For All Mankind (2019) s03e08 Episode Script

The Sands of Ares

Would you like some coffee, Commander?
Thanks, but I've had enough
freeze-dried battery acid for one day.
No, no, no, no, no. I stole some
Helios packets of French vanilla.
Really good. You should try it.
- Mmm.
- Mm-hmm.
What the hell is this?
A marsquake?
I don't think so.
What the hell is going on?
It's a landslide. The pattern
is very clear on seismograph.
Not Not at all like quake. You see?
Yes. Isosceles rise in the highs.
Not a huge P-wave spike.
And the epicenter's near
the Helios site.
Oh, no.
Helios Base, Happy Valley.
Helios Base, Happy Valley.
Helios, Happy Valley. Do you copy?
- Helios, Happy Valley.
- Okay.
Can you hear me?
Phoenix is eight minutes away
from acquisition of signal.
That's when they'll have
eyes on their base from orbit.
Maybe then they'll be able to tell
us what the hell's going on there.
Meantime, you two suit up.
Prep both rovers. Load 'em up
with all the emergency
gear they can carry.
And fill up the tanks. There's no
telling how long we'll be out there.
- Helios, Happy Valley.
- Roger, boss.
And whatever interpersonal crap
you two have going on stops now.
- Understood.
- Understood.
Helios, Happy Valley. Do you copy?
Helios, Happy Valley. Can you hear me?
Helios, Happy Valley. Do you copy?
Mayday, Mayday. This is Alexei Poletov.
Anyone on this channel?
Please respond. Over.
Mayday. Mayday.
This is Alexei Poletov.
Anyone on this channel,
please respond. Over.
Anyone on this channel,
please respond. Over.
Isabel, do you copy?
Isabel, do you copy?
Anyone, come in. Please, anyone.
Come in, please!
Come in. Do you read?
Come in, come in, please. Please!
Oh, God, no. Nick!
No. Nick.
This is weird.
Shouldn't you be, like,
negotiating a nuclear missile
treaty right now or something?
That was a hard letter to write.
You lied to me.
I know what it is to want something.
So, I just made it easier for you
to go after the thing you really wanted.
How generous of you.
Oh, you didn't even put up a fight.
You left me without
saying a word to my face.
I used to think a lot about
what our life would be.
Cute house with a little fence.
A dog. Maybe a cat. Although
I'd make you coffee in the mornings
and then write out on the
patio while you went to work.
Sounds nice.
Yeah, it would've been.
But it wouldn't last.
Eventually, you'd
regret what you gave up.
It would It would start trickling
in after some argument we'd had.
You'd think about it
while in the shower,
maybe stuck in traffic
on your way to work.
And it would just eat at you.
And how could it not?
I mean
you were headed
for such great things,
and I knew it.
From the day I met you.
So, yeah.
I gave you up.
Because I thought maybe one day,
you could make a real
difference for people like us.
But I guess I was wrong.
When I saw you being
sworn in, I was so happy.
You know, finally things
were going to change.
But from that day on,
I have just watched you make
compromise after compromise.
Sometimes you have to
settle for what's possible.
I wonder what the
girl I met 20 years ago
at the Outpost would say about that.
She had this this fire.
Ready to take on
anything and everything.
I'm not as powerful as you imagine.
Look at me now.
I had to sneak out of the house
to visit the love of my life.
it's good to hear you say that anyway.
My guess is, it's for you.
Madam President, you
need to come with me.
There's a developing situation.
Keep walking.
I can't see you in all this dust.
I think I see you.
There you are. Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
Good. Have you found any of the others?
Yes. Yeah. I I found someone
just just back that way.
The habs.
The fuel factory.
They're all gone.
Could we be the only survivors?
Phoenix, Happy Valley.
We're about to head over in our rovers
to begin the search and rescue.
Roger, Happy Valley.
We have been able to raise hab 2
and will send their
position to your rovers.
Lars Hagstrom, Kuznetsov
and Dr. Mayakovsky are alive.
Any other survivors?
We don't know yet.
We have had no contact with hab 1
or any of the other astronauts
who were on the surface.
No word from Ed or Danny Stevens?
Not yet.
Okay. Thank you, Phoenix.
Tell hab 2 we expect to
see them in two hours.
They're having a hard time receiving us.
Wilco, Danielle.
The landslide wrecked their
omnidirectional antenna.
They can talk to us in
orbit, but not to the surface.
They are trying to rig the spare.
Phoenix out.
Adarsh, have a look at this.
I've seen strip mining
demolition on Earth and the moon,
but nothing that compares to this.
I'm gonna switch to InSAR and sync
it with images from our last pass.
It should penetrate the dust,
so we can locate any survivors.
My God. There is nothing left.
It's just caved-in lava
tubes and debris flow.
We need to reach out to NASA.
They're mounting the rescue efforts,
and we need to get everybody
that we can working on this.
She's right. If there are other
survivors trapped in that debris field,
they're running out of air.
Well, if Margo Madison wants to
send over her team, I'm sure
No. They have more working
resources on the ground up there,
- so we go to them.
- Agreed.
Okay. Let's go.
Uh, I'm gonna stay behind,
reach out to the families of
those that are unaccounted for.
Henry Zinman can make those calls.
Not calls.
We need to go to them personally
and deliver the news and stay with them.
I'm gonna do everything in my power
to find Ed.
What's happening?
Hold still. I'm cleaning your wound.
What the hell happened?
Landslide from the ridge.
It knocked the hab over?
Worse. Buried us.
And who knows how far down we are.
So we're trapped in the air lock.
Good news, cabin
pressure's holding steady,
so there appear to be no leaks.
Emergency beacon's broadcasting.
Good. That's good.
- That'll lead them to us.
- If we're not buried too deep.
Gotta make sure it's
as clean as possible.
How bad is it?
Bad enough.
Looks like you got hit
by a piece of shrapnel
when the drill came apart.
Punched a hole in your abdomen.
Exit wound?
Ah, fuck it. Just seal
me up. When they find us,
- Mayakovsky will have to operate.
- If he's still alive.
Hey, your bedside manner leaves
a hell of a lot to be desired.
I'll work on that.
Okay. I'm gonna bandage it.
- It's gonna hurt.
- Yeah.
Goddamn motherfucking son of a bitch.
Okay, done.
Ventilators aren't
working, so all we have
is the atmosphere in this compartment.
And the oxygen in our suits.
And once that's gone, we suffocate.
Listen up, people.
You all know each other,
at least by reputation,
and, uh, I won't waste
time with introductions.
Dev, is there anything
new we need to know?
Yes, both our MSAM and one of our
habs were buried in the landslide.
But our second hab managed
to avoid major damage.
So we can't bring any more personnel
or supplies down from Phoenix.
And without the MSAM, everyone
on the surface is stranded.
That's a problem for downstream.
Time is our enemy right now.
Danielle Poole's team should
reach your hab 2 in about one hour.
Our first task is to
find the missing people.
- Commander, I'm glad to see you.
- The feeling's mutual.
Have y'all been able to mount a search?
So far, no success.
Has there been any communication
from my dad or any of the others?
Omni antennas were
damaged in the landslide.
So we must fix UHF communications
before we can hear them.
Dr. Mayakovsky has been working
on the system as best he can.
So there's been no sign
of any of the survivors?
Corrado, Poletov, Castillo, Mueller
were all on the surface
when it happened.
There's been no word.
Commander Baldwin and
Stevens were in hab 1.
They could still be
alive and trapped inside.
That's good.
- Hey, Danny, you should have some.
- You should sit down.
You're riding adrenaline. If you
don't watch out, you're gonna crash.
It's fine.
Won't stay that way if
you keep moving around.
Okay, I'll sit after
you have some water.
I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
You're sweating.
So, it's cold in here, and
the temperature's dropping.
- Hey, look at me.
- Why?
I said look at me.
Told you to get off those pills.
You're starting to
go through withdrawal.
Oh, spare me the Sunday sermon.
You've been shooting
anabolics into your ass
for the last, what, five years?
That's not at all
What's it matter now?
It matters 'cause when
we get outta here
Get outta here?
Don't you get it? We're not getting out.
Search party's probably already
locked onto our beacon by now.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
'Cause we could be buried under
50 meters of regolith or more.
Rest of our crew's probably dead anyway.
Even if they are, NASA
will still come for us.
We have maybe six
hours of breathable air.
Even if they started digging right now,
they'll probably never reach us in time.
Okay, stop. Just stop.
Thank God.
Who is it?
Can't hear you.
So, if we walk back from
our original position
at our walking speed at around
two kilometers an hour
It puts us right here,
when we dug ourselves out.
And this is where we
found Castillo and Corrado.
Hab 1's there?
You think you can go back out?
Lead the search for Ed and Danny?
Good. Then grab yourself
some coffee and some food.
The sun's going down,
but this day is not done.
I'm going with you.
Okay. All right.
All right. Let's get those
coordinates to NASA and Helios.
We think astronauts Corrado,
Castillo, Poletov and Mueller
were about here when the mountain fell.
Then we move those positions
onto the current situation.
Where Mueller and Poletov
dug themselves out.
So granular debris flow moves
in a somewhat uniform path.
Like a mudslide.
So our starting assumption is that hab 1
is buried not far from
where they ended up.
If we're lucky, this should
give us a fighting chance
of finding where hab 1 is buried.
All right. We can't just
go digging up random holes,
hoping to hit pay dirt.
You guys mapped out all
the lava tubes around here.
That means you've got
ground-penetrating radar, correct?
Of course we've got
GPR. We're not assholes.
Good. Can you figure out a way to
hook it up to one of the rovers?
- I can.
- Okay.
We can cover the search
area in a grid pattern.
UHF radio is back online.
- We're good to go.
- Good.
Kelly, Alexei, Phoenix will guide
you to this point in the rover,
where you will execute a
square-out GPR search from there.
Take your time. Be accurate.
Kel, you can't let your emotions
get the best of you out there.
You gonna be okay?
I can handle it.
Okay then.
Will, Rolan,
I need you to gather up all the
soil-moving tools you can find
aboard the other rover.
We may need to dig a
big hole. Very fast.
- Roger, skip.
- Will do.
The NASA, Helios and Russian teams
have joined forces in
the hunt for survivors,
the former rivals united by the hope
that astronauts Edward Baldwin and
Daniel Stevens may still be alive.
They've narrowed their
search to this area here
and have sent out
astronauts and cosmonauts
with what's called
ground-penetrating radar
to locate the buried habitat.
Meanwhile, the world holds its breath.
Stay tuned
for more of our around-the-clock
coverage after this break.
I remember when my man
was doubting himself.
Then his doctor
prescribed Stelebris Plus,
the miraculous new medication
for the treatment of erec
My brother may die, and they're
using this time to sell dick pills.
Please tell me that's not
your friends. Not right now.
I didn't invite them. I swear.
Karen. Oh, my God.
Can't believe you came.
Of course. Where else would I be?
Thank you. I don't know
if I can handle this.
You can.
You don't know it, but you can.
Hi, Jimmy. How are you?
You gonna tell us
what's really going on?
Well, there was a landslide.
And it was probably brought
by the drilling on the ridge.
I see.
So you came all the way here
to repeat some bull crap
they're spouting on television.
It's bringing up a lot of old
feelings about his parents.
But I'm sure he's secretly
glad you're here. I know I am.
When was the last
time you ate something?
I I don't know. Everything's
a blur. Um, this morning, I guess.
Okay. So you lead the
way to the kitchen.
'Cause we are gonna make some dinner.
- Really? You sure you
- Yes, I am sure.
It is better than sitting in front
of that television, drowning in fear.
Believe me.
Another search leg down.
And still no sign of them.
What is that?
The landslide, it was very
I cannot lose this headache.
What is wrong?
I grew up with
this idea that he might die someday.
It was just part of my life.
I used to lie in bed at
night worrying about it.
But now that the moment
may finally be here
We We We cannot think that way.
I can't help it.
The thought that he may be
lying in a dirt hole somewhere,
that we may never even
find his body. I just
I was also very close with my father.
He was pilot in Soviet air force.
He was fascinated with space program.
He even named me Alexei after
And my sister, Anastasia.
- Wait, stop!
- What?
Possible beacon signal. Very weak.
Is it
It is them.
- Oh.
- We found them.
This is rover 1. We've located the hab.
Sending you our coordinates.
Get here as fast as you can.
So GPR places hab 1 here.
Beneath 20 meters of debris flow.
So the beacon signal was extremely weak,
which one would expect from a radio
buried that far underneath the ground.
But it wasn't crushed. So Baldwin
and Stevens may be alive inside.
Affirmative. But it's night up there,
and the temperatures are
down to negative 73 degrees.
Work in that cold will not move quickly.
Digging down 20 meters
with hand tools
will take more time than
Baldwin and Stevens have left.
We need to come up with
something better, people.
Talk to your back rooms.
Do whatever you need to.
Let's get on it.
Where's Where's Dev?
Oh, he, uh He said
he needed some air.
Do the Russians ever
say anything about Margo?
Mmm. Just that she's a ballbuster. Why?
No reason.
There you are.
Feel free to join us anytime.
We're only trying to come up with a
way to save your astronauts' lives.
I think better when I'm not
chained to a conference table.
It stifles the mind.
My dad would've loved
being in this room.
NASA Mission Control.
Talked about it his whole life.
Right. He was an aerospace engineer.
My father was an engineer too.
He mainly taught, over in Huntsville.
It's quite a place to grow up, I'm sure.
You couldn't throw a rock
without hitting a scientist.
We moved around a lot. My
dad went from job to job.
We wound up in Rockford,
Illinois, of all places.
Rockford? Your dad worked for Kirkland?
Building components for the Saturn V.
It was the highlight of his life.
Till Apollo 23 exploded on the pad.
After the explosion,
they replaced the whole Saturn V team.
My dad lost his job, and he couldn't
find another one to save his life.
Drove a taxi for a few years after that.
Never really recovered.
Passed away before I even
graduated college.
I'm sorry.
I tell the story of how
my dad came to this country
with no money to his name and
and how he achieved his dreams
but I leave out the rest.
People like to hear
about success in America.
About rising up, pulling
yourself up from your bootstraps.
They don't like to hear about
What you've accomplished
is incredible, Dev.
I think your father would be proud.
Was yours?
I think he was.
In his own way.
We need to get back. We're
running out of time. You coming?
Yeah. Soon.
How is she?
Oh, she was fine. She dropped right off.
Thank God.
She's been fussing a lot more. I
think she's picking up on my anxiety.
Oh, she'll be okay.
Didn't realize I was this hungry.
That's good.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Sorry, I don't mean to cry.
Hey. No, no, no, no, no.
Hey. It's okay. Crying is good.
It's better than pretending
like everything is okay.
Thank you. For everything.
May I?
Hello? It's Karen Baldwin.
Yes. She's here with me.
Okay. That sounds encouraging.
I will let them know.
Thank you so much for calling.
They located the hab.
They haven't made any
contact with Ed or Danny yet.
But they've locked on
to the emergency beacon.
They're gonna dig it out.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- It's good.
- It's good.
- Yeah.
Just have to stay hopeful, okay?
They're on their way, Madam President.
Thank you, John.
Where have you been?
You left town without telling anyone.
No one had any idea
where the hell you were.
Secret Service knew.
You mind telling me?
I went to see Pam.
- Are you out of your mind?
- Close to it.
How could you take a risk like that?
What if someone leaks it?
If the press finds out
where you really were
when this all was happening,
it'll be a complete catastrophe.
So we're talking about
my lack of discretion now?
Look, this situation on Mars
has grabbed the spotlight.
By the time it's over,
my situation is
Are you actually
suggesting I take comfort
from a disaster that might
have killed four people?
Of course not.
Then what are you saying?
I don't know.
The vice president and
Administrator Truly are here.
Send them in.
- Madam President.
- Jim, Richard,
thank you for coming
on such short notice.
Larry, would you mind
giving us the room?
Of course.
Madam President, I just got off
the phone with Margo Madison.
Our other drill is still aboard Phoenix.
- It's not an option.
- Why didn't you bring it down?
We had to focus on the fuel factory.
We had to make sure we
could get Phoenix back home.
Lots of good that's doing you now.
We go up.
We're looking in the wrong direction.
All right. As we all know,
hab 1 is under 20 meters
of granular debris flow.
A rescue attempt from above
will never get to them in time.
hab 1 also sits above a lava tube.
If we enter the lava tube where
it's closest to the surface,
which GPR places three
meters below the debris field,
traverse that tube
until we're just
downstream with the hab,
blow a hole in the tube roof,
enough of the material above
will flow down from the hab
through the hole,
into the lava tube like
grain from a hopper.
After it's cleared out,
the hab will be exposed.
And we can access it from above.
Are you Are you suggesting that
we set off a bomb near the hab?
That's exactly what I'm suggesting.
The stress of explosion
could destroy it.
There are too many unknowns.
If we place the charge incorrectly,
we could blow up the hab.
And the people in it.
But he's right. If we dig
down, we will certainly fail.
And Baldwin and Stevens die.
Well, we have coring drills
and explosives on site.
It is doable.
But if we miscalculate
by even one meter
These are engineering
problems, my friends.
And we are engineers.
Shall we begin?
Okay. Let's overlay the InSAR
data with the GPR survey.
PpCO2 is over 20,
which means our carbon dioxide
scrubbers are maxed out.
It's about to get rough.
It's cold, but it's gonna
get a damn sight colder.
Pretty soon, we have to
put our suits back on.
So I can live a few more
hours and die a horrible death?
No, thanks.
Well, then you'll die from hypothermia.
They say freezing's a good way to go.
It's just like falling asleep.
You're getting into one of those suits
if I have to stuff you in it myself.
Oh, with that hole in your belly?
You're in no shape to
make me do anything.
You're nothing but a goddamned quitter.
- A quitter?
- Yeah.
You serious?
When I was wounded in Korea, I
spent some time in a MASH unit.
And I saw firsthand
the people that lost hope, they
were the first to die, Danny.
Maybe they lost hope because
they knew they were gonna die.
They died because they gave up!
Oh, give me a break, Ed.
You're not teaching
me how to ride a bike.
Ride a bike? What the
hell are you talking about?
Shane told me all about
your bike-riding lessons.
Told me he was terrified of you.
Whenever we got in trouble, Shane
used to beg Karen not to tell you.
'Cause he knew when you'd
find out, he'd get so afraid.
- And when you were away
- That's enough.
or on orbit or on the
moon, Shane came to life.
Laughing, goofing around.
When you came home, he'd withdraw again
because he was so scared of you.
Hey, you shut up!
What kind of man gets off
on terrifying a little boy?
His own son.
Oh, shit. Don't move, Ed.
Med kit. Med kit.
- QuikClot.
- Okay.
- Pour it in.
- Yeah.
More, more. More, more, more, more.
Yeah. Yeah, that's good.
Oh, shit.
Okay, so let me understand.
The idea is for a team to
rappel down into that lava tube,
walk 700 meters in their suits,
drill a hole in the rock roof,
pack it with explosives
and run like hell.
Which poor bastards are
you gonna get to do that?
You had to ask?
You must be precise.
Any error in placement
will destroy the hab.
And us with it.
Look, if you two don't think you
can handle it, I'll do it myself.
You don't know jack
about explosives, skip.
Last thing we need is for
you to blow yourself up.
- I'll get the drill.
- Yep.
There you are.
Aren't you chilly out here?
I'm fine.
I can get you a coat if you want one.
I don't want anything.
I know about you and Danny.
I'm sorry, I-I don't
I don't know what you're talking about.
Do him the favor of being honest.
Especially now.
Why'd you do it?
I was angry.
At my husband,
at the space program, at myself.
I guess I just
I wanted to do something that was wrong.
But why Danny?
Because I trusted him.
You used him.
Just like everybody else.
Maybe I did.
He always tried to live up to what
everyone else thought he should be.
Our parents.
Mr. Baldwin, Ms. Poole.
Ever since he was a kid.
I hate it.
I hate it with every fiber of my being.
I know that feeling.
Rover 1, hab 2.
We are almost at your position.
Copy, hab 2. Sight for sore eyes.
Roger that, rover 1.
So, once we get inside, we'll
- I
- Alexei, what's wrong?
I do not feel well.
Let's get you inside.
Oh, my God.
What happened?
He had a headache. He was
stumbling when we came up the ramp.
But he got worse when we repressurized.
Was he slurring words?
- Off balance?
- A little bit.
Help me get him on table.
I got his head.
What's wrong with him?
I suspect subdural hematoma.
I will have to drill a hole in
his skull to release the pressure.
- Jesus.
- And I will need blood for transfusion.
- A-positive.
- I'm A-positive.
- Good. Mueller.
- Yes?
Can you do a blood crossmatch?
The analyzer can. I'll set it up.
So I will be b blood
kin to a Baldwin. Amazing.
Explosive charges are set
into the roof of the lava tube.
Rappelling back down.
- Copy.
- Where are you?
I'm down here.
Doing what?
Checking our position.
We checked our position twice
before we even drilled the
hole to set the explosives.
Yeah, and I'm checking it again.
We only got one shot at
this. Better make it count.
Yeah. We're good.
Hook it up, check detonator
continuity, and let's go.
Ready to make a run for it?
I'm not as young as you.
I'll give you a head start, old man.
Yeah, give me a break.
Ed, listen to me.
We're in a world of hurt.
CO2 levels are up.
It's starting to fuzz my brain.
Look, you were right.
We need to get into the suits.
I'm gonna help you.
We have to.
It doesn't matter now.
Yeah, what about Kelly?
It matters to her.
I fought with her.
Before we went up to the ridge.
My last conversation with her
She was angry with me,
and I dismissed her.
The last time I talked to Shane too.
I yelled at him.
Told him to be a man.
Be a man.
Be a man!
Look, I shouldn't have said
those things. I was angry.
you're not the only one
who sinned against Shane.
You remember all the
shit Shane and I did?
Breaking water meters, blowing up
toilets, defacing school lockers.
Everyone thought Shane
was the ringleader.
I let them think it.
It was never his idea.
It was always mine.
I even taught him how to shoplift.
Yeah, I dragged him into all of that.
Let him take the heat
when we got caught.
And he forgave me every time.
No matter how many times
I stabbed him in the back.
I'm the reason Karen
grounded him that day.
If he had never met me,
Karen would have driven
him to that basketball game.
He would have never
gotten hit by that car.
He would have gone to Annapolis,
and he'd be here today instead of me.
You know, I thought if I if I
lived the life that I took from him
the life he was meant to live,
that it somehow might
make up for what I did.
I fucked it up.
Fucked it up like I fucked
up everything my whole life.
Now I'm gonna leave Avery
like my mom and
dad left me and Jimmy.
It's not worth it, Ed.
- Danny.
- It's just not.
Danny. Hey.
Hey. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Uh, Ed, there's
Ed, there's something
else I need to tell you.
Uh, no. This is Karen Baldwin.
Thank God.
No, of course. I'll tell her. Thank you.
Thank you.
- They made it.
- Oh, my God!
- They made it.
- Oh, my God.
- They're okay.
- They're okay.
They're okay.
They're okay. Danny's alive.
They're okay.
They're okay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Feel like shit?
That means you're alive.
Surprising, considering what
Dimitri pulled out of you.
Is Is Kelly okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- And Danny?
But, uh
Ed, Alexei Poletov didn't make it.
Neither did Isabel Castillo.
Or Nick Corrado.
K Kelly.
Oh, honey. Oh, honey.
Oh, honey.
Oh, honey. I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, honey. I'm so sorry.
Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You did everything you could.
What do we do about the Baldwin girl?
Sooner or later, she will find
out that she is with child.
We must tell Moscow first.
And her commander
it puts the whole crew at risk.
You understand, don't you?
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