Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

All to Play For

1 [Daniel Ricciardo.]
  I remember as a kid I could hear the echo through the city.
[distant engines revving.]
It's like this scream.
[F1 engine screeching.]
[Christian Horner.]
 When they get into a 200-mile-an-hour car [engine roaring.]
there's an almost fighter pilot mentality.
Anything can happen.
[Carlos Sainz.]
I always think of my family.
[Grace Ricciardo.]
All I do is pray for a safe race.
[Romain Grosjean.]
You need to respect the speed.
But the second a driver has fear, you need to retire.
[Damon Hill.]
Formula One is the ultimate competition.
-Uncontrolled drama.
-[man yelling.]
-[David Croft.]
Oh, there's a puncture! -Oh! [Horner.]
Competitiveness, high stakes, politics How can you call that a fair championship? [Daniel.]
It is described as a traveling circus.
We pack it all up, and 24 hours later, unpack it in a new part of the world.
[Zak Brown.]
We've all got thousands of employees that all share the desire to win.
[engine revving.]
The drivers are the best in the world.
We all believe we are the one.
[Kevin Magnussen.]
Your teammate is your worst enemy.
If he beats me every race, my career's done.
The ultimate goal is to be the best.
If you had Lewis Hamilton's same car, would you beat him? Yes.
[Guenther Steiner.]
The highs are very high.
Whoo-hoo! [man in Italian.]
Thank you, thank you so much.
The lows are very low.
I'm fucking sick of this.
It's about making the correct choices.
[Natalie Pinkham.]
Every day I break out in a cold sweat, thinking, "Do I have the skill set to do it?" [Sainz.]
The risk of death will never go away.
Massive accident! -[Magnussen.]
I'm not worried about dying.
I'm willing to do anything.
Let's see who's the best.
[pneumatic tools whirring.]
All right, am I good to, like, sit? [interviewer.]
All right.
I'm good to go.
Are you happy with your hair? I don't know.
I haven't seen it.
Prob-- If you've asked me, then it must look shit.
No, no, no.
I'm just [Daniel.]
Am I looking at you or down the lens? -[interviewer.]
At me, sorry.
Can I get you to tell me who you are and what you do for a job? I'm Daniel Ricciardo and I'm a car mechanic.
[interviewer laughing.]
All righty, I got this.
I'm gonna nail it.
Three, two, one I am Daniel Ricciardo.
I was born in Perth, Australia, and I'm a Formula One driver.
Sounds pretty good when I say that.
[engine roaring.]
I love that feeling of the car on the edge at such a high speed.
I love the danger.
That adrenaline and that excitement.
[tires squealing.]
More than anything, I love the feeling of winning.
It's a beautiful thing.
And Ricciardo has got the inside line.
Lewis Hamilton's brave defense of second place comes to an end.
And down the inside goes Daniel Ricciardo! Oh, my God.
[Daniel on radio.]
That's how it's done, ladies.
Whoo hoo! [Croft.]
And Daniel Ricciardo wins the Hungarian Grand Prix.
[crowd cheering.]
I don't think anyone's smile could be bigger.
As a kid, I loved motorbikes.
I loved NASCAR.
Oh, shit! But F1, that was the fastest circuit cars in the world.
That's really why I got into Formula One.
I wanted to try and see if I could be the best in the world.
Picturing myself on the top step of an F1 podium, I had visualized that feeling as a kid.
To be world champion would mean the world to me.
Look at this geek here standing beside me.
For my family, my dream involved sacrifices.
Great start from Daniel Ricciardo [Daniel.]
My dad was building his own business, but also taking me karting on the weekends and spending the money he'd made to then put into me.
Don't forget his helmet.
There you go.
I remember as if it was yesterday.
Daniel said to me that he'd wanted to give it a go in Europe.
Put it on Uncle Daniel.
And a lot of friends said, "Oh, how could you let him go?" But he was so determined.
That looks great.
How do you do it? What am I doing wrong here? [man.]
Rip it off, man.
All the struggles, all the bad days leaving home so young.
Have the rest? -Yeah.
Winning the world title, it would make it all worth it.
Baa! When I got into F1, everyone knew me as the happy guy and the nice guy, but I do have a kind of killer instinct.
I do believe I can be world champion and for me, it's like, "Why else would I be doing this?" [Croft.]
And welcome along for the opening round of the Formula One World Championship in 2018.
Welcome to the 23rd Australian Grand Prix held here in Albert Park for the traditional first race of the season.
No Australian has been classified in the top three of their home race.
Daniel Ricciardo, ladies and gentlemen.
[crowd cheering.]
Is this the year? [Daniel.]
First race of the season is my home one.
[woman 1.]
Daniel! [Daniel.]
I love having a home race.
But it's wild, you know? [woman 2.]
Can I get a photo? [Daniel.]
There's so much anticipation being drawn to that first race in March.
Can we get a quick selfie, mate? -Yeah, of course.
-Cheers, man.
And then, 'cause it's in Australia [man.]
We're all cheering for you.
I'm the only Australian driver.
I get that two-fold.
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! -[woman.]
Oy, oy, oy! -[man.]
Let's go, Dan! -[woman.]
Yay! [cameras clicking.]
How important is this season for you as being a season in which you can compete for the championship? It's super important.
This will see where I am personally, see where we are competitively Everybody recognizes Daniel Ricciardo as being one of the biggest talents in Formula One.
But a lot of people think it's this year or bust for him to take his first world title.
I think it's gonna be a really exciting year because we've got three teams that look capable of winning races.
Last season, Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes and Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari were the top two.
This season, we're really excited to see if Daniel Ricciardo with Red Bull can properly fight with those two drivers.
It's easy to say that a champion from a previous year is the favorite.
But Red Bull are gonna be very hard to beat.
How does it look for you? -It's looking exciting.
I think it should be close at the top with Mercedes, uh, Ferrari, Red Bull.
[pneumatic tools whirring.]
In Formula One, we've got 10 teams, and each team is trying to develop the best car possible.
[tools whirring.]
The more money you spend, the better your car is likely to be.
But there's a massive difference in budgets in Formula One.
The smaller teams are quite often operating on a budget that's a fraction of the size of the very biggest teams, like Ferrari and Mercedes.
So, it's not a level playing field.
Guys, I mean, you know the position we are in here, you know? If I understood what Walter told me last night, there was one of everything.
I'm Guenther Steiner.
I am the team principal of Haas F1 team.
I love racing, it's my passion.
I started off from the bottom as a mechanic.
I am doing it a long time, more than 30 years.
Oh, yeah, and he should be.
Setting up a Formula One team in the US was my idea, and I persuaded Gene Haas to do this.
I think at turn one, he had no choice.
He had-- Everybody was going, whatever.
Gene has got a very successful NASCAR team, and he knows how racing works.
-Did he hit somebody? Yeah, Yeah.
He, hit because he [drill whirring.]
There's a lot of money in Formula One.
Can you compete with the teams with the big budgets? It's pretty hard.
You know, you're talking five, six hundred million to our 140 million.
But, you just gotta keep trying and trying and a lot of success in racing comes down to just being stubborn.
Haas F1 is the first American Formula One team in more than 30 years and coming in as a new team in Formula One is just so difficult.
I'm not convinced, but I'm cautiously optimistic, as I call it.
In a small team, we have less parts, less stuff.
We need to do more with less.
And how many people in your team, all together? Two hundred twelve.
Mercedes have more people on holiday at any one time.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
We are the underdogs.
We are new in here.
But, for sure, we're not here just to make the numbers up.
We are here to compete.
It's the first Friday practice.
Teams have 90 minutes to test their setups around this three-mile circuit.
[engine roaring.]
One of the most special things about Formula One is the way the weekend builds.
Friday is practice.
That's when the teams and drivers get out on track to try and set their cars up and make sure it's performing the best it can.
Saturday, there's qualifying, to set the order that the cars will start the race in.
And then on Sunday, we have the race itself.
Every session is dangerous.
Last season at Melbourne, during practice, there were three crashes.
[tires squealing.]
[air hissing.]
You all right? Are you happy with the strategy we are taking? Yeah, fine.
The problem is that at some point, one's gonna be right, one's gonna be wrong.
-You never know.
-Yeah, yeah, exactly.
My name's Christian Horner.
I'm the team principal of Aston Martin Red Bull racing.
So, uh, buck effectively stops with me.
Sebastian Vettel, you are the world champion! [cheering.]
We're a subsidiary of an energy drink that's come along and won four back-to-back world championships.
But that's in the past.
What do you reckon? You know, we've spent five seasons now where we should have been real contenders.
We need to win races this year.
We need to take the challenge to the big teams.
You all right? Get out there and enjoy it.
I will, thank you.
Yeah? Let your driving do the talking.
You'll be fine.
Every team has two drivers.
We're fortunate to have Daniel Ricciardo.
He's at the top of his game.
Well, you can see the people who are [Horner.]
And we've got this exciting, emerging talent in Max Verstappen.
But you can just feel that anticipation of, "Have we designed a good car this year? Is it gonna be successful? Is it gonna be reliable?" Okay, well let's see how we go.
I think it looks okay.
I suggest we go and have little up and down.
Let's go, please.
As a racecar driver, your feeling is so in tune, that you know, after a few laps, if the car is fast.
A lot of it, for me, is confidence within the car and just having a feeling under the braking.
'Cause your coming up to a corner, 300 and something kilometers an hour.
Your instinct is like, "Brake now, brake now, brake now," and you've gotta push yourself to brake later and later and trust that the car will stop.
[Paul di Resta.]
He's got confidence in that car.
He is ripping the wheels off that.
Whoo! [Croft.]
What's your headline for today then? [di Resta.]
Red Bull , they could easily find themselves in the front of the grid.
[Simon Rennie.]
You're doing a good job.
Thanks, guys.
We had serious pace today.
The car was performing well.
And at the end of the day, performance is everything.
I wanna win, because it's what I believe I can do and I've worked all these years to do it.
So, no one's gonna put more pressure on me than myself.
So, who can set the fastest lap today and start tomorrow's race on pole position? [Medland.]
In qualifying, it's all designed to set the order for the start of the race.
Here's the time that they've all got to beat.
Lewis Hamilton crosses the line.
It's a 1:21.
1! [Medland.]
If you start in a good position, you have a much better chance of winning the race.
Qualifying is the moment that you see these cars on the absolute limit.
And the driver pushing it to boundaries that you don't even know quite where the edge is.
[tires squealing.]
My God.
That's, uh, Bottas! -[Croft.]
That's Valtteri Bottas! That's Bottas wrecking his qualifying, wrecking his car.
It's not gonna polish out, is it? Guys, I just wanted to speak with you a few minutes before we need to go out on the track and see what we can do.
So From Gene's and my side, we are confident that we can do better than last year.
I think on the pit stops, we have got a few new people and it will be, I wouldn't say difficult, but we need to get used to new people in the pit-stops, so, I think we can do it.
Thank you very much, guys.
How many minutes? He said it should be really three minutes.
He's warming up the carbon fiber.
My name is Kevin Magnussen.
I am 26 years old and I drive for Haas F1 team.
Qualifying is really intense.
There is a lot of pressure in Formula One to deliver results and to perform well.
And that's the hardest thing about it.
We're on-board now with Kevin Magnussen underneath the bridge as we go, and they touch! And that could have been very nasty indeed! [Magnussen.]
I don't have fear when I drive.
I don't ever think about the consequences of crashing the car.
I'm not worried about dying.
I'll do anything I can to get the best results possible.
[Giuliano Salvi.]
Okay, watch the traffic light and the white line.
-Did you copy? -[Magnussen.]
To drive a lap fast is all rhythm and feeling.
You feel just like one with the car, as if it was your body.
For me it feels like flying.
It's almost like having superpowers.
Here comes Magnussen.
And he's absolutely nailed sectors one and two.
What's his time going to be? A 1:23.
1, and that's a sensational lap from Haas.
Well done, son.
He fucking did it.
Jesus! [laughs.]
What a performance from Haas.
They'll be fifth and sixth in tomorrow's race, the highest they've ever started in a Grand Prix.
Great job.
I'm really proud of you.
[Magnussen laughs.]
Well done, guys.
Fucking hell.
Well done.
Well done, man! Happy.
[In Italian.]
In the mountains! -Thank you.
Hi, Gene.
That wasn't bad, though.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, with the big boys, yeah? Pretty cool, we start fifth.
Fifth and sixth.
When we started, everybody told us we will fail.
But Gene supported me all the way and has put a lot of faith in me and failing in doing this is not an option.
We need to succeed.
Twenty drivers, 21 races.
There can only be one world champion.
Welcome along to the Formula One World Championship.
[dramatic music playing.]
Dan! [Daniel.]
I love race day.
That feeling of having the fans, you know, right there.
[cell phone ringing.]
-It's ringing.
Ah Um Hi, Chris, how're you going? [boy 1.]
This is Daniel Ricciardo, Chris.
[boy 2.]
That's my dad, Dan! [cheering.]
Hometown kid, so a lot of fans, a lot of support and let's try and give them something to cheer about.
-How are you? -How are you, buddy? -Good.
You just got in? Awesome.
-Yeah, thank you.
See you.
I know.
This is how the grid will line up.
The reigning champion, Lewis Hamilton, on pole.
Kimi Raikkonen in second, out-qualifying his four-time world champion teammate, Sebastian Vettel.
Max Verstappen starts fourth, Kevin Magnussen is fifth, giving Haas their best ever start.
Daniel Ricciardo is in eighth, after receiving a penalty in practice.
So, he'll face a huge challenge to get a podium today.
[indistinct chatter.]
When the race starts, it's a great moment.
To be actually in charge of one of the teams out there, that is what I dreamt for when I was a kid.
The atmosphere is tense.
And you can feel your body is ready to perform.
If someone says they don't get nervous, they're lying.
The nerves for me is that anticipation of what we're about to do.
Immediately before a race, I block out all of the other distractions.
I'm very conscious that, when I look into the driver’s eyes, the risk that he's taking on.
You have a car going in excess of 200 miles an hour, racing wheel-to-wheel.
These guys have an almost fighter pilot mentality.
And that's what separates them from mere mortals.
I remember, when he was little, going to Melbourne, we had grandstand tickets right opposite the pits.
All the drivers are there and I'm thinking, "That's somebody's child.
" And I was thinking for these poor mothers.
And then I ended up being one of them.
I never, ever, ever thought that I'd be there one day, watching my son.
Radio, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check.
Okay, so the latest info wind is stronger today.
So, you've got a head-wind into turn one.
You've got hundreds of people on the grid.
And then you've got a 30-second warning.
Thirty seconds.
Thirty seconds.
And then, all the mechanics go.
The grid is then empty and it's just you and the other drivers.
Rushing into the first corner, it's all instinctive.
Great start from Kevin Magnussen.
He's managed to get past Max Verstappen.
Come on, Max, straighten.
We haven't got time for this.
Daniel Ricciardo down the inside.
He's made up a place.
Emotionally, we're sort of always up and down.
All I ever do is pray for a safe race.
And then everything else is a bonus.
It's the biggest thing that we're always worried about.
Number one thing, don't even like talking about it now.
You know, it makes me nervous.
It's hugely intense.
You're looking an awful lot at numbers, at split times, at the sawtooth graphs.
Ricciardo's on a charge, on the outside of Nico Hulkenberg.
Nice job, mate.
Hulkenberg fights back.
He's got the inside line but Ricciardo sweeps on by.
It's mentally draining if you're dealing with two cars, two different outcomes.
These tires are getting really hot.
Max, recommend saving your overtake for the one place you feel Magnussen is most vulnerable.
[tires screeching.]
And he's gone off! No! Fuck, no! Verstappen just spun.
Grosjean goes past, Ricciardo goes past.
Oh, for fucks sake, man! [man.]
All okay, Max? Yeah.
This is dreamland for Haas.
So, there's now only Mercedes and Ferraris in front of the young American Haas team.
This is racing.
It's realizing it's a big opportunity to ram home what you're doing.
We've got a massive lock up.
That's Magnussen.
Tires are starting to go, guys.
It's starting to understeer more and more now [Salvi.]
Box, Kevin.
Box, please confirm.
Box, box, box.
In the pit stops, that is the only time that you really get in touch with the team.
You're on your own on the track.
Everything is depending on you.
When you pit, that changes completely.
That's when you realize how much of a team effort it is.
[tools whirring.]
[engine roaring.]
Kevin Magnussen has pitted.
-I don't think that's tight.
-Which one? Which one? Left rear.
I don't do any other one.
Are you sure it's not tight? [Magnussen.]
Failure, guys.
And who's that going slowly? It's Kevin Magnussen! Kevin Magnussen in the Haas, he's just come out of the pit lane and now he's grinding to a halt.
Stop the car.
Stop the car.
Stop the car.
Stop the car.
Stop the car.
Magnussen was on for a sensational result, but now he's retiring.
It's heartbreaking.
You don't want it to be true.
And by the looks of things, one of those wheels isn't attached properly.
You just cope with it.
They've got two drivers.
You just try to stay as calm as possible and focus on the race.
Box now, Romain.
Box now.
[tools whirring.]
Romain Grosjean has now pitted and makes his way back onto the circuit.
So Ricciardo now has clear air.
That's good news for the Red Bull team.
As Grosjean-- Is that Grosjean going slowly? It is! [man.]
Stop the car.
Stop the car.
We have a front left loose.
Stop the car.
Stop the car.
Romain Grosjean pulling over in the other Haas.
So both Haases, as soon as they leave the pit lane, have ground to a halt.
What could have been one of their best weekends on a race track has turned into absolute disaster.
When you see it happen on the screen, you think, "This cannot happen.
This is not real.
" We lost it all in two laps.
In Formula One, the highs are very high, the lows are very low.
It's easy in my position to blame somebody, but then in the end, the buck stops with me.
You've got a horde of media out here.
Are you happy to speak to people? [Steiner.]
Oh, yeah, yeah.
They need to hear.
That's fine.
It's a sad afternoon.
We've seen all your people.
They're heartbroken, as well as the drivers.
How is it to be a boss in a moment like that? I mean, in the end as a boss, you need to lead.
I am sure my disappointment is as big as theirs.
We need first to see what went wrong before we can fix it.
I just need a bit of a break [reporter.]
Otherwise, you'll say something afterwards? -[Magnussen.]
I don't know.
-Okay, thanks.
We were in fourth and fifth position.
-Just help me with those guys -Yeah.
And that would've been, by far, the best result for the team in its history.
I don't know, Gene.
I don't have to answer to that one.
We just fucked this one up.
Doesn't make it right.
I know that, you know.
Saying I fucked it up, it doesn't make it right.
It's like Same mistake.
It's unbelievable.
The two guys putting the wheel on, they were new.
Fuck! Fourth and fifth, but, Gene, if we finish fourth and fifth here, we fucking look like rock stars, huh? And now we're a fucking bunch of wankers.
Yeah, a bunch of fucking clowns here.
I will do a proper investigation, Gene.
Don't worry, you know that.
I will fix it, trust me.
The wheel just wasn't done enough, huh? It felt tight, but as it dropped it visually looked as though it was loose.
Not done up properly, sir.
You, did you think we train not enough? Or We haven't practiced this weekend at all.
Um Tiredness as well I don't think that will help.
Just on the back foot this weekend.
But the wheels were not completely on, you know? I'm devastated and I am truly sorry, sir.
Raikkonen running in third position.
Fourth for Daniel Ricciardo.
He's fought his way back from eighth place.
If he can get on the podium today, it would mean so, so much for Daniel Ricciardo.
Hey, that is blistering pace.
I don't wanna let him breathe.
Doing the right thing.
Just keep the pressure on.
No Australian has been classified in the top three of their home race.
He will be doing his damnedest on this final lap.
You might as well use the battery.
Sebastian Vettel wins the Grand Prix.
Whoo! Hamilton second.
Third across the line it's just Kimi Raikkonen, with Daniel Ricciardo in fourth.
Oh! Half a second, isn't it? Right on, mate.
That was a very good job today, mate.
You did get the quickest lap of the race.
Yeah, I tried.
We had serious pace today.
We had a real chance at the podium, and I'd wanted it so bad.
I really believe that I should be winning more frequently.
I believe I've got the talent and I put in the work.
So, it's not anger, but it's frustration that comes through.
And the winner, from Germany, Sebastian Vettel.
Thanks, Pop.
I'm happy, but I'm pissed.
Probably like you.
Happy, but fuck.
I nearly threw something at the TV.
Food delivery.
Anyway, I tried.
Yeah, I know you did.
I know you did.
No, yeah! It was good.
Good result.
You got the crowd excited.
-Yeah, I tried.
-They were cheering you on.
I tried.
I mean, the pace, when you dropped back and you banked in at 25.
Even I didn't think we were that quick [Horner.]
It's a long season.
You know, these cars develop so quickly.
You'll know where you'll be starting, but you don't know where you will be finishing.
Things change.
I'd love to be winning tomorrow, if I could.
That's my ultimate dream.
I'm pretty far from that at the moment.
I know that things like that don't happen overnight.
I'm in a great team that I can grow and prepare myself, and hopefully one day I can get a chance to fight for a championship.
We should have done better.
Everybody in Haas wants to do better, but so does everybody else.
Why you watch Formula One? You want to see action.
You want to see drama.
You want to see the underdog making a good result.
A story.
Each race should have a story, and the story should not be all the time Mercedes or Ferrari wins, because that story gets old pretty quickly.
[engine roars.]
My teammate, Max, is becoming more of a threat.
He's one of the most exciting talents in Formula One.
I need to be the faster driver of the two.
There's no more brutal lesson than what he's just had.
Fernando Alonso is my racing hero.
Okay, Carlos.
Alonso behind you.
The stakes have never been higher for McLaren.
I said, "This guy is not beating me.
No fucking way.
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