For All Mankind (2019) s03e06 Episode Script

New Eden

All right, folks. Listen up.
The way I learned it, any landing
you can walk away from is a good one.
But Sojourner took a beating
on the way down.
Houston says the damage to her engines
is gonna ground her for good.
Luckily, I have pull
with the Helios commander.
They're gonna be our ride home now.
But first things first, we need to get
to our hab before sundown.
The modules landed three klicks from here.
Now, I don't need to remind you
that Happy Valley gets down
to a balmy minus 100
degrees Celsius at night.
So, yeah, we're gonna have to hoof it.
Grab what you can carry.
We'll come back with the rovers
for the rest.
Welcome to the Red Planet, people.
Inerting hydrazine manifold.
Home sweet home.
All right, people.
Let's get inside and power up the hab.
Will, come on.
Almost thirty years
after we lost the moon, we have won Mars.
Now, I know people are saying
it was a tie,
but an American ship
is what took them down to the surface,
so in my book, it's an American win,
fair and square.
The race to find water, an essential
resource for all three missions,
has only just begun.
The landing sites
in Valles Marineris were selected
due to their promising indications
of ice deposits under the Martian soil.
The crew of Helios has already located
some small deposits,
enough to combine
with the Martian atmosphere
to begin making the methane fuel needed
for their return trip home.
A particularly vital task,
considering Phoenix is now the only ship
able to take all three
crews back to Earth
after Sojourner's engines were damaged
during its landing.
And that isn't the only setback
for NASA and Roscosmos
as their own search for water
has apparently come up dry to this point.
Their situation is further exacerbated
by the reality of accommodating
eight astronauts and cosmonauts
with provisions meant only for six.
These folks up there are busy, busy, busy.
They've got to find water,
create their own oxygen,
set up their nuclear power generator,
grow their own food.
I'm exhausted just hearing about it.
But if that doesn't warm your heart,
I don't know what will.
Americans and Russians working together
as partners after decades of tensions.
And I thought everything was bigger
in America.
Well, we could always stay in your hab.
Where is it again?
That's right.
It's floating out in space with your ship.
Come on, y'all. We're on Mars!
It's an adventure. Embrace it.
Next thing you know,
he'll be singing "we are the world."
All right, people, listen up.
As you can probably tell,
the thermal control systems
are still malfunctioning.
Now, I know it's a pain,
but we will continue to ration water.
Finding water ice is taking longer
than we thought.
So, until we find it,
we got what we brought.
Now, since we lost some of our pre-supply
in the damaged module,
Houston's worked out
some water usage rations.
Half a gallon per person per day.
Now, that includes everything.
Drinking, food rehydration
and sanitation.
I know. I know.
Meantime, Will, Rolan,
if you two can continue
to repair the thermal controls.
Kelly, keep going with the seedlings.
Dr. Mayakovsky, if you can keep tabs
on people's hydration levels, we can
Again, please do not give orders
to my crew, Commander.
would you please assign your doctor
to keep tabs on people's hydration levels?
If you don't mind.
Thank you so much.
All right, people.
Let's get settled in for the night.
I can't believe I gotta share a bunk
with you again.
It was bad enough on Jamestown.
Oh, come on, man.
We're like The Odd Couple.
I'm the clean one,
and you're the annoying slob.
This is true. This is true.
- Have a good night.
- Yeah.
We were so close, Karen.
So close.
I mean, the storm was still going, and I
I knew it was dangerous.
There was caution
and terrain alarms going off
but I was ready to go for it
until I looked over and saw Danny.
I just
couldn't bear the thought
of something happening to him.
I mean, he he's like a son to me, Karen.
And I just
I don't know. I just couldn't do it.
I couldn't.
So I pulled up.
Goddamn it. Come on.
- I got a hole in my suit.
- Mist.
Clamp the other glove down on it.
Try to keep it airtight.
This should help with the pain.
Take one every eight hours.
With an injury to your hand, protocol says
you have to go back up to Phoenix
with the next crew changeover
in case you need
more advanced medical treatment.
Come on. Look, it's just a cut.
I don't make the rules, man.
You okay, Danny?
Yeah, I'm fine.
- Let me see.
- I said I'm fine.
So what happened?
Nothing. Drill just went haywire on me.
Okay. Thanks.
Did you remember
to disable the motor drive?
Yes, sir, I did.
Believe it or not,
I know what the hell I'm doing.
I don't need you to fucking look after me.
Margo, I'm gonna need
a little more information than that.
All I can tell you now, Nelson,
is that this person would
be a very valuable asset
to the United States.
But in order for them
to be willing to defect,
we would need to
facilitate their
family's removal from the Soviet Union.
We talking black ops?
I suppose. Is that really an option?
It can be,
but I gotta run it up the flagpole.
You're on top of the flagpole, Nelson.
You're chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
Only one person
without a boss in this town,
and you know who she is.
Yes, I do.
If it helps, I know DOD is looking
for additional funds
for your F-22 project.
Well, somebody's done her homework.
NASA's got a lot of resources
these days, Nelson.
I guess Army-Air Force tickets
aren't gonna do the
trick this time, huh?
Okay, Margo. I'll see what I can do.
But I'm gonna need at least a week,
maybe more.
Thank you. This defector
will be a valuable asset to NASA.
I'll speak to you soon.
Think you're the only one who cares?
- I am trying to save this company.
- I don't have to listen to this!
They stay there
for as long as it takes!
It's nice to see you.
So, what was that all about?
They think I'm taking my eye
off the core business.
Apparently, Mars is costing
a lot more than projected.
We failed, Karen.
We landed on Mars,
and what's everybody talking about today?
Not us. No, we didn't change anything.
We lost.
This isn't over, not by a long shot.
One of my old Polaris contacts
from Roscosmos reached out.
Lenara Catiche.
She wants a meeting with Helios.
I have a feeling it's something
that we're gonna wanna hear.
I'm sorry, did you say "we"?
Does this mean you're coming back?
I have conditions.
Such as?
I wanna be a real partner.
That means real power
and a defined role of COO.
Karen, you know we don't do titles.
Yeah, and that's great at keeping
everyone else the same, other than you.
Anything else?
Yeah, I want an office.
A real one with a door.
I think it's a primal urge in all of us,
the need, the drive to explore.
It doesn't matter how old you get.
Human beings are always gonna wanna see
what's over that next hill.
Being one of the first people on Mars
makes me feel
It's the exact opposite of home.
Havana is
full of life.
My first step on Mars?
How would I describe it?
Commander Poole and I,
we opened the hatch.
And I looked back and saw
Commander Kuznetsov a few steps behind me.
Because humanity's future
belongs to the stars.
I'm sorry.
Start over. Delete that.
Mars, he's like
a ghost.
Stop laughing.
I've never done this before.
You know, in Soviet Union,
answers are given to you before interview.
What's it like?
Everything's new in a way.
What happens if you go off script?
Boom. There I was on the ground first.
I was on the ground. First.
but ancient at the same time.
Just speak from your heart.
You have beautiful voice.
You can't really understand it
until you're here,
but something about this place
really changes your perspective on things.
When you're here, it
feels like anything is possible.
Anything is
Anything's possible.
You know, growing up in Detroit,
there weren't a lot of kids like me.
Back then, especially
in the neighborhood I grew up in
you just didn't tell people you were gay.
You cannot just walk
into Ms. Madison's office
without an appointment. Sir!
- Have you seen the news today?
- Sorry.
Not yet.
Well, it's a real you-know-what-burger.
Tyler, in his sixth year with NASA,
has just announced
that he is a homosexual.
Oh, God.
- But it gets worse.
- How could it possibly?
- While, so far, NASA has remained silent
- He's still in the army.
making it unclear if the agency
was aware of Major Tyler's
sexual orientation.
What the fuck was he thinking?
This can't be happening.
Three weeks, we're on Mars.
Three goddamn weeks.
The greatest moment in human history,
and all the media is gonna talk about
is Will fucking Tyler?
- The vice president is here.
- Send him in.
I am sorry about this, Madam President.
It's a shame that man put this stain
on your great accomplishment.
Chairman Bradford,
where does the Pentagon stand on this?
He is still active-duty military.
Our policy is that active-duty soldiers
who are found to be homosexuals
are dishonorably discharged.
Pretty cut-and-dried.
Except for the fact that he's on Mars
for the next two years.
This young man decided
he wanted to make a statement.
Well, then I say
we make a statement out of him.
The American people are crystal clear
on this.
Seventy-three percent
of people polled last year said
that homosexuality is wrong.
Children look up to astronauts.
They're supposed to be role models.
I'm telling you, Madam President,
if we show weakness here, w
I'm not showing weakness.
I'm considering all my options.
This puts us in a tough spot here,
in terms of the jobs bill.
We finally got the support
of enough moderates
We're talking about
the sanctity of the military
and the future of this country!
I apologize for raising my voice,
but with all due respect, Madam President,
if you don't take a firm stand on this,
your jobs bill will lose
at least 50 Republicans.
If we don't show America
that we are in control up there,
I guarantee you
the Dems will clean our clock come '96.
Thank you. That'll be all.
Graham made a statement
calling for Tyler's discharge.
And even Lieberman is saying
if we don't change the policy,
we're cowards.
This has gotten way out of hand.
There is a whole world of shit
that's about to come down on you,
and there's nothing I can do to stop it.
I know. That's my problem.
No, it's the mission's problem,
which now makes it my problem.
I just don't understand why
you couldn't have waited till we got back.
I waited my entire life.
I'm done lying about who I am.
I get that, Will. Really, I do.
Do you?
What's that supposed to mean?
Look, for all I know,
you're sitting there thinking
I'm some kind of heathen.
Oh, come on. That
That is way out of line.
But God made the Garden of Eden
out of a desert, right?
A blank slate just like this one.
I was standing out there
looking at a new world, untouched.
And I thought,
"What if this is our chance
to plant a new tree of knowledge?
To start again."
Who's to say, here,
a hundred million miles from Earth,
what's a sin and what's not?
This is not about God.
This is about NASA.
If you have a problem,
you run it up the chain of command.
You don't just blurt
it out on national TV
like you're on Sally Jessy Raphael.
You have no idea what it's like
to live with a secret
like this your entire life,
to know that if people found out
who you really are
They'd what?
They'd judge you just for living
in the skin that you were born in.
Come on, Will.
I have been in this program
for more than 20 years,
and not one second has gone by
that I am not aware of how they see us.
So don't you stand there and tell me
that I don't know what it's like.
Being gay is different than being Black.
Yeah, you're right.
At least you have the luxury of hiding it.
The luxury?
- You know what I mean.
- Actually, I don't.
Last time I checked,
reconstructing the moral fabric
of the universe was not our mission.
Our mission is to create
a sustainable base here and survive.
Okay, but what does that even mean,
"survive"? If we're going
It means stop thinking about yourself
and go fix the fucking
thermal control units.
- Welcome to Helios, Lenara.
- Thank you.
And of course,
you know our COO, Karen Baldwin.
- Of course.
- Great to see you again.
Right this way, ladies and gentlemen.
This is incredible.
Looks like a reservoir the size
of Lake Tahoe beneath the surface.
That could sustain
a Mars colony bigger than Houston.
To get to the site,
it would require flight transport,
something that NASA does not have
now that Sojourner is no longer
able to launch.
So we would like to
pay your company a fee
to use your MSAM to fly to the site
and one of your drills
to extract the water.
Where is the reservoir located?
I'm sorry. At this time,
we are not at liberty to divulge.
You want to use our MSAM
to get to the water,
one of our drills to extract the water,
but you don't wanna tell us
- where the water is?
- Once we agree on the fee, Dev,
we will obviously provide
necessary information.
How's 50% for a fee?
50% of what?
We want 50% of all water extracted
from the reservoir.
No, absolutely not.
Then we have no deal.
You have to understand.
This was our discovery.
Currently, our MSAM is assigned
to refueling the Phoenix.
So if you want us
to adjust our mission plan
and use our time and our resources,
we want 50%.
Hey! Kuz!
My name is not Kuz.
What's this I hear
about some kind of joint mission
you guys are doing with Helios tomorrow?
It does not concern you.
Does not concern me?
You're living under my roof,
eating my food,
drinking what little water I got.
You wouldn't even be here
if it weren't for us. Hey.
And so this means we are now, what?
Your property? You control us?
Oh, come on. Don't give me that crap.
You owe me an answer.
We owe you nothing.
What's the matter? You okay?
Yeah, just got a headache.
Thermal controls are on the fritz,
and it's about a
million degrees in here.
It sounds like someone regrets
not hitching a ride with their old man.
Once we get the temperature fixed,
and the water, and the CDRA
You're having trouble
with your carbon dioxide scrubbers too?
Yeah, CO2 levels are a little high.
Some people have been feeling
a bit light-headed, that's all.
Kel, that's not good.
I don't want you to worry, all right?
Our hab's just been having a lot
of technical issues since we got here.
I guess that's what we get for going
two years before we were supposed to.
Listen, I'm gonna see you pretty soon.
Helios has made arrangements
for some joint research with the Soviets.
- Really?
- Yeah.
What kind of research?
Can't tell you.
You're my daughter,
but you're still working
for the other guy, so
I guess I'll see you soon.
I can't wait.
I love you, Kel. Always.
- Got you, little bastard.
- What is it?
Cooling loop blockage.
The valve might have been damaged
during the hab landing,
and I am gonna need to replace this. Here.
Hold this. Here, buddy.
Thank you.
Could you help me drain the fluid?
Come on. I need two hands in here.
We have to go out
and check the cooling pump first.
The pump? Why?
I'm telling you it's a bad valve.
Well, if the pump is malfunctioning,
it could have damaged the valve.
Okay, but we're still gonna
need to replace this.
Hey, what's up with you, man?
I'm just sick of you Americans
always looking for fucking shortcuts.
Reassigned? You trained with Will
for two years on HAB SYS,
and there's nobody else here
qualified to do your job.
Well, I'm concerned for my own health.
Oh, come on.
It has not crossed your mind?
We were all given an HIV test
before launch. You know that.
Two weeks prior.
Anything could have happened in between.
That's very unlikely.
Radiation weakens immune system.
If we have been exposed
to the immunodeficiency virus up here,
our chances of survival
would be significantly less than on Earth.
Believe me, if we're gonna die up here,
it's because we never got
the damn base online,
not because of Will Tyler.
- Hear me
- Hey.
Hey, Danny.
- Hey, Ed.
- Come here.
I want to talk to you
before I head over to NASA.
How's your hand?
It's okay.
Yeah, I wanna talk to you about
about what was said before.
Look, I'm sorry, sir.
- I was way out of line.
- No.
No, you were right.
I guess I'm just trying to protect you,
but that's not fair.
You're a grown man, a qualified astronaut.
Thank you, sir.
And I'm sure you're not too happy
about being transferred back up
to the Phoenix because of that injury.
I'm changing the medical protocols.
How's that sound?
Roger that.
I'll be back tomorrow
before the first run with the Russians,
and we'll talk more about it then, okay?
- Yes, sir.
- All right, good man.
Wait, do you think they can hear us?
I am looking forward
to meeting your father.
In Russia, he's very famous.
Yeah, about that.
We should get something straight
before he gets here.
He can't know about this.
Why not?
Let's just say, if he found out,
he'd probably murder you.
Shove you out an air lock
in the middle of the night
and make it look like an accident.
So, if he asks, you don't even know me.
And what's this thing
he's coming over here for anyway?
Commander Poole says you guys and Helios
made some sort of arrangement?
I cannot say.
Why, you think I'm gonna run
and tell Margo Madison?
No, I just I cannot say.
You don't trust me.
It's not that.
I I cannot say.
Got it. Cool, thanks.
Hi, Bob.
Hi, Bob.
You are Bob?
- I thought you are
- No. It's just an inside joke.
- Joke.
- Yes, joke.
I am Commander Grigory Kuznetsov.
Ed Baldwin.
- Dad.
- Kiddo.
A little birdie told me
you've been having some trouble
with your carbon dioxide scrubbers.
- That's why I brought some spares.
- Thanks, Ed.
That's not all.
You certainly came prepared.
Well, I figured,
what's the point of having all this
if I can't share it with those in need,
am I right?
Goat cheese garlic toast?
Marinated rack of lamb
with mint vinaigrette!
Chocolate molten lava cake!
I guess you can call this
the first Martian Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.
Now that we're all here,
I'd like to propose a toast.
Congratulations, Dani.
That was some damn good flying.
Thanks, Ed.
Even if I was the only one who managed
to get down to the surface intact.
And you'd still trade places with me
in a heartbeat.
You got that right.
To a race well run.
To our new home.
And to our ride back.
That might be
the best damn vodka I've ever had.
From Koltsovo, Siberia.
It's the best in all of Soviet Russia.
Yeah, look at that. Come on. Get in there.
Before these vultures eat it all.
Hey, I don't think we've met.
Ed Baldwin.
Alexei. Nice to meet you, sir.
So, how do you like
working with my daughter?
Kelly, my daughter.
The girl, yes. She's nice.
The girl?
You mean you've been in a confined space
with my daughter over four weeks
and haven't bothered to learn her name?
I It is, a
Goddamn Russians.
You know, growing up in Detroit,
there weren't a lot of kids like me.
Back then, especially
in the neighborhood I grew up in,
you just didn't tell people you were gay.
It was hard.
I got bullied a lot.
And there were days
where I felt like I didn't want to go on
like maybe the world was better off
without me in it.
But I did go on,
and now here I am.
The first gay man on Mars.
So, if you're a kid out
there that feels like
maybe you're broken somehow,
like the world would be better off
without you in it
I promise you,
it's the world that's broken, not you.
Now, I know there's probably gonna be
a lot of people out there mad at me
for saying this, but I don't know.
I just feel like, if somebody like me
doesn't say it, who will?
What's the point of sending people
all the way out here,
if we can't look back on our own world
and see it for what it could be?
They said someone defaced
his mother's house in Detroit.
That's awful.
We made so much progress on so many things
and here we are.
I hate that this is happening to him too
but the truth is he put himself,
and us, in this impossible situation.
We just lost seats in the midterms.
The jobs bill is hanging by a thread.
And if you want any shot
at getting reelected,
you can't touch this with a ten-foot pole.
We have to find a way
to change the narrative here.
What is the point
of being here?
- I can't even
- Ellen, Ellen.
He should be allowed to serve his country!
I agree,
but things can't just change on a dime.
The country's not ready for that, El,
and you know it,
better than anyone.
I never
I never told you this, but on Apollo 24,
when things were looking pretty bleak, I
I told Deke Slayton
about Pam, about everything.
- Wow.
- I'll never forget the look on his face.
It wasn't anger or even disgust.
It was just
He said, "Never tell anybody else.
It's all they'll see."
I'm sorry, El. That's
No, in his own way,
he was just trying to help.
He knew the price I'd pay
- Wait. Wait a second.
- What?
There's a professor at Northwestern
that did a paper on this.
Right now,
members of the military can be discharged
- if they admit to being gay, right?
- Right.
But what if the question
isn't allowed to be asked?
Well, then they could serve
their country with
From now on, we don't ask.
We don't pursue. We don't investigate.
The Joint Chiefs will never go for it.
Well, you're the commander in chief.
Even so, it'll go too far
for the Republicans
- and not far enough for the Democrats.
- The perfect compromise.
Piss off both sides
and control the argument.
- Tom would've loved it.
- Exactly.
It could be the first step
to real progress.
A baby step,
but it would put a stop
to the endless investigations,
the harassment
And you can do it by executive order.
And put the focus back on Mars.
But what a
What about Will Tyler?
It wouldn't change a thing for him.
No, it wouldn't.
- Come in, Sergei.
- Thank you.
I have brought you another request
from Director Catiche.
More satellite photography.
Does this have something to do
with this mysterious joint mission
y'all are doing with Helios tomorrow?
I don't know.
They never tell me much these days.
Thank you.
Do you mind?
You have a lovely collection.
Thank you.
I love this one.
The last track on the B side
in particular is
is wonderful.
- Would I be able to
- Of course.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, no.
Nuri, do you have any napkins or tissues
- or
- Yes, ma'am.
Yeah, that works. Thanks.
- I'm so sorry. I I've
- Hey, it's okay.
I've made a mess
of your lovely office. I'm so sorry.
I should go.
It's getting late.
Good night.
Liquid water? They've been
holding out on us this whole time?
What did I tell you?
- We cannot trust them.
- Keep it down.
Fuck them. I want them to hear this.
They're up to no good.
We should get them out of this building
before they do any more damage.
- They shouldn't be here.
- Where are you going?
To go tell Commander Poole the news.
She should know
there are rats in her base.
- Uh-huh.
- You're so funny.
Quiet, quiet, quiet.
In Russia,
it is said that Ivan the Fearsome,
who was a terrible person,
would throw these great parties.
But he would become enraged
when it was time for the guests to leave.
So, to keep them to stay,
he proposed ten toasts.
I know we're in short supply here,
so we'll have to share, huh?
- All right.
- Okay.
Here we go.
A sign of respect
for those who stay at the feast.
Uh-huh. Bring it.
They found water.
- Liquid water, underground.
- There it is.
And the Russians
have known about it for months.
- It makes no sense to me whatsoever.
- None.
All right.
All right. All right. Here we go.
We're going in.
- the location of the deposit, but
- Number two.
For those who decide to leave the table.
Ready for number three.
For those who managed to leave the gate.
I wish that was me.
Not our gate. Yeah.
That went down bad.
Here you go, dude.
Number four.
I'm sorry, but get ready. Number four.
Since when does a Russian say no to vodka?
- I'm good.
- He's not gonna like this one.
But I think Dimitri needs another.
All right.
Hey, what is it?
I don't want any more vodka.
Please just say it, Rolan.
Just say it. To my face.
Go on. Be a man about it.
- Will, Will, look
- I said, go on!
You should have told me.
I'm sorry, I didn't realize
it was your business.
It's just the business
of the whole world, apparently.
- There it is.
- Yeah, that's right.
I had the right to know.
I am the one who racks with you,
who works with you.
- I thought you were like my brother, man.
- No, you're not my brother!
You're a fucking liar!
Damn it! Hey!
Are you okay?
Enough! Enough.
What's so funny?
You Americans, you have no discipline.
Us Americans, huh?
You don't seem to have an issue
with that American.
- Dani, wh
- No, no.
It's my turn to speak.
I know what y'all are up to now.
Liquid water, huh?
- What?
- That's right, Kel.
They found the jackpot,
and now they're just gonna leave us
back here hanging in the dust.
Well, let's toast
to a beautiful new partnership,
the Soviet Union and Helios.
Communism and capitalism.
A match made in heaven.
Come on, Dani. Come on.
You have got to be kidding me.
After every single thing that you and I
have been through.
Hold on
I'm sorry I didn't tell you,
but I had to sign one of those
confidentiality agreements,
if you can believe that.
Talk about corporate bullshit.
- So, liquid water?
- Yeah.
If the Russians' readings are correct,
this is the resource that can support
large-scale human colonization.
Dad, this is so much more than that.
If life is anywhere on this planet,
it's in water.
Well, life can't exist without sunlight,
without photosynthesis.
Like when me and my team found life
under a glacier in Antarctica
under the exact same conditions.
This is different.
It's much bigger.
We're talking about discovering life
on another planet.
It'll change our concept of who we are,
where we came from, where we're going.
Well, you know,
unless you guys kill it first, then
We'll see to it that we make
all the appropriate tests
on the initial sample.
We're gonna make sure nothing's in there
before we start collecting water.
I need to see those samples.
My equipment is more sensitive
than what you or the Russians have,
and It's not just that.
Okay, I need to be a part of this.
Okay. Okay.
You win. Again.
I'll see what I can do.
Thanks, Dad.
Things are moving along up here.
We're getting ready to take the Russians
up on the ridge above Melas Chasma,
It's gonna be so good to see Kel.
I can't believe we're together
on another planet
and I still haven't seen her yet.
Anyways, Karen,
that's not why I'm sending this.
There's something I wanted to mention.
I'm starting to get worried about Danny.
He's been off for a while.
He's not focused.
He's erratic, short-tempered
I saw it with Gordo back in '74.
It's hard to explain, and I
and I keep thinking about
what Danielle said before we left.
I'm wondering if it was maybe a mistake
to bring him up here.
He's just I mean, she's right.
I don't think he's cut out for this.
Anyway, I
Good afternoon.
I will be issuing an executive order
prohibiting military personnel
from attempting to discover
the sexual orientation
of any other service member.
The order will also prohibit
any gay members
of the United States Armed Forces
from disclosing their
sexual orientation.
And it will forbid openly gay persons
from serving in the military.
Madam President? Madam President?
Madam President,
how does this decision
impact the status of astronaut Will Tyler?
Major Tyler has served his country
with distinction and honor,
but his actions are
a violation of current
Department of Defense regulations,
and he will be discharged from the Army
upon his return.
Meanwhile in Washington,
the Wilson administration's new policy,
which is being called
the Uniform First Act,
has been attacked
from both the left and the right.
The executive order was branded
a "capitulation to immorality"
by conservative leaders,
while Democrats called the administration
"anti-gay and oppressive."
California representative Barbara Boxer
expressed disapproval for the measure
Sorry I'm late.
saying that although her 1991 push
for the Military Freedom Act failed
What's up with you?
to fix a wrong, unlike Wilson's
"weak, toothless executive action"
- That.
- which she accused of propagating
- a culture of shame and injustice.
- "Uniform First"?
Why don't they just call it
what it really is, "gays last"?
even within Canada, where
lesbians, gays and bisexuals
have been allowed to serve
The worst part is, he actually sounded
like he thinks it's a good idea.
Of course, he does.
I bet you a million bucks it was his idea.
Look, I know you're having fun
with the guy,
but he's married
to the most powerful woman in the world.
- I don't know what you thought was
- Are you crazy?
Nobody's listening.
It's D.C. Literally everyone is listening.
God, I never should have told you.
- So have you done it in the Oval yet?
- No.
Okay, once.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry, I'm just imagining
the look on Nixon's face right now.
That would be something.
Where to?
Dupont Circle.
You are not gonna believe
what I just heard from Jeremy Zielke.
Are you around?
No, no. I gotta tell you in person.
Okay, I'm on my way.
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