Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s01e03 Episode Script


1 [interviewer.]
Let's just touch on Azerbaijan.
How pissed off were you that day? Very.
[crowd cheering.]
[engines roaring.]
The two Red Bulls go through.
Ricciardo fends off Max Verstappen.
We talked about it before the race.
Both drivers had nodded in agreement that they'd give each other space.
If you're Christian Horner, you are not enjoying this for one second.
Verstappen is in no mood whatsoever to yield to his teammate.
[tires squealing.]
They have crashed! They've gone into each other! It was a low point, and I made my feelings very clear to both drivers.
Fuck! That's 25, 30 points we've just fucked away there.
We were fighting for positions, but, yeah, of course, you never want to crash with your teammate.
I was sure of what happened.
You know, I was sure that I wasn't the cause of it.
I was kind of made to feel guilty.
This year, I'm gonna be out of contract, and I think, "What am I gonna achieve doing one more year with Red Bull?" You know, I could be happier having a fresh start.
[pneumatic tools whirring.]
Bernie, Flavvy.
Come here.
Come on.
-Bernie, come  here.
-Go on, back you go.
-He got kicked by a donkey yesterday.
Come on.
Look what we've got.
Look who's here.
-Max and Daniel.
They are very similar to a couple of donkeys on occasion.
Sometimes they love each other, and sometimes they butt each other.
In fact, managing donkeys is sometimes easier than managing drivers.
All these drivers, they all have slight insecurities, like any great sportsman.
Life has been made difficult at the moment because we've got this exciting emerging talent in Max Verstappen.
Max isn't yet 21, so, I think that they're just drivers at different stages in their career.
By the time we get to the August break, I'm going to be ready for some time off.
It's gonna be an important year for Daniel in his career because he's very much at a crossroads.
We'd love to extend the agreement with him, but, do you know what? If he doesn't want to be here, that's Formula One.
It's-- It's a big boy sport.
So, what's coming up in the next few races? -[Horner.]
Um, Monaco, next race.
Is this one of your favorites? [Horner.]
Be good to see Max get a result.
[Glenn Beavis.]
So, they want an answer from us as early as possible.
Who's out of contract then? -Uh -Well, Lewis is going [Beavis.]
Lewis, Kimi, and Valtteri.
If Valtteri has a bad year, how long are they gonna give him before they make a decision about -whether they want to keep him? -Yeah, exactly.
Since joining Red Bull, it's the first time I've ever had to look for another contract or kind of been in a position to negotiate, to have discussions with other teams.
What's being weighed up by us now is whether or not we make one of those tactical moves somewhere else, and the question is obviously, "Where?" [Daniel.]
I guess the only thing on my mind is get results now, because the better I do, the better offers I'm gonna have probably from other teams.
I obviously want to be fighting for the World Championship.
Based on things as they are right now, Merc and Ferrari would be there.
They're two obvious candidates, but, you know anything can happen.
I don't really want to rush right now.
While Red Bull Racing are nowhere near the competitive force that they were when they won four world championships in a row, I think that pales into insignificance when you see where Williams are compared to where they were at that same point in time.
[Claire Williams.]
-[baby gurgling.]
-[Claire imitating car.]
Vroom, vroom, vroom.
Goes faster than our car.
[Claire laughing.]
[Claire gasping.]
You didn't hear that, Nate.
So, I am Claire Williams, and I am the deputy team principal of the Williams Martini Racing team.
Arms up.
Ah, good boy.
Williams is everything to me.
It's been in my family throughout my whole life.
Started by my dad, Frank Williams, back in 1977.
So, we've been racing for 41 years now.
It became an enormous success story of the eighties and nineties winning 16 world championships, 114 races, and all as a small, independent team started by a boy with a dream when he was very, very young.
My youth was spent helping out around the team.
So, it really is everything.
It's a big part of what defines me.
But I do believe since I took on my job back in 2013, the world in which we operate is a very different place to when Williams first started.
They were up in third in 2014 and 2015, but they've slowly been slipping back and that's a hard thing to turn around.
[tires screeching.]
We face much greater competition.
We face much more challenging circumstances in which we have to race and operate our team.
But sport's not supposed to be easy.
Winning isn't easy, and that's why it's so amazing when you do, because you deserve it, and at the moment, we don't deserve to win.
We've got to put the work in if we're going to change that.
In just five years, they've gone from fighting for pole positions and podiums to scraping to get off the last row of the grid.
You know, there's always a lot of criticism, but you can't listen to it.
You just have to keep going and believe that what you are doing will make changes.
Now Williams are going to be getting to the stage where they're trying to work out if there's an ingrained problem they need to change Do they need to change their whole outlook? [Paddy Lowe.]
Um, this car has not been performing as we'd expect.
The first few races, we were literally the slowest team on the track.
I've been given a wonderful opportunity, and I only agreed to do it because I thought at the time that I could help turn the business around.
To be very clear, we aren't going down that road of a B-team.
Any of you that know me well would know that it would be over my dead body.
You will never read in the press that Williams has turned itself into a junior team or a B-team.
I've got this whole history that I need to protect.
If, under my watch, that were all to go horribly, horribly wrong, it would be my fault.
Monaco looks like it could be a painful weekend.
The car is clearly the slowest in the field, and more than just Formula One fans watch Monaco, because it's bonkers.
Monaco is my favorite race on the calendar.
It's the most Monaco's the big one.
It's where all the glitterati are.
You've got the boats the harbor the celebrities.
It just exudes money, glamour.
It's just a lot of cool shit in a small space.
[crowd cheering.]
Monaco is Monaco.
It's the oldest race on the calendar.
It's the prestigious one.
So much heritage.
So much history.
It's an absolutely incredible sight.
The cars roaring round the circuit at fantastic speed.
The track is the same that it has been for pretty much all 76 Grand Prix.
All the greats have raced and won in Monaco.
Fangio, Graham Hill, Ayrton Senna.
The pressure and the prestige that goes with that race, if you come out on top, winning that Grand Prix, it's bigger than anything else.
From a Red Bull perspective, they'll have targeted this from the very start the season.
Their car will be suited to the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, but Daniel will want to stand out, because they've seemed to be putting more and more weight behind Max Verstappen for its future.
[fans clamoring.]
Well, Max has got that sort of magic dust around him.
He's the next generation coming through.
I like that one.
That is ridiculous.
How much do you think that boat costs? [Max.]
One point eight.
One point eight? [Max.]
'Cause I've been on that one in, uh, Ibiza.
Oh, yeah? Honestly, you lose yourself on the boat like compared to like You have to call other people like, "Where are you  on the boat?" [man.]
Well, it's like a cruise ship.
My name is Max Verstappen, driving for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing in Formula One, and I'm also the youngest Formula One winner.
So, I live in Monaco.
For me, it's just like I'm at home really.
Just a bit busier.
We are used to, like, a hotel during a race weekend, so [man.]
You have to do your own clothes washing? No.
Luckily, my mom is here, so What would it mean for a driver in Daniel's position to know that this kid who's come in as the young buck is promised more than he's on? That's gonna hurt.
I mean, look, they've invested a lot in Max.
One thing that Red Bull love to do is create headlines, break records.
If he could be the youngest ever world champion, that's-- that's a dream scenario for them.
There's clearly gonna be tension within the team.
They're both fighting, in a sense, for number one status.
Verstappen has the contract in place.
Daniel's looking for a new one and that will be playing on Daniel's mind.
Max is clearly one of the big names of Formula One for the next ten years, but Daniel is still hugely important to Red Bull.
[loud dance music playing.]
I just want you to know that there are no number one drivers here.
You know, nothing would give us greater pleasure than to see him achieve the world championship in one of our cars.
Whatever he says, I don't believe that's the relationship, and I think Max is their chosen star for the future.
And I hope he feels he's got you know, he's got a huge amount of support in the team.
You know, there's no pressure to have the youngest world champion or anything like that.
If they really want me, they need to put something awesome in front of me and snap me up.
[cameras clicking.]
Thanks! -[man.]
Thank you.
See you on Friday.
Thanks very much.
See you later.
-Thank you so much.
See you on Friday.
I think Monaco's going to be a very tough race for us.
I hope that our little cars get through it in one piece -and we get some points.
If we don't start scoring points, that gap's just going to widen to a point where we're not in the mix anymore.
We'll finish tenth.
No one wants to come last in any sport, but particularly so in Formula One.
And it's all to do with money.
There's a sliding scale of payments, and being bottom means they get the smallest slice of pie.
The Ferraris, Mercedes, they're all spending, you know north of three, four hundred million dollars.
But our budget at Williams is somewhat smaller than that at about 125 sterling a year.
To win in Formula One, you need you need money.
This sport requires financial help, and that financial help has to come from somewhere.
I'm Lance Stroll.
I'm 19 years old, and this is my second season with Williams Martini Racing.
Yeah, I think it's no great secret that Lawrence has made an investment based on his son having a seat.
And I don't think it can be underestimated the impact that that can have.
Oh, yeah.
All right.
-[horn honks.]
-[camera clicking.]
But I also have to believe that he has the best interests of the team at heart.
I know I'm born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I've seen paid drivers in the past not deliver.
But when I look at my rookie season, I've proved a lot of people wrong.
Finishing on a podium, starting on a front row.
Those are all big achievements, if you ask me.
I strive to be the best I can be.
This is all the same, right? This hasn't been resurfaced.
Well, supposedly, it's from seven all the way around to 15.
Yeah, this one -has caught out a couple of people.
Lawrence is a businessman, and you don't keep throwing your money at something that's not working for you.
So, for as long as the team provides the basis for his boy to be able to show what he can do, then you can see him still being a part of it.
But the second that doesn't happen, you can be sure he's going to take his money somewhere else.
This year with Williams, on and off the track, has been a frustrating experience.
I'm not gonna lie.
Yeah, there's, uh hopefully better times ahead.
[crowd cheering.]
It's the team's last chance to get their cars set up right ahead of qualifying this afternoon.
You know, we've got a good package here.
The drivers are in great shape.
You know, they both enjoy this track.
The car looks super Daniel, how does it feel [reporter.]
to work yourselves back into this championship? -Still some unfinished business.
And you've come here to win? To make the difference, you have to risk it a bit more.
Red Bull are the favorites.
The favorites, do you feel as such? I'm just looking forward to get started.
[crowd cheering.]
Our car works well in Monaco, because Monaco has the least straights of the year, which means horsepower isn't everything, so therefore, we're able to compensate with a great chassis and give the drivers confidence they can run up close to the barriers.
They can extract that lap time from the cars.
If you're Red Bull right now, you really want to see Max Verstappen win this race, because you've invested in him.
You've put your faith in him for the future, but it's so hard to overtake.
You've got to do it in qualifying, and that means pushing to the absolute limit, and that's why Saturday is spectacular here.
I've always come into Monaco fired up.
It's the most difficult circuit on the calendar.
It's the circuit with the most smallest margin for error.
I think a race win is definitely possible here in Monaco.
I've been I think, driving a lot better.
I've been in qualifying really strong compared to Daniel as well.
I'm feeling good.
Finally a chance to see if Red Bull really are in fighting form as Max Verstappen heads out for practice.
Max Verstappen makes his way onto the track.
This will be a good indication of what he'll be able to do come qualifying this afternoon.
Well, Max has got that sort of magic, beautiful driving style.
It is a tough track.
It's always, you know, bumpy, low grip.
If you have a little slide, you can end up in the wall.
Max Verstappen on the fastest lap of the session so far.
You won't meet any driver hungrier than Max Verstappen.
He wants to be fastest on every session, every race.
It's fantastic.
Oh, someone's hit a barrier.
It's Max Verstappen.
One of the favorites for pole position later on this afternoon has absolutely clobbered the barriers.
You just think, "Fuck it.
" He was just pushing too hard, too soon.
He made a silly mistake.
Red flag for a Red Bull.
It's a red flag.
Stay to the left-hand side.
It's parked to the right.
He's given his team a massive repair job to get that car ready for the qualifying session.
It is painful, because if it has a bad outcome you are even more angry.
You've got a pretty small window of time of about two hours to get the car turned around and into qualifying.
I've got confidence in the mechanics, but there's nothing guaranteed.
Max Verstappen's chips scattered right now.
What are the odds of his car making qualifying after his earlier crash? [man.]
Arguably, the most exciting qualifying session of the season is here in Monte Carlo.
Qualifying today, very, very important.
Lance Stroll in the Williams heading out for his session.
Loud and clear.
Thank you.
Showing Luca on the radio.
Loud and clear.
-Thank you.
See how he goes this afternoon.
Lance struggled moving around a lot in the seat in the first session.
He was moving around too much.
So, anyway, they've tried to fix it.
-Tell me that was fixed.
-It hasn't happened before.
-No, it's the first time all season.
-Okay, well, let's hope it's a one-off.
They think the belts were just getting loose all session.
All right.
Let's hope it's a one-off then, Lawrence.
Target for now, plus 30 seconds.
Taking temp out of the rear.
It's quite busy into the corner now.
Everybody on slow laps.
The fricking headrest is loose.
-Fucking hell.
-It's okay.
Just fix it.
Okay, we'll do it next time around.
Okay, Lance.
We need four tenths, and we need a twelve nine to get through, okay? [Lance.]
I'm really suffering with traction and all those kind of things.
Oh, this is on the edge now.
Too much understeer, guys.
It can't go quicker like this.
And that's a 1:13.
3 for Lance Stroll.
Another disappointing performance for Williams.
They'll be starting towards the back of the grid on race day.
Breaking news from Red Bull.
Max Verstappen, one of the favorites to take poll this afternoon out of qualifying before he even gets going.
We managed to get the car turned around, but, unfortunately, when firing up the engine, suddenly we saw a big oil leak from the gear box.
There was no chance then to make the qualifying.
He's a very, very fast driver.
We know that.
That's not within any doubt.
This place bites hard if you abuse it, and unfortunately, there's no more brutal lesson than what he's just had, so, uh, you know, I'm sure that he's smart enough to hopefully learn from that.
All Red Bull's hopes now rest with Daniel Ricciardo.
Can he beat Ferrari and Mercedes to start in pole position on race day? [cheering.]
Lewis Hamilton is flying.
Here comes Vettel.
Okay, mate.
Currently P1 Six tenths quicker than everyone else at the moment.
So everyone's slow behind? -[Rennie.]
Yeah, everyone's slow behind.
Hülkenberg behind is slow.
RäikkÃnen also slow behind him.
Grid position is everything.
If you drive in the middle of the road in a race, it's almost impossible for the car behind to be able to overtake.
So, the intensity of qualifying becomes even more important.
The streets of Monaco are so tight.
Everything's coming at you so fast.
Max Verstappen watches on.
He can do nothing.
You are now quickest by two tenths.
Sebastian Vettel has taken front row at the moment as we go on.
This is gonna be so close.
Daniel Ricciardo, he was on pole, of course, here in 2016, crosses the line now you're going to the one-tens.
What a lap! Pole by a country mile.
Whoo hoo! [Rennie.]
And that is pole position.
Nice job, mate.
Fuck, yes! Delighted for the pole, but we should've had two cars up there, and, uh it's frustrating to not have both cars on the front row of the grid.
All right, that's 50% done.
Let's finish this shit tomorrow.
Until I lift that trophy and feel that weight, um, I won't be completely satisfied.
I don't think Daniel's putting a foot wrong at the moment.
If the team have got question marks in anybody, it's why they've spent so much money on Max.
Max put it in the wall trying to prove to the world that he was quicker than Daniel.
And he sacrificed his entire weekend for what? For nothing.
Daniel is starting to stand out as the more consistent and the more stable option that Red Bull have got.
So if Daniel then delivers again here and Max misses another opportunity to win, you wonder if doubts will creep in at Red Bull about whether they've put their money behind the right driver at this stage.
In percentage terms, how confident are you of keeping him? Um, it's always difficult to put a number on these things, but we're very, very happy with Daniel.
He does a great job in the team.
He's a popular member in the team, and there's a desire for us to retain him for next year.
This is what it's all about when it comes to motor racing.
There is one place to be today, and that is here in Monte Carlo.
Daniel Ricciardo in pole position.
Sebastian Vettel in second.
And because of his disaster in qualifying, Max Verstappen will start right at the back in last place.
Max, how are you doing this morning? -Not so good.
If we could get points on one car, that would be a great achievement, but if we could get both cars, even better.
If there was a huge great pileup at the start of the race and our cars just went through, one can only dream, can't you? Ten less than P3.
The waiting sucks.
I just want this race to start already.
I feel, this year, with the car we've got, you know, since 2016, it's my best chance to win.
Basically the win was taken from me through no fault of my own.
Got the first pole position of my career.
I had a comfortable lead.
Daniel Ricciardo is looking set to win the Monaco Grand Prix.
Okay, Dan, now box this lap, please.
Box this lap.
The team called me in, and I come in the pits, and there's no tires there.
[men yelling indistinctly.]
And it's like a shit show.
They haven't got the tires ready.
The tires aren't ready.
The pit stop, instead of being three seconds, it was more than ten.
Ricciardo is sat there, waiting.
I come out the pits, and literally see Lewis just come past me.
Hamilton now leads after a pit-stop that saw Daniel Ricciardo sat stranded waiting for his tires.
So, I lost the race.
Right now, I don't want to hear it.
I don't want to hear anything.
I, uh I want to get out of here, to be honest.
This one hurts a lot.
This is my time.
It's my fucking time.
If he can go and win this race and beat Max, that tells Red Bull that they need to put their faith in him, but that might not be his main priority.
He might think, "I need to show myself as a great opportunity for another team, a Mercedes or a Ferrari.
" [Croft.]
The 2018 Monaco Grand Prix.
It is time to get down to the serious business.
As we count down towards the start of this race [Brundle.]
The driver can make the difference around this track.
The story so far, Daniel Ricciardo in the Red Bull, has dominated the whole weekend.
Every single practice session, every single qualifying.
Verstappen had the chance for pole, but it's 20th and last for the Dutchman.
What can Ricciardo do from the front of the grid? [Brundle.]
Will good fortune shine on Williams with Lance Stroll in 17th place? The grid is cleared in Monaco with Daniel Ricciardo on pole position.
It's a tense moment as the lights go on.
[engines roar.]
Vettel is trying to attack into turn one! But he's not quite close enough.
Ricciardo leading, but Vettel is very, very close to the back of him.
The gap behind to Vettel, one point one.
So far everything feels all right.
Max Verstappen's already gone past Grosjean and Magnussen.
Is he gonna try and launch one? He is, down the inside.
On Lance Stroll.
Nice move, Max.
Well done.
With this pace, he can just keep picking these off one by one.
Lance Stroll fighting with Leclerc.
Oh, a bit of contact.
[crowd cheering.]
What's the problem with the car? Something happened.
I think the front wing is damaged.
And so it's a front wing change and the tires.
Daniel, you're doing a really good job, mate.
That's really good stuff.
You just need to keep it smooth.
I got it, buddy.
Ricciardo still leading Sebastian Vettel.
And box, Daniel, Box.
Box this lap.
Remember the pit-stop that cost him victory here in 2016.
[tools whirring.]
Yes, boys.
Ricciardo relieved that that pit-stop went okay.
Yeah, no problems this time around for Daniel Ricciardo.
He's still smiling this afternoon.
Let's keep it focused, mate.
Keep it focused.
Verstappen gets a really good exit.
He's gonna go for it.
Of course he is.
He's Max Verstappen.
Yes! Whoo! [Verstappen laughing.]
Verstappen moves up into ninth place.
Ricciardo seems to have a problem.
And you can see it, slowing down dramatically.
I see trouble brewing.
I'm losing power.
Let me know if I can do something.
Fail one fail.
 Fail one fail.
This could totally change the race.
Will it get better? [Rennie.]
Negative, Daniel.
The MGU-K failed.
That usually means the engine is screwed and it's 99% you have to retire the car.
The minute Daniel Ricciardo makes a mistake, Sebastian Vettel is all over him.
This is like a moment of defeat.
A moment of helplessness.
Part of you just wants to rip the steering wheel off and just throw it.
How is this happening? [Croft.]
How long can Daniel Ricciardo keep Sebastian Vettel behind him? Can he keep him behind him? [Rennie.]
I know it's hard, but keep it focused.
Yeah, I got no power though.
To finish first, first you have to finish.
Lance Stroll is two laps behind the race leader now.
The brake pedal's going really, really long.
Concentrate on turn 19.
I don't understand.
It's ridiculous.
What's the point in even racing now? [Brundle.]
Stroll's just struggled with the car all weekend long.
I tell you what, it never rains, but it pours.
For Williams at the moment, it is pouring.
Vettel now pushing harder.
Ten laps of focus.
Ten laps to go.
This problem that Daniel Ricciardo's had for so, so long is still being managed.
It was just totally intense, because he couldn't get beyond sixth gear, 'cause there just wasn't the power.
You gotta feel for him in that cockpit at the moment.
His nerves are gonna be shredded to pieces.
[Vittel's engineer.]
Keep putting pressure.
You're doing well.
Head down till the end.
He will make a mistake.
It's out of your control.
But then you think, if I start playing the sad story, then it's not gonna help.
There are three laps to go.
Daniel, you're doing a really good job, mate.
Very impressive.
I'm thinking, "We're leading the Monaco Grand Prix.
I don't care if this engine goes bang.
" [Daniel.]
Yeah, we can win it.
So, let's fucking win it.
[tires squealing.]
It's a big lockup for Vettel.
Can he get it stopped? Just about.
Stoffel Vandoorne isn't in the battle for the lead, but he's come out between the two leaders after his pit-stop.
Is this believable what this guy is doing? [Croft.]
I would imagine Ricciardo is starting to smile just that little bit more.
Ricciardo starts his final lap.
You can't deny, he really does deserve it this weekend.
[crowd cheering.]
Today at Monte Carlo, it's redemption day for Daniel Ricciardo.
[Daniel laughing.]
Daniel Ricciardo, you are our hero.
Yes! [cheering.]
To see your car and driver cross the line first is like no other feeling in the world.
It's very difficult to come to terms with when you're not winning.
We haven't won a race now for nearly six years.
That's a long time.
[distant cheering.]
When should I go, "Actually, do you know what? Maybe I'm not the right person to do this.
Am I good enough to do it? Do I have the capability?" [crowd yelling.]
[cheering loudly.]
There they are.
Wanna hold it? [laughing.]
Oh, here you go.
It's the most proudest parents in town.
-Oh! -[Horner laughs.]
-Oh, well done, you.
-Thanks, mate.
-Oh, you did.
He did.
He did.
That was class.
I'm not sure whether the price has gone down or up.
[both laughing.]
He did an unbelievable job today, eh? [cheeering.]
Well, you know, it's just really painful.
It'll come.
You know.
So, be happy for your teammate today.
-Yeah, yeah, sure.
Celebrate with him.
You know how this business is.
-It's up and down.
[cameras clicking.]
I should have won that race, and seeing the whole team happy, it's hard.
Because you're standing there, you have to try and smile and be happy, 'cause the whole team's happy, but-- Yeah, for me, it was definitely the worst moment and I was really not happy.
I could literally break down the whole Energy Station by myself.
I was so thrilled, because I knew what it meant to him.
It was the best.
Yeah! [Daniel.]
I want to be the best in the world, and I believe I've got the talent and I've put in the work.
Without getting arrogant, certainly gonna have some-- some serious offers on the table.
Yeah! [Abiteboul.]
Comments from Red Bull involving the engine has been a step too far.
The red line crossed.
That is a big, big issue.
We've been paying to fly in first class, but ended up with an economy ticket.
We need to see that people respect us.
The relationship with Cyril's been difficult.
Every single race win that Red Bull had was with Renault.
He's an emotional guy.
You never know what you're gonna get.
Crunch time.
And it means a lot to be racing against Red Bull.
We need to make a decision.

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