For All Mankind (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

Game Changer

Joyner-Kersee won gold
over Soviet Irina Belova
in last night's race.
And in Houston, more
questions are being asked
in the wake of the
Polaris hotel disaster
and the tragic deaths that
occurred in Earth orbit.
NASA has vowed a full investigation
and review of its safety
certification process,
while some in Congress are
questioning NASA's lack of oversight.
Can you please turn that off?
- The tragedy has left the public asking
- Yes, ma'am.
Ms. Baldwin.
Thank you for coming
all the way out here.
I am I'm truly sorry about Sam.
Thank you.
You two built something
amazing together.
It's why I asked you here.
Is it not enough?
No, it's very generous.
So generous it makes me wonder why.
Our company's reputation is in tatters.
I mean, our debtors are
calling in their loans.
I mean, if you were gonna
sell Polaris off for parts,
you would make me a lowball offer.
But you are not just
in this for the money.
You know, I read somewhere you're
testing a new methane engine.
From what I know,
methane doesn't offer much
advantage for trips to the moon.
But it does to Mars.
From what I can tell,
Helios doesn't have a ship
that could support a
crew for a two-year trip.
So you must be five years
away from building one.
Seven, actually.
But if you were to acquire a ship
that could support human life,
let's say my hotel, and attach
your new engines to it
That's a fascinating theory.
You seriously think you can do it?
My dad came to this country with
just a few shillings in his pocket.
And he got a degree
and became an engineer.
He believed what Jack Kennedy said.
"In America anything is possible."
I can still remember him sitting in
that living room that night in '69,
glued to the TV,
watching the Soviets plant
their red flag on the moon.
The tears were rolling down his cheeks.
I had never even seen him cry before.
Being first, it meant something.
But you are going up
against the two wealthiest,
most powerful nations in the world.
And if they divide up Mars
like they did the moon,
we'll never end this destructive
cycle. This "us versus them."
In Kenya, there's a
Kiswahili word, "harambee."
It means "stronger together."
Mutual responsibility.
That is what Helios is all about.
That! That's what's gonna push
mankind to make the next leap forward.
Colonizing Mars, and the
moons of Saturn and Jupiter.
I suppose now your price goes up.
That was a great speech.
I mean, it was worth
at least another 10%.
Okay, Karen Baldwin. Done.
I'll have my lawyers
draw up the paperwork.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Make a hole, people! Coming through!
I need to see the
generalissimo right fucking now.
She's not available.
- She still in Huntsville?
- Yes.
Well, maybe you can
explain this bullshit to me.
I I can't, 'cause I don't
read I don't read braille.
I'll bet you transcribe every word
the mistress of darkness
spews from her lair.
What, she think I wouldn't
notice this gem buried at the end?
"Astronaut candidates
must conform to criteria
to be established by the Astronaut
Candidate Qualifications Committee."
Ha! Committee of handpicked
stooges, no doubt.
Of all the backstabbing, underhanded
You're overreacting.
The committee is merely an
advisory board that's ju
This is a power grab. Plain and simple.
- She's trying to force my hand.
- Force your hand?
The Mars mission.
Our fearless leader needs
to remember one thing.
I decide who goes up and when,
no matter what she writes
in any goddamn memo!
Come on, Ollie. Let's go.
Listen, with your getting
doctorates in advanced robotics
and your lunar experience, I
think you are ideally suited
to command the Mars '98 mission.
The second mission to Mars.
So let me get this straight.
My advanced qualifications actually
worked against me going first?
Well, yeah. They kinda did.
I don't suppose the fact
that you and Ed go way back
Don't go there, Dani.
You and I go just as far.
I know.
But you're wrong on this one, Molly.
Well, it's my call,
and that's how I see it.
Yeah, there's no argument you'd
be better at handling the science.
Someone with your
qualifications will be invaluable
once the first flight's
proven it can be done
and we start building the
infrastructure for a permanent base.
But Ed is first, last
and always a test pilot.
And he's used to handling the unknown.
And a first flight to Mars
is full of huge unknowns.
He might not be the guy
who's gonna find life on Mars.
But he is the guy who, I think,
has the best chance of
getting the mission done
and bringing everyone home alive.
This sucks.
Yeah, it does.
And I totally understand if you
don't wanna lead his backup crew.
So you think about
that, you let me know.
I don't need to think about it.
I'll back him up.
Whatever the program
needs, whatever Ed needs,
I'll be there.
Now, as you can see, we can
make methane, hydrogen and oxygen
from the atmosphere and
water resources on Mars.
Now, the question I pose to you is
which technology offers
the best trade-off
for a long-duration Mars mission
with the goals we discussed?
Now, remember, it's not just about mass.
Keep in mind the power requirements
for liquification, transportation
and storage in each case.
D-mail your analyses
to me by next Wednesday.
Belay that, children. You can
submit your work to Ken Muriata.
He will be taking over
this class from now on.
Wasn't my call.
The Astronaut Candidate
Qualification Committee has concerns
about your availability for
the next couple of years.
Don't fuck with me, Molly.
Now, why would I do that, Admiral?
Because you're drunk with power.
I never should've given you that job.
Well, we all make decisions we regret.
I hope this doesn't turn
out to be one of mine.
That's right.
Edward Baldwin is gonna command
America's first mission to Mars.
Holy shit.
Holy shit!
- Do not fuck this up.
- Fuck this up.
Hey there.
Danny! What are you doing here?
Came to pick up Mom's
astronaut pin from Sam's office.
I remember the day that she got that.
Sam was always so proud
of your mom. You know that?
He was proud of you too.
Way you pulled your life
together after everything.
It's really great.
Glad you were able to sell the company.
At least you're walking
away with some money.
Well, that's thanks to you.
If you hadn't have turned
off that thruster, I
I wouldn't even be standing here.
It wasn't completely
altruistic. Saved my own ass too.
Guess I better get going.
Hey, Danny?
At the reception
why did you play it?
Play what?
That song.
It was Amber's idea.
She's a Billy Swan fan too.
Well, it's a great song.
Good night.
- Karen?
- Yeah?
I lied just then.
About the song. About you and me.
- About everything. Look, just listen.
- Danny
Okay, the day of the wedding,
I felt sick to my stomach.
I didn't know exactly what it was
until I was out there with the
world spinning below me, but
in that moment, I wasn't
thinking about Amber.
- I don't want to hear this.
- All I was thinking about was you.
- That's not okay.
- It's the truth.
- I don't care. I don't wanna hear it.
- I thought about your eyes.
- What? Oh, my God.
- The smell of your hair, your lips.
- Go. Get out of here.
- How I might never see you again.
Hey! Stop it, right now. Stop it!
That's enough!
Jesus, I thought that you
moved beyond all of this!
I tried.
You don't know how hard I tried.
Okay, well, I'm not
going through it again.
You're not gonna start calling me
in the middle of the night again
and showing up at my house drunk.
It's not gonna happen, okay?
You have to move on.
It was a mistake, okay? I'm sorry.
It never should have happened.
Is it because of Ed?
I saw the way you both
were at the wedding.
I can't believe you're gonna get
back with that son of a bitch.
Oh, my God, Danny.
The way he talks down
to you, to everyone,
like he's God's gift to
this world or something.
Danny, this has nothing to do with Ed.
Nothing! Okay?
You need to go home to your wife.
But I like John.
He and I see eye to eye on most
issues, and we have a great rapport.
It's not about rapport.
It's about choosing a vice president
that'll add value to the ticket.
Picking a moderate like McCain
Will help me attract Democrats.
He favors lower taxes and
spending, and less regulation,
but he's also pretty socially
liberal and a war hero.
If something happened to me,
he'd make a great president.
Well, we wouldn't really
need to worry about that
if you don't become
president in the first place.
You don't need another you.
You need someone who will
shore up your weaknesses.
Clinton's up by six in most polls,
and he's got a 20-point
edge with male voters.
Yeah, it doesn't matter
that I'm a former astronaut
who put my life on the
line for over a decade.
I'm running in a party that's
infatuated with alpha males,
so I need one on the ticket. Is that it?
Exactly. Preferably someone who
will excite the evangelicals.
That's why I want you to
give another look at Bragg.
It doesn't have to be someone you like.
It has to be someone the base likes.
You know what he said about Mars?
He's in favor of a manned mission.
Because, he says, Mars is
in the same orbit as Earth
and has canals full of water.
Okay, he's a little fuzzy on the
science. You'll bring him up to speed.
The point is, he's a founding member
of the Conservatives for Jesus Christ.
Are we sure we want someone
that far right on the ticket?
It's not about what we want.
It's about what we need.
Okay. Set up a meeting, but
I am not making any promises.
- Daddy!
- Oh, geez!
Evil hand! Evil hand!
Evil hand, you know, I haven't seen
him. I think the coast is clear.
Look out, Daddy!
- Oh, geez! He's coming for ya!
- Mommy! Help, Mommy!
Get back, evil hand! Get back.
- There it comes over here.
- Get back, evil hand!
- Other side.
- Uh-oh. Uh-oh.
Yeah, Scotty!
You did it! The victor!
- Way to go, Admiral.
- Thanks.
Hi, Bob.
Hi, Bob.
Hope that thing doesn't
slow you down too much.
Nah. Just can't drive a
clutch for a few weeks.
I rented one of those
new electric roadsters.
No gears. Just raw power.
Does zero to 60 in 3.4 seconds.
Congratulations on Mars.
Looks like NASA still
values age over beauty.
Hell no! This assignment cost
me a whole case of Glenfiddich.
You know, Molly, she don't sway easy.
- Don't I know it.
- Look, I promise you,
I'll leave a whole crate
of whatever libation
you fancy up there on Mars.
Just so long as that
geriatric cadaver of yours
doesn't wither away first.
There is zero chance of that.
Everything is still rock solid.
Except that leg.
It'll heal soon enough.
I hope so.
Because if you stumble,
even for just one second,
I'm gonna swoop in and steal
your seat in a heartbeat.
Me and my backup crew are gonna
be breathing down your neck
all the way to launch.
I expect nothing less.
Come on. Come on.
Hey, Dad. How's your leg?
It's fine. Which you'd know
if you ever returned my calls.
I know. I'm sorry.
Anyways. I got some news for you.
Don't tell me. Yvonne
cracked up another car?
You might as well know.
She and I have We're splitting up.
Wow. Less than a year.
That's a new record for you.
You could at least
pretend to be sad about it.
You're right. I'm sorry. That was mean.
So, where are you moving now?
Not back to the Shamrock, I hope.
No. I actually found a
great new neighborhood.
I think you'll love it.
Really? Where?
In this area right here.
You got the mission?
Holy shit!
Congrats, Dad!
Yeah. I got it.
And word is the Russian engine's
got some serious teething problems,
so, you bet your ass the US
of A's gonna win this race.
And here's a kicker.
How'd you like to come with me?
Where, to Mars?
You've been preparing for
this your whole life, Kel.
Would NASA ever risk letting a family
fly together on a mission like this?
Well, your old man's still
got some pull at the office.
Me and Molly got an understanding.
Yeah, the geezer network.
This is a chance for you to get
your head out of the snow, kiddo,
and back into the sky.
I don't know. I
I'd have to put my research down here
on hold for four, maybe five years.
I offer you a chance to be one
of the first humans on Mars,
and you're talking about research?
I just don't get it.
Four years of Annapolis,
two years of flight school.
You aced your astronaut training
and your first trip to Skylab.
But instead of going back to space,
you're chasing bacteria in
the ass-end of the world.
This research is teaching us how
life might have evolved on Mars.
We found a strain of
Sphingomonas dessicabilus
that could survive the
extreme cold up there.
So come with me, bring
some swing-a-lings with you,
and figure out how to
grow some shit up there.
Swingabangas. That's what I said.
Are you in?
Of course I'm in.
Attagirl! It'll be just like old times.
I love you. Always.
Love you too, Dad. Always.
- Hey.
- Hey.
That scampi sure does smell good.
Just be careful you don't
overcook that shrimp.
A good commander doesn't
micromanage her crew.
Guess that's why I
didn't get the mission.
Molly gave Mars to Ed.
I'm his backup.
Baby, I'm so sorry.
I know how much you wanted it.
You don't seem all
that broken up about it.
I gotta admit I am kind of relieved.
I thought you were okay about me going.
Look, I knew space was
dangerous. But it was kind of
an abstraction. You know?
After what we went through up there.
I know, I It's real now. I get it.
But I am still slated to go
up in 1998. You know that.
I know.
But at least Isaiah
will be out of school,
and he could use all
the help he can get.
I don't need help.
Your midterms would suggest otherwise.
You know I like to come
from behind. I'm on it.
Was studying just now.
Is that why I heard all that
simulated gunfire from your room?
So, why are we talking
about you being home?
Mr. Baldwin was selected
for the Mars mission.
They picked the old white guy. Shocker.
He gonna take a walker and
colostomy bag up with him?
Okay, come on now.
Hey, the good news is I will be around
to help you out with
that AP history paper.
What's the subject again?
John Adams.
John Adams, stuffing the
courts with Federalist judges.
The age-old issue. States'
rights versus big government.
Ellen Wilson and Bill Clinton are
having that exact argument today.
This is going to be so fun.
Now I really wish you
got that commander job.
Careless spending led
Governor Bill Clinton
to increase the sales
tax in Arkansas by 33%.
And now he's hoping to become president
so he can increase the Federal
government's spending by $220 billion,
forcing every American
to pay more taxes.
This is why we need a true
American hero to fight for us.
Senator Ellen Wilson will just say no
to Clinton's disastrous
tax-and-spend policies.
And that's why I'm
running for president.
Let's build a better future. Together.
When your favorite pan
is a great grimy mess,
try our new lemon-scented
degreasing formula.
Very excited to have you here, sir.
Governor Bragg. Thank you for
coming on such short notice.
I'm sure you have a lot on your plate.
Well, somehow, I'm guessing
not as much as you, ma'am.
Honored to be here.
Sorry about all the mess.
We're in the process of moving
our campaign headquarters
to a larger building, and
it's been a bit chaotic.
Believe me, I understand.
We just had the Governor's
Mansion renovated last year,
and I am still trying to find
my favorite pair of cuff links.
Well, we haven't had much in
the way of personal interaction,
but I've always admired the
straightforward way you carry yourself.
I like to think we have that in common.
I couldn't agree more.
I have been a fan of yours ever since
Well, you know.
- The tank?
- The tank.
Heck, that was something.
I'm sure you hear that a lot.
Only every day.
Well, I've been keeping
an eye on you ever since,
and your voice in the Senate has
been so valuable to the party.
You're bringing us
into the 21st century.
Kicking and screaming, to be sure.
Thank you for saying that.
So, as I'm sure Larry made you aware,
I'm considering my
options for a running mate.
And before I make my final choice,
I wanted to have a frank
conversation with you.
- Only kind worth having.
- Good.
There are several areas where
you and I don't see eye to eye.
Stem cell research, for example.
True. I do not support
stem cell research.
I am staunchly pro-life.
As am I,
but this is a promising
area of scientific research
that could save lives.
Look, I want my vice president
to be someone I can rely on
for their honest, unvarnished opinion.
But I also need that person
to be on the same team,
even if they don't agree
with every decision I make
or every position I hold.
There will be times when
I call on my vice president
to advocate for something
they don't agree with.
Is this something you feel
you could handle, Governor?
Are there sacrifices that
have to be made? Of course.
But sacrifice is a part of any journey.
Ma'am, I'm going to be straight
with you, as you've been with me.
There is no one I would
rather be following into a fray
than a true American hero like yourself.
It has been too long that the
Republican Party has been defined
by people that look like me.
I would be honored if
asked to serve with you.
- Hey. You're back early.
- Hey.
The electromagnetic
containment guys have the goods?
It's very promising.
Great. I You know, I gotta
say, I'm a little annoyed.
I had a double sawbuck on
Danielle to command Mars '96.
Thought it was a sure thing.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I
understand why you went with Ed, but
Wait, wait. What did you say?
No, just
I mean, you're picking Ed for commander.
Personality traits must be altered,
which means Babe Ruth will be stuck
with what the organization
initially selected.
Easy, Ollie.
Can you tell me why I have to hear
that you picked Ed Baldwin as commander
from Bill Strausser?
Well, I put it in a memo.
I guess you didn't have
a chance to read mine yet.
We agreed to continue
discussing it when I returned.
Here you are, and here
we are discussing it.
Oh, come on. You went behind
my back when I was out of town.
Behind your back?
You mean like putting
together a bogus committee
for selecting the ASCANs?
Those are some of the finest
scientific minds at this agency.
Oh, come on. You are trying to
cut the balls off this office
just like you have every other
department in this entire agency
over the last ten years.
That's what you think I'm doing?
You don't like having someone around
who doesn't kowtow to your every whim.
I don't care how many
friends you got in Washington.
- I will not allow you to steamroll
- Allow?
You will not allow?
Molly, this isn't the '60s,
and NASA's not the same place
it was when Deke was around.
And your blind refusal
- That's not what I meant.
- I know what you fucking meant.
I'm done debating this with you.
My job is to assign
all the flight crews,
including who will command
the Mars '96 mission.
So I did my job.
- You should not have done that.
- Well, what's done is done.
No, what's done is now undone.
You're fired, Molly.
You wouldn't dare.
I would. And I did.
Leave your badge at the
desk on your way out.
Admiral Baldwin's here.
- Hey, Ed.
- Hey.
Have a seat.
Did you get a chance to look
at my crew wish list yet?
Ed, we need to talk.
I know. It's about Kelly, right?
Look, I get it. But it's not
just 'cause she's my daughter.
- She's abundantly qualified
- Ed, it's not about that.
You're not going to
command the Mars mission.
- No, M Molly
- Jumped.
Jumped the gun. Danielle
Poole is the agency's choice.
I don't understand.
Ed, you're a great commander.
No one questions that.
But Danielle's got a broader skill
set in planetary science and
This is bullshit.
Jerking me around like this.
I know. And I apologize.
Wait, what the hell happened?
Why isn't Molly telling me this?
Because it's my call.
And Molly no longer works here.
- As of when?
- As of today.
So who's her replacement?
Going forward, flight
crews will be determined
by mission parameters as
defined by a selection committee.
By a selection committee.
By a selection committee.
So the weenies and the white coats
are finally calling all the shots.
I know this new system
will take some adjustment.
Adjustment! Hell.
The whole reason Deke built
this system was so we know
that the guy making the call has
had his ass on the line just like us.
But now it's just a bunch
of pencil-pushing sycophants.
Bravo, Margo. I hope
you're proud of yourself.
- No way.
- Look at him go!
- He's crushing him.
- There it is!
- Off to a strong start.
- There it is. All right.
- Yo, Bombshell's gonna crush it.
- Come on. I wouldn't put my money on him.
- He's gonna crush it.
- Look!
Look. He's crushing him.
- He's crushing him. He's crushing him.
- Come on.
He got him up in the air!
Oh, man.
This hurts to just watch this.
- Bombshell being destroyed.
- Hello?
- That's horrible.
- Hey, Margo.
Hey. Yeah.
Let the bot battle begin, and here
comes Bombshell with that package
You're kidding me.
What happened to Ed?
Oh, my God. Margo,
I'm I am so excited.
And you are not gonna
regret this. Yeah? I promise.
Yeah. See you tomorrow.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my.
I never thought she'd do it. I
guess times really have changed.
This is not the agency we signed
up for. That's for damn sure.
I'm just glad Deke's
not alive to see it.
To Deke. Buzz.
To you and me, a dying breed.
You want this back?
Pretty sure my short game is
as good as it's going to get.
Probably get some good money
for it down at the Outpost.
It's an authentic astronaut souvenir.
The Outpost.
There's another great
institution gone to hell.
Yeah. Just like the two of us.
Rosales, come on. Let's
get you checked in.
Okay, Rin. Let's go.
- Thank you.
- Have a good day.
Scotch on the rocks. Thanks.
Hi, Bob.
I don't even feel like
saying that in here anymore.
It feels wrong.
Anyways, congratulations.
First person on Mars.
Ed, this is not how I
wanted things to go down.
You know that.
I'm sorry.
You didn't do anything. NASA did.
Bean counters have taken over.
Gordo called this.
Saw this bullshit coming way
back when we were on Jamestown.
There's no room for pioneers.
Who's the birthday girl?
Three, two, one.
Happy birthday!
Well, in four years, you'll be
140 million miles away
from this bullshit.
I'll probably be over there in
that corner signing souvenirs.
Not likely. Nobody here will have
any idea who the hell you are.
Probably not.
I guess I'll always wonder
why I didn't land Apollo
10 when I had the chance.
But at least that was my own doing.
This, you know Just
having it taken away from
And for
For what?
I know what you're capable of.
I trained you. I've flown with you.
Hell, I gave you your first command.
But we both know there are
other factors at play here.
Other factors?
Like what, Ed?
Come on, Dani.
You're a damn fine astronaut.
Nobody's disputing that.
But if this were a level playing field,
I'd be commanding this
mission, and you know it.
I don't even know what to say.
I've heard crap like that my whole life,
but I never thought
I'd hear it from you.
Hey. Dani.
Come on.
What's wrong?
I lost my watch.
I'm sure it's around somewhere.
You'll find it. You always do.
Is Javi there?
Sí, sí
You and Vic getting along?
I get along with him.
He doesn't get along with me.
Papá, please try to make it
work between you two, okay?
- I can't
- Hi, Mommy.
Hi, baby. Do you know where I am?
I'm on the moon.
- Uh-huh.
- I'm on the Jamestown Base.
You've seen it on TV, right?
I am working on Sojourner 1,
which is this big ship
that'll take people
from the moon to Mars
four years from now.
Your mamá is working on the
engines that will take it there.
He's watching the DuckTales.
Papá, it's real.
I'm actually here. I'm on the moon.
Can you believe it?
No. Your mother would be so proud.
So proud of you.
Yeah, I wish she was here too.
Aleida, I need to find
my watch. I'm sorry.
I have to make dinner at 6:00.
I need to find my watch.
Have you looked on the bedside table?
- Maybe someone stole it.
- No one stole your watch.
And now a man you know well,
your governor, Jim Bragg.
Although unexpected,
Senator Wilson's choice of Governor
James Bragg as her running mate
is considered by many political
analysts to be a savvy political move
by the Republican nominee.
Governor Bragg's strong and
consistent conservative positions
are expected to solidify
the evangelical vote.
Jesus, what the hell are you doing here?
Goddamn toy car.
Hey, are you all right?
Well, you're bleeding.
Goddamn rosebushes.
Okay. Well, I guess we're gonna
go in and get you cleaned up.
Goddamn boot.
I'll be pushing 70 by the time
the next Mars mission launches.
You think they'll be
bringing on a geriatric?
Fuck no.
So what's left?
More milk runs to the moon?
Maytag repairs in low Earth orbit?
I'm closer to the end
than the beginning, Kar.
It's not how I wanted to go out.
I know. You hate it when I mope.
How you holding up with everything?
Heard you sold the company.
Yeah? I mean, that's not
the reaction you'd expect
from someone with millions of
dollars in their bank account.
Polaris was supposed to
be this whole new chapter.
Now it's just gone.
I guess this is the
big, beautiful tomorrow
we used to always dream of.
A lot less shiny than
I thought it would be.
You ever wonder
what our lives would have been
like if we hadn't met that day?
You mean if I hadn't have run into
a burst pipe on Penfield Avenue
and taken Friar on the
way to school instead
and run into you in a vacant
lot setting off bottle rockets?
I guess you have thought about it.
Only once or twice.
Who knows?
Maybe I would have done
something completely different.
Come on, Ed.
You not be an astronaut? Yeah, right.
Civil engineer, maybe.
You know, my first year at
Annapolis, I thought about it.
About leaving the Academy.
- Really?
- Yeah.
It was pure hell. I missed home.
I missed you.
So why didn't you?
I wanted to fly.
And I didn't wanna let you down.
I guess I did that
anyway. Too many times.
So why in the world
a civil engineer, Ed?
Be nice to build something that lasts.
Like a bridge. Or a dam.
I mean, I've been flying
for, what, 40 years
- Yeah.
- and what do I have to show for it?
Handful of medals. Mission patches.
Faded photographs in newspapers.
Enough to fill a shoebox in the closet.
Hi. I'm Karen Baldwin, here to see Dev.
- All right.
- Okay.
Is this your first time at Helios?
Yes, it is.
If you get a chance after your
meeting, check out Building 2.
That's where we assemble our rockets.
We got this 3D printer
to make our engine parts.
Dramatically reduces
our production costs
and does wonders for quality control.
Thank you, Renee.
Is this your office?
- Is something wrong?
- No, no.
I don't know, I just I
thought you would have an office.
We don't have a
hierarchical structure here.
We're a collective. Remember?
So what'd you want to see me about?
Well, I was wondering if you had chosen
a commander for your mission to Mars.
- Not yet.
- How come?
After our modifications to your hotel,
the spacecraft will be mostly automated.
The crew will largely be caretakers.
Okay. But you still
need a strong leader.
Thankfully, we have a lot of
qualified astronauts here at Helios.
Hey. Do you want a yerba maté?
Look, a Helium-3 truck driver
isn't really going to cut it.
You're going up against
NASA and the Soviets.
I mean, if you intend to tell the world
you're going to slap an outboard motor
on my hotel and drive it to Mars,
Wall Street's gonna laugh at you.
You need somebody who
can lend you credibility,
somebody with a long, legendary résumé
who can galvanize the
public's imagination.
They'll be galvanized when we
land on Mars before anybody else.
If you land.
What happens when something
goes wrong out there?
Communication between there and
Earth can take up to eight minutes,
and you need somebody on
the scene who can improvise,
adapt and overcome.
Somebody who isn't gonna
buckle under pressure
but, in fact, thrives under it.
Why do I get the feeling
you got somebody in mind?
My ex-husband.
I assumed NASA was selecting
him for their mission.
Ed's unhappy with the way
things are being run over there.
Of course he is.
He's looking for his next challenge.
And I think he might just love
what you're trying to do here.
You mean what we are doing here?
Hey, everybody. Bring it in.
This is Karen Baldwin.
And she just pitched me
a very interesting idea.
What do you guys think
about having Ed Baldwin
command our expedition to Mars?
- Love it.
- That'd be radical.
Like having Babe Ruth
on your baseball team.
Babe Ruth's dead.
I'm pretty sure Ed
Baldwin's not too far behind.
No offense.
But he's got the right experience,
and no one's ever
flown a ship like this.
And he's probably stuck in his
ways like everyone else at NASA.
This is about leadership. The
mission's over two years long.
We need somebody like him.
I hear what you're saying,
but maybe we should give
somebody new a chance.
I think it's a no-brainer.
He should have been first to the moon.
Let's make him first to Mars.
Interesting points of view.
All in favor, raise your hands.
Okay. I will talk to Ed.
- Karen.
- Yes?
- I forgot one thing.
- Yeah?
Come work for me. You
practically already are.
What? You're offering me a job?
Doing what?
Whatever you want.
What does that mean?
There's no official titles here,
no real hierarchy.
So start with doing
what you did for Polaris.
You recruited the best astronauts,
engineers and flight
controllers in the business.
You know where the talent lies,
and you know how to hook 'em.
I appreciate the offer, Dev.
I do. But I don't think so.
So you rolled the dice on a
wild idea and it didn't pan out.
So what?
Show me somebody who never failed,
and I will show you somebody
who never took risks.
I can't do it again. I'm really sorry.
What better tribute to Sam's life
than to help me take what the two
of you built to the Red Planet.
Aleida Rosales worked out the
NERVA glitch in the lunar shipyard,
so we have that back on the timeline.
But we can't afford
another slip like that.
Ninety-six sounds pretty far away,
but those four years are gonna be
gone before we can draw a breath.
Well, let's get started
on the crew then.
The sooner we get them in the loop,
the faster we can get the hardware
and mission design up to speed.
I have Ed's crew wish list here.
He'd already reached out to them.
He wanted his daughter on the trip?
If you want her or any
of them, just say so.
If not, you'll have to
give them the bad news.
Well, I already got some ideas
about who I want in my right seat.
Now, as you know,
he's a damn good pilot,
and his knowledge of advanced avionics
will come in real handy up there.
Excuse me.
What is it?
There's something on the
news you may wanna see.
Thanks, Nuri.
Soloflex. Simple
Flame-broiled perfection.
And I'd like to welcome
the co-founder of Polaris,
Karen Baldwin, to the Helios family.
So now he wants to be
the next Conrad Hilton?
Some say private citizens have
no business in space travel.
Well, I emphatically disagree.
The first hot-air balloon
to carry a human being aloft
was designed by the
Montgolfier brothers.
The first powered aircraft was
built by a pair of bicycle makers,
Wilbur and Orville Wright.
Charles Lindbergh made the first
solo flight across the Atlantic
in a plane built by a private company.
And Robert Goddard,
he built the first liquid-fueled
rocket that streaked into the heavens
on his little farm in
Auburn, Massachusetts.
We acquired Polaris to enable us
to embark on a bold new expedition,
taking us where no man has gone before.
By adding our groundbreaking
new Osprey-methane engines to it,
we will propel this
one-of-a-kind spacecraft
out of Earth orbit on an
epic journey of exploration
to Mars.
Ladies and gentlemen of the world,
I am thrilled to present to you
We will establish a free
enterprise zone on the Red Planet
so that innovation and economic
development will thrive,
building a new colony, a new
society benefiting all people.
But don't take my word for it.
Take the word of the man
who will command our mission.
A living legend whose
experience reaches back
to the earliest days
of space exploration.
The man who commanded
the first lunar base,
staying alone when his
crew had to return to Earth.
The first commander to operate
a nuclear engine in space.
Ed Baldwin.
- What the
- hell?
Thanks, Dev.
Ed Baldwin won't have to wait
four years to lead our expedition.
We'll be going in the next
Mars launch window, 1994,
a full two years before
NASA or the Soviet Union.
The future belongs to all of us.
Way to go, Ed.
Stick it to the bastards.
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