Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s02e10 Episode Script

Checkered Flag

Trying to be a good loser.
It's all about mental strength.
Pierre his year got off to a horrible start.
You could just see this driver in front of you wilting.
Can't keep making excuses for him.
It's not good for us as a team.
We're just running one leg in If you can't deal with that pressure, is it time to change? There is unfinished business with Red Bull.
I mean, how do you feel about it? About the change? Yeah.
Well, for sure, for me at the beginning I was surprised 'cause, uh, it's not what they told me.
We're in a unique position in Formula 1 where we have four cockpits.
We've got four cockpits, we can move the drivers around.
They're all Red Bull drivers.
Toro Rosso drivers are Red Bull contracted drivers.
The change, the swap, coming back in Toro Rosso, I was disappointed, 'cause for me, I didn't feel like that was really fair.
You are just, like You're angry.
Action! Was not so confident with the Red Bull car.
And, uh, that stand to reason why he struggled.
Then the confidence goes down, uh, you feel, as a driver, that the team doesn't believe, anymore, so much in you.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Therefore, it was good that he came back to us.
Morning! - Morning.
- Morning.
How is everything? Very well, thank you, yourself? Action.
My goal as a Red Bull driver will always be to be in the top team in that Red Bull car.
You know, you feel the need, "I need to get there, I need to do it.
" Uh, we'll do what it needs to get back there.
It felt, "Okay, what have we got to lose by switching these two drivers to evaluate them to the end of the year?" Here comes Alex Albon now, round the outside.
That's bold if he's gonna go past Ricciardo there.
What a move! The rookie, Alex Albon, passes the McLaren! Alex is exceeding all our expectations.
You know, we're seeing him fighting for a podium.
This has been a monumental step for him.
You have to remember, this is his first year in Formula 1 racing.
You need, like, pajamas.
- Yeah.
- You need, like, shampoo.
- I've taken them already.
- And conditioner.
- Bodywash.
- I did.
Done that.
Did you get me a shirt? - Deodorant.
- Put some more clothes.
Being an Aston Martin Red Bull Racing driver, it's a crazy thing to think about.
Actually, when I think about it now, it still doesn't feel believable.
Everything's happening so fast.
I'm, like, not living with my parents anymore.
I've got no one to do my laundry, which I'm very sad about.
Plus, I'm moving to Monaco, so I'm going full F1 driver spec, living the life.
This is my place.
Obviously got an amazing view.
This is where I'm gonna have my single life.
But now, we have to unpack.
It's a big, you know, like a big step, moving away from home.
I realize that I have been fast-tracked into a big team.
I've done well, but there's nothing really to say that I fully deserve the seat.
You know it could always be your last opportunity.
This is your chance to show yourself.
They want to see that sign that, you know, they want you for next year, and that's what I'm working towards.
I've got to show that I belong here.
Welcome to Brazil.
This is Interlagos.
The circuit is between the lakes.
Alex, a very happy week for you because you have been confirmed as a Red Bull Racing driver for 2020.
Thank you very much.
So, I've just been announced that I'm a Red Bull driver for 2020.
Very cool.
How do you find out that you've got the Red Bull seat? Does it come in an email, in a phone call? An email.
A Post-it Note.
- On your desk? - Yeah.
I'm I'm happy.
I'm very happy.
Alex, what did you think that you did better than Pierre Gasly to have his seat? You ask a very tough question.
Um Now I've been announced, it feels really good.
It feels really, really good.
- We are running late.
- Why? - Because you're a chatterbox.
That's why.
- Let's Speaking for England today.
Always, mate, always.
And talking for Thailand.
Sorry we're late.
- Hi, Alex! - Hey.
How are you? - Congratulations.
- Thank you.
This is so frustrating.
The fact that it's a dream and the beginning And you work so hard every day, and people helping you, your family, making big sacrifices to give you the chance, one day, maybe, to live your dream.
When you go through these challenges, you take, like, big hits.
Uh, need to get back up and just prove my point.
I'm the kind of guy that if I get knocked, I just go back at it and try to knock even harder.
Everything okay? All good.
Every driver in Formula 1 has something to prove, especially after the first half of the season when he was struggling at Red Bull Racing.
He has to prove that this was a period where he learned a lot.
Such emotional periods are so, so important in any kind of sport.
Carlos! Carlos! Carlos! This year, Carlos has been very competitive.
We've all been impressed.
We knew he was very fast, and I think he's proven that.
I've done a good job the whole season, really.
I was performing at a high level.
- All right, P5! - Ay-ay-ay! Whoo! It's really good.
Great work, Carlos.
Carlos Sainz finishes in fifth place in the McLaren! And that equals his best-ever finish What's this? A double shot.
It's probably been my strongest year in F1.
So it makes me feel proud and happy about this season.
Morning, Zak.
Mornin', how are you? Good, you? Other than my back's wrenched Your back? Yeah, everyone's been telling me to work out and lose weight.
I'm working out to lose weight, I hurt my back.
I'm gonna be as fit as you soon.
- Maybe not.
- Mmm This time last year, we were one of the slowest cars, and at some events, the slowest car.
This year, it's been a very successful season, but still a long way to go as we look to get back to the front.
McLaren, there's every chance that if they continue this trend, they could be competing with the likes of Red Bull, possibly Ferrari and Mercedes for podiums.
It's great to see.
They're one of the great teams of Formula 1 history with a spring in their step.
For me, I want to prove to McLaren that they have chosen the right guy.
Welcome to the penultimate Grand Prix of 2019.
We're in Brazil.
To drive for Red Bull, the expectations on him, it's high pressure.
It's now down to Alex Albon to deliver week-in, week-out.
Being with the top team, there is that realization that you are in a winning car.
There's always going to be that sense that you want to be delivering good results.
The guys have put their faith in me.
Yeah, just get ready.
And radio check, Alex.
Yep, radio check.
Okay, Pierre, need to be more strict from the start.
Carlos Sainz starts in the back of the grid after trouble in qualifying.
McLaren's five-year wait for a podium looks set to continue.
And we're racing in Brazil! Alex Albon and Pierre Gasly, wheel-to-wheel! And Albon gets past him.
Fuckin' hell! That was good positioning.
Good job, Alex.
Sainz's running last after the problems in qualifying.
How's my pace? Pace looks good, Carlos.
Come on! Come on! Yes, Carlos.
Great start, mate, great start.
Doing great, Alex, we are P4.
Alex Albon all over the back of Sebastian Vettel! He's overtaking them.
Albon is going right at Sebastian Vettel! He's done it! The youngster in his rookie season, never been on the podium before, finds himself in third place at the moment! That's your target, Carlos, we need to beat him.
Carlos Sainz is up to tenth from the back of the grid.
Really excellent performance.
Let's take care of the car.
Cool the car a bit.
There's smoke coming out of the back of Valtteri Bottas' Mercedes engine.
Lost the power.
Valtteri Bottas, engine overheating.
And it's going to be a terminal problem.
The Haas, driving super erratically.
They make contact! Sainz now up into sixth and on the tail of Ricciardo for fifth.
Nice move from Pierre Gasly.
You're doing a good job, Pierre.
Keep going.
Once again, Ferrari on Ferrari, battling each other! And Leclerc goes for it, very late! Vettel, trying to get back past.
What the hell? And this is totally self-inflicted by Ferrari.
It's both of them! Both cars out! My God, must this happen? What the hell is he doing? Try to come in slowly.
That's it.
I'll drive.
That's definitely not gonna improve relationships down at Ferrari.
Something happening like that, it's hard for the entire team.
I think we are all very sad because that's the type of weekend you would like to forget.
The safety car's been deployed as there's debris on track.
Both Ferraris are out.
Keep going, Alex, you're doing a great job.
It's the two Red Bulls leading, Max Verstappen, then Alex Albon.
This could be Albon's first-ever podium finish.
Keep going, Alex.
Car behind is Gasly.
Okay, Pierre, currently P3.
Hamilton behind us.
There's a car ahead of me that's racing.
That's Gasly.
Carlos Sainz is in fifth place, behind Lewis Hamilton.
- Safety car in.
- Okay.
Copy this.
You can't overtake, so keep it to lane, right? So, restarts.
Three laps here of absolute pandemonium! The green flags are there.
It's Verstappen out in front and pulling away! Hamilton is trying to get past Gasly! He's got him! Albon locks up.
He's the next target for Hamilton! Alex, hold Hamilton up.
Keep your position.
Fuck! Albon's been hit! The chance of his first podium, gone! Fuck! Oh, no! No! No! No! Hey, guys.
Sorry about that.
I reckon the stewards are gonna be taking a look at that incident.
Hamilton may take a penalty for that.
Max Verstappen comes into the final corner of the Brazilian Grand Prix.
The checkered flag is out! Yes! Come on! The Brazilian Grand Prix goes to Max Verstappen! Gasly is currently second.
Lewis Hamilton runs third.
We have Hamilton behind.
We know the target now.
Keep pushing.
It's very hard to keep up with him, man.
Keep pushing.
Keep pushing.
Can't close this gap.
Gasly comes home to take second place! Yeah! And that is his first podium in Formula 1.
- Unbelievable! - Incredible! Hamilton comes home third! Carlos Sainz equals his best performance in a race by finishing fourth! Yes! Great job, mate! P4.
Who thought it? P4.
I can't believe it, man! Wow! Can't believe it, guys.
Unbelievable drive.
P20 to P4.
I cannot believe it.
What a drive.
Thank you, guys.
Yeah! Yeah! Thank God.
This is the best day of my life.
Guys, thank you! Thank you so much! Amazing! You're amazing! You guys are amazing! It's, uh, the best moment in my life, 'cause it's something you dream when you're a kid and you imagine being in Formula 1, you imagine being on a Formula Like, a podium in Formula 1.
These kind of moments, that's why you love the sport.
He had a tough start to the season with Red bull and Toro Rosso.
I think he found himself again and he was straight away quick.
He was feeling confident to come away with the second place.
That was, of course, yeah, amazing.
Gasly! Gasly! Gasly! Gasly! Gasly! Like, just so many things happened this year.
It's been, like, such a roller coaster.
Oh, that's a horrible accident! You know, like, all the stuff that happened within ten months, probably one of the saddest moments in my life, when Anthoine passed away.
First thing I passed the line and I thought about Anthoine because, of course, you think about these things.
Losing a friend, that's also what makes you as a makes you as a person.
All these experiences you go through, and it is important for me to show my strength, and mental strength, that I can go through this and get the job done.
I'm super excited about next year.
I want a podium every weekend, but My mate! Mate, mate, mate! Don't be too hard on yourself.
And the Toro Rosso as well, to see, you know We're just hearing that Lewis Hamilton could be getting a penalty for his shunt with Alex Albon.
Um, I massively apologize, Albon.
I went for a move, and completely my fault.
Which means, potentially, Carlos Sainz could be promoted into third place.
You fought from P20, mate.
- Yeah.
- Fucking P20.
- That's enormous.
- I need to know.
I'm, like, in the most awkward moment of my career.
Of course.
Like, I really, seriously don't have a clue how to act right now.
Like just wait.
We're waiting for the final justification to come out from the FIA, which will confirm P3.
But we don't know.
And we are here waiting to find out if Carlos is getting his first podium.
- I think we should.
- We'll do a team photo, for sure.
- Why? - We shouldn't go on the podium.
Are you telling me we're not going on the podium? Why? Because I just don't want us to look really desperate.
It's not desperate.
It's a legitimate podium.
First podium of his career and he's going to look desperate? Are you fucking kidding me? Since the day he was born he's been waiting for this fucking moment.
Are you fucking kidding me, "desperate"? What the hell? What is wrong with her? What is wrong with her? There'll be celebrations if this happens, won't there? - Is it confirmed? - Yeah, it's confirmed.
Yes! Hamilton fighting with Alex Albon for the podium places, and ultimately, after the race, was given a penalty.
So, Carlos Sainz inherited that third place.
His debut Formula 1 podium.
After the race, as the lights were going down and the circuit was being packed up, he went to the podium.
I think the most unique podium celebration that anyone's ever had for their first Formula 1 podium, because he didn't get to share it with the two other drivers.
Got to share it with his entire team.
Yeah! They deserve the podium, so almost doesn't matter how you get it.
Just the fact that you got a trophy to bring home to all the men and women at McLaren that have been through a lot, and are working so hard for the team.
It was great to bring home a trophy for 'em.
Mission accomplished.
- Three, two, one! - Carlos! How do you feel about the season? Terrible.
I wanna quit.
I'm kidding.
Please don't play that.
This is Daniel.
It's not.
Who would That's childish.
Are you on Netflix this year? I don't know.
I think they ignored me for the whole year, so they can fuck off.
It's the last race of the season and time for the annual photo call.
Okay, guys.
Everybody looking to this camera, please.
Of course I'm kind of sad to leave the team, but I'm grateful for the time that we had.
Really enjoyed my ride with them for the three years we had together.
I'll always look back and remember those times.
Keep them in good memories.
All right, guys.
I think everybody knows where we are.
We are not where we wanted to be this year.
I want to take this time to actually thank you and tell you, next year will be It must be better.
My confidence in the team is still high.
And hopefully just forget about 2019.
It never happened.
It's tough to have a whole year, like, almost written off, but I think it will It'll kind of benefit us in the future, all the things we've learned this year.
I think we have not to focus on being the fastest, but learning as much as possible.
- And then the fast comes on its own.
- Look at Mercedes.
- What they did was very impressive.
- Yeah.
They were very slow.
Then they got better, then they got to Melbourne and they put everything together.
Exactly, yeah.
Yeah, but they're five times world champions.
We're not.
- Six.
- Six, sorry.
The magic number is six! It's Lewis Hamilton! Champion of the world! Get in there, Lewis.
I can't believe it! I really can't believe it! You did that in style.
They are six-time double world champions.
After taking this photo, 'cause we're on a pretty tight schedule When the confetti cannon goes off, when that photo's done, we'll then need to leg it back in here.
- 'Cause we're gonna have lunch in here.
- Yeah.
Otherwise, we'll end up mobbed for half an hour, which, um There's a lot of people out there.
There's a lot of people, so we're last in and we're first out.
We're coming back this way for some nosh.
Should we not make our way over? I wanna go and take pictures of everyone.
Here we go.
That's the Yeah.
Shit! So, no going through the door.
Damn, this door is so World champion trapped in door.
Dangerous doors.
Health and Safety executive would have a field day with that, wouldn't they? They'd want to interview you a hundred times.
Well, I think you got good insurance, though.
So I guess I'd just claim.
My My back! My neck! My back! Yeah.
Millions! Got a new engine stand this year as well.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
Very well done.
- Thank you.
- And to you.
- Thanks a lot.
No, thank you.
This is so awesome to see all this.
As a kid, I always knew that I'd do something great, something extraordinary.
But this has been the hardest year.
The team effort is just it's humongous.
Come on, give him a wave, guys! I just feel really grateful for the opportunity to be able to work with great people and win these world titles.
But I look at it and I'm really just a chink in the chain of a massive chain of over a thousand people.
And I'm really kind of the catalyst at the end.
So, I just feel really grateful in that respect.
Cheers to the camera! One, two, three, four, five Six! 2020 is set to become one of the biggest years in Formula 1's history.
Obviously, it's not a very level playing field at the moment.
The sport has got out of control.
I want to be competitive once in a while.
New set of financial regulations.
So that the big teams don't have such a big advantage.
Bringing the big spenders a little bit closer to us.
We need to be ready for that.
They will, I believe, make a huge difference.
You also have a pretty unique scenario in 2020.
The majority of the drivers will be out of contract at the end of the season.
We always wanna be better.
I don't feel too stressed about it.
If you ask what it means to win with Ferrari, I don't know.
Because, um But I wanna find out.
The political permutations, the back-door dealings You gotta make the most of your opportunities when you can.
Arm wrestling that goes on behind the scenes.
The peacock strutting.
It's about, "Push myself against the best, I wanna be the best.
" You're always under pressure.
Diamonds are made under pressure.
I want to be in the fastest car.
Hi! Make sure that we are that dominant car.
Push Lewis Hamilton all the fucking way.
That's the hardest thing to do.
- It's not going to be easy.
- No.
It's more like a hobby for me.
So, obviously, I don't need to do it if I don't want.
What are we doing this for? Next year's gonna be a fun year.
Now we have a new chapter.
We're ready to take it on.

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