For All Mankind (2019) s03e03 Episode Script

All In

I'm sorry.
I'm glad we were finally
able to find time for a drink.
Yes, me too.
Although, God, my panel
starts at 7:00 a.m.
"Gravity-assist maneuvers for
multiple planetary flybys."
It's just
I'm I'm looking forward to it.
- It should be interesting.
- Yeah.
Though Dr. Alper does
have a tendency to
Never shut up.
Be lucky to get three words in.
See you then.
Without "law and order,"
as your sainted Ronald
Reagan might put it,
the inner solar system will be
in chaos in less than a decade.
We need a template
like the Law of the Sea.
No. Margo, no. Not enough teeth.
We need something
something compulsory.
Like when Russian
tanks rolled on Prague?
Not funny.
It wasn't meant to be.
Nevertheless, point taken.
To be continued.
Yes, yes. Definitely to be continued.
It's true. You could die.
How so?
If the knife scrapes one of its organs,
the chef could kill his customer.
Wow. Death by puffer fish.
Are there many sushi
restaurants in Houston?
Nippon. Always packed,
mostly Japanese people.
That's how you know it's top quality.
An expert in the field of raw fish.
So, you did like it?
I enjoyed the eel.
I don't like it. Too
rough. Scaly, sharp edges.
I'm sorry. Sounds like Leonov.
This is This is my floor.
Yes, it is.
See you tomorrow.
Good night.
Good evening, Dr. Nikulov, Miss Madison.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Night.
Unless you've been living under a rock,
you've read the news.
Helios has announced
they're going to launch
a mission to Mars in '94.
Please don't say it.
Please don't say it.
- Plea
- And so are we.
She said it.
- Yeah.
- President Hart is determined
we're not gonna come
in second place again,
to Helios, to the Soviets, to anyone.
How are we going to
do this in two years?
We were barely on
track to launch in '96.
Sojourner 1 can be ready.
And the crew?
I've already got my number one.
We could get the rest of
the crew selected ASAP.
We have some candidates
lined up already.
Not to worry. No
turncoats this time around.
And training?
Not ideal. We'd have to
compress the schedule,
eliminate all nonessential
activities, but
- It's possible.
- Yeah.
Sorry to point out the obvious here,
but what are they supposed
to do when they get there?
The habs, the fuel generators,
the life support systems,
they're all part of
the pre-supply mission
that's slated to
launch in the '94 window
so that they'd be there
when the astronauts arrive.
The Mars habs won't even be
fabricated for another year.
So we figure out how to get them
built sooner. Work the problem.
You're asking us to build
the Parthenon in a day.
Well, thankfully we have more
resources than the Greeks did.
Didn't we repurpose Skylab to
build the first Jamestown module?
That's right. We could turn
the new Jamestown modules
into the Mars habs.
Those habs are already fabricated.
They're being shipped to the
moon on Sea Dragon next month.
We'd have to adjust the
specs, but it could work.
It's only half a solution.
Even if it works, we
still have to get it there.
Need I remind you, the launch window
to Mars is once every 26 months.
And we just missed the last one.
Our whole mission plan is based on
this stuff getting there
well before the astronauts.
What if we threw out the mission plan?
And send our crew to Mars
without the supplies to survive?
Not to mention the fuel
they need to get back home?
We can launch the pre-supply
outside the window next year
but towards Venus.
We slingshot it to Mars.
MIT just had a paper on this.
It'll take longer,
but it'll still get to Mars a
few months before the crew does.
It's not the worst idea.
It's a great idea.
And it's what we're gonna do.
We cannot allow Mars to
be exploited by capitalism
but preserved for all
the workers of the world.
This is why the Soviet Union
will be launching in 1994.
That was just yesterday in Moscow
as the Soviet Union joins what
is now a three-way race to Mars.
As you can imagine,
our two presidential candidates
had a lot to say about this
in last night's debate.
If Governor Clinton has forgotten
what it felt like to
lose the race to the moon
and would rather just hand
Mars over to the Soviet Union
You're putting words
in my mouth, Senator.
I'm all for a US presence on Mars.
I just question the wisdom of
spending billions of extra dollars
to launch two years earlier
when that money could be used
to put food in the
mouths of hungry families.
NASA puts more money into the
government than it takes out.
Governor, you know this has
no impact on food programs.
We have to press forward. I assure
you the Russians and Helios are.
Phoenix 4. EV three has swapped tethers
and reached the lox tank
4 alpha attach point.
Copy that, EV three.
Proceed with foot restraint
installment with 764 delta.
I see good clearance between
engine two and welding site 7.
Copy that, EV five.
We're going to continue closure
and berth truss element 37
at welding site 7.
EV seven ready for you
to power on DCSU 68.
We've learned a lot from what happened.
Installed triple redundancies
in the thruster systems.
The hotel rooms, they've been converted
to work spaces, crew quarters, storage.
We're replacing two of the large
modules on either side of the ring
with our mobile habs.
- Mobile?
- Oh, yeah.
Once you fly those beasts
down to the surface of Mars,
you'll be able to go to wherever
the best liquid water deposits are.
I gotta say, that's pretty badass.
I haven't even shown you the best part.
Now we're talking.
You know, we're gonna take great
care of you and your crew, Ed.
Treat you like real human beings.
The days of three people crammed
into a tin can eating cat food,
they're over.
The Phoenix will have gourmet
MREs. We're talking Wolfgang Puck.
All I need to know now is
what do you need from us?
Anybody that you want, Karen can get.
Even if they're at NASA?
You were at NASA.
Oh, that feels good.
That feels real good.
Well, judging by the way you
got this flight deck laid out,
I'ma need three pilots,
at least two mechanical
engineers, a navigator.
I need guys that's got some
experience under their belt,
who aren't afraid to take chances.
You know, the truth is, you're
only gonna need one pilot.
The flight control systems
are fully automated,
which leaves more of the 15 crew slots
for scientists, engineers, artists.
- Artists?
- Artists?
It's just an idea.
But imagine a poet being
able to capture the majesty,
the wonder of being on
another planet firsthand.
Hold up.
I'm not putting any poets
on my crew, all right?
And what do you mean, the
systems are fully automated?
In an effort to minimize
risk as much as possible,
the computers will be directing
majority of the ship's operations.
I need to be able to take
control of this ship if necessary.
I'm gonna be 30 million
miles away from Earth
with an eight-minute communications lag.
If a system fails,
I need to be able to improvise
solutions and work-arounds.
I mean, the survival of
my crew depends on it.
He's right.
Hold the work.
I said hold the work!
We made a mistake.
I made a mistake.
We need to rework the
flight control systems
per the commander of this ship
We're coming in hot. Descent rates
are up to ten meters per second.
Continuing descent on manual.
- We should abort.
- I got this.
No, you don't.
- Watch your glide slope. Pull up!
- I I am.
I got it.
Throttle up!
UFIT, Sojourner. You're a smoking hole.
Hold for sim reboot.
You okay?
Sorry. I just I got a lot going on.
Like what?
Amber and I just closed on a house.
Look at you.
House, wife. You know
what comes next, don't you?
Yeah. Yeah, she wants one of those too.
Oh, Danny boy The pipes,
the pipes are calling
Very funny.
Tell you what, let's cancel these
sims for the rest of the day.
No. No, I'm good.
No, we've been pushing
it real hard. Go on home.
Maybe pick up some candles
on the way, some bubble bath.
All right. All right.
All right, I'll see you tomorrow.
Knock knock.
Kelly! What a surprise.
Oh, welcome home.
So, how does it feel?
A little weird, to be
honest. Warm, populated.
Yeah, you've been around
penguins for too long.
Fifteen months. Very ice-olating.
Sorry, a little Antarctica humor.
It's what happens when you're
stuck in a small hut for months.
Trust me, I know.
I was stuck in a hut on
the moon with your dad.
You should've gotten the
Nobel Peace Prize for that.
You ain't lying.
- Have you seen him yet?
- No, I came straight from the airport.
Are you and him okay?
Your dad and I have been
through a lot over the years.
We'll be fine.
Well, congratulations.
Pretty cool you're gonna
be the first woman on Mars.
I plan to be the first human on Mars.
Right, that's kind of why I'm here.
Could I talk to you for a second?
Sure. Hey, guys? Give us
the room for a minute, yeah?
Have a seat.
I'd like you to consider
keeping me on your crew.
I assumed you'd be going with Helios.
They've offered me a slot,
but, well, the NASA mission
is more science-focused,
which is my focus.
And I guess if I'm being honest,
I'd like to be on a mission
where I'm not just there
because my father happens
to be the commander.
I know exactly what you mean.
My dad taught me to fly
and never let me forget it.
Listen, if we had room for
more than one biologist,
it would absolutely be you.
But we've only got six seats.
- Who is it?
- Andy Freedman.
His focus on botany will be invaluable.
That's true, but I
think it's shortsighted.
Excuse me?
I like Andy,
but any biologist worth
their salt can grow things.
NASA needs to be thinking bigger.
I've spent the last two years
searching for microbial life
in the most inhospitable
environment on Earth.
We need to be doing
the same thing on Mars.
If NASA doesn't, someone else will.
And they're gonna make one of the
greatest discoveries in history.
Which is?
That we're not alone.
So you're telling me
that we're forgetting
the most important person on the crew,
who just so happens to be you?
That's exactly what I'm saying.
I know I haven't been at NASA very long,
and I'm supposed to be patient,
but I am the best person for this job.
How do you think your dad will
take it? You being on my crew?
I can't imagine he'd take it well.
And you still wanna go?
More than anything.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
So, you used to work here?
Yeah. My first job,
sweeping these floors,
back when it was the only Outpost
before it turned into
the Hard Rock Café.
Never knew who was gonna show
up and what they were gonna do.
My dad got his ass hauled out of here
Hell, I can't even count how many times.
- Those are your parents, right?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you look like your dad.
A little cuter though.
Can I buy you another?
Aren't I supposed to be
the one buying drinks?
Equal rights.
You okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
You wanna get outta here?
Karen Baldwin.
I know.
Do you mind if I join you?
- All right.
- Sorry, let me just
How can I help you?
First of all, sorry
for barging in on you
while you're trying to get work done.
I'm always trying to get work done.
That is what I hear about you.
I'm gonna get right to the point, okay?
We want you at Helios.
Bill Strausser might be lead engineer,
but I know you are the driving
force behind Sojourner 1.
You have risen higher
faster than anyone at NASA.
Other than Margo Madison, of course.
I also know that your
annual salary is $53,000,
which isn't bad,
but considering the hours
that you work Twelve a day?
Try 18.
Well, that means you make right
around seven dollars an hour,
which is barely above minimum wage.
Menu for you.
Your waitress, she makes more than you,
and you are a freaking rocket scientist.
Maybe I should ask for tips too.
You're not gonna need to.
We're offering you $100,000 a year.
Plus, full benefits and stock options.
Those alone will be worth
probably five times your salary.
But, you know, this isn't
just about the money.
Helios is different.
I-It's a true collective.
There's no corner offices, no titles,
no government bureaucracy
or decrees from on high.
You can just focus on the work
and not the bullshit.
Yeah. Wow, you're
You're good at this.
Yeah, okay. So, does
that mean you're in?
I'm not saying it isn't
tempting. I just
I admire your loyalty to Margo.
It's beautiful, but at a certain point,
you can't live under her shadow anymore.
Otherwise, you're always just
gonna be known as Margo's girl.
Do you know what that is?
Oh, I'm guessing it's a moon rock.
Engineers don't usually
make the trip up,
but Margo made it happen for me.
Aleida Rosales, a kid
from Parras de la Fuente,
reached down and picked
up that rock from the moon.
So if I have to be known
as "Margo's girl"
well, that's a small price to pay.
Thank you for your offer
but I'm not leaving NASA.
I understand.
Thank you for your time.
What are you smiling at?
Don't wanna wake the neighbors.
We can be quiet.
Do you have protection?
Yeah. Yeah, of course. Just a second.
- Shit.
- What is it?
Come on. Get out of the pool. Let's go.
Ma'am, you realize
you're trespassing, right?
I thought you said this was your house.
Aren't you too old to
be out skinny-dipping
on someone else's property?
It's my house.
It was, anyway.
Anyway, you're lucky the
guy who lives here now
didn't invoke his right to
blow your goddamn brains out.
Dispatch, warrant check.
- Last name, Stevens, with a "V."
- Can I go?
Middle name, Gordon. G-O-R-D-O-N.
Date of birth, 11/10/1963.
Male, Daniel Gordon Stevens, 11/10/1963.
Stand by for warrants.
Any relation to Gordon
"Gordo" Stevens, the astronaut?
He was my dad.
Yeah. I guess I see the resemblance.
Man. What they did up there,
your parents are heroes.
You know, your dad was
famous in our department too.
Everybody knew him. I never
pulled him over myself,
but every cop's got a
story about Gordo Stevens.
Good Time Gordo.
No warrants on Stevens.
Roger that.
Today's your lucky day, Danny Stevens.
Angela, get me the number
for Special Services at JSC.
JSC? What I'm sorry,
what are you doing?
I'm not gonna let Gordo Stevens's
kid sit in jail. Not tonight.
Don't worry. Department has a
protocol set up for stuff like this.
Your secret's safe with us.
I'm sorry, Danielle. I didn't
know they were gonna call you.
There was a pile of beer cans
in the front seat of your car.
I just I need to let off some steam.
Training's been really stressful and
Don't give me that.
What is going on with you?
You were doing so good for so
long and, suddenly, now what?
- You back drinking again?
- Oh, come on.
My dad got in trouble all the
time. No one gave him shit for it.
This ain't the 1960s, honey.
And you done already
gotten away with plenty.
Or did you forget about what
happened eight years ago?
The drinking, the drugs
I mean, you almost died in
that car accident, Danny.
And a lot of people made a lot
of excuses for you back then.
Do not smoke in here.
Damn it, Danny.
What are you gonna do if
Ed and I aren't around?
I didn't ask for your help.
I'm sorry. It's
I had a bad night, okay? It
won't happen again, I swear.
You're damn right it won't happen again.
Because you're going to take
yourself off flight status,
get yourself back into AA.
No. No, you can't do that.
Mars is the least of
your concerns right now.
That girl in there loves
you, and you love her.
She can help.
In sickness and in health,
that's what marriage is.
Believe me, I know.
Find your peace, Danny.
Mars ain't going nowhere.
Don't you think you should
have at least talked to me
before turning her down?
What's there to talk about?
I love my job.
Yeah, well, you complain
about it every day.
"I work with idiots.
My office is too small."
Yeah, well, I complain about you too.
Doesn't mean I wanna get a divorce.
Come on, baby. Th-they
offered you double your salary.
Do you realize how
our lives would change?
Yeah. It's pretty demoralizing,
living in a three-bedroom
house, two cars, running water
Modern plumbing is not the
mark of success, Aleida.
Well, it is where I come from.
No, don't give me that.
We could afford child
care, a housekeeper,
a retirement home for your dad.
Only white people dump their
parents off at old age homes, okay?
- Mexicans, we take care of our families.
- Here we go.
And I'm not letting some baby-shaking
nanny take care of my kid.
So easy for you to say.
You're gone all the time. I'm the
one stuck holding the diaper bag.
Okay. My dad's here too. He helps.
"Helps." Please. He's not helping
at all. He's like having another kid.
That's not fair.
Aleida, he took Javi
to the park yesterday
and got lost on the way home.
He He leaves the stove
on, like, twice a week.
Now he's starting to get paranoid,
thinking that the neighbors
are stealing from us.
Something's not right, okay?
I haven't seen any of that.
Maybe 'cause you're never here.
Oh, hi.
What are you doing home?
I just put the roast in.
Sims ended early.
Fresh peonies.
You know what happened
to the crystal bowl
my sister gave us for the wedding?
No idea.
It is gone. So is the vase.
They were very expensive.
- You don't think the movers would've
- Amber, honey,
I need to talk to you.
What is it?
Come here. Sit down.
Danny, what's going
on? You're scaring me.
You don't need to be scared. I just
Well, I need to tell you something,
something that's
Hey, you know you can tell me anything.
Do you remember my
accident at Annapolis?
I was so lost then and now I
Everything that happened
It's been really hard and
You know, I've tried so hard
to keep on the right track.
You've reached the Stevens.
Please leave a message.
Danny, it's Ed Baldwin
here. I-I just heard
- Hello?
- Oh, hey.
How you holding up, kiddo?
I wish it'd gone down
differently, but what can you do?
We're actually just
sitting down for dinner now.
It's a damn shame how they're
treating people at NASA these days.
Yes, sir. It is.
Now, what would you say if I told you
that there was a slot for
you on the Helios mission?
I heard about you losing
your flight status.
Danny, you there?
- Yes, sir.
- Well?
What do you think? Be my wingman?
Baldwin and Stevens,
back in space together.
It'll be just like Apollo
10 with me and your dad.
Although this time,
we'd get there first.
What do you say?
I need guys that's got some
experience under their belt,
who aren't afraid to take chances.
Okay. Yeah.
All right. Bye.
Danny, what's going on?
I'm going to Mars.
I know, sweetie.
You are making a mistake,
Ed. He is not in a good place.
Come on, Dani.
By your standards,
half of the Apollo team
would have never gotten off
the launchpad, including me.
The kid got a little
drunk and went for a swim.
A little drunk?
Ed, Danny's in AA. He can't
just get a little drunk.
This is just like he
was before his crash.
The drinking, the reckless
behavior, the lying.
He's going back down the
wrong road all over again.
He's fine.
You were at his wedding.
You saw what he did.
If it wasn't for Danny Stevens,
neither of us would even
be standing here right now.
Ed, look. I love Danny. We all do.
But sometimes our love can get
in the way. He needs consequences.
No, he needs a purpose, needs a mission.
That's what happened after the accident.
Him going to Annapolis gave
him something to strive for.
I'm telling you, this trip to
Mars, it's gonna be good for him.
Not everything can be cured
by a trip to outer space.
You know that, right?
Godspeed, Dani.
I promise we'll leave the light
on for you when we get to Mars.
Morning, everyone. Sorry. Hey, Phil.
I just need a second. I
have an announcement to make.
So, I have hired
our new MSAM pilot
NASA's own Danny Stevens.
Yeah. Great.
And I know you wouldn't
know this just looking at me,
but I'm actually quite
nervous in these situations.
So I'm sitting in my hotel
room, in the bathroom,
looking at the mirror
and just practicing.
Do I curtsy? Do I back
up? Because there's rules.
You can't turn your back on the queen,
so you have to do this
really strange reverse thing.
You have to sort of inch
your way out of her presence,
which is a very strange phenomenon.
And what do I bring her, right?
What do I bring the
woman who has everything?
So I figured it out.
Are you guys familiar with that
recording artist, MC Hammer?
He's a big guy. Big,
big, huge celebrity.
Thank you. I need that.
I heard about the panel.
I'm sorry I missed it.
I was starting to think maybe
you weren't gonna be
able to make it this year.
I apologize. There were
complications I had to deal with.
Like launching to Mars two
years ahead of schedule?
But, you know, I would not
miss the IAC for anything.
- I'm just kidding.
- Oh. You have
You ever been to Mars? Do you wanna go?
Can you believe him?
I mean, you wanna argue the
value of different programs, fine.
the spectacle of the whole thing
I think this is his specialty, you know?
To our common enemy.
I can't hear you.
Last call.
Last call? I thought this was Europe?
Well, England.
Well, I could use another
drink. Grab that bottle.
May I use your restroom?
- Of course. It's over there.
- Oh, thank you.
This is a lovely room. I think it is
I would like you to kiss me.
Are you all right?
Yeah Yes, yes. Yes,
of course. I-I am okay.
Because if you don't
want to, we don't
No, no. It's not It's I-I
It's just
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's just
our nuclear propulsion reactor
The cooling system is
not functioning properly,
no matter what we try.
You're thinking about work?
I'm sorry. Margo, I'm sorry. Truly.
I know it is it is
unfair to you. But, Margo
You must understand I
have no other options.
If we do not solve it soon,
we will not be able to launch
in '94 and this will be
This will be unacceptable
to my superiors.
God. This was a mistake.
Please, Margo, please.
Just listen. Just listen.
If we are no longer in the race
for Mars, we are no longer relevant.
And if we are no longer relevant,
we are we are weak. You know this.
We designed our ship
hoping we would solve all issues
with the nuclear engine before flight.
If I had more time, I
know it could be solved.
But I do not. And
I need you to give
me your engine design.
You know anything nuclear is
outside the scope of our agreement.
Margo, please.
It is very important.
I am under immense pressure.
I'm sorry. I am.
But when we agreed to
work with each other,
we were also very clear
that it could not be anything
that might have a military use.
- Yes.
- I don't want another Buran.
This is not Buran. This is for Mars.
This is for what we both
dreamed of, together, Margo.
It will not be for
military use. I promise.
You can't promise me that.
I'm sorry, Sergei.
Yes, I
I understand.
I understand. And
And I apologize.
I apologize for everything.
Who is it?
Who is it?
Who is it?
It's good to see you like this.
It's like you're
enjoying yourself again.
Well, you too.
There she is.
Come here right now.
I missed you so much.
Let me see you. Are
you still warm-blooded?
Oh, just barely.
You have lost weight.
- Ed, doesn't she feel skinnier?
- Mom.
Yeah, it's 'cause she's been feasting
on canned sardine for
the past 15 months.
Diet of champions.
Spaghetti will do the trick.
Thank you.
All right.
Can you guys stop staring at me
like that? It's weirding me out.
What? We haven't seen
you in quite some time.
I know.
I can't remember the last time the
three of us were in the same room
and it was normal.
Well, the night is still young.
Your father's driving me
crazy with crew selection.
Well, at least there's one slot
we definitely agree on. You.
Tomorrow you should come by
Helios. Meet some of the other crew.
We have such a great group of
people from all over the world.
They're dying to meet you, Kel.
No rush. You know, take your time
if you need to settle down first.
No, it's not that. I
don't know how to say this.
Say what? What's going on?
Please tell me you're not
going back to Antarctica.
No, I'm still going to Mars.
Thank God.
But I'm going with NASA.
Danielle just gave me
the word this morning.
I'm on her crew.
Well, yeah. Of course. We snagged Danny,
and now she's trying
to poach one of ours
No, I asked Danielle to
put me on the mission.
What? Why?
Dad. I love you.
I love flying with you, and
I love flying because of you.
But I've wanted to be an
astronaut at NASA my whole life.
And just because the time
is right for you to leave
doesn't mean it's right for me.
I need to do this on my own.
Come here.
Your country's gonna be
real proud of you, kiddo.
- And your parents even prouder.
- Thanks, Mom.
I'm proud of both of you.
I was worried you were going to be mad.
No. The only thing
you need to worry about
is me beating your ass to Mars.
That's what you need to worry about.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Okay. Bring it, old man.
Well, I don't care how many
photographs you all took
of me or him or anyone else.
I will not give you our engine design.
You're obviously a very
intelligent woman, Miss Madison.
So I want you to understand
the situation fully.
You have been sharing
classified information with us
for the past nine years.
Anything I told him
was in the interest of
the furtherance of space travel
and international peace. Period.
I'm fairly certain that your
FBI won't make that distinction.
I suspect, in fact, that if they
were to learn of your actions,
they would consider
you a spy, a traitor.
And you would likely spend the
rest of your life in a prison.
Well, maybe I'm willing
to take that chance.
I will not be blackmailed.
That's very commendable.
I respect this.
You know, the Russians
have a long history
of acting out of principle as well.
The man who won the moon for us,
the father of the Soviet space
program himself, Sergei Korolev,
was sent to a gulag in Siberia for
two years because of his principle.
But he was strong. He would not break.
The tragedy, of course, is the
price others pay for such principle.
Those we love.
Stop! Jesus!
Please, stop!
Damn it! Stop!
Take a day.
And if you so choose,
contact me at this number.
Welcome back.
Thanks. Messages?
Yes. The life systems team
wanted to run you through
the new Mars hab proposal tomorrow.
And the Secretary of Agriculture
reached out again about
Neptune Records called this afternoon.
They have that album you ordered.
Tell them to send it back.
And Mr. Strausser is
waiting for you inside.
You know, I remember this day.
This was your first day in the trench.
The only woman in a sea of doofuses
in matching white shirts and ties.
And we pulled that
stupid prank on you
Wiener schnitzel and sauerkraut.
Yeah, we thought we were so clever.
Eva von Braun. Right?
But you, you just set it aside,
and you put your head
down and you got to work.
Speaking of which, I've got
Right. Sorry.
I just wanted to tell
you goodbye face to face.
I'm taking a job at Helios.
It's nothing personal.
It's just a lot more money.
Okay. Well
I guess I'll see you around.
Goodbye, Bill.
I can't believe you're really leaving.
Yeah, I thought I'd be at NASA forever.
You know, lifer.
But when you've been doing
the same thing for 30 years,
it's hard for people to
get excited about you.
I just want to go somewhere
where I'm appreciated.
I'm tired of being the old
shoe. I wanna be the new shoe.
Yeah. Karen Baldwin, when she was
listing off my accomplishments,
she was thrilled that I was
even considering her offer.
You know what she called me?
A "get."
I mean, me.
Bill Strausser. A "get."
I'm not gonna lie, you know.
It felt pretty damn good.
It's not gonna be the
same here without you.
You'll be fine.
You and Margo are like peas in a pod.
The rest of us, we're just
watching from the cheap seats.
Nah, I don't know about that.
You're going to be a great
flight director, Aleida.
Thanks, Peanut.
I'm gonna miss you.
You too, kid.
And go easy on us up there.
Not a chance.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Sojourner 1, this is Houston.
The launch crew wishes
you good luck and Godspeed.
Janice Haan with KOPT News.
Large groups have gathered here
at JSC. Many cheering on NASA,
while others protest their involvement
with the helium-3
renewable energy sector.
In just under ten minutes,
Sojourner 1 will launch from
NASA's Jamestown moon base,
joining Helios and Russia
in a three-way race to Mars.
With the three missions launching
in the same two-week period,
it's an open question.
Who will be the first to complete
the 34-million-mile journey?
Go for Mars Injection Burn.
T-minus ten, nine,
eight, seven, six
Here we go, kid.
five, four, three,
two, one.
five, four, three
two, one.
The president is on line one.
Thank you, Nuri.
Madam President.
I know this moment is something
we've both been working
towards for a long time.
You should be very proud.
Now let's kick their asses.
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