Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

The King of Spain

1 [Martin Poole.]
We're not doing any exercises that you don't know.
All right? [Sainz.]
That's important.
So, we get the central nervous system firing in sort of a race intensity.
It's really high intensity.
And then the lateral band walk, we'll do that twice through.
And then we'll go get in the sauna and shower.
No cameras in this room, though.
[Poole laughs.]
You don't want to see what happens in there.
[Poole in Spanish.]
Let's go! [Sainz.]
I think motorsport has been in my blood since I was a kid.
I was actually two years old when I was given my first go-kart.
Power, power, power, power! Run! Run! Come on.
Push, push, push.
My name is Carlos Sainz, I drive for Renault Sport Formula One.
Faster feet.
Come on.
Faster, faster, faster [Sainz.]
Born in Madrid, Spain.
Smash it against the wall.
Come on.
When I was nine years old, I remember seeing Fernando Alonso winning the World Championship.
In 2005, I meet Fernando Alonso in the Spanish Grand Prix.
I remember going back home and saying to my dad, "I want to be like Fernando Alonso.
I want to be a Formula One driver.
" I hope one day I can add my name to the list of Spanish drivers that have won a Formula One race.
Fernando, who will win in the championship between you and Carlos? I think, uh, this is difficult to predict, but, you know, it depends of our teams a little bit.
But, um, if I have to bet my money, I will put on McLaren and myself.
What's happening to Carlos Sainz in his battle with Fernando Alonso? [motor downshifting.]
Sainz has taken the long way around, onto the gravel.
That's never gonna win out that particular Spanish duel.
Fernando Alonso is on his way home now! Fifth place in this race and what a performance that is! I think it was definitely a good race, and we should be proud of that, but yeah, I think there is a lot more to come.
Carlos Sainz now puts Fernando Alonso under pressure Is he gonna try and launch one? He is, down the inside! Alonso saw him coming.
And there's Carlos Sainz.
But Fernando Alonso got the inside line and just cuts him off.
Fernando Alonso is my racing hero, but I really wanna beat him, because I've been losing against him.
I really want payback.
[pneumatic tools whirring.]
[birds chirping.]
[Zak Brown.]
My view of McLaren has always been that they are the best racing team in the world.
When I got the call to work here, it was extremely, uh, special.
My name is Zak Brown.
I'm executive director of McLaren Technology Group.
I've been in motor racing my entire life.
I'm now 46 years old.
We have a lot to offer at McLaren.
We've been absolutely dominant over the years.
[Murray Walker.]
And McLaren have already broken just about every record in the book.
To show up every day and look down the boulevard, and have the first thing you see is Niki Lauda's car.
[crowd cheering.]
And Ayrton Senna's car.
Ayrton Senna crosses the line.
He is world champion.
We've got thousands of employees running around here that all share the same passion and desire to win.
We've got a massive fan base, but it's been pretty hard to cheer for us 'cause we've not been anywhere near racing at the front.
You know, it's been a difficult five-year run.
-Yeah, take that.
-Get rid of this 'cause you're kind of shifting.
This is all drivers.
I felt I could contribute to making a difference.
We do everything in dollars.
If you're happy for me to flip them all to dollars -put that down on the last page.
-Flip 'em.
Flip 'em all to dollars.
-Otherwise it starts becoming a bit And so, I wanted to get into an environment that I had some work to do, as opposed to maybe joining a team that's on the top, and you've got kind of only one way to go.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[cameras clicking.]
[Will Buxton.]
Winter testing is the first opportunity that we get to see the new cars for this year out on track.
It's really a first opportunity for the teams to put their cars through their paces, to see if they're as good as they hope they're gonna be, if they're as fast as they hope they're gonna be, and crucially, if they are reliable.
The stakes have really never been higher for McLaren.
They are trying to rebuild themselves into a competitive championship-winning team.
After so many years of disappointment, if they don't get it right this year, they're gonna lose their driver.
[scattered cheering.]
I think Fernando is one of the best drivers in the history of Formula One.
I don't think there is a team that wouldn't love to have Fernando in their racing car.
So, to have him stay with us, I think, is a big vote of confidence of how he feels we will race this year.
My name is Fernando Alonso.
I am two times world champion and I race for McLaren.
I have a lot of power on the things that I may say, so I feel that responsibility, that leadership, and I try to guide the team in the best way possible.
I feel confident this year.
We wanna come out pretty strong and demonstrate that we're gonna be back to our winning ways.
Radio check.
Okay, Fernando.
Yeah, that sounded clear for me.
Winter testing is always a moment of the year where we are all optimistic.
We have a lot of trust and faith on the car.
We try to stretch the car, you know, to the maximum.
Okay, nice work, Fernando.
I need multi-function C2, position four, please.
Yes, okay.
When I joined the team, we were fighting for the world championship and that was a different role than what we have now, which is trying to fight back and bring the team back to the top positions.
Okay, Fernando, this pace is really good.
[tires squealing.]
-[man 2.]
It is Alonso! Alonso's had a crash.
Well, he's gone off.
A wheel has come off his car.
It's rare this happens in testing.
It's better that it happens now than it happens once you get to the first race.
But it's shall we say, it's a worrying thing to happen? Fernando's not gonna be happy.
In Formula One, it's not easy to hide anything in winter testing.
If we assume that it's like this for the rest of the day Then we go to another plan.
So many people and so many cameras.
There are a lot of eyes on everyone.
We need to have this? At this crucial moment? I don't want to [man.]
Go and handle it.
We are ready for a cracking 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.
The paddock is really starting to come to life.
I'm excited.
Excited to be back here.
Obviously, I'd love to win.
It should be a fun race.
The race that could just conjure up anything in the next 51 laps.
And you can feel it, the pressure in the air.
[Cyril Abiteboul.]
 Make sure to be very clear in your analysis of the tires.
But it's better to have-- Even if one is the best, it's better to have two optimized than one that is -One and a half? -Yeah.
Not-- Not half for a grand prix.
The electronics [Abiteboul.]
2018 has to be a season where Renault shows that we are progressing and for our ambition to be fighting at the top in a few years' time is credible.
My name is Cyril Abiteboul.
I am Managing Director of Renault Sport Formula One.
But what's fantastic is our line-up of drivers.
Carlos and Nico is one of the strongest in the grid.
[loud grinding.]
-You won't make it -No, there was no turning back.
The midfield is extremely tight.
McLaren, right now, uh they are our most direct competitor.
If we have the ability to beat them, it will say a lot about the progression of Renault.
We need to deliver what people are expecting from us.
If I don't deliver I'm fired.
There's always gonna be people making mistakes in Baku.
For me, it's one of the most challenging tracks in Formula One at the moment.
[Karel Loos.]
And just a reminder about the tailwinds in three, four, 15 and 16.
If you stay out of trouble, you could actually think about a top five finish.
Radio check.
Yeah, Fernando, loud and clear for me.
It is the fastest street circuit in the world and you know always that gives a lot of adrenaline for the spectators.
And for drivers as well.
So the cars begin the formation lap in Baku, one more chance to warm their tires and warm their brakes [Abiteboul.]
It's a very particular track, because you've got the first sector that is dominated by ninety-degree corners.
If you talk to the drivers, they'll tell you that it's like driving very, very fast in a cage.
Then you've got sector two, which is very twisty in the old town.
So, that's very different.
Sector three is pretty much one corner and a straight.
Okay, Fernando, five seconds to go.
[engines roaring.]
It's a dash down to turn one then, who's gonna come out on top? So far, all getting away cleanly.
And there's damage! [Alonso.]
Wow, it's full of debris.
There's contact down into turn two! Fernando Alonso and Sirotkin going wheel to wheel.
Oh, no! There's contact for Fernando Alonso.
Puncture switch.
Puncture switch.
And Ocon in a collision.
Ocon is out of the race! [Alonso.]
You take care in corner one, corner two, and they crash into you.
Fucking stupid! It's a black flag situation.
What this guy's been doing? Destroy the complete race.
We had two punctures and the car was nearly undriveable.
[wheel buzzing.]
Okay, I need to box.
It was not fair to have that damaged car on lap one and not having the possibility to fight back.
You know, that anger to go back to the pit lane and change those tires-- You know, the desire of "keep racing".
It was not the moment to retire that car.
I think most drivers would have parked the car and wouldn't have even thought about continuing in the race.
[tools whirring.]
Okay, Fernando, the race isn't over for us.
 The race isn't over.
[engine roaring.]
Okay, Carlos, how is the balance? [Sainz.]
Yeah, all good.
Here goes Carlos Sainz.
He's up in sixth place.
Tries to go around the outside.
Nothing doing.
At that point in the race, I really started attacking and really pushing flat out.
Carlos Sainz.
He's on Verstappen's tail.
Brilliant racing from all three drivers.
My name is Carlos Onoro, I'm Carlos Sainz's manager and his cousin.
I mean, for me, it's heart attack after heart attack.
Qualifying until the end of the race, it's like a roller-coaster.
[speaking Spanish.]
[di Resta.]
Carlos Sainz looking very racy [Croft.]
And it means a lot to be racing against Red Bull and to be pressuring them.
In a race like Baku where you see that he's fighting for fourth, for fifth position, which is not normal, it's always exciting.
Verstappen might go down the inside.
And he does so! A podium is always something that you are aiming for.
The difficulty is that there are three top teams, two cars each.
That's already sixth position.
That leaves little room for us, but who knows? Maybe there will be that opportunity for us, and we need to be sure to seize that opportunity if it's given.
[engine revving.]
Sainz swoops round the outside of Verstappen.
Nice move there from the driver in the Renault.
[crew cheering.]
Tires are super soft.
I'm starting to degrade a bit at the rear tires.
I'm going to start losing time with the Red Bulls.
Okay, so, box this lap.
Box this lap.
Carlos Sainz into the pits, then.
He's had to let the Red Bulls go.
[tools whirring.]
[engine roars.]
The Red Bulls had pulled away.
They were ten, fifteen seconds ahead of me and they were both fighting each other.
Ricciardo desperate to get past Max Verstappen.
But Verstappen aggressively defending against his teammate.
[tires screeching.]
[crew muttering.]
Yellow flags turn one.
Take care.
Yellow turn one.
Debris at turn one.
Double yellow at turn one.
Both Red Bulls off at turn one.
That's 25, 30 points we just fucked away there.
When you are driving for one of the teams in the midfield, I'm not gonna say I would celebrate the top team's crashing into each other, but if Carlos goes up two places because the drivers decide to collide, it's good for him, and he gained two places for free.
Safety car.
Safety car.
Safety car in this lap.
Okay, which position am I? [Loos.]
You're currently P-7.
Now we've got-- I don't know how many laps to go, but not many until the end, so new tires.
We need to overtake Grosjean.
Right, onboard then with Grosjean.
He's weaving around, trying to get temperature into the tires And he's gone and crashed! Oh! Ooh.
 There you go.
Okay, Grosjean crashed.
Nice one.
Safety car I'm fucking speechless.
I cannot fucking believe it.
That's how quick things can change in Formula One.
Back with Fernando Alonso.
Fernando, you're doing an amazing job.
This pace is really good.
Okay, guys, how many laps to the end are we now? [Loos.]
Seven laps remaining now.
You're gaining four-tenths per lap to the cars ahead.
-Keep focus.
[tires squealing.]
There's a puncture for Valtteri Bottas! [Brundle.]
It's a flat! He ran across some debris.
Oh! Ah, tire failure! [Sainz.]
At that point, I remember thinking about giving it a shot at that podium place.
Let's go, Carlos.
[in Spanish.]
Let's go, let's go.
We have two laps remaining now.
Sainz has pulled out from behind the slipstream.
Nice move, there.
And he's now up into fifth place.
Nice job, Carlos.
We need to focus on the last lap.
The last lap.
Hamilton takes the checkered flag and Carlos Sainz comes home to finish in fifth.
[car downshifts.]
That means Fernando Alonso finishes as the second Spaniard in this race.
Nice job, mate.
P-5, well done.
Good job, guys.
Following his earlier incident, it's amazing Alonso finished at all.
Only a driver of his caliber could've gotten that car to the end.
Well, you feel proud of your team, of your, um, abilities also, driving that car, of your commitment.
You ended up with a P-7 and you feel, very, very proud of that drive.
It was, by far, the best race of the season for me, personally.
Despite the start, we will fight until the checkered flag.
-You did great.
Podium next.
Finishing fifth was the best team result since we returned to Formula One.
But we are still behind McLaren in terms of the championship.
-Well done, mate.
Nice drive.
-Thank you.
It was one of those weekends that you go back home really happy because you've contributed to a very big team result.
Yeah, really good.
The Red Bulls were all over the place.
Thank you.
You guys must have been enjoying it from the outside.
Yeah, we did.
Yeah, yeah.
LeClerc got a very good slipstream from me.
But then I got him back easily.
I said, "This guy is not beating me.
No fucking way.
" [laughs.]
I went-- I went bananas to him like [announcer.]
Azerbaijan Automobile Federation.
Well done, gentlemen.
[Sainz in Spanish.]
No, no, no.
Come on! No, no.
[Sainz in English.]
Every time I'm in Spain, I try to organize a dinner at home.
[in Spanish.]
How badly they’re playing! [in English.]
You get to disconnect a bit from the races and you really get to have fun.
[in Spanish.]
That's a foul! Don't let him go.
Of course.
I love it.
[Onoro in English.]
Carlos, he's my younger cousin, so we are very close.
We've been very close since he was born, basically.
-[in Spanish.]
Hey! Fuck off, man! -I can't believe it.
No shit.
What a shitty pass, Marcelo.
[Onoro in English.]
His father is my uncle.
Even if you haven't heard about Carlos Sainz, the motorsport legend, when you meet him, you can tell he's a powerful guy.
-[in Spanish.]
Damn it! Come on man! -Come on please! Look! Cheat, cheat! Damn! [Onoro in English.]
And obviously, if you know something about sports, Carlos's father is an icon of motor sport.
For Carlos Junior, growing up with his dad has had positives and negatives.
You've got free advice from a legend.
At the same time, I think it was a little bit tough because everywhere that Carlos went racing, he was, like, pointed out that, "Look, that's the son of Carlos Sainz.
I wanna beat that guy.
" That kind of jealousy, he has had to prove a lot of people wrong.
[Sainz Sr.
If I could be invisible, I would love to be invisible.
-[Sainz Sr.
in Spanish.]
How's it going? -Good.
[Sainz Sr.
in English.]
This is his life, his sport, his time.
I have been enough time in the camera, so I'm quite happy to leave him alone.
Obviously, I know that my dad is a very famous name.
I'm incredibly proud to be his son, but me, personally, I want to create my own name, my own career in Formula One.
[Sainz Sr.
Carlos is still growing, he's still maturing, somehow, and I remember how I was with 22, 23.
He's quite smart sometimes.
Ollie! [Sainz laughs.]
Aw! Look at this! This is not a dog.
This is a piece of shit! Carlos! [clamoring.]
[announcer in Spanish.]
Everyone, the F1 world champion.
Give a big hand to Fernando Alonso! [cheering.]
Fernando Alonso! [Alonso.]
Hi, everyone.
Well, the truth is… [Alonso in English.]
It is emotional racing in Spain for me.
You know, it is once a year that you have the home Grand Prix.
[announcer in English.]
Please do not push.
For safety reasons, please do not push, por favor.
You know, the amount of work you put off track to make people happy, to sign as many autographs as possible, to take time for the kids, to take pictures, to give presents, you know, whatever you can do to make people happy, you try to do it that weekend.
Fernando! [crowd cheering.]
They want us to do a lap in these ones, but we cannot fit in the seats.
Too small.
Yeah, it is a bit.
I've not been go-karting in fucking years.
-Yeah? -I'm too old.
Still fun.
Still good fun.
Yeah, I haven't done it for so long.
Karting has been, for me, probably the best part of my racing career.
I've been in go-karts for more than 15 years and probably the best memories are coming from that part of my life.
None? To hold on, it's hard.
So hard.
[Alonso in Spanish.]
You ahve to go little by little.
We can't overtake? You can't, no.
It's just an exhibition today.
But you overtake.
Today is just an exhibition.
Today we came here to see you taking it easy.
[Alonso in English.]
When you start racing and you jump in a go-kart for the first time um, there is some kind of, uh, freedom.
[engines rumbling.]
As a kid, you normally follow your parents and your friends and your teacher at the school.
Everything is always behind, uh, some rules.
The first time you are behind the wheel, you are yourself and you are alone on the race track.
That feeling, I think, together with the speed and with the adrenaline, is something that is difficult not to fall in love.
[band playing flamenco music.]
My dad comes nearly to every race, maybe 16, 17 races a year out of 21.
My sisters and my mom told me that he gets a bit too nervous if he doesn't come to a Grand Prix weekend.
[Sainz Sr.
in Spanish.]
Come on! I reckon Grosjean's not coming around turn one.
What do you reckon? -He might make one, but two -Okay, yeah.
In the midfield, all Spanish eyes will be looking at Fernando Alonso in the McLaren and Carlos Sainz in the Renault.
Alonso's in eighth, just one place ahead of his fellow Spaniard.
Just do what we agreed.
I am a competitive guy.
I always visualize winning.
That guy who was your hero, your killer instinct immediately comes in and you suddenly take it as one rival more that you want to beat.
When you are on the grid, you go into that zone, into that moment of, "this is just a car and yourself.
" Compete, race, win.
You just need to deliver.
And radio check, Carlos.
Yeah, all good.
There is only one guy who's allowed to talk to the driver when he's out there on track.
It's a race engineer, and for Carlos, it's Karel.
Okay, Carlos.
Good luck, mate.
Last car approaching the grid.
[Sainz exhales.]
[engines roaring.]
And it's a good start for Carlos Sainz.
[in Spanish.]
Let's go.
Can he keep ahead of Alonso into turn one? Oh, he just manages it.
But he's out wide and in the gravel.
That's Alonso's chance to go out round the outside, he's in trouble too.
And off is Grosjean! [screeching.]
Massive accident.
That looks like Romain Grosjean very much out of this race.
Oh, and there's a Renault involved as well.
Is that Carlos Sainz? I think it is.
-Is that Carlos? -Shit! [Croft.]
No, that looks like Nico Hülkenberg.
Hülkenberg is out of this race.
That's Hülkenberg! [Neal.]
It was Grosjean.
Exactly why I said at the beginning, I said he's not coming around turn one.
We can get racing once again.
Sainz is up in eighth place.
And Sainz is pressuring Magnussen for seventh.
Tries to go around the outside at turn three.
Not gonna get through there.
Down into eleventh.
And here's Alonso in eleventh.
He's now trying to attack Ocon in the same way and he is going to go around the outside.
He's still got it, hasn't he? What a move! Okay, Carlos, so box this lap.
Coming in, Carlos, pit lane.
So you will be close to Ericsson on pit exit.
[tools whirring.]
[tires screeching.]
Alonso's caught Hartley on the straight.
And he's got him.
Sainz is going for it here with Marcus Ericsson.
Trying to go around the outside.
Ericsson just leans on him.
Oh, they're gonna touch, aren't they? [Croft.]
That is some great side-by-side action.
Unbelievably close.
[crew chief.]
He has to look after his tires.
Our race isn't with Ericsson, mate.
Sainz is desperate to overtake Ericsson.
But Ericsson is long overdue a pit stop.
Don't forget, these tires need to last Sainz until the end of the Grand Prix.
Why I cannot pass? He's too fast on the straight.
[crew chief.]
Keep him calm.
Keep him calm.
He doesn't need to pass.
And it's the cars behind he needs to worry about.
Does he know that's LeClerc and Alonso behind him? Okay, Carlos, behind you have LeClerc and Alonso.
Let's stay calm.
We need to focus on tires.
In the race, you go into that more aggressive mode.
You know that you are in your home Grand Prix and you know that you need to make moves to try and gain positions, to try and put on a good show.
[crew chief.]
His race is with LeClerc and Alonso behind, not Ericsson.
That's what I just told him.
Well, tell him again, and tell him to drop back and stop fucking racing him.
If you won't tell him, I will tell him.
He's going to wear his fronts out, and we're gonna lose this race.
Look after the tires and bring it home, please.
Marcus Ericsson is finally off to the pits, unleashing Sainz into seventh place.
But just behind is Charles LeClerc, who's getting passed by Fernando Alonso.
Alonso in eighth now.
Next car behind you now is Alonso.
Six laps to go.
We just had quite a pressure drop through turn three.
When you say "drop," you mean a little tiny, wincey one or something to be scared of? [man.]
Quite scared, yeah.
We were down to around two bar.
Oh, the engine, engine.
It's fuel pressure.
I had a fuel drop-out.
[crew chief.]
Turn the engine up, please, Karel.
Scenario one, scenario one.
Sainz has engine trouble.
He'll be down on power for these final few laps.
[woman in Spanish.]
Broken? I cannot believe it, we were so close to the end.
Carlos Sainz has Fernando Alonso breathing down his neck.
[crew chief.]
Right, what can we do through three? We can go a little bit easier through three -so we don't get those drop-outs? -[engineer.]
I'll suggest that.
It will help, but it probably won't stop it.
Okay, Carlos, we need to take it easy through turn three.
How easy? Like, how much? [Loos.]
We need a big lift-off.
[crew chief.]
 Like that is good.
Like that is very good.
Okay, keep doing that, please.
Alonso is eight seconds behind, eight seconds behind.
So, I really needed to slow down, but at the same time, I had Fernando pushing behind me.
Okay, Fernando, Sainz is slowing.
Now I want 100% focus on Sainz.
[in Spanish.]
He said, "Engine, engine.
" He has to take the third turn very slowly.
You'll see how Fernando pushes now.
Fernando Alonso has just put in his fastest lap of the race.
Okay, Carlos, five laps to go.
I asked to my engineer to keep telling me the lap times of Fernando.
Okay, two laps to go, and a five-second gap to Alonso behind.
[dramatic music playing.]
Fernando, last lap you were two seconds quicker than Sainz.
One lap left, right? -[woman.]
One lap.
Alonso is continuing to gain on Sainz.
This is the last lap.
We didn't know if we were gonna make it.
[Reyes in Spanish.]
There it is, come on.
And there's Carlos Sainz! [Brundle.]
And the Renault does it! Finishing seventh in front of McLaren's Fernando Alonso.
[woman in Spanish.]
What a relief.
Look where Fernando had him already.
Up to his neck.
Nice job, mate, P-7, P-7.
Well done.
Good job, Carlos.
We beat McLaren.
Ah, when he opened the radio and went, "Engine, engine, engine," -it's like, "No fucking way.
" -I know.
Great to get ahead of Alonso at the start.
And McLaren.
We've overtook them in the championship.
We had some high hopes.
I think we are the underdogs now.
It's not a place McLaren is used to being.
So, we dropped one point behind Renault.
It's a very decent finish for us.
I think we have a team that is definitely, finally starting to believe.
[Sainz Sr.
Fernando was, you know, the first world champion in Formula One for Spain.
Carlos has a great respect for him.
You know, he's competing with his hero.
Good job, guys.
Good job.
Fernando is the best driver in motor sport at the moment.
So, I know I'm fighting against the best, even if it's for P-7.
Obviously, Fernando and Carlos are a different generation.
Carlos knows he's the next Spanish driver in Formula One, but he wants to do things his own way.
It's incredible, no? How life is? You know, when I met him when I was ten, who would've told me that, 14 years later, I would've ended up battling against the best.
Okay, cheers, guys.
Cheers! [Daniel.]
This year, I have to look for another contract.
Daniel is very much at a crossroads.
What if I just break free? [Buxton.]
Max is their chosen star.
The better I do, the better offers I get.
Until I lift that trophy, I won't be satisfied.
This is my time.
It's my fucking time.
What has happened to Daniel Ricciardo? [Daniel.]
I'm losing power [flamenco music playing.]

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