For All Mankind (2019) s03e01 Episode Script


I began a quest for the
presidency, a quest with many ideas,
but with one driving theme:
that our party and our nation
need new leadership, new direction,
and new hope.
Tonight, the torch of idealism
is lit in thousands of homes,
in tens of thousands of towns
and hundreds of thousands of lives
among the young in spirit
and the young in age.
- It cannot go out. It will not go out.
- Five, four, three
- It will continue to burn.
- two, and one.
President Reagan and Premier Andropov
signed a lunar peace treaty
essentially dividing the moon in two.
Congressional report details
how the lunar base's near meltdown
was averted and how safety
Famed US astronaut hangout, The
Outpost, has now opened franchises
in New York, Los Angeles,
Berlin, and Tokyo.
The host of Jeopardy! Alex Trebek.
Gorbachev's policies have the
Soviet Union's economy in hyperdrive,
expanding Soviet
influence across the globe.
Major breakthrough in nuclear fusion.
The reactor, developed by Dev Ayesa
and Richard Hilliard,
has the potential
Republican, Ellen Wilson,
a former astronaut,
- won her Texas Senate race handily
- God bless Texas.
Baldwin and Cleveland launched the
world's first space tourism company,
Polaris Space Tours.
The Beatles reunion
tour begins in Chicago,
their first time performing
in the US since 1966.
contract to mine massive
deposits of helium-3 on the moon,
an ideal resource for nuclear fusion.
The North Korean government announced
they are abandoning their
controversial ballistic missile program
to focus on their space program.
Hart won reelection in a landslide
over Republican Pat Robertson.
The stakes of 1988 could not be higher.
The choices could not be clearer.
Scientist James Hansen testified
that global warming has slowed
due to the widespread shift from
fossil fuels to nuclear fusion.
the ambassador to Moscow,
after several listening devices
were discovered in the American embassy.
The film Love in the
Skies, based on the lives
of Gordo and Tracy Stevens,
premiered in Hollywood
The Thomas Paine space telescope
will be launched into orbit
aboard the Pathfinder
Astronaut Danny Stevens, the
son of Gordo and Tracy Stevens,
has arrived at the Jamestown
Polaris Space Tours has
announced their latest venture.
sending folks up in space,
we might as well give
them some place to sleep.
Gary Hart has again declined
to send troops to Kuwait,
after the small nation
The United States is going to Mars.
NASA unveiled their plans for
the Sojourner 1 spacecraft.
Questions remain if the Soviets
will also be able to launch in 1996.
Texas Senator Ellen Wilson has announced
that she is running for Republican
nomination for president.
South Carolina, here we come.
Clinton pledged a positive campaign
focused on building a
bridge to the 21st century.
We will give you more incentives
and more opportunity than ever before
to develop the skills of your workers
and to create American
jobs and American wealth
in the new global space economy.
As the scripture says,
our eyes have not yet
seen, nor our ears heard,
nor our minds imagined what we can do.
This is Karen.
Hey, you.
Hi, Sam.
How'd you sleep?
Not a wink. You?
Like a baby.
Come on. Be honest with me.
It's growing on you,
being up here, isn't it?
Not at all.
Still hate it.
Well, the guests are almost
here, so put your game face on.
I'm ready.
Yeah, all right. You better
be. We'll see you in an hour.
All right.
Morning, Ms. Madison.
Morning, Ms. Jorgens.
Sorry, ma'am. Here are your messages.
The Secretary of Agriculture called.
He was wondering if you had any
time to consider his funding request.
I've considered it.
Not sure how financing his
pesticide research is NASA's job.
Tell him she's still considering
the finer points of the proposal.
Administrator Truly
wanted to speak to you
regarding the selection of the
Mars mission's commander, if
- Not now.
- Okay. Let's see.
Neptune Records called. The new
album you ordered has arrived.
I'll pick it up later today.
And Mr. Ayesa from Helios Aerospace
called about the priority launches
for his helium-3 mining equipment.
he sent a gift.
Apparently, the smoked
whitefish was flown in
fresh from Norway this morning.
Send it back.
And remind him we don't
accept bribes at NASA.
Let's go around the world.
The State Department is reporting
another failed North Korean launch.
They reached orbit this time,
but the upper stage exploded before
the spacecraft could be deployed.
Maybe that's because they keep
using outdated Soviet equipment.
Have we tracked the path of the debris?
Yes. Currently, no sign of
danger to any orbital craft,
but we have alerted the
Soviets, Chinese and Europeans
to continue monitoring the situation.
The repairs to the Thomas Paine
orbital telescope went well.
And the shuttle Enterprise
is slated to return
to Earth tomorrow morning,
so that's good news.
Just the information,
please. No commentary.
Sorry. Yes, ma'am.
A reminder that Polaris's
new orbital hotel
is holding that wedding this afternoon
before they officially open next month.
Space tourism. God help us all.
We sent something, right?
Yes, ma'am.
How's it looking,
Propulsion? Let's roll.
Jamestown, initiate hot fire test.
Copy. Initiating K-32
NERVA engine hot fire test
in three, two, one.
Engine start.
Chamber pressure now at 3860 kPa.
Hang on.
Cooler pressure is jammed.
Bypass flow is down.
We're losing cooling in the core.
Motherfucking fuck.
What happened? I thought
we fixed all the bugs.
We should be up there roasting
marshmallows by now, people.
If we don't get this engine functioning,
- we're not gonna be able to make
- Make the '96 Mars launch window.
- I know.
- Okay. So, work the problem.
Have you tried to increase
the turbopump pressure?
Yeah. I looked into that.
But then the flow to the
injector drops below spec.
You'll get there. Keep digging.
Send all your notes over.
We are pleased to officially
confirm that the Soviet Union
will be launching a manned
mission to Mars in 1996.
The USSR will once again be
victorious as the first nation
to set foot on humanity's
newest frontier, the Red Planet.
Now, I would like to introduce
the commander of the mission,
Comrade Grigory Kuznetsov.
Comrade Kuznetsov exemplifies
the strength and intelligence
of the Soviet space program.
Well, the president's
not gonna be happy.
We need to respond. Make it
clear we're going to be first.
And the way to be first
is to get there first.
- Boots on the ground. Right, General?
- Yes, ma'am.
Ms. Madison,
the president's been asking again
about our own commander selection.
It's been weeks since we narrowed
it down to Baldwin and Poole.
And now that the Russians
have picked their
I'm working on it.
Polaris, shuttle two.
Beginning final approach for docking.
Roger that, shuttle two.
Cleared for docking at Port Bravo.
Polaris, shuttle two
inside hands-off point.
Commander LaPorte, shuttle number
two has successfully docked.
Good. Proceed with crew transfer.
First group of passengers preparing
to exit shuttle two for elevator.
Copy. Elevator ready and waiting
for descent from main hub.
This is weird.
We came in peace for all your cash.
I'm just glad I'll be on my
way to Mars in a few years
and leave all this bullshit
to you lowly Earth dwellers.
Come on, old man. You know
I've got this in the bag.
Welcome to the Polaris Orbital Hotel.
I'll show you to your
rooms so you can get settled
before we have a brief review
of yesterday's safety seminar.
The artificial gravity created
by our hotel's constant rotation
allows for all kinds of amenities
that astronauts could only dream of,
including a fitness center,
two cafés and room service.
Welcome to Hotel Polaris. And
enjoy your stay among the stars.
Wow. It's like being on The Love Boat.
Yeah, and that must be Gopher.
That was a good one.
Sweetie, if you're feeling
sick, that's totally normal.
I know it takes me time to get
adjusted to being up in space.
- I'm fine.
- Yeah?
Got our room key.
Hello, Ed.
- Karen.
- Hi.
Hi. Sam.
- Good to see you, bud.
- You too.
You remember Yvonne, don't you?
Yes, of course.
By the way, congratulations.
Kelly showed me all the
photos. You looked lovely.
Thank you. Thanks. It was small.
- Just a few friends in our backyard.
- Yeah.
Nothing like this. I mean Wow.
Talk about the ultimate
destination wedding. Am I right?
Yeah. Yeah.
- How was the flight?
- Nice.
Yeah. Docking was good. Your
pilots know what they're doing.
Well, they should. Karen
poached them all from NASA.
That's right.
-Well, we should probably
Go get settled in. Enjoy
the hotel and your day.
- See you later.
- All righty.
- Do you want me to get that?
- No, I got it. I got it, yeah.
That wasn't awkward at all.
You know we banned smoking
in this building last month.
I had no idea.
You should put up some signs.
The Russians have just announced
the commander for their Mars mission.
Why haven't we announced
Danielle Poole as our commander?
Because I haven't made up my mind yet.
But we've gone over this.
She's clearly the right choice.
She has all the qualities
we're looking for.
And what are those exactly?
Intellect. Moderate temperament.
Solid decision-making.
She's commanded more missions
than any other astronaut in
the program the last ten years.
Look, I like Poole.
I trained with Poole.
I don't know that she's right
to command a high-stress
mission like this.
She's too cerebral.
She's too by the book.
Are those even negative traits?
What I am trying to say is,
I think we need someone
who's willing to take risks,
who can handle the unknown.
Someone like Ed Baldwin.
If the shoe fits.
Let's be honest. He's
arrogant and he's got a temper,
and, to be frank, he's old.
I think you mean experienced.
No. I mean old.
This isn't Gemini,
Molly. NASA's changing.
We can't just rely on
test pilots anymore.
- It's the scientists, the engineers
- Oh, my God.
Are we having this conversation again?
Yes, we are.
More than 50% of last year's ASCAN class
were former pilots and test pilots.
That's right.
Because I need people who
can think on their feet,
who aren't reaching for
an instruction manual
to figure out what to do every
time the shit hits the fan.
NASA may be changing, Margo, but
space remains an unrelenting bitch.
The flight to Mars is
only the first three months
of a two-year mission.
You seriously think Ed
You seriously think Ed Baldwin
is better suited to handle that?
Well, giving out command slots
based on anything other than ability
is a recipe for screwing
the pooch. You know that!
- Molly, that's not what I
- And as head of the Astronaut office,
- I decide who goes up
- Decide who goes up and when.
I know. I know.
Let's continue this discussion
when I'm back from Huntsville.
I can't wait.
As you stand before God
and in this divine place,
I pronounce you man and
wife. You may kiss the bride.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
There they are. Yeah!
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
I'm proud of you, kid.
You done good. You done real good.
- Congratulations. Oh, my goodness.
- Thank you.
- You look so handsome.
- Thanks.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks, Karen.
- You're welcome.
- Yeah.
Hey, hey. Ho-ha. Oil over helium.
the stock price for the
space tourism company Polaris
shot through the roof this morning
as its new hotel hosts the
first-ever wedding in space
for the son of American
heroes Gordo and Tracy Stevens.
The wedding is a soft
launch, pardon the pun
- Hello?
- Sergei.
- Margo, hi.
- How are you?
I'm I'm cold, but well.
What album did I order this time?
It's Mary Lou Williams.
Do you know of her?
One of the great improvisers.
Like you, Margo.
I don't know about that.
Well, we can use your
assistance once again.
Our engineers are having difficulty
with the asymmetric torque
in our Mars orbiters.
I'll see what I can do. I'll
get it to you the usual way.
Thank you. Thank you so much, Margo.
I should be thanking you.
That attitude control fix
last month to our GNC subsystem
worked like a charm.
We discovered it while integrating
sensor systems on the N3.
I'm glad it was of use.
It was.
And congratulations on the announcement.
Could you have imagined when we
first met Oh, God ten years ago,
that we would be here now,
both preparing for the journey to Mars?
It would not have happened
without your help, Margo.
I just pointed you in the right
direction, every once in a while.
Same as you did for me.
Only a few more weeks until
this year's IAC conference.
We will toast to Mars.
We're not there yet,
Sergei. Four years to go.
First London, then Mars.
I cannot wait.
Neither can I.
You must press her for more details
on their nuclear engine design.
I have told you before,
if I push too hard,
she will not react well.
You have your instructions.
As most of you know, I'm
Amber's maid of honor, Chelsea.
And Sorry. I just
Amber has always been my
best friend and my protector.
- Champagne?
- Just water. Thanks.
And she was always my hero.
And now she's met her
own real-life hero.
An astronaut. I mean, that
is quite a catch. Am I right?
When I first met Danny at our church,
I knew he was the one for Amber.
The way he treats her,
and the way he fits in so perfectly
with her family and our congregation,
it's like a fairy tale.
Thank you so much to Karen and Sam,
and everyone else at
Polaris for your hospitality.
Anyways, please join
me in raising a glass
to my best friend,
my hero, and her hero.
I wish you a lifetime
of happiness. Cheers.
I'm Danny's brother. I'm not very
good at this, so I'll keep it short.
Danny, you've always
been a good brother to me.
Especially since you've been sober.
You always know how to make people
feel special, feel important.
I remember how happy
Mom and Dad would get
when you came home from Naval Academy.
It was like we were a family again.
Everyone keeps talking about
how happy Mom and Dad were.
But let's be honest. That's horseshit.
'Cause half the time, if they
weren't screaming at each other,
the other half they were
throwing things at each other.
Now they're lovers on the lunar
surface. That's what NASA does.
They twist things into how
they want us to see them.
They died for their country.
They died for the space program.
They died for each other. But
the truth is they just died.
And now they're dead.
this day is about the two of you.
And let's raise a toast to my
brother and his beautiful wife, Amber.
I hope you find the
happiness they never could.
All right. Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Hello?
- In here!
Javi, I asked you three
times already. Stop.
Sorry I'm late.
I see Javi's been working on his scales.
Tía Margo.
Before dinner?
It's a palate cleanser.
Tootsie. I got a Tootsie!
Hi, Margo.
Hi, Victor.
Now that Senator Wilson
has secured enough votes
to guarantee her the
Republican nomination,
her Democratic rival, Governor Clinton,
criticized her voting record
on family rights planning.
Clinton's long history of support
from low-to middle-income families
continues to gain strength
from his association
Javi, quiet.
Victor, can you deal with him? I
really need to finish this tonight.
Come here, you little rascal. Come on.
Dinner is ready.
What's on the menu this week, Octavio?
It's my specialty, Ms.
Madison. Enchiladas rojas.
Please, everybody, sit.
He put cheese in it again.
Dad, you put cheese in the enchiladas.
You know Victor is lactose intolerant.
No, but it's okay.
It's just a little bit.
Come on. Everybody likes cheese.
The wine.
He does this on purpose.
No, he doesn't. He
just forgets sometimes.
All the time.
- Who's hungry?
- Me.
Hey, Jimmy, right?
Lame party, huh?
What's your name?
Also known as the stepson of the woman
who saved the world with a handshake.
Well, Isaiah,
you wouldn't be interested in escaping
this mind-numbing charade, would you?
Wait. Up here?
Seriously? Can we do that?
I have my ways.
I remember it like yesterday,
you coming to my office,
saying you had an idea.
I thought you were gonna
pitch me a new restaurant.
You said, "Why shouldn't
everyone get to enjoy space?"
Well, except for me.
This is just the beginning.
You're right. It is.
Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, we
have a special surprise for you now.
Please look over at
the screen behind you.
We have a message from
a good friend of Danny's.
Hey, Danny, Amber. It's me.
I wish I could be there
with you all to celebrate,
but I'm stuck down here
at the end of the world,
freezing my butt off.
I just wanna say congratulations
and I know you'll have
an amazing life together.
It's almost disgusting how
perfect you are for each other.
And please make sure
my dad doesn't embarrass himself
too much on the dance floor.
Too late.
Come on. It's not that bad.
I love you all. Cheers.
- Yeah.
- So sweet.
Now if everyone would please
gather around the dance floor
to welcome our bride and groom
for their first dance
as husband and wife.
You know I can be found
I'm sitting home all alone
If you can't come around
At least on the telephone
Don't be cruel
To a heart that's true
Baby, if I made you mad
With something that I might have said
Don't be cruel
Commander LaPorte,
one of our main orbital thrusters
is performing an uncommanded burn.
It's not responding.
- Kill the power to the valve.
- Tried that. It must be jammed open.
Well, the smaller rotational
thrusters have engaged.
Automatically, the verns might
be able to counter the thrust.
It looks like the valve
is stuck all the way open.
The verns cannot overpower it.
The ship's beginning to rotate faster.
Centrifugal gravity is
starting to rise, Commander.
Oh, no.
I meant to throw it farther.
Oh, my God. I love this song!
Could I get a glass of water? A big one.
She's having a good time.
You bet.
They looked good, didn't they?
Danny and Amber. Out there, dancing.
Never heard that song
played like that before.
You're coming.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
Three, four!
Well, I should probably
get Yvonne back to the room.
Good idea.
Congrats on everything.
You know, what you've done
here is pretty incredible.
Thanks, Ed.
- Yvonne.
- Eddy.
- Now?
- Yeah.
- No, I wanna stay. I wanna stay.
- Come on.
Bye, guys.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye!
Good night, Ed.
- Right now?
- Yeah.
Commander LaPorte. What's going on?
Could we just step
over here for a minute?
There is a problem with
the hotel's gravity levels.
Gravity levels?
One of the hotel's orbital
thrusters is stuck on.
We think debris from a North
Korean rocket may have struck it.
NASA sent out a bulletin earlier.
We were supposedly in the clear.
The gravity is at manageable
levels now, but it's rising.
Okay, so what's the plan?
We're going to do an EVA to
manually close the thruster's valve.
A space walk?
Well, can it wait until
the wedding is finished?
No, it can't.
All right. Well, do we alert the guests?
I don't think there's any reason
to concern the guests right now.
I just say we fix the damn thing.
Oh, no, no, no, no, Ms.
Madison. You're the guest.
How's our Mars engine looking?
It's getting there.
This is smart.
A niobium alloy nozzle
will cool more effectively
in the vacuum of space.
A radiative cooling
design would be optimal.
We just have to make sure
the technicians up there
keep the nozzle wall thickness
within the correct tolerances.
Too much can be lost in translation.
We'll need to send someone
to oversee the repair.
Yeah, good idea.
- Maybe we should send
- You leave in a week.
What do you mean?
- You mean you want me to
- Yeah.
Papa, Papa.
Everything is okay?
I'm going to the moon.
My little one.
See? What'd I tell you? My
mom taught me this trick.
You sure you've done this before?
Yeah. All the time.
how's it being an
astronaut's kid so far?
It's okay.
My dad seems happy, so that's good.
He actually says that she
reminds him a lot of my mom.
My real mom.
died when I was little.
I actually
don't remember her all that well.
Exiting air lock.
Attaching tethers.
About to begin rappelling down
the spoke towards the thruster.
Slow and steady.
Watch your footing.
Copy, Skipper.
Caution and warnings
clear. DCM looks good.
Beginning descent.
140 feet from outer ring.
You didn't have to come,
but you said you wanted to.
So it's all my fault again, as usual.
Would you just stop?
You're embarrassed of me, aren't you?
When you act like
this, can you blame me?
Are you okay?
Honey, have you seen Isaiah?
I haven't. Why?
There's something going on.
50 feet from the outer ring now.
Remember, when you get close
to the edge of the ring,
stay clear of the vern thrusters.
They'll sneak up on you.
I can see the primary thruster.
Hey, do you see that?
Yeah, the coupling is shaking.
One of the stabilizer
cables is vibrating.
Yeah. I think it's coming loose.
Abort the repair. Return
to the hatch immediately.
Watch out! The cable just broke off.
- What is it?
- You feel that?
- Come on.
- No, no. I'm serious.
We're spinning faster.
Look out. The cable's
coming right towards us.
Cy, Joaquin. Do you read?
Sir, both suits showing
major loss of integrity.
They're losing pressure fast.
- Has he engaged OPS?
- Negative.
Cable four backup
system is not responding.
Negative EKG, negative respiration.
I need a system-wide check
of all flight backup ops now.
Another support cable has snapped.
Attempting manual power lockdown.
Manual override will not respond.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Ed?
Holy shit. Come on.
Let's get outta here!
- Holy shit! Come on! We gotta get out!
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
No! Come on! Leave it!
Come on! Come on!
Oh, no! Oh, my God!
Come on!
We've got a depress event in module 7.
Commander, we're also getting a report
- of losing pressure in module 6.
- Activate hull breach backup systems.
Jesus Christ.
What'd you do?
Must be a bad thruster.
Module 8 is starting to lose pressure.
Double the ppO2 in module 8.
We've still got people in
there that need to breathe.
And get a new DC crew
in there right now.
Aye, aye, Commander.
Damage control to module 8.
Depress alarm protocols
have sealed off the quadrant.
Thrusters are still firing, and
gravity is at just under two G's.
Is there some other way to turn it off?
That cable's still whipping
around. It's too dangerous.
This ship isn't built to withstand
centrifugal force greater than four G's.
What happens at four G's?
It will come apart.
Hull breach. Integrity at -2.1.
Life support systems still nominal.
- There is CO2 buildup in compartment 7.
- Okay.
We need to evacuate. Let's
get everyone to the shuttles.
In a moment I'm gonna ask us all
to head calmly towards the exit,
where we will be making our
way down to the elevators
and up to the central hub of the hotel,
where there is still zero gravity.
Then we will be boarding
the shuttles back to Houston.
This is only a
precautionary measure, okay?
I just need us all to please listen
to all crew members' instructions
because your safety is
our number one concern.
I'll be taking the older folks first.
- You two.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
You doing okay, sir?
- You okay?
- Here they are.
Come on, boy.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay. It's all right.
Listen, we're getting
out of here. All right?
Stick with me. Both of you.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Come on.
- Danny!
- You okay?
What happened?
It's a fracture. Come on.
- We gotta be close to two G's now.
- Yeah.
- What's going on?
- Ship's rotating too fast.
We need to get on the elevator.
Listen, everybody who's feeling the
adverse reactions to the gravity,
board the elevator in the next group.
All right, Sam. We're
ready with the next group.
Okay. This group's off-loaded. I'm
heading back down in the elevator.
All right.
- Hey, you okay?
- Yeah.
Is she okay?
- Yeah. She will be.
- Okay.
Here it comes.
Get back! Everyone, get back!
The elevator in quadrant
3 just went off-line.
What do you mean "off-line"?
Its sensors just stopped
transmitting suddenly.
Hold all other elevators.
Hey, Sam. Can you hear
me? Sam, can you hear me?
Oh, my
Okay. Okay.
Attention. Do not use the elevators.
I repeat, do not use the elevators.
Karen. Karen, are you okay?
Danny. Thank God. Hey,
is Ed there with you?
Yeah. Yeah, they're here.
Okay. Whatever you do,
do not use the elevator.
You're gonna have to
use the access shaft.
It's to the right of the door.
It goes all the way to the center hub.
Karen, what the hell is going on?
They tried to go out and fix the
thruster, two of our crew, but they
they were killed. And then Sam Sam
Look, we have to evacuate,
okay? I'm so sorry.
All right.
Let's go.
I'll see you up there, okay, Karen?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. I can't breathe.
My chest. I'm gonna be sick.
It's just the gravity.
Take deep breaths.
Take deep breaths.
I'm not gonna be able to make
it up there. Not with this leg.
Y'all need to go on without me.
- No.
- No.
They're not gonna make it up either.
We're at double gravity.
It'll be like climbing a ladder
with another person on your back.
There are pressure suits in the shuttle.
If I can get to 'em, I can
make it to the thruster.
Even if you make it out there,
the gravity around the edge of that ring
will fling you off like a rag doll.
It's too dangerous.
What other choice do we have?
No. No, you can't.
It'll be okay.
Stay with Ed.
We're losing structural integrity
along the outer rim, Commander.
We might not even make it to four
G's before this place comes apart.
Skipper, we've got an air lock
open at the shuttle docking port.
There's someone out there.
Oh, shi
I love you.
I love you too.
It's okay.
Commander, vern thrusters
are slowing the ship down.
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