Uh, an embargo?
That was our response
after Berlin last year.
And then the Russians just increased
trade with Latin America,
which increased and strengthened
their influence in this hemisphere.
And given what's going
on with Panama right now,
I'd say that is the last thing we need.
You can't seriously think
this is a good idea?
Look, General Bradford's right.
Any kind of squeeze we put on the
Soviets down here take time.
Longer we wait
the harder it's gonna
be to reclaim that site.
If we could modify weapons
to be used in the lunar environment,
none of our astronauts
are qualified to use them.
- Marines?
- I was thinking the same thing.
Thinking what, exactly?
Well, every marine aviator has
to qualify as an infantry officer
before they attend flight school.
So, they're the only astronauts
with training in ground
combat and tactics.
[PAINE] Wait.
Now Now we're sending
marines to the moon?
Can we, uh Can we do that?
Well, we have to develop procedures
for safety and operations
in the lunar environment.
We should be able to bring
them up to speed fairly quickly.
There has to be another way.
Believe me, I don't like this idea
any more than the rest of you.
But here's the truth.
We cannot hold site 357 Bravo
without armed security.
Now, I'm open to new ideas,
but it seems to me we really
don't have much choice.
The only way to hold a piece of ground,
on this world or any other world,
is a man with a rifle.
[ED] Nelson's right.
We all need to be in agreement here.
'Cause once we do this thing
there's no going back.
[WOMAN] Good morning, Mrs. Cleveland.
Marta, what what time is it?
Seven o'clock.
Oh, shit.
Shit! Shit!
[SIGHS] I told Sam to
wake me up before he left.
I gotta be in the SIM
in an hour. Christ.
[GROANS] Marta, honey,
can you do me a favor?
Can you call JSC and, uh,
tell them the car has a flat,
and I'm gonna be late.
Which car?
Mm. You know, the car.
My car. All the cars.
Tell them all the cars have flats.
You know what, I really don't
give a shit what you tell them,
just, um tell them I'm
gonna be late, all right?
Yes, ma'am.
Oh. You have a phone
message from Mr. Stevens.
It sounded important.
Mm. Oh, no, I'm I'm
sure it is important.
It's always important to Gordo. Thanks.
In the event
That's all right, Captain
Stevens. Take a seat.
As I was saying, a program patch
can be sent up if necessary
and loaded into the GPCs.
Normally after MECO
You're outta uniform, Captain.
Had a little malfunction.
The zipper broke.
I'm, uh I'm sure it probably
just shrank in the dryer.
Very funny.
[WOMAN] preserve engine lifetime
by minimizing the number
of engine starts.
For critical burns, or for
large velocity changes,
both OMS pods are used.
If there is a significant main
engine performance problem
You've never used a
laptop before, have you?
I've used a laptop.
[WOMAN] In the case of a lunar
mission, the orbiter carries
Um, and I didn't schedule any college
tours before noon on Monday.
But I was thinking that
we could have breakfast
and then visit Colonial Williamsburg
before we head to Georgetown
and American University.
Oh! So, anyway, on Tuesday,
I was thinking we could
drive through Monticello
Okay, this is probably too
much history. I'm sorry.
No, it all sounds really fun.
It's just I had a suggestion.
Yeah, of course, anything.
It's your trip, sweetheart.
Well, I was wondering if we could go
Annapolis. The Naval Academy.
Well, that that
that's really sweet that you wanna
visit your father's school, but, uh
you know, it is it's awfully
far out of the way, and I just
I don't think we're gonna have time,
with the schedule we have, to go.
I don't just wanna visit.
I wanna apply there.
You, uh
Y-You wanna, uh, apply
to the Naval Academy?
Look, I know it's different from
all the schools we've
been talking about,
but I think it's a good fit for me.
Kelly, why why on earth
would you want to apply
to Annapolis of all places?
Look, I didn't just
come up with this, Mom.
I've been thinking
about it for a long time.
And this is the first
that I'm hearing about it.
Kelly, it's it's the
navy. You wanna
You wanna join the navy.
I want to serve my country.
Don't. Don't give me that crap.
All right? There's plenty of
ways to serve your country.
You tell me why.
I wanna fly.
Tomcats, F-14s.
It's a fighter-bomber.
I know what a Tomcat
is, Kelly. All right?
[WOMAN] It's open, Davey.
Uh, it it's not Davey.
[WOMAN] Well, uh, come in here
anyway. I need some help.
Like, now. Please.
Uh, could you grab a roll of
toilet paper from the kitchen?
It's, uh, top shelf,
left, above the sink.
Got it.
Thank you.
- Sorry about that.
- No problem.
So, who are ya, huh? What do you want?
I'm looking for Aleida Rosales.
Yeah, that's me.
Look, if you're here to collect
a bill, I know my rights,
and your entry into this vehicle
is under false pretenses.
You did not identify yourself
or your intentions.
Aleida, it's Margo.
What are you doing here?
How did you, uh
I got a call from your boyfriend. Davey.
Oh, my God.
He told me about your problem.
Oh, my God.
That was so totally
inappropriate. I'm, um
I'm fine, okay? This
is This is just, uh
He said you were gonna be deported.
I tried to call first.
Yeah, phone's disconnected, I know.
Uh, power's next, then water.
Water's always the last thing to go.
- Do you still play?
- Play what?
Look, Aleida, I Um
I thought I knew what I
was gonna say, but now
all I wanna do is say I I'm sorry
No. Don't do that. Okay?
- Okay.
- "Sorry". That's not
I'm not looking for that, okay?
I don't know what I'm looking
for, but it's not that.
- Okay.
- What'd he tell you?
Not much.
Said your residency status under
Reagan's amnesty program
was about to be revoked.
Gotta keep a job to stick around.
But people don't seem to like
hiring me. Did he tell you that?
- He mentioned it.
- Yeah, 'cause I'm a bad employee.
A bad coworker. A bad team player.
A brilliant engineer.
I made a few calls.
All of your former employers,
they all went out of their way
to say how gifted you were,
even as they acknowledged
your behavioral issues.
Behavioral issues, right.
That's just bullshit.
I didn't set fire to
McDonnell Douglas, okay?
It was just a trash can
in that asshole's office,
and they put it out
in, like, five seconds.
I know. And that
asshole said you were the best engineer
he'd seen in the last 30 years.
What do you want, Margo?
I won't
I can't go back and try and explain
why I did what I did ten years ago.
Thank you. 'Cause it was humiliating
enough the first time around.
But I can offer you a job.
As what, a janitor?
Yeah, sorry to break it to you,
but I'm not in the family
business anymore.
Systems engineer.
You'll be working on a
fairly low-priority mission.
Nothing glamorous, but
i-it'll give you your sea legs.
And it'll keep you in the country.
Poor Aleida.
This is not charity.
Ah, poor little Mexican girl.
You know, she got a big job at NASA
'cause Margo Madison took pity on her.
- I didn't come here out of pity.
- Guilt's a close cousin.
You're an engineer,
and we need engineers.
You were closer with guilt.
I do have guilt over what happened.
I have for a long time.
But that's my problem, not yours.
Your problem is your residency status.
I'm offering you a way to deal with it.
It doesn't make up for
what happened back then
but it's a way out. Today.
If you want the job, report
to the personnel office at JSC.
Think you know which building it's in.
If you wanna cut off your
nose to spite your face,
then fine, be that way.
- All I can do is offer you the job.
There's nothing else that I can do.
I gave you the opportunity, and
if you don't want it, then fine.
Be a brat. Be stubborn.
I, uh [SIGHS]
Look, all I'm saying is,
Jamestown learns about the high
lithium content at 357 Bravo,
and within two days the
Russians take over the site.
In your report, you stated that
after you launched to rescue
Commander Wilson,
Cosmonaut Vasiliev remained
at Jamestown. Alone.
Now, either our cryptography
is more vulnerable than
we ever suspected, or
maybe they got ears inside our base.
- You think maybe he'd plant a device?
- No.
No, there wasn't enough time.
It all happened so fast.
You were in an emotionally
vulnerable place.
And God knows you had every right to be.
You'd just lost a son.
You hadn't slept or eaten for days.
You had stacks of
unanswered communiqués.
Now, surely all of this
was visible to him.
So all I'm asking you is,
don't you think that there is
the slightest chance that maybe,
just maybe
our enemies might've
taken advantage of that?
Alex, can we get a status check
on that systems diagnostic?
Any abnormalities so far?
That's a negative, Houston.
- So far everything checks out.
- Copy that.
Hey, um, uh, we're sending a new
shipment of movies up this month.
- Anything you're interested in?
- Never thought you'd ask.
Matter of fact, we're all
a little bummed up here.
We're not gonna be on earth
when that Mercury 7 movie comes out.
The Right Stuff.
They made a movie out of that?
Yeah. Looks decent too.
Think we can get an
advanced copy up here?
I'll see what we can do.
Hey, Alex, uh, one more thing.
Have you had any trouble
with any minor systems
since we scrammed the reactor?
We got a heads-up from HAB SYS
that you might start experiencing
some efficiency issues
with the overhead lights.
It's an affirm, Houston.
Lights have been
a little finicky lately.
[MARGO] Roger that. We'll
look into it. Houston out.
Yes, Mr. President, budget's on track,
launch schedule at Vandenberg
shaping up nicely.
Oh, and one more thing,
the Soviets have had ears on
our base for the last nine years.
If you'll excuse me,
I have a very unpleasant
phone call to make.
[TRACY] Hey.
Hi. How's it going?
Oh, you know. Same old, same old.
What'll you have?
Bourbon on the rocks.
So, that's it? That's all
I get? "What'll you have?"
- What?
- My
- [GASPS] Oh, my goodness! Tracy!
- All right, there she is.
- I'm sorry, I forgot! I'm sorry.
- Okay, thank God!
I was wondering.
- Oh, congratulations!
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Okay, let's see let's
see this ring. Holy
- Oh, my goodness!
- Yeah.
- What?
- I know! He did good.
Mm-hmm. And you two together, that's
that's really incredible.
- It is amazing, I mean
- Cheers to that.
I'm over the moon, just like they say.
[KAREN] You deserve it. Cheers.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm.
- You know,
you're one of the few people
that actually seem happy for me.
- Oh, come on, that can't be true.
- Oh, my God.
I'm getting the stink eye all over JSC.
It's like I needed Gordo's
approval or something.
Have you talked to him recently?
What's going on?
No, Tracy. Not my place, I'm
All right, all right.
Well, enough about him.
What's going on with you?
When I came in here, you
were a million miles away.
Uh, Kelly told me she
wants to go to Annapolis.
I mean, I don't know.
I still feel like I'm
in shock about it all.
And I I feel like I'm
in shock that I'm in shock.
- Mm-hmm.
- Like, I should've seen this coming.
- I mean, she grew up around Ed.
- Yeah.
And his job. And of course
that's what she would wanna do.
She grew up in in this
place, and she had you.
- Oh.
- You know, honestly.
Hey, you've inspired a lot
of young women, Tracy.
And it's really incredible, and
you should be proud of that.
You know, I just
I I just I don't want
that life for my daughter.
Yeah, I get it.
So, uh So what'd you tell her?
I just shut her down and said
we weren't gonna talk
about it, you know?
- 'Cause that's what great moms do.
- Oh.
Hey, you know what, cut
yourself some slack, all right?
Your daughter just told you that
she wanted to join the navy.
I mean, that is a big deal.
I mean, hell, when I told my mama
I wanted to learn how to fly,
she didn't speak to me for months.
And you hated her for it, right?
I got over it. And I had my
brother teach me for 25 bucks.
But you know what, that's
who I was. That's who I am.
No one was gonna tell
me any differently.
That's kinda my point, Karen.
If Kelly really wants to do
this, she is gonna do it.
She's gonna find a way to
do it, with or without you.
So, you know
you might wanna start
making peace with it now.
I I don't I don't know
how to do that, Tracy.
I don't. Every time I think about it,
I think if something happens to her,
I don't feel like I can survive that.
- I just I can't. I can't do that.
- I know.
The way I see it
we're the ones that brought
them up in this fucked-up world.
Least we can do is, uh
let them go live in it.
We owe them that much.
Yeah, we do.
[TRACY] Gordo?
You left a message.
Yeah. Yeah, that's right.
Um, I had something that I
wanted to talk to you about.
She keeps staring at me.
What? Who?
I came around the curve,
and it was like
I just appeared.
Um, you're not really making
a whole lot of sense, Trace.
You okay?
Yeah. I just I got in a
little bit of a car accident.
I'm fine. Fine.
Car is fucked though.
- Not your Porsche.
- Yup, that's the one.
Oh, come pick me up.
It's, like, two o'clock in the morning.
Wait a minute.
Why don't you get your husband
to come and get you, Trace?
Ah. He's outta town for work.
Can you just
Can you just do me this favor and
and come and get me, Gordo?
What should I do about the car?
will buy you a new one.
Oh, Sam. He's such a good guy.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
He has a bit of a temper,
but, you know, you
really gotta push him.
You know what I mean?
He's not like you.
You're easy.
- Yeah. I'm easy.
- Yeah.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- Don't Don't
- Hmm?
- Don't take me back to my house.
- What?
- Take me Take me to our old place.
- Why?
Ugh, I'm sick of the staff treating me
like some teenager
coming in past curfew.
Ooh, Gordo. Pull over.
- What?
- Gordo!
- Ah.
- Yeah.
All right.
Here we go.
Boys are both home tonight,
so gonna have to sack it
out on the couch, all right?
I guess I'll take the couch.
Well, I had to do something.
Couldn't just let them
haul you off to Mexico.
So you decided to call the one person
you knew I didn't wanna call.
The one person I never wanted
to ask a favor of. Ever.
I I'm sorry. I didn't wanna lose you.
I guess I panicked. It was the
only thing I could think of.
Really? You didn't think to call
a temp agency? Or Bruce? Or
Bruce? My boss?
Yeah, you you said
he needed some help.
Okay. So So, you'd
rather work on an oil rig
than be an engineer at NASA?
And what if I fuck it up?
- Why would you fuck it up?
- Because I'm a fuckup.
I've been fired from
every job I've ever had.
Boeing, Abbott, McDonnell Douglas.
But this is NASA.
You've dreamed about working
here since you were a little kid.
So why ruin it by letting them
tell me I'm a piece of shit,
just like everywhere else?
Oh, come on.
I mean, you really think Margo Madison
would come all the way down here
and offer you a job
if she didn't think you could cut it?
She knows how talented you are.
And so do I.
I mean you were
born to do this, babe.
You know you were
Okay, okay. Shut up already.
I'll do it.
- I'm I'm so happy for you, babe!
- No.
What What do you mean, "no"?
We're done, Davey.
I'm sorry, you're [SCOFFS]
- Are you breaking up with me?
- Yeah, I am.
But you're taking the job.
Your dream job, that I helped you get.
- By going behind my back.
- I was just
Okay, look look,
I I know you're upset.
I was humiliated in front
of that woman again.
Something I swore I
would never let happen.
And then it did because of you.
I'm not getting over that.
Your shit's in the box.
Take it and don't come back.
[MIKHAIL] An American.
- This is America!
- Shut up!
[BRADFORD] You were in an
emotional, vulnerable place.
[BRADFORD] Surely all of this
was clearly visible to him.
[BRADFORD] And God knows
you had every right to be.
You'd just lost a son.
[BRADFORD] vulnerable place.
[TRACY] Gordo, the
taxi's on its way, so
Hey, Gordo.
- Uh
- Morning.
Morning. Uh, I'm looking for
my keys to the house and, uh
can't find them.
Oh, shit. I hope I didn't lose
them in the field, or in the car.
Nah, you didn't leave 'em.
I took them.
You what?
I took the keys to this
place off your key ring.
Okay, look, I I don't have
time to do this right now.
Can you just give me
back my keys, please?
Believe me, I would,
but last time I checked,
they fit these locks.
And these locks are
attached to this house.
And this house is attached to my name.
So technically they're my keys.
Nah, the house is under our name.
That's another thing.
Aren't you supposed to change
that when you get remarried?
Why are you still Tracy Stevens?
'Cause I'm a public figure now, Gordo.
People just know me as Stevens.
Astronaut Tracy Cleveland.
Yeah, guess it doesn't
have quite the same ring.
You know what? I don't
know what the hell's
gotten into you this morning.
Just give me my goddamn keys. Please.
You don't live here, Trace.
My children live here, Gordo.
And you can come and
see 'em anytime you want.
All you gotta do is pick up the phone.
Is that what this is about?
Me not returning your call?
No, it's not.
But I'm glad you brought that up,
because I do have something to tell you
that I thought you might wanna know.
All right, let me have it.
I'm going back to the moon.
You? Back to the moon?
That's right.
Decided it was time
to get my shit together
and get back on the horse.
- Ah, just like that.
Just like that.
Ed put me back in training
for Jamestown 91.
Oh, good for you.
Columbia will be taking
me back in September.
Well, I'm I'm going to the moon
in a couple weeks on Discovery.
I'll still be there in September.
That's why I called.
- See, I wanted you to hear it from me.
Not with the rest of the world
on some television show.
- Television?
- Yeah.
Does NASA Public Affairs
know about this?
No idea. Probably.
Oh, God damn it.
I am not doing the "space
couple" bullshit again.
All right? Not after
all I've accomplished.
That's your reaction? You're
worried about publicity?
I'm not gonna play
the "astro-wife", okay?
And Ed Of course. Ed just
smiles and says, "That's fine".
You know what? He's in for
a rude awakening, Gordo.
I'm going back to space
after ten years, Trace.
All you can think of is how it
affects your press clippings?
This is bullshit!
- It's absolute bullshit.
- All right, settle down now.
I will not have everything
I've worked for
be made into some kind of joke.
What What is this?
"Tracy and Gordo finally
on the moon together,
after all these years?"
I won't have it, Ed. I will not.
Look, no one is talking
about any of that stuff.
Don't treat me like a child.
I know how things work around here.
Gordo comes crying to you
about some flight assignment,
and you figure, oh,
why not throw a pity party
for my friend on the moon
while giving Shorty Powers
his wet dream at the same time?
I make crew decisions based on
what I think is best for this program.
Bullshit. You make crew decisions
based on your golf score
and how big a dump you took that day.
You're way outta line.
I will not be made a laughingstock
in front of the entire world
as "astro-wife" again.
This has nothing to do
Bounce him off the flight, Ed.
Just bounce him off the flight!
All right?
He has been a washed-up
has-been for the last ten years.
It will not kill him if he doesn't
go on for two more months.
Gordo's flight is set.
End of story.
You want off your flight,
just say the word, Trace.
Just say the word.
But don't expect to get another
slot for a good long time.
Not while I'm running this office.
Boys will be boys, huh?
Y'all just stick together
no matter what, don't you?
In or out, Trace?
I'm in, Ed.
I'm always in.
- [KAREN] Kelly?
Hi. You, uh got a minute?
Everything okay?
Kelly, I I need you to tell me
I I want you to tell me that
this is really what you want.
Yes. It's really what I want.
And it's not a whim?
Or because Danny Stevens
looks cute in his uniform
Mom, no.
It's something I've wanted for a while.
Ever since we've been
talking about it, I just
realize I don't wanna be stuck
in some library writing
essays for four years.
Okay? I wanna I wanna
do something with my life.
I wanna make a difference in the world.
Like Dad.
Oh, trust me, I know.
I've lived with Ed Baldwin
for many years, you know.
But he's paid a heavy toll
though, for being Ed Baldwin.
It's not a normal life.
It is a lot of stress.
And exhaustion. And danger.
You know, he missed a lot
of things too. He He did.
He missed time with
time with me and time with
He just He He missed a lot.
Like Shane?
He missed a lot of time with Shane.
Where did you find this?
Back there. Just before you came in.
This was his favorite.
I always knew this was his room.
And sometimes I thought
he was listening to me.
Not in a bad way or
anything, just a presence.
It sounds dumb.
No, it doesn't.
I used to think the same thing.
I I did. You know, it was so
hard to come in here at first.
And we thought about selling
the house and moving away, and
and then you came along.
And everything was different.
Like it was okay now that
there was life in here again.
Okay. Annapolis.
- Let's do it.
- Really? Are you sure?
You're gonna take ten years off my life.
- But your father's gonna get a kick
out of the football games, so it's
Thank you! Thank you!
I love you.
- But I loved them. [CHUCKLES]
- Oh, looking forward to that. [CHUCKLES]
- [ED] Hello.
- Hi!
- Hi, Dad.
[KAREN] Long day?
Oh. Got off to a bad start.
But what is this? An
actual dinner at home?
- Yeah.
- Special occasion?
Well, you could say that.
Your daughter decided
on her number one school.
From your mood, I'm
guessing William & Mary?
No, actually. But that is
still on the list, right?
Definitely. Just not number one.
[CHUCKLES] You gonna keep
me in suspense here or what?
Mm, tell him.
The Naval Academy.
Ha ha, very funny. Come on, tell me.
[KAREN] It's Annapolis.
What? Why?
Because I said you're not going.
That's not a reason.
- Can't we at least discuss this?
- Go to your room.
- [CHUCKLES] Go to my room?
- No, Ed, she's not a child, okay?
Look, this isn't up for
debate. The answer's no!
Dad, I get to have some say in this.
I said no! Okay, we're
done here! End of story!
- Edward, you need to stop right there.
- [KELLY] What was that?
Since when do we not talk about things?
Just stop right now, all right?
We need to talk about this as a family.
This is not happening!
- We thought you would be happy about this.
- Yeah?
Well, you were wrong!
Dad, this is my life
we're talking about.
Well, you're still living
under my roof, young lady.
- What the hell does that mean?
- Hey, watch your mouth!
Hey, Ed, watch your tone
right now, all right?
- I don't know what has gotten into you.
- I'm the head of this house,
and I don't need to explain
myself to either of you!
This is my decision, not yours!
I don't need your permission to apply!
I just so happen to know the
superintendent of the academy,
and if I just pick up that phone,
I guarantee you that application
will never see the light of day!
This is outrageous, all
right? You can't do that!
I can, and I will!
Great! Then you know what?
I'm just gonna go down
to the recruiting office,
and I'll I'll join the navy!
A couple years go by,
and I'll apply to Annapolis
as an enlisted sailor.
Fine. Then pack your bags
and don't come back!
Hey! Don't you say that! You
take that back! Right now!
I don't know what the fuck has
gotten into you! God damn it!
Don't fucking say that!
Stop! Everybody just stop! Enough!
Now, whatever that was,
we're not doing it anymore.
[ED] Okay.
- Okay. Okay.
- [ED] Okay.
Oh, no. I'm sorry, I
I I don't know why I said that.
I I don't want you to leave.
No, we don't. We Please don't leave.
I'm not. I'm not going anywhere, Mom.
It's all right. It's gonna be all right.
No one is going anywhere.
Okay, what we're gonna do is calm down
and talk about what's going on.
What was that all about?
I I don't know. I I just
I just suddenly reacted.
I thought you'd be proud of me.
I should. I would, of course.
Of course I would.
I just It wasn't, um
That's not what It's just not
Ed, whatever it is, say it.
I just I just got this
sudden, overwhelming
feeling, like I w-was [EXHALES]
gonna lose you.
Dad, you're not losing me. It's
just college. I can always
No, I I don't
mean like that. I meant
lose you like
Like Shane.
Like Shane. [SOBS]
I know. I had the same feeling.
I did, Ed.
But Shane died because he was
riding his bike down a street.
There's no safe place on this earth.
I know, but that's the point.
'Cause I wasn't on this earth.
I wasn't here when it
happened. I was gone.
I wasn't here for him. I
wasn't here for you. I
I couldn't protect you.
Couldn't Couldn't do anything.
Except for curl up in my bunk
and scream into the night.
And I
I promised myself that I would
never let that happen again.
I was always gonna be
there for you and Kelly.
No matter what the cost, no
matter what I had to give up,
this time I was gonna stay
and protect you both.
Ed, do you think it was your fault?
Look at me.
Do you?
He was angry with me.
And I wasn't there.
No. Hey, no. No, no, no.
It was an accident.
Okay? An accident.
I can't tell you how many nights
I laid in bed going over that day,
wondering, if I had done
something different
you know, maybe
But you you can't do that.
You can't, because it's it's torture.
- That's what it is.
It's a way of punishing
ourselves, hoping that
you know, after enough torture,
something good will come out of it.
Like penance.
You know, if you say enough Hail Marys,
your sins will be washed away and
you know, enough penance and maybe
you'll finally pay God's price
for bringing Shane back.
[SOBS] But that's not true. [WHIMPERS]
He's not coming back.
And his death was not my fault.
And it was not yours either.
Okay? [SOBS]
It wasn't your fault. [SOBS]
Come here.
- Oh.
I found it.
- Oh. You're kidding?
- [KELLY] Mm-mmm.
I remember when you told me
that you wanted to join
the Naval Academy.
I thought, "What the hell
is a boy from Gary, Indiana,
who's never seen the ocean, gonna
do in the navy? That's crazy".
The next thing I knew,
you were in the navy.
And I was in the navy.
And our son wanted to be in the navy.
And now it turns out our daughter
wants to be in the navy too.
We are the Baldwins.
You cut us, and we're gonna
bleed blue and fucking gold.
- God help us all.
Anchors aweigh ♪
Oh, goodness, no. No, no, no. [CHUCKLES]
- Anchors aweigh ♪
- No. Ed.
- Farewell to college joys ♪
- Mm-hmm.
- We sail at break of day-ay-ay-ay ♪
Through our last night on shore ♪
Drink to the foam ♪
Until we meet once more ♪
Here's wishing you
a happy voyage home ♪
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