For All Mankind (2019) s03e07 Episode Script

Bring It Down

The discovery of a subterranean
reservoir of liquid water
on a ridge above Valles Marineris
has reshuffled the
decks on the Red Planet
as a new joint mission
between the Soviets and Helios
Aerospace is now underway.
A large specialized drill
will be flown down autonomously
from the Helios ship, Phoenix.
Once the well is established,
its water could fuel the growth
of a more robust colony on Mars,
long a dream of Helios
founder, Dev Ayesa.
The Soviet Union has already
begun planning the first steps
of the drilling operation
with their new partners.
Questions remain about
how NASA will respond,
as the Russians have excluded them
from participating in the new venture.
But once you get settled at Helios,
we'll figure out how to keep in touch
while everything gets, you know
I'm I'm I'm not going to Helios.
What do you mean?
I'm being I'm being
sent back to Moscow.
Now that your cooperation
is no longer necessary,
I am also no no
longer necessary here.
But I need more time.
At least a few more
days to get things
Margo, they are taking
me to the airport now.
What? Uh
No. That's n That's not
- No.
- Margo.
I appreciate everything
you have tried to do.
If we do not see each other again
We will.
We will see each other again.
Goodbye, Margo.
Mr. Wilson, the Gettysburg
Address is 272 words.
Declaration of
Independence is 1,322 words.
Your statement on the authorization
of the Rocketdyne
contract alone is 27,000.
I was asked to provide the details
of my consultancy with Rocketdyne
from 1981 to 1987, and
that's exactly what I did.
- Having nothing to hide
- It ran a little long.
Mr. Wilson, you're
here because we believe
that you have used your
position as the First Gentleman
to influence the outcome
of NASA partnerships
with independent contractors
that you have personal connection to.
Oh, no, sir. I'm here because
you have it out for my wife,
and you have since the
day she was elected.
President isn't under
oath here today. You are.
And the return on some
of these contracts, uh
Rocketdyne, Aerojet, FIP Systems.
L&M Labs alone is high enough to
make the Jolly Green Giant blush.
Isn't that right, Mr. Wilson?
Never having had the
pleasure of meeting Mr. Giant,
I'm afraid I can't
answer that, Congressman.
One last thing, Mr. Wilson.
Let me guess. "Have I ever
met the Pillsbury Doughboy?"
A source has informed our committee that
someone in the White House
is currently having an affair
with a member of your wife's staff.
Do you know anything about this?
A source? What source?
Are you aware of any such affair?
No, Congressman. And I'm not sure
what this has to do with NASA contracts,
which is the subject of this hearing.
I'll determine what's appropriate
for this hearing, Mr. Wilson.
This This is ridiculous.
Are you, Larry Wilson,
having a secret affair
with a White House aide?
And let me remind you,
you're under oath.
I hope you haven't been waiting. I
came as soon as I got your message.
Who have you been talking
to about our relationship?
No one.
- I swear! I haven't told
- It's okay. It's I'm not mad.
Just We need to figure out who it is.
- Did you mention anything to your mom?
- We don't talk. You know that.
I haven't spoken about us to anyone.
Willie Baron asked me today if
I was having an affair with you.
With me? Did he actually say my name?
"White House aide."
- Maybe he doesn't know it's me.
- It doesn't fucking matter.
I lied to Congress,
which we both know is a felony.
So let's take a beat
- Oh, my God.
- and tr
Shit. Okay, I-I told one
person, but he swore
I'm so sorry, Lar.
- What did you tell him?
- Nothing. Just
- How I feel about you and
- Oh, Christ.
- But he doesn't have proof.
- Who is it, Jeremy?
You don't know him. He's
just a friend from college.
It's gotta be this
"Uniform First" thing.
He seemed pretty upset about it.
Well, this is what I want you to do.
I want you to call your friend,
and I want you to tell
him that you were lying.
You were drunk, and high on
drugs, and you made up a story.
- He's not gonna believe me.
- Make him.
Check into rehab if you have to.
- You're cutting me loose, aren't you?
- Just call him.
"Sources say that
President Wilson and the US
were kept in the dark about the deal
until the discovery was confirmed."
That's A1 leadership right there.
They say the fish rots
from the head down.
Worst president in history.
- In all of history?
- Yep.
Is that because she's a she?
- Because she's objectively terrible.
- Yeah.
She used to come to my
house every Fourth of July.
Ellen and my mom trained together.
Take a look at this guy.
On a first name basis with the
President of the United States.
- What's she like?
- Uh Don't know.
She never seemed
interested in talking to me.
Well, that's her loss.
She really stepped in it
with that gay thing, huh?
Yeah. What does that even
mean, "Uniforms First"?
Problem is they can't
keep their uniforms on.
This guy!
Afternoon, Mrs. Stevens.
Jimmy, have you seen Avery's Silkie?
- No.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi, Avery. Hello.
- Hey.
Oh, she's so pretty.
Come to me.
So, Jimmy, you ready?
I don't know.
It's easy-breezy, in and out.
I mean, you were practically born there.
I know. It's just, uh
I'm not good at this type of thing.
Well, that's why Sunny's going with you.
We're gonna have some fun.
Listen up, people.
The samples our geologist,
Cosmonaut Castillo, took on the ridge
have come back.
They are free of biosignatures,
and we are approved for drilling.
And Helios Control has designated
an ideal spot for the well.
And the BAD is being remotely flown
from Phoenix to Gagarin
Ridge as we speak.
- "BAD"?
- Big-Ass Drill.
We'll be commencing
drilling in two sols.
I'll be piloting the MSAM to the
top of the ridge, and Stevens
- Stevens?
- Yes, sir.
- You got right seat.
- Aye, aye, sir.
Mueller, you'll be in command
of Helios Base while I'm gone.
And Corrado, you'll be
controlling the CO2 compressor
and the drill
pressurization system. Copy?
- Yes, sir.
- Aye, aye, skip.
Myself and Cosmonaut
Castillo will be overseeing
the drilling operation on the ridge.
There is much to do to
prepare, so let's work together.
Well said. Let's get ready
to Jack and Jill, peoples.
Your father, he still
I think, does not care for me.
He's just
He's like a cactus fruit.
Prickly on the outside,
mushy on the inside.
This is difficult for me to imagine.
Give him some time.
He is very effective
commander. Focused, intelligent.
- Drilling mission is on target.
- Uh, wait.
What do you mean, "drilling mission"?
Tomorrow, we head up to
Gagarin Ridge to begin.
But I haven't finished my
tests on the core sample yet.
I, uh I thought you spoke with him.
- No, I didn't.
- Wha
Now, before you Kelly, no! D
Wow, this is, uh
- Crazy, right?
- Yeah.
I figure it's gotta be one of the
people who worked in my department.
Uh The Russians got their hands
on an early version of the design,
and these people are the only
ones who had access to it.
But every time I feel like
I found the right answer,
there's another piece
of data that doesn't fit.
I've probably gone through that
like a hundred times already.
It's tricky. Uh
I don't know. Let me
think about it. Uh
It's not your basic
Gaussian elimination.
This involves human-behavior variables
and random external factors, and
- Yeah, I know.
- Yeah.
Thank you for taking a
look at that, by the way.
I didn't really know who
else I could talk to about it.
Yeah, of course. I'm
happy to help. Yeah.
Where does he get all that energy from?
I-I'm tired just watching him.
Well, you know, we
should probably get going.
Um, here's his stuff. I-I put
his eardrops in the side pocket.
Did you wanna come over for
dinner? Papa's making machaca.
I do love his machaca.
I know you do.
But I, uh
I sorta promised Javi
I was gonna take him
to go see the Astros tonight.
Right. No, of course.
He'll love that.
How is he, by the way, your father?
Some days are better than others.
We've gone through four
nurses at this point.
This one smells weird, that
one's stealing from him.
- Uh, you know the deal.
- Yeah.
Come on, Daddy, let's go!
All right. All right. Come on. Let's go.
Okay. Come here.
You have fun at the game.
I'll see you Sunday, okay?
Okay. Bye, Mommy.
- Bye, baby.
- Okay, come on.
Oh, um, about your your work thing,
maybe there's some data
points you're not considering.
Trust me, I've looked at
everyone who's worked for me.
I know, but
maybe it's not someone
that worked for you.
I don't know. Just saying.
Come on.
You couldn't keep it in your pants
for one term, Larry? One term!
I I know I messed up.
But if Baron had more,
he would've used it.
It's It's gonna blow
over. It'll be fine.
You lied under oath. Don't you get that?
But they set me up. I mean,
plain and simple. It was a trap.
They didn't force you to
sleep with him, did they?
What is so special
about Jeremy Zielke that
you're willing to throw away
everything we've worked our entire lives
to build our careers, our family, us?
Nothing. There's nothing.
- He just He
- He what?
He likes me.
Oh, for fuck's sake, Larry.
For fuck's sake. You can't be serious.
It's not easy sometimes,
you know, being your husband.
I mean, I'm a national punch line.
"How are you gonna decorate
the White House, Mrs. Wilson?"
"What are you making
Ellen for dinner tonight?"
Oh, give me a break.
And since when do you care
about what other people think?
It's not about that. It
Look, I know it's
This may be hard to
understand, but my entire life,
I've tried to be logical.
Make the smart move, the right move,
but lately, I just I keep feeling
I d
I don't know.
Please don't take
this the wrong way, El.
I'm so proud of
everything that we've done.
But the sacrifices that I've had
to make, that you've had to make,
that everyone close
to us has had to make.
Your parents, your brother,
Tom, Shirley, Pam,
my family, my sisters.
All so that you could get here.
What do you mean, Pam?
What are you talking about?
Nothing. I I didn't
A-all I was saying was
that we've all sacrificed.
Pam left me for Elise.
Forget it. That That wasn't my point.
What do you mean Pam sacrificed for me?
She did for you what you
couldn't do for yourself.
What are you talking about?
She knew it was her or your
career, that you couldn't have both.
- Did you
- No.
- Did you tell her to leave?
- No! J Of course not!
It was her decision.
But you knew about it,
and you didn't tell me.
Oh, spare me the sanctimonious bullshit.
Don't pretend like you're some
passive participant in all this.
You lied to me,
both of you!
And how dare you make
decisions for me, for my life?
Nothing was gonna stop you,
Ellen. I knew it, and Pam knew it.
I can't believe this.
So, those are your parents?
I mean, the facade of it all.
To build a statue for something
that didn't even happen
just to perpetuate this this lie.
It's fucking
Come on. You ready?
You get right over
here right this second.
Hi, Mrs. Meineke.
Oh. Let me look at you.
Oh, goodness. You look just like him.
How's your brother?
Good. I I guess. Uh, on Mars.
Well, next time you talk to him,
you tell him Mrs. Meineke says hi
and that she's awful proud of him.
I'll try to remember.
And who is this young lady?
Uh, this This is, uh
I'm his girlfriend, Sunny.
Jimmy said he would give me a tour.
Well, isn't that darling?
I'm worried about him.
He almost never leaves his room.
And on the rare occasion he
does, he's just rude and distant,
even to Avery.
And he's been hanging with
these new friends of his.
They're always in the
backyard. I don't know.
He's been saying weird things.
Like, hinting at how maybe
your parents didn't die
the way everyone thinks they did.
It doesn't make any sense.
Sorry to throw all this at you.
It doesn't make any sense.
Rough night?
Yeah, sorry. Just watching
a video from Amber.
I gotta get in a call with Kel.
It's time to get packed up for
transport. We leave at 0800.
All the gear's in Hab 2, so hop to!
Aye, aye, sir.
Come on, PJ! Come on!
You can do it. Little further.
I got a treat for you.
Come on, PJ! Good boy.
You want a little treat?
Come on. Make it to me. Yes!
Good boy. Good boy.
Is he yours?
Uh, no. No, he's Sandy's.
But, uh, I have adopted him
while she's up on Phoenix.
Dogs make the best friends.
You speak Spanish?
No. I backpacked through Guatemala.
I would love to go to Cuba one day too.
I think we should get back to work.
S Sí. Yeah. Right, work. Of course.
Hey, bud. You wanna
go for adventure? Okay.
Don't have too much
fun without me, okay?
Go on, PJ.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey!
- Hi.
- How's it?
Hey, Danny. Say hi to PJ.
Nick. Could you get this
thing away from me, please?
It's not a thing. It's It's PJ.
Don't worry. I mean,
he's not gonna bite you.
Uh Um
Not a big not a big animal lover?
That's not an animal.
Don't you listen to him, Peej, huh?
You are absolutely an
animal. He's just a sourpuss.
Come. Come have fun.
This is s so
It's fucked up, Dad.
- Oh, come on.
- You can't do this.
I analyzed the core sample you sent me,
and I still don't think we know enough
to definitively rule out the presence
of microbial life in that water.
Kel, we did all the required tests here.
Hell, NASA was the one that came up
with the requirements
in the first place.
Look, we've checked all the boxes here.
But the science is evolving.
The work I did in Antarctica
shows that the methods
Kel, we both know those
methods are not widely accepted.
Look, you you're losing
sight of the bigger picture here.
This aquifer's gonna
change everything up here,
pave the way for more human settlement.
A real viable colony.
Manifest destiny, huh?
Everything on Mars is
just ours for the taking.
Here we go again.
Well, you always wanted to be
the first at something, Dad.
Now, maybe you'll be the first
man to kill life on another planet.
Oh, come on. Kel!
Damn it!
It's a cliff, into a This wild cave
that's like an old stalactite
cave. So it's just filled with
What the fuck, Danny?
Danny, stop!
What is wrong with you?
I just thought it would be more people
building spaceships
everywhere and stuff.
No, it's pretty boring. Well,
except for Mission Control.
Ooh. Can we go there?
Uh, not really. You
need special clearance.
Visitor badges won't get you in.
- What's in there?
- Um, Training Department.
- Training Department.
- I think.
What's over there?
I don't know. More offices, I think.
- Now that seems promising.
- Wait.
Everybody's staring at us.
Well, that's 'cause
you're space royalty.
Well, this is what the FAO
told us though, right? So
Yeah, but if you're gonna have
to adjust the parameters,
it requires a time frame.
What are Banana Twins?
Sponge cake filled with,
uh, whipped cream, I think.
- Maybe we should get going.
- Let's see.
Holy shit. That's amazing.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
I might have to steal
a few more of these.
- Whoa! Whoops.
- I am so sorry. Crap.
- Yep. Uh, let me help you with that.
- Sorry about that.
Thank you so much.
Gravity sucks, right?
- That's so funny. I'm all thumbs today.
- Yeah.
- Had my mind on sweets.
- There we go.
- Thank you so much.
- Enjoy.
Sorry. I think we better go. I told you
I'm not good at this kind of thing.
Come on, I know you're having fun.
- I can see a smile.
- No, you don't.
Oh, really? Well, I saw it for a second.
Jimmy Stevens.
Oh. Hey, Mr. Rossi.
I've told you before. Call me Al.
What are you doing here?
Finally giving in to
the family business?
Uh, just showing a friend around. Yeah.
Jimmy promised me that there would
be some great snacks hidden in here.
But I think I may have been misled.
I keep my Oreos stashed
behind the granola bars in the cabinet.
No one ever looks there.
Thanks for the tip.
So is this a friend of
the romantic persuasion?
That's great, kid.
So how are you doing otherwise?
You still into, uh What was
it you do again? Computers, right?
Uh Yeah. Uh, we
We overhaul systems and
repair IT peripherals.
Uh, stuff like that.
- Sounds exciting.
- Yeah.
- Hey, have you seen it?
- Seen what?
Over here.
Pretty cool, huh?
"Dear Ms. Stevens, I
am your biggest fan.
I hope you are who they
pick to go to the moon.
My parents always told me I could
be anything I wanted growing up.
But I never really
believed them until now."
She was something else, your mom.
To be honest, when I first
met her up on Jamestown,
she was struggling.
But after a while,
she really settled in.
She found herself.
Except for when she was
sneaking those goddamn cigarettes
in the air lock.
I snuck those up to her.
You did?
I ought to report you to NASA security.
Anyway, I thought you
might like to see this.
See you around, Jimmy.
There you are. I was
looking everywhere for you.
I couldn't find a badge to
save my life. I even tried
Oh, my God.
You're amazing. Let's go.
Senator, we sat right
here in this office
and spoke of partnership
and cooperation.
I'm sorry, Madam President.
Unfortunately, I can no
longer support the jobs bill.
Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, John.
And somewhere between
Tallahassee and Birmingham,
we stop for breakfast.
Lee orders cornflakes. And then
he pours Tabasco all over them.
And I'm sitting there,
"What the hell are you doing?"
And he says, "Karl, it's the only
way I can taste the damn things."
A man ahead of his time. We
wouldn't be here without him.
Hmm, none of us would.
God rest his soul.
Uh, but we're not here
to talk about Lee Atwater.
We're here to talk about this situation.
Well, first of all,
it's a bunch of hogwash.
Total fabrication. Never happened.
Democrats have never
gotten over losing in '92,
and now they're doing whatever
it takes to torpedo my presidency.
This is an organized assault
on us, on what we represent.
Now that our poll numbers have
taken a hit, it's open season.
That's all well and good.
But the fact remains, they're
gonna come at you with this.
And the second it's out in the media,
it's a truth, whether it's true or not.
But that's insane. I mean, the truth
The truth has to have
some meaning, doesn't it?
Truth is not what they're after.
If it were, why would they be using
a sham hearing on NASA contracts
to bring up a personal
matter in a marriage?
A marriage that has lasted over
20 years, through thick and thin.
It's absurd.
Absolutely absurd.
What is true is they
will stop at nothing.
They will find any crack, any
fissure, and they will crawl down
and dig in the dirt
until they find something
they can chew on.
Heck, we'd do the same.
You know Lee would.
Then how do we kill
this before it starts?
Baron's the key.
Ever since he had his sex scandal,
he's been itching for a payback.
And And you really think
he'll listen to reason?
I guarantee you, he's got a
few more skeletons in his closet
he doesn't want seeing the light of day.
Yeah. That's a great idea. I
mean, really put the screws to him.
Oh, I will.
But honestly, the best defense we have
is what I'm looking at right now.
You are everything
America is supposed to be.
The question on many experts' minds is,
"Will this lead to
more American companies
making deals with the Soviets?"
That's the fear on Wall Street today
as word of the
Russo-Helios announcement
has shocked the financial sector
James, take me to Andrews, please.
Madam President, the
fundraiser is still
Just tell them I'm under the weather
and I'm going back to the White House.
We'll take the 707. No press.
Yes, ma'am.
Stevens, I need a word.
What's up?
I'm taking you off the flight to the
ridge. Louisa will take your seat.
Oh, yeah? How come?
Look at you. You can't focus
your eyes. Can't stand still.
You don't think I've seen
a pilot on go pills before?
Don't know what you're
talking about, sir.
Bullshit, you don't.
Nodding off one minute, talking
a mile a minute the next.
I mean, you're a fucking mess.
And now you're stomping on dogs.
What? You mean that What, that toy?
Yeah. I cut you a lot
of slack, more than most,
but now you're on notice.
I made that mistake once with your
dad, and I'm not gonna do it again.
- Yeah, well, I'm not my dad.
- You got that right.
Louisa, you're now taking right
seat on the flight to the ridge.
Nick, you're in charge of
Helios Base while we're gone.
And, Danny, you can help
him out with communications.
- You think you can handle that?
- Yes, sir.
You fuck up one more
time, and I mean once,
and I'll confine your
ass to quarters on Phoenix
until we return to Earth. You got that?
Yeah, whatever.
- "Whatever"?
- Whatever you want, boss.
What happened to "sir"?
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Watch it.
Whatever you say sir.
- I said watch it!
- Or what?
Oh, what are you gonna
do? You're a tough guy now?
Come on, Danny. Come on.
Hit me.
Is that what you want? Hit me. Come on.
Hit me! Be a man!
That's what I thought.
Fucking pathetic.
Oh, good.
We need to discuss
this new water ice site.
It looks promising, but
it's a few kilometers from
- I know who it was.
- Who who was?
Who gave my engine
design to the Russians.
- Aleida, I'm
- It was Emma.
She's the only one that makes sense.
You think
You think Emma Jorgens is
working for the Russians?
All the plans, all the designs,
they all came across her desk.
I've worked with her for 20 years.
She's devoted her life to this program.
There is no way she would ever
do what you're accusing her of.
Yeah, I know. I thought the same
thing. But then, look at this.
- What is this?
- A credit report.
- You ran her credit report?
- And she's in debt.
Like, $40,000 in debt.
Aldrich Ames owed
less than half of that.
Do you know why she owes so much money?
Because her sister has breast cancer,
and Emma is paying for her medical care.
Just because her sister is sick
does not take her out of the running.
Secretaries are usually
the first to turn
because they have all the access
and none of the power and
That's enough!
Goddamn it, I told you
to leave this alone.
You're the lead engineer
on the mission that landed
the first human beings on Mars.
And instead of doing your
job, you're up all night
playing Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
I'm still doing my job.
Really? Because, to me, it
looks like you're in here
casting suspicion on
people, innocent people.
You, of all people, should know how
damaging false accusations can be.
Maybe you need to take a break.
A break?
A vacation, a sabbatical.
Whatever you want to call it.
Since when does Margo
Madison give breaks?
This has clearly all been
too much for you, Aleida.
The stress, the pressure.
I know you've got a lot
going on at home too.
- I'm not taking a break.
- Then you need to stop with all this
this nonsense.
Or it may not be up to you.
This is Sunny. You know what to do.
This is Sunny. You know what to do.
Hey. It's me.
Jimmy Stevens.
Um Uh
I was thinking it wasn't
the best thing to do.
Uh The badge, I mean. Um
I think we should just go back
and leave it somewhere,
and they'll find it.
Call me back.
Um, bye.
Hey, Sunny.
It's Charles.
- Hey.
- Come outside.
- Outside, like
- Outside your house.
- What's up?
- Sorry it's so late.
Worked like a charm.
- Just came from a little adventure at JSC.
- What'd you do?
We took 'em back.
They're yours again, brother.
So? What do you think?
I think I'm gonna have to figure
out where to put this fucking thing.
Yeah. Yeah.
Can I come in?
I wonder what this valley will look
like in ten, 20, a hundred years.
And how many people will
be able to make a life here
because of what we're doing right now.
We have good pressure.
We are ready to drill. Surface
casing pressurization holding.
We've got good torque on our drill.
Slips are engaged.
Alignment is still good.
Okay, take your time.
Let's do this right.
Get ready for the next casing segment.
Hand me the C spanner.
Yeah, let's crank up
the rotary speed a bit.
Watch the CO2 pressure.
Watch the drill housing pressure.
We must be in pressure window
when we penetrate into the reservoir.
If pressure is too low,
the water will boil off and come
up the shaft at very high pressure.
The geological structures
are holding up well.
The water table's looking good.
I estimate another 60 meters
to reservoir penetration.
700 meters deep.
Drill housing pressure's rising.
Helios Base, gonna need you
to boost CO2 compressor speed
to keep tank pressure within the window.
Copy, skip. Increasing compressor speed.
Hey. Keep an eye on the
drill housing pressure.
710 meters.
Pressure readings back to nominal.
Looking pretty stable.
Copy that, Helios Base.
I gotta go off-line
and run these numbers before
we penetrate the reservoir.
Should have another 30 meters or so.
So, uh, you're on.
Keep an eye on that pressure gauge.
Get the drill bit extension ready.
Next well casing is prepped
and ready for insertion.
730 meters.
The drill is starting to speed
up earlier than we thought.
We could be approaching
penetration depth.
740 meters.
I'm easing off on the throttle.
Drill's bucking too much.
Housing pressure's rising.
Nearing penetration.
- Watch pressure window.
- Watching.
Helios Base, come in.
Drill housing pressure is rising.
I need you to boost compressor
speed to maximum this time.
- Watch pressure window.
- Keep an eye on that pressure gauge.
- Hold depth steady.
- Watch pressure window.
The drill is under too much stress.
Take it off. Helios Base, come in.
We need you to increase
the compressor speed now.
Helios Base, do you read?
You don't think I've seen
a pilot on go pills before?
- I can't back it off.
- Helios Base, come in.
Keep an eye on that pressure gauge.
Hit me!
Come on. It's about to break off.
- Shit.
- Housing pressure's rising.
The housing is really
vibrating. It's a gas kick!
- Mayday! Mayday!
- Housing pressure is rising too high.
- It's a gas kick!
- Push the compressor speed now!
Get out of there!
Something's wrong with the comms.
Are you Are you getting any audio?
Jesus Christ.
Mayday! Mayday! At least two injured.
The drill Oh, God,
it just came apart.
Uh, Louisa, say again? Status report.
We are loading them into the MSAM.
- Get the med-bay ready!
- Alert Dr. Mayakovsky.
The shrapnel went into his stomach.
What did you do?
Mayday! Mayday! Inbound
from the ridge. Two injured.
Stay with me, Ed.
Roger. What's your ETA?
Thirty seconds till landing.
Isabel, what's your status?
My suit pressure is dropping.
The puncture is bad.
Calm down and keep your hand on it.
Mayakovsky's prepping
the med bay in Hab 2.
We are almost to the Habs.
Copy that. We'll meet
you at the landing site.
I've got Ed.
Take him to Hab 2.
I'm going to run ahead to the
med bay and help Dimitri prepare.
- Louisa. Louisa. Secure the MSAM.
- Copy, Nick.
- You okay, Isabel?
- She needs to get to the med bay.
Alexei, take one of her arms.
Help me get her into Hab 2.
Is, let's go.
It's gonna be okay, Ed.
Oh, my God.
Everybody, run!
Heading for Hab 1. It's closer.
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