Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s04e01 Episode Script

Clash of the Titans

1 - You smiling, Max? - I always smile.
Stay calm.
We will get the fuckers.
No secrets, huh? You are the sponsor.
I wish he'd shut the fuck up.
How many times do we have to sit and watch this shit? Season four.
- Gotta look pretty now.
No chatting.
- I've got to look pretty? De-fluff.
So I can't speak about my dirty story anymore? - No.
- We don't want that on camera.
Welcome back.
What are we gonna talk about this year? Can you do it in Russian as well? Nikita Mazepin, Haas F1 team.
No more pink.
- Hey.
- I'm happy for you.
Thank you.
- You've got a good opportunity.
- It's a great opportunity.
You have to take it.
And you will, I know you.
What is that for an outfit? It looks good.
First car is arriving, Ferrari.
So let's just show 'em where that is.
What do you think? Our car changed quite a bit, huh? My feet! Sorry.
- Did I kill you? - Yeah.
But it's the brake, so it's fine.
We got Mercedes coming.
Watch your backs, guys.
Hey, what's up, Max? How are you? I'm too fat for that.
He's not that guy.
I believe Ferrari is the heart and soul of this sport.
We have to surpass ourselves from a year ago.
Reminds me of the last time I was convicted! No, it's not the creases.
It's just Okay, we're gonna try some sitting, I think.
Think that's gonna be better? Putting a bit of movement in there.
Like it.
Fresh! I think there's a lot you need to photoshop.
Ten years of Formula 1 have shown the toll.
Something strange is happening.
When I go to fifth gear, the revs are doing something funny.
It's undriveable.
There's still a lot of understeer.
- I'm stuck in the gravel here.
- Switch it off.
We'll come get you.
If you look at Bottas, he said, "I can't drive this car.
" Yeah.
He was moaning and bitching like you wouldn't believe.
They're just all over the place.
Mercedes has been dominating F1 for years, but they've been on top for too long.
I think it's time for us, or perhaps someone else, to make their life difficult.
Yes, I'm already on the plane and I'm on the way.
Christian likes to say you're just kind of like a finance guy.
What do you say to that? No more mistakes.
- Let's get stuck in.
- Yep.
No worries.
Okay, buddy, good start.
Mode push.
Well done, mate.
Go faster, Pierre.
With Yuki coming as the rookie, I'm the most experienced driver in the team.
- We need to push more, Pierre.
- Yeah.
We all have our good days, we all have our bad days.
We all struggle sometimes.
But I'm not worried.
P5, man.
Okay, Lewis.
Good to go.
Okay, Max, do what you need to do.
Pole position, mate.
Fantastic work.
That lap was good.
Well done, Max.
That's the perfect start.
Well done.
Great, great job.
Yeah, great job, guys.
You all deserve it.
The whole team, but also back at the factory.
Great job.
Verstappen P1.
Just over three and a half tenths ahead.
Sorry, guys.
I gave it everything.
How long do you think this'll be? Just two questions to Toto then we will come to you here, okay? Thanks, great.
Fuck it.
We've just got to keep the smile off his face, huh? - I mean, that team's never had pressure.
- No, that's the thing.
You know, they've never really had a sustained challenge, like - Just gotta keep the pressure on.
- Yeah.
Ham and eggs.
With a little bacon and two pumpernickels, really well toasted so that they break.
Yesterday it was not enough.
It has to be like a cookie.
Butter, tomato, salt.
Espresso with lactose-free milk.
And I would just like eggs and a coffee with cold milk, thank you.
- All right, man.
You good? Sleep well? - Good enough.
Good enough to win.
- Nice shoes, boy! - Yeah.
- Yuki's he's the man.
- Oh my gosh! - I love the guy.
- He's so small.
First of all, guys, don't run into each other.
Don't do anything stupid at the start, and things like this.
Nobody learns anything.
Why are you looking at me? Behave.
Oh, fucking hell.
I'm so sorry, guys.
This is fucking madness.
That's Vettel ahead.
We're closing on him.
Race or defend? Go race.
Carlos, you are doing well with tires.
Yeah, I've got more pace than these guys.
Gonna start pushing.
Okay, understood.
For fuck's sake.
I touched the front wing.
Box and pit confirm, Max.
Box and pit confirm.
- So, Verstappen seven seconds behind.
- Yep.
Time to go hunting.
I'll leave it to you.
Carlos has always made a show about how fast he is.
I guess we'll see.
Well done, Carlos.
Nice job.
Box, box.
Box, box.
Tires are okay.
Box, box.
Stopped way too early, man.
Not gonna make it to the end.
It's bullshit.
This is gonna be a long stint, Lewis, 28 laps remaining.
There's still 28 laps remaining.
That would be an almighty stint for Lewis at this stage.
We are staying out.
Staying out.
Yeah, okay.
Can't get that much more out of it.
Okay, mate.
No panic.
He's struggling.
Push flat out, Yuki, flat out.
- Get RäikkÃnen now.
One in front.
- Copy.
You're doing well, Yuki.
We are losing the rear now a bit.
Okay, copy.
Box and pit confirm, Max.
And Verstappen 3.
1 behind.
Bono, I know.
Leave me to it.
I've got no rear, man.
Get in there, Max.
He's overtook on the outside of the track.
Copy, Lewis.
We'll look into that.
Max, for the moment, let Lewis through.
Let Lewis through.
Just let me go, man.
We've had the instruction from Race Control, unfortunately, Max.
Let him through.
We'll get it back.
Three laps remaining.
Three more laps.
Come on, Max.
Get it done.
Get in there, Lewis! What a job, mate.
What a race! Amazing.
Amazing job.
We're not quick enough, but we managed to do it.
That's teamwork.
Still got it, Bono.
Yeah, not bad for an old man.
- That feels good, doesn't it? - Oh, I love it.
I love it.
I don't know what else we could've done.
I mean Tell me what it's like to come second.
Don't be too grumpy.
He will be less grumpy the next time when he wins it.
Fucking Mercedes.

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