Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s04e02 Episode Script

Ace in the Hole

1 We'll get back to you on it.
Cops, cops, cops everywhere.
I mean, they won't catch you.
It's not like the car stands out at all, huh? - Hello, Pierre.
- Hi.
- Hi, Max.
- Hello.
You again! - Yeah, and? - Did you gain weight? - Hi, guys.
- Morning, Nikita.
It says Red Bull Racing Honda driver here.
- Looking forward to it? - We're nearly there, no? Half a day more of interviews.
What do you think motivated him to go to Ferrari? Wanna walk back in there, mate? Sure you don't wanna walk in that direction? - Yeah, you do.
- No.
- All right, see you on track.
- See ya.
Good luck.
Good luck for your first ever quali with us.
Big mistake, turn 13.
Okay, buddy.
Compared to Lando, good start.
Very close.
Super close.
- Alrighty.
- Really happy with that.
We've hit the ground running.
Thanks, guys.
You were so close.
- So close.
- Yeah, sure.
How is he? - Charlotte, don't say it.
- What? - That it was close.
- It was close! Mr.
Carlos Sainz.
Slow down, okay? Congratulations, you old fuck! - Children okay? - Perfect, thank you.
- Good.
- Yes.
We have to get them together at some point.
- Sleep well? - Yeah.
Good enough.
Don't go taking ourselves out, Lando.
He's forced me off.
He might nick this.
This is plan A, maximum pace.
I'm getting overtaken.
Look at that! Two tenths slower than Lando.
Just hanging on to both axles at the moment.
Can't get that much more out of it.
I'm gonna start being vulnerable.
Cheers, guys.
Obviously, I'll learn a bit from today.
Yeah, there's plenty to feed back on.
- Couldn't find the pace, huh? - No.
- First one under the belt.
- Yeah.
It was pretty slow, but Yeah, I'll just learn from here.
I have a lot more pace in me.
Daniel, we want to swap positions.
We need to see Lando's pace in clear air.
that's P3.
Great job, mate.
Well done.
Daniel, P6.
I'd say we've got a bit of work to do.
Daniel, we finished P16.
We were P16.
Why is he struggling so much? It's strange.
- Because he's a lot better than that.
- I know, yeah.
What's the fine if I don't do media? - What's what, sorry? - The fine? - The fine? - If I don't do it.
It's quite a lot.
We should do it.
We don't have to go right away.
- Take a couple of minutes.
- Yeah.
Work out what we want to say and then that's all we've got to say.
It's embarrassing.
Chin up.
We'll do media and then we'll get to work, all right? Just remember something.
How you handle disappointment shapes what type of person you are, yeah? What if I'm just a cunt? It's weird for me to think that this is where you spend your whole life.
- Yeah.
- But then you get to race in Monaco.
Because the two of them get along well, they both understand that in reality, before the individual there is Scuderia Ferrari.
We will go around the traffic.
- Thank God you know the streets of Monaco.
- Of course.
If you beat your own teammate with the same car, you have shown your superiority.
But not today.
Today, we have other rivals.
- Go, go! - Go! - Go, Charles! - Thank you.
My God.
Thanks for the support.
Keep pushing.
Keep pushing.
- I watched some of that race.
- Mate, I know.
How the hell you did that I will never know.
It was I dunno, a nice nice memory.
- Good memories.
- I'll never forget.
Monaco is obviously a special track to Charles.
He's been around the circuit more on foot than on wheels.
We're in pole.
That's something to celebrate.
In Monaco, if you look at the track's history, starting in pole means a good chance of victory.
It's the gearbox, guys.
Box, box.
We will put the car into the garage.
Fuck! Sorry.
- Go on, Lando! - Come on.
This is P13.
I think you may need to attack to avoid being dragged out of the race.
I'll try and close up.
Okay, Lando, this pace is good.
You're doing a great job.
Absolutely great job.
Yeah, I'm happy with that.
Where is Lando? Norris is pushing behind.
1 behind.
 Pace is good.
Okay, Daniel, let's go now.
Let's start picking up the pace.
There's a lot of action in front.
A few cars have pitted.
We can get back in this race.
I'm just struggling more and more, so I think I'm only gonna get slower.
This is all it's got at the moment.
I can't see it getting better.
Danny, he's lost the pace.
Daniel, shortly, you'll get blue flags for Lando.
Just let me know where.
I'll let him go.
P2, Carlos.
Monaco podium.
First podium in red.
Well done.
Yes! Grazie.
Grazie a tutti.
Thank you, everyone.
Yes, mate.
Yes, mate.
P3 in Monaco.
What a job.
Let's fucking go, boys! Monaco, baby.
Monaco podium.
Cheers, everyone.
Yes, mate.
Still a long way to go this year.
Plenty more to come, I hope.
Daniel, that's the checkered flag.
Finished P12, I'm afraid.
We just need to figure out what was going on.
Obviously painful for everyone.
A bit of a weekend to forget.
Just a shit run, but what do you do? It's coming, Daniel.
I promise.
All right.
No worries.
- A little frustrated at the moment.
- Yeah.
I need to go and fucking hit something.

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