Forky Asks a Question (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

What Is Reading

FORKY: What's going on? Where am I? Why is it like that? How high is that? Who's that? Why do you think? Are anteaters real? Could that be better? Why are you talking to me? Who are you? [ANNOUNCER READING.]
I don't know! 'Ello, Forky here.
Another question, what is reading? Hmm.
Now, I gotta talk with somebody about it, because I - [TOYS GIGGLING.]
- Wait a second, hello? Is there someone in there? - TOY 1: No.
Shh! Quiet.
- Huh.
No one's in there, - [TOY 1 GIGGLES.]
I guess I'll just walk away.
- Wait! - Come back! - Forky! - Ah-ha! [TOYS SQUEALING AND GIGGLING.]
We knew you didn't leave.
- Hi, peas.
- Hi, Forky.
We have a question for you.
- Why are you a utensil? - Yeah, you're not gonna eat us, are you? [LAUGHS.]
That makes no sense.
Sporks don't eat.
But whatever.
- Nom, nom, nom! - [PEAS SHRIEK AND GIGGLE.]
Um, peas, what is reading? - Reading? - Why do you wanna know about that? MR.
SPELL: Does someone need help with reading? No, thanks.
SPELL: Okay, then.
Reading is easy.
You start with letters.
You mean, it's delivered by the mailman? PEAS: No! Different letters match a sound and you put them together to make words.
The words go into a book that tells a story.
I found it! Is this a storybook? - No! That's a cookbook.
You can read this? PEAS: Yeah! Okay, first letter.
"G," makes the sound "ga-ga.
" Ga-gah! Ga, ga, ga.
Look at me.
Next letter.
"R," ra-ra.
This is a story of a little Gara, the Gara was very cute and one day No! The "G" and the "R" make a "gra" sound.
Don't be changin' the rules now.
Gra, the story of a gravy boat, who wanted to be an ocean liner.
The next letter is, "I," "I.
" Ga-ra-i.
Oh! This is the story of the grinding stapler who wanted to be a dirigible.
Then I suppose the next letter - is an "L" and then another "L.
" - Huh? "Grilled Cheese, this savory favorite is a comforting wintertime meal.
" PEAS: No! Wait, that's right.
PEAS: Forky, you can read? Gotcha! Come on in, Mr.
SPELL: Ha-ha.
You really fooled them, Forky.
You can read, but pretended you could not.
Oh, you're a great teacher.
What do you think, peas? Wasn't that funny? Hmm.
SPELL: I guess some folks just don't appreciate a good joke.
I thought the humor was top-notch.
There will be other days, and other opportunities to brighten the lives of others with levity.
You mean like this? [GRUNTING.]
SPELL: Ha-ha-ha.
Oh, Forky, stop! - [PEAS LAUGHING.]
- You are killing me over here.
- [MR.
Shake it but don't break it.
Put your pipe cleaners in the air and shake them like you don't care.
So, I will see you next time and I'm gonna be askin' a lot more questions, 'cause I got a lot of 'em.
SPELL: Forky? Uh-huh.
SPELL: You seem to be putting on some kind of show for someone.
Uh-huh! MR.
SPELL: Who are you talking to? FORKY: I don't know.