Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s03e01 Episode Script

Cash Is King

1 - [producer.]
- I can do this.
Bit higher.
Took to season 3 to get a board.
We haven't done that before.
- [producer.]
Roll cameras.
- Oh shit, that's bright.
- Can I say it in Spanish? - [producer.]
Yeah! Do I look athletic? Dynamic? Intelligent? [chuckles.]
Never held one of these things before.
Only see it in the movies.
Drive to Survive: Season Three, my one and only take.
[cars zooming.]
[plane taking off.]
Yes, boys, come on! - [commentator.]
Big accident.
- [Leclerc.]
Fuck! [Horner.]
If they're good enough, they swim, they survive.
If they're not good enough [Toto.]
Let's crush them.
Formula 1 racing is very much like war planning.
Hamilton is the race leader.
Oh, that's a spin! - [Lewis.]
Box, I lost the frickin' wing.
- [Bono.]
And that's Bottas.
Bottas has put it in the wall! [in German.]
Fuck! How is this possible? [Toto.]
A tough day at the office? No, it was a total crap, shit, awful day at the office.
- [woman.]
Looks dangerous.
- [Kevin.]
Looks angry.
This is the worst experience I've had in any race car.
Last year, this is roller coaster.
There's contact! [Steiner.]
We've got two fucking idiots driving for us.
This is not acceptable.
We will make changes.
Hope you get it fixed.
You tell me.
- [photographer.]
Big smiles.
- [Geri.]
Who's your favorite driver? [Horner.]
Uh Whoever's winning for us.
Oh! - Gasly makes a mistake.
- [Gasly.]
Fuck, no! [Horner.]
We've decided to release Pierre.
We're gonna remove that subject and put you in place.
I fully deserved the seat.
The new driver lineup for McLaren.
For me, a new year is a new start.
Where's the fucking boot? I'm working more than anyone else in Formula 1.
It will show itself on track.
- Vamos! - Waa! - [Tom.]
Yes! - [Sainz.]
Wow! [Zak.]
I could see him being with McLaren for quite some time.
Send it! [Daniel.]
Last year, I took a gamble and switched teams.
I feel a real responsibility to push this car.
Let's fucking have it, boys.
A massive engine problem for Daniel Ricciardo.
With Renault, we haven't achieved what we wanted to.
I don't work this hard to not see the checkered flag.
[engine revs.]
Once again, Ferrari on Ferrari.
What the hell? [commentator.]
It's both of them! Both cars out.
Competing against the best, that's one thing.
Trying to do it with Ferrari is, uh, is another one.
Hell yeah, let's do it! Ooh Spicy.
[exciting music playing.]
[upbeat music playing.]
Mate, that pink suit photo is terrible, bro.
How does that one pass? Mate, look at my face.
What is that? Can you scroll down? It looks like he's taking a shit.
Show your eyes! [giggling.]
It's always hard looking at yourself.
- [man.]
Especially wearing a pink suit.
- [Daniel.]
[man chuckles.]
I don't really give a shit.
I know what I look like, but [cell phone rings.]
So how's it going? Good.
We're just on our way to the track.
With your traveling, you have been wearing a face mask, haven't you? Mum, it's cool.
Apparently, if you drink Corona, it builds your immune.
It was never my favorite beer, but I'll drink it if I have to.
[friend snickers.]
[thrilling music playing.]
Good morning, and welcome back to Formula 12020.
Live from the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, with the 2020 Formula 1 season just around the corner.
Go away.
Everyone to the bridge.
All of you guys get down there, please.
Thank you.
Hey, guys.
All right, guys, find your marks.
You'll see 'em written there.
Find your marks and stand next to your teammates.
Lauren is gonna do a couple of pullbacks between the center of all you guys.
So what we want you guys to do in this moment is really picture your goals for this year and what you're attempting to accomplish.
Picture them and visualize them, so when this comes across, they see you all genuinely really caring about what we're talking about, okay? Is everybody ready? And action! [Buxton.]
Pre-season testing is the first opportunity to get the 20 greatest drivers in the world on track before the season begins.
Everyone, reset your look.
Look back at camera, please.
Right at camera.
Look tough.
Thank you.
You can really sense the start of the new season is almost upon us.
All right, everybody start walking.
Start walking! Come.
Start walking.
And that means new drama, new conflict and new possibilities.
And killed it.
You guys are good.
Thank you, guys.
You can go.
- Thank you, everybody! - [Sainz.]
Thank you.
- All right, man.
Have fun.
- See ya, mate.
And there she is, ladies and gentlemen, the C39! - What a year it's gonna be this year.
- [engines revving.]
2020 pre-season testing is nearly underway.
The teams, the cars, the drivers, undergoing some final preparations, waiting for that green light.
There's always an excitement and anticipationabout the testing.
Because it's, it's everything starting to come to life.
The hype is there.
The past, the hope.
With a new season, what comes with it, it's just this fantastic feeling.
It's where you have the first proper test.
Against competitors, but also against yourselves.
[machinery whirs.]
There is a buzz.
There's always a buzz, and everybody's happy to come back.
Keen to see the performance of the various teams and drivers.
But you never You never kind of know what to expect.
[photographers call out.]
This year, there's a genuine sense up and down the pit lane that this season might not be business as usual.
The team that everyone's talking about this year is Racing Point.
And their billionaire owner, Lawrence Stroll.
There's a lot of intrigue as to exactly what's been going on behind their garage doors over the winter.
[dramatic music playing.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
All right.
You're gonna walk me through what we're proposing for this season.
Lawrence Stroll, he has stature, he has a presence that really commands your attention.
Fifteen minutes for the whole thing.
Lawrence is a, uh, force of nature.
You know, I've worked previously with owners that were billionaires, but they didn't have the goals that Lawrence has.
Hi, Lawrence.
He brings funding, but, uh, he also brings, uh, expectations.
You got me till 12:30.
Fire away.
Uh I thought we would start with, uh, Simon to present where we are and, uh, where we will soon be.
Thank you.
[clears throat, clicks tongue.]
So we, uh, the latest direction is we've commenced an eight-week period now of intense engineering.
There are two major areas that we're looking at, and that remains on target.
We're trying to get that ready for the end of the year.
So we're now really going to drill into that, and we'll be able to come back to you, Lawrence, with some news.
My name is Lawrence Stroll.
I am the chairman.
At the end of 2018, Force India was at the height of its financial crisis.
The Force India Formula 1 team has gone into administration.
The team has survived with a consortium of investors.
The consortium is led by billionaire businessman, Lawrence Stroll.
[machinery whirs.]
There were a lot of people who were very concerned whether they'd have a job, how their children would go to school or their mortgages or doctor bills were gonna be paid.
We acquired a team that was fourth on the grid, with a considerably smaller budget than our competitors.
I really thought this is a tremendous opportunity in something that I had a lot of passion for.
So our targets remain business strategy, contract cost, uh, and planned development.
We have, um, very exciting and ambitious growth plans, and I believe we can go from strength to strength.
- And that will bring lap time? - [Simon.]
It will.
I've always won in the businesses I've run.
I plan on winning here.
- [chuckles.]
Thank you.
- [Simon.]
- We're done? - [Otmar.]
Yeah, we're done.
Lawrence is a big character who made an instant impact the second that he first entered a Formula 1 paddock.
He's serious.
And he's investing his wealth in that team.
The only question mark is what his plans are to take the team to the top.
After the consortium came in and bought the team, there was a change in the driver lineup.
In comes Lawrence's son, Lance Stroll.
Well, my dad and I have a pretty good relationship, I'd say.
You know, we go way back.
[commentator speaking French.]
He bought me a go-kart when I was six years old.
He's supported me throughout my whole career.
and introduced me to the sport at a very young age.
A lot of people think Lance Stroll's always had it easy, given that his father's one of the most successful businessmen in the world.
[crowd cheering.]
But you don't win championships just by being rich.
You gotta be talented, you gotta be quick.
There is a very fast driver underneath that helmet.
What makes me as good a driver as I am? My commitment.
My commitment is what makes me such a good driver.
I'm willing to go above and beyond to tick every box.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Have you heard anything? [Lance.]
All I heard is Mercedes is gonna be quick.
- [Perez.]
We can be strong this year.
- [Lance.]
We nailed it this year.
- Yeah.
- [Perez.]
No? [Lance.]
Time will tell.
This season, people are buzzing, you know? You can feel the energy in this building.
I see smiles, and, uh, you know, I see, I see a vision.
We're ready to take it on.
The outbreak centers on the city of Wuhan.
Although person-to-person transmission has been confirmed, it does not, thankfully, spread easily.
- [Otmar.]
What are we, five minutes away? - [Helyar.]
We are indeed.
- Yeah, so the launch we've got at 2:30.
- [Otmar.]
It looks good? You've seen it? - [Helyar.]
The car looks great.
- I can't wait.
So I think Lawrence is there.
- He arrived? - Yeah.
- [Otmar.]
Lance? - Yep.
With him? Very good.
How are you? - It's definitely pink.
- [woman.]
- How are you? - I just want to have a quick look.
We've done a lot of work over the winter, preparing this year's car.
- Well done.
- [woman.]
Looks all right.
- Amazing.
- [Otmar.]
It's well done.
- [woman.]
- Really, really good.
Last season, we were seventh, coming off of a a difficult year.
This year's season, Lawrence says he wants everything to be six-star.
Looking very dapper, Otmar.
I bought this this morning.
All this.
- [Lance.]
Can you do up your button? - No.
[all laugh.]
- [Lance.]
All right.
- I look like a stuffed sausage.
I'm not new to the team.
I've been there for ten years.
- The car's good in the simulator.
- Looks good.
We got a lot of work to do to set up though.
- [Lance.]
- Oh, there's When you get new ownership, um, you've got to manage that situation.
It's highly likely when ownership changes that the, uh, senior management changes.
You have to finalize it before we leave.
- I gotta leave with Lance - 4:30.
- 4:30, wheels up.
- Okay, four o'clock.
- I gotta finish the prospectives tonight.
- Let's finish it.
I gotta be in the car at 4:00.
Very good.
[dramatic music playing.]
You know, job security can be a bit precarious within Formula 1.
He'll want to see results in 2020.
So now, ladies and gentlemen, it's the moment we're all waiting for.
It's time.
[audience applauds.]
The new Racing Point 2020.
[camera shutters click.]
We've just seen the new Racing Point car for the first time.
How's it look? Hopefully it drives as well as it looks.
I look forward to testing in Barcelona.
You won't be able to miss us out there on the track.
- [reporter.]
Thank you.
- [Lance.]
Thank you.
My heart and soul and passion are going into this.
You always want to be better than your competition.
So you always look above.
You don't look down.
2020 pre-season testing is nearly underway.
[upbeat music playing.]
The teams, the cars, the drivers, undergoing some final preparations.
- You can hear the engines firing up.
- [engines starting.]
And we're waiting for a green light.
Let's go for it! - [Loos.]
You're clear from traffic behind.
- [Daniel.]
Daniel Ricciardo, off to a flying start.
[machine whirs.]
Pre-season testing is the first chance the teams have to see if what they've spent all year designing is actually gonna work when it gets onto a racetrack.
[shutter clicking.]
- [Haas.]
Last year the car felt good here? - [Romain.]
So you think if we're slow here this year, we're all right? [chuckles.]
Don't go there.
No, no.
Sometimes, the cars work exactly as planned, and it's smooth sailing.
True to form, Hamilton to the top.
He's on a screamer, isn't he? But that only happens very, very rarely.
Oh, and he's spun! He's spun it.
Jesus Christ.
- [commentator.]
He's grinding to a halt.
- [Latifi.]
Yeah, dropping out.
Jump out.
Not ideal.
Second failure for Williams.
And, for the drivers, it's a huge challenge.
Big spin for Vettel.
They have just three days each to get to grips with the car that they hope will be taking them to race victories and potentially world championship glory.
Decent lap there from Carlos Sainz.
That McLaren's not looking too bad at the moment.
[suspenseful music playing.]
I'm always excited to go into a new racing season.
There's so many unknowns.
We have such a great history in the sport.
When I joined, uh, the team was very much, uh, struggling.
But we finished fourth last year and, uh, we'd like to close the gap.
We've got, uh, two outstanding drivers.
One very young and, uh, pretty new to the sport in Lando Norris.
You know, Lando could be one of the future stars of Formula 1.
Normally, when I do warm-ups, I get too tired before I get in the car.
[Jon chuckles.]
I do nothing and then my warm-up's on the out lap.
It's what an out lap's for.
A warm-up lap to warm me up.
Four I don't think this is, uh, as action-packed as Carlos' warm-up.
[Jon snickers.]
- It's more chilled, you know? - [Jon.]
Anything else you want? [Lando.]
A lie-down.
This is Lando's second season in Formula 1.
Zak wants McLaren to be a new version of this incredibly successful team that we all know.
There's a lot of faith being put in a guy who's still so young.
Okay, Lando.
Drive straight out.
Yeah, confirm.
Expectations will be higher on Lando this year.
For himself, from the team, from the fans, 'cause he's, he's not a rookie.
Lando Norris, in an F1 car for the first time in 2020.
Wait for it.
[engine revving.]
Okay, Lando.
Give it everything.
Yeah, confirm.
Scenario seven.
Scenario seven.
Looking really fast.
Really pushing that car to its limits.
Coming through the final corner to complete the lap.
Lando Norris.
A 1:24.
He's gone fastest.
- [Joseph.]
OK, Lando, fastest lap.
- [Lando squeals.]
Well done.
Awesome job, boys.
[tense music playing.]
I like to stay in the shadow, and, when it's time, jump out and shine.
I'm looking forward to getting behind the wheel for the first time.
With Racing Point, the car that left the garage on day one, in terms of its color scheme, looked very similar to the one that was released to the press.
But the car itself had undergone some dramatic changes.
It was quite familiar to everyone in the pit lane.
[rock music playing.]
Radio check, loud and clear? [Joyce.]
Track is clear.
When the Racing Point came out of the garage, I think everybody's jaws dropped.
It was, shall we say, very inspired by last year's championship-winning Mercedes.
I think a lot of people in the paddock thought, "Hang on.
What's going on here?" [Joyce.]
You're good to go.
Go, one.
Go! [commentator.]
Stroll now.
Here we go.
That fucking Racing Point is quick.
Yeah, there's something a bit weird.
OK, Lance.
Keep pushing.
Keep pushing.
He's gone fastest in Sector 1.
He's the fastest in Sector 2.
They look phenomenal.
It looks like it's going to be the fastest lap of the day, and of the test.
- [Joyce.]
Fastest car on track.
- [Lance.]
Nice one, guys.
It's mind-blowing.
It's worth remembering that there are the rules.
You have to design and build your own car.
Now, the closer that car is to one that's gone before, especially if it's one that absolutely dominated the previous season's world championship, the more people are going to ask questions as to whether that's entirely fair.
And, most of all, whether it's legal.
You may not have been looking at the numbers.
We were.
But being around the same pace as Ferrari can't be bad.
But, uh, yeah, it's early days, so We'll see.
We'll see.
How is it, every time we ask you or Sergio about the pace of the car, you can't wipe the grin off your face? Sun is shining.
We're in Barcelona.
Could be worse.
Life's good.
Reckon they've leapfrogged you? [Lando.]
Difficult to say.
I don't wanna comment too much.
I mean, it looks like a Mercedes, that's for sure.
I don't know how what the idea and the process is behind it.
It's almost a, uh, an identical replica.
I think the question, the bigger question is, is it allowed? [Zak.]
I think it's, it's a bit surprising they weren't maybe a little bit more discreet.
Is it something that has been designed by your team? Is it something that's been copied? I think it's very easy to agree that we need to put a light on this story.
So there is no reason to delay.
What we've done over the winter is, uh, is completely legal, and we took inspiration from the fastest car on the grid, but it's no different than what other teams do.
For sure, there will be quite heated discussions going on, because, if it was copied, that's, in my opinion, not legal.
[machinery whirs.]
Formula 1, it is a political nightmare, and everyone does have their own agendas.
Thankfully, I leave that to Otmar to get on with, and distance myself from it as much as I can.
And, uh I'll leave it at that.
This will be a very interesting season.
Let's see how this all plays out in the first race.
[exciting music playing.]
[commentator 1.]
Finally, everybody, it's here! [commentator 2.]
Welcome to Australia.
[commentator 1.]
Round 1 of the 2020 season.
[commentator 2.]
 Other sporting events may have been canceled by coronavirus, but Formula 1 bosses insist that this race is going ahead.
[indistinct chattering.]
- [Albon.]
The Netflix crew.
- [crew chuckles.]
It's still too early in the season to abuse you guys.
Give it, like, another week.
I think Australia is always super exciting.
- [man.]
Hello, Lando.
Good luck.
- Thanks very much.
It comes with a high degree of pressure.
You get a lot of anxiety.
Coming out of winter testing, you can't underestimate the competition.
First race.
I gotta go this way.
It's a great spectacle, Melbourne.
There's a bit of sour grapes about this year's car.
If they saw what they saw, but we weren't quick, you think anybody would've complained? Probably not.
And in the meantime, uh, we gotta get prepared for a race.
Straight down the middle.
[camera shutters clicking.]
Clack, clack, clack, clack.
- [Albon.]
It says, "Kills coronavirus?" - [Max.]
It kills coronavirus? - Why don't we just gel our whole body? - I know.
The key stuff is gonna be coronavirus.
Uh, I know the team's working, uh, very hard every day to put the right measures in place.
Starting with a full-on face gas mask.
- [Tim.]
- [Lando laughs.]
You get zipped up.
- Are you excited? - Yeah.
- Are you? - Yeah.
We all look so depressed to be racing.
Have you seen? [both laugh.]
- [Albon.]
For him, he looks quite happy.
- Yeah.
This corner is notorious for dipping your wheel off.
What are your general thoughts? - Gonna struggle into turn one.
- Yeah? [Lando.]
I can't remember that last year.
- I remember talking about one and three.
- Yeah.
Australia was my first track last year in Formula 1.
It was my most nerve-racking race in my life.
I'm gonna be, like, here, on the grass.
Did you see the onboard of Verstappen? - [Lando.]
- [engineer.]
He is literally here.
I'm gonna be more than that.
I would love to say a podium as a target to have.
Turn 11.
This is genuinely one of the ones I couldn't think of much to say about.
- [Lando.]
- Send it.
There's always a possibility something can happen.
So the latest rumor we heard, there are three or four people in the paddock with suspected coronavirus.
- [Albon.]
Really? Whoa! - [Lugg.]
Shit! Fuck.
We're gonna be, like, put under quarantine.
But I guess the thing is if those people actually have it, then the whole paddock will have it.
The opening race of the Formula 1 season in Melbourne still looks as though it's going to go ahead, despite two members of the McLaren team having shown some coronavirus symptoms.
Could you sign that for me, please? [Sainz.]
Sorry, they don't let me touch any pen that is not mine.
I don't know what can happen.
You just gotta smile and wave.
Man, I think this paddock's gonna just, like, implode from coronavirus.
One of our mechanics had symptoms.
He described what he was feeling and, uh, that doesn't sound good.
Now, we're getting tested.
We're very nervous.
I think people are scared.
This situation, this is about the health and safety of your entire racing team, the other racing teams, the fans, the officials.
We have no idea what's gonna happen in the in the future.
What if they ask, "Do you think it's right that we're racing this weekend?" [Lando.]
I'd say, um, "Absolutely, it's a risk.
" "But at the same time, if we take the right precautions, I see no problem with it.
" And, ultimately, it's a matter for Formula 1 and the FIA.
It's been cleaned.
[reporter 1.]
Is it right that a member of your McLaren setup had to be isolated because of coronavirus? The fact that he's isolated doesn't mean he has coronavirus.
Only time will tell.
[reporter 2.]
If one of your guys went down with this virus, would you still race? [Lando.]
I think I'd still race.
Uh But Yeah.
I would still race.
Um And are you worried in any way about this? About the virus? [Lando.]
Um, I mean, I'm worried if I get it, of course.
- [reporter 2.]
Stay well, Lando.
- Sorry? Stay well.
- You too.
- [reporter 2.]
Thank you.
What's that? - [man.]
The US have closed their border.
- [woman.]
Have they? The NBA season's done.
- No way! - [man.]
Whole season.
- Yeah.
- [woman.]
When did they do this? [Gow.]
All of a sudden, everybody's hearing whispers about, "Oh, someone's being tested.
" There's a lot of different opinion.
I think it comes down to a 50-50 split of those who are in favor of continuing and those who just want everything to stop.
Welcome to our first drivers' press conference of 2020 ahead of the season-opening Australian Grand Prix on Sunday.
Let's open this up to the floor now.
Alex Kalinauckas, Autosport.
A question for Lewis.
Um, regarding the coronavirus situation, are you comfortable having traveled all the way to Australia and are you satisfied with what Formula 1 and the FIA have done so far? Um, I am really very, very surprised that we're here.
For me, it's shocking that we're all sitting in this room.
Um, so many fans here already today.
Um, yeah, Formula 1 continues to go on, and, um So, no, to your answer.
If we could take our next question, please.
Lewis, you've been outspoken, where others maybe have not dared to be, about corona.
What do you think is the reason why this race is still going on? Why are we still here? - Cash is king? - Cash is king.
Uh, I Honestly, I don't know.
I can't really add much more to it.
[commentator 1.]
Strong words from Lewis Hamilton.
[commentator 2.]
 Lewis Hamilton made his feelings pretty clear, cash is king.
[commentator 1.]
 Not impressed that the race, at the moment, is still going ahead.
Anyway, nobody has an official statement, so we're waiting.
Like everything with this coronavirus scare around the world, information is coming at rapid pace and it's changing, quite literally, every minute.
That's what the They said four Haas people have gone into the hospital.
The moment that one gets coronavirus, this is killed.
[anchor 1.]
In the last few minutes, it's emerged [anchor 2.]
that a McLaren team member has tested positive for coronavirus.
Got a phone call from, uh, our team manager to say that we'd had a positive case.
Suddenly, this situation has blown up, with a McLaren mechanic testing positive.
Our position is we should race.
Keep testing, and if the situation develops further, um, you know, review it in 24 hours.
I definitely don't want us to go ahead.
I don't think we should.
We, uh, really looked forward to racing in Melbourne.
And, from a team perspective, we still wanna race.
[anchor 3.]
There's another development from Melbourne.
Authorities have confirmed that [announcer.]
Thank you very much for your patience.
For us, it was an easy decision.
Ultimately, we are out.
It has just landed.
A joint statement between the FIA, Formula 1 and the Australian Grand Prix Corporation that this Grand Prix has been canceled.
- It will not take place.
- Uh, unbelievable.
The Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix has been canceled.
[anchor 4.]
 This weekend's Australian Grand Prix has been canceled.
- [anchor 5.]
 The Australian Grand Prix - [man.]
I want my money back! [announcer.]
We'd appreciate it if you would make an orderly exit towards the tram stations.
Thank you.
It's disgusting for everybody here.
- Cash is king! Cash is king! - [man.]
Why aren't we allowed in there? [reporter.]
Can you summarize, in a few sentences, what happened the last 24 hours? [Horner.]
Uh, it's obviously frustrating.
When we arrived in Australia, the intention was to go racing.
The important thing now is to make sure that we get all members of staff home safely.
Not to Bahrain? No.
I think it's fairly inevitable, if we're not racing here, we won't be racing in Bahrain.
Thank you, guys.
Thank you.
Formula 1 without races doesn't exist.
At the end of the day, we're dealing with people's livelihoods, their jobs.
Their way of earning a living.
[anchor 6.]
 Plenty of question marks now remain over the season.
[anchor 7.]
 Seems like it will be a huge, long-term issue.
[anchor 6.]
Everything is in uncharted territory.
[engine accelerating fades.]
[whistling, cheering fade.]
[somber music playing.]
I don't know if our sponsors are gonna stay around.
I don't know if fans are gonna be able to attend events.
Uh, I don't know if Grand Prix are gonna be able to be put on, which gives us the revenue to build race cars.
Lights out and away we go! [Horner.]
Australia's gone, China's gone, Vietnam's gone, Bahrain's gone.
Smaller teams, uh, will be will be struggling.
So there is indeed a genuine risk for the sport and for Formula 1.
We could potentially lose a number of teams here.
As an independent team, are we actually going to survive this? [Horner.]
What happens from here? I'm sorry, you will have to wait.
You're way too hot.
That's just the way I am.
We were finally able to have a Grand Prix.
The stakes have never been higher.
I look forward to seeing Toto.
Hopefully give him a harder time this year.
Fuck, again! The big story remains Racing Point.
We're not fighting a level playing field.
They're dragging our name through the mud.
I will not accept this.
The car is so hard to drive.
Fuck! [tense music playing.]

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